May 5th, 2009

Paging Dr. TQC!

Hi. So I'm going to warn you, this might be a bit gross.

I went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago and the Dr. told me I had something called Plantar Keratosis. From what I understood, its like a callus under the skin. So, fast forward to today:

I noticed it began to peel and now its fallen off! Except, not the whole thing. There's something sticking out of my foot now! I need to know if anyone has any experience with this. Does anyone know anything about this?

This middle part is kinda soft and squishy and doesn't really hurt unless I pull at it... what should I do?

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this is so much fun! i love this question club. earlier i asked a question, "Will you tell me about the last time someone pissed you off, made you laugh or cry?" so many people responded and it made me happy. my cousin had another fun story for me which i won't bore you the details with or ask again if you don't like, but here it is.

What is courage?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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What awesome thing has your pet done lately?

My roommate's cat has this thing about not coming out of the bedrooms, sometimes leading to him being locked up all day. Today was one of those days. We let him out when we came home, but she just went to go to bed and found that he'd pissed in her room. But instead of going on the carpet or bed or anything, he used her plastic foot soak bowl. He got lots of pets and a couple pieces of deli meat for that.

What's your favourite type of pie?
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Have you ever seen a doctor for a sleep disorder of any sort? How did that go for you?
I'm planning on seeing one this summer.

About how long do you think it should take to edit together a 5-7 minute film?

Do any of you know anything about tinnitus?

If you dgaf about any of that, will you tell me about the last time you went on an adventure? [define adventure as you wish]
i don't want to be friends

(no subject)

Imagine, we're in a future in which we discover intelligent extraterrestrial life forms and we establish intergalactic relations with them. What city would be the capital of Earth?
ETA: And why?
Aretha Marvin Snape

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I'm pulling a cleaning all-nighter and I'm losing my drive. What should I clean right now?

And, what product do you wish was still made and/or easily available? Personally, I miss Surge and Jakada (Gotta get a Jakada!).

Edit: I keep coming back to check the comments, so feel free to boss me around even if someone else has said the same thing. When I get bored of one task, I move onto the next one. Basically, I'm letting TQC dictate my life since I'm too tired to think for myself.

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Dear Friends.

My name is Katya Nichiporenko
and I really need your help!
Today I've bet with my friend Pavel Ovchinnikov
that I can prove the possibility of a sort of a "wonder" under next conditions:
in 7 days I have to find myself in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

my current location is Kaliningrad, Russian Federation, and I don't have any money.

but I believe that this thing is possible to realize.

But I need your help and advice, any information about how can I get to Buenos Aires
and what do I need for it (tickets, visas, plains, maps etc.) would help me.
i would also grateful for any financial help!

Please write me as quickly as you can

skype - letchiki

account number Yandex.Money

story at nichipor

Argh, facebook

I had various reasons for not using my real name on Facebook, but for months my "surname" there was Conundrum. The other day I changed it to Tofu, they accepted it, and suddenly THAT one caused it to be disabled as of this morning? What gives?

(When I signed in this morning, they helpfully told me my account had been disabled, then sent me to the "HAHA YER FAKE" page.)

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So my wife sold the house and hasn't told me where the new one is.
I'm coming back to the States this weekend and I'm afraid no one will be at the airport to pick me up.
WHY won't anyone in TeeKewCee put me up for a few weeks?
I don't smell and I can cook! Its only *temporary*

I thought we were ~friends~

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If you've ever changed your default icon, how long did it take you to get ~used~ to your new icon? Does it depend on how long you had your last icon?
I had my last icon for who knows how long, and I just changed the default. It's a strange sight, but I should get used to it quick.

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Have you ever had braces? At what age?
Do you need braces currently? If so do you want them? Will you get them?
How old are you now?

Are you a hockey fan? Who is your team?

I have braces at 26.
I'm a diehard capitals fan.

Mother's Day for Non Mothers

My wife and I have no children and, therefore, neither Mother's Day nor, Father's Day is a holiday we "celebrate".  We would, if either of our parents were alive but, they have all passed on.  I find this especially sad for my wife because her only form of participation takes place at the cemetary.  It seems to get harder every year to ignore so, I feel like getting her something... and just saying that I wanted to celebrate her even though she is not a mother.  Is this a mistake?  Any other recommendations that might "save the day"?

(no subject)

is a half an hour bike ride a day a suitable form of exercise?

(on varied terrain)

ED: In more general words, i'm a little gal (5'4") who has weighed around 112 lbs until the winter hit, and now am at around 120. I eat healthily, and just want to shimmy on back down to my original weight. tips?

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Serious question..

I have been waking up for about a week straight with feelings of a hangover but I don't drink, nothing has chaned in my diet, same amount of sleep. I have a sore neck, light headed and nauseated. My tubes are tied so I know for facts I'm not pregnant.

Anyone else ever been through this or any suggestions on what it could be?
I could just go to the Dr. I know, but wanted suggestions first if its not really Dr. worthy, I like to save money!

srs or non srs answers, humor wouldn't hurt anything :)
woven heart

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If I'm making an appointment for a doctor for the first time are they going to ask for insurance information when I make the appointment? Will it make a difference if I don't have insurance now as long as I have insurance by the time the appointment takes place?

(no subject)

Will you give me a sentence in which you use a word that in the past was more commonly used only as a noun but is more and more often used as a verb or adjective?

e.g. Airplaning skyscrapers is rude.

What was that icon?

Is there a community out there to find icons? (Searched icons as an interest, but there were so many I gave up.)

Specifically I am looking the one that says 'Don't you know she ADORES you?'

Do you have it? Will you post a link?
Robin Hood

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I am an office jane-of-all trades; I can do pretty much whatever they throw at me. In working on some new paperwork for HR, I came across something interesting.
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Based on the plan I chose, I pay $95.75 per check.
I'm kinda pissed here.

So why the discrepancy?
Do you think this is fair?
Would you address it with your boss?
Do you have insurance? How much does it cost?
Do you rely on available local programs for healthcare?

In a perfect world?

Ok, so...marriage between two consenting adults is comes with some strings.

A: If you have a ceremony in a church or preformed by a member of the clergy, rabbi,etc, it will be called a marriage.
B: If you have a ceremony at city hall, a park or the like, performed by judge, friend or someone with a certificate off the internet, it is a civil union. It would go for gay or straight couples.
C: You must be 21 years or older.
D: You or your partner must have job.
E: You must have a place of residence, unless either party is being transferred by the military 31 days or less after the ceremony.

Do you think this would satisfy both the left AND the right?
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Sunset Cityscape

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We're throwing a housewarming party in a couple months in our new condo, and I'm trying to figure out a clever facebook event name. I'm known for my witty event names for birthdays, but this is my first housewarming event and i'm stuck.
Any ideas?
Mitty box

(no subject)

What can I do with 10 limes? Besides drink lots of Corona.

What's your favorite coloring in a cat?

Would you adopt a kitten who was slightly retarded and had malformed hips? He's super cute! I think he looks a bit like a bat.

Have you ever fostered an animal?

What's your favorite wild animal?
bad girls rule

hard to classify

7:10 PM 5/1/09 · I just finished watching a movie called Suburban Mayhem, which reminded me a lot of The Doom Generation. I'm not sure what genre they are but they do seem to fit in about the same niche.

Made it a little tricky to review.

Since it's unlikely you've seen the more recent one, how would you classify The Doom Generation?
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What would you do if the person you wanted to be with told you that they loved you but couldn't be with you because they wanted to have a relationship with a fellow "Follower of Jesus" (which you are not)? You went out with this person more than 2 years ago for a year and a half and the possibility of a reconciliation seemed great to me and to him, until he decided he wanted someone that was more religious. Any ideas???

(no subject)

Girls - if you're talking about a friend that happens to a male, do you feel it necessary to refer to him as "my guy friend?" Why not just "my friend?" Why do people do that??

What are some of your pet peeves?
sims: srs business

(no subject)

Last month I found a snakeskin in my back shed, and I finally brought it out today.

What the hell am I gonna do with a 2.6m (that's about 8'5"!) snakeskin?? I have no idea, and it seems like a waste to just throw it out.

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Would you be freaked out finding out that a snake that big was slithering through your yard at some point? I've never seen snakes in my yard, though my flatmate has seen small ones (about 20cm). We have a creek right behind our house, so it doesn't surprise me. Seeing it alive might have given me a bit of a start, though.
birds chewing gum

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How often do you get paid (weekly, every two weeks, once a month)?
Is that often enough?

If you had to decide between a job with a steady income or a job where your base pay would be lower but you could theoretically make considerably more or less than the other job through tips/commissions, which one would you choose?

(no subject)

I am writing a paper comparing Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis to the alienation of homosexuals in today's society; however, I don't want to just include homosexuals. I would also like to include bisexuals, transgender, queer, etc. Is there any term I can use to cover this, or should I just stick with homosexual? I don't want to use "LGBT" or "queer."
Oh hay thar

I dont care if its TMI

For those who use/used Depo, did your periods ever suddenly stop? I have been on it 1.5 years and always got my period every 3 months immediately after my shots. I just got my shot Friday and no period. Have they stopped? I am in full-blown panic mode here

If you don't care, what is the most shocking thing you've seen on the internet, or at least one that sticks out in your mind? (Difficulty: no porn)

summertime when the weather is hot

I'm taking the summer off before law school and I want to spend part of it bumming at a beach with some friends. Where would you recommend on the east coast (e.g. the Carolinas, Virginia) for a pretty beach and maybe a pretty town nearby? I've heard some recs for Myrtle Beach, Folly Beach near Charleston, HIlton Head, etc. Want to second any of these recs? Also, any particular hotels you've stayed at and liked (hopefully right on the beach)? Shower me with your wisdom, oh wise TQC!

Edit: What was your favorite summer trip, if you're not interested in mine? Feel free to make me jealous!
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

Do you have any weird stories about the Internet overlapping in to real life?
My good friend whom I met on LJ years ago and now live with became friends with a guy I knew on a message board for the White Stripes while at a concert. The guy from the message board and I hated each other, and my room mate was not on the message board, either. This went down in New York City - millions of people and two people I know from separate things meet up. Weird. But now the guy comes over every Sunday for dinner and is one of my BFFs.

Will you tell me what your first concert was, what your most recent concert was, what your best concert was, and what your next concert is?
The White Stripes and Whirlwind Heat at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando/DMZ at Southpaw, Brooklyn/The Dirtbombs at the Social, Orlando/Joey Ramone's Birthday Party, featuring Death and Handsome Dick Manitoba


I drive to school,and I usually park in the front row in the student parking lot. Today, a substitute teacher told a girl to tell me to stop parking there, since the teachers were getting mad. There's a teacher parking lot, and the student parking lot. The substitute teacher was parking in the student lot. There are no signs saying 'Teachers Only', and it's not written down on the contract we have to sign and turn in to obtain a parking permit. It's 'unwritten law', I guess. She should have told me in person, right? Do I still park where I normally do tomorrow? What should I do if she says something to me? Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

What are/were your parents jobs/careers?

What is your current job/career, or the one you are working towards?

Did your parents jobs/careers influence what job/career you wanted to have? (positively or negatively)

(no subject)

 What do you think the average life expectancy (average of males and females) for the US will be in 2100?

Just for some background info...

In 1900, it was 50.

In 1950, it was 68.

Today, it is 78.

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(no subject)

i need an idea for a subject of an interactive dvd i need to make in my one class.
Any suggestions?
I thought about doing Doctor Who, Star Trek, Trekkies, or Klingons. But I think if I did anything Trek I'd be getting in over my head.

(no subject)

I'm about to dye my hair red. I've done it many times before, only i've always found it fades quickly. Any tips to get it really bright and permanent?

I've read in a few places rinsing it with vinegar helps the longevity, is this true?
a clockwork orange

(no subject)

Thanks to several past botched dye jobs, my hair looks terribly brassy and won't hold box dye for more than a few weeks. :/ Is there any way I can fix this without having to resort to going to the salon?
Isobel Mahariel

(no subject)

Why do you think directors hire actors/actresses who can't hold an accent for parts that require they have a certain accent?

One of the most annoying things that can happen when I watch a movie is for an actor or actress to suddenly lose their accent in the middle of a speech or something. If they absolutely couldn't find an actor that could hold an accent, they should have just nixed the accent instead of keeping footage with the actor switching in the middle of a sentence from, say, a Scottish accent to a plain American accent.
screw u

(no subject)

What was the last thing that grossed you out?

Every time my hands get wet (washing my hands, taking a shower, doing the dishes, etc.), the skin on my palms hardens and it looks like I have tiny holes in my hand.  It's really disgusting and I have no idea what this is but it is grossing me the eff out. 

(no subject)

WHY can't I decide on a either a trip to NZ or to AUS?
Which is more awesome?????????

To be continued....I will have to see which country gives me the better "deal" (Deal being the number of peeps I can meet)

orange/fire butterfly

(no subject)

I'm doing my final watercolor for a painting class, and I need a picture of a face to use.

It'd be fine, except I don't want to paint anybody I know, and I hate painting celebrities/whatever that are recognizable as famous.

So the question - Who should I paint? Bonus points if you post a pic of yourself or somebody you know, or a link to a picture of some chick with an interesting facial expression.  And WIN if it's a nice big picture


OR how do I search for this kind of thing on the internet?
Evil Me

(no subject)

My city has a big kid's hospital called the IWK. Every year it has a telethon and fund raiser to buy new equipment and whatnot. This year they sent out mail to people who regularly donate encouraging them to donate again with pictures of sick kids and captions like "she didn't give up". One woman whose kid died a few years ago is offended by this. details here.

Would you think the hospital was calling your kid a wimp for dying based on that ad, or is this lady just an oversensitive wingnut?


I was in my car earlier, flipping through the stations on my way home. I stopped on a classic rock radio station.

When I stopped on that station, they were playing "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers.

Since when does a song that came out in the late 90s qualify as classic rock?!?

What was the last thing you heard on the radio that made you go wtf?

(no subject)

I used to play this game online, possibly on Kongregate or Armor Games, where you have a wall made up of blocks with different numbers, and so does the computer, and you are given a block and have to decide whether to place it somewhere or discard it. The idea was to get your wall to be from smallest on top to biggest on the bottom within the number of turns. Anyone remember what it's called? I have no idea but I want to play it. It's really cute animation, and I think you play against Vikings or something?

Alternatively, what online games have you been addicted to?

(no subject)

What's your favourite planet?

When you go bowling do you favour the heavy balls or the lighter ones?

Can you imagine what life will be like in the year 3000, or does the concept go over your head?
Natalie on Interview Mag.

(no subject)

Do you keep your jewelry in a jewelry box? If yes, what does it look like? If not, where do you keep it? 

I can't fit all my jewelry in one single jewelry box but I wonder if having another one would look tacky. What do you think?

(no subject)

I'm currently on the hunt for a fucking amazing horror movie.  As of right now, the scariest one I've seen is High Tension.  Is there a movie that scared the shit out of you that would scare the shit out of me?  Do tell, but don't recommend The Strangers.

Who do you think is the most interesting serial killer?  What is that serial killer famous for?

XM sucking.

Have any of you canceled XM/Sirius radio ??

    I really think the lineup AKA merger sucks balls now. I want both XM and Sirius but..........NOT  for 20 bucks a month. Songs are still censored and some songs I could just turn on FM radio to hear. They need to give me and the world a 5 dollar plan. (and pick our own stations without having to buy that radio they have advertised on their website.)
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(no subject)

I've gone out with this guy like 3X.
He sent me a text today saying he won't be able to hang out this week (even though we never made plans) because of all this shit he has to do.
Creepy or sweet?

If you don't care, will you tell me about your love life?

(no subject)

Why do Americans think it's perfectly ok to put peanut butter on or with everything?
[It is best on it's own....]

Ladies, or gents who swing that way, would you do House?

When were you last drunk?
[Somewhat drunk Saturday...]

Any other Lifehouse fans here?
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Disney: Maleficent turned

(no subject)

TQC, I'm really bummed about my situation with a guy. Basically, we had amazing chemistry (which is why I stuck around so long) but he's a jerk and after a year of this, I can't take it anymore. So I blocked his number. The worst part is that even though he talked a lot of bullshit about how he cares about me, I'm pretty sure he won't care that I've cut him off. Should I use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to get totally drunk and drown my sorrows?

If you don't care, what was the last self-destructive thing you did?

And somewhat related, what is your favorite alcoholic beverage? If you don't drink, what is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?


I want to figure out how to make images sparkle (and I don't have Photoshop.) Specifically, this image. Just the text, though.

How can I do this?

Also, what fun shit did you do with Photoshop lately?

HURP DURP: my link works now.

(no subject)

I am a regular listener of Free Talk Live (Pro-Liberty podcast). You can listen to it for free at...

Since so many of you love to attack those who hold different views, it would be enjoyable if at least one TQC member would call in while the rest of us listened (Free Talk Live is always encouraging those who do not share their views to call in). It is quite fun and it would be interesting to see how you guys hold up. Also, last time i called, i got on the air within 3 minutes (they don't get many female callers and are quick to push them through)

So, TQC, which one of you are brave enough to call? (it is on now and will continue to be on until 10pm eastern time. you got 15 minutes)

the # is 1-800-259-9231
lol swine flue

(no subject)

guys, i need to go back on birth control. i was on depo for a year and a half but it kinda killed my sex drive so i don't want to go back on it. however, i really liked not having periods. what should i go on? i don't want to take pills becuase i'll never remember and then i'll get pregnant.

eta: can you explain why you picked what you picked?
<3 batman and robin

boring dumb questions

blackberry and porting -
my husband and i are currently with t-mobile. it is more than a little sucktastic, but we're stuck in contract till the end of august. i want a blackberry. if i get one from t-mobile, can i port it to verizon when we switch? should i just get an unlocked one that i can use for either? is that possible?

car a/c -
our '04 scion xb's a/c reeks. we've gotten it flushed twice at carmax. it still smells and it's getting too hot here in fl to just open the windows. is there a better way to fix this? would the dealership do a better job?

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Linus/music's entertaining.

What was the best performance on American Idol tonight?

Whole Lotta Love - Adam
Cry Baby - Allison
Come Together - Kris
Dream On - Danny
Renegade - Danny/Kris
Slow Ride - Adam/Allison

Who will go home this week?

i don't know
(insert stupid grumble about AI because...i am a grump)

Who will win?


(no subject)

So my boyfriend returns from his ~magical adventure~ with his exgirfriend tonight. TQC do I:

A] Give into my physiological yearnings and jump his bones?


B] Jump him for leaving me here?

If you don't care about romance/retaliation, what is your favourite lyric? Mine is:
Your heart felt good it was drippin' pitch and made of wood. And your hands and knees felt cold and wet on the grass to me. Outside naked, shiverin' looking blue, from the cold sunlight that's reflected off the moon. Baby cum angel fly around you reminding you we used to be three and not just two. And that's how the world began. And that's how the world will end.
Flaming Sikozu

(no subject)

I need something to stop my brain from melting from boredom at work, can you recommend some good podcasts please?

It can be about anything at all, if you think it's worth listening to list it!

Ta muchly.

(no subject)

I bring you my daily randomness.  Answer all, some, or none.  ;]

1. What would you do if it was late on a weekday and your next-door dorm neighbors were screaming the words to bad pop songs (and had been doing so for the last 3 hours?) 

2. Is there any person you know irl that you would not confront because you are scared of them?
(Yes, I'm scared of my next-door dorm neighbors.  Otherwise I'd confront them)

3. Would the world be a better place if everyone cared about the environment?

4. What disease would suck the most to get?  What pandemic are you actually afraid of getting? (as in, not swine flu)

5. Do you ever pity people who do very bad things for others?  Why or why not?  (ex: murderers, molesters, etc?)

*6. If you were granted the ability to sterilize people with your mind, would you do it?  What would your criteria be?

(no subject)

Have you ever shoplifted? From where?

The only time I remember shoplifting was when I was little and I stole this random mechanical pencil from a bookstore. When I was in the car, I was playing with it and my mother saw it and made us go back to the store and return it immediately.
stfu eva

(no subject)

I told my daughters teacher to stop giving her milk with every meal-it's clogging her up! I was told I need a note from the doctor saying to no longer give her milk. Her own mother is not allowed to call the shots. What kind of bullshittery have you heard today?
itw emile

(no subject)

Pretend you could choose where you wanted to live before you were born. Your family and friends will be the same regardless of this choice. Out of these two countries, where would you rather grow up?

Poll #1395495 Canada vs. US

Which country would you rather grow up in?

  • keskt

(no subject)

If you live in an apartment building- does your landlord ever enter your apartment without consulting with you first? I ask because about a month ago, I woke up to my landlord standing in my bedroom. He said he had knocked but had not received an answer, so had let himself in. Water had been building up in the basement so he wanted to check my bathroom or something. It freaked me the fuck out (the waking up in bed naked with a random man standing in the room part) and ever since then I've had a lot of, albeit irrational, anxiety- being really scared someone's in my room/gonna come into my room when I'm falling asleep etc and other anxiety related issues.

Today, when I was came home (in the early evening this time) my landlord was outside my apartment door, looking through he keys to find the one to my apartment so he could get in (still problems with the water apparently.) That time was fine because I wasn't caught totally off guard, but I'm still having a lot of residual anxiety about the first time. My question is- would it be OK, if it comes up again, to ask him to call me before he plans on getting into my apartment? Or is that completely out of line, given that he owns the building?
Augustus Gloop

(no subject)

Are you picky about coffee or tea? If so, what sort do you prefer, and how do you want it to be prepared, and how much effort do you go to to get it just that way? If you're desperate, do you lower your standards?


(no subject)

how would you react if a member of TQC posted the same link two days in a row to get people to listen to a political talk radio show?

and then in the post the person's "question" is, "OK TQC, WHO IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO CALL IN?"

true story.

A 16 year old is baking cupcakes out of her kitchen. The local newspaper runs a story about her little home cupcake making. She gets 12 emails over the next few days; 11 from people wanting to buy some cupcakes, the last one is from the health department saying if she is going to run the business she needs a license.
So, she pays 25 bucks for a business license and 250 for a health department license, and they come to her house twice a year to inspect her kitchen and will either approve or reject her kitchen to see if it is up to code.

Do you think that she should have a business and health department license, or is this a little too ridiculous?

ETA: also note- she is selling cupcakes for like, 50 cents I think. It's basically covering the costs for the material to make the cupcakes.
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

For people who have tried to quit smoking (whether or not you did), what is the best way to distract yourself from wanting one? I can't keep fucking snacking like I am or I am going to gain SO much weight.

For those of you for which this does not apply, what are good, random questions to ask when you're getting to know someone? I often scour TQC, but it's almost hard, believe it or not, to find good questions for asking someone.

Also, how would your parents react if you dated someone of a different race? Meaning ARE YOUR PARENTS RACIST, Y/N?

(no subject)

I got my paycheck today, woohoo. But there's a problem (dun dun dun): It says I worked 38.5 hours this payperiod, but I keep accurate records of my hours and according to that I worked 39.5 hours.

I'm willing to accept the idea that I made a mistake, but my boss is not god and he makes mistakes too.

So the question, TQC:

Would you bring this up with your boss hoping to win the glorious sum of 9 USD, which comes to maybe 8 after taxes? Or would you let it pass and just hope it doesn't happen again?

And a question for those who don't care:
when you have a cold, do you carry a box/packs of tissues around your house with you, station separate boxes in every place you might need them, or carry around a roll of toilet paper?

Me, I go for the toilet paper. I don't know why.
Tomozawa Mimiyo's Octopus

(no subject)

What is your degree in, or what will it be in, or are you a non-college type person?

What is your career aspiration?  Does it match your degree (or lack of)?

I want to get my AA is photography, but I don't think it'll actually get me anywhere career-wise.
سكر بنات;; waiting on the telephone.

(no subject)

I have to be at work at 7 tomorrow. I have a few more hours of paper-writing before I go to bed. How do I make sure I get up in the morning? What tricks do you use?

edit: I have an alarm clock, of course, and set the alarm on my phone, but sometimes I still snooze until it's almost too late.

(no subject)

I need more anime to check out, TQC. I like Berserk, FLCL, Pet Shop of Horrors, Death Note, Elfen Lied, Gunslinger Girl, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, etc. What new ones should I try out? I'm open to manga, too.

If you're not a huge anime nerd:
1. What are your plans for the summer?
2. What do you think of BSL (breed-specific legislation)? Why?

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