May 4th, 2009

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Anyone here ever ordered from Their prices are so cheap (except for the shipping, of course) that I'm kind of wary... Does it arrive in a timely manner? Discreet packaging? Any horror stories?

Also, what's with putting cutesy and "animals" on sex toys? Butterflies, rabbits, caterpillars, turtles - Wtf?

If this isn't your thing then what did you have for dinner? How was it? I had BBQ chicken and coleslaw and it was deeeeeelicious.
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If you were on a game show that required you to eat strange/disgusting things (bull testicles, beetles, larva, eyeballs, etc) for a chance to win would you be able to do it?

ETA: I'm watching the Amazing Race and at least once a season they make them eat some nasty stuff.
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What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? How do you like it?

What's the worst shampoo/conditioner product you've used? Best?

Do you think that higher priced products actually work better or do you think it's overpriced crap that smells good?
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Anti-gay camps

My friend told me pretty recently about the 'Anti-gay camps', who claim they will "cure" gay people. I hadn't heard of it before, and the whole thing it makes me sad and royally pissed off at the same time. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any documentaries or anything about it I can watch? Youtube-clips? Would be grateful for any help!

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Do you think that it is unprofessional for a teacher to say "you guys"?
My education professors are CONSTANTLY saying how bad it is for us to say, yet they say "You ladies" and...I think it's just as bad.

Can you post some cute or funny pictures or gifs or something?

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I am currently playing through Bioshock for the second time for some more achievements and I'm trying to get back to Fort Frolic from Olympus Heights to get Sander Cohen's muse box but I cannot find my way back. Anyone know how?

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If you could make a question for the gameshow Family Feud and be able to survey 100 people, what would you ask?

What do you think the 4 most popular answers would be?
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Am I crazy for getting pissed when I go to get some cereal, only to find that my mother in law has eaten all but like, three fucking crunch berries and still puts the box in the damn cupboard? Or am I lucky that this is really one of our biggest issues and she doesn't hate me?

I just want some damn cereal...

internet people, I slept through the night

so here's some questions for early in the morning!

1)Do you think there should be a cap on how high health insurance deductibles can be?[the deductible- how much you have to pay before they'll pay for anything, it seems]?

2)Do you like false endings in video games? what about movies?

3)tell me about your favorite fruit juice.


So, my roommate is leaving for the summer tomorrow, and she's taking her TV with her... I can't get a new TV until Friday, but will my DVR still record my shows during the week?

It seems to me like it might, but am I totally ignorant of the way electronics work? I MAY BE.

student debt

For those with experience with graduate school (and undergraduate could apply too):
would you rather go straight into school and face the loans/interest rates, or work full-time for two years to be able to pay a few years of school up-front?
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When someone asks you how something was and it was absolutely horrific, how do you respond?

I am about to come out of an absolute nightmare and complete waste of a year/career experience. I can't even fathom what I'm going to tell people when they ask me how it went. Everyone expected that it would go amazingly but I am ripping my hair out over its sheer awfulness and life-draining properties. I mean it is just really, really bad.

Is there a good neutral response I can give when they ask for details to not let my bias show through? I don't want to go around telling people OMG I WOULD RATHER BE DEAD but there have truly been zero redeeming factors.
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kinda lame but...

-have you ever put secret messages within your messages? what did you do?
for example: writing in white font on a white background in email so it's only visible if highlighted over, adding in purposeful typos that spell something out, spelling out words with the names of track/artist names on a mix cd, writing something in facebook graffiti and then covering it up so it can only be seen by hitting replay etc. i guess i am a lameo because i used do this with my bf a lot, but i thought it was fun to look for, kinda like a puzzle.

dont know, dont care:
-what is an awesome/epic (as opposed to mushy, gardens and waterfalls and sunsets) way to be proposed to? im thinking automatic bonus points for the use of fire..

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Happy Star Wars Day! (Come on, it can't be surprising that I'm posting this. :D )

Poll #1394690 Star Wars

Favorite Star Wars movie?

The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
Revenge of the Sith
A New Hope
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi

Favorite Star Wars special/cartoon

Clone Wars Vol 1 (Cartoon Network)
Clone Wars Vol 2 (Cartoon Network)
Clone Wars (the new show)
the Holiday Special

If you picked the Holiday Special, please explain.

Favorite villain (movies, specials, books included)?
Luke or Han?
Leia or Padme?
Favorite battle?
Favorite scene?
All Jedi had was a bunch of muppets, y/y?
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I just had peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time ever a few minutes ago.
I don't like it, I find it really gross...

Do you like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

What food do you not like that most people do?
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tqc, halp!

so i'm really weird about asking people to do things for me.

about six weeks ago i went out of town for a week and had my landlord feed/check in on my cats. she lives right across the street so she didn't have to drive to get here or anything. i'm going out of town again at the end of the week for about 10 days. would it be too much to ask her to feed the cats again? should i offer to pay her?

keep in mind i'm moving in about a month and a half so i'll never see her again and maybe shouldn't care what she thinks.
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Do women have a responsibility to take care of their looks for their men?

I realize this question applies only to a certain sub-set of the hetero crowd but my co-worker brought it up and it made me angry.

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i'm going to message my friend on facebook(her phone is dead) about this co-worker of hers that was at her bbq Saturday who i kinda had a thing for. but i've never asked about someone and have no idea how to word it. do you guys have any ideas how i should start it without sounding like i'm just trolling for seed?

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I'm having a Tacky Tourist Luau party for my daughters birthday. However, I'm having some trouble with the wording for the invites. Any idea I come across references getting wasted off of Mai Tais in some manner. I need something pre-k friendly. My fellow linguistic beasts, have you any ideas for wording on a luau invitation?

This is kind of involved...

...and potentially disgusting.

6:04 PM 4/24/09 · Was chatting with a friend about a guy she's recently taken a liking to, in the sense she really wants to jump his bones. To best determine how much she'd been thinking about this I gave her a scale of 10:

1) being relatively tame
10) being the most depraved and ronchy thing she could think of

She picked a 4 but by that time I was already filling in other categories. Really only two though:

6) being wants to milk him like a cow
7) being until they're thoroughly drenched in each other's saliva

I stopped there.

Can any of you come up with categories for 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, & 9?
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Are you brand-loyal (you have you be 100%, as in, you ONLY buy that brand) when it comes to certain articles of clothing or shoes?? If yes, please tell us what brand of what item you buy. pictures are welcome!

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I posted this to bakebakebake and cooking but it's in moderation que and I do not have time to wait for it to be posted. So...

I am making a chocolate chip topping for a mock Tasty Kake recipe and it calls for the chips to melted with vegetable shortening. I don't have any at the moment and I was wondering if it would be alright if I substituted vegetable oil instead. What do you think?

Thank you for your quick responses!
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is there a benefit to using a thick maxi pad instead of a regular thin one?

my god they look so bulky and uncomfortable.

eta: huh, i didn't think they were more absorbent! my mom has fibroids aka don't leave your tampons out because they will all be gone, and even she gets the regular pads.

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Does anyone know of some software I can install that will track what programs are running on a PC, and which program has focus at what time? And save it all to a text file...?

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are you good at memorizing things?
what was the actual question I was going to ask?
I REMEMBERED! My boyfriend had a job interview at 12. It's 1 now. Should I wait a little longer to call him and ask him how it went? I don't want to make him feel like I'm an overbearing mother or something.

I have a huge concert tonight. Will you wish me luck please? Two concerts ina row is not fun =[
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What are your top 3 (or 5, or 10) shows for continuity? You know, shows with at least more than 2 seasons that seem to have been planned down to the last detail. Feel free to split your list into two (drama and comedy). I'm not just hoping for recs of over-arching season long plots but over-arching series long plots.

I've just started watching Supernatural (starting from the 4th season and working my way back) and I gotta say that I am very impressed. I'm looking for shows with a similar continuity-wow factor.

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The company I work for is having a competition among its stores to see who can set up the best bachelorette focal table.  Originally we were going to set it up like it was ready for a party and place all the mannequins around it (creepy...) but we found out that Wes already did that.  Any ideas for an awesome bachelorette table?!

Also, how terrible would it be if everyone at our store went to Magic Mountain together and didn't invite the one girl everyone hates?  The coordinator said we should invite her to be nice, but 3 people said they'd back out if she went.  Would you invite her?

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People generally never call my cell phone. The past few days I've gotten several missed calls from numbers I don't recognize, and who did not leave a voicemail.

I should call these numbers back y/n?
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Which of my icons should I use as a default?
Someone in anon didn't like the one I had, so they suggested this one or Donny's Smoking. I had already used Donny's Smoking as a default before... I typically use this icon for commenting. So yeah. CHOOSE AWAY!

ETA: For those who don't care, how do you take your coffee and/or tea?
I buy Dunkin Donuts hazelnut blend, add three Spelndas and a big splash of soy creamer. Yum. Favorite coffee ever is from Mud in the Village - I take that with milk and three Splendas, too. GAH best coffee ever. Tea - if it's mint or fruity, nothing. If it's black or green, I add sugar or honey.

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Have you talked to anybody lately who you haven't seen/heard from in awhile?
How did it go?
How did you meet back up?

This random guy from high school just messaged me and asked me to be in his movie this summer, and now I'm excited. God bless facebook.

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I got some tax return money and I am thinking of selling my ( in perfect working order ) 30g I pod and buying a new 120g classic. How much money do you think I can get for it? Did you ever sell an Ipod before?

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I read in an Oprah magazine (doctors office boredom) about a rather small laptop that has little memory and is used mainly for internet (no room for gaming or lots of programs). There are a couple expensive models ($1500+) but there were a couple models for under $500, I believe. Anyone know what they're called?

If you know what I'm talking about, do you have any experience with them? how was it?

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Do you care if your bra straps show when you wear tank tops?
What do you do (if anything) to minimize how tacky this looks?
Do you recommend any bras that aren't so obvious?
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Which TQCer would you like to send on a two week vacation without Internet? Not because you like them, but because it means you'd be free of them.

Don't worry, the vacation would suck, but the 'lucky' person wouldn't realize until it was too late to come back early.

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1)What's the most unusual video game enemy you've seen?

I think it may be persona 3 and 4's attacking dice or maybe it's the hourglasses with arms and legs trying to kill you.

2)Are you lazier when it's cold or hot?

3)Have you ever seen someone with stretched lobes in real life?


Pissy poster is pissy

Is there a fucking site I can throw at my mom so she can learn how to use the god damned windows XP and paint and how to upload shit onto the internets without coming in and begging me to do everything for her every 5 god damned minutes?!

Is there anyone you have wanted to strangle today?

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My boyfriend does not want me to be friends with my ex. My ex and I have known each other since middle school and we've been able to maintain a healthy friendship since the breakup.

Is this something that should make me worry about my relationship with the new boyfriend?

How would you feel about your significant other being close friends with their ex?
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Which would you prefer?
- An 11hr 15min bus trip with a nearly 5hr layover in Ottawa. But I could spend said 5hrs with an old friend of mine whom I haven't seen in a couple of years.
- A two hour car ride with a parent. No stop in Ottawa, but I will be home much faster.

My TV's cut off for the summer. Are there any good sites for watching TV live via the internet? Would it be weird to go to campus and watch TV in one of the residence common rooms, considering school is over? If I can't find a way to watch my shows tonight, what should I do in the evening to occupy my time/mind? ETA: Is there anyway to fool places like into believing I am in the US?

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If you wanted a car for speed, what car would you go for?
(And I don't mean anything like a Corvette, or a Lamborghini, etc.)

Example: something like a Mazda RX-7, or a Mustang.  You know, something you wouldn't have to pay over thirty thousand for.

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My best friend got breast implants today and I want to get her some fun gifts for finally doing what she's wanted to for 10+ years. What would you like had you just received implants? I can't get her bras because she doesn't know what size they'll end up being.
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This girl I like kinda blew me off the past two weekends. Last night she goes, "Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while" and all that good stuff. It's finals time, we're leaving soon...She goes, "Hey, maybe I'll see you this week? Maybe hang out?"

I really like the girl, but I'm a little afraid of getting hurt, what do I do? Should I give her a call? Should I just text her?
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"One of the greatest tragedies of my life is the death of Lucien de Rubempré. It is a grief from which I have never been able completely to rid myself. It haunts me in my moments of pleasure. I remember it when I laugh." - Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Lucien de Rubempre was a character in a book. I come here curious to ask, if you've found yourself in a similar situation that is, what character(s) is it that have touched you so? Whether it be their death, or simply a terrible fate of a situation that seemed too much. I mean beyond just watching a movie or reading a book and crying, but have you ever crossed something that actually haunted you as it did Oscar Wilde?
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What's the difference between manufacture and conceive?  I know I can look it up in the dictionary and google but I still don't get how they're different.  I'm doing a questionnaire thing and it's asking this question but I cannot figure it out. :/
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There are some chickens that live on my street. I don't think anyone takes care of them I think they are wild chickens (is this even possible?) So I just drove past them and one of them looks hurt to me. Like something might be wrong with his wing, probably because some asshole hit him. My dad has tried to convince me chickens just look like that when they are wet, I think this is a case of liar liar pants on fire. WHAT SHOULD I DO? He was just standing on the side of the road in the pouring rain not moving =[

I'm googling for bird rescue places in my area but I'm not having any luck. Would they even take a chicken?

Do you know of any such place in Central New Jersey? Google is failing me.
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Could you imagine the futility of persistently trying to convince Christians they should stop eating pork, and even derive benefit from it?

Is it funny that christianity banned me for arguing the religion Christianity is the work of Satan?


1.) Let's say that you are getting out of High School soon. You live in a teeny tiny town with no opportunity that you absolutely HATE and all your life you have dreamed of breaking away. You have no idea what sort of career you want to pursue and have no real drive to go to college. All you have is a strong passion to travel and be cultured. Do you......

A. Stay here for a couple more years and go to a local college, no matter how torturous it sounds (you will actually get paid for this in the long run)?

B. Take your chances and just travel somewhere, hoping it will all come together in the end. However, you'll be flat out broke for a long time and be working odd jobs wherever you may go.

2.) Did you follow your dreams after high school? If so, what did you do?

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Some woman just came in and proceeded to yell at me for 'watching her while she was shopping'.

Now, taking into consideration this is a tiny convenience store, there were no other customers in the store, and was not doing anythingat that moment (aside from yes, glancing at her to make sure she was getting what she needed), was I silently accusing her of stealing? Or was this woman being a haughty bitch?

Srs or non-srs, you choose.

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I have milk that is 2 days past the sell by date. I normally DO NOT ingest anything past the date on the container, but I want to make mac and cheese tonight and I really don't want to buy new milk (especially since I'm moving on Thursday).

Will my milk be okay to cook with?

Do you eat food items past the sell by date?

Has anything terrible happened as a result?

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when was the last time you felt really excited about something?

My mom is obsessed with celebrities, so as a extra gift for her 50th birthday i'm getting autographs from as many celebrities as possible. In the mail today I recieved 2 personalized ones from Robert Downey Jr. and became overwhelmed with excitement because I want in his pants. it was pretty pathetic but I haven't been excited about anything in a long time.

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There's a group of teenagers that come into the bookstore I work at high on whatever. One of the girls is wearing 5 tank tops (seriously) and walking around humming along to the song on the radio wildly off-key and off-beat.

What should I do to confuse these crazy kids?

Have you ever felt the need to wear 5 tank tops at once?
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A girl in my class brought in her boyfriend or brother to sit in on our three hour lecture.
He proceeded to raise his hand and talk incessantly (a lot of it was sort of incoherent)

Do you think this is really rude?
If you were the professor, would you say something to them? (What would you say?)
Have you ever had a SO/friend/whatever sit in a class with you?
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Would cashiering in a grocery store count as a 'retail' position?

How would you answer this question on an application?

"I would quickly change my job if I found a better paying one."
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree

because in reality, I would totally leave quickly for a better paying job. But I need THIS job. Or any job.
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My ex-husband's grandmother has decided that this is the year to start a new family tradition.  They will be having an annual Ladies Luncheon and I have been invited.  (I was informed the ex's new girlfriend will not be there; they don't like her, apparently?)  I would like to bring them each something as a token of my appreciation for keeping me "in the family", even though my ex is a jerkface. 

Suggestions?  Ideas?  Nomally, I would bake them something but we are going to lunch and that seems a little overkill.  My budget would be something like $5-10/person.

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 I am a bridesmaid in a wedding next month.  What color shoes would you wear with this dress? the bride is giving us complete freedom to choose what we want. 

If you do not care -
when did/do you graduate?
What are you plans for this summer?
What's for dinner?

  The only difference is the white on my dress is ivory.

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What are your tips for finding the name of a song when Google fails you? :(

It's a Spanish song, these are the only lyrics I know: "traigo un ritmo pa la discoteca pa que las mujeres se pongan culecas!"

How do I find this song?! It's driving me crazy.

If you don't care, what are you having for dinner tonight?
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Drug me up, bb

Do any of you fill your prescriptions at Wal*Mart? How's that workin' out for you?

I've never used an outside pharmacy to fill prescriptions before. I looked at Wal*Mart's $4 prescription list and two of mine are on it. $4 compared to the $15 I was paying before is stellar -- so what's the catch?

Or, if you haven't got a clue about Wally World, what pharmacy do you use when you have to get a prescription filled? What's the cost?

Online clothing

What are some of your favorite places to shop online for clothing?

(Besides Ebay lol)

Edit: Also, what are some good ideas for tree house decor? (My uncle and I are building one for my little cousin and I wanted some good ideas.)
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If you take a jailbroken iphone to an AT&T store and they see that it's jailbroken what will they do? Has anyone ever done it?

Really people? Jailbreaking lets you add ringtones, change wallpapers & run third party apps, etc EDIT: These are not things you can normally do with an iPhone.

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Who is that photographer whose name I can't remember?

He does all those really odd photographs with very dramatic lighting (usually things like spotlights on people in the dark). He did one photo of a guy replacing his carpet with grass. Another of a half-naked old woman standing in the middle of the street.

What's that guy's name? D:

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Why is it that when I have to get up, I feel like I can sleep in all day.  And yet, when I have the morning to sleep in, I can't sleep and feel wide awake?
I don't have class tomorrow and really want to sleep in but I know I'll be wide awake by 7.

Have you ever seen a dead person?  Where and why?

Who is the nicest person you know?  What is it about them?

What is your best roommate story, if you have one?

What movie should I watch tonight if I'm feeling blah?
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Dear people of TQC,

I'm thisclose to strangling my 4 month old Min Pin pup.   She can hang outside for an hour and two, and right when I let her in, she decides the carpet is the best place to do her business.  We have a crate for her, but she will do her business in there too.  As I stated earlier, I'll take her out, but she'll wait until she comes INSIDE!

What should I do?!?! 
I leave to Texas in June for a month long trip without her.   She'll be at a petsitters house that luckily has wooden floors and like 10 dogs.  I'm hoping she'll have more luck than me when it comes to training.  I want to go through the whole house and use Nature's Miracle so it can have a month to set in.  Then when I come back, I'll Rug Doctor the shit out of my berber carpet.  When I bring my doggies home, hopefully she won't be able to smell her freakin' pee and poop and WANT to go outside.  If not, I'll use the newspaper method [not her peeing on it, but rather smacking her, but not to hurt her] and maybe try the crate again.

Does Nature's Miracle actually work?  Is there something greater than that?  Any suggestions?  Anyone?

This is Ari, the culprit. She is not QT to me right now.
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Guuuys, I don't like apple programs~! They require too much finger movement!

How do I highlight/select a few songs so I can delete them from iTunes? Not all of them! Just 4 out of 5, maybe?
My library randomly decided to repeat all the songs a few extra times... I swear I didn't do it! *Windows user, don't have fruity buttons O_O I need itunes for my ipod*

What small annoyances make you want to smash your computer?

What's the most random/icky thing you ever found in your food?

Since it's spring, I started finding little bugs all over my food. Sandwiches, salads, everywhere. Okay, whatever... But yesterday I found two small snails in my noodles. This is what you get for adding crushed oregano leaves. I'll just not look at my food until fall.
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why are all the spammers from russia?

i'm googling as i type, but if you've ever taught english abroad, how did you go about getting into a program? were there age limits, minimum reqs for education level attained, etc?

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I am a huge nerd, and wanna know what others are studying. That, and it will help me procrastinate with my own paper..
So, for those of you who are in college and are writing your final papers, will you tell me what your prompt/subject matter is?

(no subject)

Do you ever feel the need to shout random song lyrics?


What was the last thing you said out loud?

what is going on in your life right now? are you in a good place?

(no subject)

How do you stop large posts from being cut off at the right edge of the screen?

Assuming it exists, what are the chances you're going to hell by your own estimation on a scale of 1-10, 1 being Mother Teresa and 10 being killing a busload of nuns?

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i'm selling all my furniture to a girl that is moving from the dorms to an apartment. for the next three weeks i will have to live in my apartment without a couch (absolutely no livingroom furniture), with the tv sitting on the floor (entertainment stand is going), with the desktop sitting on the floor (desk is going), with all my underwear and socks who knows where (dresser is going), and without a nightstand (alarm clock on the floor). TQC, how will i survive?!?

(no subject)

TQC, what has been the highlight of your day so far?

I went to a random little kitchen supply store, and found whole vanilla beans for $1.99 each!! (This is ABSURDLY cheap and now I have some cookies in the oven, some vanilla sugar a-brewin', and I still have 7 more... lol)

(no subject)

TQC, how would you describe this motion? The best I can come up with is swingy zig zag, but I need to use it in a paper and that sounds kind of stupid.

Edit: I'm going to combine the first two answers and call it a left-to-right descending pendulum swing! Thanks so much you guys. <333


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what' a good universal thank you gift for a man between the ages of 50-55? he taught me to play guitar for my senior project as sort of a favor to my brother's girlfriend (he's a friend of her family). i want to thank him for his time, but i don't really know him personally. i doubt i could get him anything guitar-related that he doesn't already own.

i was thinking a thing of syrup and a thank you note (this is vermont!) but i don't know.

also, i'm thinking hookers and blow probably would not be an appropriate gift.

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Ok TQC, I am asking about a friend's dilemma because we are certainly at a loss on what to do. She recently signed up for and came across a guy we know that our other friend is "talking to" or whatever you want to call it. He emailed friend #1 and is essentially hitting on her without realizing that they've actually met when he was making out with our friend. So which of these choices seem the best?

a) See how far the "flirting" goes with him
b) Tell him right now that they know each other, but this may expose her secret to everyone
c) Something else (Please explain?)
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Does anyone have any reliable or interesting sources or studies on why animal-based products are an important or non-harmful part of the human diet?

What is included in a nutritious diet, to you?

What kinds of food items do you consider to be unhealthy?
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My boyfriend is throwing an Andy Warhol themed party at the end of this week. He's already covered half of his apartment in aluminum foil and has started a playlist full of The Velvet Underground and 1960s girl groups. He's going as the man himself, we've got 4 people going as Marylin Monroe, I'm going to stencil windows on the cover of Chelsea Girls (link NSFW!) to a dress.

From there, we're kind of stuck. If you were throwing/attending an Andy Warhol themed party, what would you like to see? What would you dress up as? What would be appropriate to play, music wise?

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What is something you've done recently that you're very happy about?

I finally switched to Firefox. Also, I took my hair twists apart, I really didn't want to, but after I took them apart, I felt very happy, my fro looks better than it ever has before I had it twisted.
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TQC, Wolverine was a bad movie. It had some shiny parts. But it was a bad movie and it should feel bad. And before that the last movie I watched in theaters was Dragonball, which should not only feel bad but commit movie seppuku.

What is the last really bad movie you saw? What made it so bad?
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where do your pets sleep? are they happy there?

my cats have been shut in the kitchen for a trial period the last couple nights, they have a bed each that looks cosy to me but they refuse to use them to make some kind of statement. i feel bad!

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When's the last time you had a dream that made you miss someone?

I just had a dream about my crush, and I just want to see him and kiss him or something and tell him that he is amazing >:|

ALSO: Name change, y/n? Suggestions!?!?! I'm wondering if it's worth buying one.
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What's your favorite or least favorite 90's fashion trend?
I'm going to a 1997 themed party tomorrow night and need inspiration...

Also, what is/was your preferred method of studying for finals?