May 3rd, 2009

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Do any of you pay for your own insurance (as in not provided by your work)? What company do you use? How much do you pay monthly? and for copayments etc? Would you recommend them?

Have any of you had dental work uninsured? What did you have done and how much did it cost? Anyone have wisdom teeth removed uninsured? How much did that cost?

If you didn't mind answering, thank you!
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Dear TQC,

Have any of you had a broken bone?
If so, what, and how long did it take you to recover?

I currently am dealing with a broken knee cap. The knee that is injured, was injured a little more than a year ago. I had a ruptured Patella tendon :(
Now my knee cap. ugh.

Do any of you know how long the downtime/rcovery period is for a broken knee cap?

What is your favorite thing to do, when you can't leave the house, or anything like that?

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do you have a favorite type of music that is from another country? that was crappily phrased but mine would be  sitar  music and bollywood music.

whats your favorite kind of music from your country's culture? another shittily phrased question. im tired. but mine is jazz
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In the last six months, what video game have you spent the most time playing?

What makes a drunk post a drunk post, rather than just a post one makes while drunk?
Edit: 'cause I'm totally drunk right now. I'm just a good typist.

think positive...

1. What's the best thing about your nationality? (For example, "The best thing about being American is.....)

2. What travel advice would you give to someone visiting your country?

Inspired by Wolverine: X-Men Origins's "Gambit".
3. Why can't Hollywood ever get the Southern accents right?

They always seem to get a non-Southerner to play a Southerner. Or someone from one Southern state to play another Southern state. As if a Virginia accent sounds like anything like an Alabama accent.

4. What is the worst fake accent that you've ever heard in a movie?

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How often do you check your email?

How many email accounts do you have?

Do you get upset if you check your email and the inbox is empty or you only have junk mail?

Do you send emails just so you can get an email back?

Do you have a designated "junk" email account that you give to stores etc. because you know they send out lots of junk email?

what to do and see in hollywood, Los angeles


I am going to hollywood, Los angeles and my hotel is right outside the hand print walk of fame side walk. 

I will be joining a 1 full day tour  to see go to these places:

WALK OF FAME - Where the stars are immortalized in cement.
• HOLLYWOODBOWL - Home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.*
• GRAUMAN'S CHINESE THEATRE - Footprints and hand prints of the most famous movie stars in the world are here.*
• KODAK THEATRE - New home of the Academy Awards, also nicknamed the "Crown Jewel of Hollywood".
  • HOLLYWOOD & HIGHLAND - Where you can shop at the newest star in Hollywood and also one of the most popular places to visit.
• SUNSET STRIP - Famous shops, restaurants and bars where celebrities meet, eat and play.
• RODEO DRIVE - Where you see Gucci, Prada, Versace, Chanel, Bijan, Louis Viutton, should I say more?*
• THE BEVERLY CENTER - A shoppers paradise where at any time the most beautiful super models in the world can be found shopping for lingerie at Victorias Secret.
   • FARMER'S MARKET & THE GROVE - Eat at the oldest Farmers Market in LA (circa 1937) and shop at the newest outdoor shopping center in LA the Grove. Lunch stop 45 min.
   • LA BREA TAR PITS - Discover the past at the Pits.
  • LA COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART - For art lovers of all ages.
  • MIRACLE MILE - The perfect place for culture, history and nightlife.
  • OLVERA STREET - The birth place of Los Angeles.*
  • MUSIC CENTER - A delight to your ears on any given night.
   • WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL - Architecture at its finest.
   • CHINA TOWN - A fascinating place where the mix of chinese culture and the west seam so seamless.

What can I do for the next few days?

I was going to join another tour to see:   movie star homes, the wax museum, and the hollywood museum but after looking online I think I am wasting money to go to these places as they are boring and not worth the money.  Why would I pay $$ to see the outside of houses?

Any suggestions or recommendations people have for places to go in hollywood?
I would prefer if it was walking distance or close to the hotel so I don't have to pay outrageous taxi fairs.

**I'm at LA for a few days because I am taking a cruise that is departing from the LA port so I decided to get to LA a few days earlier to do the tourist thing


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Best club?

Babysitter's Club
Fight Club
Breakfast Club

Best return?

Return of the Jedi
Return of the King
Return to Oz

Best man?

She's the Man

Best lost?

Lost Boys
Lost in Translation
Lost Ark (Raiders of)

Best number after 12?

Friday the 13th
Thirteen Ghosts

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I've been charged with decorating the movie theatre I work at for the release of Star Trek in IMAX next week. As part of my decor I came up with the idea to do some word art, as it were, with iconic phrases from Star Trek, like, "Beam me up, Scotty!" Do you have any suggestions? I have, "Beam me up, Scotty!" "Live long and prosper," and, "Set phasers to stun."

If you were paying $15 a ticket to see this movie what would you want to see decoration wise?

My co-worker and I had an idea to turn our escalators into a transporter with some PVC pipe and blue tarp. Will this turn out poorly?

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Why does my back decide to start hurting when I'm drunk and tired and need sleep?

I have fibromyalgia, so I can't do anything about pain really. I have been out drowning my sorrows due to being dumped and I got in at 1am a bit worse for wear. I've sobered up and it's not 4am and this pain will not go away. I have super duper painkillers, cocodamol 30/500, when do you reckon it'd be ok for me to take them?
Russian Alice

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How many friends do you have and how many can you trust with a secret?
What's a song that reminds you of good times?
How would you define 'hipster' to someone who hasn't heard the word?
Are there things on your computer you'd be embarrassed for someone to find? (Porn is a cop-out answer, I mean like poetry or Pokemon episodes* or something like that.) What are they?

* Not that Pokemon isn't awesome

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1. What's the weirdest place you've visited while on a road trip or vacation?
a. What happened?

2. Are you the type of person to make a pit stop if you come across a weird roadside attraction?

3. Besides your own, what's a surname that you've always liked the sound of?

(I've always liked any surname that ends with "vitch". I've always wanted a "vitch" name.)

4. Seriously, where are Rose and Bernard?

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What's the name of the song and the artist for the video posted here:


Answered! That music video is amazing. :D

Also, what are some bands that you love despite their lyrics being in a language you don't understand?

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1)When nervous, do you get dizzy?

2)any video game quotes you want to share?
'This dude high? Quit talking shit and let go of the girl!'-Kanji,Persona 4

3)Did you know that contact paper has a variety of amazing uses?

I know now.

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On a day off, what time would you normally wake up? (Assuming you didn't get blitzed the night before)

If there is one bottle of alcohol you would love to have in the house, what would it be? (wine included)

between 7:30 - 8:00am

Balvenie - 15yr

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I will be going on vacation for a month at the end of the week. I know you're ALL going to miss me.....but...

Will you please forecast all the drama and butthurt that is going to occur in the next 28 days so I won't be that far behind when I get back in June???


Law or a cheeseburger?

TQC, should I be a good girl and brief the 6 cases I need to brief for my family law class or should I go get a cheeseburger at Carl's Jr and continue my Harry Potter movie marathon?

ETA: I have decided to get the cheeseburger now, brief 3 cases then start the next movie. Then I will brief the other 3 and start the next movie. Problem solved and I can be naughty and nice.
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1. What state do you live in?

2. Does it have bad pollen?

3. If you answered no to question number 2, what is the real estate scene looking like?

4. Do you have allergies?

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Dear TQC,

I have a small problem, some of you may remember my fundraising question and this falls within the same category I think and here's some history.

 On April 7th the fellow teammates and I started thinking up fundraising ideas to help our team make more money as a whole instead of individually. After I left they thought of putting together a speghtti Dinner for the 5th of may and the next day they started asking different companies to donate food and silent auction prizes and asked if i could get raffle tickets from where I worked (which I havent worked there in a while but I didn't feel the need to tell them as I was completely willing to go ask the manager anyway).

The next week they say they don't need the raffle tickets because they found some, but they ask for cups, small plates and napkins (almost 3 weeks ago). Than almost 2 weeks ago they say they don't need the cups and find napkins elsewhere but they would still like the plates than put linens on the list of stuff they wanted.

Meanwhile they are hearing from some of the companies they want to have stuff donated from are telling them that they dont do donations or that there wasnt enought notice time for the donations and the fellow teamates seem to be ok with not getting the donations.

So this past thursday I tell them that for the linens there was not enough notice (which the teammates asked for the week b4 and not a month or so before) and with the plates that the company doesnt do donations (which they have heard in the last 3 or so weeks).

So then I get this reply the next day from one of the teammates being completely hypocritical saying that I shouldve asked 4 weeks ago than it woulnt have been short notice and than saying that if i didnt want to be a part of the whole fundraisng thing i shouldve said something earlier. She and the fellow teammates heard the exact same thing from companies.

Edit to make it easier:

Fellow relay for life teamates and I  are holding a fundraising dinner which was though up just less than a month ago for this tuesday. The past almost three weeks theyve been asking and saying they do than don't need things donated from where i formerly work (however they dont know i dont work there anymore). Each week it was something different they wanted.

Almost 2 weeks ago they ask for linens from this place and last thursday I told the teammates that the company need more notice on rental items and that they don't do donations which they have heard from different companies. One of the teammates berates me rather hypocrically saying it wouldnt have been short notice if i had asked 4 weeks ago when they "asked me to get this stuff", when in actuallity it was different stuff each week for 2-3 weeks before i told them.

so heres my questions

1. should i respond to her remarks? and if yes
2. how should I respond to her remarks?
hate pimentos

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Was there something that you wanted to like when you were a kid, but you just didn't? (Foods, TV shows, clothes, etc. that were very popular among your friends?)

I tried so damn hard to read those fucking Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and 15 years later I still think they're duller than dull.


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If you travel in your home country where is the best place you've been???

I like St. Augustine FLA.

Did you know you can surf the web and watch movies on you computer AT THE SAME TIME?????????

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How old were you when your mother/father found out you weren't a virgin?

Did they freak out or where they ok with it?

My mom found out the other day and screamed at me for about an hour for it and I'm 2 days away from being 19.

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How should I go about washing my car?

A. Drive thru car wash.
B. Wash my car myself at a car washing place.
C. Pay someone to wash my car for me at a car wash service.
D. Go get some soap and turn on your hose, you lazy bum.
E. Wait for it to rain.


yo quiero mas polls de musica!

tqc, I WANT to know...which of these songs you have ever enjoyed? if only just that one time at band camp.

I want to know what love is - foreigner
I want you to want me - cheap trick
I want to hold your hand - the beatles
I want you - elvis costello
I want you - marvin gaye
I want you - bob dylan
I want to break free - queen
I want it all - queen
I want love - elton john
I want you back - jackson 5 feat jacko
I want your sex - george michael
I want it that way - backsreet boys
I want candy - bow wow wow
I want a new drug - huey lewis and the news
oh suzer, i want to click more boxes, but i don't know all these songs!

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My dog gets randomly scared. It used to be that if there was a sudden noise, she'd dart off, but now when it's perfectly quiet she'll randomly shoot up and run away as if something startled her. D: Any idea what might be wrong with her?

Can I see a picture of your pet(s)?
Kill Bill - Elle

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I cut the bottom corner of my palm on a metal piece in my car. The wound is red, inflamed, and painfully sore (with visible pus pockets..aka infected).
What do you predict will happen to my hand in the next 24 hours?

Do you use inappropriate humor to soothe shitty situations?

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What is a good vegetarian side dish for tacos? They already have seasoned black beans in them, so I don't really want to serve beans and rice on the side. I may do Spanish rice, but I don't know. I don't have enough ripe avocados for guacamole, though there will be avocado in the main dish.

Do tacos need a side dish, or do you just eat more tacos?
Oh hay thar

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Today I was helped at the post office by a girl who was very excited to see me, knew pretty much everything about me and seemed like she really enjoyed catching up with me. Problem is, I have no freaking clue who she was, even though her FULL NAME was on her name tag.

Does this happen to you? What do you do in this situation - politely ask who they are or roll with it? I rolled with it and it was the hardest thing ever.

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do you remember the funniest birthday card you've ever recieved/seen? Alternatively, do you know where I can find a birthday card that is actually humorous and not the stupid crap I find at hallmark?
so, wow, hey

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Do you think it's a waste to take a university course that you're interested in but wouldn't benefit your future career?  What if you were unsure of what job you would want to have?  Do you think that's okay to experiment with different classes or, again, is it a waste?

Canada to the US

I am traveling from Canada to the US.

Can I bring doritos/ chips/ sun chips on the airplane?

doritos = cheese = milk product...can I bring it on my carry on and eat it on the plane?

im looking at the tsa website but it doesn't say anything about food.  Thanks

**I know for sure fresh fruits and seeds cannot be carried on.
all you need is

Shampoo bottle caps that spill

So I buy shampoos that happen to come in bottles with a push up top (like you push down on one end and the other pops up). The problem with these is that they ALWAYS pop open in my checked baggage and spill all over the plastic bag I put them in. Not only do I have to mop the goopy stuff off my razor and such, but I have to throw it away if and when it mixes with other goopy stuff from other bottles. I've tried taping the tops down and placing them ever so carefully in my suitcase so they won't get jostled around so much.

Can anyone think of a way to keep these bottles from popping open in my suitcase? I'm a bit loathe to put them into other bottles since thats wasting whatever doesn't move from one bottle to another.

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How silly is it that my Dad refuses to use the blackberry his office has provided for him and pay for?
Or that he refuses to let anybody else in my house use it?

For the past two years, a blackberry that my Dad's work gave him has been sitting in his suitcase.  They pay for it every month. It has a GPS and internet and a phone. In general, my parents are kind of against technology. In our house, we have one cell phone that is used probably once a week to call home. When my Dad's boss offered to move a printer to his office, he declined...apparently because he enjoys getting up and walking to the printer, and it would be damaging to stay in the same room as the chemicals in the printer.

Do you know any really stubborn people?
swirls of smoke

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If you had been seeing someone (and by this I mean sleeping together both literally and figuratively, holding hands, spending a lot of time together) for 3 months, but in those 3 months they never brought up a conversation about relationship status, what would you assume that this person was to you? How would you introduce him to others?

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1. TQC, my doggy is taking a nap on my bed, and she just started making a weird snorting noise and her arms, legs and snout are twitching a little. What is she dreaming about?

2. What would you suggest (to a female) to wear to the indoor college graduation ceremony of her SO?

3. If you prefer to shave anywhere on your body, a) what kind of razor do you use? and b) what form of ...lubrication do you prefer?

4. What is the last delicious thing you ate?

Collapse )
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I'm trying to buy car insurance for myself for the first time ever. I'm trying to find several different companies and get the lowest quote...who do you have your car insurance through?

What kind of coverage do you have? Liability, collision...etc?

What's your rate?

Do your tickets/accidents affect that?

Have you ever been dropped by your insurance?

aaaand completely unrelated, should I watch Sound of Music or My Fair Lady? (or something else?)

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I bought a ton of ground beef on Thursday with the intention of breaking it up and freezing it. I stuck it in the fridge while I did other stuff and forgot about it. Do you think it's still ok? Meat makes me really nervous.

How many people are in your household?
How many bags of trash do you generate a week?
How many gallons of milk do you go through a week?
Loaves of bread a week?

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What adventurous things have you done?

Will you write a nice, detailed description of your experience, so that I can have ideas of what to do before I die?

The only thing I've done that I would consider "adventurous" was to ride the Goliath at Six Flags. It might not sound like much, but I have a big fear of heights and I'm typically pretty scared of roller coasters. The Goliath was crazy because it goes up over 200 feet and goes 70 mph. It also has a lift hill, rather than a launch, which means it takes forever for it to get started. During that eternity, I was freaking the hell out and seriously thought I was going to have a panic attack or something. I don't remember much of the ride after it finally got started, because I was so friggin' scared. I will never ride it again.

warhol zebra

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Where is my motivation?

How long will it take me to write my 7-10 page term paper once I get started on it? I have 5 pages of notes/outline/quotes to be included...

What's the last thing you drank?
I had a whole pot of hot tea. :/
Potassium perversion

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What tool would you use to 'snarfle the garfunk?' If you don't know what that means, pick what you think would be good at snarfling that elusive garfunk

12" dildo
Baseball bat
Pepper spray
Golf club
Butterfly net
Leg wax
Can of RAID
Super Colonic 3000 (TM)

"But don't change a hair for me, not if you care for me..."

What song is stuck in your head? and if there's a reason, why?

"My Funny Valentine" from The Talented Mr. Ripley. because a friend of mine who usually has horrible fashion sense told me that he just bought a bunch of new clothes.  Even though I tease him sometimes about his dumb clothes, it makes me kind of sad that he's actually going to wear decent clothes for a change.

While we're at it, why is that?

Care to go off on an emotional tangent that has nothing to do with anything?


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I've had this weekend completely off, nothing I have to do, nowhere I have to be. On Friday I bought a book to read while I was curled up on my sofa, but the book is really shit and I'm disappointed.

Will you tell me about the worst book you've ever read? Was it something you had to read for school or were you reading it for fun? What was so bad about it?

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I'm planning on getting fitter this summer, and I need something to push me.
I'm thinking of using the Missy Elliot method and seeing pictures of very fit women which will push me to become like them
Who do you think is the fittest woman ? post pictures ?

What methods to you use for determination ?
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archer / pam.

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TQC, I am getting on a plane for the first time in July. What is your advice to a nervous first time flyer? I am flying into the US from Canada, btw.
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which item on a typical chinese take-out menu will give me the most bang for my buck? i don't have a lot of money so i want to find something that will fill me up tonight AND tomorrow.
narry twirl

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I have a large bruise on my arm and another on my leg from sex with my boyfriend. My mom won't leave me alone about them and keeps asking what happened. I told her to drop it but she won't.

What obnoxious excuse should I give so that she'll just leave me alone about it. I'm about to just come out and say "I like it rough. Happy now?" but I'm not a fan of my mom knowing about my sex life.

I'm loving all of these AP exam questions.

Next school year, I'm signed up for a bunch of AP classes: US History, English, Spanish and studio art. Am I going to die? I know there's a ton of reading involved for the history and english, but what should I expect? According to the course description, AP studio art focuses on portfolio building. but has anyone taken that? what does that consist of?

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i'm gunna sound like a creep but oh well. where can i find pictures of ridiculous, slutty superhero fancy dress? i'm thinking pants over tights (knickers over pantyhose in american, i think) and stuff like that. and ideas for guys.

MLP - pinkie chicken

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Question for the Canadians:

What is Brock university like? My friend is doing study abroad there for a year, and was wondering what locals thought of the school - the study abroad office is understandably going to be a bit biased, and we were wondering if there was anything she should know before crossing the border.

(no subject)

My study abroad program for this summer just got canceled. I've spent the past year preparing for it - Researching the subject I would be studying, reading about the places I would visit, learning the language, etc.

My school offered me two choices: Transfer my deposit and application to a specific program that still has seats available, or get refunded and don't go.

The other program is in another country, studying another subject. I have no interest or background experience with either, nor am I even remotely prepared for it. If I went on this trip, I would be going just for the sake of getting abroad, but it just isn't what I wanted. It doesn't strike me as interesting or even relevant to my subject (I'm going to teach high school history).

If I don't go, there is a very, very good chance that I will never study abroad. Or even go abroad. My scholarships expire once I become a graduate student, which will be next semester. But at least I will be saving what money I do have.

TQC, what would you do?

If you don't care: Did you ever study abroad in college? Where did you go?

(no subject)

Have you ever been the other man/woman?

How much do you hate Shakespeare?

Will root beer make you vomit if you are sick (with like the flu or something?)

Toast, y or n?

good fortune

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I was at a friends party when this song came on..... I was so excited I turned to this guy and said can you believe it....its (      ) singing (     )!!!!
He did not seem impressed. I am crazy or do you like this version of this song?

BTW it is Ella Fitzgerald singing in the Sunshine of Your Love
The music players pops up you don't have to leave the page. I just wanted it to be a fun surprise! I did not know people were going to freak out about it and get seriously angry.

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I'm giving my friend two gift cards for her birthday but...that's boring.
Is there a creative way to give them to her?
Should I throw something else in the gift bag? (I saw some cute socks at Target but...I'm probably the only person who gets excited over socks)

I'm also making the cupcakes for her party but...I feel like I need *more*

What was your favorite gift from your last birthday?

(no subject)

My eye was burning earlier, so I took my contacts out. I think I got something in my eye. Do you think it'll ruin my contact?

What's the hardest thing you've ever done? Why?

What's something you've done that's really fun to tell people about, but wasn't actually fun to do?

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A friend of mine was at a drive-in (It was a long time ago) with her boyfriend and he eventually put his hand on her tit.
Being a good Catholic girl, she thought:- 
1. She would have to marry him.
2. He might as well have access to the other one as well.

They did both. . . .  What's love got to do with it?

Have you ever heard of anyone who got married for unlikely reasons?

(no subject)

I cannot find a job.  I have applied, to date, to 23 places...with no luck.  (I'm a college student - can only do part-time)  It seems like there are tons of spots open for delivery drivers, but I'm kind of scared to be one.
Has any other female here ever been a delivery driver? 
My dad thinks I'll get robbed/kidnapped/raped.

Poll #1394394 Best Alternative Job

What should my summber job be?

Other - elaborate
Whenever I give someone my resume they're like.. "'ve only worked at horse barns."  Gahh. 

Spiral of Light

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1. I just survived 1.5 days without internet. What's the last thing you survived?

2. Yesterday I accidentally bought "meatless" chicken. What's the last mistake you made?

3. Do you watch Saving Grace? Did you see the finale? Thoughts?

(no subject)

Can you recall insignificant details and/or where you were when you heard of certain major events? If so which events?

For example, I recall where I was when I heard of Columbine, Oklahoma City Bombings, 9/11. Or like my father who remembers where he was when he heard of President Kennedy's death.
at seven

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Hey TQC, long time, no see!

1. How do you (or did you, if you're too mature now) define the "bases" in a sexual sense? As in if someone told you they got to first base, second base, third base, etc. which sex act do you associate with which base?

2. Anne and Elizabeth are roommates in a $1550 2BR in Brooklyn. Anne pays $750 a month and Elizabeth pays $800 cos her room is a little bigger, and they split utilities, groceries, etc., 50/50. If Elizabeth's brother comes to live with them for 2 months over the summer, and sort of lives both in the living room and in Elizabeth's room, what is now the fair way to split the rent?

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okay so i just bought an xbox 360!!! yay! i ordered fall out 3 and im looking online for mores games to buy and on their website they have arcade games and then regular games. what is the difference?

also i know i asked this the other day but what games should i buy for my new xbox???
i like adventure RPGs where i can walk around a vast land and explore and i also like games like resident evil or just games that are a lot of fun.

Alternative application's of Moore's Law

Moore's Law, as explained by Wikipedia, states that the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit has increased exponentially, doubling approximately every two years. Can anyone think of alternative examples of this in other realms? Things such as YouTube videos have already been suggested. I appreciate your quick and well-thought response.

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Inspired by anon and a conversation I had last week:
What are your thoughts on period sex?
What about period sex without a condom?
Any rules for period sex?

I have one friend who has been with the same guy for six years and they've never done it.
cheesin' for Disney

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Poll #1394404 free ballin'

is it grosser for boys or girls to not wear underwear?

girls - because they have all that juice
boys - because they are dirtier
neither is gross
both are equally gross
these are quotes from my husband before someone gets all offended. i think it's funny.
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Lets talk about love.

How long into a relationship does it normally take you to say 'i love you'?

If you didnt love the person how would you react to being told 'i love you'?

Is there a period of time that you would consider weird to be told someone loved you?

(no subject)

What is the strangest coincidence you can think of?

Mine is that my dad and his sister are twins, and were born on opposite ends of midnight March 18th and March 19th, so they don't share a birthday, but my dad DOES share March 19th as a birthday with his older brother, born exactly one year before.

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I live in Iowa and haven't been to many place's sadly.

What I want to know, is Las Vegas all its cracked up to be? I have a handful of friends that have been there and they thinks its the most amazing place on earth!?!   I'm not a gambler and IMO if you want to drink yourself stupid you can pretty much do that anywhere right? You don't have to fly to Vegas for a weekend to do that.

Do any of you in TQC have any go to places? A place you would tell others they must put on their to do list before they die?

I need to make a workout playlist, so:

What are five songs that really get you really energized?

my current list is as follows:

- What She Came For by Franz Ferdinand
- Fel Del Av Gården by MOVITS! (I found this yesterday, and it is amaaaazing)
- Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection
- Mr. Jung Stuffed by Man Man
- La Breeze by Simian


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Would you buy used UnderArmor from a thrift store and wear it? Or is it the same as buying used underwear?

Do you think UnderArmor is necessary for playing Wii Fit, or is that the dumbest thing you've ever heard?