May 2nd, 2009

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So I haven't talked to someone I used to be pretty good friends with in quite a while, and we left things on sort of an awkward note. But I would quite like to be friends with him again.
What's the best way to strike up a conversation considering we haven't talked in a couple of months?

Or what's your favourite ice breaker?

Well, damn it all.

OK--my computer's begun playing ads. Loud ads. Ads with voices. And I have no idea where they're coming from.

I'm guessing it's some kind of spyware, but I can't determine the source. And I don't know how to get rid of it.

Is there anyone here who can help me? If so, will you?

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So my best friend and his girl are downstairs fucking extraordinarily loudly right now.

Should I:

A) Laugh ridiculously loudly at their noises, thereby getting them to stop;
B) Go outside and have a smoke/dip in my truck for the next hour or so (I'm too drunk to drive, so leaving ain't an option)
C) blast my music to the point where I can't hear them anymore
D) go to his neighbour and smoke a bowl or two with him so I can't hear them and wouldn't care if I did
E) Post about this shit on TQC more.


EDIt: Chose option D, I'm at his neighbour's right now. :D

Although once I get bakc over, C is in FULL EFECT! Yay for my sexytime playlist, no>
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I've never understood this and I can't find a straight answer so here I am. I ask you, why is it when we find something cute, we want to hurt it?

For example, people want to pinch the cheeks of cute children. I've heard one lady say of my nephew, "He's so cute, I want to smoosh his little face!"

Where does this feeling come from? And have you ever felt this way?

Srs and non-srs answers apply.

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For those in a relationship:

1. If it was 100% possible for you to be with the person you think is most physically attractive in the world (read: celebrity), would you choose them over your current significant other?
2. Would you prefer your SO looking like that most attractive person from question 1, or looking the way they do now?
Why/why not?

For all:
3. So, who IS that most physically attractive person in the world to you?

I'm probably most physically attracted to my creative writing teacher, but realized today that I still wouldn't want my boyfriend looking like him.

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1. how often do you wash your hair?
2. how many days does it take for your hair to become greasy?

i wash mine everyday, and it takes 24 hours for my hair to become greasy. how come some people can go days without washing their hair and not have it be an oily mess??

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I am WAY more excited than I should be about this: I am awake early enough for MCDONALD'S BREAKFAST!!!

What's your favorite McDonald's breakfast?
If you're un-American you hate McDonald's, what's your favorite breakfast?

ETA: Whatever happened to the McGriddle, are they still around? Does anyone actually LIKE those or is it one of those things that you eat on a dare?
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How many hours of sleep do you need to function well?
How many hours of sleep do you usually get?
How many hours do you think you can sleep to be happy? (this might be more than the hours needed).
If you sleep too much, do you get a headache?

I can't sleep more than 7.5-8 hours because I get a terrible headache after waking up. It's annoying.
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To those of you who are currently transplants:

1. Where did you move from/to?

2. Was there any big culture shock in any of your moves? (Or just anything that took a while to get used to)

3. Why did you move?

4. Are you glad you moved, or do you wish you could go back?

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i don't have a clock in my room so i just assumed it was late when i woke up this morning, as i'm almost never up before noon. clearly i was wrong. it's 9:30 am.

should i go back to bed for a few hours, tqc? or shower and go somewhere? alone, since i'm 100% sure none of my friends are awake. if so, where should i go?


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How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Would you consider yourself low or high maintenance?

-Today I realized I'm very low maintenance and I only really need about 5 minutes to look decent. I don't even think I'd know what to do for 20 minutes in front of the mirror to get ready. I realized this as I woke up with the taste of 454352 of my roommate's hair products in my mouth. It takes her about 1 and a half hours of standing in front of the mirror to get ready. and she uses a lot a lot a lot of hair products.

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What is the best crash diet you guys have tried that actually worked?
I did the slim fast for breakfast and smoothie for lunch then a small dinner of whatever I wanted and I lost 25 lbs in less than a month. It got a little expensive though...
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Why does my conservative-ish but not overtly homophobic mother not know how to interact with anyone who's LGBT? It's like she loses all social skills around anyone who isn't straight and cisgender. Which is odd, because I'm bi and she gave birth to me. Haha. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Seriously, I'm pre-emptively facepalming, because I want her to come to my performance at the youth stage at pride this year. A cousin from her side, who is really an obscure relative who I call my cousin, will also most likely be there. My mother does not know said cousin is bi. I can imagine the awkward conversations now...

"So, are Or are you just support? Oh, that's why my daughter likes hanging out with you so much!"

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1)How do you clean up when you have more stuff than you have places to put it?

2)what will be the next sensation to sweep the internet?

3)Why does it always rain for Memphis in May?*

*a festival involving drinking and barbecue. There will be outside concerts this weekend, I believe.

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Have you ever been in a relationship for long enough to feel completely committed, and then your partner had to leave for an extended period of time (a year or so)? Like the military or study abroad?

My boyfriend is leaving the States for Australia for a year, and I was wondering how other people held up. As of right now I don't feel the need to break up at all, or even make an 'open' relationship.

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are you less inclined to eat if you are the only person in a group who is hungry and who will be eating? i realize this is probably a little silly to ask, but i absolutely can't eat if i'm with anyone else and they don't eat, too- i just get super self-conscious. what about you?

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My baby brother turns 18 today. I clearly remember when my mom was pregnant with him, changing his diapers etc. Since the reality of him being an adult now has clicked, I've been sort of mopey with a "What the fuck have I done with my life?!" attitude. Then I realize, sure there are things I have yet to accomplish but there are many goals that I have. So, tell me. What are you proud of? Be positive!
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Graduation themed post

1. My college graduation is today. Finals week starts Monday. Cart before the horse, y/y?

2. For y'all that have participated: what did you wear under your gown? (Me: nice skirt, blouse, gladiatrix-style sandals)

3. What's the craziest thing you've seen at a graduation ceremony? Extra points for nudity.

4. Am I making a big deal out of not much? I took almost ten years out of college (had a kid - long story), and not a lot of people thought I could/should finish my two year degree.

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Do you wear glasses? Contacts?
When did you start wearing them?
What's your vision like without them?

I woke up unable to find my glasses, and it's occurred to me that without SOME form of vision correction, I'd have died like ten years ago. I'm nearsighted and have astigmatism in one eye, and can only clearly see things less than eight inches away from my face.
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What is your favorite kind of pie?*

*"I don't like pie" is not an acceptable answer. Though it will prove to me you are not human and may in fact be a zombie (and even then "brain pie" would be an acceptable answer)

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Has anybody ever tried not shampooing their hair for an extended period of time? How did that work out for you?
I'm giving it a shot, and I'm afraid that I'm just gonna look like I haven't showered in months because my hair is so fine.

...Will somebody go get milk for me? I want a bowl of Crispix, but we're out of milk. D:
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1. I got dumped by my long-term boyfriend yesterday and I feel like my world is ending pretty damn shitty. What should I do to make it better?

Note; I have a shitload of work to do because uni deadlines week is looming, screwing someone else is not an option and I'm already thinking about getting plastered tonight. Possibly.

2.Seeing as it appears that I now have 4 months of doing nothing this summer, where should I go travelling?
I'm 20, female, will be travelling alone, hate hot hot weather, have done Australia and America/Canada multiple times and don't speak another language.
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WOULD ask ask_a_nurse, but they haven't accepted my membership yet.
Is this enough blood coughed up to cause concern? I'm thinking it might be some sort of irritation...
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That's some scary shit, and I don't have insurance, so I don't want to go to the hospital and rack up a bill if it's nothing. Outside of a cough, I feel fine. However, I HAVE had flu-like symptoms in the past few days, which have gone away with DayQuil/NyQuil.

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Poll #1393816 You buy your jeans from in a specific brand so you know that they will fit even if you don't try them on because they're the same as your other jeans except maybe a different shade or whatever.

You go to a different store and buy a different brand of jeans. Do you expect the same size you usually wear to fit or do you try them on just in case?

I buy them expecting that they will fit correctly.
I try them on anyway because you never know.

In your experience, does one size of jeans fit the same in all brands or do you find that each brand fits differently?

Each brand fits the same.
Each brand varies.

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how can I take better pictures of my guinea pigs? They're small, white, and if I use any flash they have crazy eyes. I have a casio exfilm. Most of the pictures I take are just... not sharp. example below the cut.

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i want to get a credit card just to build credit. it doesn't need a high limit, just like $500. i don't intend to use it unless i know i'll be able to pay it off at the end of the month.

i have zero experience with this... what kinds of things should i be watching out for? should i go through a bank or a credit card company? HALP U GUISE
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TQC! My dad found an expensive handbag I've been hiding from him for quite a while. He looked up how much it was and now he is trying to make me feel bad about it. I'm 21, bought it with my money, and I do not have any debt. I should not feel bad about this right?

Do you hide any stupid things from your parents?

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my friends are having a BBQ tonight at 6:05(yep). because of the weekend bus schedule i'll either be a half an hour early or a half an hour late. so, which should i be?

what time should i grace everyone with my presence?

half hour early
half hour late

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Is LJ doing weird things with anyone else? For example, getting pop-up ads and--I kid you not--links words within your friends' posts to more ads?

I thought it was spyware at first, but this isn't happening on any other sites I'm visiting.

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what was the last thing you ate and how good was it?
do you like indian? (i'm eating the best sandwich right now, it tastes like curry...)
& will you show me photos of tattoos you want to get & where abouts on your body? especially for quotes/words tattoos, can you share fonts you like?

calling all artists

What kind of art or self expression do you engage in?

How do you come up with ideas to create something that is meaningful to you?

How do you make the mundane exciting?

Are you more prone to creating something fantasy-like and unusual, or taking something mundane and putting it in a context that makes it interesting?

For you visual artists, do you think your use of color says something about your personality?

Care to share a piece of your artwork with us?

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I decided to buy a season of Supernatural. I went to and they had all three seasons, but the second season was 10 bucks more than the first or third. It doesn't have any special features or anything, so why is it more? 0_o
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It's a 2009 Psychology textbook that I bought online this year from a site that said I could sell it back. But they're not buying it. Neither are the other like 15 sites I've checked that buy used textbooks. They are saying "we're not looking for this book right now" or sometimes they don't even recognize the ISBN.

ISBN-13: 0-205-62088-4
IBSN-10: 978-0-205-62088-3

Can you help me please... :(?

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Hypothetically speaking, you need to study for finals all day tomorrow. You could do this at home (you'd be home alone, with your puppy) or you could go with your SO to the field where he plays AirSoft, and hang out/study in the parking lot/picnic area there (also by yourself, as everyone else at the "field" would be playing somewhere far away in the woods). Which do you choose?

If you dgaf, what is your favorite Adam Sandler movie?

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do you have a tragus piercing?
how long did you wait until you changed the stud/ring?
any problems?

i just got mine pierced 2 days ago and this morning it fell out while i was sleeping (must of got caught in my blanket or something as its just a plain stud) i had trouble getting it back in so my friend had to do it for me.
im thinking maybe i should take the stud out and put in a new one with a butterfly on the end to prevent this from happening again.
or will it become gross and infected?
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If you've ever given birth to a baby:

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the least painful to 10 being the most excrutiating pain ever, how would you rate the pain of the delivery process?
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Rumors ?

What rumor(s) did you believe at one point, that now when looking back on it seems kind of ridiculous?

ex. That the hoverboards from the second Back to the Future movie were real.

If you don't have an answer for that, where are you going to on your next vacation?

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Do you go alone to restaurants/cafes/etc?

I love going to restaurants or coffee shops alone, but I sometimes feel a little awkward and I'm not exactly sure if it's 'socially acceptable' since I never see anyone sitting alone, ever


What is your favorite mascara?

Do you wear makeup on a regular basis?

If y, how often? What do you wear on a regular basis? What is the minimal amount of makeup (? that's phrased weirdly) that you're comfortable leaving the house wearing?

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If you dgaf, how's your day been? What have you accomplished so far?

Newbie Question regarding Swine Flu:

What's up with the surgical masks on everyone's icons? I mean, is the message supposed to be "LiveJournal supports the eradication of H1N1!!!" or is it more "We are ironically perpetuating the media overkill which has surrounded the current influenza pandemic." 

Or is it something else entirely? The internet is always surprising me these days.

Also, thanks in advance for answering.

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My boyfriend and I live together in an apartment, which is a house split into 2 apartments. I just found out that in June a sorority is moving into the other half. How much are they going to make my life suck? I don't get along with cliquey girls at all. Do sorority girls throw lots of loud obnoxious parties? Do they hog the washing machine? Am I just making dumb generalizations? I have never interacted with anyone involved in a sorority on campus.
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Do you think that this adorable dog sitting across from me with its three humans outside a cafe knows the two punks he's barking at are Nazis, or is it just a coincidence? Every time the guy came near the dogs (three times in ten minutes), it's barked like CRAZY. I was here half an hour before they showed up, and that dog was the sweetest thing ever, saying hello (not literally) to everyone, and sniffing them.

And for that matter: why have Nazis perverted the punk fashion aesthetic? 

Do you think patrons with their types of labelling tattoos should be refused service in bars and restaurants?

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i need to start walking my dog (my dad cant do it anymore) but i get intense anxiety going out in public alone like going for walks and stuff and i can never get myself to actually do it.
what are some ways to distract myself from the anxiety and motivate me to go out?

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tqc, decide what i should do tonight....

What should I do tonight?

stay home and work on my boatload of homework
go play bar bingo with friends to celebrate my getting an internship
something else (in comments??)

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For the first time in my professional career I was told that I'm overqualified for a position. I'm confused though because it's for an ABA therapist position for children with autism, so wouldn't a company want someone who is certified in various ABA applications to do such a job? The hourly rate was comparable to what I'm used to so it's not like it's a cut rate program. All I did was send my resume, I'm confused.

When was the last time you were confused?

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How do you mark down birthdays in your diary/calendar?
I write down the person's name (or nickname) then draw a little baloon beside the date. DW, I am fully aware of how sad that I am.


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TQC's Rule #9 is "Don't post multiple questions in a short period of time. If you're posting more than twice in a given block of ten or so posts, you're posting too much, and people will get annoyed with you. Feel free to combine multiple questions into one post." 

What if TQC is super slow and you posted a question but an hour or so passes and you see you're still within the 10-block range.  Is it ok to post another question?

If not, how long should you wait until you can post another question?  Like, do we really have to wait all night?

Buying my first car!

So I'll be shopping for my first car (will be used) in a few days and I was hoping for some advice/tips! (I know absolutely nothing about cars)
1. What are some things I should make sure my new car has/is up to date on?
2. What are some red flags I should watch out for?
3. Any used car horror stories?

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tcq, i recently was being led on by a stupid boy. i called his bluff and he admitted to it. i am irked to have wasted the last month on his butt. i didn't tell said boy how upset i am about it. i am contemplating sending an email calling him out on being such an ass (about this and other things). i know i will feel better in the end if i send it, but i'm not usually such a bitch.

should i? or is it a bad idea?

or if you don't care,

puppies or kitties?
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I made the mistake of giving my number to this guy at my new job. I'm not..exactly the straightest crayon in the box (haha box) so I'm completely retarded when it comes to picking up on people flirting with me/wanting in my pants until it becomes super obvious. Anyway, it's super obvious now. He just told me he knows I like it when he talks smooth to me D:
so anyway! How do I tell Joe Skeevsters to kindly fuck off without actually using the words fuck off?

:D ty

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What do you think are the stupidest reasons to give up a pet? 

I just read another post where a girl "feels she has no choice" about giving up her cat because she's moving in with her parents, who have two cats already (and that's the reason). What's the difference between having 2 cats in the house instead of 3.....nothing really.

for those of you with dogs..

how often do you take your dogs out? what breed are they?

i have three little dogs (a bichon frise, and two miniature poodle mixes) & it seems like they have trouble holding "it" in so i end up taking them out quite frequently, as in every two or three hours (when i'm home)
i wondered if it varied from breed to breed or if mine are just annoying like that.

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What tattoo did you / would you get that means the most to you. I don't know if that makes sense, but I want to see the kind of tattoo that has a real story behind it.

What are some good places to see tattos online?
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Is it weird for a female to ask a male she has never really talked with during the 4 years of highschool to go to prom with her? Why or why not?
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According to wikipedia, the English language has no male equivalent for the term mistress in the context of an extra-marital affair. I think this is a shame! What word do you think should be used for a married woman's kept man?
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run, echa, run!

so i'm thinking of taking up running. have any of you ever started running from scratch? how did that work out for you? what kind of shape were you in before? how did your development go?

any other fitness-related tips/stories/etc you'd like sharing?
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