May 1st, 2009



Do you send out holiday cards?  If yes, for what holidays?
Greeting cards, just so say "hello", or "get well soon", etc.?
Birthday cards?
Thank you cards?

Digital style, or snail mail?
If digital, what is your favorite site for finding/sending e-cards?

Me - I send my friends/family snail mail birthday cards (most people), winter holiday cards (ambigious religion - everyone in address book), valentine's day cards (close friends/family), thank you cards (for any and all gifts and/or attendences at a function I had).  Also, if a friend is getting married and I can't go to the wedding I send a card.  I send my dad e-cards, but only because he lives in Mexico and by the time I remember to send a card, it's too late to send it snail mail to Mexico from NYC.

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are you anything like your parents? do you think you go with the saying the apple doesnt fall far from the tree? or did your apple fall on the other side of the earth?

FML why did my dad throw away my expensive protein powder? :(

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Let's try a new game. We have the movie scene game, we have the fancy lyrics game. Wanna play Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Will you list a couple clues about anywhere (city/state/country/whatever) in the world? TQC will try and guess that place. I dont know if this is gonna be lame or not.
is a beaut

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when you google image search things (or draw things maybe) looking for a particular emotion, does your facial expression change to that emotion?

for example, i was looking for an angry house and then i realised my face was like >:| even though i'm not personally angry and it won't help me find him.

Teh music.

Do you enjoy epic songs that go for ages or do you have a short musical attention span?

How many songs do you have in your music library that go for longer than 10 minutes?

How many that go for less than 2 minutes?

What are the longest and shortest songs you have?


Does anyone know anything about this song? Like the real lyrics, or who sang it? I remember finding the lyrics a looong time ago, but now I can't find anything on the internet about it. Not a single damn thing. All I find is junk about various songs written in the year, which coincidentally is also the title of the song, 1991. No, Google. When I say I want "1991 lyrics," I don't want Tim McGraw (1991) lyrics, I want the lyrics to the song called 1991! It's rock, not country! Aaargh! Anyways, somebody please tell me I'm not crazy and that this is a real song written by a real band. Here are the lyrics (brackets mean I don't know the lyrics):

"In 1991, the big war had begun/(speaking people?) (lived their lives?) in the heat of a manmade sun/Although the people tried/to keep the world alive/(the whole world was warring from the rioting that was done?)
Chorus: Nineteen ninety one...Nineteen ninety one...Nineteen hundred and ninety one...
(Something, skipped around?) They say the minions that survived, and the entire population left with the children from the sky! Now was the time, their journey had begun, they left the earth forever, for the kingdom of the sun!
Chorus: For the kingdom of the sun...Now their journey has begun...
(Musical interlude involving weird sound effects, an organ, and guitar)
All the fathers love their daughters/All the world your time has come/They left the planet earth forever/for the kingdoms of the sun..."
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Are you self-destructive?

If you're not, do you feel like you should be?

I don't engage in any self-destructive behaviors, but I always feel highly compelled to. It's a near-constant fight, and sometimes I feel like I'm cheating fate (even though I don't believe in it) by not being a completely screwed up person, and like it's only a matter of time before I lose everything. Is that weird?

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 Did they change facebook again?
My "Recently Updated Friends" page has been changed to "People You May Know," but my roommates' accounts are all normal. What??

Hot and sour soup for breakfast y/y?

There's two probable cases of swine flu at my university -- how close is swine flu to YOU?


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Sorry I'm gonna post and run, but...

I want to try and give a coworker my morning shift tomorrow. There's no reason why other than not wanting to get up early, but I feel like I should have a better reason than that.

What should I tell my coworker so there is incentive for her to take my shift?

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The room you're sitting in at this moment just caught fire. For some reason you are only allowed to take one thing* with you before the whole place goes up in flames. That thing must be in the room you're currently in, so no taking things from the bedroom if you're in the living room. What are you taking?

*a stack stuffed with everything you want from your chair to the front door is not "one thing"

Da @#$%$# Flu

Next Friday I'm flying through Dubai and Amsterdam will I see people wearing masks? How many? lots? Will they sell them in the airport so I can be "protected"?
Will this whole thing be over by then? Will we all be DEAD?

My wife called me a pig on the I have IT? Will I give IT to you??
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Tea drinkers

When you make bagged tea do you put the water or the tea bag in the cup first?

I always put the tea bag in first and I have read that that's the way you're "supposed" to do it. I know a lot of people who always put the water in first, which makes no sense to me, because then the teabag floats and it's difficult to infuse it. Why oh why is it so appealing to have a floating, non-infusing tea bag?

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Does your town have a McDonald's with a drive-thru with two lines for ordering?

If yes, is it conducive to allowing people who are behind you in line to drive to the other window and end up getting ahead of you in line?

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There has been a significant lack of trolls and increase in serious in here. Are the mods doing too good a job? For those of you that have been here for a bit, do you miss how fast the main page use to move?
i say, old bean

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TQC, you're driving down the road with a bobble-head on the dashboard, a hooker in the trunk, groceries in the backseat and a box of peeps next to you.
what kind of jeans are you wearing?

who was the last person you hit?
doesn't have to be a punch, could be a smack.

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I'm in the midst of deciding what to pack for the weekend at my mom's house to celebrate my brother's birthday with macaroni and cheese and angel food cake. 

What should I pack?
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No one understands me kri kri

I have this job that I have not been able to explain to anybody. Literally no one understands what I do. It is an extremely simple position: it's an office job at an educational institute. But the second I say the word "education" or something related to it the person I'm talking to automatically thinks I'm a teacher. We go around and around with me trying to clarify and they just simply cannot understand that I provide assistance to faculty and am not a teacher myself.

So now I'm looking for new jobs and am dreading job interviews because people are idiots.

Have you ever been or when was the last time you were in a position where people refuse to listen to what you say?
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i'm really wound up for some reason today, and it's making time go by so slowly...

what can i do at work to pass the time and keep myself from going stir crazy?

edit: i work in an office, if this helps spark your creativity.
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i'm looking for a few recommendations...
first off, i'm planning on asking for a new hair straightener and blow dryer for my birthday, but i haven't bought either in so long that i don't know what's good.

i straighten my hair pretty regularly, so i'm looking for something that isn't going to fry my hair too bad. and it would be nice if it made my hair look shiny too!
as for the blow dryer, i really have no specifications other than not too expensive.
so, any suggestions for nice, moderately priced hair straighteners and blow dryers?

also, this morning my right ear bud went out so i'm on the market for new ones. my ears are pretty small so i was wondering if anyone knew of some cheap (or just not expensive) earbuds that would fit small ears?

thanks guys. :]
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On April 20th i had an interview at a local retail store. The interview went well and i was told i would get a call back based on my background check. By the 24th i didn't hear back so i decided to call and give thanks for the interview and to tell them to please keep me in mind when hiring. Again, i was told they were just waiting for the background checks. I thought this was bullshit but on the 29th i received an email from the company doing the background checks and they were requesting a document from me. So i had to fax it to them, which was very weird, so much over a simple retail position. Anyway, obviously they are still in the process of hiring so i want to call again to show my interest. What should i say this time around without sounding pushy or repetitive?

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Which compliment would be the nicest thing someone could say to you?

"You're a very nice person and I trust you"
"Nice rack!"
"You're really smart"
"Have you lost weight?"
"You're pretty funny. Seriously, you show do standup"
"I'm not trying to pick you up. I just have to say that you're really beautiful/handsome"
"You have good taste in music"
"Great outfit! I love your taste in clothes"
"You were right all along. I was wrong"
"Your smile brightens up any room"

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TQC, I'm frickin' starving.
I brought instant oatmeal for lunch, and I really don't want it.
I have $86 in checking for the next week.

Should I order lunch, or choke down the oatmeal?
What should I order if I do?
Do you read Does it ever make you hungry?

I have a friend who constantly says/texts/types 'brought' instead of 'bought'. It irritates the piss of out me for some reason. Would that bug you?

wonky as all get out

Most DVDs these days start off by showing you trailers for other movies. Then you get to the special features and you find there's even more trailers that weren't among the ones you already saw.

Why do they do that? Why not show all the trailers at once?
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Has your doctor ever given you a voucher to get a free trial for a prescription? If so, did the pharmacist redeem it with no problems?

My psychiatrist gave me one, and I'm afraid they won't take it for whatever reason. It's also supposed to be affixed to the back of my prescription for it, but it's not. Should I do that myself? It seems to just be a sticker I can stick to the back of it.

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TQC, I invited my friends out tonight for my birthday and I planned it as dinner at like 6:30.Then after go to Buffalo Wild wings around 8 for some trivia then bowling or the bar after, But... only one person COULD go to dinner, and now she can't, apparently one works till 9, one till 830, and one till after 7. I feel like I make an effort on their birthdays, but no one cares, should I just cancel it and say screw it?
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Do you name inanimate objects like your car or computer? If so, what are they? If not, am I nuts for doing this?

Car-Black Jack
Digital Camera- Shea
Cell phone- Oliver
Desktop- Mohinder
Netbook- Ginko
iPod- Spike

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What is your favorite team on Legends of the Hidden Temple?

Red Jaguars
Blue Barracudas
Green Monkeys
Orange Iguanas
Purple Parrots
Silver Snakes
I'm not cool and didn't watch that show

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i posted about this a few days ago... should i just get a 1bedroom apt and tell the other future roommates to go fuck themselves since they moved our move in date 2 months away?

and if you're under 21 (in the US) do you have a fake ID? how do people manage to get these things?

what's something you want to happen right now?

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When you eat a cupcake, do you lick all the icing off first or do you try and get icing in every bite?

You're having your 2-story dream house built. Everything you want in the house is already guaranteed. Now you have to pick between one of these to be put in your house. There's no other option and you HAVE to have one in order to complete the house. Which one do you pick:

1. A bowling alley on the 2nd floor with no special noise reducing stuff in the room

2. The stairs are built so that (magically) you can only go up them. In order to get downstairs, you have to go down a firehouse pole.

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I'm not a very girly girl, and I've never used makeup before in my life. I have a date tonight and I thought I might try using some... I don't want anything over the top, just a little something for my eyes and mouth.

What should I buy? How do I use it? Tips for makeup noob?

Forgot to make this check box

Which of these amazing, mysterious or peculiar things have you experienced first-hand, as in, with your own eyes?

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Virgin Mary on a piece of toast/water stain/etc
Furry convention
Disneyland on a special theme 'blackout' night where there's no kids in the park
Winchester House
Cirque Du Soleil
Weird Al concert

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has anyone here read bukowski?

i've only read some little excerpts from his on lj's literary quotes community but i really want to read some of his stuff now and i don't know which book to get?

if you've read him what would you suggest?

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i graduated HS 2 years ago.
should i go with my sister to the prom after parties just for the lulz?

ETA: i know the correct answer is no, ( omg i would never irl) but she keeps asking me and i need to switch up my answers.

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When you're in the grocery store and they have samples out, do you take them or do you ever think about how many people might have not used the tongs and dipped their hands in there after picking up wet juicy package of chicken breasts and then get grossed out enough to pass them up even when you really wanted to try it?

Also, I'm wondering, if any of you had flu-like symptoms(even mild-moderate), would you go to the doctor and get tested so that if it turned out you had h1n1 your workplace/school could be shutdown for sanitization or would you just stay home, maybe stop by the store and pick up some soup and ginger ale and cough syrup?

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Have you ever heard of Hot Hot Heat?

What is your most played song, if you know that? Mine is "I Can't Decide" by Scissor Sisters.

I like to make icons that parody internet memes, like the O Rly bird. I made an O'Leary cow with fire behind it, and an O Roly with the Roly Poly bugs. However, now I am in the mood to just do random icons of random things like crayons or trees or animals. I leave the suggestions up to you - what should I icon? Serious and non-serious answers alike greatly appreciated.
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For those of you who wear a name tag at work:  Where do you keep your name tag when you're not wearing it?

I keep mine on my keychain, my boyfriend keeps his in his car, and our roommate keeps his attached to his suit jacket (except when he's washing it, obviously).

Also, how strict is your company about working off the clock? 

I just started a new job, and if I help out a customer when I'm not clocked in, even if it's as simple as telling them where a department is, I have to go back and fill out a time adjustment form.  Even if it takes less than a minute (this has been specified).  Failure to do so can get me fired.  That seems just a bit extreme to me.  O.o

odd enthusiasms

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What are your favorite songs with numbers in the titles/lyrics?
What about songs with/about colors?
What songs do you blast on a clear summer day with the windows down?

My sister just randomly infected Madagascar: how awesome is she?
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Finals start tomorrow for us. I'm done studying for the one I have have tomorrow but most of my friends haven' I'll need to find something to do tonight. I'm thinking watching a t.v. show or movie online.

Suggestions for t.v. shows or movies to watch?
Or, anything else to do instead?

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i am correct when i tell  my sister her all white nail polished nails are ugly, y?

what movie should we go see tonight?
17 again, obsessed, or fast and the furious?

why is the hot  guy on The Dr.'s  always wearing scrubs?

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I'm going to Australia in 3 weeks, which means that I'll be spending the majority of my time on beaches and in swimsuits.

I feel that my stomach is looking a bit pudgy. What are ways to get rid of excess bloating? For instance, what types of foods should I avoid? Any other tips appreciated.

trying to find my way back home

best website for prices in international flights?

thank you so much...

EDIT if i book a round trip flight from san diego to geneva roundtrip.... (but i only need to take the flight from geneva to san diego) because its cheaper...will it matter if i dont show up at the san diego to geneva flight but  still show up for the return flight only (roundtrips are cheaper than one way)....
kind of cheating a little but it saves me 500 dollars?

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My mom wants me to compile a playlist of songs for her friend to play at their wedding. Their only request was that the music be alternative.

So, can anyone recommend some good alternative music to play at a wedding?

I'm having a hard time 'cause all the alt songs that appear appropriate are actually about ex's or break-ups.

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I keep getting mail for the tenant who used to live in my apartment 3 years ago. I've kept them in a pile but it's just getting out of hand now, there's so much of it. There's some pretty important-looking stuff in there too. I have no way of contacting her. What should I do with all her mail?

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when you feel totally antisocial on a friday night (like I do, now) do you feel guilty about blowing off your friends to do nothing? do you make yourself go out? are you more likely to feel antisocial, or lonely because there's not as much social going on as you'd like?
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Your birthday, 9 times a year

According to this site, when is your next birthday, how old will you be, and on what planet is this birthday going to occur? (yes, Pluto counts, for the purposes of this exercise)

My next birthday is June 19, and I will be 94 Mercurian years old.

Edit: I think everybody's next birthday is on Mercury because the cycles are so short, so if you want, you can just choose any of the planets.

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Should I learn to skateboard so I can cut my walk home in...half? Thirds?

How fast does a skateboard go, anyway?

Do you have alternate suggestions for how I can get home quickly?

When that-flu-that-must-not-be-named arrives on the tqc island, who will be spared?


p.s. stop suggesting bikes.
saint with dagger

i gotta know.

If you have an iPhone, are you going to download the swine flu tracker?

If you don't have an iPhone, why not?

Do you think it's fair that these students can't graduate with their classmates because they went to Mexico and the rest of the students are freaking out and don't want to be around them at graduation time? (they have to have their own separate graduation)

TQC has been a little slow lately. Will you post a new question in a new thread for me?
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Is there a website where if I have a license plate number, I can input it and it will tell me who the plate is registered to?

I live in Michigan if it matters.

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What's a good gift to buy/date to plan for a boyfriend for his birthday?

We've been together less than a year, he's going to be 24, can't drive, is getting ready to move to Portland, likes alternative music, has an iPhone which he refuses to use a case for, loves watching sports, enjoys alcohol, enjoys marijuana, and likes nature shit and Animal Planet.

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I filed for unemployment a long time ago. Today I finally got a notice in the mail saying my claim had been denied. It says I quit my job when I "stopped showing up at work" and that I "did not contact my manager" about it.

This is a total lie, since I walked out one day after being verbally threatened by another employee and then yelled at by the manager to just keep my mouth shut and do my job. I called the manager (the store manager) the next day to talk to him about it and the manager (who had yelled at me) told him that I had thrown my apron at a customer and walked out, so I was out of the job.

TQC... how much bullshit is this, really?

Would it be bad if I were to call this place and talk to the store manager and ask him 'wtf? did you seriously lie and say that I never contacted you?'

Anyone ever fought unemployment people before? Filed an appeal? Advice?

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TQC, my best friend seems to think that just because she does not eat red meat this qualifies her as a vegetarian. I just went to IM her and her AIM icon is a stick figure kissing a cow and at the bottom it says "Vegetarian" However, she eats fish and she always picks at my buffalo wings when we go to Fridays. All of this because she read that stupid Skinny Bitch book. Anyone else experience this form of ridiculous?
Calvin balloon

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I passed in a paper that apparently didn't answer ALL the requirements my professor gave. She e-mailed me and gave me the chance to finish it, saying she could give me a B+ as it stands.
I got all As on the rest of the projects, but this one is worth 50% of our grade.
Do I fix it? (Leaning towards NO because I'm so done and hated that class anyway)
Will I get an A in the class if I still get a B+ on it?

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Doesn't it suck when you have to spend friday night at home?
What are some good things to do on fridays when you're all by yourself?
I haven't gone out on a friday in quite a while, mostly because I don't really have any friends at the moment.

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are you/people in your local area freaking out about swine flu?

there have been 3 confirmed cases here in Scotland. 2 are now out of hospital and no longer contagious so why, i ask you, are people walking about Glasgow city centre with protective face masks on?

a long shot in hell

hey there TQC, I'm looking for something REALLY specific. Is there anyone in the York Pennsylvania area (USA), that has lived or knew anyone who lived at the Suburban Park Apartments? I had a friend who lived there and none of us had any trouble (that I could remember) but we had a falling so I'm not able to ask him how the place was. My girlfriend and I are looking at this complex and it looked great, fairly close to the one my friend stayed in, only slightly older. I looked up some reviews and got mixed messages, anyone able to help shed some light?

Thanks for the help, if you can lol
itw emile

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Say you went to a party and willingly posed for a few group photos. The next day, you find yourself tagged in these photos on facebook. You do not like these photos.

Poll #1393406 facebook pix

Do you:

Do nothing
Cry a little
Untag yourself
Untag yourself and ask for the photo(s) to be deleted
Other (in comments)

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will someone explain to me exactly what second life is?

edit: i'm sorry, i know i could probably get a good explanation searching it on google.. and i have, but i'm not really getting the answer i'm looking for from it. my dad seems to be playing it a lot lately, and i'm just trying to figure out what's so great about it that it would make him want to be on it instead of, you know, spending time with his fifteen year old daughter.


Did you/do you have a fake ID?  I don't drink but my friends are all older and go out to bars and I am a baby and have to stay home and watch cartoons.  Adult Swim is still half decent.  Anyway, I'd feel lame if I got a fake ID but I still kinda want one.

When was the last time a poor person pulled a shenan on you?  These guys outside CVS asked for money (no cash) and then food so I got them stuff and they were gone when I got out!  What the shit!? 

 Edit: shenan = shenanigan.  You see, I am just a young one (darling we're the young ones...) and say words like totes and shenans.

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Inspired by all of the moon posts, wasn't there a computer/video game where the moon would come closer and closer to the Earth and you had to stop it?

If you don't know/don't care, what's your favorite movie of all time?

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I'm taking the Entry Level Math (ELM) exam for California State schools tomorrow and the website says that it's a 50 question test in an allotted 90 minutes.  Does anyone happen to know if I can leave if I finish early? I'm taking it at Cal State Fullerton if that matters