April 30th, 2009


So...As I sit here and study for my chemistry final...I was wondering...

Would you rather stay up late studying? Or wake up early to study?

Me?...Obviously, I rather stay up late...
puppy dog

The foot

1. Do you have a crease under your little toe from pressing it down sideways?

2. Do feet gross you out? If so do they have to be big gross nasty feet or any feet?

3. Are you a person that isent bothered by feet, but has met somebody with really horrible looking walkers that broke your resolve and grossed you out?

Mystery Shopping & "Brand Ambassadors"

Among other things, I'm considering doing mystery shopping or event marketing during the summer. There are so many scam-my type sites that I wanted opinions from anyone who has done either of these. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what mystery shopping is. The event marketing I'm talking about is like thefusionteam.com , promotions in various locations for various brands through a sort of temp agency.

If you've had experience with either of these, how did they work? Which company or website did you go through? How much did you get paid? How was your schedule?

While I'm here, I've seen ads in the past where a community center or college would offer classes that last several weeks, where anyone can attend (paid), and you learn some random skill like sign language or basket-weaving. How would I find who offers something like this in my area (since I'm not sure its colleges or whatever)? And, please don't just say "google." I'm not really sure what to search for.

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what does radioactivity look like? post pictures plz?
i mean its talked about all the time as something fearful and cancerous. in movies and video games it is a bright green sludge, but i want to know what it really looks like.
i had no luck with google

are you afraid of things that are said to be radioactive?

i know i freak out a bit when i hear something is radioactive

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1. Okay, confess, how many TQCers went, "Son of a bitch!" or something to that effect when you turned on the TV tonight to watch your shows only to see the President give another speech?

I actually did this. And I like the guy.

2. What did you miss?

3. I am on the East Coast, when the President gives a speech at 6pm PST, do they still air the prime time shows scheduled on the West Coast or do they bump them with repeats so they can keep in step with the East Coast?

(I ask because I missed "Lie To Me" and want to see if I can find it online tomorrow.)

4. Non-American TQCers, how often does your country's leader butt into your TV viewing? Did you even watch her/his last speech or did you turn off the TV immediately?

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What sort of useless skills do you have?

I can do a bit of contact juggling, can hum & whistle at the same time in harmony, and know how to say a few things (mostly insults) in Gaelic.

What sort of useless skills would you like to learn?

I think it would be awesome to learn parkour, some sleight of hand, and how to fake at least one foreign accent convincingly.

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Can you quote any poems from memory? Would you post them here?

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies
And all that's best of dark and light
Meet in her aspect and her eyes,
Thus mellow'd to that tender light
That Heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less
Had half impair'd the nameless grace
That waves o'er every raven tress

and then I can't remember the rest up until

A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

i hate college

Ok, I'm relying on TQC again.

I'm writing a Chicago formatted paper on international law right now. I make constant reference to one specific UN convention. Should I capitalize the "c" in convention when I refer to it only by that word?

So I know that you'll understand...

Introduced in 2000 in Palermo, Italy and having entered into force in September 2003, the UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime recalled the 1998 resolution 53/111. That resolution called for the establishment of an open-ended ad hoc committee to create a comprehensive convention concerning transnational organized crime in its many forms.4 The result is “the main international instrument in the fight against transnational organized crime.”5 Providing legislation as antidote, the convention offers definitions for the diseases...
(italics added for emphasis)
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So I have basically the worst sore throat in the world. My tonsils are swollen like woah, and I can't take cold meds and sleep it off because I have theatre performances today and tomorrow. I have no salt (I live in a dorm and never thought to buy it) so I can't make salt water and gargle with it, so I made myself some ramen.
What can I do to make my throat stop hurting? Also, is it the swine flu? I don't think it's strep because I've had that before and it produced a different kind of sore throat...

Also: do you sprinkle the seasoning packet on the ramen noodles and eat them dry? I'd never heard of doing this until one of my friends told me she used to eat it that way all the time.
Az & Cro

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If your exes had theme songs, what would they be? (Feel free to give them nicknames, too. :D )

The First: "Ding Dong Daddy of the D Car Line", Cherry Poppin' Daddies
The Vanishing Babydaddy: "Responsibility," MXPX
The Emo Kid: "Cheer Up Emo Kid," Patent Pending
The Static Cling: "Without You," Mariah Carey
The One: "Don't Wanna Fall In Love", Green Day
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I was having an argument with a friend yesterday in light of the whole swine flu thing.

He was saying that its not a matter of "if" we have a flu or virus that wipes out most of the worlds population - its a matter of when.

I didn't agree with that. I might have agree'd a few centuries ago - but i think that we have reached a point in technology where, although there's bound to be many more very deadly viruses, it will never be able to wipe most of us out (except for maybe poor countries with poor education and health care).

What if the spanish flu of 1918 didnt happen until today. Would we still loose 50 million people to it?

Looks like im wrong on this one lol

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What is hurting you right now? Physically- or emotionally-speaking.
My wisdom teeth are being stupid and the right side of my mouth is super swollen and I can barely open my mouth because my jaw is so stiff. Grrr. >:C

What's for breakfast?
Probably a banana mushed up with some peanut butter. :( lol

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Double Booking Dillemma, What shoudl I Do?

My friend Sebastian is one of my closest friends from College.  He had been living/lives abroad (China and Finalnd) since graduation and I have seen him 3 times in the last 3 years.  He got engaged not too long ago and his engagement party is on Saturday May 16th in Brooklyn (I live in Manhattan) at 4pm.  I RSVPed at least a month ago.

My friend Caroline is my closest friend from boarding high school.  She lives in Connecicut and I've seen her 4 times since high school graduation (7 years).  She is finally graduating from college and her graduation party is on Saturday May 16th in Connecticut (not that far a drive from NYC) at 4pm.  I RSVPed at least 2 weeks ago.

I didn't realize I double booked.  I can't physically go to both.  This is an impossible choice.  So what do I do?  Do I just go to the one that I RSVPed to first?  HELP?!

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I'm working on my final project, which is a essay on inclusion of students with disabilities in the classroom. I need four more pages and I am out of things to say on the topic. What should I do? :(

Edit: How do you feel about inclusion?

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Yesterday, I applied to adopt a cat from a local rescue. The website says it takes 24-72 to receive a call back.

When you've done this, how long did you wait? What was the interview for the adoption like? I've always found my cats as strays, so I've never officially adopted a pet before.

Aeroplane jelly for me

Is the drinking age on American airlines 21 as well, or does it depend on... something?

Are you afraid of flying? If you are, how do you calm yourself down or make yourself less anxious? Do you try to rationalise the problem, medicate yourself somehow or is it so bad that you try to avoid flying?

If you don't generally get anxious, do you ever get scared while flying? Why?

What's the longest flight you've ever been on? Did it suck? What airline was it?

If you've travelled a lot, what in your opinion is the best airline? The worst? Why?
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Who are Liz and Dick in the song It Takes Two?

Some context:
Don't you know? Lancelot had Guinevere
Mrs. Claus has old St. Nick
Romeo had Juliet
And Liz, well, she has her Dick
Alice in Wonderland

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what annoys you about your job?

if your job is awesome and not annoying (or if you don't have one): are you an agressive driver?

if you don't drive: how much sleep did you get last night?
Tim onstage!

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Anyone here own lizards, or know anything about them? My friend has a leopard gecko, but today she found a long-tailed lizard at the pet store and was quite enamored with it. She wants to buy it, but she only has the one tank and doesn't know if the two would get along (namely, if the gecko would kill/eat the lizard, since it's so much bigger). Could the two co-exist together in one tank, or no?


Collapse )

With his current background do you think he has a chance of adopting Mary Lou? Have you ever adopted a pet? How was your experience?

If you don't have a pet: could you tell me a story about a stupid pet owner?


Does anyone else have their website hosted on tbns.net? I've had mine on there for years and for the past few days it's been down. I was wondering if anyone knew if that was a permanent thing or if it might be temporary? I'm starting to get worried!

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1. Do you think any "sensible" parent would let her 17 year old daughter date a 21 year old?
a. does your answer change if both parties involved are of the same genger?
b. now lets say its a 17 year old boy and a 21 year old girl

2. You're going to have no wifi, double knee surgery and be pretty much glued to your mother's bed for 3 weeks... what do you bring into bed with you? srs and non serious please

3. i'm achy have a cough and possibly a fever... it's swine flu isnt it?! What's your fave item of clothing you own?

i would change genger to gender but genger sounds way too interesting to change


it's just a lame respiratory virus...
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Would you rather never say what's on your mind, so you don't say the wrong thing and make a fool of yourself, or say what you want, but have a tendency to sometimes come off as obnoxious and inappropriate?

I became the latter when I got sick of the former, but now I'm wondering if it's worth it

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I ordered a toaster oven from Target for my place of business. The box arrives via UPS and there's a rip up one side that has been taped over. I open the box and discover the toaster oven box has the same huge drag-rip up the one side.

I open the toaster oven box and the toaster oven is OBLITERATED. Bent metal and broken glass everywhere where something huge and sharp pierced the box, the inside box and my toaster oven and then dragged downward. It's like my box was attacked with a crane-hook or something.

Do I call UPS or Target first?

Edit: I called Target, they'll let me exchange it via mail. What do you think happened to my box? Points for creativity.

(no subject)

1.) What is your kinkiest fetish?

2.) Where would you most like to go on vacation?

3.) What is one thing about your body/face/appearance that you wish you could change?

(edited to correct confusing grammar)

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If you had kids and lived in a residential urban neighborhood, at what age would you let them walk home alone from the school bus stop? Let's say the bus stop is a half a block away, and no streets need to be crossed.

At what age would you let them walk alone to a friend's house two blocks away? Only residential streets would need to be crossed.
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Relationship woes!

Ok there are a few different parts that make up this story.

Part 1)
I've known Jason since I was 13 years old(I'm 23 now). We were best friends in high school and everyone always thought we were going to end up together, but we were always seeming to miss the boat and date other people. But we've always had feelings for each other. We lost contact for like the couple of years because he had been dating a girl for about 3 years.

Part 2)
Dwayne and I will have been together for a year on June 25th. We are currently living together and I love him very much. But lately things have been kind of hard in our relationship. We don't really spend any time together other than sitting at home watching TV. On Valentines day he got drunk and played poker with his friends rather than spending time with me, even on my birthday he didn't spend time with me other than dinner with my family.
He has like no concept of romance, and I feel like I'm just a room mate that he has sex with on occasion because it's like we have no romance, and we never go do anything together. I spend more time with my room mate!

Part 3(This is where the two stories collide)
On my birthday Jason and another friend from high school, came out with me for my birthday. Dwayne opted not to come out to the bars with us because he didn't like the bar we were going to(Which I wish he could have sucked it up for my birthday).
Anyway, so we got pretty smashed on my birthday and Jason and I ended up kissing. We went out and talked about it the next day, and we agreed that it wouldn't happen again because I have a boyfriend and he had just gotten out of a three year relationship and didn't want to start anything with anyone at the time.
So I'm pretty happy because I've reconnected with a really good friend. It's like I've got my best friend back!
But he we come in to the problem. Jason and I obviously still have major feelings for each other, even all these years later. And we're both confused about what to do. We don't want to stop being friends because we are really close. But I have a boyfriend and I don't know what to do.
Dwayne and I have obviously been having some issues lately, before this happened with Jason, but I don't want to throw away a relationship that's been going on for almost a year when I do love him. But if he doesn't stop treating me like nothing more than a room mate I can't see us lasting.

Basically I'm just really confused and I don't know what I'm going to do.
And advice?
(Serious and non serious answers ok. I could use a laugh).
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For 75k, would you...?

Poll #1392623 For $75,000 would you...

...get a tattoo on your scalp? You shave your head and get a tattoo of your own face inked on the top of your head. It'd probably be really painful maybesorta. However, once it's on, you'll have to endure the awkward glances and conversations that ensue until your hair grows back. You can't tell anyone about the money and you can't get the tat removed for at least a year, and even then, you'll have to shave your head again.


...post pictures in your journal of yourself inexplicably buck naked and masturbating with a piece of fruit? You have to leave the pics up for a full day. You can totally beg people not to copy or circulate the pics, but how well do you trust your flist?


...go kayaking across 4 miles of shark-infested waters (from one boat to another) while dragging a large bloody piece of meat behind you on a rope? There's a good chance nothing may happen, but there's a possibility that your kayak may be pulled under by a hungry shark who's tugging on the meat


...parachute naked into the middle of a Sexual Addict Anonymous picnic at the park? Once you land, you have to run around for 5 minutes, flaunting your goodies before all. They'll be over 100 of them there, trying their best to stay in control and not think about sex and hoping they don't relapse, and bam, there you are. Things to be concerned about: sending that many people off the wagon, and maybe attracting a few horny perverts onto your naked ass


...remove someone's appendix? You're in a third world hospital and there's no doctors left and a little boy desperately needs his appendix taken out. You're given an hour of prep time to pour through the medical operation books, which will tell you how to do it. Then, after the hour's through, you have to make the incision, find the appendix and cut it out and whatever else needs to be done. You'll have a nurse at hand who'll clamp up the necessary places so the boy won't bleed to death. If the boy doesn't make it, well, no one will hold you responsible really, since it's an extremely poor country with lousy hospitals and this kind of thing happens all the time. You just have to live what the consequences

sad girl

Who me?

Do you think you or perhaps others look like celebrities and/or historical figures? How about we all post our photos and then everyone else can comment on exactly what celebrity and/or historical figure you look like?
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(no subject)

Do you have lovers/family members/friends that are ok with you going into the bathroom while they're on the toilet?
If yes, do you?

Do you care is someone goes into the bathroom while you're on the toilet?


Do you value your privacy?

(no subject)

I'm thinking of going to Chicago tonight to buy a dress for a wedding I will be attending this Saturday.
Where should I shop for a dress in Chicago? I'm kind of picky, so a place where there are lots of different shops close together would be good if you know of any, please!

If you don't know about shopping in Chicago, where is your favorite place to shop?

(no subject)

i have to wear long black pants for work in a kitchen. it gets really hot in the summer, and my regular "dress" pants don't breathe well. Capris are out, sadly.

Can you recommend a pair of pants you've found to be lightweight and non insulating, and where to get them?

And, if you don't care about pants, what's your favorite word to say? pants is pretty good, but i also like falafel.

(no subject)

So, I hate grad school with a freaking passion right now. And the job market sucks. And I am just so damn mentally exhausted. And I have ridiculous baby fever lately.

How should I coerce my boyfriend into marrying me and taking care of me while I pop out babies?

"Accidentally" getting knocked up is unfortunately not an option. Bonus points if it makes him think it was his idea.

(no subject)

i have a friend that is normally pretty affectionate/touchy with me, and he is kind of strange, so i have gotten used to him doing weird things to show affection. but last night i was laying with my head on his chest and he put his face on my head and then bit the top of my head! why did he do that? and why is it still hurting? i should check to see if he sparkles in the sunlight, y/y?

alternately, what do you think is the best really cheesy horror film?

(no subject)

What is the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic???

I have heard the word pandemic 12329028309 times this week...and I was blissfully ignorant of the word.

I am curently out of rootbeer....THAT my friends is cause for ALARM!!!

(no subject)

The guy making my sub today commented that he had never made someone a veggie patty with bacon before.

What do you have when you go to Subway?

If you don't go to Subway, what do you think of unicycles, and the people that use them as every day transport?
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(no subject)

How do you unclog a drain (specifically, a kitchen sink stuffed with food debris)? I already tried drano, and would like to put off calling my landlord as long as possible.

In what ways are you compromising your lifestyle in the name of saving money? If you are, that is.

Birthday Present

So I haven't seen my father in 3 years but we talk on the phone maybe once or twice a month and get along pretty well. I'm in my 20s he's in his 50s if that matters. Anyway his birthday is coming up and usually I would just send him a card but he was recently laid off so I wanted to get him a gift as well. The only problem is he won't give me the slightest idea of what he wants. Should I just wing it and get him something based on his hobbies (or at least what I know are his hobbies) or should I send him some cash knowing that he's probably worried about money right now?

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Which would you prefer?

A - To sit for two weeks and ooze/expel all the gross stuff from your body once a year (zits, snot, menses, earwax, eye grit, poo, skin oil, dead skin cells, hair, pee, gas, etc)

B - Keep the normal routine thanks.

C - Something else.
i don't want to be friends

(no subject)

Alright I just bought a dub last night, and it is smelling up my room. I have it triple bagged and in my drawer. I've Fabreezed my room 3 times. What else can I do to make my room not smelly? (Smoking it immediately is not an option).
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Batnipples would have been better

Apparently, Heath Ledger is dead, but the Batman franchise has been reborn and there will probably be another actor to play the Joker. Which of the following would be the WORST choice for the Joker?

Keanu Reeves
Richard Simmons
Andy Dick
Dwayne Johnson (the Rock)
Michael Cera
Jon Heder
Stephen Baldwin
Snoop Dogg
Teller (Penn & Teller)
Kevin James
Bill Cosby
Adam West (the other Batman)
Jason Biggs
Carrot Top
Chevy Chase

P.S. - and just for the full effect, imagine all of these actors uttering with a deadly madcap grin "Why...So...Serious?"

No re-hire?

My boyfriend had left his job at Sears because he moved in with the person he was seeing at the time. Today, he was reapplying at a Sears near here, and was about to get the job, however it turned out he was on the no re-hire list. Why would they put him on no re-hire for moving? And can anything be done?

(no subject)

TQC, neither my boyfriend nor I have ever been to a strip club. I found a decent looking one near me that has a "Couples Nite" with no cover on Saturdays.

What should I expect? How much money should I bring with me? Do you think one of the strippers will let me do a body shot off of her?

Also, what is your favorite kind of shot?
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(no subject)

Soooo.... a part of my city is burning down right about now, which is pretty fucked up.

What's the most fucked up thing that's happened recently in your town/city/village/commune?

ps-does someone wanna put a surgical mask on my icon?

(no subject)

i moved back home yesterday for the summer and this morning my parents left for the bahamas. they left me $100 to buy groceries for the next two weeks.

i'm the worst grocery shopper ever. what should i buy?!


(no subject)

guys, jenna_pie bought this dress http://www.dillards.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=301&langId=-1&storeId=301&productId=501818424&view=20&No=0&Ntt=maxidress&Ntk=all&search.x=0&N=1000430&Nty=1&search.y=0&searchUrl=%2Fendeca%2FEndecaStartServlet%3Fview%3D20%26No%3D0%26Ntt%3Dmaxidress%26Ntk%3Dall%26search.x%3D0%26N%3D1000430%26Nty%3D1%26search.y%3D0&R=03007538 in red without the neck tie for her cousin's wedding. The wedding is in June on the beach at 4PM, and from what she's heard the bridesmaids are wearing flip flops with their dresses.

Do you think this is okay to wear for the wedding?

If so, what kind of accessories would you suggest?

if you have no opinion: why do you think she deleted her post?

(no subject)

I bought this dress in red without the neck tie for my cousin's wedding. The wedding is in June on the beach at 4PM, and from what I've heard the bridesmaids are wearing flip flops with their dresses.
Collapse )

Do you think this is okay to wear for the wedding?

If so, what kind of accessories would you suggest?
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(no subject)

what happens when you keep using contact lenses longer than you're meant to?
mine are supposed to only be used for two months but i'm still using them a week after i'm meant to stop. how dangerous is it?

[ps. before anyone says "just buy new ones!" - i dont have a prescription here (australia) which is required when you buy contacts, so i'm getting my mum to send me some from home.]

domain names

I'm going to be getting my own domain name pretty soon. I would like to just get my first and last name, but that's already taken.

I'm looking to do photography and video. I don't have my own studio as of yet because I don't live on my own yet.

Are your creative juices flowing better than mine? What suggestions do you have?

(no subject)


Poll #1392686 om nom nom

what should i have for dinner?

buffalo chicken dip
chipotle burrito

i am indulging tonight but cannot choose between my two favorites. also, this is buffalo chicken dip in case you're unaware except i make it a billion times more delicious-looking than that.

(no subject)

i don't *think* i've posted about hairCUTS yet. therefore: i'm getting my hair cut saturday morning but i'm not sure how to cut it. any ideas? i'd like to go shorter probably, but not too short. edgier cuts are fine too. Collapse )

eta: pictures are awesome!!

(no subject)

Would you comment in order to let other people guess the origin of your username?

If the origin of your username is so obvious you can't see it without being hit over the head with a brick labeled 'this username was created because ________________', would you come up with alternative origins of your own username?

(no subject)

If you had to buy a car right now, in this economy, would you rather have:

-a 2009 model of a car you want, relatively decent options but not everything (i.e., normal CD player, not crank windows or anything haha)

-a 2007 model of the same car, 30,000 miles, fully loaded (leather, sunroof, automatic everything, GPS)?

assume the 2007 costs a few thousand less (~$22,000 compared to $25000).


Do you have a Wii? Do you use it to play games with anyone remotely who you know through LJ?

(no subject)

So, they just confirmed a case of swine flu in my county.

Will my ~*diabolical*~ plan to somehow get someone from his family into my school in order to spread it and close it for a couple days/weeks succeed?
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(no subject)

How many drinks does it take you to get drunk? Not just tipsy, but drunk? (Oh, and drinks of what...because two glasses of wine will have a different effect than two shots of tequila!)

(no subject)

Tomorrow's my first day training at a coney franchise I just got a job at.
I havn't had to be "the new girl" in almost a year and am so nervous I can't sleep.

How do you calm your nerves?

If you're in a rotten mood, but want to seem pleasant, what do you think about?

Any embaressing 'first day at work" stories?

And finally...
they're making me supply my own apron, where in the hell would I find one?!
The only ones I have are bright red and say Big Boy on them...
devon ramen

(no subject)

in my country, to get a university scholarship you MUST pass the local language exam. if you have excellent grades in your other subjects but fail the language exam, there is no way you can get the scholarship.

i have taken it three times since 2005 and on all three tries, i got a D.
the first exam, i was really really bad at it. i got extra classes for my second try, but failed again. last year, i REALLY tried hard and went to all of my classes, did my own work, etc, but failed again! which is a bit fishy because i know i have improved, so how can i have received the same grade for all 3? if i got a D in my last one, i would've surely been an E in my previous ones.

anyway, my mum wants me to take the exam AGAIN. which means taking $20 per hour classes along with it. is it worth trying for a fourth time? or is it just not meant to be?

ps. this scholarship is a full one - pays for your uni years along with a monthly allowance.


What do you think to be the best 360 games out right now?

What information about snake bites can you give me, personal experience, advice, etc.

Snike Bites as in the piercings.
doctor who - tardis

(no subject)

What's your favorite hair color on whatever gender(s)/sex(es) you are attracted to?
Mine: on girls, red hair. boys, brown hair.

What famous people, more than 20 years older than you, would you sleep with? Pics are welcome.
Mine: Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart
dead zone johnny & sarah

(no subject)

When they release a video game on different formats, like one for Wii, one for Playstation, one for a computer....etc., are there any differences between the games? Would it only be the graphics or are there other differences? Would, for example, the computer version of it be terrible while the Wii version was fantastic? Or are they generally equivalent across the board?
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Pillows/Face Washing


1) Does anybody else besides me get lots of water everywhere when you wash your face in the bathroom sink?

2) Tips on how to minimize the amount of water that splashes everywhere when washing my face in the bathroom sink?

3) How often do you replace the pillows you lay your head on in bed?