April 29th, 2009


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Everytime I have to get my hand stamped for anything I get a raised red rash for about 4 days afterwards where the stamp has been.

Does this mean I'm definitely allergic to these stamps? I'm allergic to going clubbing as well?! What should I do?
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1. have you found a 'natural' way to whiten your teeth?
2. i am 19 but my molars are still baby teeth. they are not loose at all! should i worry? (i have about 9/10 baby teeth still)
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Okay, I've been looking for my purse for almost three days now, without any luck. I haven't left the house so I know it's here, and nothing else is missing, so it's not like it got stolen. Where should I look tomorrow?

Psychics of TQC, will I find it in my brother's room? The roof? The pool?

What is the last thing that you lost for a significant amount of time?

What color...

1- What color is your room?
2- What color is your car / bike/ scooter/ vespa/ your usu. form of transportation?
3- If Pikachu could be any color, what color would you make him/her?

4- Do you associate certain colors with something bad?
5- Something good?
6- and heck... what is your favorite color?

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Drunker than thou

I'm drunk but not ready for bed yet. What should I do?

Make a poll about what I should do instead of sleeping
Eat cookies (peanut butter Oreos nom nom)
Masturbate with a peanut butter jar
Watch tv
Madtext whoever's on my phone list
Eat something of substance, considering that I didn't have a proper dinner
Something to do with arts and crafts (comment below)
Play with whatever cats are awake and willing to tolerate wee hours playtime

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I've only been sleeping 3 hours a night since Friday. My body is exhausted, but I just can't sleep. I can go to bed at 11PM, but I will end up waking up between 2-3AM no matter what.

Should I go ahead & just go see my doctor? I don't have the money to shell out for a psychiatrist.
Are there any OTC sleep meds you'd recommend?

For those of you that don't care, do you match your icon to what you're posting/commenting?
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I just woke up from a dream that I was Napoleon's girlfriend. We met while we were climbing on the outside of a speeding old-fashioned steam engine. I was afraid we'd both get burnt on the steam coils and later, in a drawing room with a few other people and an awesome Indian rug, I ran my fingers through his hair.

What does this mean, TQC?
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What are some good nutrition books?

It has recently occurred to me that I know very little about nutrition. I know two stages of eating: dieting like hell and eating really poorly. I would really like to educate myself on how to eat in a more healthful manner. Can anyone recommend me a good, easier to understand nutrition book?


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TQC, I'm really sad. I got a kitten recently, but apparently I'm really allergic to cats all of a sudden (which is really weird since they've never bothered me much before). I'm already on allergy medication, but she still makes me feel miserable with the sneezing and nosebleeds and itchy red eyes and so on. Should I convince my dad to take her even though his cat is old and grumpy and hates other cats? He adores my kitty so it wouldn't be hard to do, but then his cat would be traumatized. I could probably give her back to the girl I got her from since we're good friends, but then she would have the burden of finding a home for her again. What should I do??? :'(

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Can I get sleep medication from a walk-in health clinic? I don't have a regular family doctor, and my mom's convinced that I can't get any from the doctor at the clinic. I have insurance & everything, if that matters.

What are your plans for today?

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I hit up Oxford Street yesterday and went into (one of many) H+M, Top Shop, etc. I'm looking for a dress to wear to a wedding i'll be going to.
(OMG me? in a dress?! I havent worn a dress since the last wedding a went to. tell a lie, I wore trousers then as well... )
Am i the only one who weaves in and out of these shops with the urge to play the heaviest trashiest metal music on the planet?
I hate going to these 'trendy' shops. And places like Monsoon? gtfo! those prices are something the Queen herself would shun.

What would Freud say about my urge to play heavy metal while in these shops? what do you say about it? is it my deep-seeded hatred for these areas? is it my silent rebellion? is it my way of trying to disassociate myself from it? do you do something similar?

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Did you know that when you die your hair still grows for a couple of months?
Did you know that the concept that when you die your hair still grows for a couple of months is a myth?

What's the last random fact you learned?
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I think with all the negativity going around these days, it's always a good time for an optimistic post.

What are ten good things about you/your life right now?

1. I'm out of a relationship that, while really good when both of us were working on it, would have ended terribly.
2. I finally have a job after being unemployed for a year.
3. I'm moving into a new apartment! :D
4. My tattoos heal really quickly.
5. My car gets good gas mileage.
6. My credit score is slowly but surely improving.
7. I'm almost caught up on everything but my medical bills.
8. I love my haircolor.
9. My kids are well-behaved.
10. I can make some really fabulous dinners.

Bonus: Tell other TQCers what you like about them, too. :D

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What are some silly lighthearted movies I should watch?

I watch mostly drama and documentary but last night my little sister made me watch Bride Wars with her. In no way did I think it was a great movie but I still didn't hate it. I'm so underexposed to silly movies like that.

Have you ever broken off a friendship to later regret it? What did you do about it?
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TQC, I was just in a wreck :( my car is most likely totaled. I don't know what's going on. It was my fault, I was cited for "following too closely", and my car was towed. They tried to get me to go to the hospital but I feel fine, just sore as all fuck. The other guy's truck was drivable. IDK the extent of the damage to his...nothing as bad as mine though.

Have you ever been in a wreck? What kind? Were you injured? Was it your fault? Any other info you want to share?

I'm looking for a new vehicle on Craigslist, now. New to me, anyway. How do I ID spam posts/fake posts over real ones? A bunch I've found are in my price range (under 5k), but they're weird...like jpg images, with e-mails printed on them. I'm guessing these are spam/fakes...but idk. Any suggestions on how to find REAL ads on CL? Any other website suggestions for finding a new car?
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Question for people who work (or who have worked) at a library.

Why do they not want you to reshelve books when you're done with them?

Is it just because they think I don't know how to put it back in the proper place? I know a lot of people probably don't know, so this is the most likely answer, but I helped out at a library when I was a kid and know how to do it, and would be happy to put the book back in the proper place instead of just leaving it lying on the table (and it's easier for me, see below if you care) ...

Or is there some other reason that I was never told? Like, do they keep track of which books they find out, so they know someone is using them even if they don't check them out, and maybe they don't get thrown out when they're old because people are still using them? Or some other reason?

Just nosy - I've been using a very old seeming textbook at my school library ... I checked it out and renewed it a few times, but found it's less annoying to just go to the library whenever I have time and pull it off the shelf, use it there, and put it back. At first, I wasn't reshelving it because they told me not to, but then I learned that it takes a few days for them to put it back on the shelf ... I guess it sits on a cart somewhere until they have time to reshelve all those books... and then I can't find it when I want it if I go back too quickly. Whereas if I put it back, it'll be there next time. But if I'm ruining some kind of system then maybe I'll leave it out sometimes when I know I can't go back for a few days.

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My sister (who I live with) has found out that her son (age 13) has been using a Web site called talkcity.com to pose as different ages, sexes, etc... to talk to people.  After he left the window open one day and she got home early, she found out that some of it was raunchy, and she's concerned.  He's more computer savvy than the both of us- he deletes his history seems to clean out temp Internet files more often than I would remember to.

So, do you know any other ways to find out what sites he has been to, or what he's been looking at/doing Online? 
When we Google, all we get are those spy things, which we don't want to use, but we want to know what he's already done.  Once the history is deleted are we kinda SOL without the programs?


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What size do you think you look your personal best at?

I think I look best at a size 11 pants and medium shirt- I'm chunky (read: voluptuous) but my thighs don't rub together- but I'm a 13/medium right now and still like my looks.
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it's dead day, tqc.

not the day of the dead, but... day before finals. dead day. anyone else have that?

what are the odds i'll get into upperclassmen apartments in the fall? sophomores and above can apply. we have 1,000 people here, about half are commuters, and i'm going into my last semester of school. this fall will be my third semester living on campus. i was told that we should find out sometime this week and it's driving me crazy.

eta: I MADE IT! i just checked my mail on campus and i got a third floor room with my best friend. life is fantaaaaastic except for this final due in... an hour and a half.

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I wanted to make bacon-wrapped shrimps, but I realized that I don't have toothpicks. I'm thinking maybe I could take a thin piece of aluminium foil and wrap it around the middle, kind of like a piece of twist tie. Do you think that would work in keeping the whole thing together while it bakes? Any other ideas?

ETA: Can't just go out and get some, it would take too long.

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spider solitaire

-do you play spider solitaire?
-have you EVER beaten it on the most difficult level, 4 suits? (im beginning to think its near-impossible...) if yes, holy crap you deserve those fireworks! also, are you like a "pro" or was it just luck of the draw?
-do you consider using the "show move" button cheating? what about the undo button?

-if you don't play spider solitaire, what other pointless time-wasting games do you play on the computer?
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I have naturally medium blonde hair and have been dying it light blonde for years. I'd like to go dark brown, or at the very least a medium brown with dark brown lowlights. However, I am very pale and have light blue eyes and blonde eyebrows so I want advice! Should I do it???

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i have been living in a vegan co-op for the last school term in which only vegan food is made for lunch/dinner. i'm an omnivore, but i have found it hard and inconvenient to add meat/dairy/eggs into my diet. nonetheless, i get a little of both probably once a week. whenever i have a helping's amount of non-vegan goodness (piece o pizza, serving of chicken, etc.) it sends my digestion system into a gassy unfortunate tizzy lasting a couple days or so. clearly, my body has changed without me intending it to.

here's my question:
i'm moving out this summer. what's the safest way to morph back into the happy/healthy omnivore i once was without overexerting my digestive tract?

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My mother always seems to start freaking out at my family around 2am. Why is this?

ETA: I found a roundtrip ticket to Michigan this June for $225. That's a good deal. Should I book it tomorrow, and just tell my family "stfu, I'm going, I have not seen my boyfriend in a year and a half!" or wait a few days?

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i'm going to dye my hair a really vibrant red this weekend (this color, actually), and i'm naturally blonde. what should i do with my eyebrows? i normally fill them in because otherwise you can't see them, but i'm not sure what color to fill them in after i dye it.
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When you eat carrots alone, either baby carrots or non-baby carrots, does your stomach feel like if it was hungry? Like, the physical sensation of hunger? What about with apples? Do you get that with any other food?

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I need to memorise a bunch of Arabic words for an exam this evening - which techniques do you find most helpful in memorising things? (Writing them, saying them, finding English words they sound like, acronyms, etc)

What's the most exciting thing you plan on doing this summer? What do you wish you were doing instead?
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Do you follow the CDC's recommendation to stay home when you are ill with something contagious? I'm not talking about the bloody swine flu, I refer to any normal contagious virus. If not, why not?

If you HAVE to go out or to school/work when ill with something easily airborne, do you at least wear a surgical mask? If not, why not? Would you even consider it?

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My mom went to use her credit card yesterday and my name came up on her receipt. I have no affiliation with her credit card or any credit card. She called the credit card company, they said they have no record of me. I just called the store and they said they aren't associated with that credit card company anymore.

What the hell do I do next?
Has this ever happened to you?

Do your parents have you make important phone calls like this when you have no fucking clue what their information is in the first place?
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What's the wank you just can't avoid being drawn into because it's such srs bsns for you? It turns out mine's vaccination. What "somewhere someone's wrong on the internet!" scenarios trap you? You know what I mean.
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Are both of these sentences grammatically correct?:

1) The report that was sent out yesterday stated that the current total is 5.7%. This is incorrect, as it is actually 6.7%.

2) The report that was sent out yesterday stated that the current total was 5.7%. This was incorrect, as it is actually 6.7%.

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TQC, I feel like drawing some of your cats. Will you post a picture of your cat(s) so that I can have some feline reference models?

Edit: Oh my GOD. Thanks you guys! So many awesome cat models to choose from! Whatever drawings result from this will end up on tqc_updates!

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When you see a stranger who appears to be genuinely happy, do you find yourself feeling happy yourself or do you find yourself feeling a little jealous of their happiness?
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I am defying all preconceptions we have of pop artists.

That's a quote by Lady Gaga. To me, it's a laughable quote. I've listened to her and I think she sounds just like all the other pop stars... only... worse. This is coming from someone who likes BRITNEY SPEARS! Am I just too set in my old-school Britney ways, or does Lady Gaga truly suck?

TQC, do you like Lady Gaga? Do you listen to her? If you like her, can you please share the best song you think she sings so that maybe I, too, can be enlightened as you must be?

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Female Role Models?

A friend of mine is doing a photo project and wants me to be a part of it. She wants people to think of "strong female role models" to model as so she can take our photographs.

About the only thing I can come up with is Rosie the Riveter. Or She-ra.

So, who would you consider to be a strong female role model (past or present)? Pictures?


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So, say that a college student survives solely (tuition/etc, living expenses) on student loans that are in her name, but her parents co-signed the loans. Would her parents be considered to provide 40% or more of her financial support...? No, right??

What are you having for dinner?

Probably watermelon and graham crackers with peanut butter. Not too hungry and I can't open my mouth too much anyway :(
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Have you ever pulled over when you felt drowsy while driving? What time of day was it and where did you stop?
I'm going on a long (14-15 hour) drive by myself this summer.  I know you should pull over if you feel really tired, but I also know it's illegal to do this on most interstates and that rest areas are not always safe either.  I googled to see what you should do and several sites said to stop at truck stops and recommended Wal-Mart parking lots. 
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What do you think would be the optimal age for a kid to start learning a second language? I always figured the earlier the better, but I don't really know much about it. Is it important to give them time to be really solid with their "primary" language?

Also, is it common knowledge that staplers have two settings?

I had NO IDEA until a lame comedian mentioned it the other night.
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maybe old

"The truck is sold under the brand names Avalanche-Hurricane and, for a smaller model, the Storm. Shrouded in steel armor, it comes standard with brick- and cobblestone-resistant window grilles, sprinklers attached to a tank of chemical irritant like pepper spray, speakers that can emit ear-splitting noise and, of course, a powerful, joystick-operated water cannon. The cannon can topple protesters from dozens of yards away." Link & full article

What would you do with such a vehicle?

Do you think this item will come in handy after the swine flu-induced zombie apocalypse?

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When is the last time you bled? Under what circumstances?

I tried to re-open a recently closed ear piercing the other night. There was a distinct pop as a plug of flesh/white blood cells gave way, but I could only get in halfway. Blood seeped out for a good while.

Has anyone watched Sin Nombre? Thoughts?

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Will you shop a surgical mask onto this icon for me? Please and thank you.

If not, or even if you do, what were the last three movies you bought?

Mine were The Spirit, The Boondock Saints, and Zoolander.

Bald cat is bald.

I want to shave my head this summer and my step mom and dad keep saying I won't be pretty or people will think I have cancer or that I'm gay and that girls don't do that.  Blah blah blah.

What creative things would you say to them to get them to stfu?
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 How do you think the human race as we know it is going to come to an end? 

I think either a virus of some kind, natural or man made, or some massively powerful idiot is finally going to just start nuking countries for the hell of it. 
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What was your last FML moment?

I fell and sprained my ankle today.  Then I had to get up two flights of stairs on crutches to get to my apartment.  Awesome.  I fell twice.


Say you're taking an exam for an online course (the exam is also online), and while looking for info so you can answer one of the questions, you come across the answer key for the entire exam (100 questions). Do you use it or do you pretend that you never found it?

Alternatively, what are you craving right now?
I have a huge hankerin' for some bacon potato soup... mainly because it's super hearty and I haven't really been able to eat all day on account of my stupid wisdom teeth acting up and preventing me from opening my jaw past a certain point (I can't even open up wide enough to fit a spoonful of cereal in my mouth D:) and I am pretty hongry.

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I just got into my first accident.  I guess I was due, even though I've been driving for seven months or so.  I ran my car straight through my garage door.  Both my car and the garage are fine.

What was the first accident you got in?
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Is it possible to convert .dv files to .avi files so I can use them on my PC? Or am I screwed?

(I'm trying to edit video clips from a DV camera which I borrowed. I don't have the camera or the original footage anymore, just the clips in .dv format. I'm using Windows Movie Maker and it doesn't recognize .dv files at all.)

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Did any of you NOT have your permit when you took your driving test for your license? I am 18.

I was at the DMV today scheduling my drive test, and my permit is expired. I asked the woman if I should renew it and she said I didn't have to but I don't know if she is wrong. I don't want to show up for my drive test and have to reschedule because my permit is expired. I live in Washington, and I am going to call them tomorrow, but I just wanted to know if you guys knew anything.

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Do you still buy cds? 
I do as my iPod is dead and my cd player is louder than my iPod in my car.

Why can't I find the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album anywhere?!  I left the music store with Shiny Toy Guns instead and totally want my money back :(

What was the last thing you regret spending money on?

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My step dad just started choking on his margarita and coughed out "ITS SWINE FLU!!" then proceeded to walk around the kitchen holding his nose up so he looked like a pig, while screaming.

What's the funniest thing that's happened to you today?
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I am currently taking a break from apartment-hunting over the internet, which, let me tell you, is truly a pain in the ass.

My brain is so fried I can't even think of an interesting question.

Will you spam this post with whatever you want?

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So this guy keeps blowing off his girlfriend whenever he finds out that his cousin is going to be somewhere.

And by blowing off I mean doesn't tell her until it's right before they meet up he calls and says 'Sorry, can't. My cousin's going to be there.'

One of these times he blew her off with...let's just say it was *bad* timing.

What should she do?

For reference, the girlfriend has met the cousin, and it is a guy. This cousin does live in the same city as them...and it's happened more than twice in a month - month and a half

Also...Coke of pepsi?

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are you or anyone you know in the 501st legion?

would you pay over a a grand on making a authentic cinematic-grade star wars costume?

would it depend on the costume?

if you had they money would you and what costume would you make?

im in the process of making a PII E3 clone trooper suit and in the end its going to cost me almost $1500
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I'm writing an evaluation for my Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties course that I took this semester. It needs to be 750 words and I only have 360. What are some good things to bullshit about a class that was rather boring and in which the professor desperately wishes he was a lawyer and not a professor? I honestly don't know what else to say. Ugh. What do you usually write about when evaluating a class, TQC?
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Decisions, decisions

So, normally I wouldn't ask a question like this, because you guys don't KNOW me...but this is kind of urgent. I have to figure out what classes I will be taking at FIT this summer, and fast too, esp considering the two photo classes I signed up for completely filled up. I sent my application in two hours before registration officially started. Also, payment is due tomorrow afternoon and I have to sign up now!

I'm taking these classes for fun mainly, I'm only a freshmen in high school. I have a huge interest in photography, but wouldn't mind pursuing anything in graphic design really...

TQC, what classes should I take? I have to take two!Collapse )

I know this is tl;dr so you don't have to tell me.

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 Planning a large camping trip w/ a group of about 30 for a friends birthday.

As far as food/booze goes some of the people we know will:
A. Show up w/o food or a bag of cheetos they bought at a gas station on the way there.
B. Freeload off of everyone else there.

Do you think it's fair to tell everyone to pay maybe $15.00 or $20.00 per person and then do one big shopping trip for everyone? Do you have another idea to go about organizing it reasonably? Or should we just let the bastards starve?

Edited for typo:)
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Is it weird that I like to take note of what I'd like to talk to friends about on MSN before I actually talk to them?  Did that question make sense?  I have a Notepad file on my desktop full of thoughts and questions that I'd like to share with friends.  I also use Notepad on my phone.  I have about 70 files with my thoughts.

Is it pathetic that my only true friend lives across the country from me?  The only way we keep in contact is through MSN.  :/

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I have a good friend, who happens to be bisexual, who I seriously considered dating until he told me one of his relationship philosophies:

"If I do something with another guy while with a girl, or vice-versa, it's not cheating because the other person has something they don't (meaning penis or vagina)."

Do you subscribe to this theory? I think it's the most epically retarded thing I've ever heard, and I've called him out on it.


Just to clarify: I think it's retarded assuming the original standards of the relationship by at least one of the partners establishes physical relations with anyone outside the relationship as 'cheating'.


Smokers: When having a cigarette, do you smoke it down to the filter, or do you smoke it about halfway and put it out?

Non-smokers: Do you like Peeps? Do you eat them or do you just put them in the microwave and watch them blow up?
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I really like Portia de Rossi's body all throughout Arrested Development.

What celebrity's body do you really like and wish yours looked like? Post pictures if you'd like.

(no subject)

How many puns can you come up with given the topic 'plants' or 'dogs'?

If you don't feel like punning for me (because I'm trying to add on to a pun-off elsewhere, and I will credit you, TQC), how do you like your icecream?

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Have you ever been invited to a church (or the equivalent) of a religion you don't belong to? Was it just friendly conversation, or do you think the other person had another reason for it? (Ex.: believing Jesus can turn their gay friend straight)

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So, this is a little creepy, but admit to it:

Is there a fictional character you frequently fantasize about sex with?

If any of you have read the Preacher series, I often fantasize about sex with Cassidy.

doctor who - tardis

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I really want to get my hair cut very very short (pixie cut), but my best friend and my boyfriend say 'no'. Should I do it for myself and possibly have them both mad at me, or please them and wonder what might have been?

Edit: Non-srs answers welcome, guys.

Oh, and do you want to save Chuck like I do?

petit prince

i've got a bit of a dilemma and would like your help, please!

a month ago, two of my flatmates and i discussed having a party. it ended on something like "ok, cool, let's have a party on may 1!" there were references to it for a few days after, but we hadn't discussed it for 2 weeks before today.

since we hadn't talked about the party, i figured it was off and made other plans to have dinner with other friends (you can see where this is going). tonight, my flatmate mentions something about the party and i said "err, the party? on may 1?" she says yes and i tell her that i've got plans because i didn't think the party was actually happening. i can tell that she's upset by this, so i then say that i'll try to work something out and do both.

-the party and the dinner both start at 8 and the people from the dinner can't come to the party
-my initial thought would be to go late to/skip dinner, but, since my friend is making a serious home-cooked meal, this would also be rude
-i would prefer to go to the dinner, but feel a moral obligation to go to the party

what would you do? what do you think i should do? do you think i do have an obligation to go to the party?

(note: i'm not looking for you to validate me, i'd like your genuine thoughts, thanks!)
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Do any of you (ladies) put on something that's mattifying, like a primer I suppose, before applying eye makeup?

How's your night? Anything on your mind?

(no subject)

what dont you understand?

how long do your showers usually take?

how long does it take you to get ready for school/work?
a night of drinking?

how well do you get along with your family?

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say you have signed a lease on an apartment. your lease ends in august and it's, oh...april. for whatever reason, you have to break the lease within the next month. assuming you pay all fees and whatever and breaking the lease is completely voluntary (you are not being evicted), does it affect your credit? if you have a co-signer, does breaking the lease affect their credit?
if you aren't the only person on the lease and just need to take your name off the lease without breaking it entirely (ie you are moving out, the other people are staying), will that affect your/your co-signer's credit?
purely hypothetical, of course!

if you don't care or don't know the answer to these questions, what's the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen someone wear?
سكر بنات;; waiting on the telephone.

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I am using Firefox 3.0.10, but I fail every browser test! TQC, why does the internet not recognize the browser I'm using?

ETA: It's happened on various websites. hrblock.com when I did my taxes and tripadvisor.com just now. Any site that tests your browser for compatibility tells me I need to install IE or Firefox.

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What should I drink next, rum and coke or butterscotch shnapps?

Have you ever worked for customer service? Am I insane for enjoying my job with all the asshats out there?

How dumb am I for not realising my phone was next to me for the last hour and not charging like I thought it was?

Edit: Am I a nerd for watching shows about things like how salt influences our lives and our world, or feral children?

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Are you one of those people at places like Starbucks (or similar) that hover around the counter where drinks are placed so people have to reach around you when their drink is ready? If so, why?