April 28th, 2009

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I need a name for roller derby. My friend suggested Smokestack Lightnin'. I think I might use it - it's a Howlin' Wolf song, and it's about a train. I'm a blocker (defense), so that says something. If I were a jammer (offense), I'd go for Scorin' Zevon, but... yeah, I'm not. IS THIS A GOOD DERBY NAME? If not, give me some suggestions. It can't already be taken on the registry (the website isn't working right now, otherwise I'd post a link). Good options are really awesome badass names, or really awesome badass names taken from celebrity names. Basically.

Who is in to roller derby around here?
What league (city) do you root for?
What team on your league has a soft spot in your heart?
Who is your favorite derby girl?
Most interesting derby names you've seen?
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Arrg, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I wear contacts, and stupidly forgot to buy a new bottle of cleaning/soaking solution. I've got a couple of mini bottles of rewetting drops and those "blink and clean" drops. Am I okay to use either one of those, or a combination of the two, just to soak them overnight until tomorrow?

Don't worry, I'm not going to use water. I haven't got any spare contacts and my glasses are, well...out of order. The only other option is to wear them overnight, but these are about a week past their throw-away date.

Round and round we go!

Do you have rotaries / roundabouts where you live?

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That's a German one but you get the idea.

There are several in my area, with what equates two lanes, like above though there's no painted divider. If you were driving in one [in USA, reverse that if you drive on the wrong side of the road], would you, from the inside lane, make a right turn off to one of the roads? Without using your blinker?

This is was basically 75% of the people around here do and I don't get it. Most people wouldn't make a right turn from the left lane on a normal road, so why is a circular road different? That is so likely to cause an accident it is ridiculous.

Oh I'm turning... NOW! WHAM! CRASH!

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Would anybody happen to know how much new car dealerships buy their vehicles for?
What is the average difference in price between dealership cost and MSRP?

If you don't care...

Do you have health insurance that is not through work/school?
With who? How much a month? What is the co-pay?

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Tonight was bowling night and one of my friends took off early because he had a really bad day.  He's never let anything affect him enough to leave bowling night early.  What should I do to cheer him up?  How do you cheer your friends up when they're down?

I'm hungry.  What should I eat?
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Spoilers ahoy.

I know endings have been done as well as quotes but what about something else? Can you describe a scene, any scene from a movie EXCEPT the ending and see if people can guess the film from that scene?

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have you ever let sexual frustration affect your mood? have you ever let it come between you and your SO? how long of no sex or bad sex does it take before you'll have a serious conversation with your SO about it? would you ever break up with someone you love because the sex sucked or was non-existent?
narry twirl

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Tonight my friend and I were about to hook up and he said to me "if we do anything will you promise not to tell anyone. I don't do things with drunk girls thats my rule."

Is it more likely that he's embarrassed by me and just not interested, or that he really didn't want people to think less of him for hooking up with me while I was drunk.

Needless to say I was offended and left.

What's the most offensive thing someone has said to you right before, during, or right after sex?

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What did you do to celebrate your birthday on which you were legally able to buy alcohol?

If you haven't reached that age, do you have plans on how you're going to celebrate that birthday?

I'm a few months away from turning 21, and I'm getting excited about it! I think I will go to a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse (a movie theater where they serve beer), and then find a cozy pub and hang out for the rest of the night. :)

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Have you ever tripped on Salvia?
How was it?

I did it for the first time tonight, and I could see sound floating through the air & everything looked like it was pieced together but not completely attached to each other.

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Can you trust your prostitute girlfriend?

I have a girlfriend but she works in a club when I met her, then we got one night together then after that we got out again the next week then I started to fall in love with her, then I told her to leave that job for me but she refuse. Right now I'm wondering if it's alright to trust a prostitute.

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i've been looking for this awesome bed for forever now. i really love it but i have no idea where to find it. it's called a parisienne bed. i want one that looks just like that one or very very similar. i saw another one that kind of looked like it in this chocolate commercial (you can heat the chocolate up in the microwave).

this bed was featured in a blog but i can't find that either. all of my links were wiped out a couple weeks ago.

does anyone know where i could possibly find this?

i posted this in Saucy help

*i also tried looking it up in a search engine. i found one kind of close but it's in the UK and not upholstered.
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Dirty sticky floors

What's the most disgusting thing you have encountered in public restroom?

Once I stepped on cum in a bathroom stall. I ran out screaming and rinsed my shoes. It was all over the floor WTF. The worst was that it was an employee bathroom so one of my coworkers did it. Ew!

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Do you have any suggestions for how my BF and I can spruce up his backyard for summer parties and fun? It's urban, so it's just a rowhome-sized concrete slab with a few trees around the perimeter and a low chainlink fence. We also have to worry about theft, so things either have to be easily brought inside or secured.

Also, we tried to go out to eat the other day but there was a street festival blocking our intended destination. The restaurant was open and all, but we were told we'd have to pay $5 admission to the festival just to get to the restaurant. That's effed, right?

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In NY, allergy season is well under way. I thought I was going to charge through this season like a viking army. Needless to say, my Nasonex, and Zyrtec have let me down. In the past I have tried Claritin and Allergra mixed with Allergy shots. The shots helped, the medicines didn't. I tried to take some Tylenol Extra Strength Allergy to no avail. I have to go to work so I can't take Benedryl. Those of you who also suffer from allergies, what is your saving grace this year? I'm trying to save up for a HEPA filter thing but in the meantime, I'd kind of like to be able to breathe and function.
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I am currently in PA school and have a rotation coming up in September in ob/gyn at a clinic with a high Spanish-speaking population. I'm excited for the rotation, but very nervous as I speak no more Spanish than what's in the Taco Bell commercials or all of the Spanish version of "This I Promise You" by N Sync :/

I don't have much time right now to pick up any extra studying, but will have a few weeks off between now and September. Do you have any suggestions for learn-it-quickly medical spanish books?


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My friend spilt soda all over my bed. My bed is next to my wall, so consequently there is soda all over my wall now.

How do I clean it off without removing the paint? Would a soapy parrot work?

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Pretend you are a sixteen-year-old girl (if you are one, this should be easier). You have never met your father and your mother refuses to tell you anything about him. Through bizarre circumstances, you find out your father is a very dangerous person, does not know you exist and would probably harm you and/or your mother if he were to meet you. would you keep trying to find him anyway, out of a desire to know the truth?

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What are fun things to do by myself this weekend (since apparently I've been un-invited from meeting my boyfriend's parents)?

Nothing sports related because I'm still upset that my hockey team decided to go full retard last night.

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So, I'm in a photography class working with black&white film.

A couple of days ago our class did a critique on our work, and there was this guy
that managed to "draw" on his photographs. Like I know you can draw on the actual
print itself, but made it so that the drawing was apart of the process of the print...
I am guessing he was playing with the light while he was processing the print...

but I am not to sure...

For those of you who know your darkroom techniques, how did he do this?
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Let's say that your beloved 2 year old dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is having multiple seizures a day. You have the funds to keep your puppy alive and relatively comfortable, but it still suffers from seizures.

Would you put it down?
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Dear TQC,

So many people I know are having financial problems. Difficulty paying the bills, losing jobs, hours cut back, savings what savings?? and so on.

Are all these people lazy and irresponsible? Should I be encouraging them to get second or third jobs with Wal-Mart and McDonald's?

Assuming they aren't all lazy, how do I determine who's worthy of my friendship and who I should quit talking to?
AUDREY;; i was unprepared.

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What can i do with my big hands? :(?
im a girl with really big hands its so embarasin and no one my age has got big hands like me. I always wear nail varnish bcaz if i dont i look like a total MAN...anyway does anyone kno what i can do to at least make them look smaller..I cant even put rings on becaus my fingers are very long and a bit fat, and also my wrists are really thick as well please i hate it so much al the girls in my class are so pretty and slim and feminine..they are not fat just my bones are like that. :(
and i cant even grow my nails which i really want to do because they look like giants hands

please help? im only 13 so they might even grow bigger D: O:

If you don't want to help with that quandary, what's the funniest question you've seen posted on Yahoo! Answers?

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What are some bands or musical artists(whatever) you really really like (I'm talking they are in your top ten favorite bands) that have never had their songs played on the radio, TV shows, movie soundtracks, and/or TV commercials where you live? How did you hear/hear about them?

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So, your job has, for whatever reason, been pissing you off, and it's building up until the most horrible customer comes along, and at last, you can't take it anymore.

So how do you quit the job? The horrible customer is still standing there, demanding service. No consequences will come except loss of pay from this job (ie your former boss ain't gonna write you up or something that jeopardises any chances of future jobs), and you're already guaranteed a job at your relative's place anyway.

I would probably go into a long and multi-syllabled-in-vocabulary rant, after which I'd probably end with an expletive-filled version of 'I QUIT!' As I do this, I'd be moving to get my stuff and change into my clothes (ranting all the way through from the loo) and throw my uniform at the customer. And also show the palm-inwards V sign as I go out the door.

EDIT: Wow, there are less drama mamas on TQC than I thought.


TQC Which subject do you like the best out of Anthropology, Psychology, and Philosophy? 

Which one did you struggle with the most in comparison to the others if you did take more than one?
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I have two roommates. One is moving out in July, and he has some of our bills under his name... electric and cable/internet specifically. Should it be possible to just switch those over to my name rather than having to cancel the accounts and redo the whole process?

Also, I'm going to sushi tonight. What's your favorite sushi? :)

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I have a bunch of rosemary and thyme, and I want to make a really herby foccacia(sp?). Does anyone have an amazing tried and true recipe?? Also, I don't have packages of yeast, but I have a little jar of it? Any help would be awesome!!

Movie game!

Let's play a game!

Will you name a favorite movie, and let other TQCers comment their favorite/least favorite scenes from that movie?
Feel free to agree or disagree with their choices.

Like this:
cordelia_sue : Jurassic Park!
836am : The ice cream scene with the raptors!
disorderata : The scene where the jerk gets eaten off of the toilet by the t-rex
                   seanseansean : that is the background on my computer!
fourcorners : I heart that movie.

If your movie is obscure, will you link us to the imdb/wikipedia description?

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Is the Confederate flag


an automatic racist symbol to you? In other words, if someone owned/displayed/flew one of these flags, would you automatically assume that person is racist?
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There's some author, maybe one of the Transcedentalists or Romantics, who was big into revering the child, going back to childhood because as a child you're more enlightened. He wrote at least one poem about it all. Any one remember the author or the name of the movement? I can't recall for the life of me and can't figure out what to google.
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Okay, so I went on OKCupid. I ended up having dinner with three different guys (different times, obviously). I decided one wasn't worth my time. The other two are great, but I'm pretty sure I know who I want to be seeing regularly.
The one who I want to see regularly is coming back to town (goes to college a couple hours from here, but his "home" is ten minutes from mine), and I want to take him to karaoke with my friends on Saturday.
Problem is, I took the other guy to karaoke last Saturday and I'm pretty sure he wants to come back this week.
I'm not quite sure where I stand with Guy I Want to See Regularly (there's a mutual attraction, but I dunno if he wants it to go in to bf/gf mode), and the other guy is freaking FABULOUS as well. So I'm not ready to toss other guy away.
Question is:
How do I tell the other guy that I don't want him to come to karaoke? If I say I'm not going, he might go on his own, because he made friends with a friend of mine, and there are ALWAYS pictures taken for Facebook, so he'll see them. I also don't want to be like "well, I'm bringing another guy this week" because that seems ridiculously cuntish.

(I haven't slept with either, and there isn't a strong emotional investment, so don't come to conclusions that I'm stringing either along. Neither man has said "hey. let's be exclusive and stuff because I really like you a lot").

Tomozawa Mimiyo's Octopus

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You have a big test coming up.  You fail this test, you fail out of your college program.  This means that 4 years of studying and money are down the drain.

How do you get over your fear of failure? How do you deal with the stress?

To matters worse, you made enemies with the alpha bitch of the program, and now almost no one in the program will study with you, what do you do?

ETA:  I have studied on my own, and am done with the study guide, but would like to have comrades to compare notes with.

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im sweating balls even sitting here in my underwear. its hot inside and outside.
what could i do to keep cool in my dorm room?
should i put my fan in an open window or should i keep them closed?
july 21

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Yesterday a friend of fine handed me two very ill kittens he found in his backyard to see if I could do anything for them since I know more about caring for kittens than he does. I did all I could for them, but this morning they died.

What do I do with them?? I don't have a shovel so I can't just bury them in my backyard or something.. Is there anything I could use to compensate for my lack of shovel? How else can I respectfully dispose of them?

ETA: I found a shovel... I just finished burying them in my backyard. RIP kitties :(
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Because I haven't seen one of these in a while and I'm curious and I'm trying to get a feel for how much the rest of the world pays for these things, because I've lived in a place that is dirt-cheap my whole life...

Where do you live? (geographical area, city name, etc.)

What kind of dwelling is it? (apartment, house, trailer, etc.)

Who do you live with (S.O., roommate, cat, purple people eater, etc).

If you're responsible for paying it or know how much it is, what's your rent/mortgage?

Ditto for your utilities (eta: what utilities do you pay)?

doctor who - tardis

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Choose one!

Chuck  or Heroes?

House or Grey's Anatomy?

Desperate Housewives or The Real Housewives (any city)?

Project Runway or Top Model (any country)?

Creed or Nickelback? (lol)

Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus? (lol)

Macros or .gifs?

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If you are in a couple, do you watch porn together?

Do you ever find it embarrassing/awkward?

What porn would you recommend for a couple?

Why does Firefox think i've spelt 'embarassing' wrong?
problem solved

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How do I tell this super sweet lady at the grocery store to stop giving my son cupfuls of candy because it makes him act like Buster from Arrested Development when he had too much juice?

It seems impolite to say anything, but this fucking candy is ruining my life.
blue donghae

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Uhm, did anyone else hear about the formaldahyde and dioxane in Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo?

Should I be really concerned about it?

I'm tempted to run to the mall and spend loads of cash on all this organic stuff. 

Why do you think it is that it takes so long to discover these things?
I mean, people have been using this stuff for like a bajillion years.
Stupid stupid stupid.

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The other day I was walking in the woods on my property looking for a bird that I could hear, and I saw what I thought were feathers on the ground. When I was walking back out of the woods I realized it was actually clumps of fur that looked like rabbit fur. My cats had caught a baby rabbit the day before but I thought it got away, so when I saw the fur I figured maybe it hadn't gotten away after all. But there was a lot of fur and my cats don't usually kill things and they never eat them so there wouldn't have been that much fur around.

Then I noticed that there was fur stuck in the branches of the bushes and trees around. I saw one clump first and thought "huh, that's weird" and then slowly became aware of more and more clumps of fur in the branches. Then I noticed that it wasn't just fur - most of the clumps were still held together by bits of flesh and stuff. (I know, ew, sorry.) Some of these bits of fur and creepiness are like 8 or 10 feet off the ground. And there's a LOT of it.

So TQC, I ask you - WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN MY BACKYARD?! Did a rabbit explode?! HOW COULD A RABBIT EXPLODE? I am very creeped out by this.
Evil Me

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If/when you are single, what is your response to questions about WHY you are single?

Someone at work asked me why I was single yesterday and I just said "Don't get me started!".

Also, most annoying question ever?
Augustus Gloop

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We buy ground beef in large packages, then repackage into zippy freezer bags of about one pound each and freeze.

Is there some shape that I can mold the ground beef into that will be optimal for microwave defrosting, requiring the least amount of scraping and leaving no hot/cooked spots?


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So next year i'm getting married in vegas then flying to the caribbean immediately after for the honeymoon. it is going to be very casual as no friends/family is invited. i've already started looking at dresses but i can't find very many that i'd actually get.
1. Do you have any suggestions??

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2. For those of you who do not care, what TV show(s) do you like that are kind of embarrassing?

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If you've seen Jurassic Park 3, what did you think of it?

Is it just me, or is Billy just head-over-heels for Dr. Grant? o_O;;;

If you've never seen it, what's the most accurate movie adaptation of a book you've seen?
cheesin' for Disney

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can the internet plz stop panicking about swine flu?

do you know anyone who was personally affected by SARS, bird flu, or swine flu?
*not implying swine flu = bird flu or SARS*
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This is half serious, half hilarious/idk/not srs: why do my feet itch like fuck after an 8 hour shift? They ache, too, but the itching omg
Even if you love it, what's the one thing you hate or can't stand about your job?
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So my boyf's grandmother passed away. I've never dealt with losing someone close to me, or having someone close to me lose someone close to THEM. Means I'm so awkward about this.

What should I do to console him? Anything?

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If a store has a 10-day return/exchange policy and I exchange one item for another 3 days in, do I then get another 10-day return/exchange period with item #2? Or do I now have only 7 days?

random things today

Have you ever taught yourself a language?

How did you do it? (Book, website, osmosis, you fool you are in the Matrix and I am out and all I need is to upload the language into my brain duh)

How well can you speak it?

(I want to teach myself Korean/hangul but I don't think there are any classes around me.)

Also, I have some tofu sitting in a marinade in my fridge. I cooked the tofu then soaked it in a soy sauce and garlic marinade and now it is in my fridge in a tupperware. How long will it stay good?

What is your favorite kid's TV show?

Do you listen to NPR? Do you want to profess your undying love to Steve Inskeep and Michele Norris?

did you know randy used to play bass in one of Springsteen's bands? truefax.

It's Rat Pack week...which idol is going to be sent packing this week?

IDK, they were all good!
IDK, i don't watch american idol!
IDK, i feel it's hard to judge a singing competition!
IDK, because i forgot to watch!
IDK, I watched but wasn't impressed
IDK, i don't enjoy rat pack music
IDK, because i refuse to admit to anyone that i actually watched
IDK, my cat was sitting on the mute button and i missed the whole thing
IDK, why aren't they all singing CREED songs?
oh suzer, it's on later, so i can't answer yet

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If life where different and anything could happy which type of world would you like the most?

Travel in space, go to other planets, and use the force like in Star Wars
World of magic like in Harry Potter
Have Pokemon and go out and battle other Pokemon
Mutants like in X-Men
MARVEL super heros and villains
DC super heros and villains


Massage Question

I've heard of a type of massage that removes muscle memory. The way it was described to me, they basically pull the muscle away from the bone. If you've had this done, what was the experience like? What's the technique called, if it has a name?
Sam outside

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My ex and I are on pretty good terms, our relationship ended because of timing issues basically. It's been quite recent though, only about two weeks since the breakup. I do see him about twice a week at mutual things and Sunday was the most recent time I've seen him. He looked AWFUL. It looked like he hadn't slept in a really long time, was super unhappy and just...i don't even know but it was hard to see. On my way home from the event I texted him and asked him if he really didn't want me to keep going to these mutual things he'd let me know. He texted back saying, "yeah, you're fine. everything is just falling apart right now." I asked what he meant and he responded, "i don't even know, just forget it." And I said okay and left it at that. Well, I'm going to be seeing him tomorrow at our friends house and had an idea to bake him his favorite cookies and bring them to him tomorrow.

Is this okay? or is it weird? I'm doing it just because I want to do something nice but nothing extreme...ya know? I've never really been friends with an ex before so I'm not sure how well this will go over.

EDIT: I forgot my other question!

For those of you who have made No-Bake cookies before, did your recipe call for peanut butter? Do you have a preference when it comes to using the peanut butter or going without it?

Flu!!!! >:(

Okay, I have the flu. The most annoying thing about it is that my joints ache. bad. My neck and shoulders especially. What helps relieves these achy-poo joints, oh wise ones? D:
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My Mac hates me! I saved several images to a folder, but when I try to rename them the text refuses to be edited so I can't add the .jpg extension. ETA: It's doing this even if I create a new folder.

If overweight people are so proud to be overweight, why are they always trying to find clothes to 'slim the figure'?
francois lick it

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For people who have been on prednisone, how long did it take for your face not to be bloated anymore?
I've recently stopped after months and I want my face back, so what are your experiences?

And for you people who haven't been on prednisone: whatever, I don't have a lame backup question.
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Adobe InDesign Question

Question for those who are familiar with the program Adobe InDesign:

I have two Adobe InDesign files - one is in a custom paper size (7 in X 10 in) and the other is in the A4 paper size (8.2677 in X 11.6929 in).

I need to copy and paste one page from the custom paper size document into the A4 paper size document, while keeping the proportions and all the tabs intact and without having to re-do them all.

What's the easiest way to do this?

Young Little Sister or teen?

I'm working on being re-matched with a Little Sister through Big Sisters Organization. Tonight I had an outing with two prospective Littles. One is 9 and one is 14. They're both great but I can only choose one. Would you choose an older Little Sister or a younger one? Why? I'm debating what to do. The older one has been waiting for a Big Sister for a while now. She's harder to match because she's older and she'll graduate from the program in 2 years. The younger is new to the program and potentially will be a little for 7 years.

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Hey so it is my birthday this coming weekend.  And I am thinking of getting a bounce house. 

Does anyone know how much  Bounce Houses typically cost?

Would you recommend a slide or a Bounce House?

Do the Bounce House providers typically hang out to make sure no funny business happens?

(no subject)

I have to do a comparison chart timeline.
The years 1450-2050(don't ask how the hell I'm going to do 2010-2050 because I don't even know) have to be across the top of the page, with the first column's rows labeled under 11 different categories (science, technology, religion & philosophy, art, industry & colonization, Political, Economy, etc.) It'll take about 7-9 pages depending on if I decide to do 1" for every 10 years or 1" for every 8 years.

Should I do this by hand or use my laptop?
If I use my laptop, what program can I use where I won't have to manually enter 600 years across the top?
blue donghae

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  What, to you, is the biggest internet crime?  It bez Lolspeak, ALL CAPS, typInG lyKe DiIs, annoying/random/out of context status updates of myspace, facebook, twitter?  Is it something I haven't mentioned?

Which, if any, are you guilty of commiting?

Mine be teh Lolspeak, kthanxbai.  But only when I'm joking around.
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A man takes his Rottweiler to the vet. "My dog's cross-eyed. Is there anything you can do for him?" "Well," says the vet, "let's have a look at him" So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then checks his teeth. Finally, he says: "I'm going to have to put him down." "What? Because he's cross-eyed? " "No, because he's really heavy."

What's the last really lame joke you heard that made you laugh anyway?
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I'm trying to export a movie from Apple iMovie so it'll work on my PC. I hate using a Mac because I'm pretty much incompetent with it. Anyway, as I type I have a 13-minute video exporting to QuickTime. It's been exporting for the last 2 hours. It says it has 153 minutes left. (Half an hour ago it said 134.) WHAT IS GOING ON HERE????? Should it take that long to export to the desktop? Why does the estimated time keep growing?

I don't have all night. I'm working on a public computer and I really want to just finish and go to bed. :(

(no subject)

What are you afraid of?
I'm not talking about dying or losing a loved one, I'm talking about irrational fears. Like zombie ninjas in your closet or hatchet wielding Nazi vampires or ghost kittens.

The more bizarre the better.
flapjack eyes

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Do you know any phony or just plain bullshit websites that sell tickets for plays/concerts/etc?
which ones do you think are most reliable?

Wicked is coming to Seattle, on the official tour site it says from September to October, however my friend found a website (ballparks.com) with different dates and absolutely outrageous prices for tickets ($525? i call bullshit)
thumbs up

Mother's Day Gift

I plan on making my mother a mix CD of her favorite songs but I'm considering sending her a bouquet of flowers as well.


Flower Bouquet: Classic or Cliche?

What are your experiences with national delivery services?

(no subject)

Sometimes when I sit, I get a feeling like I am floating. I know this happens to people when they are trying to sleep, but does this every happen to you when you are wide awake? I'm not even sleepy, it just was so comfortable or something that I had the feeling of floating.

I have my first gyno appointment in a month. What should I prepare myself for? I'm nervous =[

Global Issues

Do you know of any underrated global issues?

For World History, I have to write about a global issue that deeply concerns me...however, I don't want to write about something kinda cliche, like poverty in Africa. Although it is definitely a huge issue, I want to explore and learn about something new.

(no subject)

If it's not too personal, what is your kink in bed?

I just discovered tonight that mine is having my ass played with.

On a less sexual note and more innocent note, what is your favourite type of food?

Mine is Italian.
My better half.

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Okay, first post, hi hi hi hi.
So here's the deal... I don't really have time to post a the huge, lengthy background that this question really needs, so you all will have to just work with what I give you.
My exboyfriend and I have had a rocky, complicated relationship for a long, long time. As in, we have been broken up and struggling with that for longer than we were even together... but we were very passionate about one another, and that situation is not going to change any time soon. Last week he ditched out on me twice in a row and lied enough to make me stop talking to him for a week. He tends to do these sorts of things on a regular basis, but I won't listen to good advice such as "Stop talking to him for good! You two are obviously bad for each other, yadda yadda!" so don't waste your time with those ones. Haha. Basically what I'm getting at is that I miss him, and today he left a note on my car [[I changed my number, so we no longer text.]] telling me that he would wait for me at his house from eleven on, in hopes that I would take him up on his offer of good company... Which he honestly is. When he isn't making awkward sexual advances or threatening to kill himself, we get along fabulously, and have a great time together. I'd like to get out of my house and maybe drink some coffee and get some homework done in his company, but my spiteful nature makes me want to just not show up and "get him back" for ditching out on me hardcore last week.

So, what do you think, TQC... Go kick it with my crazy ex for the evening and enjoy his truly charismatic company or stay in and let him wait up all night, just as I had last week?

Edit: TL;DR, FAIL, BAWWW move along. Sorry to have wasted your time. I'll do better next go around.
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When you were little (like ages 5-10) , what did you want to be when you grew up?

How about when you were a teenager?


What are you practicing now?

I'm 15 and I want to be a fashion photographer, or at least a photographer.  Big plans. =] But anyway, somebody swore to me that I'd change my mind by the time I got to college.

tldr: roommate's mom is a bitch.

my roommate has had her mom spend the night about 10 times this semester. i live in a DORM, so, she's about eight feet away. both she and her mom are two of the most inconsiderate people i've ever met. she wakes up at 6 and turns all the lights on, even when i don't have to be up til noon or later. they microwave things and watch really loud movies in the middle of the night. etc etc etc...

right now, her mom is snoring SO, SO loudly. i have a final tomorrow that i'm trying to study for but it's SO distracting, and i'm in my PJs and i really don't want to have to get dressed and leave.

what should i do, tqc? this is really pissing me off.

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TQC, what are the potential ramifications of eating raw, unwashed produce? (Grocery store produce, not farmer's market, etc.)

Do you wash your produce? (How well?)

All hype and paranoia aside, if there were a global pandemic of any sort, what would happen? Would everyone go into quarantine? Would businesses and schools close?

Do you have an opinion on the Harvard comma?

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1) Has the recent spate of unseasonably warm weather in various parts of the world caused you to give more credence to global warming?

1a) Do you prefer the phrase "climate change" to "global warming"?

2) Do you think we're due for another ice age, or some other major geological phenomenon? Isn't it amazing that we've been in this life-coddling temperate period for so long?

3) Is it too late at night where you are to discuss climate change?
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My roommate just came home with book she bought today called, Why Men Love Bitches.

The writer claims that a "bitch"...
-is kind yet strong. She doesn't give up her life, and she won't chase a man.
-maintains a little distance combined with the appearance of self-control which makes a man nervous that he may be losing her.

GUYS, is this true to any extent? Girls, feel free to throw in your two cents.