April 27th, 2009


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I have a small bruise below my right knee that seriously isn't going away. It's been there foreverrrrrr (probably about a month now, I have no idea how I got it) and I don't think it's even starting to yellow. It doesn't hurt, but it's rather unsightly.

Doctor TQC, what do you make of this?

theme party ideas

Hey, tqc! I'm planning a party, and I've decided to go with an 80's theme. You know: 80's clothes, Brat Pack movies, 80's compilation CDs, etc. But after that, I'm kinda stuck. What sort of food would you suggest? Party favors? I don't have a ton of money, but I'm also looking at fewer than 10 people.

I have Googled, but either my Google-fu is failing me, or there's just not much out there. All I can find is what I already mentioned.

Any clever ideas out there? Thanks!

xposted if you care.

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i have this weird way of thinking sometimes and it's kind of hard to explain, but i'll try. here's an example: when i'm getting dressed and picking out a shirt or something, these thoughts go through my mind really, really quickly. i'll think: okay, if i wear this shirt today, my boyfriend will break up with me. things like that. when i was younger and my parents would put me to bed, i had to say "i love you" more times than they said "i love you too" or else i believed that something really bad would happen. i'd continue to shout, "i love you!!!" until they were all the way downstairs and couldn't hear me anymore.

does anyone think like this? i'm not sure if it's normal or not. it happens all the time. is it just some sort of type of obsessive thinking?
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One of my friend's grandma's was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and the time has come to plan her funeral while she can still have a say. One of her favorite movies was Play Misty for Me, a Clint Eastwood movie from the 1970s. She can't be specific, just says that she wants music from it played. I'm doing anything and everything I can to get songs together that were played in the movie, but I've never seen it. So far, I have the following:

1. Erroll Garner - Misty
2. Roberta Flack - The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
3. Elvis Costello - Veronica

Any other suggestions, TQC?
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if you were to buy a block of land for $50k, you would have the option of having one of 2 buildings on that block. a $200k building, which brings in $2k rent per month, or a $400k building, which brings in $3.5k per month.

which works out better in the long run, $200k or $400k?

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I am jonesing for a Diet Coke something nasty.  It is two thirty AM where I live.  Should I walk up to the 7-11 two blocks away to get my fix, or silently suffer?

Every Monday night I go bowling with my co-workers.  I have a tremendous crush on one of them, so I'm looking to impress him with my skillz.  Do you have any good bowling tips?

I'm watching Notorious and Biggie is wearing a Bill Cosby style sweater.  Why?

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This evening I found a lemon that looked like a tangerine at the grocery store.

What's the strangest thing (that really shouldn't be strange, ie not a "budha's hand citron", or other odd things like that) you've found at the grocery store recently?

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good morning, TQC

I had to take an AlcoholEd course before starting as a freshman at my college... they focused on two things mainly: underage drinking is of course illegal BUT THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT IS BECOMING AN ALCOHOLIC.

I'm not a drinker and neither of those two pieces of information were particularly important or applicable to me. However, I still want to know:

1. Is it illegal for minors to have a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage with their parents?
2. Does it matter if it's in the comfort of their own home or at a restaurant?
3.What if it's with adult friends of the family?

I live in Missouri if that makes any difference. It just seems like it would be ridiculous for it to be illegal if you were supervised by responsible adults.

Family Guy

I really wanted to see that 420 (or whatever it was called) episode of Family Guy but I didn't get a chance.
I don't have cable or a time machine and everything I come across online is unavailiable or removed.
Will you help me see the full episode for free without having to wait for the DVD to come out?
Extra Difficulty: I am Canadian.
Thanks, TQC ;)
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If you were to make a playlist or mix CD to represent what you have been through/what your life has been like so far this year (and ONLY this year), what songs would you include?


In the home, do you prefer carpeting or hardwood floors? why?


Do you have a favorite constellation? If so, what is it and why?

Do you name your computers? If so, what did you name them and why?

Do you have pets? What did you name them and why?

Where do you dream of retiring? Why?

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What was the last fun thing you cooked/baked?

If your not a cook-er, what was the last thing someone made for you that was super-duper awesome?

I last made fried rice it was pretty good.
My last thing I made that was super awesome was a rum cake.. that is STILL moist and amazing!

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1. Do you like old movies? (Old meaning before 1980.) Love them!
2. If so, what are some favorites? The Wizard Of Oz, Gone With The Wind, Singin' In The Rain, old Disney movies
3. What is the oldest movie you can think of that you own? I've got quite a few silent movies from the 1910's and 1920's.
4. What is the oldest movie you can think of that you've seen? idk...maybe a 1910 version of The Wizard Of Oz?
5. What was the last old movie you watched? The Champ - the original version with Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper.
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Just curious

I've asked this before but that's before I met any of you so this changes my point of reference a bit the second time posting

Who among you lives in or close enough to the Los Angeles area?

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I need your opinions. I owe my mom $1235 for paying my first semester of college. I'm getting $2400, in student loans and pell grants. $1200 is coming in the mail now, the other half is coming in June. Should I pay her back in full now? Or pay her back half of what I owe her, and pay the other half when I get the second check? I'm completely broke, and I need that money to make it until I find a job (which I'm working on atm). I just know she's going to guilt-trip me into paying her back in full right away. (She doesn't need this money, I just agreed to pay her back.)

I hope this makes sense..
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Extracting sound clips and images from movies

1. How do I get sound clips off of movies, say if I wanted it for a song or just whatever?

2. How do I get images off of movies, say for writing a movie review or whatever?


1. How do I get clips from songs? Like specific beats or samples, the way a mash up dj or just general electronic artist who samples a lot of different stuff would do?


Any ideas?

Ever since Passover I've been gaining weight(well I gained during and haven't lost any) and I've felt less energized than I had before. I have been continuing to work out and play kickball but it doesn't seem to be helping. I feel like my body needs a restart or a cleanse or something. What can I do or take that will healthily cleanse my body and maybe help kick start back to losing weight and feeling good?
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Make my decisions for me

Which of these do you like?

I plan on buying two of these, but I'm not sure which two.
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Aw man you guys. I had a group project saved on a USB and when I opened the files on my computer it gave me this shit:

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Wtf is that crap? All that gibberish and all these folders? I tried deleting them but it won't let me. Says the file name is too long and then it says it's a system file. Won't let me change the names of the folders either. GAH :(

EDIT - I reformatted the drive. Everything got deleted but it seems to be working fine now. I copied the files back onto the USB and they show up fine now.

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My friend has somehow missed all the mock-ipod icons. Can you post some?
Particularly the isopod one.

When do you typically gain/lose weight?
I tend to lose weight in the winter and put it on in the summer, which seems the opposite of most people I know.
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Why does the new Microsoft Word suck so much more than it used to? Who should I blame for this?

How do I make it single space shit? Selecting single under "line spacing" doesn't work. WTF?

Bra band size?

I heard that if you can pull your bra band over an inch away from your body then you need to move down a band size. I can pull mine 2+"

But I also have heard that your underbust measurement + 4" should be your band size & that's what I'm wearing now (30"+4")

I would go to the store & try the next band size down but nobody stocks that size (32C).

Should I follow the first method to determine my size, or the second one?

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Do you need a passport to get into Canada from the US?
If not, when will it be needed? I'm always hearing different things and the dates always seem to be changing.

Thanks. :D

ETA: Thanks for the quick replies. ^_^

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I have a dilemma I need your help with.

I have saved up some money and now can't decide between a second hand car or a short holiday. I can afford to do only one.

On one hand I didn't go anywhere last year and I'm dying for some sun and some time to myself.

On the other, I'm learning to drive through a driving school and it's taking forever....if I had my own car I would probably pass my test quicker.

What would you do?
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My friend just told me that he had a story to tell me via facebook chat; his status was just changed to something about the college he's transferring to, so I assume it's to do with that.


It's about how he went for a late night booty call and it was at my boyfriend's hotel, on my boyfriend's shift.

Fucking hilarious, but NOT what I was expecting to hear.

When was the last time someone told you they had a story for you, and it wasn't what you were expecting? What were you expecting/what were you actually told?

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Will you describe to me the WORST pizza you've ever had?
What words do you hate the sound of?

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Should I make whole wheat penne with sundried tomato alfredo sauce, or Kraft mac n' cheese for lunch?
What kind of doggy treats do you give your dog (if you have one)?

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I looked at my calendar today and saw that I had circled tomorrow in blue Sharpie. What's so special about tomorrow? I can't remember.

ETA: Not a birthday, my period and I don't think I'm supposed to call anyone.

ETA2: It's when my books are due at the library. *facepalm*

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When it comes to getting a tux for a wedding, what options do you recommend to get the cheapest deal? I'd like some suggestions in regards to renting vs. owning, online vs. in-store, your personal experiences... any info would be awesome!

ETA: This is for my SO -- we're trying to do our wedding as inexpensive as possible. So far, so good.. all that's left to do is get the formal wear. We aren't looking for any fancy colors, just a simple black tux.

hairy pizza shoes!

1. Do you cut your own hair?
a. If yes, are you self taught and if so, what method do you use?
b. Do you cut other peoples' hair?

2. Have you ever owned a pair of "Chaco" brand sandles or shoes? If yes, aren't they amazing?

3. I'm making homemade pizza tonight. The only topping I currently have at hand is banana pepper rings. I'm going to the store soon. What other toppings should i pick up and add to my pizza???
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When you do end-of-semester teacher evaluations, do you just fill them out on autopilot or do you try to be thorough?

Do you have any instructors this semester you have just been dying to 'evaluate'?
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I'm driving back to uni tomorrow, fun times. And due to snow and wind etc. I can't go my normal route, so I've got a six hour long trip looming, and I need something new to listen to.

What are your favourite podcasts? What are your favorite funny ones? How do you keep yourself amused on long trips?
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My dilemma.

It's finals week.
Summer is just around the corner and I need a job.
The past two weeks I've been applying to places that are hiring since most of the students are leaving.
There's this sign walker agency that's hiring but I'd have to sign a contract with them...and it's only 12 hrs at the most per week but they pay daily.

I was offered the most adorable (pure-bread AKC) puppy for $100. I'm broke right now but I really want that pup!!
Should I sign up to be a sign walker?
Or should I wait for a better job and stop giving in to my impulses?
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I'm having to really try hard to not eat all of this angel food cake I bought today. I'm eating it before I can even get the strawberries and ice cream on it.

TQC: What was the last thing that you had to really try hard not to eat massive quantities of? Or: what's the best food/snack you've tasted lately?

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If you could live in a fictional place, where would it be?

I'd say either Hogwarts or the Emerald City. I went to a local production of Wizard of Oz and I decided it would be sweet to live there.


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My brother was asked this question on an application:

If the entire world was blue, would there be a color blue?

I say no, they wouldn't know what to call it or wouldn't need to be called anything if there was no variance.

My brother says yes, if you can use the word blue in the question, it must exist in the scenario.

What do you think?

He was asked this for a job as a painter. :/

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Say you have the opportunity, for the weekend that your 21st birthday falls on, to go to either Savannah GA, St. Augustine FL, or stay near home (Atlanta GA) with your SO. Which would you choose? Things/suggestions of things to do in any of those 3 cities?

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WHY ISN'T THE GODDAMN POWERPOINT FILE UPLOADING?! I've tried hotmail in firefox and IE. While I go try chrome, will you entertain me with whatever random statement you can make about yourself, myself or TQC in general?

EDIT: raarr. It's a connectivity issue or something. and apparently smaller-sized word documents can upload just fine. ಥ_ಥ

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How awesome of an idea is it to have 2 F-16 fighter jets escorting a low flying Boeing 747 around Ground Zero in Manhattan for photo op? 1=sounds like some extreme idiocy went into that idea; 10=fuckin A+

Mean: 3.73 Median: 1 Std. Dev 3.68
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Correct me if im wrong but most people who are against gay marriage are so on religious grounds.

If thats the case, then why are they not upset about atheists getting married in non-religious wedding ceremonies with non-religious vows?
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If you are standing on the Moon, and holding a rock, and you let it go, what will it do?

Float away
Float where it is
Move sideways
Fall to the ground

When the Apollo astronauts were on the Moon, why didn't they fall off?

The Earth's gravity extends to the moon
The Moon has gravity
They wore heavy boots
They had safety ropes
They had spiked shoes
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Hey TQC, a wasp has built a nest in the top of my sliding glass door frame. Can I just vacuum her up and assume the trauma of the tube adventure will kill her? I don't want to poison her because I keep a pet rat in my bedroom.

Any other suggestions for getting this stupid thing out of my doorway? I want my fresh air back. :(

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Okay, I'm almost positive the answer to this is blatantly obvious but I'm confused.

I have a cousin named Ariana by marriage. Her blood aunt was married to my blood uncle. My blood uncle is my mother's half brother, but my mother was adopted by my uncle's father. Is Ariana my mother's niece in addition to being my cousin?
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the name game.

If you take the first 3 letters of your mother's name and the last 3 letters of your dad's name, what is your new first name?

If you take the last 3 letters of your last name and the last 4 letters of your mom's maiden name, what would your new last name be?

-- Jacvin Ganmann, pleased to meet you =P

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Does anyone have a link to the Chrispina wank where she said parents shouldn't take care of their elderly parents or let them live with them because it would interfere with the kid's soccer practice?

I've been looking for it for a while now. I can't find it, and it's bugging me.
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The Sickness

Dear TQC,

Are you worried about swine flu?

EDIT:  CNN tells me there are 149 confirmed deaths and all schools in Mexico are closed until May 6.
EDIT2: Obama has declared a Public Health Emergency yesterday to deal with the Swine Flu in the US and abroad.  Appropriate?
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Should my boyfriend and I be financially responsible and make dinner at home (which will mostly consist of frozen foods :/) or should we live life on the edge and go out to eat?

We're both hungry now, so no time to go grocery shopping and make something.

quarter-life crisis

Omg. Do you ever have panic attacks brought on by thinking/realizing that you have no idea wtf you want to do with your life?



What is your favorite BBQ sauce? Brand and variety, plz.


I attended a wedding ceremony on Saturday. During the service the pastor said to the bride, something to the extent of submitting to her husband, but nothing to the husband about submitting or obeying his wife. Are you as horrified as I am?
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first post!

good evening tqc! is there a free anti-virus software that will actually let me delete a virus too without buying the full version? they're so expensive plus the time ran out on mine and laptop is starting to run fishy, i think it might have something :(

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1. i'm not a smoker, but why don't cigarette companies get rid of all the other shit in their products so that they only contain tobacco?

2. when/if you have a baby, will/did you(or your SO) breastfeed? will/did you use cloth diapers? If yes, whhhyyy?? Is it mainly for the good of the environment or the good of your wallet?

3. Why does my cat like to go inside the refridgerator?
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auto window help?

hello TQC, my little sisters car window got off its 'track' (??) and will not roll up. We're going to take it into a shop tomorrow, and we were wondering how much does something like this usually cost? we've got no idea, thank you in advance!
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i know this has been asked a bunch of times, but i've looked through the past couple of pages and haven't found anything so i figured it'd be alright to ask it again.

what are you favourite FREE iphone apps? i've already got shazam, facebook, snaptell, trace, twitterific, urbanspoon, where, epocrates RX, google and ustream.tv

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Don't you just hate it when your freaking browser tabs confuse the hell out of you and you're all unhappy and confused?

If you actually - in some freakish way - like when this happens, tell me then, what do you hate?

Edited to fix grammar and specify.

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Inspired by Ghoulia's underwear question and the period undies answer...

Do you have underwear that you only wear when you have your period?
If so...why them?


If you're in school, when is your last day?
(I don't know because my professors haven't decided if they're giving us finals yet..gahh)
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If a ~market research firm~ called to ask you some questions and offered to courier you a "30 minute tv show for your review" that HAD to be watched on a certain day so they could call and ask you questions about it the next day, WOULD YOU DO IT?

I said I would.

Should I have a mini new-show-pilot-episode-watching party on Sunday?

What do you think this new show I'm going to be watching is about?

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EDIT: WHATEVER YOU DO...DON'T GO TO 00110001001011010101GIRL.00100101OM
YOU HAV001000 1010BEE10 1110101 01010101 0101NED011 1101010 101010111 01010101 01010!!!!

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alright. i fail at job hunting. all i need is retail, even foodservice. whatever.
any tips for that? things to wear to interviews and walking in to pick up/ turn in apps?

how long should i wait until i call and check on the application? what do i say when they answer the phone? its appropriate to do that right or is it for only certain places?

interview tips? 

the only other jobs ive ever had didnt take much for me to be hired so now that the job market sucks im a little clueless(obviously).
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TQC, for a bit just now, when I typed in "livejournal.com", I got a tiny picture of a bottle of Jones Soda. Nothing else. Just the soda.


Alternatively, what's the weirdest thing to happen to you lately?

For that matter, what's the weirdest thing about you?
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Should I call him???

Ok I need some guy advice. Who can help?
About a year and half ago I ran into a group of guys from highschool at a local pub. One of which I had always had a thing for that I never talked about - not even to my best friends.
He and I spent the entire night catching up, talking, he asked me dance (one fast song, one slow), he cut in and saved my mom from a creepy local guy, everytime I made him laugh he hugged me and I said "I never knew you were this funny". At one point in the evening while we were standing there in his group of friends he looked at me and said "I think you should kiss me right now" And I was so taken aback by it - I was a complete fucktard and giggled and HUGGED him (Still regret that by the way)
Anyway the night ended quickly when his ride left and we barely even got the chance to say goodbye.
Ive been thinking, talking and dreaming about him since. Probably driving everyone around me nuts.
My sister runs into him now and then because shes dating a friend of his. (And really this whole stupid problem could be solved if she just called me to tell me 'hey I'm at this bar- hes here, come now!" but she doesnt. She thrives on my misery really.) She recently gave him my number but didn't tell me incase he didnt call. The next time he saw her he walked up to her and said "I know I havent called Nicole. But I think about her alot, her number is sitting on my mantle - I am just too scared to call"
So heres where I need advice. I know where he lives because we were friends in school and his phone number there has always been the same.
Should I call? If I do call how do I open the convo? Something like "Hey! My sister said she saw you recently so I wanted to call and see how you were" And then hopefully it goes well and I say we should meet up for a drink or something?
Or do I just move on and let go?


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i just washed my hair so i dont need to get up early tomorrow to do it. i have blow dried it and it is sitting nicer than it has in ages. why is it that when i am about to lie down and sleep on my hair it looks fab, but when i actually want it to look nice it looks like a child ran at me with scissors?
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Do you ever spontaneously really realize we are IN the 21st century and freak the fuck out for a minute?

do you realize I am talking to you from hundreds (or thousands) of miles away from a box filled with electricity?

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Why does my cat insist upon sleeping on every backpack I own?

My sister left my Xbox 360 on. She hasn't played it in five or six hours. How should seek revenge?

Similarly, my sister used my phone for an hour and a half phone call. How many prank calls can I expect from her 'boyfriend'? (I think he's, like, fifteen...)

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I'm totally bummed out right now guys, would you tell me all about your most amazing days?

Also, if you had a set of walkie talkies, who would you give the other one to and why?

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today I woke up feeling great after a couple days of waking up lousy. today I felt good enough to go back to work.

i just got home, and have a mild fever (it's 11:30pm). In 11.5 hours I have an appointment to get my hair cut - is this one of those non-negotiable you-must-reschedule things, or should I go if I feel all right?

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since my last post disappeared (I think I blantantly disregarded da rulez, but whatever), what is your favorite Torrent Client?

Me outside 2004 happy

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1. Have you ever purposefully changed your mind to think something tasted good that used to taste bad to you ? What was it ?

2. Have you ever purposefully changed your mind to think something bad that happened to you was actually good ? What was it ?