April 26th, 2009


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so the other day i was talking to my cousin-in-law online. at the same time i was talking to a friend. me and friend were talking about hair, and how long hair can look awful. and i replied in the wrong window saying something along the lines of long hair on the guys in the photo looking really bad. thing is, my cousin(her husband) has long hair. :( do you think she's offended?

when was the last time something like that happened to you? bonus if it happened during im conversations!

moving out

How old were you when you moved away from home?

Why did you move away?

What things did you pack/take with you?

How did living on your own or with roomates make you feel?
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My eyebrows need a makeover. Do you think it'd be more advisable for me to get a kit with eyebrow stencils and shape my eyebrows with that or go get my eyebrows waxed somewhere, assuming I'd get them done at a place that can wax eyebrows well.
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So, I've been working a tad too much recently. Working from home, this means that I've been at home for about 90% of my time in the last few weeks, and I need to get out and do things.
What are some things to do outside that don't involve spending a lot of money, doing grocery shopping or just hanging around outside?

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I have to give a presentation in my music appreciation class on wednesday. I'm doing a presentation on taiko drumming. We're required to bring in a recording to let the class hear what the music sounds like. It has to be at least 1 min long. I'm bringing in a video.

How awesome would it be if after about 50 seconds, I cut to Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up?"

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so i fucked a dude who fucked a dude whos friends with this other dude who i fucked, then i fucked this other dude who knew this other dude who fucked this other dude. he wants me to stop getting all up in his shit.
omg am i a slut?

Living with strangers

1. Have you ever lived with a roommate/housemate/etc? If so, did you know them beforehand or were you pretty much strangers when you started living together?

2. If you have lived with someone that was a stranger to you, what were your experiences like? Was it better, or worse than you were expecting? Do you have any advice for someone that is going to be living with a complete stranger for the first time? :)

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What is the funniest thing that's happened to you recently? My puppy ran out of the apartment and up the hill about 5 minutes ago. When I got to the top of the hill, I found a guy with a very confused expression standing next to his car. My pup was all settled in his passenger seat, ready to go for a ride. I can really only imagine what was going through his mind, to turn around and see a little black lab came out of nowhere and has just jumped into his car.
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1. Will you show me your kettle (the thing you use to boil water for tea and hot chocolate)?

2. One time I read a list of the effect of quitting smoking has on your body. It says like day one - you stop stinking, week four - taste buds grow back, month 5 - your heart gets healthier, etc. Know what I'm talking about/where to find it?
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Help a teacher out?

Edit: I know this is kinda tl;dr, but I'm really stuck. If you're having a boring Sunday, maybe you might read this post?

I teach grade 8 Language Arts, and we just finished doing some literature circles. Lit circles are kind of like book clubs, where a group of a few kids read the same book and discuss it. To celebrate the books being finished, we are going to watch movies next week. Each group will watch a movie related to their book. If there was a movie adaptation of the book made, like Jurassic Park and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, they will watch that movie. If not, they will watch a movie similar to the book's theme or storyline. I am stuck on a few of them, though. Would you suggest some movies that are similar to these books' themes and/or storylines? Please remember these are 14 year olds, so though The Untouchables would fit with Tunnels of Time, I can't have characters dropping f-bombs left and right.

1. Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Collapse )
2. Flush by Carl Hiaasen. Collapse )
3. Tunnels of Time by Mary Harelkin Bishop. Collapse )
4. Sounder by William H. Armstrong. (I know there was a movie made of this book in the 70s, which I might be able to find. But if I can't...)Collapse )

x-posting to teaching
Awkward Moment

Friends Cut

Let's say you meet someone in a community and you add them to your fl because they seem cool.  You find out you're wrong, they're not cool, they're annoying and you want to defriend them.

1:  How do you defriend without making it awkward?  Like, do you just send a little pm that explains why you cut them or do you cut them without an explanation?

2:  Have you ever cut someone without doing a mass friends cut?  If so, how did you do it?

3:  Related to cuts but not my situation, when you do a mass friends cut, do you warn people and provide an explanation or do you do it without warning?  If you do it without warning, has anyone ever taken it personally and started drama?

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My boyfriend aren't living together for a while because he's going to rehab very soon. I am missing him and I would like to make him a mix CD. But, I need help filling in the gaps because I don't have enough songs. Any suggestions? I like quirky indie things like Kimya Dawson, etc. Thanks!

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A Velociraptor spots you 40m away and attacks you, accelerating at 4m/s^2 up to its top speed of 25m/s. When it spots you, you begin to run, quickly reaching your top speed of 6m/s.

How far do you get before you are caught and devoured?

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1)what should I read? I have digging to america[immigration, fiction], wintersmith[terry prachett, awesome young girl YA], and privilege of the sword[awesome woman fantasy]

2)what do you think about people jogging with strollers?

2)what about urban hens?

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Do you have a pda phone? Which one and how do you like it?

Are there any new ones that you particularly lust over? I'm considering an iphone since my contract is up soon and I could get a refurb of most phones (including the iphone) free or for cheap, but I would like to examine all other options first.

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Edit: can growing up with a single parent be a circumstance particularly difficult to endure? or should this difficulty be one event only instead of spanning a lifetime?

is losing a parent strong enough to write about for this or a particular car accident? my two options.

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How do you typically wear your eyemakeup from day to day? Post pics if you want.

I ususally wear black mascara and only mascara, but lately I've been trying to wear eyeliner thick , dark, and slightly smudged around my eyes and winged at the edges.
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What is it called when you write, for instance, a poem that is in the shape of the subject you're writing about? For instance, if there's a poem about a flower the way the words are arranged form the image of a flower.


If you couldn't feel ANY emotion at all could you still feel physical pain?

I don't know how that would work, maybe you'd care less because you didn't feel the fear, embarrassment, anger that comes with the pain? Any thoughts or theories? (you win an internet for which game I was thinking about when I thought of this.) ((the main reason I am asking this is because I'm going to write a fan-drabble about it and I want it to be sorta realistic.))

How do you think you'd feel if you had no emotion and your hand got cut off, but you could still feel physical pain? (((sorry for the rambling all over the place.)))
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Is there anything you've learned to love about your SO? Like, are there certain things about him or her that have always turned you off or annoyed you, but you've just gotten over? What type of things?

How could I phrase this question better?
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Once you drop a laptop, does the quality just slowly degrade over time or is sort of an instant problem? I'm a little concerned (fyi - it wasn't my fault, and I am seriously considering inflicting the same punishment upon he who did it). I seem to treat my electronic items like precious minerals, so I'm a little paranoid. This is a little over 2 weeks old.
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sexy post!

1. What was the last position you were in during sex?

2. What is your favorite position?

3. What made the best sex you ever had the best?
4. What made the worst sex you ever had the worst?
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Hey TQC, I need new bedding! I am interested in hearing about comfortable bed set ups. Will you tell me about the bedding you use? I really want to invest in a nice cotton-y soft duvet, but I'm not sure where to look.

Is your bed on a frame or on the floor? Do you like the arrangement?

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If you went to university/college, did you have a part time job?
Did you find it worked/helped with your finances or was just a drop in a big ocean of debt?
Would you advise against it?

ETA: I'm in the UK, which will give me a loan I don't have to pay back till earning over £15000 a year, a maintenance grant of about £2000, and a loan of £3000 for maintenance and bursary of £1000
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Have you ever had tonsillitis (without getting your tonsils removed)?
I'm on day four of this brutal madness, but I only went to the doctor to get antibiotics yesterday :(
Is there -anything- that helps? I'm taking aspirin for the fever and the antibiotics, but I would really like to be able to swallow (ANYTHING really, but primarily water would be awesome) instead of spitting into a cup every few minutes -_-
The whole entire internet keeps telling me to drink <b>warm milk with turmeric and black pepper</b> in it, but fuck that shit, obviously.
Help me :(

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every time i do situps or crunches my neck hurts really bad. i dont hold the back of my neck or pull it up, and i try to keep it straight while im doing them.what am i still doing wrong? 
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What do you like to do to cool down?

Our AC seems to be broken on this unseasonal 96 and freaking humid day :( Apartment maintenance won't come in to fix it until later this week. Besides cold showers, cold drinks, less clothing, not being as active and swimming (the pool isn't open yet) how would you suggest to cool down?
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Two weeks from now, the play 'The Crucible' will be on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday and my sister and I are a part of the pruduction, but at the same time an anime convention we've been waiting for will be on the same weekend. What should we do?
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Fundraising ??

Dear TQC.

A little back ground history; I'm part of a team for the Relay for Life and each member has to raise a minimum of $100. So in order to try and reach my goal, I tried enlisting my legit friends that I know from school on social networking group by sending them (in two groups) a message explaining why I am participating with a link to the page where they can donate.

It's been almost two weeks and I only heard back from one who really wanted to help but is in another country and can't really donate, however no one else has responded saying whether or not they are able to donate or even bother to donate without saying anything.

I can understand the reasons why people don't want to donate.

So here's my questions:

1) Do I have the right to feel fustrated/angry/a liitle hurt and want to call them f@#king douche bags (only internaly, not to their faces)?
2) How else should I try and get donations with having to canvassing around my neighbourhood?
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My friend works at a Pharmacy, and today I dropped my resume off there.
There was a quick exchange between me and the cashier, and I left the store.
(Quick: Me: Hey, I have my resume, I'd like to apply for a job.
Her: Okay, thanks.
Me: (seeing no reason to stay) Thank you!
Her: Oh, are you still in school?
Me: Yes.
Her: So part-time then.
Me: Yes, evenings and weekends.
Her: Thank you!
And I leave.)

I get home and my friend informs me that she overheard the cashier telling another that she "ripped up this girl's resume" because she "thought she was stealing 'cause she like ran out". (She described the girl as strawberry haired, and I've got red hair.)

Am I in the right to be mad? Is calling the store going to do a damn thing?
Should I apply again or just forget about it?


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Best/Favourite emoticon(s)?

( ・_ゝ・)
=' т '=
none of these- I'll post in comments

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Is there a (well-known) musician out there whose talent can be appreciated by everyone, even if everyone doesn't personally like their music?

On the other hand, is there a musician you love, but has no real talent? (ex. Britney Spears)

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Do you tend to tell people if they're doing something that is bothering you or do you keep it to yourself?
What was the last thing that was bothering you (in relation to another person)?
Did you tell the person or keep it to yourself?

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When your room is seriously dirty and you have no inclination of cleaning it what do you do?

Completely unrelated, when you wake up after 1 does it make you feel like the day is completely wasted?
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because i am spastic and curious!

Poll #1390423 Either or!

Flat ass or ghetto booty?

Ghetto booty like Coco!
Flat ass like Kate Walsh!

Baklava or Flan?


Pencils you have to sharpen or clicky/mechanical pencils?

Pencils you have to sharpen!
Clicky/mechanical pencils!

Staples or paper clips?


Straight hair or curly?

Straight hair!
Curly hair!

Exclamation points or no exclamation points?

Exclamation points!
No exclamation points :(

Psychology or Sociology?


Golden Girls or Designing Women?

Golden Girls!
Designing Women!

Do you ever find yourself in a situation when you'd really like TQCs opinion, but where it is unrealistic to get it?
yes. i'd like to be able to ask tqc all of my questions when grocery shopping so the bagboy could get back to work
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Who  has the most annoying smirk?

Choose from anyone including a politician, actor, character, sport coach someone from public life or just anyone you know.

For me it's Nicole Kidman's new face followed by Peter Costello, an Australian politician.

JSTOR help please...

hiiiii if you can help me, please do! I need to locate this article:

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen’s ‘Crazy’ Thesis: A Critique of Hitler’s Willing Executioners

by Norman G. Finklestein, and JSTOR is not cooperating with me. Can anyone use their google-fu and find the full text for me, or advise me on how to use JSTOR and finding this hidden gem?

The paper on the goldhagen debate is due at the end of May, but I like to have my sources read and understood before I start in on it! :D

PS: I am so sad, Bea Arthur has passed on :( :(. Will you comfort me in this time of need?

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can anyone help me out?
i'm trying to use the random icon Greasemonkey script, but it's not working. :[
this was the only one i could find, and it doesn't look very popular so maybe that's my issue.
do i need to not have a default icon?
am i just missing something really obvious?

what's your favorite icon?

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Today, in order to keep my prestigious job at Papa John's, I was made to sign a paper that said, in part, that I would not speak critically on the Internet about their products, customers, team members, supply partners, officers, directors, shareholders, or anyone else remotely affiliated with them. In fact, if I talk about them at all (even if I'm not identifying myself as their employee), I'm to use the following disclaimer: Everything posted on this blog is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of my employer or those affiliated with my employer.

#1: Have you ever experienced anything like this?
#2: What is Papa John's HQ going to do with me, when they find this?
#3: What does this mean for the future of customers_suck?

( movie ) steve3.

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it's 9pm here and it's 75 degrees. but feels like 90 in the room i'm in and i'm getting heat flashes. IT'S ONLY APRIL. on tuesday it's supposed to be 93. god damn.

what temperature is it where you are?

if you're over this stupid weather or don't care, what's your favorite fast food meal?

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I can't hear the audio from youtube videos (or other internet video streaming sites), but the video works, and I can play music and the "test" for speakers also work. Anybody know what could be the problem?

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TQC, say you're baking or cooking, and you use a measuring cup for something that leaves no visible residue. Do you wash the measuring cup or do you put it away without washing it?

What was the last delicious thing you cooked/baked? The most delicious brownies in the entire world. OM NOM NOM. And right now I am in the process of making pâte à choux in the form of éclairs.

What was the last NOT so delicious thing you cooked/baked? Total FAIL whole wheat "bagels." :( They were terrible.
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my boyfriend and i are bickering and he is currently ignoring me. i don't have time to be sad because i have a ten page essay due tomorrow.

would anyone care to post a picture that will cheer me up right quick?

much appreciated!

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Are gift cards too impersonal for a very close friend's birthday?

I'm making cupcakes for her party. If I do rainbow cake, what color should I make the icing? Should I do super bright rainbow or more pale colors (for the cake)?
oy with the poodles already

birthday pressies

hey all my grandma is turning 75 this friday, and i need to get her a present.

(it is also getting colder, getting closer and closer to winter, so i want this to have some part of the present.)

she likes knitting & crocheting and isn't too well off financially

does anyone have any suggestions as to what to get for her?

editted to clarify some things
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Last week it was announced that some sort of micro-organism (I don't think it was even a living one) or something was found in the water in one of the state's reservoirs. All the towns that get their tap water from that reservoir (which includes mine) were told to boil our water for at least one minute before drinking it as a precaution. The advisory has been lifted for some of the towns affected, but not mine.

Has anything like this ever happened where you live? How were you affected? (I haven't really been affected since we have a water cooler that I usually drink from)

Would you drink boiled water?

They said that it was safe to shower or brush your teeth with the water without boiling it. Would you shower or brush your teeth with this water? Does it make a difference that the micro-organisms are probably not harmful to humans? (apparently, boiling the water is just a precaution)
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What a hill of beans

I got these beans called "red beans" and I thought they were kidney beans because they look like kidney beans. I soaked them for about ten hours and they still hadn't softened. Now I'm boiling them but they ain't gettin' any softer still. What am I doing wrong? And is there another kind of "red bean" that is not a kidney bean (they're not adzuki beans) that looks almost identical to a kidney bean?

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1:  I just painted my nails and now I have to pee.  Should I pee then repaint my nails or hold it?  I can probably hold it for another 15 mins.

2:  What is your favorite flavor of pudding?
I'm loving this vanilla. 
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grammar elite of TQC, i pose this question to you:

can you rephrase this so that it makes more sense?

"This was to ensure that as little as possible of the restituted dowry left the family."

or is it fine the way it is?

thank you very much

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Have you ever broken into/explored an abandon building? Why?

A friend of mine wants to explore an abandoned prison that is supposedly haunted. I'm kind of paranoid and worried that we're gonna find a body or something. Sounds kinda cool, though.
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i'm doing an online application for old navy

how do you feel about online "head game" job applications?

A customer is attempting to get you to do something that is against company policy. It will cost the company about $20. You tell her what the normal policy is and the customer gets very angry and threatens to tell all her friends about the bad service from your company. Your supervisor is unavailable. What would you do?

Get help from another supervisor

Do what the customer wants

Ask the customer to calm down before you will help her

Politely explain that you cannot override the policy

Ask a coworker for help

edit: now they're asking me to match clothes
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Due to a chain of hard-to-explain circumstances, I've been reading up on the Armenian genocide D:

1. Why don't they teach us this stuff in school?

2. What eras/regions/whatever were omitted from your history classes that you think should have been covered?

(Me, I always hated the focus on learning the same periods in US history eight times. Give us some more world history, dammit!)

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do you like dr pepper? why or why not?
what is your drink of choice?

i'm drinking dr pepper for the first time ever and i don't get the hype

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I was just wondering if anyone know what's up... My throat seems to be irritated but when I try swallowing, it doesn't feel like a sore throat. Is this just my imagination or some kind of sore throat?
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"A quote to an old song"
"A clip to a movie"

Is there a dialect where this kind of thing is actually correct? I'm seeing it everywhere today.

Also, I fell and skinned the palm of my hand. Will it heal faster bandaged or exposed to the air?


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We rode an NJ Transit train from Metropark to NYC and back this past weekend. As we were passing through Newark we could see the steel framework of what looked to be a large stadium going up - if it wasn't a stadium then it at least was torus-shaped and tall and big enough to be a stadium. Any idea what it is?

Kool Aid! Ooooyeah!

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Dear TQC,

Why does my pepperoni and cheese pizza taste like mushrooms?
(Note, there are no mushrooms on it, in it, or around it. It was in the fridge, there were no mushrooms in there as of late).

non srs answers preferred.