April 25th, 2009

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so, i'm about halfway through extremely loud & incredibly close by jonathan safran foer aaaaand i'm not entirely sure i care enough to finish reading it.

so, for those of you who've read it (or those of you who haven't), should i bother finishing it?

also, what's the last book you started but didn't finish?

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Decide what I should do with my life next year?
Should I stay home and teach homeschool kids Italian? Or should I leave home entirely and do something stupid like travel or get a job somewhere far away?

And in general, how are you doing tonight, TQC? I'm bored.


TQC, my roommate is fucking a girl in the shower RIGHT NOW.

What should I do to them that would be hilarious, but not cock-blocking?

EDIT: awww dammit they're done. Any OTHER ways you guys can think of that I could fuck with them (not literally)?

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TQC, I am nineteen years old.  Why do I want to get married and have a baby so badly?  WTF is this?  I have never wanted either of these things.

Should I get up and make a grilled cheese, egg, and bacon sandwich?

Why isn't the man I fancy on Xbox?  I know he's drunk, but last time he was drunk and on Xbox it was hilarious, and he told me things about his favorite appendage that he does not recall at all.

The Girliest Taco

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When you cry for a while, does it make your cheeks/the rest of your face feel sticky or stiff or something?
I feel like this is a weird and probably dumb question because of the stuff that's in tears, like the sodium and glucose and things, they'd interact with your skin and could make it feel weird, right? idk I'm tired and ~*emotionally drained*~, sorry if this is dumb.

Do you regularly put pepper on your food? I've always been a salt-only kind of person.


I'm kinda drunk. Just to test your god-given psychic powers, what phrases did I utter tonight in my inebriated state?

"No, occifer, I have not deen brinking tonight"
"I don't care why there was yetis in the Civil War. The important thing was that they were there"
"Hey, is that car in the wrong lane....or are we?"
"It's not just whiskey and coke...it's Makers and coke mmkay?"
"She has boobs you could smother a small child with. A small, suddenly-very-happy child"
"What the hell does low filter mean? Man, wavpad is a confusing somnabitch"
"Mmmm, noodle soup....I mean, mmmm.....soup!"
"Hah! My mastadon totally killed your bigfoot"
"I think that's Amanda Bynes. I'm going to ask her for her number " *scurries back later" "Dude, that isn't even a woman"
"Have fun being kidnapped"

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About what age do you stop calling females "girls" and start calling them women?  

What age do you stop calling males "boys" and start calling them men? 

What age did you consider yourself no longer a girl/boy but a man/woman?

Has that outlook changed as you've gotten older?

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So....the wife closed on the new house yesterday, the old phone is disconnected, she hasn't sent me the new phone number, or the new address, she isn't answering her cell or her e-mail.

Whats up with that?

Should I be ~concerned~??
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A few days ago I was eating something and it felt like a bit of it went in my nose. I blew my nose and a tiny piece of cheese came out the right side. Today the right side of the back of my throat and roof of my mouth hurt. The left side was normal temperature and the right side was definitely warmer. It feels like I have half a sinus infection. I did a sinus rinse right away and now it feels a little better. Should I go to the doctor immediately? Do another sinus rinse later and see how I feel tomorrow? Something else? I just dread going to the doctor more than anything so if it's avoidable I'd like to avoid it.

I'm going to die, y/n?
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Do you like Jane Austen's novels?

What about Pride and Prejudice specifically? I'm talking about the book, not any of the movie versions. (Although if you were influenced in your opinion by, say, Colin Firth, do tell me.)

I'm an English ed major and I'm passably fond of P&P but I know hardly anyone who will confess a love for Austen. It seems to be popular now to dislike her. Hopefully I am living in a bubble, but either way, I'm sure that you, dear TQCers, will give me a better picture of things.

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Bath or shower?

Do you prefer bar soap or shower gel?
What brand, fragrance?

What's the actual name for that puffy, netted ball thing that you use with shower gel?

When you bathe, do you insert a soapy finger into your anus?

How gross is your bathroom right now?
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 I was at 7-11 the other day, and saw a woman who looked a LOT like Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife. I didn't say anything to her, because I'm afraid of looking like a dumbass. I found out that afternoon, they are in my city filming an episode, so chances are actually pretty high it really was her. 

TQC, what would you do if you thought you saw a celebrity, but you're not sure? Am I the only one afraid of looking stupid?
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TQC, I have 2 kittens that are 4-5 weeks old. Is it too early to trim their nails? FWIW, the nails are clear and I can see the quick.

Should I try and litter train them?

Why does cat food smell like ass?

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oh my god i just got the worst fucking period cramps in the world. they hit me like a train, i took an ibuprofen 800 mg and nothing..

how do you kill your period cramps?
i usually indulge in some alcohol. but i have to work in an hour.... and uhm, its not looking good..

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Okay. I'm frustrated and I give up.

Someone in this community has a Supernatural icon of Dean and Sam in sleeveless shirts and it says "Can we come in?"

I stole that icon, and went to the makers community and added it to my bookmarks (after taking the icon I'm using now). But the bookmark was deleted.

So can someone either tell me who has the icon, or where I can find the creator of the one I'm using? 'cause I am losing my effin' mind.

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Do you think $70/month is good or bad for a phone service plan?  I would have unlimited texting, 900 minutes/month, and free calls to my five favorite people.  I added roadside assistance and the extended warranty as well.  I get a 17% discount with Verizon for working with Regal Entertainment Group, so I'm pretty attached to them.

If you don't think that's a good deal, what carrier do you use, and do you like them?  How much do you pay a month?

Sprint is also an option because I also get a discount there, but I like Verizon.

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1)How can I stop waking up at 4 am? I went to sleep at 9 last night, woke up at 4, and went back to sleep at 5:30 and slept til 12!

2)How many guns per family is within the norm?

3)Do you want to complain about something minor?

Man, I don't want to work all saturday in the summer.

Dr. TQC, i think im dying.

this morning i got up to fill up my water bottle and all of a sudden i felt like i was gonna throw up and shit at the same time. then i like went blind. I  COULD NOT SEE ANYTHING and my eyes were open. then i could not walk. i was just stumbling everywhere blindly. then i got wicked cold and started sweating and my joints were really stiff. i think i kinda blacked out for a minute because i dont remember going to sit on the bathroom floor.

what just happened to me?!?

why is my font doing weird things?
and why arent you outside?


Cell Phone Plans

I need to cut my expenses. What's the cheapest cell-phone plan out there? Or, even better, which one provides the best combination of price + value?

(ETA: I'm doing prepaid at the moment, but it's getting to be too expensive. Job hunting + family stuff going on = making a lot of calls at the moment. I just need something that gives me as many anytime minutes as possible for a decent price.)
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Your daughter is about to go get breakfast with her uncle. He is angry about something and tells you to "watch the 6 o'clock news tonight." You don't let him take your daughter, do you? What kind of person would?!

It's about this story I heard on the radio earlier. On the radio they made it sound like he told them to watch the news before he took her, but in the articles I've found they don't make it clear.
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If this happened at your high school reunion, would you be mad?

I have been reading a lot of negative comments from people on various news sources.  Personally, I would be amused, especially after learning the truth.


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So my sister and her friends made these speech-bubble-face-stick things (mostly my sister's work, so she gets to keep them) for their classmates to use when they do the usual school class photo thing. She won't let me use them for my own shoots, so I have to make my own. I don't want to repeat any of them, though. TQC, can you suggest some emoticons I can use on them?

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What brings you joy?

Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who is super-extra clingy, or someone who's emotionless and unaffectionate?

Do you ever get the feeling that your vagina is messing with you?

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Poll #1389933 Moovehs
This poll is closed.

TQC, which movie should I watch first??

Taxi Driver, in which Robert DeNiro tries to rescue Jodie Foster, a child prostitute
The Barkleys of Broadway, the last film Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers made together
My Favorite Wife, in which Cary Grant runs into his long-lost-and-presumed-dead-wife on his way to his new bride's honeymoon suite
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer in which Cary Grant is forced to go out with a teenaged Shirley Temple until she gets over her crush on him
Ben Hur
Other; I shall explain my choice to you through interpretive dance
Sunny Sunflowers


 Anyone think this is cheating or at least sketchy?
The synopsis of the situation is you are dating someone, guy in this case for me, and they end up sleeping at a hotel room drunk with their male cousin and your female friend?

Also, why don't I want to go to work today?
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What do you do when you're making something for a client/someone/whoever and they're requsting something truly awful that goes way beyond bad taste? Imagine it's not that you don't like it personally, but it's really pretty awful.

Do you:
a) take their money and do whatever they're asking, and put your work out there for the whole world to see
b) try to talk them out of it completely with sound arguments
c) try to compromise
d) don't do it, forget the money, and save yourself from the shame
e) something else (clarify)

If you picked b or c and they won't listen?

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Was invited to my first Tupperware party tonight. Excited to go and hang out with the girls but not sure what to expect at the party.

If you have been to one, are they fun? Price friendly? Details please :)

If you don't care or haven't been to one, What are your Sat. night plans?

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Darling TQC, how do I inform my friend that I am socially inept, and therefore, she should not try and force me to hook her up with some guy she and I barely know?

If that wording was weird, she's telling me to call some guy so that I can hook her up. The best I've ever done is scare people away with my incredible lack of social skills. How do I get this point across?

If you don't care, why is the wind coming through my window so musical?
doctor who - tardis

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What's a great inside joke you have with your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend?

I was being snarky and informed my boyfriend he was packing 6 inches, and that it was a compliment. In fact, he's at least 3 inches longer. So now, just out of the blue, we'll look at each other and go 'six inches!' with our fingers about an inch apart.

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I picked up a really cool glass at a flea market but it's filled about a third of the way with wax, as though somebody had used it to hold a candle at some point.
What's the best way to get the wax out? It's not really large enough to reach in and just scrape out.
Truck Tipping
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I got an email from a classmate asking for a metric butt-load of my notes. I helped him out once in the past when he missed a lecture for a legit reason. The notes he's asking for this time include a lecture that is available online so even though he missed class he could watch it himself whenever he wants, and the other material is for classes he attended and could have taken notes himself. I'm pretty annoyed because while I'm happy to help people out, he's pretty much asking me to do his work for him.

Should I just ignore the email or should I respond telling him why I'm not going to help him? How do I gently point out that he's being lazy, and should do his own work?

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Have you ever taken the test to become a chacha guide?
If so, did they ask you the same question twice? I just took one and got the same question and now I'm nervous that I did everything wrong =[

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I'm supposedly going to meet my boyfriend's parents in bumfuck nowhere this upcoming weekend. What are some things to do in a town where the population of horses trumps that of humans 2:1?

PS. It's supposed to be moderately warm, I think.

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i was working in an art class room two days ago and after ten minutes of being there, a girl came in and told me that there were tables covered in wet resin and that the room was highly toxic. so, i left and worked out in the hallway about 10 feet away from the room. the next day (yesterday) i assumed it was safe since the room had been ventilated and the tables were gone, and worked in the room for three hour. i woke up this morning feeling terrible. is there any thing that will make me feel better from being exposed to these chemicals? ..... :(

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So my friend hooked me up with one of his single friends. We've been talking for two months, and he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes. But now I think we are rushing things. Pink hat.


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I live in an apartment in a college town. Lately I've been waking up at night to what I think is the sound of my mailbox opening and shutting. So, the drunkards are sifting through my mailbox.

Can you give me some effective ways to make them stay off my property/stop trying to steal my mail? I do not like the idea of drunks on my front porch while I'm sleeping.

Tonight I put an envelope in the mailbox that says "smile for the camera :)" on the front in hopes to give them a scare. yes/no?

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Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart?

America or Canada?

Goldfish or Betta?

What's something that just made your day great?
While at work today, I watched a lady write out a check and actually write the R for Toys R Us backwards!

If nothing great has happened, what do you wish would happen?

If you're American, do you prefer to be addressed as "Nation.." or "America.."?
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Is it unreasonable to ask the people downstairs to be quiet because they're being really obnoxiously loud and shouting drunken obscenities on their patio just below my daughter's window?

I feel like I shouldn't ask them to be quiet, because they're just hanging out on their own property, but damn if I haven't had to go calm down my daughter and coax her back into sleep three or four times in the last thirty minutes. =[

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I made $200 today. Should I blow it all on booze and fly women or invest in my retirement?
Does beer make your asshole just a little bit looser? Just a little more relaxed?
Is it okay to poke through a stranger's dresser and closet if they aren't home and all the pictures in the room are of a sweet piece of tail?

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one time when i was having sex with this guy who knew my love for Zelda, he yelled right as we was coming, "here comes the hookshot!" and it was very lolzy to me. What's the funniest sex you ever had?

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Where in the heck did I leave off on Majora's Mask? I haven't played in months, and can't remember where I was.

Will I ever actually get into Grand Theft Auto IV?

Why can't I find Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Xbox anymore?!

What's your favorite video game ever?
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TQC, my state has swine flu.  How long until I die?

My bff's birthday party is tonight and pretty much the specific point of her party is to get drunk, but I don't drink.  How should I use my sobriety to my advantage?

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Do you have any movie recommendations for me? I like thrillers, horror, action/adventure, and some comedies. I'm not a big fan of romantic comedies, so if you're going to suggest one please note if it is even the tiniest bit lame.
Harold and Kumar-"Thank you"

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This is kind of vague, so I'm going off what I remember. Little there is.

A couple years ago there was a cheesy horror movie that came out that
was a change up-play up on words of another horror release that came out
about six months earlier. I remember it was a really bad zombie movie and
part of the movie was shot in a movie rental store. I remember that the cover
art for the movie had a green haze in the back and had three people standing
on the front, with a bigger, heavyset man in the middle. They may or may
not have been holding guns.

I've tried searching for this movie, but I've not been successful.

Thank you in advance. Please help me to stop obsessing about this movie.

I know what it is now. It's called Hide and Creep. Thank you for those who
tried to help me. Phew. No more thinking about it now.

miss argentina

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Have you ever won anything like "Win a Trip to the Playboy Mansion!" or "Spend a Day with you Favorite Recording Artist" or similar?

Or - have you won anything at all? What was that like for you?
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This is a sign that I've lived in apartments WAY too long.

When you paint a bedroom, you leave the woodwork white, right? I mean, assuming that it's not just wood-colors anymore.

But what about the closet door - do you leave it white as well, or paint it the color of the room or something else?

sing it, ya'll.

HEY! which of these songs kinda make you wanna sing HEY!????!

hey hey my my - neil young
hey nineteen - steely dan
hey there delilah - plain white ts
hey you - pink floyd
hey good lookin' - hank williams
hey jude - the beatles
hey negrita - rolling stones
hey joe - jimi hendrix
hey ya - outkast
hey tonight - creedence clearwater revival
hey porter - johnny cash
hey paula - paul & paula
hey hey hey hey! - the beatles
hey hey what can i do - led zepp
oh suzer, HEY, i was wondering when the poll would come back, but i dunno all these songs.

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Why the hell do I go through at least one entire ink cartridge per semester?

How lame is it that I do this?

Where the hell is a good place to get some cheap ink? These things are too stupid-expensive for me to have to keep buying more all the time.
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It is super cool if I start saying, "This I command!" after every declarative statement I make, y?

Are you watching the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency? Isn't it just as great as the books?

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Is $48 is a good deal on an eye exam for a glasses prescription?

What are some distinctly 'American' things to say? Ex. "bloody brilliant" is British and "mate" is Aussie, what about Americans?

Do you have any good eating habits?
I don't like sweets, so I don't eat them.

My nail bed tends to itch a little after I cut my nails. It feels kind of satisfying, like peeling an orange. Is that weird? What do you find weirdly satisfying? (Cleaning ears, pulling out belly lint...c'mon.)

How often do you ask questions in TQC?