April 24th, 2009


TQC, I just left the party at my friend's place early because I didn't really know anyone there that well and I'm sort of socially awkward.

Where can I meet other people (IRL) who are also socially awkward, so we can be socially awkward together (or our awkwardness will cancel each other out?).

If you're socially awkward, how do you handle talking to people you don't know?

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so the guy i'm crushing on who i think might have a crush on me has a lip ring on the opposite side i have mine. he has a hoop and i have a stud. based on the fujita scale, what's the likelihood if we made out they'd snag and we'd tear each others' lips up?

ALSO, WHAT THE HELL IS HITTING MY WINDOW? it sounds like tiny pebbles! and dear god, i'm on the first floor!!!
The Receptionist Classic

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TQC, this is very very urgent. I am trying to think of a song and my brain will not let any of it pop up, so now I need your help. The song I'm trying to think of is by a band of the newish swing sound, like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, etc. Only I don't know what the 'etc' is because my brain is being a twatwaffle. This will drive me crazy if I do not figure it out.

What are some bands similar to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Brian Setzer Orchestra?

Edit: Oh, nevermind. My husband found the stack of mixed CDs and the one this song is on was in there. I think I was headed in the total WRONG direction thinking it was similar to BBVD, but it's Space. Space is the band I'm looking for. You may proceed to provide bands, though, since I am enjoying the trip down memory lane. :D

Because tqc_wow is pretty much dead

I did the Direct Install for the Burning Crusade expansion[where you don't buy a whole box/CD-rom/retail key; you just buy it online]. But it doesn't work. At all.
It's showed up on my card charges, under pending charges, but I don't have anything resembling an install thing.
Any of you WoWers had this problem? How'd you fix it [other than calling Blizzard]?


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my washer has held my clothes hostage and wont give them back to me. its one of those maytag stacked washer dryers where the dryer is on top of the washer part. my dad took it all apart and claimed he fixed it but now it keeps going cycle after cycle it must be on its 10th cycle by now. the thing is the door is on lock and when i scroll the thing too stop it automatically clicks to another cycle.
what the fuck do i do?

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Dear TQC,

I work at a movie theatre and one of the projectionists LOVES to scare the living hell out of me whenever I'm upstairs.  There are lots of places to hide and he takes great delight in using all of them to his advantage.  He might be the only person to have elicited my girliest screams.  Do you think he is flirting with me?

What is the best way you have scared someone you work with?  Do you have any good ideas for me to get him back?

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tqc, i can't dress myself. i want to look cute today and it's going to be like 73 and i want to impress this guy that's on crew with me since all he's seen me wear so far are black pants and black long sleeve shirts. these are my options:

for skirts: one is high waisted, black, and pleated, and the other is just kinda full and is green on top and fades to teal at the bottom. they're both knee length.

for shirts: i have v necks in almost every color but black, and also this but in light grey.

for shoes: black suede flats with silver glitter detail, bright pink canvas flats, pointy red fake leather flats, and silver sequined flats. i have heels but i don't want to dress up TOO much.

for purses: i have a big purple one and a big zebra print one.

Self cleaning

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Say you want to call or text a person. And you don't know with 100% certainty what time they usually get up for the day or what time they usually go to bed. Generally speaking:

How early do you feel is to early to call/text?
How late is too late to call/text?

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TQC, my bff in the whole wide world is coming up to visit. Should we stay outside of Boston, or go into Boston on Saturday?

Have you ever been to Boston? Did you like it?
What's your favourite thing to do there?

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TQC, I feel out of style.

Where do you suggest I could find great ideas do clothes for the ~larger woman~ (I'm not that huge-o) for summer that don't look like mu-mus or give me that "oh god, what did she just stuff herself into?" look?

Also, cheaper is better, lol. I do not care whatsoever about label :P
Beast mode!

Help TQC!

What would you wear to a Friday night barbecue? Weather is sunny and clear and in the 60s. Also, you'll be meeting your new boyfriend's friends and coworkers for the first time, so you need to look good.
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Grad school thoughts

 I'm only a freshman at college right now, but grad school is already on my mind. I already know my dream grad school, and of course i know things could change, but anyway... 

So I'm wondering how amazing/talented you need to be to get into grad school? This grad school isn't med or law school; it's not Columbia or Harvard or anything, but I was reading about some of the student's bios and they have done amazing things. 

So yeah, how amazing DO you need to be to get into grad school? My GPA as of now is in the low 3.0 range, but hopefully that will improve next year. I'm involved in things, but I think i should be involved in more (this year is sort of over for now though), and I haven't started anything or done any cool leadership things. 

Maynard pen
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Have you ever been watching TV with closed captions on and noticed the caption staying on longer than it was intended?

For example, I just saw an ad for the new Matthew McConaughey movie, and at the bottom of the screen it said, "deoderant that won't quit." That was pretty funny, since Matthew McConaughey looks like he smells.
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What do I do with the bed?

I'm renting a room and when my lease is up I am moving far away. My flight is really early in the morning. I'll probably have to leave around 6 a.m. Anyway, I can live for a couple of weeks without a desk and dresser, but what can I do with my bed when I move out? I don't have a car or any way to take it to a dump or anything.

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TQC, I have a big 'event' to go to tomorrow, nothing extravagant but I want to look nice. Can you post some photos of funky hairstyles to wear out?

Collapse )

Will you post a photo of your favorite pair of shoes?

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So, I am applying for a job that requires two letters of reference. I got one of the letters already, but the woman I asked for the second one still hasn't gotten back to me, even though I said I needed it by yesterday. How much am I allowed to hassle her? Or should I try to find somebody new, even though I really only have until the end of today to get one? (for the record, I asked her over a week ago and she said she would do it.)

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My birthday is on Monday, I am going to bake a cake for my friends and myself to eat at lunch.

Do you like cake? Did you do anything impulsive on your 18th birthday? What was it?

I have cramps :( do you?

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My wife is closing on our new home tomorrow, but she hasn't given me the adress, she also hasn't given me the new phone number yet.
What kind of suprise am I going to be in for when I go on R&R next month??

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Recently I received my phone bill, and instead of the usual amount I pay there was an extra charge for a number which cost 25 quid.
I phoned up my provider and they said the number was for a 'adult recorded storyline'.

I wasn't in at the time this call was made, no one else could have made it.

About a week before the call was supposedly made there was a man outside my house in a van, who was just sitting using a laptop for half a hour before he drove away. I noticed him because i'd never seen the car before, and I live on a fairly quite street so it's unusual to see anyone new.

When I phone on my landline, that the call was charged to, it says number not recognized and when I call from my mobile it says the number has been barred from callling that number, which shouldn't be happening as my mobile providers are different from my landline provider.

Is it possible someone hacked my phone line? If yes, how could they do it?

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This summer I'm moving for the first time to an apartment near my university. The apartment seems good, and pretty spacious for one person, BUT it's not allowed to paint the walls any color but white unless I paint it back to white before moving out.

Does anyone have any nice ideas to give the room a lot of color without painting it?

My boyfriend's mother told me she'd seen somewhere pictures of a type of cover with pretty colors and designs, that you could place on the walls and remove easily without affecting the paint. Does anyone here know what she's talking about?

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Should I get dressed and go to Ruidoso?

It's an hour away, and I have nothing to do until five or six, and it's 11:15.

Edit: Or should I just go now, in my semi undressed state, and shake the town up?
Kissing Parts

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So, my SO and I just went through a rather acrimonious breakup. However, this is not a "please cheer me up" question. It's a custody scenario question.

Collapse )

ETA: Thanks guys, you're awesome. I feel a little better. :D

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My friend sent a pic of herself that she took with her camera to my phone while I was on my way to lunch with her. She then told me that she sent the pic by accident and could I please delete it because it's embarassing. Now, I'm pretty confident it's not anything gross, but I'm just really curious. Anyway, my question is not whether or not I should open the pic (I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" but I'm going to do it anyway) but whether she can tell that I've opened the pic from my phone? Or does it depend on the phone? Also if you want to dissuade me from opening it, that too.

ETA: This was really just a specific question about cell phone technology and not about whether I should open a picture and put it online.
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So, TQC, I've been offered a job in the town I grew up in, which is three hours away from the city I live in now. The job is full-time for four months and pays $25 dollars an hour. My current job is part-time and pays $8.60 an hour. Seems pretty sweet, huh?

The problem is that my boyfriend of three and a half years lives in this city. We've already done the long distance thing for two and a half years and I really, really don't want to go back to that.

If you were in this position, what would you do?

Poll #1389310 Monies or Lovinz?

Take the job or stay near SO?

Move home and take the job
Stay in the city with SO

No matter what I will be living in the city with my boyfriend next Septemeber, but four months is a long time... :(


So I'm making vodka jelly for a party tommorow. The jelly mix requires 2 cups of liquid. I have some kiwifruit flavoured vodka (the jelly is strawberry).

What proportion of the liquid should be vodka, to ensure optimum wobbliness and jellyrific goodness, while still getting me drunk?

Halp me TQC, you're my only hope!
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freaking out!

Hey guys! This summer I'm moving to an apartment for the first time alone, to live in an apartment close to university. I'll only be there on school days, since I live only about an hour away from home.

I've been very exciting about this since things at college will be a lot easier next semester without having to travel one hour each way, everyday. Plus, I know it will be a great experience. But it's freaking me out that I will be living alone in my apartment, and there's plenty of criminality in some places of that city, and I'm a scaredycat when it comes to those things...

If you've lived alone before, how long did it take you guys to get used to living alone?

How old were you?

Do you have any advice for me to get used to it faster?

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My son is turning 20 in about a week and I have no idea what to get him.  When I ask he isn't much help either.  Any ideas of cool gadgets, etc that a 20 yr old might like?

He is a student, has his own car, into video games (Xbox)....

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Which of the following Hitchcock movies have you seen?

To Catch A Thief
North By Northwest
Dial M for Murder
Rear Window
The Man Who Knew Too Much
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
The Birds
Strangers on a Train
other (please tell in comments)

What is your favorite Hitchcock movie?

Zone Alarm?

Okay, I have a slight problem with my partner's computer. It started up yesterday when I was using it, I was trying to access the internet and of course, he's got Zone Alarm on the system and it starts up. Being technologically moronic, I clicked 'deny' and 'don't ask me again' because I thought it was something trying to access the computer, making the system lag and chug horrifically. Well, what happened was that the internet was completely disabled, save for programs like MSN and STEAM, which worked, while you couldn't access Mozilla/whatever. Pages, if you will.

Well, I checked the system, and eventually got it working when I found that Firefox that been marked as 'blocked' and I clicked allow. It worked again for the rest of the night, but now refuses to work. I checked everything but it still doesn't work, even though I've got the router and the cable hooked up to my laptop (which is working, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this).

Now, have I fucked my partner's computer up, or is Zone Alarm still dicking with it somewhere, and can I somehow 'reset' it's values so it doesn't want to keep blocking the internet anymore? I'm sorry for the wall of text, but I've been trying to see what's wrong for the last few hours and it's really pissing me off.

Much love to anyone who can help me out with this.
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What are some good free/cheap webspace providers? I used to use the free webspace from my ISP, but I cancelled my service and now I share a connection with my best friend, who is using all that webspace herself. All I require is 50mb and ftp uploading.

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I won tickets to this, Tuesday, 4/28 at 7:30 pm in Boston, Ma. :

ClimACTS 20th Anniversary Spectacle with Stunning Circus Athletes, hosted by international cult-superstar Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls). Features: Provocative Performances - Acrobatic juggling twins, The LaSalle Brothers - Tightwire walker Sarah Schwarz - Go-Go Dancers - P'town's best DJ Maryalice - Exotic Open Bar - Gourmet Circus Fare - And our raucous live auction with infamous packages: Global Fluffer - Yankees/Red Sox - Gay-Friendly African Safari, and more. Auction proceeds benefit True Colors: Out Youth Theater.

Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls will be hosting and doing a 2 song set. I can't find anyone to come with me, but tickets retail at $175, so I'd feel really bad going alone or dragging my entirely disinterested husband. What do I do? Wanna go?

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Why is my girlfriend so financially irresponsible and gullible?

She's constantly having money taken from right under her nose. Like the $9/month maintenance fee on her checking account that should not be there, but has been there for 2 years now, which she says has not actually been there (Um... it's on all of the statements...)

This latest issue is due to her gym charging her an extra month after she cancelled her membership, and tacking a late fee onto it because they never actually cancelled the account like they were supposed to. And she seems okay with this.

Tell me, why is this acceptable to her?

And for the record, we do not have disposable income--we're broke, and we'll both be unemployed come May 1st.

(no subject)

1. what websites do you check first when you get online?
2. have you ever been fired? why?
3. if you live in an apartment or have before, what are some things you've complained about to  the manager?
4. Have neighbors ever complained about you/to you (in an apartment complex or otherwise)? Why?

(I ask because we got a note on our door this morning from the manager saying to stop dropping our cigarette butts on the patio below us. But we put them in an ashtray, AND have a rug down so nothing slips between the boards...so I don't know why they complained.)

ETA: 5. Should my husband and I go to Wales for our honeymoon (where I've always wanted to go) OR should we buy a house? (We got married last month AND we'd be first time house buyers)

(no subject)

1)Would you take drugs to enhance your mental performance?

2)Have you heard of people taking drugs like Adderall for school purposes? what do you think about that?

3)Is your summer going to be filled with awesomeness?

eta:do you think our culture pushes us all to do too much?
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Do you eat a variety of foods day in and day out, or are you one of those people who only eats a few foods for days at a time, then switch gears and not touch that food for a long time and switch to something else?

If you are the latter, what are you eating/craving right now?
Kill Bill - Elle
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What are some national (USA, specifically, but participate elsewhere too!) chains that you think/know hire just about anybody, and frequently?
Where do you work?
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My dad's diabetic and he asked me to pick up syringes on my way to his house. I went to walgreens and the girl gave me the wrong size. I realized this after I had paid, but had only taken a few steps.
I told her this and she went to change them out, but then some snotty girl behind her goes "NO RETURNS ON NEEDLES!" I tried to say something but she cut me off and said "NO EXCHANGES, IT'S A LAW!!"
She was a bitch.
I googled and couldn't find anything other than laws on sales. Can you return/exchange an unopened, in-tact pack of syringes? (I'm in Illinois)

(no subject)

What country has the lowest legal drinking age?  I'm not sure if I phrased that as best as I could but I think you get the point.

ETA:  Do you like pie?  What's your favorite kind?

(no subject)

what the hell should i do all weekend? i have nothing to do between now and 4 PM on Sunday when i go to work for 3 hours and then go off to see Flight of the Conchords. i've got wine, A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back tonight so i think i'm covered but what should i do tomorrow?

BONUS QUESTION: does it blow anyone else's mind that Harrison Ford was already 35 in A New Hope?


Thank you for the lovely helpful answers to those who did indeed answer. The rest, you may ignore this, since people obviously don't like this post. :)
Very sorry.

I think I was the reason to my mom's breakup with her fiance three years ago.

Here's the story in a nutshell, they met they were both on the verge of divorce, and they started going out, he was really nice but I had to be a major pig-child and annoy the hell out of my mom because I was constantly jealous.
When he actually applied for a divorce his wife decided to kill some of his nerve cells.
End result: he has his own problems, he's moody, that makes my mom moody, I managed to make my mom hysterical, he didn't like all the pressure, he left her.

Three years later, my mother still loves him, he's been supporting us financially, but meeting us only once or twice a year... He's been going out with random women but doesn't get involved. We pretend we don't know.

Now I'm feeling incredible guilt for making my mom so unhappy. She's 42 and she's lonely... I'm leaving for uni in a year, she'll end up alone, or marry some stupid fuck.

I need to do something, I know he still cares because of everything he's doing for us. He knows she still loves him, how do I let him know that she isn't going to wait all life? I can't NOT get into this because I am practically his adopted daughter.

I'm the worst person alive...

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books/writing - german words


What would be a good title for a short film about some crazy time-travelers dropping in on a failed novelist as he's trying to write? Note: they aren't helpful time-travelers and the whole thing is in German. Srs and non-srs answers welcomed (though I don't know how you could manage the former when it's time-travel we're dealing with).
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okay, so my boyfriend, roommate and i were talking about dogs the other day and our roommmate said something about this little wolf/husky type mixed dog.
neither of us can remember the name of it now, and i wanted to look it up and squee over pictures of it.
i think it started with an 'a'...maybe.

anyone know of a small-ish, husky/wolf dog, that may or may not start with an 'a'?

cute animal pictures?

(no subject)

i think my manager is stealing from our store.
im a waitress , and one of the other girls money has come up missing.
its only her, and this isnt the first time its happened. it happens all the time, and they're always tables that are regulars and always tip. and the drawer has come up missing money.

Have you ever had any managers steal from the place you work at ?

(no subject)

1. Are you going on any sort of vacation this summer?
2. What's the best site for finding the cheapest flight tickets?
3. Do you keep in touch with anyone you graduated high school with?
4. Tell me about your most recent/hilarious drunken adventure. I'm all alone at work! ;(
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(no subject)

TQC, I am soo bored of doing the same things all the time. Will you give me some new and interesting things to do with my life, either ling term or short term?

ETA: yeah, alright, I meant long term.

(no subject)

What are ya up to, TQC?

I am watching Clueless and painting my finger and toenails with my roommate. I really just thought this was fucking awesome and wanted to share it with as many as possible. But now I am curious about what you people are doing! 

EDIT!: Have you seen Clueless?!?! How many times? What is your age and gender?!


(no subject)

My current cell phone is giving me problems. It vibrated for two days straight(over easter, so I couldn't take it into the shop) and now even after it's been fixed, it sometimes vibrates for 10-20 minutes or emits a high pitched ring when I have it open. As a result, I think I'll get a new phone in Sept(when I am eligible for an upgrade).

What phone do you have? Do you like it? Pros and cons?

Has anyone ever used a Samsung Gravity? What about a Samsung Propel?

I'm with Rogers Wireless, if that helps. And also, I can't get an iPhone. Too expensive.
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(no subject)

If you sign up for the US Army, does that pretty much guarantee you are going to Iraq or Afghanistan? Does it make a difference if you sign up to go through the Officer Candidate School?

(no subject)

My boyfriend doesn't care much to watch scary movies, TQC. I've slowly been trying to convince him to watch "good" scary movies (psychological/creepy/mindfuck as opposed to guts-flying-everywhere-torture-porn). I've got The Thing, Alien/Aliens, Red Dragon, and The Shining in mind so far. What suggestions would you have along those lines?

He hates Halloween (John Carpenter's original) and Cube. And he thinks watching truly awful bad movies (like Plan 9 or Robot Monster or Graveyard Shift) for the sake of hilarity is a waste of time. What is wrong with him? :C

Have you ever successfully completed a game of RISK? How long did it take?
Ruth Etting

(no subject)

When you write emails, do you always start with a greeting? How often do you use the person's name in the greeting?

What do you think when you receive an email that has no greeting or name at the top, it just begins with the body of the message? Does this seem discourteous, even if the tone of the message itself is respectful?

(no subject)

I have been seeing a girl for 5 months. We live 56 miles apart. We spend the weekends together, Saturday evening until Sunday evening, though usually she has errands and stuff to do, so I have to leave earlier.
Of those weekends for the past 5 months, I have either driven or taken the bus all but 4 times, but I've also gone down for a few hours during the week about 4 times, so let's call it an even 20 times that I've traveled 112 miles, 2.5 hours in the car, 6 hours on the bus (round trip.)

You with me? (not the question)

She owns a car but has only agreed to come up here twice. She refuses to take the bus. There is no use in trying to reason with her on the subject, she won't be swayed. On all subjects, she's very stubborn.

It's so frustrating, and the couple times that I've complained, she has gotten really upset and said that she works all week and likes to have her weekends to try to get things done around the house, do things she can't do on weeknights, etc.

I work too, and up to this point, I have been the one making the compromises.

She has told me that during the summer when the weather is crappier where she lives, she'll come visit me more often, but my work is going to be getting busier (yeah, I'm a cabana boy) so it might not work out.

1) What should I tell her?

Also: I've told her I loved her, many times. She's not been in many relationships, and she has yet to tell me she loves me. She gets emotional over me, and she cares a lot about my living situation, but refuses to shed any sort of affectionate word upon my ear.

2)Is that normal or am I just clingy?

(no subject)

I just moved house and discovered I had about 20 types of body lotion/moisturiser, and more scarves than you could shake a stick at.

Do the things you own get together and breed just before you move house?
What do you own way too many of?
Flaming Sikozu

(no subject)

My sister is very unhappy with her body right now, she's thin and pretty but still pushes herself to work out and diet as much as she can. Her birthday is coming up and I want to get her something that will help her feel good about herself.
She isn't a big reader but I was thinking of a book because she can come back to it again and again if/when she needs it.
Can you recommend any titles or anything else that might give her a boost?
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(no subject)

My Mum is actually doing my head in.

She lives with me and most of the time I'm at my boyfriends place but when I am here, I don't get 5 mins peace. She's always coming and asking questions, talking about nothing at all or when I try and ignore her she talks to herself.

Ideally I would ask her to shut up for a bit and give me some peace, some 'me time' but she's difficult. If I actually say this she'll most likely either go in a mood with me and get angry or start crying. Either way I'll feel like a twat for saying anything.

All I want is some peace, time to myself, to be able to watch tv in my own house without her bugging me every 5 mins.

How would you suggest I go about dealing with this?
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(no subject)

I went out and had 'pre-drinks' with a few workmates before I planned to meet a friend of mine. He was a douche and cancelled on me, now I'm just drunk and angry at home alone.

What should I do?

(Clearly 'get drunker, call him and abuse* him' is the only answer, but I thought I'd just throw this out there.)

*This is the word I am best at spelling in the world, just FYI.
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computer people, i need you.

I was casually watching Kathy Griffin's new special online yesterday when multiple things started downloading and IE popped up unexpectedly---and everything went downhill from there.

Long story short, my computer barely runs at all now, multiple viruses made their way in, and I can only get it to move in Safe Mode.

I'm trying to copy My Music, Pictures, and the important documents that I need.. but my computer won't recognize a USB cable in Safe Mode (I'm running XP btw).

PLEASE HELP TQC! How can I back up my files to put on a different computer? I can't lose all this stuff. :(

(I've also tried putting them in Zip files and RAR files, but errors always occur..)
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(no subject)

Do any of you have the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" macro that's got 3 versions of it (the original and a couple generic brands with equally silly names), and it has them labeled something like "Faith. Hope. Reason."? plz&tyvm bbs

And since that'll get answered quick, how do you prefer to eat your ice cream? Cup, cone, straight from the soft-serve nozzle? And if a cone, what kind?

(no subject)

 You have two friends: A & B (both late 20's, early 30's) and you are C. A&B are also friends. A&C are really close friends just as A&B are. Everyone has been friends for 5+ years.

A accuses C of something and a falling out ensues. B says leave me out of it, you are both my friends.

Then B stops returning C's calls, emails, etc.

How would you react to this? Would you write both of them off? Would you be mad at B for obviously not staying out of it?

(no subject)

30 Rock fans, what's your favorite stuff about the show(scenes, quotes, running themes, characters)?

i love all the frustrated exclamations Liz has, like nerts, blergh, dag.
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Isobel Mahariel

(no subject)

What's the largest phone bill you've ever had or seen?

My friend's was over 10k once.

Edit: He was being charged by the KB (or something) for internet access, when he was supposed to have a plan that gave unlimited internet access for $10 or so a month. It was his parents using the internet on the phones to surf ebay that jacked up the price.

Edit 2: I just called him. The bill is now up to a little over 17k. HOWEVER, when this first happened, they did recalculate the bill and he only had to pay what he actually owes. It's just that they still haven't fixed the bill to reflect that, so every time he logs into his account, it says he still owes over 17k when he doesn't.

(no subject)

I have an jpg image that says its 248 X 350. Any program I open it in, opens it as a 248 X 350 image. But when I use gimp2 it shows the small preview of the image, and I can clearly see that it is not a 248 X 350 image and that the picture is actually larger, probably like 500 X 400.

What can I do to view the whole image? I'm thinking I'll have to download something to change the image attributes, but I don't know what.
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(no subject)

I got a puppy today. I fed him, he peed, we played, and he has a blankie to snuggle into but he's really restless. I think it's from being separated from his family. Is there anything else I can be doing to calm him down?

EDIT: you were right, he passed the fuck out as soon as he got on my bed