April 22nd, 2009

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Will you post funny homework pictures, like the "where is x? here" stuff to distract me? For those of you who student teach/actually teach, do you really see stuff like that?

For my part, I give you Planes, Trails, and Plantains and they didn't study.

Fess up, TQC...have you ever put a smartass answer down?

For one of my DBQs in APUSH, I started writing out this excellent answer, then realized that I was in the wrong time period. So I crossed it out and put "I don't know, but here's a smiley face :)", but that's the extent of my rebellious testing

wow, major html fail. serves me right for waiting until 2 a.m. to write a speech :(

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I want to get over some things in my past and I'm having a very hard time with it.
What helps you get over things for good?

I have unresolved issues with people I will never talk to so I can't send a message sealing things off for good. At the same time I don't want the past eating me alive....

Each time I think I'm getting over it something snaps and I'm right where I started.
Kill Bill - Elle
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I work at Home Depot and ffff it's been 90 to 100 degrees outside, so naturally I'm sweating my ass off and getting generally nasty. My work uniform is jeans, shorts, or capris, but I don't own shorts (might not own capris either), and a blouse or collared shirt. What changes can I make to my ~outfit~ or to my getting ready preparations to help cool me off? Or am I FUCKED?

What the last thing that made you go "fuuuuuuuck" out loud?
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If you get sugar in an infected tooth, can it make it feel like your skull is about to split in two?

Edit: Do you believe people are generally either a math and science person, or an English and history person? If you do believe that, which type are you? 
I am definitely English and history. I'm a dork about them. :)
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Oh hai TQC!

So I finally made it to Australia...and I have the worst cramps ever. Can any Australian TQCer recommend something I ought to take? We have Midol in Canada, and of course it's the one thing I've forgotten!
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TQC, I need to get a gift for Mom's son's daughter's nieces cousin.
.... what should I get?

alternatively, how in the world is TQC supposed to know what to get for the people around you?

what's a gift you pride your "gift giving" skills on? if you don't, what's the worst gift you have ever received?


Anyone else move to the west coast from the east coast (or vice versa) and sorely miss a chain store / food franchise?

I wish we had Wawa out here.
Also, I'm seriously craving some Moe's Burritos right nowwww.
Welcome to moeeeeeeeeeee's!

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I just started using Mint.com and I think it's great, but does anyone know of similar software or a website where I can keep track of my groceries, how much money I spend on what, etc. in the same sort of way?

Do you use mint.com or another personal spending software/website? What was most surprising to you about your spending habits?
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1. Who is on your list of people who can never do prank calls because his/her voice is too recognizable?

(For example; Christopher Walken. That man would never be able to get away with doing a prank phone call.)

ME: Hello?
WALKEN: Ah...say, is your fridge...you know, running?
ME: Is this Christopher Walken?
WALKEN: *click*

2. Inspired by Raw Milk Facts;

Would you drink raw milk based on these facts or would believe the FDA who says that it's dangerous and abstain from it?

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Do joints and stuff really ache with the weather? Or is it a medical myth?

Doctors tell me it's a myth, but my elbow only aches on rainy days. The physical fitness students I know say it's true.


my car battery is dead, and i dont have my mothers number so i cant get a ride from her, and my roadside service is suspended. i cant go to class or rehearse for my performance on friday unless my mom gets home. fml.

whats the last thing to piss you off? 

eta-mom is home, yay!

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For the last few days, every time I chew and sometimes just when I swallow I'm getting a sharp pain up my right cheek from my jaw to my ear.  I also get it when I clench my teeth to a lesser extent.
Any idea on what this might be? I've never had any dentistry work or ear infections, but I'm on three medications. Thoughts?

Also, where in the world are you?
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I would like to read "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy, but there are about a hundred different translations at my book store. I also noticed that there is an 'original' version and a 'new' version. Is one better then the other? Have you ever read one, and if so, which translation?

Also, have you ever read (and finished) "The Count of Monte Cristo"... UNABRIDGED?

Any book recommendations?
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You're driving home and on the way, you REALLY have to pee. You're holding it in and ready to just race into your home and relieve yourself. You pull up the car, hop out and make a beeline to the front door only to find...a bee has landed on the doorknob. Its wings are twitching but it's not moving. You're ready to burst. Knowing how you would probably react, what do you do?

Use my hands to shoo it away. Enter home and use bathroom
Same as above, except I use something to do the shooing, like a stick or a shoe
I piss in the bushes
I run next door and ask to use their toilet
I piss on the bee (and the doorknob)
I stand at a safe distance and throw rocks at the bee, trying to kill it or drive it off
Hop back in car and drive to nearby gas station
Yell loudly for someone inside to open the door for me

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i was watching the big lebowski last night and I got to thinking...
would you lose a toe

Would you lose a toe?

For $1,000,000
For 1/3 equal share of $1,000,000
For half of $1,000,000
Only if everyone else lost a toe as well.
Yes you could pay me to do it - but not with $1,000,00
I would, but then I would stab everyone in the back and take all the money
I haven't seen this movie. I dont get it.
other (pelase specify)

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Alright, so I just decided to check my credit report, and apparently I have an Amex credit card with an $1000 credit limit and a $0 balance. I never opened up an account with them, and it obviously wasn't fraud since no one ever used it. If I close it, how is it going to affect my credit?!

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What is your favorite card game?

What is your favorite one of these games?

-darts (and what game in darts)?
-air hockey
-skee ball
-other (what)?

What was your favorite game as a kid at Chuck E. Cheese or any sort of arcade?

(my answers in comments)


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Poll #1388014 Status check!

Are you hungry?


Are you tired?


On a scale of 1 to 10, how bored are you?

Mean: 5.94 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.32

What should you be doing right now?



so im driving my friend to her interview at 2:30 and she is FREAKING OUT. thats why shes making me drive; because shes too nervous and thinks she'll get lost.
she was dressed and ready to  go at 10:30 this morning. called her ex boyfriend about how to get there like 3080842 times even though we have directions and she kind of already knows how to get there. shes changed her outfit about 23 times after another friend and i planned the perfect outfit for her. she skipped 2 classes to mentally prepare herself, shes been looking at articles about how to do well in interviews for the past 3 days and hasnt shut up about it for more than 5 minutes. i try to help her calm down but shes veryyyy stubborn and wont ever take anyones advice. shes making me want to jump off a bridge just so i dont have to hear anymore about it.

what can i do to make this 40 minute drive to her interview less of a living hell? 
is there any possible way to make this girl calm down?

ETA: if i gave her one of my zoloft (mild anxiety medication) and told her it works almost instantly (even though it takes about a month to kick in) do you think she would calm down thinking its working?

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Since I have no way of calling them right at this moment... if any of you have ever had an oil-change at Meineke, how much did it cost? Nevermind I found a place that's cheaper and hopefully more reliable. I'm reading alot of complaints about Meineke.

What's the last thing you forgot to do?
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Poll #1388070 Military/Gov't Jobs

Are you or have you ever been in....

the Army?
the Navy?
the Air Force?
the Marine Corps?
the Coast Guard?
any Fire Department?
the Police Force?
any EMS Responder team?
something else? (tell me in the comments!)

These polls are horribly inaccurate, TQC. STOP LYING
Dig damn heroes

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Did/does your school ever do theme dress up days, like for Homecoming or Spirit Week? What sorts of themes did they do? Did you participate? What was your favorite? Bonus for pictures!

Mine did, and the school that I work for now is doing it this week. Today is Wayback Wednesday, which was always my favorite. In high school, I'd always wear the peasant dress I wore to the Renaissance festival, and so go "way backer" than anyone else. *lol* Today, I am wearing a bunch of my mom's old hippie threads. She's got this awesome vest with really long fringe. :D

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i'm trying to think of ideas for improving my back yard. it's a townhouse so it's really small and doesn't get enough sunlights because of the angle of the house (the front yard gets all the sun). every year i have to replant grass because it always dies and the yard become one giant mud puddle, it's a complete pain in the ass. i know i want to put up a fence, and i have an outdoor table and chairs i'd like to do something with. we even have a really nice grill my fiance just inherited and it would be nice to be able to have a cookout. we're thinking maybe some kind of on the ground deck but i can't visualize it. know of any good websites or books for ideas? i've tried google and it's pretty much useless.

i don't take pictures of it very often, but here's a picture of it taken on a very rainy day in case that's any help. note the bald patches of grass, and this year wasn't that bad!
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My mom and I and a friend are doing Relay for Life in June, and we're thinking of ways to raise money for it What kind of things could we do?

Since I'm a webdesigner/Graphic designer she volunteered the idea of me auctioning off making a logo, or something photography related?

help a fellow drinker out

Ok TQC I'm in need of a new drink. I've been at it for almost a decade and I want to find something new. I want something that can knock out even the heaviest of drinkers, but still has good taste. I'd prefer to find something smooth. I have a taste for just about anything so surpise me. I'd prefer the straight drink, not mixed drinks, although I like both so as long as it fits the first 2. Any Suggestion?

Also there was a 100 proof drink called Paddle Your Own Canoe, distributed by World Wide Distillers. I've been told its no longer being made can anyone comfirm this?

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Do zombies know how to use AT-4's, LAWs, RPG's??

I have a line on a used M113 that I can trick out with a turret in the commanders coupla, but don't want to waste the money if they can use ATGM's
Miroku Turn

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BAAAAAH. Apparently I am being expected to fight (medieval/fantasy foam swords, not real fighting) today. I can't not do it, as my friend is taking pictures for his photography final and he can't get any other people to come out and fight on short notice. I was not told until last night.

When was the last time someone assumed you would do something?

make my decisions for me, plz

I really want to go see Quntron & Miss Pussycat tonight. However it's at this place that is full of annoying hipsters, so I always feel extremely out of place when I'm there. Andrew W.K. is always there and I hate him. Plus I will probably miss the 1:41 am train so I will need to wait until 4:30-ish.

TQC, would you go?

What can I do to feel less out of place and uncomfortable if I do go?

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So, my shoes stink. They're loafers and have gotten wet. How do I get the stink out?

Do you tend to keep plans that may happen quiet until they are for sure, or do you blab about it to everyone?
I am having a hard time not saying anything about something that may be happening soon, but I don't want to jinx it. =\


When will I get my $900?
Are you getting $900(or your % of it)?
What will you buy or have you already purchased with your $900?

I am going to buy a new laptop I think.

EDIT: I actually just recieved the Money and a letter in the mail confimring that it is mine. Yipee.
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Check your pockets!

It initially started because Whee!Laura promised me a shiny new quarter but given the "new" I wasn't having it when the one she presented me with wasn't from this year...

...so, do you have any change/coins on you now that actually has this year on them?
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Spin-off of the gay post below.

What if a very openly gay person voiced their opinion that gay people should not be allowed to marry? Would that make him a jerk? Or would you be more willing to overlook his opinion about gay people not being normal (assuming you are pro-gay marriage) because he is one?

Edit: My ex's cousin (who is gay) is against gay marriage and says it's not "natural" and it just confuses me sometimes.

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Would you rather sleep with someone who was amazing in bed and very unattractive, or someone incredibly attractive who's equally as lame in the sack?
It's officially my weekend, what should I spend it doing?

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This guy on the radio keeps saying that he is homophobic, doesn't think gay people should be allowed to marry, and that it's not normal to be gay. This guy is a jerk, y/n?

I sent him a quick email about what a hateful jerk he is and he is reading it on air. It's making me lol.

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I am in a coffeeshop studying, but I have to leave in about 25 minutes to go to a meeting. After I got here, Greenpeace people (you know, the "excuse me ma'am, would you like to help save the Earth today? let me tell you about an important issue . . . " people) came and camped out right in front of the door.

How do I get out without getting trapped into a conversation with them? I am a big fan of the Earth but I hate talking to aggressive, guilt-tripping street campaigners.

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inspired by this question; could you be considered a hipster or emo kid or whatever because of the way you do your hair, dress, or the alcohol you drink, etc?

i suppose i could be a hipster because i carry around a moleskine, and wear scarves all the time.

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What was the last incredibly stupid thing you did?
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So occasionally when I eat certain foods or drink alcoholic beverages, I will get a spot on the roof of my mouth that gets really raw and sore and then it hurts to eat or drink just about anything and everything. Does this ever happen to you? How do you heal that spot so it doesn't hurt anymore?
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Say you just broke up with your fiancé cause he lied to you and didn't appreciate you at all. You still love him but know you can't be with him.

What things would you want in a gift/breakup basket?

No weapon suggestions please.

Earth Day

Does anyone use anything other than plastic bags in their homes for their garbage and compost bins? What products or substitutes do you use?

What things don't always have the recyclable symbol but are still recyclable?

What are you doing to make the Earth a greener place to live in?

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Will you entertain me? I'm at an airport to go visit Stenodork and she isn't emailing to entertain me. I'm on my phone so text only, please.
If you're that guy who feels the need to prove a point by saying no, what are you wearing?

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Ok I have a dilemma. It's a bit tl;dr so bear with me.

I have a friend from elementary school who's getting married in 2 months, and I want to go to her wedding. She lives on the other side of the country. Going myself isn't a problem both financially and time-wise. I also really want to do a trip of some sort when I get there, maybe rent a car and travel around for a week or so. But I don't really want to go alone since I don't know anybody there. So I've asked a good friend of mine if he'd like to go on a trip with me, and he said he's interested, and said it sounds like fun since he's never been to that side of the country before. This was a few months ago so we just kind of tentatively talked about it, didn't decide on anything concrete. I think he's forgotten about it by now, but a few days ago he was telling me how he's expecting to get laid off in September so he wants to work as much as he can before then. This trip would not be cheap (the flight itself is $800 round trip), and I'm certainly not expecting that kind of financial or time commitment from him since it's not even his friend who's getting married. But I would really like him to come since it's almost guaranteed to be a fun and memorable time.

My question is, should I ask him if he's still interested, or would that make me sound pushy? I really don't want to sound as if I feel entitled to his time and money. Should I just start planning a one-person trip?

Thanks guys! I guess the answer was pretty obvious - I just need to get over my social anxiety and not be irrationally worried about stuff!

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Am I crazy to run for Vice President of the most active cultural club at my college, with intent to move up to President the following year? I am a science major. A science major has never held an officers position before with this club. I also have a real job...

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Do you avoid buying things made in China? If yes, does it depend on the product? (Kids' toys vs. tee shirts, for example).

A store I work in was promoting Chinese beer and wine, so we had a person give out free samples. Many customers (ranging anywhere in age from 19 to 85) turned down the free samples and said stuff like, "Psh, I'm not trying that. Made in China? It probably contains lead." Normally when we give out free samples of booze, customers are all over that like white on rice.

If someone offered you a free sample Chinese beer or wine, would you feel the same way as those customers? Or were they just ignorant jerks?

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what was the last medical procedure you had performed on you?

what was your last dream about?


i had a colposcopy done yesterday... no bueno.

i had a night terror last night, which was also no bueno.

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Do you have an account on Twitter? What do you think of it? Do you prefer Twitter or Livejournal?


What's your favourite/favourites websites?!

I like LJ, Shelfari (for books), Scribd (to look for info) and Youtube to laugh myself silly.

gasp zooey

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My cousin wants my grandpa to preside over her wedding, so she had him go online and get ordained as a Dudeist priest.

1. Does that COUNT?

2. Do you know anyone ordained in the Church of the Dude?

3. Awesome or ridiculous?
Seeing as my grandpa is 70 years old and has never even seen The Big Lebowski, I definitely think it's awesome!

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You know how when you rewind or fast forward a video tape, you get the effect of static and lines quickly scurring past the screen?

How would I record that? Better yet, is there a way to get that effect on a digital editing program like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro?
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Let's say there are four girls who share a kitchen and they all agreed to have communal utensils/pans/spatulas, etc. Does the actual owner of the utensils/pans/spatulas get overall reign over how their belongings should be cleaned, or is that given up when everyone agreed to share?
bad trio

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in biology, we're doing a section on genetics and the gene for rolling your tongue. so this got me wondering....can you roll your tongue?
(also, hi! this is my first post! sorry for random question...)

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if you had to eat at max and erma's, what would you eat there?

i have to eat there for a "benefit" thing.

edit: i guess no one has heard of it. i thought they were everywhere! :-O
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When I got the mail today I found a bill for $300 from a landscaping company. It wasn't one that was mailed, just one they stuck in there after finishing. It has my address, but my neighbor's name and phone number. It's for removing a tiny thing of tent caterpillars and doing some type of disease treatment. I'm not sure if they did it while I was sleeping, or while both my dad and I were out. They have a list of all the types of trees and plants we have at my house, so I'm pretty sure they did the stuff to my lawn and not my neighbors.

Obviously there is not a chance we will be paying this, but should we tell my neighbors or the landscaping place? I'm afraid my neighbors will end up paying, even though they didn't really have anything done. We wouldn't have known they did anything to our lawn if we didn't get the bill. But then if we call the company I'm afraid they will try to make us pay them $300.

What would you do TQC?

My dad says just forget about it and pretend we never got the bill.

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have you ever gone to a concert alone?

i really want to go to depeche mode but no one i know is willing to go with me because the tickets are so expensive and i cant buy them one too.

should i go alone to depeche mode? would it be really lame if i did?

i have been DYING to see them for like 10 years now

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Are you on a medication that is covered by insurance but still costs a lot? (How much?)
My new bc costs $40 a month. It used to be $30 for three months

Are you on a medication that isn't covered by insurance and costs a lot? (How much?)
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Alright kids. I need advice.

Which class should I take this summer?
I have to choose between Intro To Ethics and Intro To Poetry.

I need both to graduate. Intro To Ethics counts toward my Core classes and once I take that, other courses will be available for me to take. Intro to Poetry I need for my Creative Writing minor. There's something romantic about taking a Poetry class in the summer, but Im excited about Ethics too. Neither are offered in the Fall, so I dont have a chance to take them till next January.

So, help?

Poll #1388318 Choosing

Which class should I take this summer?

Intro to Ethics
Intro to Poetry

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Why do the Mexicans I work with argue with me because I don't call my Mexican boyfriend my husband?

ETA: My boyfriend tells me it's because of the culture or something but he has never referred to me as his wife and has never asked me to call him my husband so I don't get it.

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I'm really tired, but I still have to write a paper tonight.
Which caffeinated drink should I turn to? I'd prefer something coffee-like [mocha or whatever], but any suggestions are welcome.
Tim onstage!

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I know this isn't enough information, but it's all I have: in one of my classes, we're doing author study projects about poets. One of the other students did his presentation on a male poet, and mentioned, "He met insert-woman's-name-here, and was so entranced by her that he proposed to her on the spot." Apparently she accepted, because they got married right afterward. For the life of me, I can't remember this poet's name, however. Does anyone have a clue as to who it could be?

EDIT: Never mind. Dylan Thomas!

Now that I know that...do you like cheese? What's your favorite kind of cheese? If you don't like cheese, why?
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Will you say something nice about another member of TQC?

To make this slightly more interesting, try to pick someone who hasn't been mentioned yet.

(no subject)

 Are armored car drivers really shackled to their pick-up bags (the person that comes in the building to sign for the deposits)? If so, with what? Chains?, electronic device, etc.?

My work has an armored car service that comes everyday. I'd ask one of the brinks people but I'm afraid my mere curiosity will send up a red flag.

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Why would anyone bother to do a "friends cut" for all the people who "never update/never comment" and ask them to remove themselves off the friends list? What's the possibility of them actually reading the post and doing that?

What is a must-have in your fridge?

What do/did you usually eat or what's nice to eat at your:
a. Grade School cafeteria?
b. High School cafeteria?
c. Uni/College cafeteria?
d. Work cafeteria?
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Anybody here ever injure their hamstring before? I think my friend might have. She has a huge bruise on the back of her thigh. The other day it was super swollen. It hurts her to walk and stand up.

What are some things she can do to alleviate the pain? We already have an ice pack. She only had Advil in her house. We can't afford to visit her doctor right now, so we're going to try and get our school's docs to look at it tomorrow.

Does anyone know how long this might last?

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Today is Earth day. The Metro printed 4 extra pages all dedicated to Earth Day. I read them, but did not see anything saying it was recycled.
Don't you think that's a little hypocritical?

LL Cool J is coming to a local college of mine. They are busing kids who want to go from my school to theirs. Should I go? He's going to be talking about his new book.

(no subject)

Have you ever met someone over the internet & had a romantic relationship with them?

Will you tell me about it?

I met this guy online and he's pretty much amazing but he lives in another state so I'm just wondering about other peoples experiences/advice.

(no subject)

1)Do you prefer to sleep alone or sleep with others?

alone, because I feel for the poor person who has been kicked in their sleep a million times.

2)am I the only person who can't keep sheets on my bed?

eta: when you are partnered, separate rooms or the same room?

*worries* I think I'll need my space.

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Poll #1387958 Pretty dress

My dress looks pretty, but smells bad. Should I:

Try washing it some more?
Have it drycleaned? (does this help smell?)
Cover the smell up with something else?
Find another dress?

(no subject)

i'm trying to remember the name of a photographer. i don't believe she is very famous, but i do know that she has a three word name and the word "van" is in her name. the pictures she took that i remember were of children laying on the ground, but it looked as though they were doing something like jumping in the air for a balloon or something. i call it "flat photography".

DOES ANYONE KNOW HER NAME?!?!?! please and thank you :)

(no subject)

Have you ever gotten hair extensions? How did they look? Were they uncomfortable/hard to keep up?

Would you recommend them to someone who has been trying to grow her hair out for 2 years and is just now reaching shoulder length (read: impatient me)?

(no subject)

My mom and I were playing with my photobooth thing on my computer. We took a few with our faces totally distorted and there was one of her that we both thought was funny but she said not to put it on facebook because her "nose looked like an umbrella". (Yes, we're facebook friends)

Do you think it would be a bad idea to have that picture printed on a mug for her as a Mother's Day gift? Or should I pick one of the other pictures?

What are you getting the moms in your life for Mother's Day?
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If you were forced to decide between the two, would you rather vomit on yourself or crap your pants?

ETA: You're forced to decide between the two because you're so sick you have to do both at once.
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I scanned some pages into Powerpoint - 21 scans (documents) in total. My computer froze up and I had to restart it. I pulled up Powerpoint but the pages aren't in the "document recovery" side. Is there any way to get them back?

edit: got them.


[lulz the only thing i post on here are relationship questions. oh well.]

So, TQC, how do you feel about 9 1/2 to 10 year age gaps between (hopeful) romantic partners?
[19 and 29, just fyi. April and December, respectively]

srs/non-srs answers

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