April 20th, 2009

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If you are or were a schoolgoing person, about how many papers did you totally pull out of your butt? Did your teachers buy it, or call you on your BS?


Driver's License

Dear TQC-
I'm 18 and I do not have my driver's license, yet. I have a major anxiety problem and I freak out any time I even try to practice driving (I am not talking about just being nervous, I'm talking about panic/anxiety attacks that render me helpless). I told my parents that I want to wait to drive and they are okay with that.    [The biggest inconvenience is that I can't "identify" myself, which is just plain annoying.]

Do you have your Driver's License?
At what age did you get your license?
Why did you get your license? (independence, need, just because you turned of age?)
Any ideas of how I can try to work myself through the whole driving thing?

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You're at a baseball game and it's kind of slow. You opt to go on a food run for the group and everybody gives you their order and money. After purchasing it all, you're surprised that there's more food then you previously expected. You're walking back to your seat with 2 arms full of food and drinks, which tally up to more than $20. As you're descending the stairs, there's the crack of a bat and the crowd around you gets quiet. They start to 'ooo' and you look up out of curiousity. There's a fly ball flying out to your section. Wow. It looks like it's going to land really close...OMG IT'S HEADING STRAIGHT FOR ME!! You have one second to decide what to do. Remember your arms are full. So, what happens next?

I drop everything and dive for safety
I drop everything and try to catch the ball
I try and use the food as a shield from the falling ball
I try and catch the ball in my mouth
I close my eyes and pretend it's not happening and let destiny march on
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Tongue piercing pain

I've had my tongue pierced for five or six years, I can't remember exactly how many. It's not unusual for it to hurt every now and then on the underside of my tongue, I think I tug it a little too hard sometimes and once every four months or so (just grabbing an estimate) the underside will hurt for a few days. This time it hasn't gone away though. It hasn't quite reached a week yet, but the underside of my tongue hurts quite a bit and it's really starting to bother me. I've tried changing my tongue ring, rinsing with mouthwash, and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide and water.

* Is there maybe another reason that it's hurting?

* Would it be safe to take my tongue ring out for a day? I've never had it out more than fifteen minutes or so.

* I'm not sure which of my metal bars is the one I initially got, should I go get a new bar from the piercer? (I've been wearing decorative metal or plastic ones.)

I'm hoping to avoid joining a piercing community just to ask them questions so I figured I'd try here first.

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do you know anyone who is a little "fried" for doing to many drugs?

sadly my sister :/ shes only 16 yet shes done like wayy to many and she doesn't really seem all there even when she is sober, not the same person i used to know.
MADE BY angiebum!


*Are you a Miley fan?

*If you are, how old are you? I'm 19 lolol

*did you see the movie? thoughts?

idg why she always gets shitted on :(

I'm curious today
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What was the last life-changing decision you made? How did it/how is it working out for you?

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? How do you cope?

What is your favorite thing to make for breakfast?

Should I bake snickerdoodles for my room mate at 2 in the morning?
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Who do you have a strange crush on? Pictures please!

Edit: Strange meaning you might not normally find them attractive or other people might think it's weird. Define strange how you want, I guess?

I find Alan Alda during his MASH days attractive.


18 going on 21

You find out from your mom or dad that your birth certificate is wrong. There was a typo when it was made and they just didn't get it corrected. The year of birth was wrong and you're actually 3 years older than you think you are now. How do you feel?

Happy. I can buy alcohol now!
Sad. I don't wanna be older
Borderline suicidal

[one of those gamer questions]

Since I'm not on a gaming forum - Collapse )

So my sister just gave birth to a girl! Her husband wanted to name her "Emma Grace", but his last name is Shin, and they finally realised that it'd be a bad idea to name their daughter "immigration". What other terrible 'shin' names could she have? We thought up Anna May Shin and Felicity Shin already.

Are you afraid of the ghetto?
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Hey TQC,
Tomorrow I have a job interview and it's really important. So what are some good "end of interview" questions to ask? Should I even ask about how much they pay? Or is that rude? What is a good way of saying I am desperate for the job without sounding it? LOL
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I love Hulu. Its great, I think its the best thing ever. I know they need the advertising to keep the site up, but I am so tired of seeing the same ads over and over and over and over. I would be willing to pay a pretty penny for an account if it meant not looking at the ads. They could still have free accounts with commercials, but for those of us willing to pay, perhaps they could work something out? Does anyone agree?

Peanut Butter

If I developed an organic, free-range peanut butter that didn't melt on a warm bagel, would you buy it?

EDIT: It also contains 100% virgin rapeseed oil and partially hydrogenated hobo semen thickeners

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Good morning, TQC! It's 6:38am where I am right now. I've stayed up all night studying for my exam, which is in less than 2 hours. I have 1.5 hours before I have to leave. Should I attempt to take a nap, or hang around TQC and leisurely make myself a big breakfast? I'm tired but not overwhelmingly sleepy, but I don't want to risk falling asleep during the exam.

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My car has a flat tire, so I am stuck at home today until my Daddy gets here to fix it for me. D:

Have you ever changed a flat? Was it easier than you thought it would be? I have no clue how to change a tire. :/

Alternatively, has something unexpected changed your plans lately?

What are you doing today?


Seriously you guys. Seriously.

Why are all calicos female? Is it like. A gene thing?

Also bonus points: if someone wanted to be a calico furry but wanted to be a male character would you automatically assume he was trans? BUM BUM BUMMMM
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1)what should parents tell their teens about sex?

2)why do I enjoy buying a bagel out more than toasting one at home?

3)How can increase my parent's confidence that I am able to move out?

eta:How do you make the best salad ever?

I think fruit always improves a salad.
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After looking at my credit reports yesterday, I realized that I should probably look into getting a low limit credit card or some sort of small signature loan to spend and pay back, so I can establish my credit a bit more. The only credit I have is my car loan, and I'm in good standing with them (no late payments, no missed payments).

1. What was your first Credit Card?
1a. Do you still have it?
1b. What was/is the interest like?

2. Aside from my bank, where should I go for my first credit card?

3. Any other good ideas for building credit?

4. If you don't have credit cards, care to tell/show me what your computer background looks like?

5. When was the last time you went to the dentist?


I'm going in for a job interview at 2pm today (it's 10:35am right now) and I've got my hair done and a nice uniform ironed and ready for when I go. The thing is, I haven't been for a job interview in some time and I'm a little nervous as to what I should do when it's time to shine in front of my prospective employer.

Any tips?

Edit: Thanks for the advice, everyone! I'll do what you say and be myself/smile a lot. :D
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I have a dilemma. This weekend is the 100th annual Drake Relays (a HUGE track and field competition but also a HUGE HUGE party for Drake Students and Alumni). As an alumnus I have lots of friends (my whole group of friends plus others) going for the weekend. I'm not a huge drinker but I love seeing my friends, many who I don’t see very often. BUT I haven't seen my boyfriend since March 12th and he's trying to get off work for the weekend but I won't know if he can until close to the weekend. I've thought of having him come down from Minnesota with my friends and meeting me in Des Moines, but I’m not sure if he'd be up to that since he likes to spend our weekends together just him and I. What should I do????


Ok, everyone knows all the bad things that happen when you smoke...let's move past that for a minute.

I'm genuinely curious. If you smoke now or used to smoke:

Why do you smoke?

Why did you start smoking?

If you're currently smoking, do you want to quit?

What is your favorite brand of cigarettes?
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i really can't conduct my life without the input of others, and my mom is at bible study

Earlier this year, I dated this guy I really liked, and we had a nice little thing until he decided to shit all over everything by doing everything he could to make me as upset, degraded and miserable as possible.

However, we have some very close mutual friends and while avoiding each other has worked so far, it's his birthday this weekend and his roommate (who is awesome) is throwing a party. Like, everyone is going. I do not want to go, because I don't care to wish him a happy birthday, but I feel like everyone will think I'm a bitter bitch if I don't go. I've already been instructed to attend, I have no choice. plus, there's going to be a keg of fine ale.

So, how the hell do I conduct myself?
Can I bring some other hot guy I'm hooking up with and look really hot?
How do I avoid getting drunk and killing him/everyone?

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If your health insurance is covered by your employer, do you have to pay something extra on top of that? How much? I'm not talking about doctor's visits or meds, I mean like extra premiums.

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What is the name of that American/Canadian comedian who appears to be stoned stupid in all his acts, has long blond/brown hair and usuall wears big glasses (kind of a Kurt Cobain look) and does acts chock-full of one-liners. Like Jimmy Carr? Only less English and more sexy.

edit: oops
edit: answered - Mitch Hedberg. kthxbai
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Potential workplace asked me to drop by and fill out an application. (It's a country club.) What should I wear? Do I have to break out the suit? Any alternative suggestions?

Edit: My concern is that I only have one suit. If I wear it this time, I won't be able to wear it the next time they call me for a formal interview, will I?

Edit 2: I am applying to be a server. (Waiting tables, that is.)
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I guess this is an etiquette question, and I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a shit storm like so many wedding posts do.
I'm unemployed and broke, a close, long time friend is getting married next month in our hometown, 1500 miles away. She knows I'm unemployed and broke, and we've talked about my job search for the last month or so, and that my attending her wedding was contingent on finding a job. My mom offered to split the cost of the ticket with me, which means I could go - but if I'm spending $125 to get down there, I can't spend money on a present. I know it's not *required* to give a gift, but I feel like it's kind of expected.
Given that my friend knows my financial situation and isn't the Bridezilla type, would it be in poor taste to attend but not give a gift?
What would you do in the situation?
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Another question and an update.

Update: the ASPCA offers gift certificate-type things: you pay for it and give the certificate as a gift so the recipient can choose which animal they want. Awesome. But thanks for all the kitty pictures! :D

Question: Is there such thing as having sex too much? Lemme rephrase: is someone telling you that you have sex too much a valid statement, or is that just like saying you have too much fun or too much money?

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I'm working on a take-home exam. There are four longer-answer questions (1-3 pages each) that I have to write, cited in MLA style. Do I have to do a Works Cited page for each, or can I do a cumulative one at the end?

(note: I've sent my prof an email, but she's been terrible for answering emails all semester, so I have no idea if I'll hear from her before I have to hand it in. Which is why I ask here.)
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what do you do about a roommate who has no respect for a sleeping person and insists on talking (very loudly) to her mother on the phone at 10:30am when she could very easily go outside considering it's a beautiful day?

i realize that 10:30 is not very early, but it seems like that kind of behavior should be avoided at any time of the day if someone is sleeping in the bedroom.

i want to kill her, but i don't think that's a very constructive solution.

EDIT: I've talked to her about it several times and i asked her kindly if she could take her conversation outside today and she flatly refused. It's gotten to the point where revenge seems to be the only solution.

venting on TQC?

what was the last thing that someone complained about that made you want to tell them to shut the fuck up?

if my friend ever comes in second in any race she lets it ruin her entire week and wont go out and will just cry and be a bitch to everyone. so today i told her to shut the fuck up :)

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I went to the movies on Friday night. Their credit card machine was not working. I ordered tickets online with my card, and what they usually do is swipe the card to get the tickets.
They are very good about taking the money, but it's not showing up as taken out in my account (my account recognizes that it has not been taken out, thus my available balance is at the correct sum). Should I call them or wait a few more days?

I'm seeing Ratatat tonight. Jealous?

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My Nikes are leaving big, fugly black marks on my kitchen floor. Any ideas how to stop this? I can scrub it off, but that's getting old.

ETA: It's a habit for me to wear them around the house, so yeah, I'll try harder to keep them out of the kitchen. I was hoping for something I could do to the shoes, but I guess that was kind of a pipe dream.
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Do you assign genders to languages? I just realized that I would not be swooning all over Peter Fox's music if the German language did not sound o so ~manly~

So what language is what? French is totally a chick, but what would like, Dutch or Swedish be?

ETA: GUYS C'MON what about languages from beyond Europe? What's Mandarin, Hindi, Swahili, Arabic?
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I am celebrating my mother's birthday by baking her cupcakes, and I have a plant/flowers and a card for her.
Do any of you who are righteously broke do similar on birthdays? What exactly?

How exhausting has your day been, 1 being OMG CAFFEINE MOTHERFUCKING PERKY YAY and 10 being stop fucking bothering me, I'm going to slug my way into bed now?
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TQC, my life is a pile of suck and it just got worse (/emo)

What TV shows/movies do you like to watch to take your mind off of things? (bonus points if they're available to watch on hulu.com or a similar site)
Very Nice!

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Do you find blowing ones nose in the shower to be gross?

When BF and I moved in together I heard him do it and called him out on it, I thought it was gross. Eventually I found myself doing it and now find it to be wonderfully convenient! However, I've caught myself doing it a few times in the gym shower and am horribly embarrassed and feel I should not do it at the gym. What's your take?

Service dogs?

Is there any legitimate way a dog carried in the arms/in a purse could be a service animal?

I know there are service dogs for a lot more than just blind people, but my impression was that all of them included the dog either leading or doing things that the owner has trouble with.

(Backstory: We have a HUGE problem with customers bringing dogs into our store; we have it posted on the door that animals aren't allowed with the exception of service animals, but EVERYONE is claiming their Bichon/Chihuahua/teacup poodle/tiny mutt/large rat? is a service animal. My manager told me that if the dog's being carried in their arms, is riding in the cart, or is in a purse, I can call shenanigans, but I'm not entirely certain about that)
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Ok, so, I have to wear heels to work. At least, all the other women do. You know. How can I get my body used to standing on them? My lower back/knees/balls of my feet tend to get sore, and I don't own any pairs over 3 inches.

What does it say about a society that requires women to wear heels in a professional workplace?

Do you wear heels? How often?

EDIT: Flats are not really an option at this point.

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So I was browsing youtube and I came across a video called "How to do nothing at work and still get paid."

Do you have any tricks you use when you want people to think you're working when you're not?

When I was a manager at Hardee's, I would go in the office, pull up random pages on the computer (drive-thru times, labor etc) and when I heard someone coming I would start mashing buttons on the keyboard so people would think I was busy. Once in awhile, I would venture up front with a concerned look on my face, unlock the register where we kept the extra drawer, and shuffle money around before going back to the office. It worked surprisingly well.

tl;dr maybe

So, I have two options for where to live in Austin this summer.

Option 1 is house-sitting by myself for a friend of my flute teacher's in a pretty nice house in a good neighborhood.  I would have to pay them for utilities, but that's it.  It would be not too far away from where I would be taking classes at the community college.

Option 2 is living at a student cooperative close to the University of Texas campus with probably 14-16 other people in the house.  I'd share a bathroom and living spaces, but I would have a private bedroom.  There would also be five meals per week + a stocked kitchen included in the $530, and I would have to do four hours per week of chores/services for the house.  This is the house I would live in.

For a long time, I thought Option 1 wasn't going to work out, so I got really excited about Option 2.  Since I normally don't live in Austin, I think that #2 would give me a lot more opportunities to meet and interact with people, as well as put me at walking distance to a lot of cool restaurants/shops near UT.  But the rent of #1 would basically be free, and it would be nicer and more private.

Which one should I choose?


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What made today a unique day?

Ex. Today one of my friends pulled off of the shoulder of the road to offer me (& co.) a ride home and when he pulled back on the road he went into oncomming traffic and MY WHOLE LIFE FLASHED BEFORE ME EYES.

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Just say you had a 15 year old son, and he came home to tell you that he was pregnant. How would you handle the situation?

If you had a 15 year old daughter come home and tell you her boyfriend was pregnant, how would you handle that situation?

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Have you participated in a paid study before? What was it about and how much did you get?

I got $10 for a facebook survey once. I also did this mood study. I answered some questions and I didn't qualify for the rest of the study, but I still got $25.

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Im kind of low on Iron so I decided to go out and buy some liver (yay liver! i love the stuff). However, I cant cook worth shit. The last time i tried to cook liver it was pink-ish on the inside, and black burnt on the outside. plus it tasted like shit and the texture was all off and *shudders*

So how do you prepare liver? How should I prepare my liver?

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Cany anyon help?

inb4 "eeeew liver". Liver is damn tasty when its done right!
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Tell me, TQC:

How did you fail today?
I fell off the side of my stupid shoe while walking and turned my ankle something fierce. And said "ow, fuck!" really loud in front of several doctors and patients, oops.

How did you win today?
I had kickass leftover deep-dish pizza for lunch, yum! And I got one day closer to the end of this week, which is the end of my academic year.


ive been using opera for a while, because my firefox that i love dearly started fucking up and it completely died a few months ago. ive uninstalled and reinstalled and all it says is that it cannot find the server. im fine with opera, but i cant watch tv shows because they arent compatible so instead i have tried google chrome and internet explorer for that. google chrome died too, and internet explorer died the other day on me as well. so, since its all three of them, and they do the same thing, is there some setting i need to change in my internet connection? and why would those three browsers not work but opera still does? is this something i need to call the support people for? 

im on a pc with windows vista  
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Does anyone here interpret dreams? I'm trying to figure out my dream and none of the LJ communities are answering me yet.

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What does this dream mean?
Is there any significance in it or is the stress finally getting to me?
What in sweet justice do Trista and Ryan have to do with anything?

Tl;dr crowd: Dream one: Car broke down when visiting friend, got out to investigate and was in a towel that fell, random people watching me try to cover up.

Dream two: Was at a wedding trying to find my friend, argued with Trista Sutter, we were bridesmaids and her and Ryan tried to help me find my friend.

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for the first time in my life, even in winters, my hands are super dry and flaking. i've tried like three different lotions so far with no luck. any amazing hand lotion suggestions out there? you would totally make my sad stupid monday.
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Help! 2 questions.

Hey TQC. I'm procrastinating. One military question and one clothing question.

A.  My boyfriend will be joining the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) within the next year, most likely a combat unit.. I'd like to give him a nice gift before going away but I'm not exactly positive what I should give to him or what is allowed. I know they are allowed to bring things though. I just want to buy a bag (that's appropriate for a guy, maybe a backpack) and fill it with stuff he'll need or like, like razors, socks, a notebook, books, cds.. etc. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for this gift/is this a good idea?

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Because I sent back some shoes Victoria's Secret sent without charging, they mailed me a $70 gift certificate.

Would it be dumb to blow it all on one pretty bra or should I get more practical things as my reward for being a total saint?

(no subject)

Do you remember all of your cursive letters?
Is cursive a dead form of writing?
Have you heard that the CA Public Schools will no longer require teachers to teach cursive?
What are they ganna do with all that extra time they would have spent on cursive?

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1. 2 door (coupe) or 4 door (sedan)?

2. Want a babysitting job? It's this Saturday night, 4/25, in Manhattan, New York City, for my 11 year old son while me and my wife attend a wedding. The idea is that you'll go out and doing something with him (like see a movie or go to an arcade or something else pleasant that you'll suggest) and be paid for your time and expenses, then go back to our hotel room and hang out with him until we are finished for the evening.

He's a special ed kid, which will be reflected mainly in his nonstop chatter, and possibly getting tired out sooner than you'd expect.

You'll have to be dressed at least to a business casual or evening wear level, because the hotel requires it. You'll also have to "interview" with my brother or his fiancee in the next day or two, which basically means showing up to one of their offices and not appearing unsane.

Why am I asking TQC people? Because you're one step up from Craigslist people. Don't knock it.

hate pimentos


I am filling out an application for a job that I DESPERATELY want/need.  I must complete their online form.  The question is this:

Have you ever been convicted of a crime, including traffic violations? Be advised, you are not obligated to disclose sealed or expunged records of convictions or arrest. (In most circumstances, a conviction or indictment will not automatically result in your disqualification from employment. Rather, except as otherwise required by law, convictions and indictments will be considered only to the extent they relate to the specific job for which you have applied. However, failure to disclose a conviction or indictment and/or mischaracterization of a conviction or indictment automatically will result in your ineligibility for employment and/or termination of employment, even if the conviction or indictment would not have resulted in your ineligibility for employment had it been properly disclosed.)

2 years ago I was cited for driving "too fast for conditions" after I was involved in an accident with another car.  DO I ANSWER THEIR QUESTION YES OR NO?


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 I house sit fairly regularly for a few friends. Basically keep an eye on the place, feed the animals, water the plants, etc.

No matter how many times I have been to that persons home I still get some sort of creepy feeling like I'm being watched during my time alone there. Like they installed nanny cams so they can watch me walk around naked, use all their shampoo, and eat all their food ..... I don't really do those things but you get the point. 

Anyone else getting the pang of paranoia while house sitting? Or anyone have good house sitting stories ?

Edited: for typo
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What was the last great Craigslist ad you read? Will you share it with the class?

We have one cantankerous chestnut agouti Jersey Wooly buck for adoption (sorry-no pedigree).

He grumbles a lot, smells a little funky, and is generally unpleasant. Will occasionally nuzzle on your hand, and once you are convinced of his agreeable nature, will mount and molest your arm with the speed only a bunny with extremely malicious intent could muster.

We call him "The Wooly Bully," and love him dearly, but it's time for him to find a new home.

$10 gets you a box, feed, hay, answers to any and all bunny related questions you may have, and one darling rabbit whose offensive ways could have the power to melt your heart and warm your soul (or ruin your life; no guarantees).

Why would we charge a person $10 for such a devious creature? Well, even though we are re-homing him we don't want to see him end up as food for another pet. Feel free to put the $10 towards a donation to your favorite charitable organization (just provide us a little proof that you did, perhaps a receipt or invoice?).

On the plus side, this disgruntled bunneh is litterbox trained, doesn't mind being held, and [sadly] won't run away.
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can you help me solve these brain teasers?

1. five cats can catch five mice in five minutes. with that in mind, how many cats does it take to catch 100 mice in 100 minutes?

2. a boy and his sister are sitting around. "you know, sis, if i took away two years from my age and gave them to you, you'd be twice my age, huh!"

"well why don't you just give me one more on top of that? then i'll be three times your age."

how old is each sibling?

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What do you think are the chances of a person getting plagiarised off the Net (deviantart, livejournal, fictionpress, etc)? Especially if they're little-known but good at their writing.

(no subject)

We all know the potheads all celebrated 420 today, but how many people do you think celebrated Hitler's Birthday?

I want to run to the drug store to get a Diet Coke and a snack. Should I get a box of Good & Fruity, Glosette raisins, or Chuck & Larry's Fudge Clodhoppers?

What is your favorite kind of candy/chocolate snack?

Do you also resent chocolate bars being called "candy bars"?
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What dates would be considered "the end of the month" to you?

(I know, dumb question but I interviewed for a job and they will be checking my references at the "end of the month" and I'm nervous because I interviewed with them in early April...it just feels like a LONG time.)

If that doesn't tickle your fancy then have you ever taken a Zumba class? How did you like it?

It's All Good
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What would it mean to you, this sentence: I haven't seen Evil Dead II yet?

What is your favorite Canadian band/singer?
The correct answer is Neil Young. The Weakerthans is also an acceptable answer.
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 Do you have a shy bladder while going in a public bathroom if someone else is in there? 
Very much so. :(

What would you buy if you had an extra $50 laying around? 
Probably some new clothes.

Am I the only one who's REALLY excited for Green Day's new album? 

Edit: Speaking of music, who's a musician you've recently gained a new appreciation for? 
I'd definitely have to say The Beatles. Eleanor Rigby gives me chills. 
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tqc, i'm bored. i want to watch a dvd, but these are the only ones that sounded decent to me: the castle, clueless, pleasantville, the devil wears prada, good burger, my super sweet 16 or eddie murphy's delirious.

tqc, which would you watch?
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Movie Questions

Do you smuggle food, candy or drink into the movie theater?

If so, what do you smuggle?

What do you usually eat when you got to the movies?

What are some of your favorite films?
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So my mom's aunt, cousin's husband, and cousin's daughter were stabbed to death on Friday. Her cousin is in critical condition. The other daughter's boyfriend was the killer.

She's not in the best mood and I wanted to cheer her up. I'm at school and she's 5 hours away. Should I send her something or wait a few weeks and come home for mother's day and surprise her?

(P.s. if you live in Illinois, you might have heard about the stabbings.)

ETA: I can't afford to do both, and if I send her something what should I send in her "care package"?

ETA2: Link to an article about it. The son of my mom's cousin also goes to my school so that's another family link :/

Hoffman Estate Stabbings
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Since I'm in a camera whore mood and fatshionista hasn't approved/denied my post in the queue, which means I can't do an OOTD yet, WILL YOU POST PHOTOS OF WHAT YOU WORE TODAY/ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW?

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What is the best condiment in your house right now?


What are some TV shows you're ashamed to be addicted to?

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if you could combine any animal species/breeds, pick the size it'd grow to, and have it be all ready to go for domestic companionship, which would you choose? what characteristics from each? (what's your ideal pet?)

if that's too much effort, what's your nerdiest hobby/pursuit?
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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Class is scheduled from 6p-9p.
I have a group presentation to give, and my group goes first. I'm all set for that.
American Idol starts at 8p.
Game 3 of the first round of hockey playoffs starts at 7p.
(Priorities: I has them.)

I'm planning on leaving class at 7:30p tomorrow.

What excuse should I give my professor for leaving early tomorrow? Should I just walk out of class during the break without an excuse?