April 19th, 2009

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Do you know this poem?

I vaguely remember a poem in which a widower of an asian woman (I think she was Japanese but am not sure) looks for a hair of her, but as so many other asian women have been in the house after the funeral, he is not sure if the hair he finds is actually hers. But when he repots her favourite plant, he finds a single hair entangled in the earth.

The poem is actually quite beautiful, despite my crappy description and Google can't help me. So I'm hoping someone here knows it? Thank you!

EDIT: omgcats found it. It's from Jack Gilbert and called "Married"

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Putting a new wrinkle on the Carpenters' classic

The Penguins of Love

Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

Because it's true love and nature is acting like a Disney movie around us, with birds chirping happily
Close your legs, lady
They've gotten a taste for human blood. Quick, RUN! It just got a bit Hitchcock-y in here
As is said in the Bible: "Make yourself known, and my Divine Judgment will follow, and winged justice shall blot out the sun"
Because earthworms appear every time I am near

How many birds appear exactly?

Over 1,000

What type of bird appears every time you are near?


The dominant emotion that overcomes me every time you and your bird entourage is near is _____?

care- purple star

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Question about Etsy.com

My google-fu is a complete failure.

I was thinking about selling some stuff on there, but I can't find much about tax laws for Canada regarding it.

Does anyone know how this would work? What do I need to obtain to open a shop on there? (some places I've checked say you need a small business license and such)

I'm a complete noob when it comes to anything tax related.

Any other tips would also be a big help :)

For those of you who don't care :

What are three things you couldn't live without?

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What color should I paint my toenails?

Tanish gold
Yellowish gold
Where's my sandwich woman?

ETA: Why are you all such purple whores?

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im not going to college till next fall and i have all this free time till then and im really sick of doing nothing. i want an activity to do but the thing is i cant think of what. what could i do TQC? what is something fun and very hands on that would keep me busy?

i cant join the military i was going to im sad i cant :(
i was thinking of joining the police force but you have to be 21 and im 18 (ya i know what your thinking STFU)
i cannot get a job atm because im on disability


The last thing that made you sick?

For me, it's garlic. I made a stir-fry and was instructed to use two to three cloves of crushed garlic. The stir-fry was delicious, but my stomach hasn't been right since and I absolutely reek of garlic. I could ward off a vampire by pointing at them.
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I know this is what i get for doing my hw at 3am..

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EDIT: yeah I was doing it all wrong and multiplied 16 times 1 and tried to get 16 to the second power.. Its NOT the way to do it! DUH. Thanks for those who pointed this out to me.

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im drunk and bored even though it is very late. i get to sleep all day tomorrow so i dont care.
will you post something entertain me?

am i the only drunk TQCer tonight?

i wish i knew how to get back in that AIM chatroom right about now. (if anyones even in there)


I've got a fasting blood glucose tollerence test tuesday morning and was told not to drink alcohol for three days before. Saturday night I forgot and had a pint of beer. How badly have I fucked up? Can I still do the tests or am I going to have to reschedule...?
Pete Is Magical

Dearest TQC,

- Does anyone here have or has had a speech impediment?
- If you had one, how did you get rid of it?
- What should I do at 5 AM? I can't fall back asleep and MASH just ended?
- What's your favourite TV show? Book? Band?
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this one's for the ladies (& guys who wear dresses)

If you went to prom, will you describe your prom dress for me?

If you've had a wedding, will you describe your wedding dress?

If you could answer both questions, will you point out any similarities?

In general, do you like wearing dresses? What's the last one you bought that made you feel awesome?
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I work at a store half an hour's drive from my house. I don't have a car and depend on rides from relatives. The weekly schedule goes up on Friday, detailing hours from Sunday through Saturday of the next week. I have to get my hours on Friday and let my relatives know so they can plan to drive me. Most of the time, the last day of the work I week is Thursday. Until last week, I've called in to get it without this ever being a problem.

My store just enacted a policy that employees must now be at the store to get their schedule. It's not really possible for me to justify getting a ride half an hour into work to copy down some numbers and then leave, every Friday.

My boss hates me, and will not give ground.

What do I do?

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TQC, what do you like to do when you have a whole day home alone to yourself?

I have one today and plan on playing some AudioSurf, doing some laundry (stupid puppy peed on my bed so I need to wash my sheets and my microsuede comforter D: D: D:), and baking.

Should I bake cinnamon buns or try to make bagels?
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what are those things that the pizza places that deliver use to keep pizza's warm?
would i be able to find one online?

my mom's friend lives far from any pizza places, so whenever they get pizza, by the time they get home its cold. since they prefer to eat their pizza at home, mom thought one of these things would be nice to get for them.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Hey TQC, I'm getting kicked out of my apartment a month and a half before my lease is up and before I graduate from college. None of my friends have space for me to stay with them (although, they have all offered to let me crash at their place for a few days), but I'm thinking of just trying to rent a room for the rest of the school year.

When should I tell the person I'm trying to rent from that I'll only be renting for about a month and a half? When I call them to ask about the place, when I come to see the place, or some other time?

Also, when do I explain to them I'm not into partying and I'm looking for a quiet, study conducive atmosphere? Most of the ads I'm looking at don't specify what kind of roommate they're looking for. Again, do I ask when I'm calling them, when I look at the place, etc.?

I've already tried the temporary section of craigslist, and I couldn't find anything that worked for me.
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If you wear glasses, did you know that you needed them before you had the exam to tell you that you needed them?
Will you show me your glasses/you wearing your glasses?

I have my first eye appointment in years tomorrow afternoon and I can't decide if I think I might need them or not.

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Alright, I don't bake very well, but I promised I would bake cookies for my job. I am going to be using this recipe, and I have a few questions so I don't mess it up.

We are going to be making them BLUE. Hooray. At what point should I add the food coloring?

ALSO. How do I beat butter? Do I warm it up first? What kind of utensils do I use?!

EDIT! Can I use I Can't Believe It's Not Butter sticks instead of this salted butter thing?
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Did you do the Sun Run today? Did you walk or run? What was your time (estimated if you didn't keep track)? Are your feet totally killing you right now?

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So. Basically I get $4000 when I turn 21 in June, which is sort of a long story, but not the point. I am spending part of that on getting a new computer, and the rest on taking a vacation somewhere with my boyfriend. The original plan was to go to Ireland (again) to look at grad schools but that may not be necessary.

Where would you go if you had a week and about $3000?

ETA: I will not probably spend the full $3000 on a trip. The question was more hypothetical and out of curiosity than "where should I go with this amount of money!"

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I am about to wipe my computer clean/reformat it. What important files am I forgetting to save?

On an unrelated note, last nite i camped out on the beach at ocean city,nj with 14 other people and it was awesome. I (along with my car) now smell like campfire. Does anyone else enjoy the smell of campfire?
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TQC: Do you have back dimples? What do you think of them (whether you have them or not)?

I have them, and someone mentioned them. I thought everyone had them, but I guess I just haven't paid enough attention.

(no subject)

I've just ordered a pizza for delivery from PizzaHut.com - they've charged my card $2 for a delivery fee. Is this for the tip? I was given no option to add a tip. And I have no cash.

What would you do in this situation?
i don't want to be friends

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I'm going through my condom collection and I have a few from Planned Parenthood. I've read that PP condoms are not* the most reliable. Do you think this is true? Should I remove them from my collection so that way a partner would most likely not grab one of them?

woven heart

How do you decide?

How do you decide when to spend money or do something you've always wanted to do?

I don't have very much money, but I have enough to cover all the basics. Apparently I am getting back around $600 in state and federal taxes. I found a vacation package that's around $750 to one of my dream destinations. It's a remote place and I actually wrote my undergraduate paper on it and have really, really wanted to visit it. It's only for a long weekend, but better than nothing, and the price includes airline tickets and hotel (supposedly), whereas normally for just the tickets alone they'd cost more than that.

I want to go, but then I think, I could pay an entire month's worth of rent with that money. It's over half of my monthly salary. And while I can technically afford it, should I give up so much money for a three-day vacation?

Anyway, I think I'm going to call up the tourist place and see if the price is correct or if they've found some way to exclude everything they claim they include and the price is actually twice as high, but it's still hard.

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Which of the following do you find yourself using:

I could care less or I couldn't care less?

In past experiences I've heard "I could care less" used most prominently - even when it would have made more sense for the person to say that they "couldn't care less". It's a mindfuck to me.
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if you were laid off by the company you worked at for 3 years due to "downsizing", and then they called you back three weeks later asking if you could come in and work on a contract basis to cover for someone's two week vacation, would you do it?

personally, i wouldn't. i'd be really pissed off.

are there any graphic designers out there that do freelance work? if yes, is there an average rate that you charge?

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What should I get my friend for his birthday?
What's the best gift you have received?

eta: He likes video games and Japanese stuff. He also likes funny things. For my birthday he got me a pair of stolen scrubs from a hospital and a stamp that puts Jesus on Toast(He is one of the only people I know who appreciate Jesus humor). We're going to saran wrap his car, so we need an awesome gift to balance it out.

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I slept over a friend's place, and I woke up to discover that my left arm (along with a few other spots on my feet and legs) was eaten alive by some kind of bug. They itch like crazy. I know that scratching can make the itchiness worse, so I've been trying very hard to refrain from scratching, but the itchiness persists. What else can alleviate itching? I remember using Caledryl (sp?) a few years ago for mosquito bites, that pink liquidy anti-itch cream, but I don't think it helped too much.

Seedy seedy people.

Do people with French accents sound seedy all the time?
I think they do but noone agrees with me :(

If a guy you basically just met that night and picked up at a club, during some time in a sexual encounter wanted to come on your chest, what would you say/do?

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 I just got fired. I have like no money. My boss told me not to use her as a reference, so it looks like I've done nothing for the past two years. I have no idea what I'm going to do. It's so hard to get a job right now. Part of me wants to fall apart and cry. Part of me wants to jump on a plane on it's way to anywhere.

What should I do?
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Additional filtration

My father was telling me earlier that there's a product called 'Sheep Cloth' that people put underneath their register vents in order to help filter out allergens and pet dander. However, I can't seem to find anything of the sort online.

Have you ever put some sort of cloth under your register vents to filter out gunk?

What did you use?

And, where can I get some?

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How the hell do you go about finding a place to live in a new city without being able to visit? I'm looking at locating services, craigslist, roommate sites, etc. Everyone seems to require or at least give preference to someone who can show up in person. I understand the reasoning, but coming down before move-in date isn't an option for me.

What should I do here?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Any of you here really lazy on certain days? How do you manage to get anything done?
I have to clean my whole kitchen but I'd rather go back to bed.

If you had to single out one or two words as your favorite, what would they be?
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Do you have any dolls?

I have several and was just D:'d at because of them.

What are they if you have them?

I have two ugly dolls (a green bat thing with vampire teeth and a ghost with scraggly hair and ONE vampire tooth,) a patchwork dog named Pedro, a china doll nobody is ever allowed to touch, an over-sized Mashimaro, an over-sized Eeyore, and an over-sized Bomberman.

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tqc, imagine it's a quiet sunday morning out in the country. how early is too early to be riding a loud dirt bike or four wheeler around?

eta: now that i have been validated: some asshole neighbor kid was riding his dirt bike or four wheeler from 9am till 10:30am today and i didn't have to be up until 11am. NOT PLEASED.
MTV Blows

8 6 7 5 3 0 99999

1    -  When was the last time you actually had fun acting immature?

 - The other day I was acting like an ass in public with friends. I was not bothering anyone but being myself. At 25, I still dont give a shit.

2        - What is a food or snack you love and everyone thinks is gross.

  -  Me? .......Pickle Pringles Chips.  They rock.
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im applying for a grant for college. can someone be generous and show me what they wrote if they ever applied for one? i need examples.
if it makes a difference the grant is by a huge movie producer/director so i have to look amazing in my letter.

(no subject)

I'm visiting my sister up in Brooklyn (near Sheepshead Bay to be exact) for a week and really want to keep up with working out...I only just built up momentum and don't want to lose it by not having access to a gym. Anyone have any recommendations (on what to do)?

I've looked into some gyms nearby but they either have bad ratings or require that I be a legal NY resident before I can even use their free week pass. (Wouldn't it be 'wrong' to use a guest pass when I don't plan on buying a membership?)

(no subject)

Okay so there was this website I used to know the name of where you put an artist, song title, or album name into a search bar and it gives you sort of a web-thing of similar artists/albums and you can click one you like and it'll give you similar artists/albums to that one you chose, and it can go on foreverrrrr and I can't for the life of me remember the name. Anyone have a vague idea of what the site's name could be? (and no it's not last.fm or pandora or seeqpod.)

If you don't give a shit:

When was the last time, if ever, that you got high?
What's your name?
How many letters is your last name?
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(no subject)

have you ever gotten tired of this argument:

"the legal drinking age in the US should be lowered to 18 because a person can join the army at 18 and put their lives in direct danger, but can't enjoy a beer at dinner"

because you are constantly nagged by this argument:

"raise the enlistment age"?
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(no subject)

Today a guy called me a "dumb bitch" and threw a few almonds at me/my car, because I did not go through a red light! He had been driving behind me and pulled up next to me in the shoulder to do this while we were stopped. WHAT THE FUCK.

Will you tell me about your last wtf driving moment?

Have you ever had another driver throw stuff at you? Why?

(no subject)

What is your favorite SNES game?

I'm looking for one to play when I finish Earthbound. I've been bouncing back and forth between Earthbound and Bomberman, but there's only so much Bomberman I can tolerate before I get sick of blowing myself up.
Ruth Etting

(no subject)

1. I watched a crappy movie recently in which a gay Mormon told his mom he was in love with a man and she basically said "That's stupid, everyone knows it's the woman who brings love to a relationship."

I have to know, do Mormons actually believe that? Or was this movie just talking crazy?

2. Is lizcharlene racist?

I asked her, but she won't tell me. :(

(no subject)

If you're in school: do your teachers/professors give you the chance to rewrite papers? What grade will you stop at after rewriting?

Will you post some funny pictures or something? I'm having a panic attack over my rewrites hah

(no subject)

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

"Little Gidding" by T.S. Eliot

1. Is this quoted in a movie? It struck me as really familiar when I read it.
2. And do you think it is a true statement?

3. What is your favourite poem?
Mine is "may my heart always be open to little" by E.E. Cummings.

(no subject)

What is the grossest mess you ever had to clean up?

When I was in high school, my older brother threw up all over my bathroom, and then proceeded to go back to bed without cleaning it up or even telling anyone about it.  A few hours later, when I got home, I had a nice surprise waiting for me. :(
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(no subject)

If you post on Twitter, and someone disagrees with you, would you look up their personal information and call them at home and at work?

Apparently, she will. The guy's number used to be in the post until she figured out what a bad idea that was.

What's the craziest thing you've heard of someone doing lately?

(no subject)

TQC, every few minutes or so I get this feeling on my right upper arm like I'm being pinched... except I'm home alone.

My house is haunted, y/n?

Will you tell me some ghost stories, or generally spooky stories??

(no subject)

My friend and I just got in a disagreement about what kind of connotations the gift of a watch has.

We're buying a present for a friend of ours, and I think a watch has romantic connotations, the kind of gift you'd get a lover, but he maintains watches are a 'goodbye lover' gift, that signal the end of a relationship.

Have you heard either of these ideas before? What connotations would you think a watch would have as a gift?


I just recently had a bad haircut and it's too short to style/fix. I want to buy a wig to wear while my hair is in the awkward gross growing out phase. Does anybody have any personal experience with buying wigs online? If so, what website did you purchase your wig from and were you happy with it?

(no subject)

i just got stung on the ass by a wasp. I sat on it (indoors, too!). So please, TQC...

...what's the worst place you've ever been stung/injured?

And will you tell me a funny injury story to make me laugh and not think about the ice pack I'm sitting on?

(no subject)

Have you ever had a teacher/professor who had a particular way that they wanted their papers to be written? What did they want?

I have a professor who has an outline for each sentence of an essay and how it should be planned. It's not the way my brain works and it's killing me writing mojo.

Do you have any stickers or random crap on your computer? What's on it?

hey tqc

How old were you when you had your first serious relationship? What about your first unserious one? Who was the first boy/girl you held hands with in middle school or whatnot? Tell me about it.

(no subject)

So I think I'm screwed. I still have to finish up writing a paper (2 more pages). I have class at 9am and I absolutely need sleep tonight since I didn't sleep much the night before, so an all-nighter is not an option. My class ends at 12, and I have an exam at 1:30.

The extent of how much I've "studied" for the exam: Throughout this past week, I made flashcards and read the book once. I've looked through past quizzes.

The exam is 55 questions long, with multiple choice, true false and matching.

Do you think I should skip the class (my professor has a policy where students are allowed to make up one test) and take it on Tuesday? I feel like I COULD pass, but I'm also worried about the test being much harder than anticipated and failing. I also don't care about my grade; I just need to pass the test.

(no subject)


For those of you who have read this and seen the movie...

...What did you think of the Twilight book, compared to the movie?

Do you like to get involved in crazy popular fandoms or shy away from them?

Why or why not?

(no subject)

How many of you are Heroes-heads? C'mon be honest.

Now tell me the truth,
Why/why not?
What other characters do you find attractive?

And for those of you who don't know or care about heroes:
What tv show character do you find incredibly attractive?
Take a Look

Do my homework, TQC!

Say you're writing an article that references a lot of names. On the second reference (which is a few paragraphs down from the first), do you use the person's first & last name again, or just the last name?

I know convention says just the last name, but I've also been told that names are hard to keep track in an article. Help!

EDIT: Thanks y'all! =)

lots of randoms

Is there a way to wash your face without getting water EVERYWHERE?
Am I the only asshole who is completely incapable of rinsing soap off without getting everything within a foot of the sink soaked?

Do you get professional pedicures? How much do they cost? Do you actually like them? What color are your toenails?

(no subject)

Ever had a week where you seem to attract loads of people? Does it make you wonder what it is that's different which causes this sudden spell of attractiveness?

If you are like boohoo no one fancies me, is there such a thing as 'too big'?

You know, in your man.