April 18th, 2009


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I had this dream last night in which my cat fell off the chair and it was funny. So funny in fact that I laughed in my dream. Then the sound of my laughter woke me up. It went on that I was laughing so hard and shaking so hard my boyfriend woke up and asked if I was okay.

I then told him about the dream and said 'You should've seen it! It was hilarious' and laughed a bit more.

What's the last thing you did that made you irl lol?

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Can anyone recommend some lesser known movies?
Some recent favs of mine (some aren't unknown, oh well) are I'm Reed Fish, Penelope, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, and King of California.

Bonus points if I can watch it at Netflix.com!

What are some of your recent favorite movies?

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okay i just orderd a bunch of stuff online and one of these items only had 1 left in stock. when i got to the payment confirmation page, i also got a page saying basically that they didn't have enough items in stock to meet my order and had reset my cart so the only stuff in there was what they had in stock. since carts normally empty after your place an order and my cart was still full, i figured the order hadn't gone through. i went back and replaced the piece it said was out of stock, then placed my order. of course i later find out that i've just made two orders. : /

i think it's basically their fault since i didn't get the confirmation email for a while (longer than it normally is on this site) and also because the cart didn't empty (when it has after EVERY other time i've placed an order). i don't want to just cancel my order because there's a restocking fee, which i feel i shouldn't have to pay. so: WHAT SHOULD I DO?

teal deer: i accidentally placed an order twice becase i didn't get a confirmation email and my cart didn't empty like it should, and cancelling one of the orders will result in a restocking fee. what do i do?

edit: I R ARTICULATE. i already emailed them. what i meant to ask is do you think any of it is their fault? do you think i stand a chance at getting the fee taken off? do you think it's a little confusing that my cart never got emptied?

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Are there any other sites you'd recommend for me to go read, other than fmylife, notalwaysright, and overheardinnewyork? Or any other LJ communities such as damn_roommates or mock the stupid?

I'm so bored but I've already read through the aforementioned and have nothing else to do.

Also, do you like napping alone or with a buddy? i.e. a nap buddy? ^___^

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did you know the next two pushing daisies episodes are on youtube? it seems a lot of people in the canceled TV show post are fans.

is there a way to make everything stop smelling/tasting funky when you're sick?

how do you make your spaghetti sauce?

is it illegal to be outside drunk and yelling and blasting music at 1:30am, or just annoying?

update: 2:30. still outside. omg.
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The Attack of the Puns

Poll #1385652 Goaded into turning this into a poll

If I opened up a Lord of the Rings-themed ice cream parlor, what would you get?

Gandalf the White (vanilla)
Rocky Rohan Road
Froyo of the 9 fingers (9 scoops of frozen yogurt)
The Mints of Moria
Sauron the Black (chocolate)
Reese's Smeagolbutter Cup
Dark chocolate with Hobbits of chocolate chip
Balrognana split
Pippina Colada
Striderberry shortcake
Treebeard Berry


Does anyone know if I can return a opened, defective ipod touch to Target and get a full refund if I have the receipt? I bought my sis one for her birthday 2 weeks ago and now the stupid thing won't open or download any apps. I have tried restores and nada. Thankssss!

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I nned a romantic hide away outside the US for the wife and I.
ACTUALLY will you suggest someplace that really SUCKS??
That way she won't want to come and then I'll get to go where I want to go....

morning TQC :)

google has failed me. maybe im wording it weird. idk

would it be legal for me to drive if i am not currently on the car insurance, but am in the car with my mother a ( who is on the insurance), have had my license for over two years and am over 18?

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what does an oil change cost where you live?

ever change your own oil?

how often do you get your oil changed? Are you one of those REALLY GOOD every 3,000 miles people? 'cause I'm not.
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I'm reading Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice and I really need help understanding a line. It says,  "So that was the end of the plan, except that the immortal widow of the immortal man who had survived the flood took pity on him."

Dear TQC, how in the world can an immortal man have a widow? I'm so confused...

For those of you that don't care, what is the weather like in your city right now? Where do you live? 
I'm in Colorado Springs, Colorado,  it's 38 feels like 26 degrees and windy.

Edit: Here's some more context from the book since some of you asked. 

The character is telling the story of Gilgamesh. "It ended the same way as your modern versions. Gilgamesh couldn't resign himself that Enkido could die. Enkido did die, too, though I don't remember quite why. Gilgamesh acted as if he'd never seen anybody die before, and he went to the immortal who had survived the great flood. The great flood. Your flood. Our flood. Everyone's flood. With us it was Noah and his sons. With them it was an immortal who lived in the land of Dilmun in the sea. He was the great survivor of the flood. And off to see him, to get immortality, goes this genius Gilgamesh. And that ancient one - who would be the Hebrew Noah for your people - says what? 'Gilgamesh, if you can stay awake for seven days and nights, you can be immortal.' "And what happens? Gilgamesh instantly fell asleep. Instantly! He didn't even wait a day! A night. He keeled over! Smash. Asleep. So that was the end of the plan, except that the immortal widow of the immortal man who survived the great flood took pity on him, and they told Gilgamesh that if he tied stones to his feet and sank down in the sea he could find a plant that, once eaten, gives you eternal youth. Well, I think they were trying to drown the man!"
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What movie really disappointed you after watching?

<< Most recent movie that did so was the Twin Peaks movie: Fire Walk With Me. I have gotten into watching the episodes, and I decided to watch the movie, and it made absolutely no sense, even after understanding the story.

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Anyone play Endless Forest? Samorost? Eyes Maze?
Know of any similar ones you'd care to share?
What do you think of these games?
Has anyone made icons or fanart of games they play and would share here?

Here are a couple Samorost icons I made:
text - something to say


How awesome are you right now, TQC?

I can tell you how awesome you are... REALLY SUPER AWESOME for convincing me to go to the pancake party last night! Among other things, I ended up getting to see my sister when she and her college friends drove an hour and a half to my campus for our Gumby's pizza!

What are your plans for the day?

I'm going to maybe do some laundry, and watch Star Wars and maybe Girl With a Pearl Earring and maybe some 30 Rock or X-Files. Aaaand possibly do dinner and a movie with a friend. Saturdays are awesome!


What State do the ugliest people come from?

Will you describe yourself in 3 words?

Are we going to look back and laugh at the *sidebangs* craze? Or will we sport it forever?

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My friend has been talking to my ex via facebook chat. (He's been initiating the conversation). I'm actively trying to ignore him because he's a dickwad.

Should my friend:
Keep talking to him to satisfy our nosy nature (although, at this point...I don't really want to know about him)
Block him
or...just ramble on about how great I'm doing?

Has this ever happened to you?
I shouldn't initiate a conversation with him and ask him to leave her alone right?

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I am creating a unit plan on the American Civil War (8th grade), and in my unit plan, we have a portion where we explain how it is relevant to our students. I am stumped on how I explain it's relevancy to my students, I know it is important to know about the war and etc., but that's not a good enough explanation to a 14 year old kid who cares more about TI than Abe Lincoln. HELP!

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Does anyone know of a finance community on here?
I seriously can not warp my head around this stuff, and even looking at bankrate.com and all those type sites are making me even more confused than ever. It'd be awesome to find some place where I can ask all my questions and they can put it in really simple stupid terms so mu dumb head can get it. My family doesn't know much about it either, so I can't ask them.

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This question is mainly for the women folk of TQC cuz I don't think the guys have too many options.

What is your preferred method of birth control?

And if you've tried the depo shot, what did you think about it?

If bc questions don't apply to you, what are you doing to make the world a better place today?

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Is there a such thing as being too nice (of a friend)? (Someone who never judges you no matter what your wrong-doings are, giving gifts without expecting anything in return, always being forgiving, being honest, etc)

What qualities do you think makes someone good friend?

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Do you identify other TQCers by their icon? If so, how confused do you get when someone changes theirs?

Also I am indecisive. Should I make Chicken Soup with Rice & Lemongrass, or French Onion? Other?

French Onion is the more tried-and-true recipe but I'm getting kind of bored with it.

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To your knowledge, is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the most common consequence- infertility- curable?
(I looked on Wikipedia but it's being a bit vague about treatments etc, partially because there's so many different potential treatments but none conclusive...)
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TQC, my nap was just interrupted by a phone call from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, asking:

"What do you feel is the greatest threat posed by Obama and the democratic majority right now?"

So, TQC, what would your answer be?

Mine was: That it might only last four years, 'cause I'm a Democrat. Please remove this number from your database immediately & thank you.

And unrelated: do you prefer showering/bathing with plain ol' soap, or do you use something more scented?
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Q:What is your completely IRRATIONAL fear?

-I'm scared to death of the ocean. TO DEATH.
-The Exorcist


Attack of the Puns 2

If there was a Star Wars-themed sex shop, what would you try first?

Princess Labia clips
Hands-free Solo (vibrator)
R2DP2 (robot threesome porno)
'Lookie' Thighwalker (voyeuristic cam that's looks up a woman's skirt)
OBGYN cannoli (vagina-flavored pastries)
Mannequin Skinwalker (camera that mounts on a blow-up doll that can film you having sex with it)
Darth Voyeur (helmet that films the sex act from your perspective)
Chewbackside (prosthetic teeth that allow you to sink your fangs into your lover's bottom with more flare)
See 3 Pee All (porno of a threesome with heavy water games)
Red Tide Fighter (aid to enable the gentleman to have sex when she's on her period)
Sex Wing Fighter (his & hers sex swings that collide into each other)
Depth Star (attachment that enables the gentleman to reach deeper penetation)
Jawa, Yoda Lay He Hoo (dental dams)
E-wok (online service that'll bring Chinese food to your door when you're too busy having sex)
Booba Fetch (bedroom game where a bounty is placed on her boobs and her lover has to find and collect them)

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What's for dinner tqc?

We're working on my uncle/aunts new house & I've been given the task to make dinner. I'm grilling steak. I did a dry rub on the steak-- should I put it back in the fridge or leave it out til 5? (Its 2-- so 3hrs)? & do u cook steak on lo med or high? Tips?

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I need to make a unit plan (14 or so lessons) for middle school or high school English classes.
I was thinking of doing "Acceptance" as a theme. There would be poetry and short stories about different cultures as well as people living with disabilities.

Do the two topics work with a theme of "acceptance"? Or should I consider it something else?
Did you ever read a poem or short story about either topic that really stuck with you?

Thanks for the help!
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The other day I realized even though I am a natural girl, if I were to ever have been a drag queen, I'd want my stage name to be Scarlett Fever. What would/is your drag name be?

Yesterday, rocking out in my car, I came to know that I NEED to have a Queen song played at my funeral. I was thinking of Who Wants to Live Forever for the lulz, but haven't decided. What song do you want played at yours?

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Do you think it's okay that my boyfriend is considering giving away our fish and getting rid of the tanks when I have fish in there as well?

On the one hand, he bought them for me and is the one who maintains the tank. I don't do anything.
On the other hand, I feel really sad about losing Kurt and Goldie. And I think my opinion should count.

What do you do when...

You're going to the toilet and you think you're going to be in there for a long time? Do you take a book/newspaper to read, a DS to play perhaps or is this kind of thing just totally unhygienic to you and you sit there throughout the session?

Personally I just keep a book in the bathroom for this purpose.
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My husband and I have a vivarium with frogs and on the bottom front, there is a small body of water where a small fish lives.  We've had this vivarium for a year and a half and we recently discovered something new.  Something *alive* grew inside of it.  My husband first saw it on the floor but it moved to the top of the water and he has seen a few of these but they're too small for us to see regularly.

Collapse )

I have no clue what Google search terms to use.  Does anyone know what it could possibly be?
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So I live in DC, it's absolutely gorgeous outside, and I want to go out. But all the museums and the zoo and whatnot will close in the next two hours (it takes me at least 45 minutes to get anywhere). What should I do? Also, I have no friends and don't want to spend a ton of money.

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I'm considering getting my nose pierced twice on one side with little rings, TQC. In general, do you think this is a groovy look, an okay look, or a douchey look?

If you have no interest in how I'm willing to mutilate my face, when was the last time you ate fast food and which fast food franchise did you partake in?

ETA: I had Wendy's yesterday, and they fucked up my order. Again. Is "Number 6 with only lettuce, medium combo and diet coke" that hard to understand? :(

My weekend was PHUN

Does it really take 3 months to go from an 18 gauge to a 14 for ear piercings?

What are the odds my ears will swell reallllllly bad?

I just got them done yesterday. I just did  loops, plain loops. Plus, in july when I go back to get these taken out I am Ebaying my own earings.

EDIT    ----->  Plain earrings people.....not plugs.
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I'm in a dilemma and I really need help. So last week, my normal hair color was light brown. I dyed my hair dark brown, but it came out black. I hate it. In an attempt to get it back to light brown, I dyed a light brown color over the black. It didn't work. Now I am wondering if I should just buy a kit to bleach out the black. Then it would leave it sort of orange, so I would have to buy a light brown to dye over it again. Would that work? Or would it still be kind of orange? Is there another alternative? Would it be cheaper just to go to a salon and have them do whatever they want to do? I just want my natural light brown hair color back...
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Hey American TQCers, preferably on the east coast. Do you know any colleges/universities that offer degrees in American Sign Language? If so, please tell me the name, location, and if you can a little bit about the area and its people.

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1. Do you like spicy food? If so, what is your favorite hot sauce?

2. What is your favorite baby name for a boy and/or girl?

3. What inanimate objects of yours have you named? What are their names?
Isobel Mahariel

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What musician/band have you been a fan of for the longest? When did you first become a fan?

Sarah McLachlan. I first heard one of her songs back around 1996, and I've loved her ever since. Nine Inch Nails would be second. I first got into them back in 2001.
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Your 90 year old father falls and breaks his hip. Prior to this happening you prayed to some angel asking to keep him safe asked some angel to pray to keep him safe. Your born again christian friend says "You'll hate me for saying this but it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't prayed to an angel." They use the name of the specific angel, I just can't remember it. Days go by and this person does not call to apolgize or find out how your father is doing.

Would that be the end of your friendship?

Why the fuck would someone think that was an okay thing to say?

Edit: This is about my aunt, her friend is the jerkface.

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Which of these people would you fuck if you had to or you would die?

Matthew Perry
Zac Efron
Tom Hanks
Michael Douglas
Bruce Jenner
Billy Ray Cyrus
Willem Dafoe
Christopher Walken
John C. Reilly
Mike Myers
Steve Buscemi
Danny DeVito
id rather die k thnx
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What should I cook tonight?

A big batch of spaghetti with chicken in the sauce
Cheesy fiesta macaroni and chicken (with salsa)
Tuna sandwiches if my husband will bring home a loaf of bread when he leaves work
Something else that involves chicken and pasta because that's what we have
Tuna mac (this is the wrong answer)
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what should i get my mom for her birthday?

1. it needs to be fairly easy to mail
2. no clothes, i'm not even going to try finding something she likes
3. no garden things like i was originally going to get her as per my father's suggestions, because he called me 9:30 this morning to say he decided HE was going to get that for her.

i just have no idea.

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Every single muscle from my waist down is in sheer agony. Is there any other remedy aside from a half-body amputation? I've got the hack saw ready.

If not, how should I best go about minimizing the mess?

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Have you ever had a SO who made comments about the way you eat?
Did they ever comment on something else and you found yourself trying to appease them?
Feel free to elaborate/tell stories

(A friend was telling me that her ex hated long nails, so she would keep hers short without even realizing it)

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Hopefully someone with photo-editing savvy can help me out. I have a CD of like 660 MB of photos, and I need to send a zip file of low res versions of these images to someone via email.

What's the easiest way to do this on a Mac? Any program that will allow me to do all the photos in a big batch? Thank you!
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For those of you in committed (but not married) relationships, do you have any indications of that fact to the outside world?  If so, what?

I'm bummed that my favorite Mexican restaurant is closed for a private party tonight.  What are you having for dinner?


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what sports did you/ do you play in high school? for how many years/ seasons?
1 season of soccer. 8 seasons of track D: and 1 of xc

what about before high school?
soccer all the way dude. oh and tae kwon do when i was like 10 in that counts

did you play on any college teams or club sports?
track for 4 more seasons and 2 more of xc.


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1. i got a mild sunburn today on both arms. i put a cold, damp washcloth on them for around 15 minutes each, i think. and before i go to sleep i'm going to put that blue aloe vera stuff on. if i keep doing that, how long will it take for the sunburn to go away?

2. i'm 90% sure i'm getting a iPod Touch for my birthday. what apps do you think are a necessity? i don't live a big city so i don't need the Taxi one that's in the iPhone commercials, or anything like that.
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Some of my friends are at a play and I want to meet up with them after it's over. The play started at 8, it's 9:40 now. When would be a good time to call someone? I don't want to call while the play is still going on in case whoever I call didn't think to silence their phone.

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My grandmother's house burned down today. On the anniversary of my dads death. Shitty day. Anyway.

She got out with nothing but her pajamas and purse. Her husband died 4 months ago.

If your house burned down, what would you miss most? What's the first thing you'd buy when you got a new house?

She seems saddest about her pictures and antique grandfather clock.

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do you ever wish you had a servant to brush your teeth at night when you are already in bed and enjoying the comfort of your blankets?

what is the most stupid thing you've done today?

the smartest thing?
I am a tiger

Diet question...

Has anyone tried the supplement Hydroxycut?  How did it work for you?  What kind was it (regular, max, etc.)?  Where did you buy it from (Walmart, GNC, EBay, etc.)?


EDIT:  Also, I know good eating habits and exercise must accompany any long term weight loss plan. 
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Do you know anything about Long Island, New York? (if so...what?)

I live here and my professors are always saying that we're known for certain things but I wonder if anyone has ever even heard of it.
My political views

Question about the mechanics of flirting

Hey TQC-ers.

What do you do when you're interested in a person who you only know as an employee of a place your frequent (IE a hot barista at your local coffee shop or a cute bagger at your grocer)?

For those who have never had that problem, if you use the Super Pets app on Facebook and/or MySpace, which animal do you have? Should I spend the 10,000 coins I saved up on buying a cactus or something else?
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I have to work with my manager every day next week. She's not usually scheduled at the same times as I am, but this week is all fuckdified and it's going to be unreasonably difficult. She's not a bad person, and she's a good worker, but when she needs to offer correction or instruction she does it in a really passive-aggressive way, and she makes me really nervous because of the way she watches me when I'm completing tasks. I am not the only one who feels this way. Avoiding her is not possible due to constant proximity and interaction/communication. Besides the maxim, "Remember - shit sandwich, tastes good," - I'm very skilled at smiling, nodding, and thanking her for whatever passive-aggressive 'friendly' criticism she decides to hand me - what advice can you offer for making it through next week without melting down emotionally?
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what's up, tqc? whatcha doin?

me: coloring organs to attach to my human body model when i teach this week. yeah. putting off writing two more lesson plans. i'm totally having an off day and don't want to do anything.
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Supposedly, TQC, everyone has a "list" of 5 people they could cheat on their SO? with, without penalty. Do you and your SO have this? Do you think that if you ever did encounter one of your five and pursued it, would your SO truly forgive and forget, or would it break down your relationship? What if the situation was reversed, and your SO pursued one of their five? Could you just let it go?

Who is/would be on your top five list?
Richie Sambora, Gerard Butler, Kevin Costner, Matthew Lawrence, and Robert Redford

Aside from your list of five, who are some celebrities that you find physically attractive?
Diane Lane, Juliette Binoche, and Adriana Lima all have features I adore

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Anyone catch Dollhouse last night? I'm going crazy waiting for it to be uploaded to SurfTheChannel.com so I can watch it. Don't want any spoilers, but how was it??