April 17th, 2009

For the brave and unashamed

What's a funny/awkward moment that happened to you during a sexual encounter?

I was visiting my long distance boyfriend 3 months ago, and we finally got free reign of the house. I was in the bathroom (not using the toilet, fyi) and he came in. We got into a heavy make out session, and  in what would have normally been a sexy manner, I pushed him against the shower door. Unfortunetly for us, the sliding door was OPEN and we both just managed to catch ourselves before falling in. Thankfully we were able to laugh it off :c)

Oh and HOW DO YOU SPELL UNFORTUNETLY. No matter what I do, it always looks wrong.
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I'm making a video for two of my best friends, who are getting married this month. The video includes childhood pictures, family shots, pictures of the progress of their new house, fairly typical stuff.

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ETA I'm an idiot, I wanted the piano version! This is the one.

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tqc, what are some tasty but at least somewhat healthy things i can take to school for lunch? i have access to a microwave and toaster but not a fridge, and they will be in my purse for 3-6 hours, depending on what day it is.
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What was your favorite thing to do if you had a snow day when you were a kid?

For those of you who have seen the video of Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent, 'fess up. Who teared up just a little bit while watching?
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Does anyone have a subscription to the online Wall Street Journal that could copy-paste or send me a particular article? I have the print subscription only and someone stole my copy out of my office yesterday and I need this one article. Please?

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1)When people say I haven't had sex in ___ months, at what point do you roll your eyes?

To me, it's when people say I haven't had sex for three months, omg, how will I live?

2)anything shockingly good happen to you?

I slept through the night!

3)How do you deal with conflict?

hide, freak out.
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I've noticed that if I brush my teeth in the morning before I eat anything my teeth will feel pretty clean all day, even if I eat and then don't brush afterwards. But if I don't brush in the morning, my teeth feel gross all day.

Is this true for you?

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Where is my camera? I haven't taken it out since I last uploaded photos but it doesn't appear to be *anywhere* and I'm going out to Salem, MA today and wanted photos. Boo-urns.

If you don't care where my camera is, what is the most embarrassing outfit you've ever left the house in, and not meant to be a costume?
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My SO's mother constantly hassles me about getting a job and not "cruising along"....I have a job, I have been supporting myself and her son for the last 4 months while he has been, er, "looking for a job"...so understandably this boils my blood a little.

Is there any way of saying something to her that will stop her bringing it up without going into detail about what I do?

What would you say to her?
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If you have a washer & dryer *in* your dwelling, where are they located? Is there a closet or designated room for them?
Ours are in the kitchen, right next to the stove. Our kitchen is so small that the top of the washer doubles as a work surface when I'm cooking.

What is your favorite or most-used cookbook? What do you like about it?

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We had a name all picked out for our puppy. We were getting a male rottweiler, and we were naming him Hemi. Well, turns out, we dont get a choice of male anymore, and we have to get a female. Which is fine, because we are cheap, and now we get to pay half price. Anyways, I dont think you can name a female Hemi. I need help coming up with some names that we could name her.

By the way, my husband doesnt like "people" names. He giggles when he sees a dog with a person's name.

Right now, I have:

Any other ideas?
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TEEL DEAR: What are some good 60s songs that have a farewell feel to them?
What are your favourite "oldies" songs?

I'm leaving a state position in an organization I'm part of tomorrow (my one year term is over) and I'm in charge of throwing the event where we have a dance and elect the next person to my position. I'm making a slide show of my year, and I'm looking for some good, 60s feel music to accompany it. Right now we have about 15 minutes worth of slide show, and the only song we have is Bay City Rollers' "Bye Bye Baby" as a definite at the end. We're considering The Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" as well. TQC! What do you suggest?

PS, yes I know that Bye Bye Baby is from the 70s.
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Makeup wearers of TQC:

1. How often do you wear makeup?
2. What's your normal makeup routine?
3. How big is your makeup collection?
4. Do you think you know how to apply it properly?
5. Do you prefer loud makeup or neutral makeup?
6. When you're going for more drama, do you emphasize the eyes or the lips more?

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Yey, it's my birthday!

What did you do on your last birthday?

I kind of grew up with my parents making a big fuss of our birthdays, so a cake and some kind of present is a must. However, over the past few years, I discovered that some of my friends, my ex and my current bf don't celebrate/care about their birthdays all that much which I find odd at first(and then, I felt immature).

Do you or your family make a big deal out of your birthday?

Also, say you win a contest and the prize:any 5 things of your choice. What would you ask for?

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My friend is coming over tonight and wants me to teach her how to cook. I was thinking spaghetti and meatballs. What would be a good dish for her to start out with?

What's your favorite animated Disney movie?

What are "deal breakers" for you when it comes to relationships?

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I'm interested in getting contacts, but I don't want to pay $40 a box through my eye doctor. What are some legit and safe sites I can purchase them through? I don't want to lose my eyes!
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It is so!

Clothes. Pants, socks, shoes, underwear, shirts, etc. Stuff you wear is clothes. Not like jewelry or anything, but we're talking basic clothes.

So, if someone is wearing a headband and it's made out of a fabric type material...that counts as clothes, right?
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If you moved to a new city and don't know anyone, how do would you make friends in the area? (you're a lot younger then the people you work with too)

*you're also a guy in this situation, if it makes a difference

poor kitty

why does my kitty keep scratching her ears till the bleed?
how can i make her stop? its making me sad :((((
there no bugs in there or anything. if that makes a difference.

oh. and we cant afford to take her to the vet right now
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This may be a dumb question, but is it actually illegal to be intoxicated on illegal drugs?

If you overdose and get dropped off at a hospital, and the cops get involved but find no drugs or drug utensils on you whatsoever - what crime can they charge you with?

Im thinking public intoxication, but lets assume you overdosed in your own home and weren't out in public.
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On Monday night, there was a large-scale event put on by my boyfriend. I agreed to help with lighting and some photography, but he felt as though he could use the help of one other person. I suggested my friend. The day before the event and again on the day of, I asked my friend if she would be able to help out. She agreed but said that she would not be available till 6:30 (the event started at 7:00).

The night of the event rolls around. At 7:30, there is still no sign of my friend. By this time, we realize that we don't need anymore help, so I text her to tell her that she doesn't need to help out any longer. She doesn't respond to the text. At 11, when the event ended, I called her to ask if I could stop by her apartment to pick up my things (I had stayed at her place the night before). She picks up the phone sounding a bit out of it, so I ask her what's wrong, and she says she's coming down with something. When I get to her place to pick up my stuff, she doesn't even ask how the event went.

Am I overreacting, or was this just plain rude and flaky of my friend?
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How many people are going to buy this book excluding the author and her family members? Do you think it's a joke? I can't tell.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most terrible, how terrible is the cover?

These are the best parts!

"This book directs You to choose careers that most people do not think of that will put you in the limelight

What a young man should do if he want to talk to a
beautiful woman?

What is so sexy about a young man walking around,
showing his underwear?"
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When you go to a rocky beach, the rocks are always jagged and very sharp.

I would have thought that the constant pounding from sandy salty waves would have worn all the rocks down smooth... Why is that not the case?

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What would cause my grandfather to think that filling the ice trays up with scalding hot water is the best way to do the ice?

his reasoning btw is that it makes the ice freeze quicker (lol whut?) and it makes it easier to get out of the tray later.
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Can anyone recommend me a really good pair of headphones that will preferably last me more than a year and are cheap? I need a pair that can take abuse. They're probably going to end up wrapped around an iPod and stuffed in pockets the majority of the time that I use them. Please don't recommend Griffin's unless there's a better pair than the ones I have for $14.00. They're just about dead and I've had them about a month.

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I got some new glasses frames the other day because my old ones broke. I have since discovered that these frames hurt my head like a bugger. the part behind the ear bows in too drastically. Now my boss said I can take it in, and they do this special heating-up thing and bend them outwards a bit.

But, I'm at work today and no one's here so I can't leave but I can't take the pain anymore. If I take a (small) blowtorch out of the workshop and (very carefully) heat up my lenses to bend them, will that break them?

ETA: okayokay thanks everyone, what was i thinking, i'll wait till monday.

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TQC, for the first, and possibly last time in ages, I am at home, bored.
The sort of really unproductive boredom where you can't be bothered to do anything.
After this weekend I have exams and exam prep till june, so no time for boredom.
So, what should I do?
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Does any one here use paypal??

What's this shit about not giving me my money until they get the item or I print a shipping label from them???
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Source of the image?

Does anyone know where this image comes from?

Under the cut is a tattoo, but I swear I have seen the image before. It has something to do with psychoanalysis or psychology..

The image is of a baby eating a rat. It's not that NSFW, it's just rather odd.

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Yes I am incapable of making these decisions myself.

I got invited to a pancake party tonight. Idk whether I should go or not. Here is the situation:

1. I don't know anyone there very well
2. Going would require putting on pants
3. I'd need a ride there, and if I wanted to leave early it'd be problematic
4. I am not a social butterfly so I'd be hella uncomfortable


A. It would get me out of the dorm
B. It would be an effort to be social for once
C. I might have a good time after all, and


THANKS TQC, TONIGHT WE DINE ON PANCAKES! I will be sure to fax you all some pancakey goodness. Are we thinking syrup or blueberries?

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I'm craving Mexican food. Should I invest my time and make some home made enchiladas, or should I just go to Taco Bell? FUCK TACO BELL.

Also, are you getting your mom anything for Mother's Day? Do you ever get something for women in your life that have been LIKE a mom to you, but aren't your mom?
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I have a sweatshirt that says Alaska on it and have had the following conversation with several people while wearing it:

"Are you from Alaska?"
"Then why are you wearing the shirt?"

Am I wrong in thinking that it is more common for tourists than natives to wear a clothing item with the name of a state on it?
Do you own shirts that have the name of your city/state on it (other than for a sports team)?

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1) DId you participate in a Tea Party tax day protest?

No, I was wgoing to but I had an exam in my symbolic logic class.

2) What are you majoring in/what will you major in (assuming you are going to/are in college)

Math + Philosophy for me.

3) Are you in a fraternity/sorority? If so what one?

I am a Brother of Triangle Fraternity.

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My husband says that I am the only person ever who hates Bohemian Rhapsody. Literally, the song makes my skin crawl.

I'm not the only one, right? Does anyone else not like it?

Edit: oh yes, I get what I did. And a ton of emailed comments to boot! I love the internet.
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(no subject)

1) Does your ISP have a monthly/weekly bandwidth limit? Have your ever exceeded it?

I exceeded mine this month :(

2) I found the complete Twin Peaks series and the movie on sale for 45 bucks. Should I buy it?
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When I was viewing a certain webpage a few days ago my mouse got all messed up, and somehow in messing with it I zoomed the webpage way in. Now, I've reset my computer and everything and it's still like that. How can I fix this? It's a site I use a lot :/

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Did you collect stickers as a child?
Do you now have a giant collection of stickers because you never wanted to use the stickers that you had when you were a kid?

I swear my mom just came over to ask me if I have any stickers...hah

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people with grapheme-colour synaesthesia (which is apparently as common as 1 in 23 or something, so i know some of you have it), what is your favourite-coloured word (based on overall shade or combination of letter-colours)?

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 My friends and I were discussing older movies (pre-1960's ish) that we felt were classics.

The ones we all seemed to agree on were:

It's A Wonderful Life
The Wizard of Oz
Gone With the Wind

What older movies do you think are must see classics?

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Should I break up with my boyfriend because he won't stand up to his idiot best friend who won't give us two seconds alone together?

Background: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months (friends for two years). His best friend refuses to accept the fact that my boyfriend and I need time alone together and randomly shows up WHENEVER I am at my boyfriend's house. Like he litterally shows up 10 minutes after I get there without fail and will not leave. Today i had a really really bad day and was talking to my boyfriend about it for all of 15 minutes before his best friend walked through the door and smuggly asked if he was interupting anything. I've had enough of this. I left as soon as he sat down and tried to chat my boyfriend up. I'm really sick of this behavior and the fact that my boyfriend refuses to tell his best friend to gtfo.

ETA: I've talked to my boyfriend many times about this. He just seems to think his best friend is lonely.

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Ever had a recurring dream? 

Mine is of switching my alarm off, getting out of bed, brushing teeth, shampooing, rinsing, repeating, conditioning, etc hairstyling, makeup, all in minute, mundane detail...then realising I overslept by about 45 minutes (the amount of time it would have taken to do all that stuff in real life). It always happens before work.
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An Orthodox Jewish family just invited me to move in with them rent-free. Doing so would save a lot of money ($536/mo + food costs) but it would mean some significant lifestyle changes (I would live farther away from the city, I might have to dress differently, and I wouldn't be able to go out on Friday nights or Saturdays during the day -- or at least if I did do all those things, it would be awkward).

Would you do it?
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show me the money?

I got a bridal shower invitation and wedding invitation from my cousin who lives in Texas (I'm in NY). Her wedding is two days before my due date, naturally I cannot attend.. I really cant ya know, travel across the united states in late May for a bridal shower either.
I havn't seen this cousin since she was.. um.. 5? (shes 20) or my aunt for that matter. We actually only occasionally keep in touch via facebook/myspace. My family is so spread out, it's why I have them.
How much should my husband and I send for a wedding gift for her? What about a bridal gift?
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If you're female and goth, would you mind filling out a survey for my friend? She's going to school for fashion design and needs information on female goth style for her final project.


Edit: Didn't realize this was against the rules, so here are some Qs to make this post more relevant!:

Have you ever dressed goth? Do you still? If not, do you have a picture of yourself decked out in goth and dressed regularly? Will you post it?

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TQC, I am home alone tonight. Should I:
A.) work on my Spanish paper and powerpoint (it is due Tuesday and I haven't made sufficient progress on either, but I can usually pull these things together last minute and still get a really good grade on)
B.) Watch one of the netflix DVDs we got today (Changeling and Rachel Getting Married; I've seen the former and my sister wants to see it with me, and I don't really know much about the second one)
C.) Try to figure out the music for the gala piece we're auditioning with on Thursday even though I don't play piano and the person I'm doing it with isnt here)
D.) Something that you will tell me in the comments

(no subject)

What instrument should I learn how to play: the ukulele, the mandolin, the cello, the accordion, or the banjo? Or something else I didn't list?

I want something somewhat easy to learn and also an instrument that has versatility.

(no subject)

In the Uk...I have a friend who had started a tattoo apprenticeship, but that's fallen through. She's planning on buying her gun/kit etc and tattooing from home.

I don't know anything about this but how would it work? Would she need a license?
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asking for my husband

So, my husband says over the past few weeks at work, he's gone into the bathroom and while he's washing his hands at the sink, more than one old dude has come in to use the urinal and they've done it with their hands on their hips. Obviously, *I* can't answer this because I have no penis, but how can a guy piss without holding his junk? I don't know if it's exclusively an old man thing, but my husband says they've all been old when he's seen it. Feel free to ask why my husband is checking out geezers taking leaks.

(no subject)

I made up a game.

It's the "What is your Email-SPAM Name?" game.

Your first name is an affliction affecting a member of your family. Your middle initial is your favorite high scoring Scrabble letter. Your last name is your maternal grandfather's first name. Thus, I am Fibromyalgia Q. Abbott.

What's yours?

(no subject)

If you had an undo button for your life that you could only use once, would you use it on something that has already happened, or save it for the future?

What is something new and fun in your life?

(no subject)

i have a few questions for anyone with lip/monroe/medusa/etc piercings.

1) how do you get your jewelry in? i always have the hardest time lining it up and stuff.

2) what size is the ball on the end?

3) how long is the post and what piercing is it in? i ordered one for my monroe that was 5/16" and it was way too long. right now i'm about to order one that's 1/4", but that seems way too tiny. apparently this is a silly thing to worry about, haha.

ty bbs!

(no subject)

A person you genuinely dislike and who dislikes you back is married to someone you neither like nor dislike but are acquainted with. When they have a baby, for some reason they allow you to choose the name, both first and middle. What would you name the baby? (choose your own gender)
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I am sitting at home, have been cleaning all day, and I'm doing laundry. What lame thing are YOU up to this lovely Friday evening? And don't lie and say what you're doing isn't lame. You're on LJ on a Friday night. You're not fooling anyone. ;)

What would you rather be doing? You know, realistically speaking.
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In a strongly worded statement, the Vatican defended the pope's view that condoms aren't the answer to Africa's AIDS epidemic and could make it worse.

... wut? I understand the whole abstinence and monogamy argument, those things are pretty cool I guess. But what the hell is the argument that condoms could make the AIDS epidemic worse?

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Why is it when I post something on here revealing my heart and soul you guys dump all over it? 

That post with my poem really meant something to me and you guys just ruined it all for me. I didn't think it was the best but thought it was pretty good with a few tweaking, but all of you thought it was great to just point and laugh at it. Some of you were really immature about it, too! "OH LOLZ THE POEM HAS THE WORD EAT IN IT!!! HAHAHAHHAHHA" I was asking for help and only two of you gave ANY!

So a big THANK YOU to those who did give some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but to the rest of you- NO

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Trust Me has been canceled and Life On Mars (US) ended a few weeks ago after being canceled. (Yeah, they were both bad. But still, everyone needs a guilty pleasure, right?)

1. My question to you is what is your favorite canceled show?

2. Which currently running show that you watch do you think should be taken out back and be put out of its misery?
a. Why are you even watching it?

3. What show would you cry a river over if they ever canceled it?

4. And finally, what's your favorite show that has debuted during this season?

(no subject)

On a scale from 1 to 10, how good a cook are you? When/how did you learn to cook?

I'm cooking for the first time ever for my family tomorrow. They are convinced that I will burn the house down or just make a general mess. Help, what are some good dishes that involve minimal stove usage?

(no subject)

So I've been looking at various sites with the "top movies of all time." The highest numbers vary greatly from site to site, so I'm curious:

What do you think is the greatest movie of all time? (Not necessarily one that you're in love with, but that you can appreciate the "greatness" of)

What are your top 3 personal favorites?