April 16th, 2009


Guess im a bitch

so my ex and i broke up in september but continued living together until this past week when i got my own place.
He just came over to check it out, and asked if i wanted to "do it" (exact words).
I laughed. Loud. And in his face. I laughed and laughed. Down the stairs and out the door as he got into his car.

I feel kind of bad. Should i apologize? Or keep Laughing?

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On a lot of comments in different sites I've noticed over time some people saying "illll" like if they were saying "ewww" is that acceptable? like, did I grow up not realizing that? or did these people grow up thinking when people said EWW in real life it was spellled ILL?
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How long have you had your current computer?
Is it a laptop or a desktop?
For those of you with laptops, are you super careful with them/their maintenance/etc? Also, have you ever had screws from the bottom of your laptop fall out?

I'm wondering if I'm the laptop killer or if mine is just a piece of crap. :(
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What do you think about people answering their own question in the post?

I don't like it

Why not?

it's like people are talking to themselves

Who are you?

My name is Legion for we are many

So, do you ever have conversations with yourself where your voices have different personalities? Can you describe them?

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Considering cops often make more money and have better funding, why does it seem like there are more cops on bikes and more security guards in cars?
If this question makes no sense to you interpret it symbolically.
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Have you ever made a donation in honor of a loved one? Where was it to?

Do you celebrate the birthdays of people who have passed? Please share your stories.

A friend of mine who died from suicide last year's birthday is coming up, and I'm planning on making a donation in her name to Yellow Ribbon. I'm also planning on baking a cake for her. I'd like to hear about what other people have done in remembrance of their loved ones, as I am very sad and could use some warm stories.
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What is the weirdest thing to happen to you lately?

I just had a knock at my door (at 1:30am). It was some guy looking for someone named Bobby, and when I told him I didn't know who that was, he started hitting on me and kept trying to get me to invite him in. I'm a bit creeped out.
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Since it's 3 AM and I need a solid opinion: should I pierce the cartilage in my left or right ear?

What was the last really fucked up thing to happen to you?

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How do you feel about parents who carry around those little TVs everywhere, and park their kids in front of them at places such as resturants?

I was browsing facebook, and came across a woman who had taken her two kids to Maui, and they were eating dinner on a beautiful beach front restaurant at sunset.. and both kids were staring at their own individual tv. Instead of, you know, enjoying where they are/interacting with people.

This is kinda sad to me, but then again, I'm not a parent, so maybe I just don't 'get it'. But then again, I do like that it shuts them the hell up..

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Poll #1384484 Island vacation time??

Will you help me decide which island to visit???

Staten Island
Other in comments
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Anyone know of some good, active book club/book discussion comms on LJ? I'm thinking about getting into a couple, but recs are always nice.

Thanks! :D

Hi, I suck. >.< Pls disregard.

Who is your favorite political humorist?

I loves me some Jon Stewart. I don't think I've ever seen a "Daily Show" that wasn't funny.

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i'm making a "choose your own adventure"-esque book for a project in one of my classes, but for some reason i can't remember exactly how they go and amazon search is only showing me the first few pages.

tqc, does anyone remember how these work? i've given two scenarios, one says "turn to page six," the other "turn to page seven"... does disaster happen at the end of one, always, or can it be looped back in later in the story? does that even make sense? basically, does every "wrong choice" = end of the story?

anyone? :(

edit: THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE. you guys are seriously amazing. :]
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Its My day off today!! Besides hanging with my good guy friend and finding my cat,  WHAT THE HELL else should I do?
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Does anyone know how to flag/mark an image offensive on Photobucket?

Edit: I really can't in good conscience show you guys the link. Especially if this cunt finds this post, she'll probably start stalking me or something.
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What are some good low-impact exercises that still give a good workout? I need to give my poor knees a break.

Have you ever taken glucosamine & chondroitin to help with joint care? Is it worth the ridiculous price for a bottle of it?

What's your favorite snack?
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TQC, what do you do when you're completely overwhelmed and are having trouble focusing?

We just found out that Husband has been granted funding and a stipend to teach and be a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  We live in Pittsburgh, PA.  We have to move across the country in 13 weeks.  We have around $8,000 set aside for moving.  Is that enough money?  How the hell am I going to move 2 cats across the country?  I keep bouncing between updating my resume, looking for apartments/neighborhoods that are safe/pricing "cost of living" things, looking for jobs, researching moving companies, etc.  Can you help me at all?  I'm freakin' out here.

ETA: I also have to get a little bit of work done on my car and sell it, because there is no way I'm driving a grey car with black leather interior around the desert.  

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I'm having my house refinanced and the bank is sending appraisers next week. How clean does my house need to be, really?

Should I have a truffle blizzard from Dairy Queen? They look amazing but I'm worried I'll be as disappointed as that time I splurged on the Thin Mint blizzard and it was like one cookie in the whole thing.
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Will you share some stories about cooking disasters (yours or someone else's)?

A couple of mine:
When I was younger I was very impatient and pulled an egg out of the water before it was hard-boiled.  I tried to remedy it by putting it in the microwave and wound up with something that looked, smelled, and tasted like burnt rubber.

I also somehow screwed up making fudge at one point and it still hadn't hardened after 3 days in the fridge.  I ended up pouring it into the dumpster.

And my grandmother, who is usually very intelligent, one day decided to save time by adding sugar to the coffee before brewing it (she added it to the filter).  Needless to say, it got poured down the drain, although my father did try some of it.

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I'm totally justified in not doing the dishes and playing Halo 3 online instead while my son is napping, right? RIGHT?

Anyone else on xBox live? Want to be friends?
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I don't know if this has been asked yet by anyone, but either the lastest Adblock update from firefox or the latest Vista update seems to have broken my Adblock. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way to fix it? Adblock was the number 1 reason I use Firefox so if it's gone, I'll be upset. It seems to have repaired itself. Weird.

What's your favorite cookie?
What is something namebrand that you like better than store brand?
What is your shoe size?
What is your favorite Star Wars movie?
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The Mother And Father Tongues

What country did your parents grow up in?
What languages do/did your parents speak?
What language or languages are common to that country?
If they are still living, what country do your parents live in now?
What language or languages are common to the country they live in now?

What country did you grow up in?
What languages do you speak?
What language or languages are common to that country?
What country do you live in now?
What language or languages are common to the country you live in now?
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should I wake my dad up?
he said he'd give me a ride to school but he fell asleep :(

alternatively, what's the worst possible way to wake someone up?
what's the worst way someone has ever woken you up?

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my parents left for cuba today, they'll be gone for a week. i've been left with their chrysler 300 (i have my own car, but plan on driving theirs cause it's nicer), $300 cash and my moms debit card. i suck at grocery shopping, what should i buy? also, what should i do while their away? i'm already bored.
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Does your opinion of someone change if you find out they are on public assistance or welfare?
Have you ever been on any type of public assistance?
Do you know anyone taking advantage of the system?

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Have you personally or know someone who got a job off of Craigslist?

I'm trying to find a receptionist or admin job and wondering how many people have found a job successfully through craigslist.

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i got a voicemail from a job i applied for saying thanks but no thanks, glad to meet you, we'll keep your resume on file since it's really a scheduling thing that's keeping you from getting it. They really did like me, I'm pretty sure.

Should I return the call, say thanks and let me know if something opens up, or let it be ended?
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Suppose due to some unfortunate circumstances, you will have to take some additional classes this next semester, on top of the amount of classes you normally take. You have these three options:

- take 3 very easy classes
- take 1 moderately difficult class and 1 very easy class
- take 1 very easy class, and pay $850 and take another very easy class online over the summer

Which class set would you choose?
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dinner + graduating?

TQC what should I eat for dinner? I ate something healthy for lunch, but I'm going to go out for some ice cream later with my friend, so I'm kind of trying to balance everything out while not wanting to spend $$$.

So. Which is best?

Sushi, which can cost from $7-10, or (I'd get the california roll)
Jack In The Box, $5-7 (I'd get the grilled chicken sandwich + fries)

Unrelated, how many of you are graduating soon?
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If/when you got accepted into a college, did you have to wait for an acceptance letter to find out? Or could you find out over the phone?

I just called the college I auditioned for and they said that they just got the results back from the music department and that letters have just been sent, expected to arrive next week. I asked if they could tell me over the phone and they said they couldn't. I'd already told them my name. So now I'm all thinking into it deeply and stuff - supposing that if I'd gotten accepted they would have told me.
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My parents are getting us new phones today and they're looking at the Samsung Propels. Anyone have any rants or raves on their Propel?

My parents are also having the siding replaced on their house. The guys doing it are the same ones who replaced their windows a few weeks ago. One of them is my age (21) and I think he keeps flirting with me. Asking me about my pets, favourite music, commenting on my tshirts, and a little while ago I was getting him some ice and he saw my ring.
I wear it on my left hand so it doesn't get yucky, but it's just the ring my parents got me for my birthday. Anyway, he asked if I was engaged or married.
Was he being nice or was he asking if  I was available?
I've never been in a situation like this before. I'm confuzzled.
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How can I remain involved in the LGBTQ community now that I am no longer in school? I'm having trouble finding an activist/support group that is not attached to a school, and I'm lonely in a new city. Also, I don't really like bars and clubs.
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1. If your body were referred to as a fine-ass Corvette, what would your reaction be?

2. Can you help me explain to this one guy why a. being objectified is bad and not sexy, and b. a person is not actually an object?

The irl situations which spawned these questions are not actually related, but synchronicity. You know.

Edit: Where are the sandals I took off like ten minutes ago?
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Do you set forth a spending or budget plan each month or have one for the next couple of months to a year? How do you do this? Any tips/advice?

How has your day been?

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TQC I'M SO IRKED. I just made an extensive post and then somehow managed to highlight it and delete it with my keyboard.

Let me make this brief: it's been a long week and I'm hungry like the wolf. I want to go crazy for dinner tonight.

If you could have literally any meal you wanted for dinner, what would it be?

And since someone just posted about dinner and I was too much of a noob to read it...

Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?

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How much money do you think two people need to live on comfortably these days? I know it depends, let's talk bare minimum comfortable in an apartment. I'm looking for per year, per couple.

I factored in about $43,000 if that sounds about right --
Rent = $900 + 100 for incidentals = $1000 (inc cable, water, energy)
Food = $600 ($120 per week x 4 weeks = $240, plus $120 for random eating out)
Laundry/household supplies = $200
Transportation = $200 (Commute + gas + oil for 2 cars)
Misc = $300 (clothes, random stuff, medication)
Health insurance for the month = $340 per month
Car insurance = $300
Car payment = $400
(I tacked on an extra $2000 for just-in-cases, too)

My SO and I will have quite a bit in student loans by 2010 and wanted to see how frugally-yet-comfortably we could live to pay them off as soon as possible. We overestimated a few things, like our food intake, but thought it was better to overestimate the total than underestimate it.

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Have you ever agreed to hang out with someone, and then realized they wanted the time to be seen as more than just chilling, but as a date?

Details? Any awkward stories?
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TQC, will you vote for team "Emily Anne" on this page, and help my mom's friend be the honorary bat girl for the Atlanta Braves as part of their "Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer" contest?

What is your favorite fast food meal?

Do you prefer minty toothpaste/mouthwash or other flavors?

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Do you hate it when you're in a group of people and 2/more/all of them but you, can speak another language and you can't and then they converse in said language? How does this make you feeeeeel?

Also, have you ever read The Alchemist?

EDIT: Which celebrity do you think gets the most paparazzi following them and why?
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OWIE! I just hit my elbow on the corner of the desk. IT HURTS!

When was the last time you hit your "funny bone"??

Have you ever passed out/fainted from hitting your elbow on something?

What was the last injury you obtained?

And what was the worst injury you've ever had?
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Have you ever participated in a zombie shuffle, or any other kind of flash mob event? What was it and how did it work out for you? I have my first zombie shuffle in a few weeks. Any tips for me?

Have you ever volunteered with Habitat for Humanity? What was it like? I want to get involved but no-one I know has worked with them before.

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1. Does violence in tv/movies bother you?  If yes, has it always bothered you or did it develop later in life?

2. Imagine you meet someone for the first time and they tell you they own/ride horses.  What are your initial assumptions?  Does your opinion change of them or do you really not give a damn?
(asking because of an unexpected reaction I received today, so now I'm curious)

3.  What are you feelings on cinnamon flavored gum?

4. I love you.  &hearts;

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Which should I do, considering I'll fall asleep halfway through, either way?

Read a book.
Watch television.

When do you bathe?

Shortly after waking up.
Shortly after coming home.
Shortly before going to bed.
Some other time.

How often do you bathe, usually?

Once a month.
Twice a month.
Once a week.
Twice a week.
Every other day.
Once a day.
Twice a day.
Three times a day, or more.

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Am I, like, the youngest member in this community? I'm 16, born at the end of November 1992. Anyone younger than me?


If not, do you like the Beatles? (I'm not implying anything, I just love them and want to know.)

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Pretend that it's the end of the semester at college. There's someone in class that you sit next to and have been talking to every day at class the entire semester. You would like to add that person on facebook so you can keep in touch when the class is over.

.... Now imagine that you never figured out what their name was. How the hell do you go about figuring that out without it being extremely awkward?

"hey, I've talked to you every day for the past 2 months, what's your name?"
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Have you ever taken a spinning class?
Did it kill you? Will it kill me?
What's your fitness level? If I'm horrendously out of shape will they kick me out?
Got any fun plans this weekend?
What's the last new thing you tried?
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what are your favourite fresh vegetable fruit recipes?

does your upper back ever hurt from sitting too much?

also, I am considering picking up the routine of keeping a journal again... should I do it online or just go for a hand written journal? what do you prefer?
obviously everyone here seems to have an online journal, but perhaps you still keep a hand written one?
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Which do you enjoy more?

winter & fall clothes - sweaters, long pants, coats, boots, etc
spring & summer clothes - shorts, capris, dresses, short sleeves
my wardrobe is the same all year
oh suzer, i have a more complicated explaination in the comments area
ticky - i don't have an opinion, but i want to see others' opinions
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(no subject)

Does anyone else have a Samsung Propel cell phone?
Do you know how to read texts while you are talking to someone on the phone? I've looked all through the user manual and got zilch.

If you have a cell phone, what phone have you had that you absolutely loved?
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why does Internet Explorer not work for me when i need it to?

it just sits there about 1/3 of the loading bar full, but the whole page is blank.
i can't get it to do anything and closing/re-opening doesn't help. :[
IE is the only thing i can do my Spanish homework in and i keep having to borrow my boyfriend's computer to do it.

nevermind, jabre is awesome.

Firefox or IE?

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There's a HORRIBLE 24 hour stomach bug going around at my house. I got it 2 nights ago from my sister and it was awful. My mom then got it from me and she's feeling better now but it's just beginning for my dad tonight. This morning, he made me eggs. Could I possibly get it again?


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Who do you think will get to one million twitter followers first? Ashton Kutcher or CNN? 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about then

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(no subject)

1. What little things do you do to your appearance that make you feel more confident/attractive?

2. What is one of your favorite movies?

3. What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

(no subject)

I got married 6 months ago but I still havent changed my last name, anyone know the process?
Trust me it's a major last name upgrade. I need to do the license, passport, ss card, etc.

For those of you not married if you could rename yourself what would it be?

I like Ava personally, seems easier to learn in preschool
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