April 14th, 2009


Weird and wrong and you'll take this poll anyway

Edit: I meant Rolex, not Roladex

You're hiking one day and you bump into John McCain. He's on a Segway and he greets you and you say a few things, when suddenly, a rattlesnake lashes out from a nearby shrub and bites him on the penis (through his pants). "My dick!', he cries, 'I've been poisoned! Please....you have to help me. Please....suck the poison out.. You can have my Segway, my Roladex and my Costco membership card. Hurry! For God's sake, show mercy!" What do you do? It so happens there's no cell phone reception in this area

Get on my knees and slurp-slurp-slurp the toxins out of our runner-up presidental candidate
Run away and get help
Run back to the car. Drive home. Catch up on my internetting
Run back to my car and call 911
Convince him to up the offer to at least 5 figures and I'll then suck him back to health
Same as above, but I trick him into giving me all his valuables, and then I ditch him
"There's no time! I'm going to have to remove the poisoned appendage!" You then find a sharp rock and castrate him
Get on my knees and pray for a miracle, such as someone else to come along and suck in your place
"I'm only putting that thing in my mouth after you've bought me dinner and drinks. Same as all the other guys"
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When was the last time your birthday was on a weekend? Did you do anything to take advantage of the whole day? What did you do?

My birthday is this weekend, I can't remember when I last had a weekend-birthday. But I'm trying to think of something I can do with the freedom of a whole damn day. :D

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Assuming that you're not one of those "cool" people who never tell lame stories, here's a question for you:

So you're telling a story, and halfway through telling it, you realize that either a) your story sucks or b) the story's okay but the person you're telling it to thinks it's gonna suck.

Do you fess up to it being a crappy story and bail midway? Or do you stick it out and endure the awful silence and awkward looks from the person your talking to, just to save face? Lately I've taken to the former and it's been working pretty well for me.

Do you remember the last story you told that you thought would be really funny/interesting and no one gave a shit? Care to share?
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1. Do you prefer taking showers at night or in the morning? Why?

2. What is the minimum amount of sleep you need to function the next day?

3. What time are you typically done with work/school?

(no subject)

What is the most people have you ever slept with in a double bed at one time? Not sexy sleep, just normal sleep.

EDIT: OH and another one. If a guy has a FULL LENGTH MIRROR INSIDE HIS SHOWER, does that ring any alarm signals in your head?

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1.tqc, i got a blowout in my ear completely out of nowhere. i take my plugs out every day to clean them. yesterday, they were fine. just now i took them out and I HAVE A MOTHERFUCKING BLOWOUT WTF. i was wearing single-flared glass plugs. my last stretch was LAST FUCKING AUGUST. what the fucking fuck? how does this bullshit happen? i have not done anything new, i don't even play with the damn things. i have also never had a blow out.

2.if you don't care, what should i purchase with my $15 target gift card?

3.i'm looking for some new face makeup. foundation, cover up, whatever. i have combination skin, a few blemishes, and my skin tends to get fairly oily throughout the day, although it starts off very dry. i need something with good coverage that can be found in a regular store. any recommendations?

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Did you ever suffer from Plantar Keratosis?
How did you treat/deal with it?

I have it under my pinky toe and it really really hurts and I want to get rid of it! I've googled it, but I wanna hear real life experiences.

If you don't care,

My mother says I'm not "vanidosa" which, when translated from Spanish to English, means vain or conceited. What can I do to be more vain and please my mother?

Also, ever been on a carnival cruise to the Bahamas? How was that experience?
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Dear TQC, why have I woken up at 3am the last 3 mornings and been completely unable to fall back to sleep?

I'm tired, I just can't sleep. So what can I do to fall back to sleep quickly? I have to get up at 5:45am. :(
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Do you have names picked out for future pets?

If I got a male Corgi, I would name him Ridcully, and if I had a black cat, I would name them Bagheera.

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~srs answers only plz~

Is diarrhea sometimes referred to as "the runs" because it's runny poo or because you have to run to the toilet when you have it?
I used to believe it had something to do with it being liquid-y to different extents (you know, like when you mess up when making jello and it doesn't completely solidify so it's a bit watery? good example y/n?) until I saw that commercial where the girl sprints to the bathroom. That explanation makes more sense I guess, but I still have hope for my runny poo reasoning so I turn to you, tqc, for your opinion on this serious subject.
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Today is my 27th birthday. About 6 months ago, I finally started to feel like a responsible adult. When did you all start feeling like an adult, not just a kid playing house? How old are you now?
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I'm taking paroxetine as an antidepressant and my appetite and craving for food have completely vanished. I can feel I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat.

I have lost almost 7 lbs (3 kg) since I started to eat the pills. I've been eating them for a couple of months now. I'm forcing myself to eat everyday though.

Will my appetite ever come back? Will these symptoms go away?

Edit: I've asked my doctor and he said that as long as I'm okay with this, I shouldn't be changing my medication. The pills are working as they should be though and I can live with this side effect.
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TQC, do fancy digital cameras really take some talent to use, or for the most part is it a basic knowledge in photography + fancy camera?

Do you have friends who think they're photographers because they have a fancy camera?

I'm curious.. I have a few college friends who think they're photographers because they have a fancy dslr. They take okayyyy pictures, but they're not like shit your pants amazing. If it's really that easy, then I want one so I can take fancy pictures too!

If you do not care, what kind of shoes do you wear when it rains?
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A woman goes in to get her tubes tied; she has two kids, is 26, and has decided she wants no more children. The doctor her insurance covers believes that God should determine how many kids a woman has, and refuses to perform the procedure based on "moral objections". She can't afford to go outside her coverage area. Who determines which morals are correct in this scenario? One view is that the doctor is forcing his morals on the patient. Another is the patient is forcing her morals on the doctor. Which do you agree with, and why?

At what point does "free will" become a moot point due to it impinging on someone else's "free will"?

In my personal opinion, if a procedure that is in the normal scope of the doctor's practice is something they find 'immoral', then the doctor needs to either find a new practice, or leave medicine.
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I have been feeling some pressure for at least a few weeks in what seems to be my way way upper jaw, actually a bit higher than that, to the side of my eye. I thought it might come from my habit of constantly swallowing really hard, but now I'm paranoid it's a tumor or something. Should I go to a doctor? It's not painful at all, it's just this constant weird pressure there.
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What time is it? Time to eat!

Disclaimer: I am not a dieting teenage girl, I am a reforming glutton (you know, a guy) trying to eat healthier.

What can I do about being hungry all the time? I mean, besides eating whenever I feel hungry or bored, which is what I'm used to.

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TQC, my boyfriend just asked me if I want to meet him at the pub in my town (half an hour away from his) for a drink tomorrow. Usually he just comes round.
Is he going to break up with me?
Srs/non-srs answers =]

ETA: Apparently its because I said I wanted some time to myself. How bad is it that I was almost hoping he was going to end it?
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So, I am in the process of writing a screenplay (horror to be exact) and because I've taken quite the hiatus from even thinking about writing, I'm a little bit creatively blocked. It's very frustrated to not be able to force creativity and basically right now I'm trying all methods I can think of to spark something soooooooo...

I would like to know what it is that scares you the most?

This can be either in a horror film itself (not the entire sort of plot or concept but an aspect I guess) or just a fear or a scary situation in general.
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1. I have developed a bad habit of saying 'awesome' all the time and I hate how it sounds.  What should I coach myself into saying instead in 'awesome' circumstances? What punishments should I use to prevent re-use of the A word?  TQC, I need to sound much cooler.

2. I have a bingo themed party coming up in a month and have to dress as bingo slang. I'm thinking of going as number 57 (Heinz Varieties) but will need lots of soup labels for my costume. How should I go about collecting these?  What would you go as?

Help me out, TQC.

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If you have kids, at what age did you have them? How old are they?
What's your favorite memory as a parent?

What do you want to instill in them?

He's only a month but I loved seeing his first gassy smile! Awwww! 
To be passionate about his  beliefs and to fight for a cause.

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I need to file my taxes, and I need to get them right the first try. All I need to know TQC is how to find my AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) - would any of you be able to give me some quick pointers on how to do that?

Edit: I need to know what items to add and which to deduct. The AGI I'm finding is from last year, therefore TurboTax/HR Block/etc won't be of any help.

I'm calling the IRS.


(no subject)

1)Do you ever have random fears that you're failing a class, and then realize that either you're not taking any classes or you're doing fine in your classes?


2)How much in your savings?

$1000 since I don't work.

3)How much a month would you pay for a one bedroom apartment in your city?


I just got a bicycle from my friends who didn't want it cluttering up their apartment anymore. It's a boy's bike, so it's not exactly my style. I want to actually use it instead of my car for places within reason, so I need to get a basket/bag to put all my shit in when I'm riding around.

For those of you who have bikes- what do you use and where did you get it?

For all of you- what's the coolest bike basket you've seen?
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(no subject)

lets say you were given the opportunity to do a reality tv show that paid a lot of money but at the same time compromised your morals, integrity, and everything you stand for. would you do it?

(no subject)

This was a story in ESPN. Rays rough up Wang, Yanks. What would you say the story was about?

The Tampa Bay Rays routed the New York Yankees and teed off on pitcher Chien-Mien Wang
The band Sugar Ray gave some fan a very violent handjob, tugging on the male unit very hard
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i'm about to leave for my lunch break. i don't get paid 'til tomorrow, so i'm running on a low budget. but i need something tasty and satisfying!


edit: i went with soup and sandwich from a deli down the street. chicken and dumpling soup, so i just could not resist!

for anyone who still wants to answer this, what is your favorite soup?

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Hey everyone. I'm in the market for a digital camera and want something that I can improve on my photography with. I'd also like something that costs between $100-150. What digital camera do you have, if you have one? Do you like it? Why? 

If you don't have a digital camera, what was the last really good book you read?
I just tore through Madness, by Marya Hornbacher. Awesome read.

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my roommate's parents' house is paid off. as my roomie said to me, 'the government wants to send in appraisers to have the house appraised.' i don't know what part of the government, but we think it could be HUD.

tqc, do you have any idea what's going on here? we don't, and everyone who's actually involved in this situation is confused too.
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I feel really stupid for having no idea about this sort of thing, but I am going to apply to go to college this fall and am getting my things in order. I have my marriage license situation and the whole transcript thing handled, but how do I go about getting proof of my immunizations?

I googled and followed links provided by the CDC website, but it basically sends you to a page where you pick your state/territory and then the one for GA just has a lot of things about WHY a immunization registry is a good thing, not really a lot about where to go/call/etc.

I wrote the email listed there, but red tape is not known for being speedy. Is there somewhere else I can call/look until I hear back from them? I'd wait to ask, but in my experience, even when you contact the right person, you don't always get help. Thanks guys!

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If you don't hug your child enough, in all likelihood, they'll grow up______?

Having problems in their relationships
Fairly normal. Hugging doesn't have a huge influence on upbringing
To be a serial killer
To be a whore
To be a furry
To murder you in your sleep when they reach the age of 16
To be emotionally aloof and detached
To overcompensate for this touching omission by hugging others and showing frequent signs of physical affection
To be a misogynist
To be globalwarmer
Abusing drugs
With no interest in relationships and will then be able to better focus on studying
Who the hell knows? There's not enough information given about the other aspects of the child's upbringing

(no subject)

Have any of you had trouble using TurboTax's eFiling stuff on a Mac (specifically using Firefox or Safari)? :( Will I have to use my bf's I.E. in Vista?


What are you looking forward to?
What are you not looking forward to?
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TQC, I have but five dollars to my name today. I've decided to spend it on food, as I'm rather hungry. I know I can't get too much with it, but maybe I can scrounge together something good. (I'm a vegetarian, but other than that, I'm not a very picky eater.) Down the road from campus is a string of the usual fast-food joints, and a grocery store. What should I buy?

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What's the funniest FML you've seen recently?

"Today, I was talking to a guy I met online and have known for 4 years. I've fallen in love with him twice, one of those times being currently. He was supposed to visit this summer. I got an email from him saying he's really a 17 year old girl from Chesterfield, MO. FML."
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Anyone ever study abroad in college or even high school? I'm really interested in it, but I heard it was expensive, even with financial aid from your school. Pros, cons? I would really love to go to Australia or Greece, or even another school in the US without getting stuck with out-of-state tuition. Please tell me your stories if you have any you would like to share.

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Would you rather have an apartment where it's usually the place to party and there's always a fun thing to do most days of the week, or would you rather be the place where it's really quiet and where you have to go to other people's places for the party?

(no subject)

do you ever feel depressed and later on think that it's just brought on by lack of sleep or eating too many carbs that make you tired?

I mean do you ever just feel out and later on come to realize that it's more physical than mental?

(no subject)

 I'm going backpacking in Yosemite for a week in June, sooo:

1. Have you ever been to Yosemite? Tell me if you liked it!
2. Have you ever been backpacking for a week?
3. What are some necessities that I should NOT forget to pack?
4. Girls (or guys I guess) have you ever had any experience with dry shampoo? Is it helpful? I'm trying to prevent myself from getting TOO disgusting, so any tips and tricks for preserving my cleanliness would be highly appreciated.

(no subject)

Is the below technically feasible? If so, how would I go about doing it?

I want to set up a video camera in a room and have whatever the camera captures projected onto the wall via a projector. But here's the tricky part: I want there to be a delay in the projection. For example, say someone walks into the room and begins jumping up and down for 10 seconds then does other things. Instead of having the jumping up and down projected live, I want it to be projected about 30 seconds or something AFTER the action actually happens so that the person see what he or she was doing 30 seconds ago.

Hope this makes sense.

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You are walking on a quiet street when a professional man in a suit walks up to you and asks you to please walk with him.

No matter what your reaction, you are forced to follow him as his henchmen grab you and take you around the corner.

The business man looks you strait in the eye and tells you his story.
He is being monitored by a secret government organization of a country you have never heard of. He has a bank account in which he wishes to deposit several millions worth of money but to do that undetected he needs someone unknown by this other government to co-sign into the account. There are no cash withdrawls from this account, but for your co-operation you would would obviously be granted a card to the account to spend as much money as you choose as long as there is money in the account (he will of course be using the money to his own ends as quickly as he can).

He apologises for suddenly grabbing you and putting you on the spot, but his life is in danger and he needs a decision now.

What do you do?

Poll #1383426 choices

what do you chose

Rights to the joint bank account.
Call the police. This looks illigal.
Pretend to go along with it then run as soon as you can. Never speak of it again.
Stand in shock and awe until someone either decides for you, or kills you.
respectfully asks that they not contact you again as you do not understand and want nothing to do with it
laugh in their face and make them an offer that suits you better
other (please specify).

tl;dr - man asks you to join in his business adventure that looks shady. what do you do?
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(no subject)

Today on a job interview, the woman reading my resume asked me what it was like working on Sesame Street. Nowhere on my resume does it mention anything even RESEMBLING Sesame Street. She also asked me what I'd do if I had to deal with a naughty kid. (This was for working in a daycare center.) I said tell them no and put them in time out if needed. She was not impressed with this.

What was your most WTF moment on a job interview?

Should I have said smack the bastard upside the head?

What was the last gift you got from someone you are in a relationship with?

What do you call someone you are more than just friends with, but not quite dating and not having sex with. Basically, you do all the things couples do but aren't ready to make it official?

Does anyone live in North Carolina? What is the job market like out there? Is it easy to get a job there? Particularly someone with journalism, political science, paralegal and graphic design degrees. (I have degrees in all 4)

(no subject)

About 2 weeks ago, I sent an email to a company expressing interest in a summer internship. About 3 days after I sent the email, I got a response asking me to send a resume and work samples. I followed up promptly. It has been 5 days since I heard anything back from them. Is not an appropriate time to write to them to see whether or not they received my email?
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(no subject)

Have you ever paid someone else's bills?  Who did you do it for and why did you do it?

I'm thinking about paying my mom's PG&E bill, but I'd like to do it without her knowing.  Is this possible?  Will PG&E think I'm a  nutjob and send me away?  I'm just trying to help, I promise!
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(no subject)

Are you a fan of Queen? Could you recommend an album?

I love their music but don't have any of their albums. So I want to get the most liked one for best bets. (<Did that screw with anyone's eyes?)

(no subject)

if you were to look back at pictures of yourself from 2 or 3 years ago, would you say "shit, i was ugly" or would you say "shit i got ugly"?

OR "ive always been hot wtf kind of question is this?!?!?"
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(no subject)

I'm alone, or pretty much alone, in a 3 story dorm for Easter break. The silence is driving me bat-shit crazy. I'm so bored, and I'm getting where I don't have anything to do but sleep, or anything I want to do.

So, TQC, what are some things I can do to make the time pass by quicker, and have some fun doing it? Go crazy. I'm open to pretty much anything.
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(no subject)

If you've taken a creative writing class, did it actually inspire your creativity?

I used to write. I wrote for several years, since before I was even school-aged. I love the thought of writing but lately I just can't seem to discipline myself enough to sit down and write something for more than a few minutes at a time. I want to take a creative writing class but I'm a bit afraid that instead of helping my creativity it will make writing seem like work and make me want to do it even less. Do you think it would be good for me?

(no subject)

My boyfriend lives in Minneapolis, MN and I live in Connecticut. I would really like to go spend the summer out there with him. I have a guaranteed summer job here, but it makes me miserable. Also, my mom is going to freak the fuck out when I tell her I want to go there for so long (I am her first child and she is crazy). If I didn't spend the summer there I would probably only get to see him for a week.

So TQC, would it be stupid of me to go spend the summer in Minneapolis and give up my job? Do you think I would be able to find a part-time job there?
Should I stop worrying about how my mom will react and grow the fuck up?

Thank you in advance!

(no subject)

So I don't go out to bars very often but tonight I am going out to a place called Thompson's Brewery. Its a very nice, dark, chill bar that also has amazing food.

I want to try Scotch tonight; I used to sip it with my grandfather and actually liked it.

How do I order scotch in a bar/restaurant? Just say "a Scotch please?" or what?

I feel DUMB, so thanks in advance for answering.

The perfect nintendo DS case

Does anyone actually have the perfect DS case? I have one I really love but I can no longer fit all of my games in it. It's not really necessary that I carry all my games around at the moment, but I do need to when I am going on trips, just in case. I have been thinking about making my own case which can hold 20-40 games but in the meantime I want a case that can hold me over.
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(no subject)

Do any of you use a calendar program on your computers? Are there any awesome free programs you can recommend? I am looking for a way to keep track of assignments due/work schedules/etc that is Vista compatible.

What kind of computer do you use?
Pink Sony Vaio
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Have you been to a Gottschalks (Department store that's not quite California only) since liquidation began? How are the prices? Good deals, or standard hiked prices made to look good with signs of "60% OFF!!"

(no subject)

I'm nineteen.
This 31 year old guy just asked me if I wanted to hook up with him sometime because he thinks I'm a hottie.

How many things do you find wrong with that?
Are you as creeped out by this as I am?

What the hell should I say back?

(no subject)

1. Who is your favorite newscaster?

2. Will you post a video that makes you weepy (sad or happy), or close to weepy, if you don't do that?

3. How old are you?  Do you ever wish to go back in time and relive your life?  What would you change?  What do you wish you knew before what you know now?  From now on, what would your ideal life look like?

4. Will you post the best youtube fan video you know?

(no subject)

Oh TQC, what is wrong with my cat? She has a vet appointment tomorrow, but I'm still worried.
She's losing fur...like she has a bald spot on her back by her tail. I don't know what is causing it. :( I've got 2 other cats and they aren't losing fur. They eat the same food and drink from the same water bowl. The only difference is, I've caught Yoshi drinking from the fish tank and my other 2 don't (or at least I haven't caught them doing it). Hopefully the vet will have good news for me tomorrow..but that isn't helping me tonight. :(

We've decided to take my son to the zoo for his birthday this year...but I don't know which one..Memphis Zoo or St. Louis Zoo?

Loss of consciousness

Do you ever just pass out? Is it that weird to?

Woke up this morning feeling sick, like I was gettng the flu or something, so I decided to stay in bed, pretty much all day, to sleep it off. Well I didn't get out of bed till 6pm, feeling a little better and walked to the kitchen, where I felt dizzy and knew I'd pass out. I sat down at the kitchen table, but passed out and fell. the next thing I remember is my roomate's boyfriend putting a pillow under my head.
I was sweaty and hot and he said my pulse was weak.
I lay there for a few minutes felt better, but when i stood up and drank some water, had to lie back down on the floor cuz i felt like I'd pass out again.
I'm 25, and this happens maybe once a year, which I guess is frequent, but I wouldn't call it a regular thing. It's not a low blood-sugar feeling or anything.

I told my friend and she said she's never fainted and doesn't know anyone else who has.
So my question is, is it really that weird to faint?
I guess I just figured since I'd been in bed all day,  my blood pressure was low or there wasn't enough blood flow to my brain or something.

Anything I can do to feel better? I got up again and felt weak still, so I'm staying in bed, but can't do that forever.
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(no subject)

TQC, I'm attempting to fix one of those microwave pizzas, and it's telling me to cook it for a certain time, and then it says, "For a crispier crust, increase cook time in 30 second intervals." I might be having a blonde moment, but what does that mean?

(no subject)

My fiance is out and I'm home with the baby until he summons me to pick him up.

Should I use this time to sleep or should I clean the very messy kitchen?

 The baby is currently sleeping and I don't know how long it'll be until my fiance calls for a ride. Either way eventually I'm going to get disturbed. The baby might wake up from the kitchen noise or my sleep might barely start going before the phone rings.

ETA: I cleaned. I'll kick myself for it later though..since it's my night up! :(

(no subject)

CREATIVE PEOPLE- I NEED YOUR HELP! The theme for my Mom's suprise 50th birthday party is Cirque Du Soleil Beatle's Love show. What are some ideas for decorations?  We know the centerpiece is going to be a barbie size gold VW beetle with flowers coming out of the sunroof. Hanging from the chandelier is going to be an upside down umbrella with spherical balls hanging from it holding pictures of my mom. What we don't want is the cheap paper/plastic stuff from places like party city that really deface the elegance of cirque.
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(no subject)

What's something (a movie, tv show, actor) that you completely forgot about until it was recently brought to your attention?

Me: The movie Little Nemo! I was just reminded of it in a post over at sf_drama. Who remembers it?? It was so scary/awesome.

Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

Work is fucking killing my knee. How might I assuage the pain and stiffness without aspirin/ibuprofen? Or in addition to aspirin/ibuprofen?

Anything you'd like to briefly complain about?
If you really get going write a fucking novel!
Evil Me

(no subject)

I just read this in overheardinnewyork:

Hasidic Jew: Excuse me, are you Jewish?
20-something film student: Why, you lookin' to party?

Why do you think they asked if they were Jewish?

Srs/nonsrs welcome.