April 13th, 2009

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I'm thinking of a scene: it's in a musical, this guy walks out of his house into his suburban neighborhood singing "I'M GAY! HOORAY! I'M GAAAAAAAAY!" and people from the block rush up to him to support him. It's on youtube I think, I just can't find it.
What is this?!
Help me!

How has your night been?
Self cleaning

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What is your least favorite household chore? What is the most tolerable? Are there any household chores you actually enjoy?

Do you have a dishwasher? Do you use it? About how often do you run it? What kind of detergent do you use in it?

I have a lot of leftover roasted chicken. What should I do with it?
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TQC, if you met someone online, lost contact with them, and then met them unknowingly under another identity, and found out they were the previous person, would you feel betrayed?

keep in mind that the person didn't change their identity to be malicious; they just felt like they needed a change. also, you were cool with them under the first identity, you simply fell out of contact with them.

if this scenario is too complicated: do you prefer serious birthday cards, or funny ones? how do you feel about some e_e cards?
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You're dating someone new, and everything's romantic and cutesy, and on the third date, he/she gets a tattoo of your name on their arm.

1. Is this a dealbreaker, or does it make you care about them even more?
2. Would you want to break up with them, but feel guilty about what they did, so you'd date them a few more months just so they wouldn't feel like a complete loser?
3. Would it encourage you to get a tattoo of their name on your arm?
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Boring question alert!

I cleaned my keyboard today and popped out my space bar, and now I can't get it back in properly. I have a Dell (terrible), if that helps. My major issue is the X shaped frames on either side of the main space bar "button", all three pieces to them came undone. 

How do I fit these back together? I tried wikihow and the instructions made no sense.


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Who is pregnant?

Michelle Duggar
Anna Duggar
Michelle can't be pregnant, fool, quiverfull laws don't allow it.
Jinger Duggar
Anna Duggar because Josh Duggar needs more children to "play" with
Jim Bob
Isobel Mahariel

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Aside from Edible Arrangements, are there any other places (online) to order fruit/chocolate gift basket type things (that you can point the way to)?

I started looking at Edible Arrangements and realized something like this would be great for my Mom for Mother's Day, but Edible Arrangements doesn't have anything I really like that is under ~$60.
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i'm finally going to buy myself guitar hero world tour.  i honestly can't afford 200 dollars for the entire set.  so tqc, are the singstar mic's the same as the guitar hero mics?  can i just buy one of those instead?

is the singing part of the game even fun? 

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My boyfriend showed me this t-shirt design site ages ago, and I've forgotten the address. I think it may have had the word imagine/Image/Imagery in the url but I can't be certain. the t-shirt designs were awesome, sort of surreal and abstract, detailed and colourful. It was definitely an American site.
Can anybody point me in the direction of this, or any other good sites that sell cool t-shirts?
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What is a blogcrew?

Where would be the best places to sell an art print (not my creation), both online and offline? How much could I expect to get for one that I paid $80 for that has never been removed from the protective plastic? I can provide more details, like size and artist, if needed.

How was your Easter (or Sunday in general, if you don't recognize the holiday)?

What sorts of activity what you recommend for a person who'd like to get in shape that has ankles that have previously been injured and are susceptible to reinjury?
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Which do you use in the shower?

bar soap
body wash
neither, I'm a dirty hippie and don't need soap

Which do you keep by the sink for handwashing?

bar soap
liquid soap
neither, I'm a dirty hippie and anyone who enters my house is forced to be, too

Do you use antibacterial soap?

It's the only thing I use.
If I happen to grab it when I'm buying soap.

What brand of soap do you use? If it's scented, what scent?

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If you have any, what personality traits are naturally (or perhaps on purpose) over-exaggerated when you comment/post on the internet?
Edit: Or perhaps you've given yourself a characteristic that you don't normally have in real life. Tell me all about that one too, if you wouldn't mind.

How many squares do you use? Estimate if necessary, or make a trip and count for me.

Have you received any shocking/devastating news lately? Please tell me about it.

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1. Will drycleaning get the cat-pee smell out of my nice dress? It's been sitting like that for a while :(

2. Should I explain the problem to the drycleaner or drop it off in a sealed bag and run?

3. If this doesn't work I should go to my friend's wedding naked, Y/Y?

4. On a serious late-night discussion note: are the IMF still doing their crazy shit? (crazy shit = austerity measures etc.)

5. My favourate [omg is that right I'm so tired I can't spell and my jaw hurts SO BAD - WHY?] (and only) pyjama pants ripped in both knees tonight and I wan't even doing anything crazy - why would they do this to me?

Woe is me... and yes, I know this subject is totally unoriginal.

I know this is a very long question, but please just bear with me here. There's this girl, OK. (Yeah, I know, I know) As far as I'm concerned, she is my best friend, and I really do appreciate her friendship and I care about her terribly. But we're just friends. She probably doesn't think of me as her best friend, as she has more friends than I do. But in any case, we're good friends.

The thing is, I really, really do love her, with all my heart, and I want to be more than just friends, but I don't know how to bring that up. I'm just too shy. She's single, at present, but lately she's been telling me all about how she's just started dating some boy - and I dislike this soo much, it makes me feel horrible and envious, but I don't know how to say anything.

The thing is, if she doesn't consider me boyfriend material, I don't want to lose her friendship, because I
really do appreciate it... I want her to be my girlfriend, as well as my best friend as well...

What to do, TQC? What to do...

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I'm going back out on the road for work in 7 days (thank god) but unfortunately my glasses were lost on the last job I had and they were never returned to me. I can deal with slightly-blurry vision (and have been for several months) but my timing sucks and I want to get frames before I go back out, so I can at least have the look I want.

Where can I buy just frames? I don't have time to get the lenses put in and shipped to me, and I was told places like Walmart and Lens Crafters would have to have the frames sent to me as well, which I don't have time for. Is there an actual place for buying JUST frames? Or am I out of luck?

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what sleeping position do you and your SO engage in?
do you bring your lunch to work/school or eat out?
what is your favorite video game that you regularly play?
was observe and report any good?
I just finished reading Jemima J. I'm in the mood for another not-so-serious book. Any suggestions?
When was the last time you got your oil changed.

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Kissing Parts

Random tech question

Okay, I've tried everything I can think of, short of booting my amazingly expensive laptop out the damn window.

I have an Alienware laptop. I used their rebuild discs to rebuild it when I got a new hard drive. I have the latest drivers and everything. When I turn it on, half the time the monitor doesn't come up. When I went to the device manager to look, it's showing SIX monitors listed. There's only one screen connected to my laptop, so I don't know WTF Device Manager is talking about. I've tried disabling them - didn't work. Contacted tech support, and all they asked was, "Do you have video drivers?" "Yes, or it would NEVER come up." After that, they had no suggestions. And the warranty is unfortunately expired.

So, has anyone seen this before on a laptop that has no external monitors plugged in? If so, how did you fix it? I'm tired of having to hard boot the computer 8 to 12 times to get the stupid thing to work.

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President Obama is tired of your lazy ass. He's instituting the draft starting TOMORROW...

Which service do you "volunteer" for?

Air Force
Civil Air Patrol
Border Patrol
Peace Corps
Westboro Baptist Church
the Boy/Girl Scouts
screw it, I'll go to Canada...eh

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When we split up a year ago, my ex kept my bike on the understanding I would get it back when I wanted it. So.. I recently decided I want it back so I can start getting some ~exercise~. Naturally, the bike got stolen a week ago. My ex feels responsible and has offered to buy me a new one, but I've refused and she thinks that's silly. Is it?? It's not like it's her fault, it was a professional theft. Should I let her get me a new bike?


I'm back in school as a transfer student after a 4 year hiatus and I'm trying to do really well this time around.

I just took two placement tests and apparently sucked ass.

The first was a computer literacy test. I expected lots of questions about word processing systems and knowing your way around a computer. WRONG. It was about networks and why was this OS created? and what does a hard drive look like? and whatnot. I've been using computers since I was just a wee lass and had JUST earned the class's only perfect score on an exam in my 300-level computer graphics course. Now I have to enroll in 'Introduction to Computer Technologies'. So, naturally, all I can think about this is 'WTF?'

The second was a math placement test. I'm not the best at math (without a calculator, at least), but upon completion of the exam I was told that I was eligible to take whatever math class I wanted. Sweet. Except when I went to enroll in it for the fall and was unable to, I learned that what they meant to say is that my score says I have to enroll in not one, but TWO remedial (noncredit) math classes before I can take the one I was told I was eligible for. Again, 'WTF?'

Question is: Can you be nice to me and tell me that I'm not dumb and maybe share a similarly upsetting school story and also give me advice on how can I keep from looking like :'( ?

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What music do you listen to when you're studying/trying to concentrate?

Mine has to be something without words or in another language. Mostly it's Clannad, but recently i've been listening to the Robin Hood soundtrack.

hannibal skull

Love, true love

If you are in a relationship now, do you feel that one partner loves the other one more? Who?

If you are not in one now, do you think that this could be a general truth of relationships, that one partner loves the other more? Why or why not?

Are you male, female or other?

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During my lunch today should I go get cheap candy (the only reason that I like easter!) or go get my flash drive which I don't need for sure but should have for my class tonight?

[side note.. can't really eat candy till passover ends anyway.. but being a jew I like deals)
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Do you have a token rich family member? Is there somebody in your family who seems much more well-off than everyone else, possibly by marriage or just sheer luck? What are they like?

And if you don't - or if you just feel like answering this question - what is your proposal fantasy? Not that you sit around daydreaming about that shit, but if you could create any way to be proposed to under the sun, what would it be?

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If one of your friend's facebook statuses changed to "[name] committed suicide on [date]. Funeral preparations are being made." And you are unable to get any other information from anyone about this suicide. Would you believe it? Or be skeptical?

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A friend of a friend told me that apparently Apple will replace your iPod headphones free of charge if you bring them to the store. I've never heard anything about this but it could be one of those rules they have but don't advertise (like student discounts at movie theaters). So is there any truth to this? 

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I know I only just asked a question, but no one else is asking.
I downloaded the free trial of iWork 09 so I could use pages, and it says it is a 30 day trial. Does this mean adter 30 days it won't let me use it and all my precious work will be gone?

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How would you use 2 limes?

I have (in addition to the limes):
-concentrated orange juice
-purple cabbage
-green onions
-frozen chicken drumsticks
-2 slices of bread
-various condiments

(Yes I really need to go grocery shopping soon.)

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Do you like fake nails?

I'm making a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer lunch bowl. What does "package self-vents, do not puncture" mean? Do I just lift up the film covering it? I get it. Them calling it a "package" kind of threw me. Then again, I didn't know how to use one of those hand-held can openers for a long time. I'm dumb. Derp moment.
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 I adopted a cat last year (February) and he is about a 1.5 years old now. We currently live in an apartment with two roommates and a dog. Currently, his litterbox resides in my bathroom (he's an indoor-only cat).

At the end of May, I will likely be moving into a townhouse with my cat. My questions are two-fold:
1. Where do people keep the litter box when they have more room?
2. How can I best transition my cat to his new digs?
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Someone you just met starts telling you all about her husband. She tells you she left him 7 years ago but can't get a divorce because of her religion. Then she informs you that she "wishes he would just die" so that she could start dating. She is totally serious about it.

Would this make any sense to you? Why would someone say stuff like this to someone they just met?

Why do I attract people like this?

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do you have a more dominant personality, or are you more submissive? (Is submissive even the right word here? )

I find that I am both dominant and submissive, depending on what personalities I am surrounded by at a certain time. This bothers me though.... I feel I am extremely dominant around submissive people (which makes for an unenjoyable time. I don't like when people are so easily intimidated.) and extremely submissive around dominant people (which also makes for an unenjoyable time because I just end up being taken advantage of).

Does anyone else experience this as well? Is there any way to just be neutral with another person/group of people?

This has created significant difficulties for me in my relationship with my boyfriend... I'm realizing as time goes on that he is the much more dominant one and its giving me some insecurities... I'd like to get some other people's opinion on this topic to gain a better understanding of how I should confront this problem.


What do people think of tattoos on women? My Japanese girlfriend is a bit chubbeh and I told her that a tattoo would make her look fatter, particularly when she got older and chubbier. (I'm a real charmer with the ladies). She suggested I get one myself of her pet name for me, which is "sexy stud-muffin", and wrote it out in Japanese characters for me. Here is the finished product. What do you think? Cool, eh?

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A while ago someone posted about a cat sitter never showing up. I think it happened to the poster's mom. The cat sitter never came and the cats were left alone without food and water for a week I think. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Who was it? I was wondering what happened to the cats and the person who was supposed to be watching them.

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I tried googling, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. So! I understand that Annual Percentage Yield is the interest rate that you will receive from a banker if you put your money in a CD or Savings Account. But, does it mean that every month you will get X% deposited into your account or does it mean that over the course of a year you will get X% in increments?thank you, 836am!

How much cash do you have on you right now?

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My cousin and I had always been pretty good friends - I covered for him when he quit his job, then bought a brand new motorcycle, and even forgave him when he suddenly bailed on me (three times) when we were about to share an apartment together. He's a chronic liar towards my family in regards to all this, but I always figured we were close enough that he didn't do so with me.
However, a few days ago I asked him to help me move my tv this afternoon before I had friends over, since the damned thing weighs like 600 pounds. He said he'd be over around noon, but today he texted back, saying he wouldn't be in town until 9PM, because our grandma asked him to do some chores for her (This is always his tell tale lie btw).
I'm hardly a vindictive person, and a bit of a pacifist, but kinda pissed, as I suspect he's lying to me, after all I did to help cover up his own shit..

So my question is this - Should I call my grandma and see if he's telling the truth, or will this only cause a shit storm, and I should just be more cautious of the favors I do for him? Or am I just making a retardedly big deal out of nothing, and just PMS'ing?

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I never really learned how to do my hair besides straightening it or putting some gel/mousse in my hair and scrunching it up to make it all curly. Are there any sites or communities on LJ that have easy methods to doing your hair without using too much product or needing a bunch of hair stuff?

btw, ladies what are some of your hairstyles for medium length naturally wavy/curly hair that basically goes frizzy right out of the shower? like i have to comb it w/ a wide comb tooth right out of the shower and if I attempt to comb it once it's dry it's just a gigantic long frizz ball that's pretty soft but closely resembles a Brillo pad
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what are your favorite nintendo ds games that you would recommend?

so far, i'm into super mario, prof. layton and the curious village, and animal crossing: wild world

i like games that are relatively simple and don't involve a lot of fighting monsters (besides the zelda series)

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what the longest amount of time you've gone without shaving? why did you wait so long!?
what kind of razor do you use?

at what age (or what do think is the appropriate age) did your parents basically cut you off from all funds from them?

because i should be studying....

What is the best song thats come out in the last five years?

Take the name of a country and add a z to it. Break it into three words to form a product, what that product uses, and what that product is. What is the country, and the words?

If forced to the point of cannibalism, would you rather eat an elderly person (65+) or a baby (under a year)?" Why?

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does it irritate you when you express dislike in something or someone and the person you're talking to responds with "What is wrong with you"?

like, hypothetically you're talking to, i dunno, your older sister. she brings up something like, say, Clive Owen. you say you don't like him because he basically looks like a foot, to which she says, "What is WRONG with you?" does that make you want to smack her across the mouth? hypothetically, of course.
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1. Does Brett Michaels win or lose every season of Rock of Love? The third season just wrapped up.

2. What do you call these things around the beers?:

...and how do you pronounce it?
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Is it weird that I like writing?  Not writing essays or something, but just printing things.  It doesn't matter what it's about.  I just love it.
Ugh, I don't know if I worded that right.

AKA; the physical act of putting ink on paper. lol

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What is he drinking in this video? I heard the word "sake" but I couldn't tell if they were saying that's what it is. How does he do it so fast? Does watching the video make your stomach feel funny?

How were your bowel movements today? I had two inexplicably ginormous ones, that was pretty cool. You can use the poop scale if you want.

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Are there any re-makes of movies that you prefer to the original? Why are re-makes made anyways?

Should I watch Match Point or Brideshead Revisited (2008 version)?

Do you have the day off?
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do you have a 'signature scent'?
what about a signature color?
how would you describe your style?
are there any goofy bands similar to Natalie Portman's Shaved Head?
do you want to join me for a dance party?

Life as we know it.

Which came first for you.. Travel or School?
If you went to school first, did you do any traveling after?
If you went traveling first, how long until you attended school?

Do you regret the decision at all?

Also, did you have to pay for any university or traveling yourself?

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I know we're all familiar with the particular brand of hate-spewing far right-wing radio hosts who frequently threaten or encourage violence against liberals/immigrants/Muslims/gay folk/whoever. For example, Michael Reagan said of 9/11 conspiracy theorists "Take 'em out and shoot 'em. They are traitors to this country, and shoot them.... Call 'em traitors, that's what they are, and you shoot 'em dead. I'll pay for the bullet."

My question is, can you think of any examples of liberal pundits who are so violent? The most vehement liberal I can think of is Keith Olbermann, and he accuses his opponents of being traitors, liars, hypocrites, racists, all kinds of horrible things. He might even encourage revolution. But he doesn't directly threaten anybody with violence.

Am I forgetting somebody?

What is your explanation for this discrepancy? Are liberals just more polite? Or is it just because there are more conservative radio hosts, so some of them are bound to be insane. Or maybe it's because right-wing hate is so entertaining that we create a demand. Why isn't left-wing hate so entertaining?
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What are some stores that sell the aloe vera plant? I'm looking online but I can only find online stores. The only store I can think of that sells plants is Home Depot, and they don't have it. I live in Encino in CA.


What is currently the thing that is STRESSING YOU OUT the most right now?  Answer ONLY One!

A.)  The amount of money YOU NEED or DONT HAVE.

B.)  Car NOT working correctly.

C.) The dating LIFE. A K A your lover.

D.) ME and my postings to TQC -

I already know some who will answer.

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So I'm making brownies with my toddlers tomorrow. I have a dairy free, egg free, nut free mix but I completely forgot to buy the dairy free margarine I needed. I read online that bananas can be substituted in some recipes... Would that work with brownies? And how many bananas would I need to use?

If there anything other dairy, nut, and egg free substitution I could use? I read somewhere that applesauce works but I don't always have access to it at work.

(no subject)

How do I tell my friend that her hipster headbands (as in those thin strings that stupid scene kids put around their heads, making them resemble mushrooms) make her look like an idiot?

Also, what fad do you hate the most at the moment?
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I'm interested in taking some online classes to get certified in areas of computers (such as databases and networking), but where do I start? What are some good areas to look into getting certified and where can I find online classes for those areas?
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How old are you?


If someone who admitted to being interested told you he/she wanted to be in your life if only just as friends, would you believe? [or am I the only retard?] Why or why not?

I meant if he was interested but you're not. & he says he's okay with just being  friends then. Would you think it's a plan to make you change your mind about going out with him?
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Do you think that the sentence "*John called up the police and off the meeting" is ungrammatical? Would it cause you to pause if you read it in a novel? and very relatedly, is your native language English?
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Why is this HP chat support person actually wanting to chat with me? Are they going to come hunt me down and kill me? They are asking things like what my occupation is and where I go to school. Ack.
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My hair is parted on the side. I want to wear it in pigtails. How do I do it?!

Do I just sort of make the part veer into the center when it gets to the back of my head? Or should it just jump from the side to the middle at some point? HELP? I can never figure it out. I have sort of sideswept bangs so parting it in the center in order to make pigtails easier is not really an option.
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Would you rather pay $9/hr to rent a car for six hours, or spend 2 hours each way travelling via public transportation (for maybe $20 total -- driving would only take an hour each way) to get somewhere?

(no subject)

What sort of things do you regularly splurge on, and why?
What sort of things do you never splurge on?

I don't wear a lot of makeup/skin products, so I can buy top-quality brands and know that they will last a long time and look good.  I buy nice notebooks (like moleskines) as often as I can, along with good quality pens. :)

I never buy any hair products (including shampoo/conditioner) that are super expensive because the three dollars bottles of Sun Silk work better on my hair than anything I've tried.

(no subject)

My Mom bought me some organic coconut oil softgel capsules and it says that you shouldn't take them if you're under the age of 18. Why is that? the only ingredient is extra virgin coconut oil.

I'm 16. Should I take it anyway?
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Okay I totally don't want to be one of those people that post just to tell their story and be a speshul snowflake, but srsly, ever since I found out what was really going on with my knee (there's a bone fragment in the tendon) I can feel exactly what I imagine is this shard of bone digging around. Like it suddenly makes sense.
Any similar stories?

How does your job make you feel?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

Do you ever have a feeling you know how you will die, or better yet, do you KNOW how you'll die (illness, you're on death row, you're writing your suicide note right now, etc?)

I always, always thought it would be really tragic, freak accident type. I think about it often have dreams about it even.
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This poll is closed.

which superhero's irl name is the best?

Clark Kent (clearly the best option in this poll)
Bruce Wayne
Robert Bruce Banner
Peter Parker
Prince Adam
Kurt Wagner
someone else but i'd rather you didn't pick this option (if you insist on it then tell me who i suppose)

Are you related to one of these superheroes? (you must have their surname)

of course not, i am but a lowly man

i would like you to tell me why in lots of detail in the comments guys.
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My cousin was telling me about his first ever job interview. He told me all they did was make him scream lines from Dr.Seuss books, and told him that they would call for a second interview. The interview was at some brokerage firm somewhere in Manhattan. He thinks they might be fucking with him.

Have you ever had a job interview like that? Do you think they are just fucking with him?

(no subject)

I went on coffee date thing with a guy today, and I don't really want to take things any further. He's nice, but not the kind of person I see myself dating. I don't really know him apart from getting his number at a gig a week ago, which led to coffee today.

Do I text him to let him know I don't want to see him again or not? I am socially inept, help me please.

If you don't want to help with my relationship fails, how many songs do you have in your itunes? How many playlists? What are your playlists called?

(no subject)

How much of what sorts of alcohol does it take until you feel a buzz?
How much do you drink before you are drunk?

I am pretty much a drinking virgin because I hate the taste of alcohol and beer, but I went out Saturday night and had in an hour a vodka cranberry, pornstar, and rye and ginger. How much more do I have to drink to feel anything? What other drinks should I try?

(no subject)

Will you tell me your cockroach stories?

I just got through 'helping' my sister catch and kill the roach in her room (we were both squealing and basically doing the stereotypical girly ew ick etc reaction). The cockroach had been cornered underneath her wardrobe, or so we had thought, and then it appeared on her BOOKCASE next to the wardrobe, and then we both freaked out and sprayed bug spray any-old-how until the roach fell off the shelf. Then I whacked it (ineffectually) until I thought it was dead and we had to call in our mom to throw it away because we were still too freaked to deal with it. Turns out it wasn't really dead but Mom killed it and threw it for us. I swear, the whole apartment block must've heard our shrieking.

ETA: I just remembered, one morning when I was walking to school there was this whole bunch of roaches on the sidewalk. Half of them were definitely dead, half I couldn't tell but assumed to be alive. They were really deviating in size, like from the size of my thumb to teeny baby roaches. I wondered all day WTF had happened.
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The aftermath of a codeine high. Helpp.

I can't decide.  I've spent the last half hour making a sandwich.  
Should I put the lettuce, chicken slices, or the cheese on next?  I've put on butter and mayo so far.  Should I put a tomato slice on it if I have any tomatoes?
I can't think well enough to do this on my own.  fuuuuuuuuuu

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I am visiting Australia in six months for about 60 days and would really like a fairly nice camera to bring along with me to capture my adventures. I already have a digital compact camera to use, what do you recommend for an slr? I am a complete amateur but would really like to take some nice photos while I am down there, so nothing that I would have to like buy a lense with or anything.. I don't really know what I am talking about

basically, what do you recommend is the best camera for someone who knows nothing about photography? Im willing to spend like 500 bucks.