April 12th, 2009

Self cleaning

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Who do you talk to when you need advice? Does that change if you want an honest, objective opinion? If you don't have anyone to talk to, what do you do when you want advice or need someone to talk to?
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To people who aren't from the US:

Honestly, what do you think of the US?  On any topic, really--politics, foreign policy, the habits of US citizens in general, US sitcoms...whatever you pay attention to and care about.  Or do you not give a shit?

I'm especially interested in how the US has changed in the eyes of the rest of the world during Bush's presidency, and if you expect things to get better or worse under Obama.

And if you could, please be..."kind", for lack of a better word.  I'm fine with hearing the US criticized, but I'd rather it be along the lines of "Here's what I think, and here's why" than "OMG YOUR A FAG YOUR PREZ SUCKS LOL".

Also, for those of you in Canada and Mexico, does it bother you to hear the US referred to as "America", or could you not care less?  I know a couple of people that are bothered by it, but I'd rather have a larger sample of opinions if possible, lol.

(Oh, and if you wouldn't mind putting what country you're from or live in currently, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks.  :)

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my school is lame and blocked everything so i can only download music when im home.
what songs/artists should i download?

i reallyyyy need some new music.

Books for boys

What books would you recommend for an 11 year old boy that doesn't like to read, but recently read the Twilight books (I know) and loved them? He also likes Death Note and Naruto (anime not manga). It's for my nephew, I don't get to see him very often but I'd like to encourage his fledgling interest in reading. I don't have too much interaction with kids so I'm sort of at a loss.

Edited for lulzy typo
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The other night I went to meet my friend and some of her friends at a bar, but she ended up being like two hours late and because my phone ran out of batteries, we couldn't get in touch. While I waited for her, I met a completely random group of people at the bar and ended up hanging out with them all night. I had a fabulous time! (And talk about coincidental, when she got there we found out the people I was hanging out with were also the people she was coming to hang out with. So, bonus.)

Have you ever done this and met anyone great? What about anyone crazy?

If you haven't ever done it, would you?

What's the most random way you've met someone for the first time?
I met a girl who I ended up being really good friends with when we were waiting for the same train one day and my other friend made a mean comment about her outfit. She looked hurt and later on in the day I saw her in a store and apologised on his behalf. We got talking and remained friends for years.

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Poll #1382098 Easter Candy

Which Easter Candy Do You Like?

chocolate bunny
jelly beans
chocolate eggs
jelly belly
cadbury eggs
malt eggs
reeses peanut butter eggs

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hypothetically speaking, how do you make a friend who insists she's being a good friend admit that she's not? this hypothetical person is in fact being a shitty friend and it's painfully obvious but she says she's not, but all evidence suggests otherwise.
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How often do you check your friends page?

Do you have little colored label things for different friends/communities?

What (if any) communities are you sort of embarrassed to be a member of?

Do you judge people based on the interests they have listed, or the communities they belong to?

Do you maintain/mod any communities? How is that going for you?

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when you lose weight, do you notice it right away, or is it a sort of "oh hey look at that, my pants are too big now" kinda thing?

why did my facebook password change of it's own accord, and when will the friggin' help people get back to me?

ferrets are cute y/n?
I <3 TLV

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Are there people who are only attractive when they're wearing makeup? What about only attractive without it? Post example pics if you have any (celebs and whatnot)

If you have a kitty, do they like their toes touched? Miso will tolerate the first poke, then tug away, and then if I keep doing it she'll get up and leave =(

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TQC, have you ever been in love with someone you just couldn't have?  How did you get over it?  Ben & Jerry's, Y/Y?

Is there a song that gives you chills every time you listen to it?  Lately 'The End' by Blue October gives me the heebie jeebies EVERY TIME.

Have you ever painted Easter eggs by yourself?  Were you as sad about it as I was (very)?

For 7.5k. Some weird ones

Poll #1382150 For $7,500, would you...

...tongue-bathe a stray cat? Normally, cats groom themselves, but this one's been wearing one of those lampshade dealies around its neck so it wouldn't clean, so it's got a week's worth of stray cat germs on its body. Just lick the cat everywhere to earn your money


...not bathe, brush your teeth or wash your hands for 2 weeks? No water, wet naps, lotion or any other cleaning agent can come into contact with your body for a fortnight, not even after using the bathroom. You'll just have to wipe your hands on towels or something


...ride a pogo stick around the Grand Canyon Skywalk? Bounce from one end to the other end over that glass floor. You'll just have to deal with your own sense of fear


Name/Find the Easter Candy

- Basically a peep/pure sugar combination with a hard shell
- Individually wrapped eggs
- Each one is a bright color
- Not Chocolate

I remember them getting hidden at Easter when I was a kid. I really really want one now. Does anyone know what they are called or where I can find them?
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my hands are cold. what's the best body part to warm them up on?

under the boobs
behind the knees

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I'm bringing scalloped potatoes over to my boyfriend's parents house today for dinner. I need to go to the supermarket today anyway to buy the ingredients. Should I go now (7am) and buy him some Easter candy to wake up to, or should I go the eff back to sleep and get the ingredients later on today?

Will he even appreciate how cute it would be to wake up to Easter candy?

Why can't I sleep?

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How good is this?
In Afghanistan a husband can DEMAND sex from his wife every fourth day.
How cool is this for men's rights?

EDIT- Who wants to move to Afghanistan with me????
EDIT (part deux)-YES...this is a new LAW.

epcot scavenger hunt

My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow, and we're going to epcot to celebrate. I am planning on creating an EPCOT scavenger hunt to make it more interesting than simply drinking around the world. For those of you who have been to epcot, what are some things I can have him find?

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I can't find a gawdy bridesmaids dress for a friend's hens night, the op-shops I've checked have all ~fashionable stuff~ what's with that?

What can you tell me about mexico's economic history?

What experiences have you had with strippers?
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In Mary Poppins, why are there two old guys who have a fake boat ontop of the Banks' house? Clearly the family is dealing with the issue on a day-to-day basis, but...is this ever explained?

Also, ABC Family is full of win this weekend, y/y? (First Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, then The Sound of Music, now Mary Poppins?!)

Also, what's for breakfast? (An English muffin with butter and raspberry jam + Sunny D)

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Poll #1382268 favorite juice...?

what is your favorite juice?

wheat grass
other...name in your comment

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I have bought both Cosmopolitan and Glamour (UK) and neither have advice pages. Where are they?!

What's going on when after nearly a year in a relationship, one party is continually asking the other if they love them?
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If you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, or otherwise non-straight/non-cisgendered, at what age did you come out?

Did you come out to everyone all at once, or in stages?

How did you come out?

Did you have to come out, to the same people, more than once? (For example, I came out as a lesbian at the age of 13, then fell in love with a guy and came out as bi at 16).

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Can you recommend a really good puppy/dog training book to me? I am going to get a shelter pup soon and I want to be well read up on training before I get him/her.

What kind of dog is your favorite? What kind of dog is your least favorite? Not necessarily a specific breed (but feel free to share if you are so inclined) but large/small, shepherd/guard, etc.

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how do i get rid of onion smell?
i have incense burning and im smoking a blunt and i can still smell it!its making my stomach hurt

does your stomach get upset easy from strong smells?
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TQC, my boss is getting married in less than 3 wks, and she is having a garden wedding. At 5:30 P.M. These are conflicting ideas in my knowledge of fashion etiquette...so I'm really struggling on which type of dress to get. Do you think that this dress would be too casual?? I would be wearing a shawl/sweater with it.

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what the best cover of a song youve ever heard?

also, my sister is driving me back to school with our neighbor. she knows him better than i do. should i let him sit in the front or should i?
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TQC, I am getting a laptop for my birthday. I know nothing about them. Ideally, I'd want a mac, but that may not work out.

Will you show me your laptops?
If not, will you recommend a nice one to me?

verizon wireless

Hello everyone, i have a question about my cell phone.  I have been with verizon wireless for about two years now and i recently upgraded phones.  Here is the thing I have had the same ringtone for those two years and I love it so much.  Well when i upgraded i lost it and i went  to check the verizon music box thing and the jukebok on the verizon website and they had both discontinued my song.  So here is my question; does anyone know where I could go online to find ring tones that will work with verizon?  The ring tone is from the kill bill soundtrack the whistley one.  Thank you so much, happy Easter!!!
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your work is having a lunch party. enchiladas are being served for the main course. you're expected to bring something of your own for this shindig.

tqc, what goes with enchiladas? the cheaper it can be made the better.

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Have you ever had a bad semester at college?  Why?  How did it affect you in the long-run?
I'm a freshman and last semester I did well, but this time I'm getting a C in anatomy and a B in calculus.  Most people think it's not a big deal but vet school is not going to like that "C".  I'm really angry with myself because it's my fault for not studying.  I've been struggling with some anxiety/depression issues and just haven't been focused on school at all. 

I'm also moving out of my childhood house in 10 days.  The whole thing was very sudden and we only found out we had to move 3 weeks ago.  The whole thing is very stressful and complicated but I don't even know where to begin as far as packing -
How do you decide what to keep and what to throw away?

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If you've had some serious gingivitis going on because of your lax flossing habits, and then you started flossing daily or close to daily, did you notice a VISIBLE difference in your gums once you started?

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Will you tell me an interesting story? I know you have one about like your ex-boyfriend from high school or your crazy uncle's neighbor, etc etc. Any stories that are dramatic in the good way not the dumb way!

this is the worst post I've ever written, I'm sorry! i really don't even know why now i made this tiny. okay just answer sorry.

is a beaut

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what is the time where you are at the moment?

it's the middle of the night but i'm awake
time doesn't exist here
future times
afghan times
nearly 10:30pm
seventy nine
bowling pins
too many options
friday night
now here's a story from a to z
i have insomnia
i like getting up early so i can get stuff done
today is boring
here's enough options for you to have one each

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So guys I'm trying to find an apartment/roommate situation in the city I'm moving to in August. I found a really great, sane-sounding craigslist ad and started talking to this girl about a room she had. We've gone back and forth a couple of times now, but she hasn't answered my last email in a couple of days. Should I wait longer or move on and look for something else?

How the hell do you find a place or a roommate? THIS IS HARD.

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A call has to go through to show up as a missed call on the other person's phone, right?

I apparently accidentally called my therapist last night but it said the call lasted 0 seconds, so it wouldn't show up on her phone, correct?

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Would you ever get plastic surgery? If so, what would you get done?

Personally, I would not, but if I were deformed in some way, I would.

ETA: If a boob job, would it be an augmentation or a reduction?

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Okay. Say you're in a public one-room bathroom (you know, not the kind with stalls - the kind with the toilet and sink together, just one room... in case that needed clarification lol). If someone knocks, do you answer or do you let them figure out on their own when they go to open it? If you answer, what do you say? If you don't answer, would you give the person who knocked (and who is presumably waiting outside after realizing the door was locked) a dirty look when you exit?

Blackout or Circus?
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bacon and eggs

how many days in a row could you eat bacon and eggs for breakfast?
we'll say it's 2-4 scrambled eggs and 2-4 pieces of bacon.

when a restaurant's menu has a "healthy" section, do you look for it? ignore it? skim it? consider it equally with the rest of the menu?
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do massive "box stores" like home depot or lowe's scare you? It's just all too contained and enormous, the epitome of consumerism. maybe growing up in a small town (without these mega chains) did it to me, but they creep me out.
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What's a/the website that lists roommate ads? Besides Craigslist
When was the last time you really just wanted to hide somewhere? Where do you go to get away? Get away from your home?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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If you're a college student, do you ever have problems getting replies back from your professors when you email them?

My experience has been that they're somewhat flaky, and not usually very responsive. I was wondering if anyone else had found that.

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I was just cleaning out some old papers, and I found a photo of me and a former close friend who moved to Chicago when we were 13ish. It's been 7 years, and we wrote back and forth a few times, but lost touch by about 16. I was just thinking about how nice it would be to see what she's up to now.

I've looked both her and her little sister up on facebook, but no hits. Myspace, same thing. Just googling their names also turned up nothing.

Any other ideas for ways to look her up?
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Okay, I'm a cleaning moron. We have a lot of little things that don't have a place. Where can we put them? Putting them away in boxes are kind of out, since it's stuff we use daily.

Also, we're limited to one room.

What can we do?!

EDIT: Durrrr. The most obvious answer is the best! Haha, thanks guys. Storage bins it is.

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A few months back, I entered this writing competition at my school. I submitted two poems and a short story (that made up the bulk of my submission). I was chosen to be my school's representative for the state level competition.

I realized today that the final submissions are due on Tuesday. I was planning to just resubmit everything, but it occurred to me that I should probably revise some things within the short story. I read it and.. I absolutely hate it.

1.) What should I do? Try to write something new? Try to revise what I already have? HELP.

2.) If you were going to be sent to live on a deserted island, and could only bring one book and one television show in its entirety (assume you have some means of viewing it) what would you bring?

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Do you have another lj that you don't use as a diary to write entries in?

What do you use it for instead?

Is there anyone in TQC you want to friend but haven't? Who? 
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How far away from home did you move for college?

Where did you/your parents live?

Where did you move? What college did you attend?

What made you decide to move away and how did you deal with leaving everything behind?

If you had a bf/gf at the time, how did you two deal with it?
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Ok, so I agreed to make a window for MINT Gallery for this thing they're doing. And the one I just made I kind of love. A lot. So I am debating if I should keep the new one for me and give them an old one I did or stick with the original plan of giving them the one I just made for them. I could probably make another copy of the new one easier, so there's that, too. HALP!

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i saw a girl leaving friendly's with some ice cream to-go.
neither her pants nor her shirt fit: her jelly belly was jiggling out of the bottom of her shirt, and her rippled ass was sticking out of the top of her pants. she wasn't even hugely fat, just blubbery in the two parts of her body that were sticking out of her ill-fitting clothes.

what was she thinking?
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Got any recommendations for a flat-panel TV?
I'm most likely gonna be living in a single room next year and they're a little on the small side, so I don't want my bulky TV making me feel claustrophobic.

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How many people/things/events do you recognize when you hear Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire"? Have you ever misunderstood the lyrics? (Ex. I always thought he said "trouble in the sewers" instead of "in the Suez.")

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For those who don't care, how are you celebrating Easter, if you are?

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it was just on the news that our mayor is dating some other guy while still married to her husband.
what do you think of this?
JUST KIDDING. i had it backwards. shes dating a married man and was attacked by his wife:


why do we care so much about famous/important peoples personal lives? i dont think they should matter or have any affect on their career.
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You're in Thailand and one night, you get blind stinking drunk and decide to get a tattoo of your own name in Thai on your arm. It sounded good at the time. In the morning, you wake up to your new tat and are kind of shocked and have no memory of getting it. You have no idea what it even says. You ask the hotel clerk what your tattoo says. What would be the WORST thing to have tattooed on your arm in Thai?

'Palin in 2012'
'Miley Cyrus Forever'
'Free OJ'
'Sooper geneus'
It's not a Thai word, but simply the Jesus fish
'I have a wide-set vagina and a heavy flow'
It's actually not your name at all, but rather, your phone number
It's actually not your name at all, but rather, your social security number
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I haven't eaten any sweet processed food in two days. Is it normal to get voracious cravings for ice cream and chocolate after this short a time? How long will it take them to go away if I continue to deny myself?
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If your hands could be comprised of any item (food, magnets, animals...anything) what would they be made of?
Your hands regenerate whenever you use that item, and they have the strength and sturdiness of regular hands because they are magical. However, you must use TANGIBLE THINGS.

I pick chocolate cake.

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Should I buy a new digital camera? My current camera is like 4-5 years old. It came with a printer, with many slots for memory sticks. If I did buy a new camera, what brand is good? My price range is $50-$180.

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I am 13 weeks pregnant today, so I am at the end of my 3rd month of pregnancy. Should I change my icon to 4 months now or should I wait until the end of my 4th month?

ETA: I found a better one for now. haha
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When giving a blowjob, do you request a "courtesy tap"? (Giving a sign that you're about to blow your load.)

Receivers- do you hate it when you're asked to give a courtesy tap? Does it ruin the magic?
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Do you ever watch the program Antiques Roadshow? What's the most expensive appraisal you've ever seen?
I LOVE IT, and probably around $150,000

aaaaaand totally unrelated, do you believe in hauntings/demons/the supernatural? plz tell your creepy stories here! will you help make this a a creepypasta post?
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I accidentally touched this..not a battery, this..electrical conductor thing inside of a disposable camera and shocked the shit out of myself (I got this..warm feeling all over and everything went white for a few seconds). My finger is burnt and HURTS SO BADLY. Any home remedies? I'm soaking it in burn cream aloe vera gel and it's not helping much.

Your last "hi I'm an idiot" moment?

Nintendo DS games

Does anyone have The Sims 2: Castaway? How is it?

I really enjoy puzzle games but sometimes I am disappointed with ones I buy on a whim that promise greatness but are disappointing.
The online one I really feel has staying power with me was Clubhouse games.

Does anyone have any of these games:

USA Today's Puzzle Craze
Solitaire Overload
Ultimate PUzzle Games: Sudoku Edition
Word Jong
7 Wonders of the Ancient World

What can you tell me of their satisfaction?
Jane Asher

Dearest TQC,

Does anyone know how to get rid of, or at the very least, cover up a particularly bad hickie?

Also, how has your Easter or Passover been? If you don't celebrate either, what'd you do instead?
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How would you rate the members of this community?

Mean: 6.50 Median: 7 Std. Dev 2.62

Soup! Do you prefer:

vegetable soup
chicken noodle soup
clam chowder
bean soup
something that's not one of these options

I would do:

Tom Cruise
Lady Gaga
Lindsay Lohan
both Olsen twins
all members of Bowling for Soup
Amy Lee
I'm asexual/I wouldn't do any of them
I'd only do them if we were married
David Archuleta
David Cook
All members of the Script