April 11th, 2009


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Favorite classic Disney movie? I can't decide between Mulan and Hercules.
I'm watching Mulan right now. Is it wrong of me to be in love with Li Shang?

Why am I eating so much tonight? In the last two hours, I've had a whole tear and share pack of peanut M&Ms, some ice cream, a bag of kettle corn, and I plan on digging into the Crispix by the handful next.

ETA: Perhaps classic isn't the right word. I don't know what word I'm looking for, but I meant basically any Disney movies that aren't entirely CG.
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i work 10:30 to 2:30 tomorrow. i teach music, so i have a lot of downtime between lessons on saturdays. especially tomorrow, because kids are going to be out of town.

recently my boss has been on the warpath with anything i do, but if i'm busy he won't bother me. tqc, can you give me important-looking things to do tomorrow? forms to fill out or other kinds of paperwork are fantastic. i have a special ed book i'm bringing with me and i can fake taking notes out of that if i have to as well.

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I have a sort of bump/knot at the top of my mouth...but its not one of those that you usually get.

It feels just like a bone only its a little softer and is right next to a bone at the top of my mouth.
It's about the size of the tip of your finger.
It's sore, but only when I press on it.

It came up overnight, and feels like a knot you may get when you bang your knee on something, but I don't recall hitting it on anything...

Any idea what it could be?
The medical websites helped me none.

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alright so i was stoned pretty much all day and now im burning out, so i just made myself a nice cream cheese n smoked salmon bagel to much, and  i was thinking i should watch a movie as i enjoy my bagel.

the question is
which movie should i watch?

ps> bonus points if  you can give me a link to the movie you choose for free online

ETA: I'm done eating my bagel. Thanks for nothing, TQC. :'(

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Hey TQC,

I'm being recruited by Southwestern for the sales internship thing; where you work 80 hours a week, six days a week selling books essentially. Would you take the position, having heard both good and bad about the company?

(Good: www.southwestern.com, Bad: www.southwesterncompanytruth.com)

(For the record, obviously I'm going to make this decision based on way more than just what the internet thinks, but I can at least keep answers here in mind.)
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What are you a big baby about? Is it being sick that makes you want your mommy, or do you scream like a little girl when you see a spider, or is it something else entirely?

Has an ex (either ex-SO or ex friend) ever kept contacting you after you tried to cut off all communication? What did they have to say when they contacted you? Were you irritated, amused, both, something else?

How the hell are ya?
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watching Trust Me...

1. What has been the most effective commercial for you? (The one commercial that made you change your habits or made you go out and buy the product over and over again?)

(This commercial made it impossible for me to pass a Salvation Army ringer without giving a buck. Stupid commercial.)

2. What nationality is your surname?
a. Do you look like the ethnic stereotype of your surname's nationality?
(For example, my surname is O'Brien, which is Irish. However, I don't really look Irish. Aside from pale skin.)
zooey deschanel

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Do you find eating sammiches with cheese on them makes the bread extra susceptible to sticking to the roof of your mouth?
I do -_-

Also, have you ever lost a tooth while eating something?
Bonus points if it was an adult tooth.
Double bonus points if you accidentally swallowed it.
Negative points if you intentionally swallowed it.
Kill Bill - Elle
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QUICK! Beverages at Starbucks that are highly caffeinated, but don't taste like PURE coffee?
I prefer iced but really..dgaf. I just need to be alert for the next...9 hours.

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do you think peoples childhoods made them who they are today? why or whynot

do you think some people never grow out of their childish antics / behaviors even though they're adults? why or why not

do you think anyone can change ? why or why not?

do you think addiction is a disease? why or why not?


If you have a Gmail account, do you use the old or the new version with themes?

If you use the new version, what theme do you use and why?

I have the Tea House theme because it has a changing background depending on the time!
cheesin' for Disney

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how many pills do you take a day?
i'm supposed to take 6. i take 3-4.

how many moles do you have?
many. i hate them. mostly the flat kind, but i want to get the nonflat ones removed so bad.

what makes you have to poop?
libraries/bookstores and holding babies. and iron supplements apparently.
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TQC, i have a cold and feel like shit however i am wanting to go shopping today. what can i do to perk myself up in order to go shopping for a few hours?
also how unfair is it that i got a cold they day before i am off work for 4 days? i have had loads planned for this weekend and this cold is making me want to just stay in bed. plus i think i pulled a muscle or something in my stomach blowing my nose this morning :(

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Do you know anybody on LJ or some other social networking site who whines because you don't leave comments on their journal/profile?

There's someone on my flist like this who bawwws just because I don't reply to every mundane post she makes. Next time she does it I'm deleting her >:|

If any of you have BlackBerrys, could you recommend apps for me to download to my new Curve?

Second date?

Which of these people would you sooner have a second date with? Assume they're all cute and you get along equally

Last 2 exes broke his/her heart. Still isn't over either one of them and is very sensitive to talk about either one, even though it's been 3 years. Each one has complained about being suffocated, and something about 'overly clingy'
Two of his/her last 5 exes died from eating poison mushrooms within 6 months of dating
'Rush Limbaugh is like a prophet and everything he says is the truth! And Bill O'Reilly can say no wrong! And Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are going straight to hell. You agree, right?"
'Wanna go back to my place later and watch COPS? I love that show. I have every season on DVD. It's like the only thing I really watch. Everything else is boring'
'Just so you know, I'm really into butt sex. By the third date, if I'm not in there, this relationship just isn't working out'
'Oh, I don't really work. I'm a drug dealer. Yeah, totally true. It's just more fun and I get to stay high a lot. All I gotta do is drive around the junior high schools until someone approaches me wanting to buy. So easy'
'I have herpes, but I take every precaution so I probably won't spread it, should we become physically active'
'I have to tell you up front that I have a small penis. Yeah, it's the size of my pinkie. It's embarrassing, but I feel that it's less painful if I tell you up front then to have you laugh at me in the bedroom later'
'I'm a single parent of 4 beautiful children, ages 3-8. I have sole custody. My ex wanted no part of being a parent'
'I used to weigh 400 lbs, but I've worked hard to take it off this time. I have to admit, I seesaw a lot with my weight. When I fall off the wagon, I can put on 100 lbs in like a few months'
'Do you like football? I love football. It's like my only hobby. Yeah....so......um....what do you like best about football?'
'So...what's your opinion on the furries? Oh, I dabble here and there. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with it, but I do own 4 fur suits. I have one in the trunk of my car. Wanna try it on'
'It's not fair. Live a normal life your whole life, but found with child pornography on your computer once and you're a sexual offender for life'
'I'm obsessed with Twilight. I saw it 25 times in the theatre and I waited in line for an hour to get the DVD signed. I've never read the books. I hate reading'
'Wanna go see the Hannah Montana movie after this? It's good. I've seen it 3 times this weekend so far'
MLP - pinkie chicken

It's Baaaaack!

Return of the "Do you has?" quiz. Check the ticky boxes beside the phrases that apply to you and compare to your peers for maximum fun tiemz.

Which of these things are true about you?

Poll #1381764 Do You Has?

Which of these statements apply to you?

I am currently listening to music.
I am procrastinating from something by filling this out.
I currently own fish.
I do not understand the appeal of Mac computers.
I am a very organized person, but the state of my living quarters seems to state otherwise.
I am childfree, or think I might end up this way.
I have done laundry in some form today.
I am currently unemployed and looking for a job.
I prefer blue ink over black.
I have not taken a shower yet today, but plan on it later.

Which of /these/ statements apply to you?

I never have time for "pleasure reading" any more.
I don't really like the taste of cake.
I sing in the shower when I am alone.
One of my most sensitive areas is my lower back.
I don't really watch films for pleasure.
I own a Dell.
I don't know how to shuffle cards very well.
I do not live alone.
To get to my home, I have to enter some sort of code or swipe a card key.
I live with my parents.

Last set. These?

My first name begins with a letter between A and M,
I prefer crunchy peanut butter over creamy.
I have worked at a particular place of food service and therefore refuse toe ever eat there again.
I am single, and perfectly contented to be so.
I have been to a Wal-Mart store this week.
I am a "20-something".
I have eaten pizza at some point this week.
I secretly like fast food, even if I will wax poetic about how bad it is.
I have Verizon phone service.
I have never seen a Lord of the Rings film.


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When you talk to pets, do you alter your voice? Do you have a special voice you reserve only for things like cats, dogs, babies, and so on? What does it sound like?

Mine sounds like a cross between Spongebob and Drippy & Droopy.

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I'm going to start volunteering at a hospital again over the summer.

Should I volunteer in the ER (Which I've already volunteered in for 9 months before and loved), ICU or Surgery?
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Do your parents still treat you like a child? Do you enjoy it at all?

I don't think my mother has gotten the memo that I'm now 27 years old, married, and living on my own. She still thinks I'm 15.

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What are the missing words from this phrase: "What's good for the ___(1)___ is good for the ___(2)____" ?

3. WHY CAN'T I STOP EATING?! I am going to die Y/Y?

4. What kinds of shoes do you wear with summery skirts or dresses?
Evil Me

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Why do they call Good Friday "Good Friday"? If it's the day Jesus was supposed to have died, shouldn't it be "Bad Friday"?

What are some other alternative/more accurate names for holidays?

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Which of the following do you watch?

Girls Next Door
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
America's Next Top Model
Desperate Housewives
One Tree Hill
30 Rock
The Office

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What's the one online game where you're in a room full of users (with chat) and you each get a turn to draw an image of a word, the other users take turns guessing what the image is and gain points for correct answers? I want to play :(

TY! It's ISketch.

SO: Who knows how to ride a bike?
Who knows how to rollerblade?
Old school

East infection

It just doesn't feel like Easter. What can I do to make the holiday happen for me?

Eat a bowl of Peeps the size of a small dog
Crucify a Jew
Go to the Playboy website and look at Playboy bunnies
Egg someone's car
Find someone named Jesus and flog him mercilessly with a whip
Go to the supermarket and open up cartons of eggs and paint one and close the carton up again
Attend a Furry Convention dressed in a rabbit suit
Dig up a body that was buried 3 days ago
Paint my testicles pastel colors
Bring cherrybaby back to TQC and her bunny icon
Eat a chocolate bunny (everything except the bones)
Watch the Passion of the Christ 10x in a row
Peggy Blink

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Of course, I ask TQC what I should do with my hair/makeup.
Okay, so outfit, yay or nay?
Collapse )

Top: Since most people don't dig it, would a pink polo be alright?

Hair: up, down, or halfway up, halfway down?
Makeup: Very bare eye with red lip or smokey eye with bare lip?


If you don't feel like offering advice, are you excited about seeing Observe and Report and/or do you want to fuck Seth Rogen like I do?

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Lucius Mic

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What are some of your preferred free online workout videos? I've found a few Pilates ones through YouTube that I enjoy, and was hoping to find more (not necessarily Pilates). Nothing too advanced or long.
Evil Me

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Have you ever been to GREECE? If you have, will you tell me about it?
Friends of mine are going to Europe for 2 months and I might meet up with them in Greece for a week.

If not, well you either tell me about your most recent vacation or an upcoming vacation?
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what's a good excuse to get out of a lame family vacation?

i.e. with your parents

edit: aw i expected more snark. duh my parents know i have obligations. w/e they left already i just said i had the shits
kurt halsey

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At your high school, was there any teacher-student ~inappropriateness?

Last week there was a rumor circulating at my school that a (much-hated) teacher was fired because of stuff with a junior girl - "flirtatious emails" that she reciprocated - apparently they actually were "best friends" and emailed each other a lot, possibly no "flirtatiousness" involved.  Meh, small schools.
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yay, tqc, i survived work without too much hell from my boss. but now that i'm home, my mom's boyfriend just showed up. she said he was driving a white mercedes (ooh shiny) but he just pulled in the driveway in a beat up oldsmobile.

tqc, if a man lies about his car, what else is he lying about?

i feel very uncomfortable here.

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Have you ever had to part with a piercing? What piercing was it? How did you feel about it? Why did you have to take it out?

I have a 2 year old vertical labret that I'm going to be getting rid of soon. I'm actually really sad about this, haha. I've taken it out before (for surgery last year), but got it repierced ASAP. Except now I'm having surgery again in a month and I'm going to be job hunting. My tattoo sleeve already makes me look weird enough, so I'm trying to eliminate other things :(

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Those of you who live in Chicago or visit, can you recommend to me a good fish restaurant, or a place with a good selection of fish dishes? Preferably more fish than shellfish if possible! Thanks!

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ONE -----I'd like to share bookmarks with friends - I want to let everyone see them and be able to categorize them. Is there a website that can do this?  (social bookmarking sort of....) I have been on 2 sites and they suck.

TWO-----I slept on my neck the wrong way and I have a kink in in now....kinda hurts!  Any TQC remedies??? Thanks peeps.
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I have a big exam project coming up which must be in a folder or sketchbook, it includes lots of text and images. Having this all on separate word pages in folders gets messy and confusing, so is there some sort of program like Microsoft Publisher that isn't Pages, for Mac?
I have Office 2004, don't know if this has something similar?

ETA: free please =]

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How come the family members/friends/etc of the victim never cry during Forensic Files? They always speak in a matter-of-fact manner about their deceased relative/friend.

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I've got an old tshirt that a very good friend gave me years ago and years ago. It's not a tshirt I'd wear again (it doesn't fit anyways!) but I don't want to throw it out or keep it in a drawer all the time. Any  suggestions on what I can do with it?

My Mum is in hospital just now, long story short her smoking is making her unwell...she has problems breathing. She's 63 and has been smoking since she was 18 so I appreciate it's not easy for her. She's living with me in my house. I'm a non smoker so I really don't like being around it anyways. So, she's been smoking in her room for the past year. However I want to ask her to only smoke outside. It'll help her cut down a bit as she'll have to actually move to have a cigarette and, more than anything, I'd like my house back to a nonsmoking one. However she's very stubborn and won't take this well. Any suggestions on how I go about saying to her to smoke outside?
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I am trying to decide whether I should get a job that'll last eight weeks [w/ some program thingy]
or go to church camp that'll last for two weeks.  I've never been to church camp before and because
there's an age limit, this will be my last opportunity to go.  But money! =[

What should I do?

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I'm going cross-country this summer in my car, mostly alone. I'm concerned about safety...sketchy rest-stops, bars, nighttime in other cities...and other undefined fears and apprehension. Any suggestions or tips or anecdata to make me feel better? I briefly considered getting a gun but the process seems way too confusing and I'd probably shoot myself eventually.
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Later tonight I have the option to hang out with an ex-boyfriend from a while ago.  It is pretty much implied that we'll be hooking up/fooling around.  However, he has screwed me over a couple of times so I'm hesitant that I'll get hooked on him again.  I'm 99.9% positive I won't, but there's always that chance.

So, TQC, should I take the chance and have fun or play it safe?
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Poll #1381912 What should I eat?

Should I eat...

Ramen Noodles
Cream chees and crackers
Cream cheese sandwhich
Grilled cheese sandwhich
Nothing, tubbins

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Have you ever hated a band for no good reason then had someone completely flip your idea of them? What band?

I used to hate Blue October because they played Hate Me on the radio every five minutes and it angered greatly but a co-worker is quite enamored of them and lent me their newest. I must say, I am hooked.
Me outside 2004 happy

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1. How many full length movies are on your computer hard drives ?

2. When you play them does the sound and video stay synchronized to the very end of the movie ?

My answers: 1. 3.....2. No.

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Hey are the any other TQCers that agree to horrible sounding things because they know they are getting pain killers for it (i.e. having your wisdoms crushed out)?

Tbh, I'm only posting this because the Vicodin just kicked in.

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What do you do when you outgrow your friends?  Do you continue to hang out with them, bite your tongue, and hope they catch up?  Or do you let them know that you two need a break? 

I have a friend I've outgrown.  I sent her a message a while ago to say that I needed a break because the foundation of our friendship is based on people we no longer are (I seriously worded it like that.  I was feeling pretentious at the time). She hasn't responded, and doesn't seem to care.  This kind of proved my whole theory that we're only friends because it's convenient to be  -- all of my other friends live in other states, and all of her friends abandoned her after high school.  So what do I do, TQC?  Do I go back, tail between my legs, and say I'm sorry for breaking the unwritten rule of our friendship, which is that you don't question it?  Or should I be happy she's out of my life?

I have a feeling I'm going to be flamed with a bunch of "MAKE NEW FRIENDS!"  If it were that easy, I would.  


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It's man devouring man out there, so who are we to deny it in here?

What are you looking forward to?
obvs, I am looking forward to performing "A Little Priest" with my friend in the school gala. (I got that music, btw. thanks, all.)

{wow} sin'dorei pride

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My roommate got mad at me when I came back from my uni's canoeing trip because I invited her friend Emily and not her. I knew she would have hated it anyway, hence why I didn't even think of her, and when I asked her if she would have even come, she said no. So. I feel bad, naturally, but

do you usually invite people to events if you know they're going to say no anyway? :\

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1. Who is your favorite Muppet?
2. What was/is your favorite Muppet movie?

1. Kermit....but I also like the chickens, the rats, and the two old geezers who crack jokes all the time.
2. The Muppets Take Manhatten (which I bought for $5 last year...score!) and The Muppet Christmas Carol (which I watch EVERY Christmas eve).


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My boyfriend is breaking up with me. What can I do to make myself feel better? My Mum's whiskey is working to an extent...

What are some songs I should listen to to make myself feel better?

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so im hanging out with my sister and 2 of her highschool guy friends that ive never met. theyre all juniors im a sophomore in college.
is this weird?
should i take a couple shots from the waterbottle full of vodka that i brought home?

Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

Deposting checks

I'm away at school and just got a new job that doesn't do direct deposit. There aren't any branches of the bank to which I belong in the area. Is it possible to use another bank or their ATM to put the money into my account? I've never done that before and everyone I ask says they don't know. And I really fail at googling. Would I put the account number for my account on their envelope?

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How do you place your hands on the wheel when you drive?

I always keep my right hand on the 10 o'clock position so it's like crossed in front of my body. Sometimes if my arm gets tired, I rest it at 6 o'clock for a bit. I never put my left hand on the wheel. That's my smokin' hand.

If you don't drive- gtfo. I have nothing for you :(
woven heart

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If you were an exchange student would you find it weird if your host mother came up to you and stroked your back?

I was talking about this with some people, and a few of us thought it was weird and a few of us thought it was perfectly normal. A girl asked to be moved away from her host family because her host mother would come up to her and "pet" her.

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1. when you use 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, do you use double what you'd use if you were using shampoo or conditioner seperately?
2. are/were you closer to your father or mother?
2a. are you a male or female?
3. what kind of cell phone do you use?
4. what is your name? first and middle if you feel comfortable.
5. if you have children, what are their names? first and middle names as well if you feel comfortable.

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I accidentally clicked something and now my browser looks like

Collapse )

How do I return it to how it was before?

ETA: And as so many of you observed, that's a lot of toolbars, how do l get rid of the unnecessary ones??

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For the sake of this question, imagine that you have a bff, a SO that you love a lot, a child with your SO and a pet.

Your bff, your SO, your SO's and your child, and your pet are all trapped inside a burning building, and you can only save one of them - NO EXCEPTIONS, YOU CANNOT RUN BACK IN THE HOUSE ANOTHER TIME. Who do you save? Why?

ETA: umm, idk how to word this... does the person (pets are people too) you chose exist in your real life now? i.e. if you'd save your child, are you a parent? If you'd save your SO, do you have a SO irl?