April 10th, 2009


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guys, i keep getting pimple things between my boobs due to boob sweat. does this happen to you? how to you prevent it? this probably only applies to people with boobs that smush against each other all day.

Sound Equipment

Dear TQC:

Say you were given a small grant to provide sound equipment for a small multiuse stage. The needs would mostly be a PA of some sort, a few mics and mic stands, speakers (and monitor?), and all the assorted cords, stands and such that go with.

The stage would primarily be used for open mics and a few low-key musical acts, generally involving accoustic instruments, or maybe a few electric. There would not really be a need for more than six channels on the PA. In a perfect world, the PA would also work as some kind of mixer and would also allow for a clean line-in to a computer so that someone could use something like Audacity to record the events. (Does such a thing exist?)

This would also be in the realm of affordable/economy equipment, as the stuff that is currently in residence at said stage was donated, and the organization is a non-profit with a limited operating budget.

All that said, what kind of equipment would you provide for this space?


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My dad had a really shitty day, and I'm trying to write him a nice little note. So far I have that he's the man, and he can beat up everyone else's dad. What else should I add?

Do you like to add stuff to your water?
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1. TQC children of the 80's, did you have a sticker book growing up?

If so, what was your prize sticker?

2. Do they even make sticker books any more?

For those of the younger crowd;

3. What did you collect as a child? (Pokemon cards? Tamagatchi eggs? Etc.)

4. And last but not least, if I yelled, "Punky Power!" would you understand what I was saying or look at me like I've cracked?

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I'm on an internet dating site and click someone with an interesting bio without paying attention to the picture. I realize it is the friend of my friends brother. He can see that I saw his profile. 

Now people will know I am lonely and desperate looking for love on the internet.

Awkward? y/n?


I'm bored, but I have to be up for work in 6 hours. What shall I do?

Go to sleep?
Give me your best time wasting websites to entertain myself with. Thanks!
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since it seems like there is only a handful of TQCers up at certain hours of the day, do you think rule #9 should be waived? lol

have you ever used a bottle/can cozy? my mom just sent my BF and I easter packages and included them for us. haha, i think i'd look really lame at a party with my beer in a cozy...
zombie baby cede! :D

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My sister zombified this baby photo of me... and then turned it into this icon.
on a scale from 1-10 (1 being bunnies, 10 being.. well creepy) how odd/strange/creepy/wtf-ness is that?

on the same scale, how odd/strange/creepy/wtf-ness is this icon?

what is your oddest/strangest/creepy-est/wtf-ness icon?

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Well its finally happened.
I'm looking at the entire page and there is not ONE SINGLE QUESTION I care to answer.
Should I just flounce away?

Can't you be more interesting?
Troll? Wankfest?

Please! I need to be entertained!

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What's the stupidest thing you've eve seen cause a wanksplosion over on LJ?

What's the dumbest online acronym (ie: IRL, ymmv, afaik) that you sat there staring at, trying to figure that shit out?

I Know Who Let the Dog Out

A new renter moved in to a duplex across the alley from me. Her dog has been waking me up between 4:30 and 6:30 for the last few weeks. My alarm is set for 7:45 and I have not been at all pleased at waking up as early as I have been. This morning I finally went out and confirmed it's the little Schnauzer jerk. Should I go knock on the door and ask that if the dog needs to go out that early in the morning, to please let it out and back in right away? Should I leave a note as to not embarrass her? Do you have any suggestions for such a communication?

To Write or To Speak?

Wrtie a note
Speak to her
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who's watching us?

Is anyone else getting leading questions from the writer's block upon log-in? It has inquired about my views on torture, then it inquired as to what information I would seek were I to log into secure databases, and yesterday it asked me what my preferred assumed name would be.

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Holy crap!

TQC, I was getting ready to ask you what time you thought the satellite installer was going to show up (we're scheduled for a 12:00 to 5:00 time slot and it is currently 11:59) and he just pulled into the drive way!


So...I guess I need a new question...

For the tv watchers of TQC....

Satellite or cable?

If you have satellite, who is your provider?
If you have cable, who is your provider?

We did have Mediacom cable, but I'm sick of their crappy customer service and rising prices. So now we've switched to Dish Network....yay for DVRs!

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i just went and got a tooth exposed D:
but they gave me nitrous oxide (laughing gas) :D  and novocaine :(
have you ever gotten nitrous? did you like it?
did you laugh?

i fucking love it and i wish i could have it 24/7!

need to makeout - when Bamfs attack

it involves scratching

Presuming any of you have been single at points and on the prowl...what is your favorite (or has been your most successful) pick·up line?

Also, what's the worst pick up line that has ever been used on you?
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If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life which would you choose?

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life which would you choose?

Why is it that you shouldn't eat meat on Good Friday?
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Liz Lemon

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Have you ever accidentally sent an email to the wrong person? Did you experience any funny or horrible consequences from doing so?

My husband and I both have friends named "Kate". I wrote an email to my friend, but didn't pay attention to the name that popped up in my address book, and accidentally sent the email to his friend. She was nice about it, and pointed out my mistake, and my husband and I had a good laugh. I feel slightly embarrassed.
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My husband and I are looking to buy a condo in the next few months.

I'd like to send out 'We've moved' cards, mostly to let people know to update our address in their address books.

I don't want to come across as douchy or 'buy-me-a-gift'.

Is it possible to do it and not be douchy looking?

Would you think people wanted you to send a gift if you got a note like that in the mail?
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Growing up one of the first scifi, though really more sci/fantasy, series I ever read was The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCafferey. I couldn't get enough of them...even if I only really could find about 3 or 4 books at the time.

Was just wondering, have any of you read these books and what do you think of them?
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I'm going to be traveling this summer, so of course I'll be needing some reading materials. So on that note...

If you were traveling in Austria, France, Italy and/or Spain, what would you bring along to read?

To narrow it down, I don't want anything too lengthy (my backpack will be heavy enough without massive tomes, however interesting) and I'd also like something that is in some way related to the areas in which I'll be traveling (be it the author, the setting, etc etc).

Thanks :)
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At what point does attraction to a celebrity become creepy?

I'm somewhat freaking out at the moment because I have a moderate attraction to a certain somewhat-famous musician who shall not be named. Like, I've met her once before (I was an extra in a video of hers), and now I'm somwhat attracted to her and afraid of turning into a stalker.

Well, she's too old for me anyway. Haha.
movie: eraserhead

Borders Return Privacy.

My friend (who lives out of state) sent me a book I've been wanting but didn't want to spend the money on, and he thought he got the right one, but he didn't. He didn't send the receipt with it because he thought he got the right one. I checked the website, but it says I need the receipt.

How strict are they on their return policy? Do you think they'll let me return it and get the book I wanted or am I SOL?

Edit! I found it. He hid it in the box of random stuff he gave me. Thanks for all your help thought!

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What's a free period?

An hour to fuck around on campus
Menstrating one extra time that month at no extra cost except for tampons and whatever pants you stained when the surprise period happened
The wish to liberate certain punctuation from the oppression of consequetive sentences in a paragraph
Amount of time that an escaped convict remained on the loose before being recaptured
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Have you ever had birch beer?

What's your favorite soda flavor?

Do you say "soda," "pop," "Coke," or something else when referring to carbonated sweet beverages?

Outside of the U.S., do any other regions tend to call everything "Coke?"

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ladies. you've been on a number of dates with a guy you really like. you think sweet precious spring lovin' might be in your near future. how important is it to wear cute/sexy underwear? do you have something appropriate for the occasion or do you celebrate by buying new garments?
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hay guis

my sister brought home two kittys from the pound today. I am in charge of naming one, but I don't really know what. She is a fluffy little tabby.
Will you help me name her? 
can you suggest names that sound more ~exotic~?
Baro Bitch Stare
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Do you have an ebay account?

Do you buy or sell or both with that account?

What was your best ever ebay purchase? (Like got the best deal!)

What was your best ever ebay sale? (Like most money made?)

What website do you use most often to purchase and/or sell things online?

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What are some possible substitutes for worcestershire sauce?

I've already considered the obvious brown/steak/HP sauce.

edit: The post was all there when I clicked post, but not when I refreshed the direct link. Weird.
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Is anyone else seeing the Hannah Montana movie tonight?

Anyone else think it is gonna pretty much be Lizzie McGuire movie redux? (Choose what life you want, get the guy, blah, blah, blah)

If good ole' Hannah doesn't interest you, what is your favorite Easter candy?

Do you like Peeps?

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1. What is a polite way of telling my coworker that I don't want to hear about the "cute" things her cat does? Example, "Mittens was so cute this morning. He yawned!" She is ruining cats for me!

2. What is a polite way of telling her I don't want her to interrupt me while I'm working just to show me a new lolcat? I tell her I don't care for them, but she still insists on doing this twice a day.

3. What is a polite way of telling her that bringing her cat to informal gatherings with coworkers doesn't seem right?

4. What is the next performance you will be attending?

5. Is there a food that you hated as a child, but have grown to love?
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Gais, I think I'm going ~to da club~ tonight. I am not a clubber. AT ALL. I haven't been to a dance bar in possibly years.

Should I straighten my hair?
Will you give me ~clubbin' advice~?
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What are your favorite online craft tutorials? I'm open to anything and have lots of supplies, I just can't think of anything to make! Good Friday is boring.

For those of you who don't care about crafts, what is your favorite book? I just finished "The Hour I First Believed" by Wally Lamb and it's definitely high on my list.

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What's the last movie you saw that was completely different from the book version? 

**Edit** I know that pretty much all books are different than their movie adaptations, but I'm looking for the last one you saw.

That is

I'm trying to think of another way of saying "that is" as used in this sentence...

"What is there to do in this town...other than drinking, that is?"

Odd question, I know...
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Anyone know how to rip DVDs so they can go onto an MP4, etc. player?

It says all my DVDs are copy protected, but they are my DVDs and they are for my personal use.  I can't carry a god damned TV and VCR onto a bus.

I have a Zen X-Fi if that helps.  And can you explain it to me as if I were your 70 year old grandma who had only gone so far as figuring out e-mail?

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1. For those of us on the Verizon network, is there a way to block incoming text messages from a specific phone number?

2.I have an anxiety disorder so I started seeing this doctor who only prescribes herbal remedies and supplements after seeing several therapists to no avail. Before she made any recommendations she ran tests via my blood, and saliva to find out what my brain chemistry is missing and it turned out that I was extremely low on serotonin, gaba, and norepinephrine. She showed me a chart that explains all of the side-effects someone with abnormally low amounts of these things will have and one that stuck out to me was sugar and salt cravings. I've been on supplements for about three months now that are supposed to correct this imbalance but I still can't seem to kick the sugar and salt cravings and its driving me nuts. Is there some other remedy I could try?

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Have you ever gone on a break in your relationship with a SO?
Did you get back together with them after the break?
If so, did it help your relationship?

Today my SO and I went on a break. Its the first time I've ever been in a break in a relationship and honestly, I don't see us getting back together.
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Okay, seriously? Are these real, or just edited with photoshop? Either way, I'm scared...

Edit: Never mind. I should have read the comments on the page before posting this. It was posted on April Fool's day last year.

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This December, my father gave me a piece of jewelry that had belonged to my late grandmother.

It is a long, thick gold necklace with a large (1.5inch) diameter round locket style container on the end. Its very heavy. I can open the locket, and inside of it is a coin, held in place by beings lipped in to a pocket pressed tightly by a spring. As ive been told, the coin is a currency (pure gold?) that women used to carry around (for emergencies? for show?).

Does anyone know the formal name for this piece of jewelry? My dad told me but i forgot...Ive googled with no luck :(

[Edit] Thanks! It was a Sovereign case!

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have you ever taken a short break from a community or forum (even if it is just a few days when you just don't bother to check up on it), only to come back and find that there has been some serious drama (that extended far beyond the topic that it started in) and that there has either been a leadership change, or the incumbent leadership is under serious fire from the community?
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For the married or engaged, how much did your fiance/husband/significant other/you pay for just the diamond in your ring? (Or diamonds if more than one?) How many carats is it?

For everyone else, what's your favorite family heirloom?

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peanuts, cashews, or walnuts?
whats your favorite chain restaurant and what do you usually get there?
why kinda of car do you have?
whats your favorite flavor of goldfish?
you just found out you were pregnant. what will you name you child?
Jane Asher

Dearest TQC,

I was at my boyfriend's house and his mother was telling us about how she's been trying to communicate with and appease the ghost in their basement. Do you believe in communication with the dead? Have you ever attempted to do so? What method did you use to do it?

If you don't believe in ghosts, do you think you could ever be convinced, or is it simply implausible?
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TQC, this is creepy.

My cell phone is randomly vibrating on its own. It's not ringing, there's no text. It's just vibrating away really consistently, and has been for like 10 minutes.

What the hell is going on??? I can't take it to the shop until tomorrow :(

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Would you rather have a twin who was the same sex as you or the oppisite?

Also, is the name 'Baby' appropriate to call a child? Whether it's a boy or a girl? I'm really into it right now! (Edit to clarify, like the given name that would appear on the birth certificate, so your child will have this name all their life)

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Poll #1381477 Vacation!

Where should the boy and I go for vacation? (Keep in mind, he would like somewhere quiet)

Niagra Falls, Canda
Somewhere in Pennsylvania
Other suggestion in a comment


Aren't Skullcandy just the best?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

true or false?

True or False?

ETA: although it's hard to say, *generally speaking*..
1. It's harder for girls/women to lose weight than boys/men.
2. It's harder for girls/women to maintain a healthy weight than boys/men.

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1)What is your video game pet peeve?

When the camera makes me sick or I lose the character because of camera angles.

2)Playing a game based on Jungian principles is totally studying for my test, y/y?

3)Would you work 70 hours a week if it was guaranteed you'd be promoted in two years? why or why not?

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My friend went to Sephora today, and a makeup artist handed her a bunch of business cards and product-related pamphlets. When she looked at them later, one of them turned out to be a laminated pink card-- but it's totally blank.

What does this mean? Was it a coupon she was supposed to give to the cashier for a discount? Has she just been inducted into some sort of super-seekrit underground makeup-related coven?

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whats the longest amount of time youve ever slept?
17 hours

do you/have you gone/been to counceling/therapy?
for what? if you feel like sharing.
currently anxiety/depression/they dont know


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I was looking at my recommendations on Amazon when I found Plague Year by Jeff Carlson. Reading the reviews it mentioned part of it was about an astronaut, in a space shuttle witnesses the devastation on a post apocalyptic earth.

It sounds really familiar to me but I know I haven't read the book. Any ideas  where I can know it from?