April 9th, 2009

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I buy scoop-your-own-frozen-shrimp at Whole Foods. It has no shell, and usually comes properly de-veined. The last few months I've noticed that the shrimp have the characteristic "cut line" of de-veined shrimp, but they actually still have their veins intact on the other side. When it cooks it cooks into the curled-up fetal shape with the cut line on the top ridge and the vein on the inside/bottom ridge.

Have the fools somehow uniformly mis-de-veined all the shrimp, or do some shrimp come with two sets, or are these shrimp not actually de-veined at all and the "cut line" is something else?

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Do you find visiting graves of passed on loved ones helpful in the grieving/remembering process?

My godfather passed away 9 years ago and I've only been to his grave once since he died. I think about him a lot, miss him like crazy, and wish he was here. I feel like my memories of him are fading....
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What is Les short for?

Les Miserables

What is Rob short for?

Robbing and pillaging
Robinson Crusoe

What is Liz short for?

Isle of Lizbos
Liza Minelli

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what would be the easiest and cleanest way to burn incense in a stationary car? i don't like the incense burners that are just long strips of wood because it's too easy to accidentally knock it and spread ash everywhere.

what is your favorite kind of incense?

eta: if i made something in ceramics class, burning incense in it wouldn't damage the ceramic, would it?
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How do you pronounce "bagel?"

Bay gehl
Other, mentioned in comments.

ETA: Where are you from? My friend from Washington state says "bag'll," but her other Washington friends think she's weird.

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You just wrote an essay, but you have to do the bitch work like make sure the page numbers for the references are right and do up the bibliography.
Do you do it tonight, or wake up early tomorrow and finish it before handing it in?

Help TQC!

Do you have any tips or tricks for writing papers that you find difficult?

I have to write a biologically-based paper for a class and I'm having trouble with it.  Although writing papers is usually easy for me, I've always found it difficult to understand and retain information as it pertains to biology.  I'd really appreciate any tips and suggestions!

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Can anyone recommend a decent digital camera? I know very very little about cameras but i'd love to have a decent camera, my cheapy follows me everywhere but it just isn't cutting it these days. I've been saving for 2 years now to buy a decent camera but i'm lost! I'd like to spend no more than 1k aus. Any camera pros in here willing to give me some ideas on what I need to look at?


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why is it a good or bad idea to try to seduce my new landlord?

he lives in the same building, downstairs.

he recently broke up with his girlfriend and she moved out so he lives alone with his puppy (why did he tell me this?!)

rent is kind of pricey.

i dont live there yet.

i know its a bad idea but hes so cute omg
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Fleas in Carpet...

I have a sneaking suspicion that my cat got fleas from a pit bull that used to live in my apartment. I’ve got her on the drugs, but here’s my question. I have the Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner peole coming on Saturday. Will this get the fleas/flea eggs out of the carpet and kill that cycle? I’ve “flea bombed/powdered” most of the apartment except for one room. I’m trying to figure out if I need to do it in the last room before I get the carpet cleaned or not.

Take a Look

What do you buy future bebbehs?

Tee Cue Sea, my cousin is pregnant! With twins!

I don't know anything about babies or pregnant women, but I want to buy her something in celebration. I'm assuming there's going to be a baby shower in the future sometime, but I want to get her something nice outside of that, just 'cause I can.

What should I get her? She's only about 3 months along, so clothes & stuff like that are kinda out right now. We don't know the genders yet, either.

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Is "Your hair is getting so long!" a compliment or merely a statement of fact?

I've spent the last year and a half growing out my hair, and when people see me they usually say something like this. I feel silly saying, "Thank you" because other then not cutting it I really haven't done anything special. But they act like they are complimenting me. If so, it's a pretty lazy compliment, and I don't really think I should have to thank them.

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So guys I'm moving to a much warmer state in a few months. I need to have nice, professional clothing. I have a great wardrobe right now, but it's all heavy fabrics like wool. What kind of nice clothes could I wear in a place that has over 100 days of over 100 degree weather a year?

I smell like a baby prostitute

I just bought a ridiculous perfume knockoff at the drugstore, "Paris" which is supposed to be like Paris Hilton's perfume somethingorother. It's awesome and $3. So it made me think, dear internet, what is your favorite perfume? Do you have a signature scent?
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Its about 16* on average these days. My boyfriend is comming to visit and he's used to 20* lately so he's pretty much going to be freezing. I'm listening to a radio station over the internet and they just said that they expect Good Friday to be nice and warm at 10*

Whats the weather like where you are?

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1)Is anyone else having trouble seeing icons on lj? is there a community where I can ask questions like this and not bother anyone?

2)How long did you sleep last night?

12 hours. wtf?

3)I graduate in August. when should I start looking for a job?

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When you have a giant list of stuff to do, do you start with the most difficult project or with the easiest? Help!

Someone sends you a text message that says "Thinking of you"
...what's the appropriate response?
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Is using a heat straightener on your hair really that bad for it? Do you use one? Is your hair perfectly okay even though you use one?

(I went to the salon the other day and caved and cut my hair, and she worked on straightening it, and I'm amazed that it really worked and made my hair look SO much nicer...but I've always heard that using those irons all the time is terrible for your hair...but then, I've also heard all-natural shampoos are the way to go, and that SO didn't work for me...)

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What could be causing extreme static to my hair when I straighten it, when it's never been so static-y in my entire life!?

Does a hair straightener have a life-span or something? I've had mine for like five years! What else could be causing it!?
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Does anyone remember a madTV sketch about a couple of black guys with a PBS show? And the only white guy on there (played by the same guy that did Stewart) would end up getting the shit beaten out of him?

If you do, will you post a Youtube of it?

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Have you ever used an apartment locator? How did that work out for you?
When you move to a new place, how do you go about finding new services? For example, a new hair stylist, a new mechanic, etc. I mean, I know how to do it I was just wondering about your personal experience.

If you've moved far far from home, how did you make new friends?
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Validate Me, TQC!

Use of the term "white person" is

always racist.
often racist.
rarely racist.
never racist.

Use of the term "black person" is

always racist.
often racist.
rarely racist.
never racist.

Use of the term "red person" is

always racist.
often racist.
rarely racist.
never racist.

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Hypothetical 1: the laws of society suddenly cease to exist and there are no more consequences (prison, fines etc). Would society collapse? Why/why not? What would it revert into?

Hypothetical 2: Suppose the laws of society NEVER existed in the first place. Would humanity have survived at all? What would the world look like today?

BOTTOM LINE: Are laws (which generate fear of consequence) the only thing keeping us from looting, stealing, killing, doing 'bad' things?

EDIT: To clarify, when I say the "laws of society" I'm talking about the LEGAL laws.


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A work crew was just in front of my house. They'd opened up a manhole and fed a long long house way down the sewer, then pulled it back up again, at which point it became apparent that they'd been pumping white foam into the sewer.

I asked one of the guys what the foam was, and he said it was an herbicide to kill tree roots. I saw a label on one of the tanks on the truck that said "Corn Foam".

Were these guys for real? They looked like good ol' American working men, which is suspicious in and of itself, right?


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A year or two ago my ex's mother wrote me an eight page letter bitching me out.
Do I keep this letter for laughs or throw it away?
(I only have it out because a friend wanted to see it...I'm not obsessing- I swear)

Do you know people who only communicate really important things via letter?
Are you one of those people?
(My aunts are always writing my mom these horrible letters and my friend just told me that her mother essentially left her dad through a letter)
Is it taking the easy way out?


 My eyes are really hurting today. I'm wearing sunglasses and it's not even that bright.

Why are my eyes hurting, TQC? I didn't have anything to drink yesterday, and was just at home, doing the normal thing, not like it was overly dry or smoky or anything.

Do your eyes ever hurt like that, even if you've *not* drunk anything the night before?
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fruit poll.

which do you prefer?


which do you prefer?

none of these melons

why do many fruit salads contain mostly canteloupe?

what is in your ideal fruit salad?

green grapes
red grapes
mandarin oranges
something else (put in comments!)
i don't like fruit salad
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I just ate a salad with some dressing that had an expiration date of December 2008(which I didn't realize until after). Am I going to get sick?

Are you doing anything Sunday? What?

Do you get tomorrow off?


What's for lunch, TQC?
I'm having a Lean Cuisine Fiesta Grilled Chicken and Mexican Rice with tea. It's pretty yummy!

And dinner?
I'm making meatloaf, mashed potatoes and English peas. NOM NOM!


There is a book I read when I was 10 or so, called Haunted Waters, by Mary Pope Osborne and illustrated by Angela Barrett. The edition I had is now out of print. It has a new cover. I NEED TO SEE THAT ORIGINAL COVER and I can find it no where. Angela Barrett doesn't have it on her site, no books stores or even out of print bookstores have the copy with that cover. It's like it never exsisted.  I have googled the bejesus out of it and I get these new covers: http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/images/n26/n132933.jpg & http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51XCVHNRRFL._SL500_AA240_.jpg which are dreadful. 

The original picture was of a waterfall turned into a woman (Undine). There is foliage in the background and a little owl. The colors are very soft, like sea foam green, blues, greys. It's a lovely picture. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Where can I find this picture? Surely someone in the world has at one point scanned the picture onto the internet. I need help.


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Is printing out 55 pages of class notes and readings a colossal waste of paper and printer ink?

Would you just read them all online and take notes on the important stuff, or would you print them out and study them that way?
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i just answered the phone and heard a fog horn, followed by a man saying, "this is your captain speaking! you will receive two free passes when -- " and i hung up.

will you please tell me your best/worst/weirdest/whatever-est experiences with telemarketers?
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will you post your favorite remix of a song?
if you don't have one, then the obvious over-asked question: what's your favorite cover song?

alternatively, will you recommend some R&B? :D
brand new, blood in my veins

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tqc, what is your favourite thing to cook for dinner?

i think i have hit the wall with new things to cook, especially using lentils and beans (that don't use peppers or cooked tomatoes)

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Is it gross that I'm eating some chocolate-cappuccino spread from World Market with a spoon?

What kind of gross things do you like to eat?
(I also love to eat vanilla wafers spread with canned chocolate frosting. SO DELISH and so awful at the same time.)

Got any fun plans for this weekend?
(Early on Saturday I'm flying to NJ, spending the day in PA for my cousin's baby shower, then driving back to NJ to spend Easter with my parents. Then Sunday night I'm being driven to my aunt and uncle's house in PA and spending the night there so on Monday morning I can go with my aunt to get temporary tags for my uncle's car, which he is giving to me. I am then driving back down to GA on for the rest of the day. Oh boy.

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Do you have any hobbies you do only with your SO apart from sex?

I need some ideas. Until now we're going to play Yoshi's island together. We are planning to make little trips into nearby cities together, and we are going to go take long walks to nearby forests cuz the summer's almost there! I just dont like just watching movies!
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I made some magnets that I would like to include with my aunt's birthday present. Collapse ) That wouldn't be weird would it? Of course I will be giving her real presents too. I always feel weird about giving people handmade things. I'm afraid they won't like them but will feel obligated to use them.

Feel free to tell me if you think they are hideous.

EDIT: I don't have any skills! The fabric things were made years ago by my aunt and grandma. I just glued the the buttons and magnets on!

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When you're in a drive-thru situation, and asking for condiments, what do you call the containers they come in? Do you consider anything besides ketchup "packets," considering everything else seems to come in little tub-like things?

As in,
"And may I have two _________s of ranch, and one _________ of honey mustard, please?"

Conan & his Amazing Friends

For 1k

Poll #1380919 For $1,000, would you...?

...not flush the toilet for a whole week? Either the waste will accumulate or someone else will have to flush it. This will probably tick them off


...you let someone tie you off and shoot you up with heroin? It'll be a healthy dose (not close enough to OD) and it's clean. You'll let a trained individual filled a syringe with heroin and inject it into your vein and deal with the repercussions


...go to the mall and wear a t-shirt that says ACQUITED CHILD MOLESTER. I BEAT THE RAP, SUCKAS. Just walk around the mall, window-shopping for 3 hours and deal with whatever reactions your shirt gets


...eat 2 entire sticks of butter? One bar in the morning, one bar at night. Each one contains about 800 calories. No healthier substitutes allowed


...attend an Easter mass at a Catholic church dressed like the Easter bunny? The ushers will probably try and stop you, so you'll have to hoot and holler about your rights until they drag you away. After several minutes you can leave before the cops get there


...get off with a blow-up doll that's been designed by a professional to look just like Dick Cheney? Lights on


(this one's for the ladies)...wear high heels and a tiny loose mini skirt with no underwear to a 'Little Person' convention (midgets, dwarves)?


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what are some chain restaurants in other countries besides the USA? edit to clarify: chains that exist in other countries, not US chains that exist elsewhere (unless there is something cool like burger king being called hungry jack in australia..which i did not know about)

do you think an applebees in australia would have kangaroo on the menu?

Dried Fruit

Which dried fruit do you prefer?

dried apple rings
banana chips
dried peaches/apricots
kiwi chips
dried figs
dried strawberries
dried dates
other (pelase specify)
I dont like dried fruit
is a beaut

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what are you doing right now aside from being on tqc? please be detailed.

what is the floor like in your bedroom? please be detailed.

(you probably don't have multiple floors in your bedroom)
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Come all you spelling and grammar nazis

I need help! My boyfriend's band asked him to type of a promo page, but his drummer has our Microsoft Office disk. Could someone just read through this and make sure it looks and sounds okay? We'd be eternally grateful.

Also, I know this is asking a lot, but if you could help us get it into a Word document, it would be a HUGE help. Thanks, everyone!

Collapse )

kosher for passover

ok guys, passover has barely started and i'm sitting at work STARVING. I had to get a bag of lays potato chips (kosher for passover FTW!!!). What other snacky things can I get that are kosher for passover to hold me over for the next week at work?

Also... I am going to put a portabella mushroom into spaghetti sauce to put over quinoa.. how do I cook the mushroom 1st?
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Hey guys, whenever I try to use Firefox's lj login addon, it just does this:
title or description

What the hell is up with that? I keep asking around and trying to look up answers, but my Google-fu is weak. I uninstalled/reinstalled several times, reinstalled Firefox once, went to about:config and reset everything to do with it, and it still does that. Wtf?


What are some cool things my boyfriend and I could do in London?

We're not into museums or 'quiet' places. I think we may get away with going to watch Stomp (or possibly Mummamia if i give him enough sugar to cooperate) but mainly it would have to be non-tour non-museum tourist attractions.

...do they even exist?

Anyone gone to London and done something cool that isnt your typical "this is the London Eye. its see-through. Now give me money to share one of these capsuls with strangers so you can go up high and look at the city from an angle that google earth totally beats".

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Does anyone know a good place to get piano sheet music? I'm looking for the piano accompaniment for "A Little Priest" from Sweeney Todd and I'm NOT about to buy the giant $100 book of the entire show. I just need the one song. Halp?

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How do you get along with your step son/daughter's parent?

I have a step son and he is great, but his mother is a bitch and I cannot stand her. The only words I utter to her is Hello or Goodbye. She treats my partner like shit and forever starts arguments on our property about their son. How should I approach this next time? I got angry last time it happened I said to my partner if she does it again I'll punch her out, but I don't dare to jeopardise my relationship with my step son.

Imu TQC!

Will you post a picture of how I should get my hair cut tomorrow?  I am probably going to keep it the same, but shorter long in front short in back plus bangs & pink), but new ideas would be awesome!

What are your plans this weekend?

I am getting my hair done, hanging out with this friend.  Saturday my family from AZ is visiting.  Sunday I am going to SD!  Yay, life.
Also, who else is thoroughly freaked out by Dr. Girlfriends moppet things?  Creepypants.



Ok so i got my tongue fraenum(web) pierced yesterday.
the piercer told me to avoid dairy otherwise the calcium might build up around the piercing and solidify...

I'm just wondering if this can be avoided by using mouthwash after eating dairy, or has it something to do with the calcium gland..
If anyone can clear this up for me it would be great because i want to know if i can eat the odd yogurt/take suppliments etc.


Does anyone here own a netbook? What do you have and why did you choose that particular one?

My father wants one for his birthday and I've been looking through reviews to find him a good one. There's a lot out there and I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation? It has to have a long battery life, run windows, and be around £300.
july 21

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I'm walking my dog and she poops, I pick up the poop and I double-bag it. I'm a while away from home and I'm walking down the street looking for an easy trash to toss the poop...

Will you let me put my dog's poop into your trash?

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If you had to plan a 3 course meal and cook it from scratch what would you make?

If you could invite any 5 people dead or alive to the dinner who would you pick?

What would be the most exciting topic of conversation that night?
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when you're happily interneting away, using a mouse, does your hand ever have a mini fit and you start clicking things you didn't mean to and everything goes a bit wild?

i have added tqc to stumbleupon about 19 times doing this.

what's your favourite planet? please give an in depth as you can reason why.


What do you think about comedian Carlos Mencia (aka Ned Holness)?

Unfunny plagiarizing prick
Comic genius?

Disregard if being at work all day has caused me to miss already posted Mencia-related questions.

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My mom is having me sell a framed quilt on eBay. It is created by a woman who also made a book filled with images and explanations of the quilts she's made. I told my mom it COULD increase the worth of the quilt by including a (credited) photo of the particular page in the quilter's book that has an image and explanation of the same exact piece we are selling.

My mom is scared of "copyright infringement" or breaking the law in some way by doing so. I can't remember what's legal and what's not (here in the US). So, my question: is it legal for me to post a credited photo on the eBay listing for the sole purpose of referencing that the quilt was publicized in a book?
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Haha, I'm at work and this guy just came in and tried to sell me some steak. Then he got all mad when I told him no. When's the last time you encountered a door-to-door salesman?
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Fuck This/Work

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I am having a shitty day. I should:

A) Get a huge milkshake, smoke a bowl, and go to sleep

B) Smoke a bowl, stuff my face full of italian food, go home and play video games

C) Punch a baby and then crap on it's face

D) Leave a comment as to what I should do to make up for a bad day
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Which of the following will you be watching this weekend?

- The Ten Commandments
- Jesus of Nazareth
- King of Kings
- The Robe
- The Passion of the Christ
- One of the many History/Discovery Channel specials
- None or other

J of N is on right now, and I'm watching The Passion later.

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I DO have feelings for him... but sometimes I just don't want to be with him THAT way.  He asked me out... what should I do?
[Keep in mind that there's no middle ground; we can't be just friends anymore.]


"She doesn't even go to this school!"

Lohan ass. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot is this picture?

10. OMG I just made a mess of my shorts
9. Excellent fappage material
8. Scorching!
7. Pretty damn hot
6. Fairly hot
5. It's alright
4. A little scrawny and not very shapely
3. Kinda fug, to be honest
2. Ewww
1. Her body is effin' hideous and that picture is so not flattering. Yuck x 10
0. OMG I just made a mess of my shorts...after throwing up on them

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I was listening to the song so broken by bjork...I looked up the lyrics and she is saying this phrase over and over in the verse


does anyone know the translation?

Tried to google it I really had no success.


Heart Surgery

Do you know anyone who's undergone quadruple bypass surgery and/or mitral valve repair? How old was the person involved, and how long was the recovery period? Were they able to resume normal activity? Any post-surgical advice to aid the patient in their recovery?
Kill Bill - Elle

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I pulled a muscle in my middle finger last night and it hurts so badly. Where was the last unusual place you pulled a muscle?

Any odd/funny stories involving you that you had to be told about later?

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How good would chicken flavored ramen without the broth, ranch dressing, and shredded cheese be?  

I'm trying to think of less boring things to eat.  I've got that stuff, couscous, peanut butter, crackers, and some soup.  I had peanut butter and crackers for lunch and I don't really want just soup.  Suggestions?

And because this is a boring question, what's your favorite kind of koolaid?

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All of my housing plans thus far have fallen through. Papers are due on Wednesday [the 15th]. As of right now I have no place to live. I've been looking for people on our housing connections bulletin board, but I'm not optimistic. I'd really like to live in a townhouse, but the thought of having a single in one of the dorm buildings is certainly appealing. Should I wait and hope I can join somebody's townhouse group, or say fuck it and go for a single in the other building? ...Or wait a little bit and then say fuck it?

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How old were you when you learned your first cuss words?
Do you think less of people who curse in their everyday lives?

Alternatively, are any of your parents' friends more disappointed in you than your parents are? My mom just told me how her friend had been giving her shit all day for the college I'll be attending next year. This is weird, y/y?

(no subject)

is rolling a joint REALLY that hard? i have a friend who acts like it's the hardest thing in the world and i'm just like 'wut', but i've never rolled. so: IS IT?

lol sorry for all the weed-inspired questions lately!
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There's wildfires burninating the thatched roof cottages homes and fields south of where I live. I'm watching coverage of it on TV. A few minutes ago, I started humming "We Didn't Start the Fire".

Am I going to Hell for that?

If you're in the same handbasket as me, what's you're favorite fire-themed song?
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For the winos of TQC:

1. Does wine have to be chilled before serving? (for reference, it's a riesling and a red)
2. I'm including a bottle of wine in an easter basket for my bffl, but it wouldn't be appropriate to bring that into work. If I leave the bottle in my car all day, (temp will be ~105-120*F), will that hurt the wine?
3. What's your favorite type of wine?

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What is the longest you have sat down and watched one program for? And what was it?

For me it was Scrubs. I was ill and barely functioning and I ended up watching nothing but Scrubs for about 12 hours straight.

(no subject)

Where do you go for streaming porn? Megaporn and everything on myfreepaysite is boring me.

Do you like my new icon?

If you're a girl, can you squirt?

What is the creepiest thing someone has ever said to you "in the moment?"