April 8th, 2009

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have you ever been on a sunbed?

yes, regularly/every year
i have once or twice ever
are you a deranged?

what is your general opinion concerning sunbeds?

i'm cool with them
i hate them, dangerous beasts
i don't think about them because i don't care
i love them, they have many benefits

are foxlet's legs paler than yours?

i am an albino so no

would you like to see foxlet's legs?


please expand on your answers in the comments.

I'll take a side of "New Job", please.

So guys... i need a new job, asap. i've been thinking about "work at home" jobs, but i'm wary of them, and rightfully so; most of them are scams. i know that legit ones exist, it's just so hard to find one.

Here's one though, that i'm not sure about. What do yall think?

Have any of you ever tried a "work from home" job? Opinions?

side note: A) not sure if it's against rules to post this link, and if so, sorry 'bout that and B) i in no way, shape, or form work for this company / am trying to spam the community. i just want to know what yall think.

Edit: got rid of the link, so it's not spammin' the community. So is there something else out there that yall recommend for at home work then?
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TQC, I am reading creepypasta. I thought I was immune to such foolishness, but I'm creeped out and might not sleep tonight, lol.

Will you post some creepypasta so we can all be terrified together?
St. Eldritch
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Has anyone every opened a bag of sunflower seeds and found a few mishapen grey blobs of sunflower-y material? Usually covered in sunflower seed dust and taste kind of sour/bitter? What the hell ARE those and why are they so goddamn tasty?

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Poll #1380002 How much do you know about healthy lifestyles?

Ideally, you should eat several meals a day, each one around the size of your _______

Right breast

Which of these can burn over 1,000 calories an hour?

Watching the Biggest Loser
High-intensity yoga

Curls work out your ______?

Inner ear
Canadians (it's a winter sport)

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A guy I look up to just sent me this quote "In the long run, men only hit what they aim at. Therefore, though you should fail immediately, you had better aim at something high" - but to be honest TQC, I haven't slept in days and my brain is currently out of service.

Can anyone break it down for me?

If you don't care - what's your ideal breakfast?
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Is French Toast a sweet or savoury food for you? How do you like it?

It's a savoury for me, we always have it with tomato sauce (the condiment, not pasta sauce). I've tried it with syrup and sugar but that's weird.

Troubleshooting ADSL2+...

I switched ISPs last week but they didn't give me any installation instructions. I basically winged it with what I knew to change of my settings. I changed the modem settings, but I wasn't really sure of what I was up to with the windows connection part of it.

The result is that everything works for me during the day, except that when I restart my PC every morning I have to go into the modem settings page and keep renewing the settings. They're all already saved there and the green light indicator is on, but my web pages don't load unless I do that step. Can anyone help me resolve this? It would save me spending some time on hold. Thanks :)

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Have you ever been reading an entry on your friends page or just a random blog where someone was trying build up suspense by drawing out the story and it was just annoying and you wanted to yell "FUCKING GET TO THE POINT ALREADY"? And then when you get to the end and read the end of the story you were like WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU JUST WRITE THAT INSTEAD OF ADDING TWO PARAGRAPHS MORE THAN YOU NEEDED TO IT? Does that sort of thing irritate you?
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Okay, I am getting a tattoo sometime soon. A friend of mine is training to be a tattoo artist, so I'm free meat (I will buy her a really nice dinner if she refuses to take money, though) - I'm trying to decide what I want. TQCers, will you vote for what I should get?

1. This purple thing on the album cover below:

on my right wrist. The Dirtbombs are my favorite band EVERRRRR, and nobody will know what the hell it is unless they know who the band is. I might get the band's name in impact font below it, but IDK, probably not.

2. The oranges/orange blossom design from the old school Florida license plates to remind me of FL on my ankle.

3. The lyrics "Won't somebody open the world up and let me out?" on my right shoulder blade.

4. A pinup girl of some sort to start out the Sailor Jerry style tattoos I'll be getting in the future from someone else (she will NOT do my chest piece, she's afraid of fucking it up).
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My friend's dog died last night. I feel really bad and don't know what to say. :( Should I get her a pet sympathy card? She's had this dog since high school, and she's 27.
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For anyone who wears glasses:

I'm new to this whole question-posting malarkey, so hellooo. My query: do you find that glasses without adjustable nose pads/nose pads at all hurt the bridge of your nose or dig in too much? I'm trying to figure out if it's just a design problem that I can't get used to (because it's the first pair in my life that hasn't had them), or because of the weird shape of my nose, which has a slight, slight bump? It's driving me nuts, so I'm thinking of just taking them back. The frames aren't even that heavy - they're light plastic.

I would post photos for illustration/clarification, but the cat chewed through my camera-to-laptop data cable.

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What current trends do you feel out of touch with?
Do you think you'll ever cave?

I do not use Twitter, and I'm not a big fan of the Wii. My own mother has a wii. When Myspace first came out, I was very much against it out of an lj-loyalty, but I ended up making one to be able to look at other peoples'. However, I really have no interest in Twitter and hope to remain that way.

What do you do when you have a day almost completely to yourself?

I work/have school every single day, but only 1 class and no work on Wednesdays. So far today I've cleaned, and I am hopefully going to start some homework now.

Spelling Contest

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Which one are you?

Monday's child is fair of face. You're purty. You don't have many other notable layers beyond your looks though
Tuesday's child is full of grace. Dextrous person who may or may not be a cannibal. Where is your neighbor Grace anyway?
Wednesday's child is full of woe. Goth or emo. Lot of The Cure and the occasional cutting
Thursday's child has far to go. Let's face it: you're not even trying to reach your goals
Friday's child is loving and giving. Pleasant doormat
Saturday's child works hard for a living. Workaholic
But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day is bonny and blithe and good and gay. You're a proud gay person

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when it's time to go to bed, are you usually yawning and tired and ready for sleep? it seems like i'm never tired when i need to be getting to sleep, no matter when i got up that day, and i'm starting to think that's not normal. i'm also starting to think i have a sleep disorder. : /
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

what should i eat?

i'm far too lazy to decide for myself.
Poll #1380140 breakfast
This poll is closed.

a waffle
frosted flakes
english muffin sandwich with ham
mushroom & ham omelet
english mufffin egg sandwich

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What are you favorite healthy food recipes/websites/communities? If you've got a recipe, it's got to have (sorry for being so specific) no mushrooms, tomatoes unless it's sauce, spinach, italian dressing, or tofu. I try to please everyone I cook for :3

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hello TQC

I missed you, TQC.

My question to you is:

Which is better: swimming or running?

If you ran in HS, what did you run?

If you swam in HS, what did you swim?

If you did something else in HS, what was it and did you enjoy it?
Cowboy Ew

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Not that you guys aren't a barrel of fun...but does anyone know of any other LJ communities where people can ask questions/need advice and get actual serious answers from people who are there to give advice/help people?

This place is good for a laugh and entertainment when I'm bored, but I'm curious to find some place else more serious and less snarky.

No offense ;)

*sits back and waits for a barrage of non-serious answers mocking me and my super long sentences*

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What hurts right now?

I have a huge kink in my neck/shoulder, and I can barely turn my head to the left without wanting to die. It hurts so bad. :( Something needs to crack but I can't figure out where, and I can't twist/turn/move to figure out where. ARGH

What's on today's agenda?

I'm getting my GA driver's license today, hooray! I also need to go to the DMV to figure out how to get my uncle's car from PA to GA without tags (he took the tags off already/surrendered them to the DMV, and I obv can't get GA tags for it until I register it... which I can't do until I get down here with the car...). And then I need to clean the kitchen, do homework, clean my room and pack for this weekend.

How do you unwind?

Poll #1380042 What is your greatest holiday?

You're on your dream holiday and you discover a hidden door in the room you are staying in. You open the door... what is behind it?

A big golden ballroom fit for the Czar of Russia.
A secret carden. Beautiful, vast, amazing and full of life.
A private dock to a beach that you never knew existed.
A dungeon (i invite you to elaborate).
A nightclub full of strobe lights and fog machines and a live band/DJ pushing tunes.
The rabbit hole that Alice went through.
A broom cupboard. Cool stuff like this just doesnt happen to me.

What do you bring with you before diving into the hidden room?

Really expensive jewlery.
A radio.
Cleaning suplies.
A horse.
A camera.
Tanning lotion.
Holy Water.
A very big man and/or a very cute chick.
A very cute man and/or a very big chick
A baby hedgehog.
An extra pair of shoes.
A book.
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Uh, I accidentally washed the receipt stating I paid rent this month (I forgot to take it out of my pocket). How much will this screw me if there's some weird problem and they say we never paid? This has never happened before, but still. We always pay cash. D:

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If you were my sunglasses, where would you be? :( Assume that you are not in any of my purses or schoolbags. ummmmm, nevermind. I am blind and didn't see them when they were, in fact, in one of my purses. >:T

What's the last thing you lost? Did you find it? Where was it?
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If a hacker accessed your email, presumably you'd change your password. After a period of time, would you consider changing your password back to what it was when the person accessed it?

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Should I take a Saturday 8:15 to 11:15 class next fall semester? Has anyone taken Saturday classes and if so, how did you like them? ETA: nevermind. I just realized if I did this, I'd be taking 9 classes and it'd be a credit overload. I hate dealing with my school, so it'd just make it harder. I'll just go next Spring semester.

Also, is anyone else having trouble loading livejournal, or is it just my crappy school wifi?

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So, I have a date with a really awesome girl on late Friday night. Problem is, I'm low on funds and don't get paid until next week. The only stipulation is that some small amount of beer is involved (we're both big beer fans). What sort of stuff could we do?
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I live like a 45 min trip away from my parents. I love my mom but have issues with both my dad and my sister, particularly the latter, and don't want to go over for Easter. Is there any somewhat reasonable excuse I can give my mom for not coming?

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i need a day planner. i want a cute one. i like owls and bright colors. where should i go to find this? not too expensive, though, i'm not a Rockefeller, sadly. also, it doesn't have to have owls and bright colors.

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I need your advice!
I've been looking for a job for a few months. I have an interview for running extremely overpriced childrens' parties. However, this may end up being a strictly weekend deal. I can only see the guy that I'm dating on the weekends.

Should I turn down this job and look for something during the week?
Or should I just take it and try to squeeze in a date on one of my weekend days?

To those of you who are full-time students: do you work during the school year? How many hours per week?

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my main squeeze's birthday is approaching...

he is:
-environmentaly friendly

and likes:
-to snowboard
-to simply be outside
-to play drums/bass
-to make good food
-to work on veggie garden
-to listen to music
-practice "green" morals
-also smoke the green...haha
-useful homemade things

i'd like to make him somthing to help in the kitchen or backyard, perhaps buy something related to his other interests. my friends and i are already planning on baking a badass cake.

PLUS he's turning 21. which doesn't happen too often.


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In general, do you think male drivers are better than female drivers?

How important is it to you to reproduce with someone physically attractive?

My friend tells me that I'm not a "good fan" because I don't know everything about the bands I listen to, watch their music videos, etc. Is he right or wrong?
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What OS do use the most?

Mac OS 7-9
Windows 9x
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Other Windows
Linux Flavor (Red Hat, Solaris, Gentoo, etc.)

What browser do you like the most?


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1)When is the rush hour in your area?

The morning rush is early- maybe 7 o clock? I don't know. The evening rush is about 3 to 6.

2)what do people think gay marriage will do to straight marriage? I prefer funny answers, but can't make you answer how I want, of course.
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Are you going to be celebrating the holidays of Christianity?

Why has there been 2,000 years of Christianity reading the New Testament but continuing to do exactly what's said in Mark 7:8?

For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things you do.
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I have 63 cents in Canadian coins in my (otherwise Amurican) change jar.
What should I do with it?

Also, if you like Gatorade, what flavor do you prefer?
(Need ideas when I go to the vending machine)

Birthday Q's

It's my 21st birthday today, and I'm heading out to a bar this evening :)
Since I don't have TOO much experience with drinks....

1.) Which particular drink would you recommend for someone who prefers the sweet taste of mixed drinks like Pina Coladas over the taste of straight shots of hard liquor?

2.) What's the coolest drink name you've ever heard/had? Do you remember what was in it?
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I'm going to a friend's house for the first time tonight because I was too poor to go out to dinner with her (haha)

Should I bring her candy (we're watching a movie) or go to the bakery and buy her some cookies (she loves bakery cookies)?

Do you hate going to someone's house for the first time? Am I the only weirdo who feels painfully uncomfortable?

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I have a question!
Masterbation has become boring and mundane. Any tips to make it better? I do it so much it's starting to just bore me. It's so.. unexciting. Help me fall back in love with my vagina.

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Should I go to my algebra class?


It starts in forty-five minutes, but I've been sick for the past three days, and made myself go yesterday for an exam. I really don't wanna. BUT, BE MY CONSCIENCE, TQC.

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You want to get your nails done. There are two salons that cost the same and are relatively close to each other. Where will you go?

Best Nails - There is a sign in the window saying that they were voted "#1" but it doesn't cite a source or anything pertaining to the poll.
Nice Nails - They have a few small cards thanking them for their customer service but nothing raving about what a great job they did.

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what are you views of co-operative living?

i currently reside in a student co-operative home and love every aspect of it. i believe it's an experience everyone should have to understand the importance of community. too many people are shut off from society and interaction in our technology and independence-focused world.

ED: this is not a commune. right across the street from campus in a old sorority house.
derek smalls

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is it weird to go to your ex's family birthday gathering?

he invited me and there will be ice cream cake. we're still friends but we've only been broken up for about a month though, so it's all sort of new. i'm in it for the free cake, really.
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What is your favorite video game?
Mine is pretty much anything Mario related. Can't help it. I'm an addict. :)

What is your favorite decade for music?
I love pretty much everything, but probably the 90's. It's what I grew up with.

a bit tl;dr

my best friend is dating another close friend of ours. she is a whirlwind of chaos and upset, and i am worried that this will end badly, and said so. he thinks i am just being a jealous girl, and harsh words were exchanged during our last phone conversation.
i want him to know that i am just trying to look out for him, but after that convo i don't think he'll be inclined to listen to me.

how do i apologize/make this okay?

edit for clarification:
he's not answering the phone/replying to IM. i'm trying to figure out if i should just leave a message or email or what?
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I'm graduating on May 24th. I was thinking about possibly doing a dinner at a family style restaurant (ie. order a couple of the packaged deal meals). I figured this may be more cost effective for everyone involved. Here's the question: am I going to be expected to pay for all of it? No one else in my family can afford to and the other people who would be coming are friends and coworkers.

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Have you ever been driving and hit a deer or some other fauna?

Do you stare at roadkill to get a better look? Alternatively, do you get upset when you see a dead animal on the side of the road?

Do dieing plants make you sad?

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Up until at least 2004 there was a website where unsigned/independent (and maybe not?) artists could host their music with a bio (very similar to the music portion of myspace today), and for free the public could download these songs. You could also just listen to clips or sometimes full songs, without downloading.

This site had been around forever. 1994 I think?

I also think the website was an initialism, like imdb.com or ohhla.com

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

This place may still be around, I just haven't been there for suresies since 2004. PureVolume was founded in 2004.

It may be: http://www.soundclick.com That seems familiar in many ways.

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I'm starting a garden this year, and I made my garden larger than what is strictly necessary for what I plan on growing. (It didn't seem too big until I actually thought about it. I'm not very good at thinking.)

As such, I have two extra rows, three if I change my mind about two rows of carrots.

I plan on growing (or at least trying to grow) the following:

Bell peppers

What are your suggestions on other (legal) things I should grow?

(Difficulty probably won't dissuade me, as seeds aren't very expensive and I probably won't have anything better to do most of the time.)

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Dear TQC,

Every evening, from around 4-10 PM, my neighbor downstairs plays very loud music. Very, very loud. So loud, that my keys on my keyboard rattle, and stuff on my walls shake, I shit you not. I've already complained once to the office, and all they said was 'Uuugh, that guy again'. I've asked him once, and he turns it down for all of 5 minutes, before blaring 'Red Red Wine' again for the 9th time in one evening.

I want to call the cops, but after asking me if I lived alone (I said no, but I've yet to have a guy over to reinforce this lie), he told me to never call the cops on him due to his loud music. No, really, he said that. He scares me, but this is a) giving me a headache, b) affecting my sleep/studying.

Any suggestions at all? I'm at a loss.

Since you all are saying call the cops anyways, another question. Will I have to ID him, and will he see me? When I was in Scotland, I had to ID a guy who tried to break in our apartment. Not sure I'd want a guy who lives below me knowing I ratted him out.

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1)Should I start Persona 4 or try to find my remote and watch full metal alchemist? Doing work is not an option.

2)do you find it easy to write a lot of words or hard?


3)Does Old Navy run big?

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I was going to see a movie with a guy tonight and I was all excited and after I got out of the shower with my silky legs and amazing hair I checked my phone to see I had a missed call and a voicemail from him saying he had been obligated to go to a family thing but then it was cancelled and then not cancelled so he couldn't make it.

TQC, was he feeding me a line, or do you think he was for real?

What to I do with my night now?

francois lick it

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Which is/are the superior version(s)?

Ne Me Quitte Pas - Jacques Brel (original)
Ne Me Quitte Pas - Nina Simone (French)
Ne Me Quiite Pas - other (French)
Laat me niet alleen - Jacques Brel or Liesbeth List (Dutch)
Moenie weggaan nie - Laurika Rauch (Afrikaans)
Bitte geht nicht fort - Marlene Dietrich (German)
No me dejes no - Angelica Maria (Spanish)
Non andare via - Gigliola Cinquetti or other(Italian)
If you go away - (English)
Ne me Quitte pas - Vicky Leandros (this is just for the gays)
Nie opuszczaj mnie - Edyta Górniak (Polish)
Du Får Inte Gå - Simon Häger (Swedish)
Another version/language/singer
They're all the same to me
I didn't know who India.Arie is, and I don't know these songs because I have bad taste in music

Regina Spektor sings another song, so don't even go there.
Julia Murney

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What is the... the word for the kind of person a rapist/murderer/whatever attacks? Not victim, but if they are a serial rapist, they have a type. I'm almost certain there's a word for it, but I cannot figure it the fuck out. D: D: D:

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Terrible people live behind us!  They have a beautiful, sweet dog that they keep locked up in a small space literally 24/7.  They feed it, and that's it.  We constantly see the women taking walks by herself.  The family is always out playing in the backyard while the dog watches longingly from behind the fence of the enclosure.  They could AT LEAST give it access to the whole backyard. 

We called someone about it, and they said they couldn't do anything.  Sometimes when the family is outside, I bring all my dogs outside and play with them, hoping to influence their son or something, but it doesn't work.

What would you do?
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I need to get my makeup professionally done on Friday - I've never done this before, any recommendations on where to go? I know Macy's does makeup - anyone gotten makeup done there before? What about Sephora? Thaaaaanks.

Edit: Can you just pay for a makeover at a store, or do you also have to buy the makeup?

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I have been seeing this one model in magazines a lot, she has HUGE eyes and a small mouth. She also red curly hair and her face reminds me of a Renaissance painting. I tried to google but was unsuccessful. Does anyone know who I am talking about?

(no subject)

What's the best way to go about finding a local professional photographer?
Do photographers with wedding-based portfolios secretly do other work?

I've been given the task of booking a photographer for our massive family reunion in two weeks, and I have no idea where to begin. D:

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Does the way you eat Oreos affect your enjoyment of them?

Uhhhh... lemme try some Oreos and get back to you on this.

Which shows do/did you watch?

House MD
Star Trek
Project Runway
Little Nonya
Amazing Race
Hannah Montana
Gossip Girl
Are you pulling these questions out of your ass or something?

Which of the following would you pick?

One night with the celeb you find the most attractive, in exchange for total bankruptcy
One night with the celeb you hate the most, in exchange for twenty billion dollars
One night of the kinks that squick you the most with the celeb you hate the most, for thirty trillion dollars
Hell no, I like my sexlife and financial status the way it is now.

Is TQC your favourite comm?

Yes! Hell yeah baby!
Uhhh... if I say no will you not hit me?
NO. Sorry.
I ain't touchin' this question with a ten-mile pole.
Uh... yes? I think... TQC is okay and... stuff. Uh...

Lastly, do you have any questions for me?

Yeah, what were you on when you made this poll?
Are you high or something?
Will you sleep with me? (The answer to this is no.)
I'll stick my question(s) in the comments.
Do you have any Oreos?

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My roommate has a bag of Sara Lee bread that we have had in the room-- not refrigerated-- for "months." It's not molded at all and it is kind of freaking us out. Why is it not molded? It should totally be awful by now. Is it super-bread?

What is the male version of the cougar? You know, the older woman that digs the younger generations?
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Do you believe the moon changes people's behavior?

I absolutely do. I work on the phones all day, and things just get bizarre the few days around the full moon. Not Bad, just... weird.
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Why do parents let their children roll around on the floors of bathrooms and stores?

I was in a fitting room in Macy's today and the girl in the stall next to me had her little brother (?!) with her. He was rolling around on the floor just staring at me and her while she changed. I told the Mom standing outside the stall to make him stop looking at me before I started to change. Would you care if a little kid was staring at you? I've had this happen in bathrooms before; it's not acceptable behavior, is it? Also, I know for a fact that people have shit and pissed in those fitting rooms. It's not really the same as a kid rolling around in dirt.
Oh hay thar

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My husband just received a cryptic text from a local number that we don't know.

It said, "Look wat i found mmmmm icp r dy"

And they sent a pic. His phone is incredibly old so it can't accept pics. What do you think this means? What do you think the picture was? IS THIS A TRAP

(no subject)

1)Dear the question club, what should we called this global recession thing?

the great recession.

2)would you be a good salesperson? why or why not?

I'm very shy, so no.

3)Tell me about your crafty achievements.