April 7th, 2009


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You can think of this as one of those "what animal would you be..." things, so don't just choose a cool character.

If you were an anime/manga character, what would you be like?

In other words, which would reflect your personality the most? So it would be silly for someone, who was asked what *animal* they'd be (similar type of question), to say they were a lion when they're cowardly.

What other people say you would be overrides what you think you would be! Feel free to tell others what they'd be without them asking.
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When was the last time you walked in on someone naked?
What was your reaction?
How did it happen?

Fifteen minutes ago, went in to BFFs room to give him phone because it was late and someone was calling (aka might've been an emergency), and he springs out of bed not wearing anything. I was sort of embarrassed, but sorta like "uh, seen it before, why should I care?"

I hate it when that happens. shit's all awkward.

Last thing you said to someone on IM?
If I were more Jewish, I'd have a better chance at this

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My roommate just gave me a free trenchcoat! for free! Unfortunately, it needs to be washed because it smells like ass. It's like 50% cotton, and 50% wool. Can I just toss it in the washing machine?
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Poll #1379449 For lainy

If you had a conjoined male twin and only part of him was growing out of your body, what body part would you like to protrude out of your torso?

His nose
His hand
His penis
Half a butt cheek
His foot

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I'm looking to be entertained...What's the weirdest band/artist you like? I'm meaning like this, which is mine...


So I'm meaning anything bizarre, like super heavy or the guys wear excessive make up, whatever... I just wanna know how weird your musical tastes can go, TQC, because mine can be pretty weird at times so that's what sparked this. lol

I <3 TLV

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If you had just started a new job and wanted to make friends, and saw a coworker doing something they definitely shouldn't be doing (stealing from the cash register, for example) would you tell your boss? Or just ignore it?

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I'm not telling you who this is. I'll give you a link and then you figure out for yourself. Please decide if you think this is a girl or a guy then look at the video I link and tell me if you were right. lol Many have mistaken this person for the opposite gender, upon first sight, is why I ask. Plus this post amuses me. lol Hopefully a lot of you don't already know who this is lol

Link to persons picture:

EDIT: Ok I should have just edited this post instead of making a new one..my bad. This post is a major fail, but there have been many who upon first site have thought he's a woman, but I've found its how he use to look when he was younger that did it and this video:


Try this video and if you didn't hear his voice while watching it from first glance would would think he's a woman, if you didn't already know of course?
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Last night I posted about how my toe became really good friends with my boyfriend's chair. Well, I'm really beginning to think I broke it. It's bruised and swollen, and hurts like a son of a bitch. I don't handle pain well at all, and this is the kind of pain that makes me want to cry/throw up. Dear TQC, what can I do to make my poor toe feel just a little bit better? I have a bit of a walk to my bus stop in about half an hour, so something fast would be greatly appreciated.
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What was your most recent vaccination (or multiple if you got more than one), and why did you get it? (eg, organized by school/work for some reason, a booster shot, going to a country where it is reccommended that you get certain vaccinations)

For me, it was Typhoid and Hepatitis A, the reason is that I am going on holiday to China and Cambodia in a few months, and the travel doctor that I went to reccommended that I get vaccinated against those two.

two questions

1) Why is it that my name it spelled wrong on every income tax check I get? It's always Sarah instead of Sara. I can still cash them, so I don't care, but it seems odd.

2) Why does our dog keep peeing/pooing in the house, no matter how many times we take her out? Before I moved in my roommate had a strict schedule he kept her to, and she rarely ever went in the house. Then I moved down, and took her out when I could to make it easier for him. Does she a) miss the old schedule or b) hate me so much that she must pee and poo on the floor to show her dismay about me living here. Even though she pees and poos PLENTY outside.

people with cats

Do you trim your cat's butt?

If so, how often? What's your best method? Have you ever been injured doing this?

I have to trim my cat's butt. Otherwise he gets poo stuck on his butt once approximately every 6 weeks. So I distract him with a toy on one and while somebody helps me trim his butt with a pair of scissors that I don't use for anything else but opening boxes/packages. It's necessary. I have been mangled doing this. I have a huge ugly brown scar on my right arm from an angry cat getting his butt hair trimmed.

For those who are like "wtf" or generally don't understand why I am inquring as to cat butt hair removal techniques, it is simple -- my cat is a Maine Coon and is the size of a small dog, and he has very long hair. Every so often, he can get things stuck in his butthair. It doesn't happen often but it happens and I like to fix the problem before it becomes a problem. He usually doesn't notice it until it dries and gets stuck in his hair, which is really nasty, and since I'm gone at school or doing something else I don't want to take that chance, so I trim his butt every ~month and a half to two months. Or mostly when I remember to.

I had to do it yesterday and I thought I'd ask if there were any pros.


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What kind of webcam do you have, if any? Do you like it? I'm in the market for a good webcam that has great picture and preferably records but if not, I can find programs for it.

What should I make for dinner tonight? We have SO MUCH chicken in the freezer but I'm pretty tired of chicken, don't want to get hamburger because my boyfriend's trying to lose weight and doesn't want hamburger, and... he won't eat anything with meat. So I'm lost.

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Do you connect better with people online, or in person? Why do you think that is the case?

Fast forward 200 years. Where do you think humanity will be? Give me a quick summary of how it got there? (I think humanity will be immersed in the age of technological/biological integration. The Internet, social networking tools etc will really see an uprise in the next few years. By 2050, nanotechnology will begin to be used and slowly available to the masses. By 2100, nanotechnology and wireless/computing technology will begin to bridge the gap between human and technology, and by 2200 this will be well integrated. Already there are privacy issues when it comes to the Internet, and I think these issues will spread to the biological realm when the two integrate.)

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Why do women have to wear "cute" underwear???

Have you ever plucked a chicken or a turkey? Whats the best way?

no...i don't know why these two thoughts came simutaneously

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If you had a test coming up that was based more or less on memorization of facts, how far ahead in advance of the test would you begin studying to ensure that you pass? The exam covers 4 chapters worth of material, and consists of fifty-five multiple-choice, true/false, and matching questions.

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1. Do you think your S.O. is sexy?

1a) If no, then why are you with them?

2. Do you think other people think your S.O. is sexy?

2b) If no, then why are you with them?

3. If you answered yes to both 1 & 2, will you post a picture of said S.O. for further analysis?

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So long story short, my friends dog got out and got hit by a car. They are on vacation and coming home tonight, and me and my friend are house sitting. We took the dog to the vet and it looks like it will be okay, but it will need xrays later.

My friend and I already payed for the exam ($100) but should I offer to help pay for everything else that they need done?
Will you please cheer me up?

It was an accident.
i say, old bean

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I just overheard my sister saying that someone had told her that watching South Park at a young age is a parenting fail.
do you think it is, TQC?
if you watch South Park, when did you start watching it?

what else would you consider to be a "parenting fail"?

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With your SO do you find it better to bite your tongue when you are upset to avoid an argument, or do you let them know exactly what's bugging you?

My SO and I had a stupidly exaggerated row this morning over his ex's facebook page. Now I wish i'd just shut up and smiled.

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Now, I got diarrhea and my butthole really hurts, can I put something on it to soothe the pain? I washed it with cold cold water and it helped.

This is not a repeat of my Gold Bond question, just in case you were wondering...that was for summertime itch I think.

P.S. the FiOS guy just left my house five minutes ago so I am back to TQC! I am filled with such gladness!
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Somewhat inspired by organizedcrime 's question:

Did you ever have an injury that you thought was 'no big deal' but was actually more serious than you thought?  Did it end up hospitalizing you or causing an infection or something else?

Many years ago, I slammed my finger in the door of my father's car getting out to go to school.  My entire nailed turned black from the blood, and I tried to put up with the pain.  It hurt too much, so I finally went to the nurse expecting some tylenol and an icepack, but she ended up calling my mother to take me to the hospital.  The doctors said the laceration in my nail bed could clot and something bad would happen to my finger, so they took off my nail, stitched the cut in my nailbed, and then stiched my nail back on.  If I had not gone to the hospital, something more serious would have happened.  But I mean, stiches for getting your finger slammed in something?  It was kind of crazy.
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I'm writing about the White Stripes for eclecticsix, my music blog. I'm taking a poll: if you are a White Stripes fan in any way, shape, or form, what is your favorite song by them?

If this is not applicable, is it completely horrible to drink whiskey in your iced tea at 1 in the afternoon?
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I just watched the most recent episode of House and spent the last five minutes crying. What is the saddest episode of a television show you've ever seen?
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A random assortment

Right now there is an epic battle taking place between my lethargy and my nicotine addiction. I need to shower and get dressed before I can potentially go out but I don't feel like doing those things.

1) Are you the kind of person who needs to look 100% presentable even just to run out to the store for milk/cigarettes/etc or can you just throw something on and go? I get really self-conscious if my hair isn't PERFECT, even just to buy cigarettes and come home. It's lame.

2) Cucumbers, jelly, and butter on toast. Does this sound delicious or disgusting?

3) Are rim jobs kinky? Have you/would you do it (giving or recieving) or are you completely grossed out at the thought?

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what are you reading right now? how is it?

I'm reading The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. And it's really good.

how do you decide which movies to go see in theaters? Do you have to be in the mood to go to the theater and then pick from what's playing, or do you wait for the movie that you want to come out to come out and then go see it as soon as possible?

I do both. Sometimes there's a movie I really want to see, and sometimes I just feel like having the movie theater experience.

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Can you recommend a good RPG that I can play with my boyfriend, preferably for xbox or ps2?

And my boyfriend is taking me to Outback tonight for my birthday, what should I get?
china town

Stick with me here

Have you ever had a dream wherein you were sleeping and had a dream and woke up only to find that you are still dreaming/when you woke up in real life you found the first time you woke up you were still dreaming?

I've noticed a lot of people have been having these dreams lately. What is it like? Can you even describe it?
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i got a brand spankin' new stove in my apartment today!!! somehow this has motivated me to want to cook.

what are some easy breezy things i can cook that are delicious and have a low probability of me fucking it up?

i like anything and everything except for olives and oysters.

Help fourcorners with his love life

At the gym, there's this really hot female trainer. She's been giving me the subtle-yet-not-subtle glances every session. I know she's interested. I'm interested. The thing is, she's always working. Kimberly (hot girl's name) is always training someone on the floor. Once one session ends, another begins. I can't just walk up to her while some guy's on the ground doing leg raises in front of her and say "Sorry about the interruption. I'm Steve. Can we talk later?" It's considerably lacking in cool and inappropriate and also smacks of clueless game. But I also don't want to wait around the machines idly, wasting time until she gets a break either. That could be over an hour of waiting.

Can you gimme some advice, folks?

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Can minors currently travel to/around Europe when 16 or 17, alone (at least in terms of going through customs and all)? Would it be illegal or problematic?

This always seems to be happening in books, but google results are conflicting and I'm not sure if this is a believable scenario or not.

Since this is for a story, I guess it depends mostly on whether people would believe it rather than how it actually is, but I don't want to be completely wrong.

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1. What is the difference between manipulation, persuasion, and influencing someone?

2a. If they are the same, is manipulating/persuading/influencing someone a good or bad thing? WHY?
2b. If different, which is better and WHY?

3. Tell me a story about either you, or someone else, manipulating someone. What happened? Did you feel bad before, during, and after? Why/why not? Did you justify it to yourself in any way?

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A stray, obviously not spayed dog was just in my trash. I want to call an authority so she might have a chance to be taken care of, but I know where that will probably end. I'm afraid to let her wander though because my trash had chicken bones, which I know can kill dogs once they've been cooked and when I just yelled SCRAM! at her, she cried as she ran away, which leads me to think she might have been abused. But we don't have a lot of no kill shelters here and most of them are always full. WWTQCD? ... or rather, have me do?

Do I...

call animal control and be haunted by the fact she'll probably be euthanized?
leave her be, where she might get into more trouble or hit by a car?

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i rock. in the last 3 years i have stopped using drugs (2006), stopped drinking (last year), and most recently (in the last few weeks) i have quit smoking.

for those of you who were smokers (of cigarettes) for a long time and then quit, did you find that after a while everything tastes different?

i wish i could say it's changed for the better but it hasn't. diet drinks now have an awful aftertaste, so does hot chocolate and most sugarfree energy drinks are making me nauseus. i can taste bicarb in baked stuff.

did this go away for you??

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why is everyone staring at me!?
idk! is something on my face?!

what did you have for lunch?
cheese quesadillas

when you do, what color do you most often paint your nails?
hands: hot pink or some other bright color
feet: black

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There is this girl on my FaceBook who likes to change her relationship status all the time. When I ask her why, she likes to tell me its none of my business. While I would agree normally, she had the balls to question my marriage with "Oh, I thought your parents were really strict and wouldnt condone you getting married so young." You are 20 and have a 7 month old baby...

Anyways, every couple of weeks she will change her status from "engaged" to "single" to "it's complicated" and then to "in a relationship". She told me its because she and her baby daddy "are having problems."

My theory is she is attention whoring. y/n
Or, am I just butthurt that I dont create as much drama? y/n

Srs or non-srs.

AT&T Wireless User

Do you get wireless discounts for being a student/state employee/business etc? I talked to them and they told me to go to att.com/wirelessdiscounts and I did but the thing is I am not a at&t user yet and I want to know how much of a discount and they say you need a foundation account number from your job/school but I'm not sure how to get that any one know?

microwaves and lightning bolts!

I was making some popcorn in the microwave! I was standing next to it and after 30 seconds something went ZZZZT and I saw this really bright blue lightning bolt looking shit! WTF?

I'm scared to touch it so I unplugged the surge protector!

Nothing else in the microwave at all. No foil. No forks. Just the popcorn bag.

What would TQC do? D:
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For those of you that have birds, more specifically parakeets..

I have a male and a female parakeet, they're both about 3-4 years old... recently the female has started hanging out in the seed dish. She'll get into the dish, grab onto the side with one foot and kick out the seeds with the other foot until there are no seeds left. She's been doing this for about two weeks now. As soon as I refill the seed dish (although there is always at least a cup of fresh seed on the floor from the previous full dish) she gets in it and digs it out again. Maybe it's a brand thing, I don't know-- she's done this with two different brands, both of which they've had before... so I'm sure she's not being picky. Is she trying to nest? Anxious? Sick? Anyone ever had birds do this before?
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I have been thinking about things between a friend and I, where we were FWB, I asked him if he wanted to take things further in to BF/GF mode, and he gave me a shitty excuse. I need to get over this, as I spent a good half an hour crying while doing dishes, and all this happened a month ago. Should I:
1) Tell him EVERYTHING, no matter how ridiculous or minute, that's been bothering me about the situation?
2) Tell him that I'm still not over him, and that I'd expect him to respect my feelings, period?
3) Talk to our mutual friend, whom I know he's spoken to regarding this situation, about what I should do?
4) Drink more whiskey and completely disregard ever telling him anything?
This is so ridiculous.

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TQC, I need your expert internet-lawyer advice.

In August of 2007, I joined the Peace Corps and left Chicago a month before my lease was up with my friend. Being that I was crazy busy planning my international move, I gave my last two months' rent to my roommate to pay the rent.

FAST FORWARD to today: the management agency has just now turned us over to a collections agency for those last two months. Now I don't know if they lost the payment, as they were prone to doing every month, or if my roommate stole the money. I have half a notion to expect the latter, as she kind of fell into coke briefly after I left, has a history of not returning money to our co-leasers, and has never ever been able to manage money.

So hypothetically, if she stole my money, how much am I screwed? This is affecting my credit report, my future ability to rent apartments, etc. She is/was one of my best friends, but I'm not above taking her to small claims court, because we're talking almost 1000 dollars IF she didn't pay the rent with it.

What would you do in my situation, besides kick her ass if it turns out she didn't pay (which I will do)? The only good that can come of this is that I no longer will feel obliged to ask her to be a bridesmaid.

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Has anyone here ever read "Clan of the Cave Bear" by Jean M. Auel? My boss recommended that I read it because she sees me reading various books all the time. She insists that I will absolutely love the book, but even the brief synopsis on the back turn me off. She gave me her copy to read and is asking me if I've started it.
Two problems:
1. I really like my boss, even on a personal level and don't want to tell her the idea of the book sucks in my opinion and I don't want to read it because truth be told I like her recommendations on just about anything other than books.
2. I just bought $75 worth of new books at Borders two weeks ago and I'm stoked to start reading them... why would I start reading something I'm 98% sure I'm going to hate if I just bought brand new books about things I like?

How do I tell her without making her feel like her opinion is invalid that I don't want to read this book? Am I being ignorant by not reading past the first chapter? Am I really missing out on something by not reading it?

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WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG TO DESERVE THIS SITUATION?! My last choice safety school contacted me first for an interview, then a week or so afterward my first choice school contacted me for an interview ON THE SAME DAY AT A TIME WHICH WOULD REQUIRE SUPERSPEED TO MAKE THE LATER INTERVIEW. Which is for the last choice school. Which called first.

banking, irs, trouble...

who knows the answer to this: If i have a joint account with someone and I'm the primary, if the IRS sends them a letter saying they are putting a lien on their bank accounts, does that include the joint account we have together or not, and is the answer different if they are the primary on the account?


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So, my microwave is broken and I suddenly really want some popcorn but can't get to the store to buy kernels.

What would happen if I opened a bag of microwave popcorn and tried to make it in a skillet like I would popcorn kernels ?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Anyone had an MRI on their knee done? How did that go?
I've only had my shoulder and I know it was harder than snot to stay still for however long it was.

Do you have any important things to get done in the next few days?

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I need to send a friend 247 pictures (1.34 GB) asap. Is there a site where I can upload them for free then have my friend download them all at once in their original size and resolution?

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In Gmail, is there a tool that will send out an email on a time and date that I specify?
For example, if I want an email to be sent out at 7am, but I don't want to wake up that early, is there a way to set a timer so that the mail will be delivered at a specified time?

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Have you ever consumed an entire bottle of cough syrup in one sitting?


Did you like the effects?


Would you do it again?


Do you have any good stories to go along with your consumption of cough syrup?

Yes, I'll explain in comments.

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Can anyone recommend a few good places to eat in Memphis, Tennessee?
The husband wants to check out B.B. King's restaurant, but we need at least 2 more..lunch/dinner and a breakfast place..

Should I call in to work on Friday?
4 out of the other 5 employees asked off..and the 5th is going to be out of the office on Friday. It would just be me and the boss/owner. For what it is worth, I'll be quitting very soon anyway (yay for new jobs) and I don't mind fucking them over (as they fucked me over with the whole you're fired but not really shit a few weeks ago anyway).

And the 2nd question reminds me....do you say call in or call off in regards to not going to work?
I see a lot of people say "call off". I've always said "call in".

Redbox or Netflix?

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do you handle bad situations, like death well?

-i try to, i really do. i try to make it look like nothing is bothering me (i try to BE STRONG). but then i end up breaking down only when i'm alone and then going through actual grieving way, way later.

can you post something funny to cheer me up?

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I had grilled cheese for my last 3 meals. Should I have it again for dinner or run out and buy something cheap?

One of my close friends is having a baby really soon and there are a ton of cute things I'd love to get her but I am poor. Also, she lives half way across the country so shipping is a factor. Any ideas?

Is (are?) anyone else's entries defaulting to "members only"?

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This is such a long shot, but....
Does anyone remember the name of a young adult fiction novel about two friends (girls) who ran away from their summer camp?! I remember loving this book, but for the life of me can't remember the title!

I remember that it was about 2 good friends who didn't like the camp, so they took a canoe (ha), and eventually walked the rest of the way home. I also remember that when they got to one of the girl's houses, they sat on the couch and ate a bowl of cherries. LOL.

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sorry for posting again so soon, but i'm trying to convince my boyfriend letting me get a nose job. he refuses to "allow" me to get one though.

1. what do you think TQC? Would a nose job make me prettier??

Collapse )

2. if you yourself are interested in plastic surgery, will you post a picture of what you think needs fixin' so that we can be the judge of whether or not it's worthy of thousands of dollars of repair?

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if you could have any kind of accent what would it be?

whats your middle name?

do you prefer polls, questions like these, or questions that arent pointless?

if you could live in one major city in the US, where would you live?

how many people do you think will reply to this before it gets to the next page?

i bet you $20 about 20 people


cruises schmoozes

If you have ever been on a cruise, how did you like it? What was it like, what did you do?

I may have an opportunity to go on a cruise to Alaska with my family this year, but I can't decide if I'm interested or not because in my mind cruises are sort of ridiculous and lame and only for rich old white people. But maybe that is wrong and it would be awesome. Halp?

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Have you ever applied for a job online? How long did it take for them to call you for an interview, if they did? Did you call them at all before they called you?

It sucks that most places now do online applications only. It feels like my applications never even get looked at. :/

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So say you go on an interview and the person hiring really likes you, but opts to go for another person because they have more experience. Flash forward a couple of months and you get an email from the person saying the choice they went with isn't working out well and the position might be open for you. Would you take the position, even though technically you were their #2 choice? Would your answer change if there was a possible position somewhere else that will probably pay a little less but will be year long versus a 10 month/year position?

Did you get April snow showers today?
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So I know the cat hid behind the clother dryer machine thingy, but I still turned it on. If somehow the cat gets stuck and cannot escape and dries or vibrates to death or something, it's totally not my fault, right?

(no subject)

I see this quote on a myspace, but I have no idea where it's from.
Where's this quote from?
"Get some sour cream and onion chips with some dip, man, some beef jerky, some peanut butter. Get some Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars, a whole lot, make sure chocolate, gotta have chocolate, man. Some popcorn, red popcorn, graham crackers, graham crackers with marshmallows, the little marshmallows and little chocolate bars and we can make s'mores, man. Also, celery, grape jelly, Cap'n Crunch with the little Crunch berries, pizzas. We need two big pizzas, man, everything on 'em, with water, whole lotta water, and Funyons."
Cowboy Ew


So I'm going on a 3 month tour with a band this summer, zig-zaggin around, hitting every state. So..I'm documenting everything (think Almost Famous) for this food & music cookbook I'm writing. I've never done anything even close to this before. I've always written stuff, I love writing, I love music, I love traveling, but I have no idea how to write in that style. I don't know how to document a journey like that and capture the mood and emotion and the personalities of the band and the people we meet, or how to write about the changes in culture and music from state to state..you know, all of that crap that would make this story interesting. ANYWAY - anyone have any advice for me? Suggested "how-to" reading materials? I need to start learning and reading, I have 2 months to prepare.
is a beaut

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what is your favourite fruit and why?

mine is raspberries. i like the little furriness they have in your mouth as well as the taste and the colour and the little patterns on them.
FFXII, Chain, Negalmuur, Pwn

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TQC I have a question.

If my professor e-mails to say that the research grant for which I applied has been delayed because the college does not know if it has the funds for the grant yet, that he is sorry they cannot notify me of the award being given yet, AND only my name is in the address list, what does that mean?

Do you think that means I have gotten the award? Or does that mean that they are preserving the anonymity of all the applicants?

Srs/non-srs all a-ok.

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What perfumes/colognes do you wear regularly, if any?

Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab has some fragrances that are based on characters from some of Neil Gaiman's books, which made me wonder: if you could pick a fictional character to have a perfume based on, who would it be and what do you imagine it would smell like?

I just bought L'Occitane's Honey & Lemon scent, and it's the first fragrance I've ever liked enough to wear everyday. :)

Evil Me

This is a scam, right?

I just got this message on MSN:

Windows Live(TM) Messenger Service Staff says:
Important service announcement: As part of a recent system enhancement, we need you to change your e-mail address to continue signing in to the Windows Live(TM) Messenger Service.

To ensure that your access is not blocked and to learn more, go to http://support.microsoft.com/gp/Messenger/en

...I should not click, correct?
Have you gotten this message?
hate pimentos


I have GERD.  I am a moron and have not taken my prescription on a regular basis for at least 2 months.  I am under an extreme amount of stress which is causing me to vomit once a day or so.  Right now I feel like I have eaten a pound of razorblades. I have taken my Prilosec and I've also been chewing some Tums intermittently, but every 10-15 minutes it spasms and I seriously writhe in pain.

Any ideas?  I haven't eaten anything because I'm terrifed of what will happen if I do, but I'm also hungry so I'm sure that's not helping.  I tried to eat a banana earlier and that was a HUGE mistake.  Are there any other foods that are supposed to be good for heartburn?  Should I just kill myself and get it over with?
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Do you and your significant other share the same religious beliefs?
If not, has it ever become an issue in your relationship?
If so, how did/are you deal/dealing with it?

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So like my bffl is the valedictorian, and has to give a speech at graduation, and he's really worried about it. What should we get him to say, so that it doesn't suck?

What were the speeches at your graduation about?
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Have you ever ordered foundation online? Did you order one shade and hope for the best or did you order multiple?

I LOVE Make Up Forever's Face & Body Liquid make up but Sephora doesn't have many shades in-store. I'm going to order some but my old bottle doesn't have a number or name or anything. I'm going to order a few and send back the wrong ones.
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TQC, the concert I've been so fucking hyped up about the past week and a half...the concert that was tomorrow night, that I got two days off work from...just got canceled and rescheduled for next week. I can't get off work on those days :( What do I do with my two days off now?

What have you been super disappointed about recently?
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Is there anyone else as obsessed as I am with Geo Challenge on Facebook? If you are, what level have you reached? My score isn't great but I've improved a lot since I started playing (Foreign Correspondent).

What's your favourite country's flag? I've gotta say that I like the look of Estonia's and Botswana's, hate anything that's a combination of red, white, and blue (there are a LOT), am terrified of Albania's, think Lebanon's is cute, and in general, do not like black on a flag with some exceptions (South Africa's, Estonia's) and have a strange soft spot for Peru's and Austria's. Oh, and I very much like Gibraltar's flag too.

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The doing garden, which digs the weedses, WHO was possible more questions?


Do you think a cat would know the shame of a bad haircut? I want to lighten up my huge fluffy black cat's fur for the summer, not lion cat-level per se, but something both short and funny...but can a cat suffer the acute humiliation of a novelty haircut as a human can? Something in my chortles and tone of voice as I do it? The way other cats regard him?
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Please, will you answer the following question by typing your answer into a babelfish/freetranslation thing (say which one you used so we know what the options are) then translate it back to English, post, so that we can guess what language you used as the in-between one?

What have you been doing for the past hour?
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What was your most memorable teacher in high school like?
What made them so memorable?


Who was your worst teacher in high school? 
What made them so awful?