April 6th, 2009

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Final Cut

Help! I googled, I search the help index, I still can't find what's wrong.

I imported an mp3 into Final Cut to use as part of a report I'm doing. I hear the audio in the viewer, but when I put it in the canvas, it plays as a series of beeps and a red line appears above it. Why is this happening? How do I fix it so the audio plays?
YouTube gave me the answer.

What's the last thing that frustrated you to no end?


when was the last time you went on a diet?
did it work?  if it did, please tell me more about it.  i need to go on a diet.

does hydroxy cut work? 

if you don't feel like talking about your weight:

what was the last video game you bought?
how long ago did you buy it?
when was the last time you visited your local mall?

forgive me, i just felt like asking a lot of dumb questions. 
and well, of course i love to read your answers.
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(no subject)

1. Who do you know personally that has an infectious laugh?

2. When they start laughing how long does it take you to break?

3. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? What was it about?

4. Collapse )
Self cleaning

(no subject)

Are you a clumsy person? Or do you have accident-prone streaks?

While I have never been the picture of grace, I seem to have taken a turn towards clumsy as hell lately. Aside from padding every corner, sharp object and cat claw in my house, what can I do to keep from inevitably impaling myself on a pencil or some such mundane object?

Does it look like it's going to be a good week or a bad week for you?

ETA: What is the best way to break up a conspiracy?
can't touch this

(no subject)

Have you ever found something in your food that put you off of that type of food for a long time?

I used to eat those chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs all the time (because I'm 6, apparently), but then I got a bag that had bone chunks in the nuggets and now I just can't eat them.

(no subject)

Have you ever called one of those teen helpline things?
What for?
Did they work for you?

I just chatted with someone from some Hopeline thing to see what it was like... They just told me I needed God in my life, and that I should find a church family who can help me.

...not exactly the advice I was looking for.

How can I forgive someone for something so I can move on with my life?

Health insurance

Are there any health insurances that are affordable (like less than $200/month) and will accept a person with a pre-existing condition like diabetes for example?
I have searched and it seems there are insurances offered, but most don't take pre-existing conditions or don't cover prescription medications.
I've been on my father's insurance and it's about to expire, but I'm not fully employed at the moment and not in school. I just relocated to Texas, if anyone knows of anything particular to this state.

Until Obama possibly figures something out, are people in this country screwed once they get sick? It just seems that the only people that can't get health coverage are people who actually need it. No matter how much I've thought about this, it makes no sense.

(no subject)

I took an Aleve-D sinus and cold around 11pm last night because I had a cough and a really stuffy nose. It's 3:37am now and I just woke up with cramps and my eye is all puffy.

It's happened to me before and it's not terrible, but I should probably call my doctor and make an appointment with him, right?
Have any of you had an allergic reaction to a medicine like this?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


What are some of the things you dislike about your boss?

The fact that he always has to let me know that he's joking. And how he always pulls a Tyra Banks aka never letting people finish their stories.
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(no subject)

how much water is too much? i just drank four liters in under a 24 hour period. i am still thirsty but i am afraid that i will explode, so i'm taking a short break. how the fuck am i still thirsty, tqc?

is it normal to break out initially when you start drinking a fuckton of water? i feel like i just hit puberty and i am NOT a fan!

what is the strangest/most out of character thing you've ever done to your body?

(no subject)

Do you give blood?
What's your blood type?
Do they offer money/other kinds of compensation for blood donation where you live? What do you think about it?

I do
No; I think that's kind of ridiculous.
Chococat with flowers


I got a random myspace message from some kid in Arkansas saying "what do you look like naked?"

What is the weirdest/funniest myspace message you've ever gotten? Creepiest? If you don't use myspace, same question for whatever social network you use (assuming you use one at all).
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(no subject)

TQC, have you ever played dwarf fortress?

I finally figured it out last night after watching my boyfriend play for the last year, and I haven't been this addicted to a game since I was a wee little impressionable youth.

juggling friends

Good morning (or whatever it may be for you) TQC.

Do you have Thequestionclub on your friends list? If not, do you just check it separately?

Do you check the individual communities you're in most of the time or do you usually read your Friends page?

I love reading this all the time, but I think I might need to remove it from my flist and just check it individually. I personally usually just read my flist (too lazy to browse most communities/people individually) but 90% of it is TQC sometimes. I usually only read 2 pages of my flist at a time, and since most of the entries are from TQC I end up missing things from my friends that I should probably know.

Silly question is silly but I'm curious what most of you do.
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(no subject)

Inspired by this post.

Can anyone recommend a good eye serum/cream that will help with dark circles? I don't wear makeup so I can't use the stuff you put on under it. Also, I just went to the doctor and had a physical and blood work done and I'm fine. I was poking around in the drugstore, but there are way too many options.
garlic stink

(no subject)

I have a take home history midterm due today. I saved it to do until late last night. Unfortunately last night my internet failed me so I wasn't able to finish it. Do you think it would be better to get there late with the midterm, or to not show up and stick the midterm in his mailbox later today? He prefers that we don't email it to him.

When will I learn my lesson about procrastinating?

EDIT: I am unable to get it touch with my professor right now, and my class is in 30 minutes. I wouldn't be finished on time even if I hadn't wasted 2 seconds posting to TQC.

lol stupid questions

Help me out TQCers!  I know you know everything!

So...I just got married and am in the process of receiving the official certified copy.  It's supposed to be here in a week.  I recently got accepted to have a small piece published in a book, but they want me to sign a contract using my real name.  I'm not sure if I should use my maiden name or my new name, since I haven't got my certified marriage copy dealie yet. 

Do I use my maiden name or married name when I sign the contract?  Anyone have any idea?

(no subject)

Is anyone else like me in that I need to always be drinking something??
What do you drink a lot of?
Would you say you lead a healthy lifestyle (eat well, exercise enough, etc.)? Why or why not?

When you're looking at TQC, do you recognize people based on their icons or their names or not at all?

(no subject)

Is there any place online or a store that I could get general cancer awareness rings?

I've been looking online and found necklaces and those rubber bracelets but I would love to get rings. I found out my dad has cancer this past weekend and although he's doing so much better already, I want to get a ring for each of my family members as a rememberence and hope.


(no subject)

Do you believe in ghosts?

Me: Absolutely not, but I'm so surprised how many people I talk to claim they have had personal experiences with ghosts! Particularly "haunted apartments".
im french

(no subject)

Sooooo I just had a really weird experience at the doctor's office. So I had to get this *thing* (of a sensitive matter) done, so I went to this new doctor office and it was scary, etc. The doctor came in and was asking me first-visit type questions and was like, "Do you work for Company?!" I was like, "no, but my dad does, I'm just under their insurance."

This particular company has received US bailout $$$ and was under investigation for how they used this taxpayer $$$, and before the bailout, I guess a lot of investors lost money. Anyway the doctor basically went on this anti-Comany rant that was totally spiteful and he even threw in a "well why don't you tell you dad blahblahblah" before being all "Are your menstrual cycles regular?"

I mean, it kind of freaked me the fuck out. And was like, totally unprofessional. Can I complain? Who should I complain TO?

this is definitely bad_service, right?

diet pills

Have any of you ever tried diet pills? If so, what kind? What are your horror or success stories?

What do you think or know about the so-called "miracle" supplements of acai or hoodia?

Edited To Add-
I am well aware that the best way to lose weight is exercise and eating right. I have been doing this for the last three weeks, but I am not seeing results yet.. I just wanted to know if there was something that could give me a little boost while I was already doing good dieting strategies.
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Random funnies

I need to find where a couple of pics came from:


(Found this one. http://www.safenow.org/)

Also, the pic (I can't find) with the dog taking the mailman's shoe, with the whole "That's my shoe. You're a dog" or whatever.

To clarify: Yes, there were more. I'm looking for the whole series of them.

Where can I find these gems in their entirety?
cabaret voltaire

(no subject)

If you could declare a national holiday today, what would it be and why?

Today should be Look Like Shit Day, because I look like shit and I want everyone else to look like shit so I look normal in comparison.
stronger than you know

Let's have some fun

Pick, from any movies or television shows you love, 2 people that you would love to see fight it out. A no·holds barred battle that only one can come out victorious...

...use your own criteria for that.

Who did you pick?
Who do you think would win?
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(no subject)

if a bathroom door is closed, do you knock before you enter?
if not, how many people have you walked in on?


how many people have done this to you?

ETA: do you turn the bathroom light on during the day? do you think it decreases your chances of getting walked in on?

(no subject)

are you a messy eater no matter how hard you try not to be?

i had a bagel with peanut butter for breakfast/lunch about 20 minutes ago and just realized now when i went to put on make up that i had peanut butter on the corners of my mouth. ugh.


Have you ever reposted a chain letter/comment/bulliten?

For example:
If you don't copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours. (sorry)

(no subject)

I've recently gotten really into Bollywood films. And since you, dear TQC, are clearly experts, can anyone recommend some splendid films I should check out? Preferably ones with English subtitles.

big brother is watching you

as of this morning, my company has instituted web filtering.  oh, yay.  I can read my friends page, and my own journal, and (obviously) post, but I can't read comments or post comments, since the links are to the "community" sites.

Is there a simple way to get around a web filter?  If it helps, it's FortiGuard by Fortinet.
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(no subject)

are you guilty of asking tqc for relationship advice?
were we helpful or did we fail you miserably?
what do you call your SO? if you don't have one, what would you call them now?

alternatively, what's the worst idea you've had while drunk?
i don't want to be friends

(no subject)

Alright, Friday I smoked pot and it really fucked me up. My anxiety shot through the roof, I was trembling, and it was awful. Since then I've been feeling a little bit depressed and aloof, and I'm pretty sure it's because of the weed. What can I do to stop feeling that way? Is it just a ride it out scenario?

(no subject)

Dumb question, I know... but have you ever fallen and cut the back of your head and been ok?

My dad fell down the stairs this morning and hit his head. It was bleeding a bit but now it stopped. I really want him to get it checked out but he's stubborn as hell and says there's no money.

He'll be ok, right?

*Edit: Thanks guys, yea he was acting normal, cracking jokes like usual. He asked me if I can see his ideas, and telling me I should sue my mother for pushing him down the stairs for not getting her a new purse.. dumb jokes, but normal...
I guess his age is what worries me (62) but yeah, I'm sure he'll be fine.
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(no subject)

Michael Vick is getting out of jail soon. What are your thoughts on this? Was his sentence just? Should Vick be allowed to return to the NFL by the commissioner?
Coffee cups

(no subject)

This afternoon I went to the local library and looked really sketchy going through the children's section. But I ended up getting The Witches and George's Marvelous Medicine, two of my most favorite Roald Dahl books EVER. I'm super excited to read them.

So...what are your favorite books from childhood? (...and/or kids' books in general if you want)

(no subject)

How do you feel about wearing shoes in your home? (Do you always wear them, never wear them, change to houseshoes/slippers)

How do you feel about wearing shoes in someone else's home? Would you feel comfortable or uncomfortable taking your shoes off being a guest?

apartment dwellers!

how many apartments have you lived in?

How many bedrooms/bathrooms are in your current apartment?

How big is your current apartment (sq ft wise)?

Do you consider your apartment to be small, decent, or huge (or anything in between)?

edit: is 703 ft2 for a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom as huge as i think it is? because i currently live in a 2 bedroom that is only 625 ft2.

What would you choose?

If you had severe psoriasis and were given the choice of 2 medicines one that has MEGA side effects and the other will cost a FORTUNE, which would you choose?

I am trying to decide what to do and I am leaning towards the Enbrel because my I have pretty good insurance but I am not sure how much I will have to pay out of pocket, it costs about $3,000 a month without insurance. The methotrexate I would only have to pay like $10 a month out of pocket because it is relatively cheap even without insurance.

Help me make important life decisions TQC!
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(no subject)

What would be the easiest way for someone in Russia to send me some money in the US? Right now, she's trying to make a Paypal account, but we're both not sure if that will work. She doesn't have a debit/credit card, just a bank account.

Would a wire transfer work? It would be so much easier if we didn't have to leave our homes though.

She wants me to buy her something and send it to her because the thing she wants won't ship to Russia.

EDIT: I have a turkey in teh freezer that I want to make for Easter. When should I put it in the fridge to thaw? Yesterday? Tomorrow? What are you having for Easter dinner?

For a cool million

Poll #1379198 For $1,000,000 would you...

...go on the Sexual Offender list as a child-abusing degenerate? Your name will appear on any searches for local perverts, which can be seen by friends, family and complete strangers, and every time someone new moves into your neighborhood, you have to meet them and tell them that you're a creepy molester who lives down the block who can't be trusted to even be 100 yards from their children. For the rest of your life, you'll be outed as a child molester but as long as you don't do anything bad, it's just a bad reputation that might get in the way of some friendships, job interviews and the like


...shave your head and then use electrolysis to keep the hair from growing back? You'll be a bald smoothie for life, but you can always wear wigs


...get pulled on roller skates behind a car on the freeway? Just 2 miles on a 70mph speed limit freeway, with you on skates and you have to hold the rope in your hands all that time or else, you'll drift back or fall down in front of all the quickly-moving cars behind you. If you fall down while holding the rope, you'll be dragged the remainder of the distance behind the car at 70mph, which could be very painful, but hey, it's only 2 miles. You've got a good grip, right?


...engage in a homeless threesome? They find 2 filthy bums in an alley somewhere and they're given Viagra and you have to be in the middle of that hobo sandwich? They've not showered or been de-liced, but they are wearing condoms


...dig up a coffin and steal a ring from the body inside? The body's been buried for 3 months and a relative really wants the ring he was buried with. You'll have to dig up the body by yourself in the wee hours, open up the coffin, handle the corpse's fingers and remove the ring, which will most likely involve a lot of hard tugging and pulling. Or, if you're a dastardly sort, just cut the finger off. There's no risk of being caught. Just your own guilt at graverobbing and your squeamishness involving touching the dead


(no subject)

is there a program like GarageBand for windows? is there anywhere i can get it for free, that is not a torrent, or whatever those things are?

ETA: i have googled, ppl.

what was the last thing that made you facepalm/headdesk?

swine flu, sick

(no subject)

TQC, I'm really dizzy. I was out in the blizzard last night, got back and then suddenly was so dizzy I couldn't stand up, so I went to bed around 8:30pm and got up around 6:30am. After my 7am class I went back to bed until 1:30pm. I AM STILL DIZZY. I can mostly function, though.



(no subject)

Who is your favourite character from House?

Other. I'll explain in a comment.

(no subject)

Anti-clockwise or counter-clockwise? Soda or pop?

What other battles-of-the-terms can you think of?

P.S. Correct answers to the above are "coutner-clockwise" and "soda."
911! Emergency

(no subject)

Alright so this may be a silly question, but I really don't know.
If I had concert tickets that were general admission but they had seat numbers on them, is it first come first serve or do I sit in those seats?

(no subject)

How irresponsible was it for me to go BACK to Perfumania on the last day of their 20 percent off sale and exchange my 34 dollar 1 oz bottle of Hypnose for a Hypnose gift set that costs 55?

I still need to pay the DMV 30 bucks to renew my ID card...and my birthday is on Sunday.
talk news to me

(no subject)

have you ever had to call 911? what for?

i had to call earlier this year when i got rear ended by a motorcycle and the driver flew past my car. and on saturday night when i was driving home from work and there were drunk driver on the road.

nothing too exciting.

(no subject)

Should I pause a black and white movie then color it in with markers?

If someone said this to you: "I love you but don't tell anyone" what would you say?

How many Pingüinos is too many Pingüinos?

Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles?

What kind of Easter stuff do you like to do?

(no subject)

How do modern cell phones with Palm OS vs. Windows Mobile vs. Blackberry OS compare to each other? Among those listed below, which would you recommend the most?

I'm thinking Palm Centro, MOTO Q 9m, or Blackberry Pearl. VX6900, or Blackberry Curve. (All on Verizon).

Do any of these restrict what third-party programs you can download? In other words, would I have to pay up the ass just to download some freeware from a random website?



Did you know that H.G. Wells was a ladies man among intellectuals? He bang-bang-banged many famous intellectuals like feminist Margaret Sanger and various authors I can't remember, even when he was middle aged (open marriage). He has this whole romantic history that most people don't know about and promoted feminist values and sexual freedom back in the day.
louis » squeal

(no subject)

So I sent highplaces a care package, and in order to be festive I topped it off with copious amounts of Easter grass.

What would you do with a copious amount of Easter grass, TQC?

So far all we have come up with is fashioning a decorative hairpiece and dancing in it, but we are sure your brilliant minds will not fail us.

PS: If you do not know what Easter grass is, Collapse )

(no subject)

Someone in my neighborhood is missing their cat. They have put up a ton of signs stating that there is a $500 reward.

If you found the cat, would you accept the reward?

I would not be comfortable taking a reward for finding a missing pet.

I'm impatient

I've found a new hobby of ordering stuff I don't need offline.

If the seller ships my item today via USPS priority mail when do you think it will arrive ?
They didn't give me one of those tracking codes so I can't follow it.

My mom is always talking about how she's afraid to shop online and I shouldn't put my info out there. Have you or someone you know ever had their identity stolen from shopping online ?

Spelling Contest

(no subject)

1. Do motion-sickness prone individuals need to take Dramamine before embarking on a moustache ride?
2. After a long moustache ride, is one supposed to tip the driver?
3. If you don't have one, can you hitch a moustache ride from the first one that crosses your path?
4. When you're given a moustache ride, do you prefer riding shotgun or backseat?

(no subject)

I'm sure this has been asked a million times before. Do you think you should have grown up in a different decade?

Given my musical tastes, my horrible fashion sense, and my inability to dance- I think I would have done really well in the 80's.
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(no subject)

Have you ever been mad at something because of something they did in a dream?

What was the dream about?

Do you think that in some abstract way, the anger is somewhat legitimate because the dream could be pinpointing existing feelings?
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(no subject)

ok, at my school we have 3 parking lots that are near my dorm. 1 of them you can't park in overnight during the winter (until april 15) coming home one night, there are NO SPOTS in any of the 2 lots available. except for the small row of faculty/staff parking in the lots that we can park overnight in. i decide to park there, since faculty/staff can just... use the whole empty lot that's unavailable to me now. i get a ticket. i don't think this is fair, as there was no where else to park.

how should i write an appeal? i've never done something like this before.

do you like louis armstrong?
francois lick it

(no subject)

So it's 'Henry Hudson discovered Manhattan 400 years ago and then the Dutch founded New Amsterdam, which apparently is a big deal even though the English took over quite soon'-year, and apparently it's a big deal.

How does that make you feel?
Is it a big deal for you?
Do you love the Dutch for basically creating New York?
Are you grateful?
Are you so grateful you want to give me money?

(no subject)

1. if there's a little mold on a block of cheese, do you just cut it off and eat the cheese? or throw it out?

2. have you ever conjured up spirits? how'd that work out for you?
i say, old bean

(no subject)

my friend just called me and sang the song "kiss me through the phone" or whatever.
would you kiss me through the phone, TQC?
would you kiss ANYONE through the phone? lol

what songs make you laugh even though that's not the purpose of the song?

chainsaw question

Anyone here handy with a chainsaw? I have a question. I borrowed a nice new chainsaw with a 20" bar to cut up a huge fat limb that fell in my backyard. I've cut it up into 18 inch pieces, but now I want to split them lengthwise into firewood so I can burn them in a brushfire. I've tried a splitting maul, but I just can't seem to split them; my axe just bounces off. So my question is: Is it safe to use a chainsaw for splitting wood lengthwise? With the grain? The owner's manual has hundreds of safety warnings and talks about felling and limbing but it doesn't say anything about splitting.
lost in translation

(no subject)

Do you have an e-mail signature? What does it say?

I want to change my signature to include my minor and have it look nice too... but I don't know where or how?? What do you think?

Right now:
Name Graduation Year
Psychology Major
Email address

(no subject)

Can you give me inspiration to get my chemistry homework done?

And if you don't care about my homework woes, who here is/was a Chemistry or Biology major in college? How do/did you feel about it?

(no subject)

Is Pacman meant to be married to Ms Pacman?

Are Minnie and Mickey married, or do they just live together? Or maybe they just date and live separate?

Do you think Daisy and Donald cheat on each other a lot?

How come Pluto is Mickey's dog when obviously a dog would be miles bigger than a mouse?

Oh and how come Goofy is a dog AND Pluto is a dog but Goofy can talk and have jobs and stuff but Pluto is silent?

Any other Disney inconsitencies that bug you?
Peyton sig

(no subject)

So I just found out on the April 15th episode of Ghost Hunters, the team is visiting the traveling Titanic Exhibit. It's on the anniversary of the sinking. I cannot describe my excitement over this.

What was the last thing that made you gleefully happy?
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(no subject)

hi all,

does anyone here drink wheatgrass? I'm considering trying it out, but I'm a college student and it could be an expensive habit. Do they sell the juice at grocery stores? How often do you drink it, or are you supposed to? Have you noticed a difference?

(no subject)

Have you ever fainted or nearly fainted before? How was that like?

- I remember both times I almost fainted, I fought so hard to stay conscious because all I could think about was looking like an idiot, all passed out on the sidewalk by myself.
virgo bold

(no subject)

Do any of you work for Cha Cha? Do you know anyone who works for Cha Cha? I'm curious as to how the taxes are paid (ie; do they take them out or do you claim that as additional income)... and if the "position" as a Guide is even worth it...
{wow} sin'dorei pride

(no subject)

Have you seen Jesus Camp? How about For the Bible Tells me so?

What did you think about them? Any particular part in either that stood out to you? Any other documentaries like this one that you can rec to me?
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(no subject)

Though you may act like a spaz or high-strung on the internet, are you really the quiet type?

When you get on the internet, is it like getting on a whole different world like how when you're not on the internet, you're participating in real life?

(no subject)

If I have a water tank with indian mudskippers, who need saltwater, is it okay to give them any concentration of saltwater? Because I just brought water from the beach today, and the water here has a very high concentration of salt. They seem to not appreaciate the water that much. They used to be in normal saltwater, prepared for tanks, but my boyfriend thought it was a good idea to fill them with sand and more change the water. I'm not sure if it affects them.

Anyone with experience with fish tanks or indian mudskippers can help? Thank you. I've never had a fish or mudskipper tank before :\

(no subject)

should i cut my own hair?

it is really long and flat and i'm really sick of paying someone else to cut it. i do not really care what it looks like when its done but i have a feeling that maybe i will care a little bit afterwards when i look like i fell into a meat grinder since i have no idea what i am doing.

have you cut your own hair before? is it as ~liberating~ as they say? tell me about cutting your own hair plz


Hey peeps....any of you ever buy a LO-JACK system for your car?

Did it come in handy or like me....was it a waste of money?? I called to get the device tested and they stated only if your car was stolen. So.....

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(no subject)

Did you ever do this game in the playground where several people stand next to one wall and one person stands next to a wall facing them and then the one person has to chose a topic, lets say 'favourite colour' and then the other side have to all pick one unique answer each then one person acts as a messenger and has to tell the questioner all the answers in any order but not who they correspond to, then the messenger goes back to the other side and the questioner choses one at random, and then the person who it corresponds to and the one asking it have to run from wall to wall and spell out the word on letter at a time for instance P-U-R-P-L-E and the first one to finish is safe and the loser has to then become, or stay as the person asking the questions for the next round?

What was this game called? Please! Help? I'm going b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

EDIT: Solved! To all the non-believers the game is called 'Polo' and is handidly explained by 9 year old Christina on KidsOnTheNet.org

Collapse )

(no subject)

What are some good, really unique, sentimental gift ideas?  My Mom's 50th birthday is next month and I'm totally stumped on what to get her. Being that it's a milestone birthday I want it to be something she will cherish and value. I don't just want to get her something like an engraved piece of jewelry because that's too cliche for her. Google has failed in the unique department.
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(no subject)

Dear TQC,

why is it that my friends can talk about having babies all the time and how they love being pregnant etc., but when I'm asked how many kids I want and say zero, I'm suddenly criticizing their life choices?

I think I'm just going to change my answer from a well thought out "never gonna happen" to a vague "i don't know" to avoid future dramz, y/y?

And, because now I have to know: have/ever planning on kids, tqc?
i don't want to be friends

(no subject)

I'm making a playlist with the theme of Stars. So far I have the following songs:
The Stars - Patrick Wolf
Starlight - Muse
7 Stars - Apples in Stereo
You Better Leave the Stars Alone - Ego Likeness

What else should I add?
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(no subject)

You're drinking some water. You put your glass down and your cat takes a few sips. Would you drink it?

If not, would you get new water in the same glass, or would you get new water in a new glass?