April 5th, 2009

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I have a few hours with nothing to do tonight. Should I rewatch Dexter Season 1, and remember how awesome of a TV show it is. Or catch up on the latest volume of Heroes, as I havn't been watching them normally on TV, and I'm hearing good things about it.

Will you decide for me please?

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Have you heard of the "pee seal"?

Supposedly, it's something about feeling like you need to pee a lot after you pee for the first time after getting drunk. People avoid breaking the "pee seal" so that the feeling will subside.

Do you think that one sex is better at holding it in than the other sex? EDIT: WHICH, if any, do you think is better and why?

Why do so many tqcers fail to understand the obvious intent of questions and give simple "yes/no" answers to ones where clearly the person wanted them to expand?

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my dad is asleep on the couch. i want to smoke but i can't until he actually goes to bed. what should i do to wake him up without seeming like i'm trying to wake him up?

difficulty: my mother is asleep in bed and our walls are thin. i can't wake her up.

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What's the name of that 80s/90s comedian film star who has white/grey hair and is rather famous?

The one who was in that 80s movie where an dying woman, who believes in mystical stuff, accidentally transfers her soul to his body and they both end up inhabiting the same body, fighting for control. They both end up trying to get the estate back from a woman who only pretended the soul transfer worked with her having the older woman's soul, but she was faking.

What was that movie?

Train wreck syndrome

Is there a scientific/academic term for "train wreck syndrome"? Are there any articles on it?

I'm doing a project for my art class that focuses on "gross art", and I need to provide an article for the topic. I'd love to find an article on fascination with mentally/emotionally scarring imagery (gore, scat, whatever), but I haven't turned up anything, and all the Google results for TWS are from non-academic sources.

Thanks in advance.
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When you rinse the shampoo/conditioner out of your hair in the shower, do you face the spray of water or turn your back to it? How long is your hair?

Is it possible for a straight guy to ask a straight girl out to dinner without an ulterior motive? (ETA: what if they aren't even friends yet?)

Also, if said guy actually just wanted the chick as a rebound girl, why couldn't he at least have paid for her dinner?

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Do you watch LOST?

What's the most amount of times you've peed in a day?

Who texted you last, and what did they say?

Bonus Question! Okay, I've tried to install the newest Adobe Flash Player around a hundred times and it still doesn't update. I've tried everything I can think of but it refuses to work, anyone having this problem or have a solution?
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Have you ever known anyone who has been a part of a cult or a wacky religious sect? Who was it and what were they a member of? Any interesting anecdotes/stories?

Hypothetical situation: you get a phonecall tomorrow from someone you're really close to (family member, partner, best friend, etc.). They tell you they've just become a fully-fledged member of your local looney cult, and they want you to join up too. You tell them no, but they keep on telling you about how great their newfound 'religion' is and how they feel it would enrich your life. They just won't shut up about it. What do you do? End your relationship then and there? Join up? Put up with them constantly trying to convert you? Try to persuade them to leave the cult? ...other?
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Have you ever met someone who thought Plato's Republic was a work of fiction and that Socrates was a fictional character?
If so, is this person also a philosophy major?

I'm curious because my friends read me a paper a philosophy major wrote about Plato's Republic under the impression it was fiction. It was very poorly written.
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Have you ever been so tired you can't sleep?

Do you get whiny when you're tired?

Have you read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown? Do you plan on watching the movie? Do you think it'll suck as much as The Da Vinci Code?

Edit: Do you read books more than once?
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What's the name of this newly advertised bone/joint/arthritis medication (it might just be a supplement) that starts with a "V"? I think it has a "s" and/or "c" in there. It has this squishy blue blobby thing that blobbed around in the commercial.
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 If you're on Twitter, who is the coolest person/group/whatever that is following you? 

Mine would be Barry and Stuart, 2Magicians, because their tricks are just amazing and just bamboozling. I am followed by Obama, but he can't put someones phone in a stomach then go through a person to retrieve it, can he?

If you're not, want to post a bragging story of some sort? 


My friend found the Twilight book on the side of the road near my house a couple of weeks ago and gave it to me.

Honestly, should I bother reading it?
Or just give it to the Salvation Army?

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I finally got and started setting up my new Macbook today! :D
Anyways, I was wondering, for those of you that are Mac users: What are some (preferably free, but it doesn't matter too much) programs for OS X that you just can't live without?

shoe help

I bought some shorts the other day, since I have none, only to realize I don't have any sandals to wear them with. I just have sneakers and some Puma flats.

Problem is, I really don't like flip flops. They hurt my feet, specifically the part where the thong hits inbetween my toes. How do people wear them all the time? Maybe I've just worn shitty flip flops.

What kind of sandals do you wear? I feel like a lot of them are overly strappy and ugly these days.

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Why do they put liiiitle white referees out on basketball courts with BIG black...and sometimes white or ~other~ men? Please tell me why?

Did you see how I was trying really hard not to be racist?

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I slept over my friend's place last night. We didn't get to bed till 2am, and he had to get up at 7:30 to catch a train. So I had to get up with him, and now I've come to my studio with the intent of getting work done (which I have a ton of), but I'm wanting more sleep.

However, my place is about a 30 minute subway ride away, and then I have to walk 4 long city blocks. In other words, it's kind of a hassle.

What would you do if you were me? Would you just suck it up, get coffee and stay in studio? Or should I go back home and sleep for an hour or two?
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tl;dr part: last night i stayed over at my boyfriends. this morning he had to go to work for a little bit. him and his brother share a car since they live together and can't afford their own. i was about to go home (in my car) when the bf was going to work. his brother needs the car before my boyfriend will get home. so i let the bf take my car, and i'm stuck at his house.

what do i do for a few hours while i'm at his house? i don't spend a lot of time here so idk if i can really just eat their food and all.

what are you doing today?

dream about anything last night? if so, what?
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We don't have a toaster. (I could go get a cheap-o one at Target, but we don't have room for one.) I really want to get some Eggos.
If I throw Eggos in the microwave, will that be okay or will they be super nasty?

Besides cereal, what other breakfasty foods can I get that don't require use of a toaster? Only rule: can't involve eggs.
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I'm watching the original series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and April O'Neil just found an all night men's clothing store which was right across the street from a store called Jeul VAMPIRES. What the shit is this shit?

Edit: Case closed.

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We are having a TQC beach picnic. Everyone needs to bring something!
What do you bring?
Will you post a picture of yourself at the beach so its more ~*life like*~?

I'm bringing watermelon! I don't have any pictures of me at the beach :(

EDIT: It has occurred to me that some of you are landlocked. You silly landlocked folk can post pictures of you having fun in the sun!


What gets you so incredibly pissed that you can't control yourself?

When you do want to totally lose your shit, how do you cope and keep it from happening? I seem much too angry these days and need some advice. srs/nonsrs, but srs preferred
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Because now I'm thinking about it, what was your favorite old skool Nickelodeon show? As in 1990's era. (Cartoons, gameshows, whatever. Just your favorite).

Mine was Ren & Stimpy.

Can you remember the Stick Stickly theme song word for word without looking it up? Do you even know who Stick Stickly was?
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Dreams and Art

So I have to do an art project where I basically draw/paint/color/whatever a dream. It has to show motion or time change (AKA like comic book style) but I'm doing it all in one panel, so I'm showing the motion because I already have that figured out.

My dreams aren't interesting and we can make them up if we want, but I'm having a creative block. Can you suggest some ideas for a weird/crazy dream (that isn't TOO hard to draw) for me?

If it's easier you can feed off the previous person (like one person says to do something about a cat, then the next says a cat who ran into a tree, the next says something else, etc) Thanks.

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If you knew a guy over thirty and a (mature) nineteen year old were dating would you think there was something wrong with the thirty year old if he wanted to date a nineteen year old?

Do you like Bicycle Race by Queen?  If so/not, do you like/dislike Pinball Wizard by The Who?
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tooth stuff.

it's not one of my two front teeth, but one beside it, that has a cavity in the back. that was discovered in december. two days ago, i thought i had chipped a tooth and a decent sized sliver of tooth came off of that same tooth.

after rigging a mirror so i could see in the back of the top of my mouth, it's apparent that i have a decent sized chip/hole in this tooth. i'm 99% sure it's the cavity breaking apart. i am not in any pain, and nothing has chipped off since then.

tqc, my insurance doesn't kick in until may. should i wait, or should i try to get this fixed asap? has anyone else ever had a cavity start breaking apart on you?

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How do you put on nail polish? How long does yours take to dry? Does nail polish go bad?

I tried for the first time in almost a year, and it didn't work out. I put it on an hour and a half before I had to get ready last night and it wasn't dry yet, and I ruined it. It was still soft this morning even.
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are there any songs that give you goosebumps from listening to them?
are there any that make you feel even a little light-headed?
will you post one?

eta: if music doesn't affect you...well then wtf is wrong with you?!
Hyde & Jacky
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Laundry woes :(

My mom washed my creamish/white hoodie and then hung it on the clothes line to dry. Unfortunately, she secured it with a metal clip and now the hoodie has rust on it. Do you any tricks to get rust off of cotton? Right now it's soaking in a bucket of hot water w/ Tide and Oxi-Clean.

And... if you don't care about my laundry woes, when do you usually start packing for a trip? I'm leaving on Thursday and I'm trying to pack now but I can't seem to finish it :(
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you apply for a job and don't get it. a month later the job is posted again. do you apply again?

i intern for free during the week and people turn me down for weekend and evening jobs because of it. so do i tell them i do nothing all the time? idgi. :(

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ARGH TQC i need your help. i have a night out on Thursday with work peeps and the top im planning on wearing has a low back. now my problem is this, my back is SO FUCKING SPOTTY it is unbelieveable, its like im a teenager again. i need your collective brain to help me fix this.
i've used various face washes for spotty skin over the past couple of weeks, but i have really sensative skin and they arent helping. regular shower gel doesnt do anything. my sister suggested sunbeds but 1. i am claustrophbic and 2. there isnt a tanning salon near me.

i could wear a different top but i am trying to impress a hot guy and this is my 'look how sexy i am' top. there is an option of a shrug or bolero but id rather not wear one coz ill probably roast in the club. got any bright ideas? i need them NOW

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Does your family exchange Easter presents? Or, if you don't like it phrased that way, do you make each other "Easter baskets" with chocolate bunnies and underwear and DVDs?

Is it strange for there to be anything other than candy in Easter baskets?
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Boyfriend is out of town, he dosnt know that I might not be here when he gets back in the next few hours because his phone is out of service and I might leave with another friend to drop of a visiting friend the next county over. Should I wait for the boyfriend or should I keep my friend company on her ride back from dropping our other friend off?

its not like My boyfriend will beat me, but he might be sad and confused that Im not there and I wont be able to call him because my phone will drop service. So I'd feel kinda rude not being here when hes expecting me you know?

EDIT And already TQC has given the answer should have been obvious!
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Awkward pseudo-makeouts.

Have you ever had someone pretty much skip the kissing part altogether and go to some awkward, as Bill O'Reilly would put it, "massaging your boobs"?

If so, and you did not enjoy this, how did you tell the person that it weirded you out? Or that you....kinda like kissing?
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Please help me refrain from doing bodily harm to my housemate, and tell me stories of people you've lived with who you have disagreed with fundamentally.

After I moved in, I was told that the dog that he said would live with us was actually going to be an indoor dog. It is not of a size and demeanor which would make this a good idea. I expressed that I could cope with this, so long as the dog was kept out of my room, and out of the kitchen. A few days ago, I noticed a dinner plate in the backyard, and had a vague sense of foreboding - but figured that maybe it was just this one plate, which never mixed with our actual, human, dinner plates, and decided to be relaxed and mellow and not mention it. When I woke up this morning, I discovered two of our dinner plates on the kitchen floor, with remnants of food scrap on them. When I asked my housemate what the deal was with the plates on the floor, he said casually 'oh, I was just giving my dog some leftovers'. He then picked up the plates and put them on the pile of dirty dishes I was washing.

I refrained from yelling at him, and said 'uh, that's a bit not cool, can we maybe get your dog her own bowl in future?' I like dogs, but I'm not really cool with sharing dinnerplates with them.

How do people not know these basic hygiene things? And why on earth would you impose such grottiness on the people who happen to be so unfortunate as to be sharing accomodation with you? How would you have reacted in my place?

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I loved Colonial House and Frontier House.

Have any of you seen 1900 House, 1940s House, or Manor House?
Are they any good?

Useful info only please. Or I won't be posting here again.
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What things do you confuse for each other that make no sense to confuse for each other, but you do anyway?

I have a difficult time distinguishing between the € and the pound sign (I know, they're totally different from each other), conscience and conscious, content and context and sometimes I confuse the words "yogurt" and "oatmeal". I don't know why. What's wrong with me?
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What were your parents' alternative names they had picked before you were born? Are you glad they picked what they did or would you have rather had one of the other ones?

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1)The highest price you'd pay for soap?

$6 a bar.

2)Do you buy club soda? what do you use it for?

Yes. fake soda by adding it to juice.

3)Any shopping mistakes lately?

My hole punch is a heart shaped one. ;_;

eta: what's too much to do for a pet?

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Is it possible to watch just one episode of House and not become addicted?

Should I go run two miles, do some of the insane amount of homework I have, or sit here and watch more House and eat popcorn?

What are you doing tonight?

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I bought Charles Darwin yesterday at a bookstore. This is awesome, y/y?

Which Little Thinker would you get?

Should I buy the Edgar Allan Poe doll or the Frida Kahlo one next?

I'm disappointed that there's no Telsa doll, although the finger puppet version is pretty cute. If you could have a plush-sized version of your favorite philosopher/writer/scientist/politician/etc., who would you want?

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im watching animal planet's lost tapes, and it just showed the videos taken by a man who was in the rainforest in australia who was stalked and killed by a mysterious animal. in the end it was pretty horrible because the guy looked all sallow and horrible, and it showed him saying goodbye to his wife.

eta-they found his equipment merely 1/4 mile away from a village. he was so clos to getting help! =[

what was the last thing that even remotely freaked you out or scared you?
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Off Gas Stoppers & Bicycle Generators

Has anyone heard of special varnishes designed to prevent out-gassing of toxic fumes. Do they work or are they an eco-hippie scam? See http://www.ecowise.com/index.php?cPath=21_132.

How about bicycle-powered generators? See http://tinyurl.com/2j27tb and http://www.windstreampower.com/Bike_Power_Generator.php. The write-ups make it seem like a few hours of pedal power could generate enough power to run my new trailer.
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I tried to Google this, but I didn't find anything. Are you not allowed to post lyrics on Twitter? I just posted some lyrics I like on my Twitter, and I went back a half hour later and they're gone! WTF?! Anyone know anything about this?
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Pretend you have a friend who has diabetes, and while walking down the hallway they complained about being dizzy, walked a bit like they were drunk, and then passed out.  You are the only person in the hallway.  You open their purse to see if there's anything in there that would help them, and find an insulin pen and needle, a cell phone, a juice box, and a thing in a red box that says Glucagon on the cover.  What do you do?

Googling about this is made of fail.  Are you made of fail?

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What would you do if your guy friend's (who happens to be an old ex) new girlfriend messages you telling you to stop bothering him because it makes her uncomfortable and she doesn't think you have "good intentions"?

Would you be pissed off or understanding about the situation?
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...Is it bad that I want to keep learning today and keep learning about cars? I broke something in one of my cars today ....buy LEARNING. Its a win win situation I think.......
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Google has failed me. Is there some way to respond to a specific comment on Flickr, or do you just add an additional comment?

Someone commented on one of my pictures asking where exactly in Utah it was taken, and I want to tell them. It doesn't seem that there is some way to respond to specific comments though.
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How did you celebrate your last birthday? Do you have plans to celebrate your next birthday? (If y, what are they?)

If you are 21+, how did you celebrate your 21st birthday? (assuming that you live in the US and that 21st birthdays are generally a Big Deal)
Disney: Clopin! <3

Twin Peaks

I'm slowly making my way through watching classic/cult series and the turn has come to Twin Peaks. I know practically nothing about it and imdb tells me that there are two seasons. My question for you is: do I need to watch both of them to get a general grip of the series? Are they both awesome? Is Twin Peaks even awesome by the way? Or did I just imagined this?
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How old were you when you found your first gray hair?
How long did it take before you had a significant amount of gray hairs?
If you're blonde, how are you supposed to know when you're graying?
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Do you drink flavored water of any kind? (Gatorade, Propel, Vitamin Water, Crystal Light, etc)
If so, what flavors do you like?

If all you drink is regular water or if you feel like answering, what is the last thing you said to someone?
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1. Will you tell me about your typical Febreze usage?

2. Do you have special shoes just for work? Pics?

3. If all your coffee was free, how much coffee would you drink at home?

4. What's your favorite Madonna song? What's the most underrated Madonna song?

edit: 5. Why am I so good at crossword puzzles but so bad at Scrabble?
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I just sold my Coachella ticket.

The kid was really hot and met me at my house to purchase the ticket. I lost all of my common sense and handed him the ticket without him giving me the money first. I giggled like a school girl and said "Oh, I guess I should get the money hehe hehe." He handed me the money and I turned around and walked away (without counting the money). Fortunately it was the right amount.

I kind of hate myself right now.

When was the last time that you were disarmed by someone's good looks and totally acted like a moron?
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1. do you ever get a feeling of anxiety or dread on sundays over the upcoming week? if yes, does this happen every sunday?

2. how are you feeling today?

3. what are you up to right now (apart form TQC-ing)?
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My house was landscaped terribly by the previous owners. I'm taking almost everything out (except for the grass).

What should I plant with mass amounts of space? I hate shrubs, and love things with flowers. Bonus points for pics and any info about shade/sun needed, blooming schedule, etc. :) And, nothing illegal, please. :D

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I was in Forever 21 today and I fell in love with a song that was playing in the store. It was a slow song with a female vocalist and piano. It was about being separated from the person you love and the only lyric I remember was "I feel the closest when we're divided". I tried searching for it on google but no luck. This might be a long-shot, but can anyone help me figure out what song it is?

Moviemaker Problems

I'm trying to import videos into movie maker. I tested them from the camera I shot them on, but since I borowed the camera from my school I don't have the camera anymore. I've already tried converting them from mpeg files to .avi files using rad video tools. The conversion worked but all the files are missing the video information, but the audio is fine. I encountered the following error when I tried importing the mpeg video files into MM2. I've already tried resetting things to default, rebooting the computer, restarting MM2, and resetting all the settings to default.

These videos are important they're from a wedding, so do any of you know how I can get them to work?

\M2U02159.MPG could not be imported. An interface has too many methods to fire events from
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gucci: fake?

There's a Gucci bag at the Goodwill. I know it's probably a fake, but how do you tell for sure? (I don't want to buy it if it's not real, and I want to resell it if it is.)
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Hey thequestionclub, I have a fairly long mohawk. I have terrible dried and dead split ends, and want to trim about an inch off of my mohawk. How can I do this effectively without ruining my haircut and without the help of another person? I have plenty of mirrors.
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Anybody here go to McGill?

What was your entrance average and which program did you enter?

My average is 84 at its best...do I have a chance to get into the general arts program??
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Imagine you are in a fast food restaurant. What would you prefer the employees to look like? Do certain uniforms turn you off? Does the way the employees dress even matter to you? What do you think would be the best dress code for a fast food employee?
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Salud, TQC

If you could do anything, what would you do? In other words, what is your favorite (non-sexual) fantasy?

I would build a spaceship and fly away. And I'd have adventures a la Ole Doc Methuselah and discover telepathic fungal life forms and infiltrate the Masters' city of gold and shoot a laser blaster at anything that moved. It would be friggin' SWEET.
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My roommate's not home tonight and nothing freaks me out more than sleeping alone in my apartment. I don't have anyone to come over and spend the night, either! What should I do to keep from being scared?

i don't really have money for hookers and blow :(

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Have you ever been fired for something doing wrong when you didn't do it all?
Have you ever been falsely accused by your manager that you stole something even though it's clearly evident you didn't? Did you keep your job? Get back at your manager? Or just forget aobut it?

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Girls (or dudes to whom this applies), when you are wearing a skirt and have to go to the bathroom, do you undo the skirt and slide it down or do you just hike it up?

I hike it up, even if it's long. It just seems more efficient that way!
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do any of you ladies have your clit hoods pierced? if so, what would you rate the pain on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most painful?

for everyone else/everyone who doesn't care, what kinds of crimes do you think warrant the death penalty?
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Hey guys,

Do you know how long it takes to drive from Vancouver, BC, Canada to Minneapolis, Minnesota? Tried Google and couldn't find anything concrete, just links to blogs that all gave different info.

For future reference, is there a credible website out there where you can punch in two cities and find out how long it'll take to drive between them?

Answered. Thanks!
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When's the last time sex ended awkwardly for you?

3 nights ago I poked his eye out with my nail, he ran away (almost) crying, his eye has been oozing ever since and I have been cut off the lovins.

Arcade Machine.

I need help on this one.
I am about to spend  $150.00 on a 1990 arcade/skill machine. The guy states he has all the keys and everything works - even the quarter slots....

Should I do it?

It will be a basement toy....and I'll have my bro go get it in a pickup truck.  I think I can upgrade the software on it too (I feel good about that)

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Mystery Song

On my college radio station a while back, there was a metal song played that I really enjoyed. Upon looking on the station's site for the title and artist, I found the song was called "Vernacula" by Spanish Market.
Now, I went to look up this artist/song and found nothing on google, wikipedia, or youtube.

My questions to you: Have you heard of them? Do you think they mis-named the song on the site? If so, any idea what to look for?
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So, what is your porno name? (first pet + street you grew up on)

I'm going on a 10 hour car trip. I've never traveled more than 4 hours by car at one time. How can I not go crazy?

What is the best thing to do in South Carolina or on the way to South Carolina (coming from New York?)

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Do you have any books/films/music/food/etc you don't like or can't watch/listen to/etc because you connect it with a relationship which went bad? What is it?

Why do all my friends have relationship issues all at once? Are they catching?

I'm going to be getting really drunk at a friends party next Friday (everyone there will be doing the same thing: we're students and it's the end of assessment week) I want to be drunk, but I don't want to pass out early or anything like that. What should I drink? Cocktail recipies are especially encouraged.

Names Names Names

What are the strangest names/middle names you've encountered?

My friend's little brother's middle name is Sherwood Forest. He's 16 and tries VALIANTLY to make sure his friends don't find out. Also, I was a camp counsellor this summer and one of the little girls was called Precious Princess and her mother's name was Cinderella.
anontang DA

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TQC, what do you think of online classes? If you've taken them, what are the pros and cons as opposed to a classroom setting? Most of the classes I need to take in the summer are only offered online, and I've never taken one before so I don't know what to expect.

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What's the last thing you ate? Drank?
What's the next thing you will eat? Drink?

Last thing I ate was scrambled eggs & sausage, drank water.
Next thing will be a slice or two of toast with chocolate cappuccino spread from World Market. om nom nom. and water, or maybe I'll make some peppermint tea.

What's on tomorrow's agenda?

Waking up early, finishing up a powerpoint/presentation for my French class (on les fromages français, OM NOM NOM) and studying for a macroecon exam, both of which are on Tuesday.

(no subject)

1) Do you taste a difference between tap water and bottled water? Do you drink bottled strictly? What's your favorite brand?

2) How far can you get on this game? Do you think it was designed to be ridiculously impossible, so that we could all just laugh a lot when he falls and breaks limbs?

1) Yes, but I don't drink strictly bottled water. I like Fiji and Smartwater but usually end up drinking Poland Springs because it's less expensive.

2) The farthest I've gotten is 8m by pure luck, my boyfriend SOMEHOW got like 19, and I've seen videos of people beating the entire thing, but I can't freaking do it. It's so frustrating.
hurley IDGI


Intel or AMD?

When you download upgrades to a program do you uninstall the old version? For example you download microsoft .NET framework 2.0, would you remove 1.1?
Kill Bill - Elle
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My room is a fucking disaster. It isn't that it's messy, it's that I have a bunch of shit and nowhere to put it, plus my MILD hording tendencies. I have clothes and..towels?, linens, sheets, fabric things shoved in my closet that are spilling out and d;kfgndnfg it's horrid. My goal this week is to organize and clean everything.

How are you tonight/this morning?