April 4th, 2009

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TQC, will you validate me by describing your weird anxious/neurotic habits/twisted logic?

For instance, I should not be awake right now, but the idea of trying to fall asleep and not being able to makes me so anxious that I tend to keep myself awake until I'm passing out instead of just trying to sleep when I need to.

I don't like ice cream anymore (I think it happened after I got mono? idk) but I used to get so anxious about eating too much ice cream that I would eat it all in one or two sittings just so I didn't have to worry about eating it anymore.

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I just found out that I'm going to be receiving a bursary during graduation. I'm not suppose to know but a classmate overheard the teacher talking about it.

What is the difference between a scholarship and a bursary? Is it just that one is big and one is small?

Also, it doesn't have to go right towards school bills does it? It can go towards like supplies and money during school, correct?

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I'm sorry if this post is jumbled or doesn't quite make sense, I'm drunk.

If someone in a band asks if you'd like to be put on their 'guest list' for a show, what does this mean?
Am I just dumb? The dude from a popular band I like just asked if I wanted to be on their guest list, and to let him know before 11am. He also said it would be for me and a friend - except I can't find a single person to go to the show with me so I'm flying solo. I have horrible social anxiety. Bah.
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Cereal and hauntings

1. Have you read The Caver and if yes, did you enjoy it?

1a. There is a story that reminds me of The Caver. It was called the something house. I think that word starts with a D. Any clue what I am looking for?

1b. Do you know of any scaryish stories like those? I know I read one about a secret lake too. These things are more fun than creepypasta.

2. What happened to all the cool cereal commercials? I remember Cookie Crisp and Pebbles and Lucky Charms all the time and now they are all gone. :(

2a. What was/is your favorite cereal commercial?
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My grade school unofficial class reunion was tonight and frankly, I was a little bored at many times. They're thinking of making it like a once a month thing. What can I do to make things more tolerable for next time? Bring a date?

Help me, Obi Wan, you're my only hope (at 3am)

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I'm assuming most of you have caught mention of the shooting rampage in Binghamton, NY. I spent the first 15 years of my life living next to the American Civic Association here (I now live several blocks away, but my father and brother are still in our original home). Today was my first time seeing a SWAT team in action. FOX, MSNBC, CNN.. everyone is here.

What are your thoughts on this event?
Has anything tragic ever hit too close to home for you?
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Does anyone remember the Girl Scout (I'm almost positive) cookies that were like two shortbread cookies with lemon creme between them, and a raspberry filling in the hole at the top with sugar on it? I'm been googling with every combination imaginable to figure it out, and apparently Girl Scouts will break your kneecaps if you post a list of the old girl scout cookie varieties anywhere.

They were my favorite and it's like they never existed.

ETA: Kind of look like these http://www.supremecheesecakes.com/images/31030P.jpg

ETA2: I think they are a GS cookie because that's what I remember them as and the 2 other posts I found referencing the cookies say they were a GS cookie.


http://saltandchocolategirl.blogspot.com/2009/02/questions_18.html (interesting cookie recipe there too)

Which one?

TQC, I need you to be the tie-breaker!

The husband and I are in the market for a new grill. Unfortunately, we can't agree.

I prefer charcoal.
The husband prefers gas.

We're going to let you make the decision for us.

So TQC, what'll it be?

Gas or Charcoal?
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i dont get it

Why do people always try for something that will end horribly. for example your in a relationship and you know it will most likely end with you getting hurt. most people i know still try to make it better. why?

i just cut my losses and i dont understand why people do that please help me to understand

Thank You
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TQCers with cats...
Do your cats scratch the sides of their litterboxes for 5 minutes when they're done using them? My kitten has taken to doing this and I don't understand why. She's not digging, just scratching at the sides.

Should cats be indoors or outdoors?
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I've decided to move to Arizona next year. I need to decide which city, though. My brother lives in Tucson. My parents might move there eventually. My mom likes Prescott. Personally I think that might be a little too small for me.

What is a nice, affordable city in Arizona that has generally good weather?

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How drunk did you get last night?

I got pretty wasted. Not as wasted as my best friend, who passed out before midnight, and then woke up and tried to get in the elevator to go home, but we were in her room in the first place.

Do you have any fun/funny/scary stories about your drunken shenanigans that you'd like to share?

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are you an extrovert or an introvert?

How does one go about being sociable?

i used to be so shy , kind of cautious but i usually open up to people. my boyfriend is like my best friend of three years and i dont really know anything different..
it seems that i don't really have any friends and i dont really know how to make friends.
i kind of cut all my friends out of my life and i really want to have girlfriends and such to hangout with and stuff like that.
like even at my job, im a waitress, and it involves talking to many different people, i would like to know more about my regulars and more about the people i work with! but im just too scared..

i just get so scared and i dont want to like.. put myself out there.
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I am an officer in my college's honors society, and I have been asked to give the before-dinner invocation at our dinner banquet. While I don't have a copy of last year's speech, I do know that it somehow managed to involve a few repetitions of the word "God," which I am not really all that comfortable with. How do I deliver an invocation without making it blatantly religious? I know I just need to thank everyone for being together and say thanks for the food and such, but I don't know how to do it without a religious context. Anyone have any ideas?
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Ok, so I'm seeing this guy, we've been out three times and we text each other for hours on end. So far, I really really like him. I'm completely comfortable around him. We came up with our own slang word. He's way cuddly with me and incredibly affectionate. I spent the night at his place last night but nothing serious and/or naked happened. We blazed, cuddled and watched movies. I really really like him and can see myself being in a committed relationship with him. I'm 22, and he's 24. This is the first time in a long time dating has gone extremely well for me, so I am a bit rusty. So, my question is, when is a good time to ask if he's interested in pursuing anything serious?
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does anyone here have any idea how much colored contacts for people with astigmatism cost, roughly?

if you wear them, why did you decide to do so?

i'm considering going green.  i hate my eyes.  bleh.  besides, i need contacts anywayyyy, so i figured, why not go for colors?

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Do you hate Impulse / I -want- that-new -toy buying as much as I do? ?? ??  (Window shopping counts too) 

Im better than 2 years ago to this date with my money.
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Help me, Doctor LJ, you're my only hope!

Guys, I have had a fever off and on since Tuesday night, in addition to a sore throat and a yucky, chesty cough. I thought I was over it on Friday, so I went to my classes (I stayed home on Wedneday and Thursday) and felt fine. I woke up this morning feeling once again like I'd had my ocular nerves tightened so my eyeballs hurt when I move them and as if I'd been kicked in the throat by a horse. Still coughing and headachey, and though I don't have a fever right now, I feel pretty iffy. I can't get to the health center until Monday morning, or else I'd have already been.

TQC, is there anything I can do to make myself feel not-so-deathly? I've been taking Advil during the days and a cough syrup with codeine in it at night, and they're not helping all that much...


Does anyone have a Samsung Rant or an LG Lotus phone? What are your opinions on them?

If you don't have either of those types of phones, which one do you have? What do you think about the phone you own?

**I have a Palm Centro and I am not a big fan of it right now.

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Is there any way to forward calls from my cellphone to my housephone with my cell being dead? I tried googling it but the only answers I got require me to use my cell to do the forwarding.

My service provider is Rogers if it matters.


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If you have decided on a career what ultimately helped you decide what you want to do?

What, if anything, had the biggest influence on your decision?

If you haven't decided on a career what are you doing to help make your decision?

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What are you excited about?!

I'm excited to make dinner tonight - lime-glazed tilapia with coconut-lime rice and black beans. OM NOM NOM

I'm also super excited because my bff, who is currently studying in Germany since last August, is applying for an internship in the city I live in! YAAAAAYYYYYY :)

And I'm also ALSO excited because I'm getting a car next weekend!! But not so excited to have to drive it 14 hours from NJ back to GA all by myself. :'C
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Sup TQC. I just had a lulzy text exchange with my best friend that ended like this:

Her: I wish you were a guy so I could kick you in the balls.
Me: I love you too sunshine ♥

And I was much amused.

What made you smile/put you in a good mood today, TQC?

Is it as nice a day by you as it is by me?
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I won a large box of MAC makeup. I only ever wear cheap $3 Wal-mart mascara and that is it. Should I sell it all or keep it and try a ~new look~?

Also. I bought waterproof mascara and the fucker has attacked my eyelashes. I am not good with makeup at all. How the fuck do you remove waterproof mascara? My Neutrogena remover and Vitamin B cold cream do not work.
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Guys, it's my spring break and I am sick and because of this I am being ridiculously lazy. I have sat here for two hours telling myself that I'd go put pants on so I could walk the twenty steps from my front door to my car XD
Should I just go put my pants on?

What have you laughed at yourself for today?
Do you laugh often?


Are there any good, reliable sites where I can host a bunch of files for free (probably all Word files but possibly Excel, PowerPoint or Web documents)? 

I have a lot that I've saved to my college's server over the years, and I need somewhere to put them before I graduate and lose access to them. Also, I'd rather not save them all to my personal computer because it would slow it down.

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If you were in a long-term relationship with an SO who ended up having a traumatic brain injury that caused a change in personality (belligerence & anger) and other medical problems, would you stick with your SO or leave them?

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I know you hate homework questions, but I'm only asking for ideas, not answers!

I have to find a research paper topic based on design/print and the fine city of Baltimore and I'm having trouble coming up with anything. Any ideas?
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IMDB follies

Go on to IMDB, and search your favorite actor. What is a movie that suprised you that they were in? What is the worst movie they were in? Are they working on an upcoming movie, and if so, what movie?

Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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Guys, I just got a new haircut, and I'm afraid it's a bit...boyish. I've been mistaken for a boy years ago, and it's not something I want to repeat!

In order to avoid this, got any tips to girlie it up a bit? Pics appreciated!

Sorry guys, I'm lame. Text cuts and HTML hate me today.
Pic 1 and2.

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Some Spanish-speaking guy came to my door when I didn't have pants on and told him that I couldn't open the door at the moment. I have no idea what he said in response because ich spreche Deutsch, nicht Spanisch. Fucker stole my newspaper! How should I exact revenge on someone I will likely never meet again?

Will you fill in the blanks?
__________, you are as wonderful to me as __________

nom nom

How much time do you get for your lunch break? How many hours a day do you work?

What do you usually get to eat?

I work 8hrs a day and I get a 15min lunch, which I eat in the stock room because we're a bakery/market and I can just get myself a panini. We get free shift sandwiches.
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I'm finding when I want to pay for something with Paypal I have to wait 3-5 days for the funds to transfer from my debit credit card then into Paypal, but a co-worker advised me last week money transfers into her paypal straight away. How can I can change the options, so I don't have to wait days?

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 Are you painting easter eggs this year?

Do you hide easter eggs or have them hidden for you to find? 

If you were given an easter bunny pinata, would you be scarred at having to kill the easter bunny to get candy?

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Yesterday, I was walking around campus and talking on the phone when slipped and fell down several stairs, skinning my knee for the first time in about ten years.

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TQC, what is something that you have recently done for the first time in a long time?

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I'm taking an intro geology course solely to fulfill a science requirement.

I have absolutely no interest in the course, so it will take a lot of motivation to study for the midterm I have soon.

The class seems to be based purely on memorization of details. When it comes to studying for exams that test your memorization skills, how do you go about doing it? Flashcards?

uggggh of course

 Apparently I got a stain on my white skirt last night (sweet chili chicken wing sauce) and it's been sitting here until now. Has it set forever? What's your favorite way of getting out oily stains?

Did you guys have a good Friday night?

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Because of the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2009, I lost all of my iTunes playlists. What new playlists should I make?

I just got an iPhone, and I have no idea what music to put on it since I already have an iPod. What music, if any, should I put on it?
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I found a basket of circular fabric things in the spare room. My mom and my grandma made them. My dad said he thinks they were going to make a bedspread or something similar out of them.

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Is there anything else I could make with them? I don't really have any skills =[
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What does it mean when you're lying all night in bed with a guy and you have your pants off and he's in his boxers and he DOESNT EVEN MAKE A MOVE, save kissing you sloppily twice. Does it mean he is respecting you b/c you said you wouldn't have sex with him (but weren't opposed to fooling around)? or does it mean he's totally not interested?

I'm so confused, help me out TQC!
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I made a ganache earlier today, but the cupcakes I was going to dip into the ganache were taking way longer than I expected they would, so I put the ganache in the fridge. But now it's all thick and hard to stir and such. Does anyone know if I can reheat the ganache in a double boiler kind of situation and have the ganache still be good?
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I have two cats and one small dog (none have ever traveled before, much less day+ long sessions). I'll (hopefully) be moving next month across the US.

I was looking into train travel, but it doesn't look like pets are allowed on trains? Is flying with them my best option? Are there any less stressful but safe ways to transport pets long distances? Anyone have any tips to make it easy on them?
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Can this be true?
Can this be real?
How do I put into words what I feel?

Is it hard to keep in touch with friends out of state? What is the best way to keep in touch?

My best friend is moving away and told me he wants me to have someone to confide in and take care of me when he is not here. What do I make of this TQC? (Basically, he has been my rock these past few months while I was dealing with my sister being sick, losing my job, family problems etc.)

If none of this interests you, what kind of Chinese food should I get tomorrow?

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TQC, it is impossible to take a picture of my puppy (read: 3.5 year old dog) but he is a Woodle (West Highland Terrier/Poodle mix) and looks like this:
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What should I name him?

Note: His name upon adoption was "Kermit" (Obvs, it has to be changed)he does not seem particularly attached to it
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Picky Eater?

How do those with families deal with picky eaters? Specifically when they're 40?

I can't leave the cooking to him, because I have some severe allergies, worst of all, pepper. Guess what the only thing he seasons with is? He won't let me use anything that resembles "leaves" (oregano, rosemary, basil, bay, sage), and god forbid I try to cook anything that doesn't come from a box.

I made duck for Christmas, and used the leftovers for a soup, and I heard nothing but grief until I went down to Smith's and bought some canned ravioli. *sigh*

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Is it weird to you if someone uses the same cup/glass for a week or two at a time if the only thing that person drinks is water?

What should I do until I fall asleep - listen to iPod and do word searches, or watch a movie on Netflix?
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Don't you hate when you're reading the obits and you see a picture of some young-looking thing in their 20s or 30s or thereabouts and then you look and the person in question was actually 80-90 when they died?

Do you read the obituaries?

Hell, do you even read the paper anymore, or do you just get all your news online?
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Question for people with newer iPods:

What are your overall thoughts? Is the sound okay? What about the video? What are some drawbacks?

My old iPod is dying slowly and I'm looking to invest in one of the newer ones, but I want to make sure they're worth the slightly higher price tag.

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will you share a hilarious youtube video?

should i go outside and smoke this bowl (its cold!) or should i just smoke it inside and let it out my window that is facing the parking lot? i want to just smoke in here but im paranoid about the fact that the parking area is right there.

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how often would you expect to spend quality time with your significant other if you lived a 15-minute walk away from each other and shared the same group of friends? assume that neither of you are especially busy.

i'll define "quality time" as the two of you hanging out alone for at least 30 minutes. hanging out with all of your other friends doesn't count.
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TQC, whatchu sippin' on tonight?

What is the last sound you heard?

When you set your alarm (be it on your phone, or a more traditional alarm), do you wake up to the radio, or to beeps, or something else? (plz specify in comments) do you wake up right away, or sleep through it for a while?

I sleep through it. Should I be worried about sleeping through the smoke/CO2/burglar alarm?

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TQC, I hate my PT Cruiser.

Let's just say it was a massive miscommunication between the husband and I (I thought he wanted it, he thought I wanted it).

I mean, it's okay, but eh.

What do you think the chances are I can convince my uncle who is a car dealer (and has been for many many many many years) to take it as a trade in, pay it off, and hook me up with something new?

A few months ago he took my sister's wrecked Chevy Cavalier as a trade in, paid it off, then turned around and sold it to my grandpa for $1...granted my payout is waayyy more (I've only had it for a year and it was brand new when we bought it. It only has 12k miles on it).

Is anyone getting a DSi tomorrow?

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I work at a pizza place, so I brought home a large mushroom pizza for my family. My mother is out, and my father is asleep. In the ten minutes I've been home, my brother has eaten seven of the eight slices by himself.

On a scale of one to ten (one low, ten high), how much of a pig is my little brother?


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Let's go on a date. I'm paying for everything. There is no limit on how much I'll spend because I want everything to be pefect. What should we do?

If you don't want to date me, you're taken, or you don't care, do you like soy nuts? How about cherry limeade?
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I'm thinking of a word...

Agh. There's a word that was used way back before houses had internal plumbing, and people had to empty their chamber pots out windows. It was a G word that they yelled (kinda like "fore!" in golf) to warn people that shit was headed their way. I can't remember the word for the life of me. Any ideas?
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What stupid and/or clumsy thing have you done lately?

Being the graceful swan that I am, I managed to trip over a cat today and hit my head on a cabinet door that another cat had left open while exploring. I'm now the lovely owner of a decent sized gash in my forehead and a possibly concussion.

TQC, do you think I have a concussion? In your (not so)expert opinion, what treatment would you recommend for my concussion or lack thereof?

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TQC, I have to write an essay, and unlike every other essay I've written in my life I cannot just make things up and then find likely looking citations at the end of it.

How can I motivate myself to write this stupid thing? I've written 100 words out of 1500. It's not even long, just frustrating. :(

Srs and non-srs answers pls.
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Are you a messy person? Do you have any pictures of your messy bedroom/table/wardrobe/house/bathroom for us to look at? Pictures of them messy and then tidied up would be nice.

If not, how messy are you? Do you have banana peels and pizza from 3 nights ago on your bedroom floor/carpet?
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1.today i received an email asking if i was on a dating site, the email had a link to the site and i clicked it and i was on there with my old myspace picture and quote. i never signed up for any dating site so wtf? how do i get it off?

2.how often do you go on tqc? why?