April 3rd, 2009

Self cleaning

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Poll #1377241 We are living in a material world

Which of the following do you enjoy the most?

New office and/or school supplies
New kitchen gadgets
New electronic devices
New clothes
Other (explain in comments)
None of the above. I am above worldly possessions.

Out of the general category you chose, what one item would you most like to have right now? (If cost were not a factor)

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Why did you last lol irl?

My bf is playing Left 4 Dead and is on his mic with his teammates... he just screamed, "I LOST HARD-ON!"

Hard-on, apparently, is one of his teammates' handles (LOL... HARD-ON... HANDLE...). I, apparently, am 12 years old.

ETA: He just now screamed, "HARD-ON! POUNCE HIS ASS!!!"

brb dying
This is so ridiculous.

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When a telemarketer calls you, how do you handle the call? Are you civilized, or do you start screaming obscenities right from the get-go?

BECAUSE REMEMBER: we're people too. :( We also have your home address and phone number.
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Dear Dr. TQC,

I've been on google trying to figure out how long someone should wait to eat after vomiting. I've found sources saying to wait anywhere from an hour to three days to eat solid foods again. What say you, TQC? How long should someone wait to eat after puking?

What words can you think of that mean vomit?
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Suppose you're single and have met someone who you're very interested in getting to know better and possibly date. This person is someone who you really connect with, has similar interests to you, and in general you get along great. You then find out that this person talks to their ex on a fairly regular basis. How would you react?

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Today, I emailed a girl who works at my school's printing department to set up an appointment to come in and have something large printed. I tell her via email the logistics of what I need to get printed. She responds. Everything is fine. A few sentences into the email, she says: "Sense you are needing a print in this size..."

I just assume that it was a typo, until I read another sentence: Please try to come in before 5, sense I need to leave by 5:15.

And this girl is a master's student at an Ivy league school. She is a white American, born and raised in New York State, so English is her first language.

What are grammar and/or spelling mistakes you've seen that have appalled you? I'm mainly interested in hearing about ones that are made by people whose so-called native languages are English.
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My edition of Watchmen has two chapter twos and no chapter one. I would like to return it, but unfortunately it is no longer particularly 'new': due to my idiocy I only noticed this defect a couple of weeks ago. I can't get a refund from Amazon. I am stingy and I don't want to pay for a new one. Will anyone on ebay want my defective copy? Should I just grit my teeth and buy a new book? Do something interesting and creative with my useless copy?

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Did you ever do a science plant project in school? What was it?

We get to design our own! I won't ask what I should do because that might be considered a homework question, haha.
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My econ professor tells us everything that will be on the exam the class before the exam. The problem is he says it super fast and won't repeat anything. So he said something that sounded like "O'Coons Law" However that is not in my book or on google. What could he have said?

Edit: It's Okun's Law. Thank you soupcan!
Self cleaning

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Are you currently reading a book? If so what is it? Is it something you would recommend?

When you want to read a new book, are you more likely to purchase the book or go to the library? Why? If you tend to purchase your books, do you wait for the books to come out in paperback, always buy hardcover, or does it depend on the book?



convo from omegle.

Stranger: do you think
Stranger: it is ok for a girl to have abs?
Stranger: hello?

Stranger: cuz yesterday
Stranger: i was swimming
Stranger: and as i got out, i heard someone say to her friend, "look, her stomach is manly"
Stranger: she meant me i think
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What is your favorite Kevin Smith movie?

Chasing Amy
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Jersey Girl
Clerks II
All of them.
None of them.
I can't stand that guy

What is your favorite Mel Brooks movie?

The Producers (original)
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein
Silent Movie
High Anxiety
History of the World: Part 1
Life Stinks
Robin Hood: Men in tights
The Prodcuers (Remake)
All of these
None of these
I don't care for Mel Brooks.
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TQC, is the name of a meal based on the time of day it is eaten, or the order in which it is consumed?

For instance, are the delicious chicken strips I am currently eating breakfast or dinner, given that it is 8:03am and I have been awake since 6:30pm yesterday? I have already eaten one meal and a snack before now.

Sonic 2

gas prices q

Make your predictions today!

What do you think the U.S. national average price for a gallon of gasoline will be on July 1, 2009?

On a slight separate note...

Do you think gas prices are still too high given the state of the economy at the moment?

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TQC, why would you wear designer sunglasses to the gym?
It was nighttime. The lighting isn't bright/glaring in there either. I thought perhaps she had had eye surgery, but I thought it would be strange that the first thing she would want to do is workout.
Mitty box

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What should I do with my day?

Dishes/clean kitchen
Play Peggle on Xbox
Play Rock Band on Xbox
Play Viva Pinata - Trouble in Paradise on Xbox
Go outside with my kid (difficulty: 40mph wind gusts, lots of mud)
Play WoW before it runs out
Finish New Moon
Bake cookies
Watch the ER series finale/Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice
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The girl who sits next to you in your history class has a handbag that you really like. It's kind of on the expensive side. You buy it. Do you use it during that class, or would that be weird?

Edit: I'm actually the other girl. I've been using the same handbag pretty much everyday this semester. Then I noticed the girl sitting next to me had it too. I said "oh we have the same bag!" and she said something about how she had been looking at mine every week and then went and bought it.

I couldn't decide if it was kind of weird or not. A lot of times I think something is weird and TQC informs me that I'm terribly mistaken.

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SO...the oldest daughter is visiting college.
The wife and I are talking Financial Aid and loans.
During the loan discussion she asks (with a straight face):"So how can she pay back the loans after college? "

Tee Kew Cee....how WILL she pay back these loans after college?????

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TQC, I have terrible terrible knees (as in 4 surgeries on them), get heartburn regularly, and have just found out I have a hernia that needs surgery. I'm female and two weeks away from turning 21.

What's wrong with me? Am I turning into an old man?

Have you ever had a hernia?

What was your last surgery?

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What's do you think is the best album title (in existence, not one you make up)? And by title, I mean the name, album contents are irrelevant.

I can't get 'Electric Ladyland' out of my head, it just keeps rolling around in there.

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So, you've just returned home from a long day at work and you're putting the key into your door, and your neighbor starts chatting you up. Thing is, you're prairie-dogging. Desperately so.

How do you politely excuse yourself so you can go running for the porcelain throne?

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TQC, have you seen my homework? I think I lost it and I have school soon :((( NVM I'M A DUMBASS. it was under a pile of junk papers.

my friend has the Gorton's fisherman sign and he's willing to make a trade for it.
what should I trade him?

if you don't care: when was the last time you laughed at your own misfortune?
do you do this often? is it more of a giggle, a chuckle or a full-blown HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA?
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borderline tl;dr

TQC, we got a notice from apartment management yesterday saying we had to pay a $50 fee because they found a cigarette butt outside our door.

I checked outside, and yes, there's a cigarette butt... but it's honestly closer to the neighbor's door and it's just about right under the stair going up to the upstairs neighbors, who smoke all the time on the stairs. I do not smoke, and neither do my roommates. I took the note up to the office and told them this and they said they'd look into it.

What do you think will happen? Will they drop the fine? Will they charge the upstairs neighbors even though the butt was downstairs and tbh there's really no way to prove it's theirs?

Will you tell me some insane/stupid/etc sort of stories about your living space?

dog potatoes

my dog peed on a bag of potatoes. about 7 potatoes got pee on it so i rinsed them peeled them and now im boiling them.

will they be safe to eat? would you eat these?

what would you do in this situation

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okayy;so me & this kid dated for a long period of time
we broke up on newyears
and then the whole
"i still love you" phase ended around valentines day

hes made it very clear he doesnt want to be with me
let alone talk to me 60% of the time
(when hes with his friend james)
because james and i dont get along very well.
but when he does talk to me
its normaly short and simple
but everyonce in a while he'll message me and start a conversation that could go on for a while
but then he gets angry at something small ill say and
stop talking to me completly.

I dont plan on getting back with him ,ever.

but whenever im anywhere near him
one of my friends will see him staring at me
and when i turn around he turns his head really quickly.
Normaly i avoid making any eye contact with him because
hes not that great of a person to any of his exs
and i dont put up with back&forth stuff.

so why,even though hes made it clear he doesnt want to be friends
let alone anything else
and he wont even talk to me
why does he stare at me constantly ?
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My roommate stepped in dog shit yesterday. He used the bathtub to clean it off. When I went to shower last night there was still dog shit and shoe dirt in the tub.

What horrible things does my roommate deserve to have done to him for not cleaning that up?

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Have you ever been openly insulted?
What happened?

I was on a date and we were driving to the movies. The guy looked at me and said, "Can you move your head? It's too big to see around the corner." D:

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I know this guy through a friend. He lives an hour away and he's pretty cute but I'm not interested in him romantically. I think if we slept together it wouldn't be too awkward after the fact since we only see each other every month or so.

Should I hit it or what?

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For those with a thermostat, what temperature do you like to keep it in the house?
What's more important to you... Your power bill, or your general comfort? I know having money contributes to being comfortable but you know what I mean :)
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I'm supposed to be doing an essay on Alexander the Great that's due today but the awesomeness of TQC is preventing me from doing so.
Can someone write my essay for me?

What are you supposed to be doing right now? Are you procrastinating, like me? Or are you focussed and driven and one of those annoying people who have time-management skills?
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Quick TQC! The maintenance man is coming in and out of my apartment to fix my window, but I must leave for work in 5 minutes. He's clearly not done working, but I don't know if he has a key to lock my apartment up when I leave. What do I do?!

ETA: I can't ask him if he has a key because he is gone getting something or other. I have to leave in 2 minutes. I think maybe I will just leave and leave him a note giving him permission to enter.
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what things can you see in the room you are in?

music device
dvd of save the last dance
item of clothing
chandelier (get you!)
something round
question mark floating in the air
board game

do you like playing fun games?

only non fun games for me
only on a wednesday
i have never had this opportunity

is making similar answers to a poll question when you can only select one answer naughty?

kind of
a bit
lets all click no
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Do you have any secrets which, if discovered, would turn your whole world upside down in a very bad way?

If you answer is YES, then i also have this question; Is that secret something that you continue to do despite knowing its wrong?
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I ordered a lunchbox from Ichibankan and UPS says it's out for delivery now! Yay! But it's not here yet. Boo! And I go to work at 6. DOUBLE BOO.

When do you think my lunchbox will get here? Do you think it will get here in time for me to pack food for work?

Do you get super excited when a package is coming for you? What was the last package you got?

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For my boyfriends birthday I am planning to get a group of his friends and kidnap him and take him to a theme park for the day.
It's about an hours drive away. At what point should I reveal the location?
Any other tips/plans for a surprise birthday daytrip?

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what's the last movie you re-watched that made you go "oh yeah!! this IS really good!" ?

what's the last movie you re-watched that made you go "wtf, i don't remember this being so weak" ?
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It was a slow day at work today, so we somehow ended up talking about our work-related dreams. I usually have nightmares about trying and failing to do a million things at once, but for oddity my manager takes the cake -- he once dreamed he was chasing our toaster down the highway. On foot.

What's the weirdest work-related dream you've had?

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Crap. Does anyone know of the website where you can input where you live and how much childcare experience you have and it will tell you the average hourly rate for babysitters/childcare in your area?

(I'm looking on Craigslist for ideas regarding how much to ask for, but the only ad I've looked at that's specified a rate has said $3.50/hour and that is NOT going to work.)

ETA: If you have no idea, what are the going hourly rates where you live?
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I'm having an IMPOSSIBLE time making myself study for this really important exam I have coming up in a few weeks. It's expensive and I need to pass. How do I make myself study? TIPS?

Have you had to take any exams for your profession? How many? Were they hard?

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Favourite Food Network show?

If you don't watch the Food Network/don't get it, what is your favourite channel on TV?

Don't watch TV? What is your favourite chip?


Barefoot Contessa, Ace of Cakes, Food Network Challenge, Good Eats, Unwrapped

USA, National Geographic, Discovery Health, Spike

Pringles Sour Cream & Onion
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I just got into a study abroad program in Costa Rica so...

1) (A) Have you or anyone you know ever been to Costa Rica? If so what do you/they think of it?
(B) Any advice on what airlines to use to get there, or what airlines to avoid? I've been reading about TACA and everything is either "great" or "outrageously terrible."
(C) Anything else you think I should know?

Or if you don't know anything and/or care about Costa Rica or Latin America...

2. What was the last totally awesome thing that happened to you?

webcam websites/progams?


I was using Stumbleupon some time ago and I came upon a website that has fun "lens" manipulations and shit for people with webcams. I didn't have one at the time but my laptop does, and I can't find the program.

Do any of you have any websites or programs that have something like this? I just want to take silly pictures with silly lenses, similar to Youcam but free.

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Ugh, TQC, I'm finally doing my taxes. (PROCRASTINATION YAY) Last year I filed through TurboTax, the free one.

I know nothing about taxes but I have my W2s and such and I believe they saved last year's information. I work part time, am a part-time college student, and am considered a dependent on my grandmother. Should I go for the free file again, or pay the $50 for TurboTax deluxe and possibly get more money back? I don't know anything about any of this so any advice is helpful.

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when you are instant messaging someone and they say "brb" do you reply "okay" or assume they are already gone and therefore saying "okay" would be pointless? alternatively, when you tell someone "brb" do you wait for them to reply "okay" before you go away?

This may be weird

But how do you go about starting a letter to an ex apologizing for how things have turned out in hopes for some sort of friendship with this person?

The whole thing is a very long messy story that involves mistakes on both parts, but I am tired of being miserable because hes not in my life and hes the same.

So how would this letter go?

I just need some sort of opener just to get me started.

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What food/beverage product smells like your pussy/dick right now? Go ahead, take time to get a good whiff and think really hard about what food/beverage it smells like. DO IT! And then please go wash your hands:)
blue donghae

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how do you survive a really bad day?  besides the use of alcohol or drugs, because i can't do that.

when was the last time you had a really bad day?

do you think that your mood relates to the weather?  do april showers make you miserable?

if you're having a really good day, feel free to rub it in my face.  truly.  i can feel happy for other people.


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Hypothetical situation,

You saw a movie in the theaters, really enjoyed it, but have no plans to go back to the theater and see it again (too expensive, no time, etc) but you download the movie. You plan to buy the DVD when it comes out

Is this better, worse, or the same as someone who downloads movies without ever going to the theater?

ketchup chips...

I don't know if this is true because I haven't been to the States often enough but a friend of mine told me that it was next to impossible to find ketchup chips. Is there any truth to that???
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Do you know of any brands that make mint ice cream without chocolate chips? One that I would be able to find in an actual store. I don't want to order ice cream, and I absolutely do not want to make it.
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I just finished a drawing class, so I have a bunch of pictures I don't know what to do with.  Should I hang them up in my room, or is that tacky? I don't put much on my walls - I have two posters up and an awesome framed photo of a butterfly that my uncle took (he takes near-professional nature pics).

I also have bunch of small, about 4"x4" bits of faces done in pencil that I like, but I don't want to hang up just stacked on the sheet with gridded background.  Should I cut them out and try to make a collage?  What would you do with them? They're different parts of faces, like an ear, a few different angles of eyes, mouths, that kind of stuff.

(I would post a pic, but my scanner and camera are being dumb and I'm to lazy to use photobucket)

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When you color certain characters (Disney Princess, etc), do you tend to color them with the same colors as the original, or do you like to mix it up and give Cinderella brown hair instead of blonde and stuff like that?
Phineas and Ferb

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Does the thickness of your silverware matter to you?

Also, when it comes to cats you own, which do you think is more likely to work to keep them from going someplace you don't want them to:

a) never let them go there in the first place?
b) let them go there as often as they want so they get sick of it?

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What's a good dessert to serve to 75 people that is easy to make in big quantities but doesn't require a lot to eat?

I was thinking of making something for my students when I leave student teaching, but I want it to be relatively simple and I'm horrible at making cookies.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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My friend is moving in to a Canadian residence hall in the Fall, and the room descriptions include either a "4-piece washroom" or a "2-piece washroom". What do these things entail, exactly? What are the pieces?

cheap trick

What are some ways you are cheap? Are you embarrassed about it at all?

My friends and I sneak into the movies on a regular basis. Our particular movie theatre has a club on the second floor, we say we are going into the club and then sneak into a theatre and watch a movie whilst eating taco bell and sipping Walmart wine. lol I should probably be ashamed but I'm not.
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TQC, say you and your SO/FWB/whatever are about to get down to sexytiems, and s/he puts on irish folk music (like... jig music). YOU'D LAUGH, RIGHT???

(Assume that they were being serious, and actually wanted to Do It to that music... not being funny.)

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Is it weird to wear a ring on your left hand that isn't a wedding or an engagement? I got a ruby and diamond ring for my birthday from my SO and when someone saw it on my left hand they asked if it was an engagement ring. When I told them "no" they told me I had it on the wrong hand. What's the deal?

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do any of you have coworkers that are family?
does it sometimes complicate things in the work place?

any stories about crazy coworkers?
any stories about coworkers at all that are interesting?
any coworkers that are dating?

im a waitress at a resturant, and the cooking staff, and the manager are all related. the manager's mom is the head cook, and the other cook is his cousin. they seriously act like they run the store and it drives me crazy, they also talk shit about everyone in spanish because they dont have enough balls to say it in english.

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have you or anyone you've known gotten pregnant while on an IUD birth control?
what were the symptoms like?

what is the nicest thing you've done recently for someone else?
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I'm craving Samoas but don't want to hunt down some Girl Scouts for it (if they're even still selling them). Is there a grocery-store version (like how Grasshoppers = Thin mints)?

Also, should I have tilapia fillet (crisply fried with a light vegetable soup) or shrimp scampi tonight?

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So, I went to a wake today and was looking at photos of the person whose wake I was attending. A lot of the older ones from between the 50s and early 90s were tinted with a sort of burnt out sepia coloring. I really love looking at old photos.

Can you link me to sites with photos from between the 20s and 60s? It doesn't have to be of anything specific, just lots of photos of that time.

Following the same trend, can you tell me of any books, or original fiction or fanfiction online that is set at some point during the 20s through the 60s that really focuses on the lifestyle of the time?

ETA: Okay, yeah, I'm an asshole, I admit it, for not googling first. I'm doing that now, but if you know of any sites that aren't immediate responses from google, maybe more obscure photos, I should clarify that, I would love them.
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So, I'm home sick tonight and to make myself feel better I've decided to download a bunch of rap/hip hop songs from my youth (middle school and high school, 1996-2003) to replace all my CDs that got destroyed . But I'm having trouble thinking of them.

Can you recommend some amazing rap/hip hop songs (the pop ones) from the nineties to now? (Bonus for videos!)

Back That Azz Up - Juvenile
Move Bitch - Ludacris
Ho - Ludacris
A Yo - Andre Nickatina

That's all I have so far :(

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whats the last amusing thing you have come across on the internet that isnt meant to actually be funny?

due to boredom i am looking at the Parental Guides on IMDB for films i have. for I AM Legend theres this:

Very strong:

Mutants jump around.

Now that just puts images of silly mutants on a sugar high or something similar in my head. considering its not like that AT ALL in the film and actually mostly scared the bejesus out of me i found that rather titillating.

and for Cloverfield:

The whole movie is photographed on a home movie camera. The camera is very shaky (especially at action scenes). That may cause motion sickness.

i do not expect motion sickness when i watch a movie, but thanks for the warning.


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so i'm usually the dateless wonder (its been 6 years since i've been on a date), but i just asked a guy out and miraculously he said yes.
so my question,

whats a good first date?
i don't really know the guy that well. he's in my major at school, so i see him in class a lot, but i haven't really hung out with him too much.
i'm so clueless when it comes to these things...

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I have built a blanket fort. Would you like to come sit with me and watch scary movies all night in my fort?

I will make steak.
You have to bring a board game though, because we need something else to do. What game do you bring? Why?
titanic, rose, jack

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I'm planning on getting a tattoo on my back, on the right side, about halfway between bra line and pant line. Will people qualify this as a tramp stamp? I do not, as that seems to be on the spine right above the pant line, but I am beginning to worry. Thoughts?
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