April 2nd, 2009


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Do you drink hot drinks with a straw? What are reasons why someone would? Won't the straw sorta melt?

For cars that have the steering wheel on the right side (ie. driving in England, Japan, etc), which foot is used for the pedals?

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What kind of snap judgments do you make about other drivers when you're driving?

I always think I'm going to be judged by what speed my windshield wipers are on. it's weird.

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Do you use firefox?

When you use firefox, does it, after about two or three days, maybe less, suddenly stop working and anytime you try to go to a website, do that "loading" thing for about a second and then stop, like it's finished loading but it's still a blank page?

I have lots of downloaded illegal stuff on my computer like photoshop, movies, and rosetta stone. Might I have picked up something while downloading that would cause firefox to do this?

I can't stop jiggling my legs. Is this bad?
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1. For those who are fans, what did you think of the ending of the US version of Life On Mars that aired tonight?

2. What was the last television plot twist that made you go, "Oh, that's awesome?"

3. What was the last television plot twist that made you go, "Oh, come on. That doesn't make any sense?"

4. In your opinion, what show has/had the most wasted potential and why? (In that, this show should be made of solid gold win but it doesn't. Boo.)
Zydrate Anatomy

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Repo! The Genetic Opera is just...a horrible movie. It's laughable, at best, yet my friends and I all love it to a rather unhealthy degree - I even traveled more than 200 miles to see it when Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich were taking the film reel from theater-to-theater on their little tour.

What is one movie that you absolutely love, even if most other people would say it's pretty horrible?
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Armrat judges you

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What would bother you more?

Your best friend was only pretending to be your friend all this time because she/he just wanted to sleep with you but didn't know how to close the deal
Your SO was only dating you because he/she wanted to bang your best friend, but didn't know how to close the deal
Your pet only pretended to like you all this time because it didn't want you to stop feeding it. One day, one of your friends comes over and your pet practically begs him/her to take it home with them
Your parent/parents only pretended to like you because they're afraid you'll put them into a nursing home
2012 President Sarah Palin, Vice President Joe the Plumber
TQC people only pretending to like you, but in truth they only tolerate you just because they enjoy seeing your icon
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What's wrong with my body?

If the past few months:
1. My gums bleed sporadically, and always when I brush my teeth. I'm trying to be extra gentle and use a kiddie toothbrush, but they still bleed.
2. I have diarrhea every morning. This has gone on for a while, and I usually associate it with dairy, but not lately.

I have always been prone to fainting/low blood pressure, and I take Yaz (HBC) and 20 mg Adderall XR daily. I also occasionally smoke, have O- blood and am in otherwise good health.

Srs and non-srs answers only. I don't think things in themselves warrant a doctor's visit, but I just worry sometimes.
Big Love

What was that?

If you see something suspicious, but not alarmingly so, do you take a mental note of the situation?

I drive myself crazy doing this and I'm wondering if other people do too. For example, last night I heard tires squealing at the end of my road. I look out the window just in time to see a pickup turning the next corner at a high rate of speed. I continue to look and see another pickup roll through the stop sign and continue down my street making the exact same turn as the first one. I make a mental note of the trucks and the time and then scour the papers today (and probably tomorrow) looking for an incident that I may have witnessed part of.
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Do you have any money?
I want to spend all your money at the gay bar. Gay bar. Gay bar. WOWWW!

What are your favorite karaoke jams?
What do you think of the White Stripes?
In b4 "they need a bass player". They don't. Nobody says that about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Did you recognize me without my default icon?

I'm sorta afraid to change my default because everyone knows me because of it (not a day goes by that I don't get Nick Cave fangirls commenting on it).

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Should I take all 4 of my college classes on the same day, so I'll only be going 2 days a week from 8AM to 1:45PM?
Or should I do 2 classes a day, so I'll go for 3 hours Monday-Thursday?

Are you bad at making stupid decisions?

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Other than Spurl and Simpy, what social bookmarking websites allow you to save a copy of a webpage and not just bookmark it? The page cache doesn't seem to work on either of those.

Recommend me some good deals on 21"+ computer displays, ok?

What do you think of Digsby?
macaroni murder lady

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It's horrible! You must destroy all the work of one especially popular, gifted creator, while granting the other one eternal youth and fertile creativity. No one else will ever be able to enjoy the works of the deleted artist, and within a year all knowledge of their contributions will have faded from collective memory. Consider not only the existing materials, but any future works of supernaturally-inspired genius.

Which one will you do away with?

Neil Gaiman
Joss Whedon

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have you taken diet pills before? prescription or non, either one. which kind? did they work? how much weight loss did you see, and at what rate? did you increase your amount of exercise or improve your diet, providing you were already trying to lose weight and taking both of these steps before the pills?
serious answers only, please. and fyi, i am planning on both asking my doctor similar questions as well as retesting my thyroid and any other recommended tests when i get health insurance again. i am legitimately overweight, incorporating exercise into my daily routine, vastly improving my diet....and continuing to put on weight. IT IS THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING TO EVER HAPPEN IN MY PERSONAL LIFE, EVER.
have any of you had anything similar happen? how did you solve it?
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Help with an 80's music video

Good morning all. There was a music video that came out when I was about 3 or 4. This would have been 1985-1986ish. I can remember a woman singing, and she had a white veil of some kind, and then there was something about a stone table. I seem to remember another woman laying on the table. But hell if I can remember what video it is.

Do any of you have ANY idea what video I'm talking about? Thank you!

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Recently my 8-month old kitten has started acting like a real jerk. She's constantly throwing things down from my desk, going into places she shouldn't, stealing stuff from the bathroom (q-tips and cotton balls), sometimes attacking my feet, etc.

She's a shelter kitty (got her at 3 months), spayed, has plenty of toys and a buddy to play with (3-year old male cat from the same shelter, they get along very well). I give her plenty of attention when she's not being annoying. I'm on spring break this week so it's mostly just me home all day - usually nobody is home between 7am-4pm; I'm thinking this may be part of what's making her freak out.

Is there anything I can do to calm her down or is this just an annoying, destructive phase that I just have to put up with until she grows out of it?

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1. I found a business card of a florist in my boyfriend's pocket yesterday. My birthday is near. Should I be expecting flowers...? Or could it be something else? Jeng jeng jeng!

2. 4th of April is International Pillow Fight Day and there's a pillow fight event nearby, the location have been revealed. Do you think I should go and participate? Have/Would you? Heck, it's better than earth hour...at least lolzfun is in order.

3. How long do you think before spambots discovers omegle.com and "strangers" starts selling superpowerful pills for your boyfriend's wimpy penis?

4. Watcha wearing, baby?
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do you know if walk-in clinic doctors can send you for blood tests and things like that? i've been telling my doctor about my whacky periods, digestion, etc for years and i'm kind of getting sick of not having it investigated. i don't get my period for a year at a shot sometimes.


what did you think of lost last night?

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I'm a student, and my professor invited me to have lunch with him to go over possibly pursuing a master's (he's in charge of the graduate program in his dept). I think he's cool, I'm not really interested in a master's in his dept since I'm from another major, but I thought I might as well see what it has to offer.

Anyway, what ist he proper etiquette for splitting the bill? Is it covered by him since he invited me, or should I be a  polite student and be insistent on covering it, or should I insist we split it if he tries to cover it?

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I should totally hit on the cute Air Force chick I just met? y/n

she's only here for 6 months
she's carrying 2 guns.

EDIT: Its over. She just got "killed" in an exercise. Shortest relationship EVARRRRR.

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My dad is disabled and pretty much his only social interaction is through the internet. He called us a couple of days ago and told us that his computer is completely screwed. It's old, anyway.

I worry about him (he lives in another state) getting lonely. So I want to at least get him a new computer. I don't have a lot of money. I would prefer to get him a desktop because that is what he is accustomed to.

What do you all have and how much was it?
Don't you think disabled vets should get free computers?

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My Mother in Law sent out this email today.

Hey All!! I need some help...we are having a contest at work to give our monthly newsletter a name. Any catchy ideas?
She works for NorthShore health center.

Will you help?

Why do my kids take off all their clothes and run around the house naked all day?

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Which of the following two floor plans would you choose in an apartment? It's going to be my boyfriend and I living together with an extra bedroom for when family comes in, so keep in mind that the "roommate" factor isn't an issue. The floorplans aren't ridiculously different except for closet types, room dimensions, and where the W&D would be -- this is why we're having a hard time choosing.


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book club

Have you ever been in a book club?

Is there an active book club community on LJ?

What books did you read during the month of March?

Are there any books that most people read in middle or high school except you, but now you're interested in reading them?
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TQC, I am really bad at math. In the fall I have to retake pre-calculus for the third time. I failed it twice before. I am dreading this.

Are you really bad at math?

What can I do to get better at math? I do the homework but I blank on exams. :( I was wondering if there is a math self-help book or something.

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TQC, I have to go to work. :( I don't want to go to work.

So, will you fill this post with lots of macros, gifs, love letters, and various spam so that I have something to look forward to when I get home?

Alternatively, make up your own question and then answer it?

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where do the ducks swimming in new york's little lagoon go at wintertime?
and do the fish really stay stuck in the frozen ice?

what is the weirdest flavor of ice cream you've ever had?

what is your favorite color nailpolish?

what's the longest you've spent running around trying to find something really important that you lost?

*relationship question*
If a guy breaks up with you because he's going through a lot of personal stuff, but the relationship continues perfectly as it did before with the only difference being that you don't call eachother boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, and neither of you see other people or anything like that... but he still has a hesitance to call you his girlfriend.. wtf does that mean? Should I just give up?
I feel like im just a super best friend with benefits.

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I locked my keys in my car at the gas station this morning and had to wait for AAA to come rescue me, making me late for class :( I seem to do something like this at least once every 4 months or so.

Do you lock yourself out of places very often?
Do you have spare keys hidden outside your house or on your car just in case?
If not, how do you get yourself out of these predicaments?

If you have never locked yourself out of anywhere because you are perfect, tell me what you got or did for your last birthday.

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Someone on omegle is telling me about their many adventures they've had working in a liquor store- being robbed, catching someone fucking in the bathroom, getting hit after he caught someone trying to steal.

Whats the most interesting/exciting job you've ever had?
What do you do currently?
How awesome in omegle?

Oh yes. Oh yes yes yes.

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What are some foods that when you eat them, you remember how much you love them?

I always forget how much I love applesauce until I eat it, and then I seriously want to drink it out of the jar. Also, i'm always pretty 'Meh...' about Ritz Crackers and then I eat one and the whole tube is gone a few minutes later.
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Why it's ok for sex to hurt the vagina

Youtube behind cut

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1. Are you a lazy lesbian? Don't you know you'll never land a man by cropping your hair and flanneling out?
2. Do you think there's a point for the clitoris, or is it just there for the guy to lick to help him 'give up his sperm'?
3. Vaginal penetration sex is a 'good' kind of hurt. So is childbirth pains. But anal sex pain is 'bad' and God clearly is showing his distaste for 'upthebutt' loving by making it hurt. Do you agree with this?
4. Male masturbation is indirectly related to the possible depopulation of villages. What should we men do with our sperm to help remove our guilt?
5. When a man loves a woman and a little whoppie is made, at what point does the talking accented tomato come onto the scene? And if the talking tomato represents the product of spermy delight, what was daddy trying to penetrate the tomato with his spoon penis in the earlier analogy?

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What do you call a person from uruguay?

I made dinner last night and it had a lot of onion and my hands still smell faintly of onion even though I am a compulsive hand washer, halp please?

New Zealand?

OH MAN I just remembered what I actually wanted to ask.

Would you please state your gender and which of the following you would most like to be described as oh my god is this sentence going to be a candidate for the worst sentence ever competition 2009?

Here is the list of words you can choose from:
Pretty, beautiful, hot, sexy, cute, stunning, yowza.
Peggy Blink

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What is your favorite major city and why?
NYC because... I don't have enough time in the day.
Smokers: what is your favorite brand?
Marlboro Menthol Lights
Blue or black ink pens?
Favorite major chain to grab a cup of coffee at?
Dunkin Donuts

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My new semi-boyfriend is coming over to my house tonight, TQC. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being "unlikely" 10 being "you are doomed"), how likely are my parents and siblings going to embarrass the shit out of me?

We're going to eat pizza and chocolate croissants and play with my dog, and I'm going to "force" him to watch Blade Runner. Good date idea, y/n?

What was the last fun date activity you did?

What type of milk do you drink most often? (skim, 1%, 2%, chocolate, soy, etc.)

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Can you think of any act that lacks a selfish element (either in cause, or in effect)?

Ex: sacrificing yourself to save another is somewhat selfish because you are satisfying your belief that "this person deserves to live...even if at the cost of my own life"...which seems to outweigh (even if temporarily) your own desire to live. Them living makes you happier (selfish) than if they died, even if you experience that happiness for a fraction of a second before death.

I believe that every act has a SELFISH element to it whereas some acts can lack a SELFLESS element. I think selflessness isn't the absence of selfishness (because it's always there), rather it is the degree to which an act beenfits others. Agree/Disagree, and why?

EDIT: The question may be clearer this way: "Is there such a thing as a truly altruistic act?"

woven heart

Grocery shopping spree

I have up to $50 to spend on groceries. The trick is I have to spend the money all at one location where I'm only going to be for maybe 20 minutes and I have to be able to fit whatever I buy into one backpack. The groceries must be non-perishable as I'm going to be storing them in a place that has no refrigerator for five days, plus on an overnight bus trip.

So, which non-perishable groceries should I spend as much money as possible on? I don't want to buy rice as I have plenty at home and don't eat it that often, but what else would be useful?
cheesin' for Disney

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how long until your next vacation? how long will it be? what are you doing?

mine starts at 5:30 p.m. Eastern today and goes until Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. mostly enjoying not being at work. in-laws are coming from PA on Saturday, and we're going to Disney.

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If I kiss you where it's sore, will you feel better?
Will you feel anything at all?

I'm going to coffee with someone at 5:00. She dated a friend of mine pretty seriously, fucked him up pretty bad, then started dating someone in a music scene I follow and sort of started going up in the world after that. She's been very emotionally manipulative to my friend she once dated, abandoned a friend and I at a museum the first time we met (we were Internet friends)... just big dick moves. Essentially, she and I have had issues in the past. If she's a complete smug bitch like she has been the past couple of times we've met up, should I call her out on it then or just forget it and never talk to her again, even though I will run in to her at every single concert I'll ever go to ever again?
Last time we met up, she gave me a copy of her boyfriend's band's new single for free. Should I pay for it or give it back if things go badly?

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Do you like "Putting On The Ritz" - the song and/or the act?

The Libertines - barely able to contain their own music from falling apart, or is that part of the appeal?

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Let's say you were looking to buy a home. For the following, tell me if you would be more inclined to buy the house or less inclined to buy the house, after what the realtor said.

"In the 70s, this house was used to stage orgies, and as many as 100 people would attend each session. There would be naked bodies covering every section of the floor, each piece of furniture, every flat surface. None of that furniture remains. At least 50 pornos were also filmed here"

More inclined
Less inclined
The information really has no impact on my urge to buy

"The actor who played Mayor McCheese lived here. He killed himself several years ago in his costume. His ghost has been seen roaming these halls, in costume"

More inclined
Less inclined
The information really has no impact on my urge to buy

"This house is 2 blocks away from the Hersheys Company. You can smell chocolate everywhere when the factory's open"

More inclined
Less inclined
The information really has no impact on my urge to buy

"This was Jeffrey Dahmer's summer home. Police removed no less than 13 skulls during their investigation. That was a long time ago"

More inclined
Less inclined
The information really has no impact on my urge to buy

"There's a Planned Parenthood one block away. That may prove to be convenient for you, but every Saturday, the anti-abortionists picket the place"

More inclined
Less inclined
The information really has no impact on my urge to buy

"There's a gay karoake bar 2 blocks away. It's THE big gay bar in the city. Lots of people frequent there, and they park their cars everywhere within a 5 block radius. Don't be surprised if you see gaggles of gays walking through your neighborhood at night"

More inclined
Less inclined
The information really has no impact on my urge to buy
Milhent forest

Strange dice

One of my coworkers during lunch break went and bought a gift to himself - a 6-in-1 game set. Chess, dominoes, cards and backgammon we recognized.

But what do you use a dice with numbers of 2-4-8-16-32-64 or the one with card suits for?
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How long after getting my crotch waxed should things be okay, like, not-painful and visually?

Basically, how long after getting your crotch waxed would you be comfortable taking your pants off for someone?

(this dude asked me out and I wanna go but I was planning on waxing my crotch today because I have vacation on the 8th.)

pretentious jackass

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How do you feel about Brazilian waxes being illegal? Are they illegal where you live?

They are technically illegal in New Jersey.

"New Jersey statutes allow waxing of the face, neck, arms, legs and abdomen, but officials say that genital waxing has always been illegal, although not spelled out."
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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TQC, I feel absolutely pathetic, lonely, and stupid. I have done nothing but cry all day and if I weren't "cried out" would probably still be crying. Should I ask if I can stay at my boyf's house, and deal with "HONEY WHAT IS WRONG PLZ TELL ME" but get cuddle-times, or just tough it out at home?

Lotus Boob link. Proceed with caution

One day you wake up and you have lotus boobs. Little seed things embedded inside your breasts. How do you feel?

OMG! I kill myself
How interesting! I get some tweezers and remove each seed thing. It's kind of fascinating
I'm so scared! I see a doctor ASAP
Honestly, I wouldn't even notice ir right away
Wait, you mean that isn't normal? Um...*looks down*. Now what?
My Wild Irish Rose

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There's a community on LJ where people take pictures of their breakfast & then post them,  ocasionally with the recipes.  The last time I looked their layout was a pleasant yellow colour.  I have no idea what it's called.
Does anyone know the one I'm talking about, and if you do, could you name it for me plz?? 
Found!  It was 'ofmornings'.

If you know not of what I speak:  when was the last time you played Neopets?

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I can't wait for the mod to delete this
but you guys are real jerks.

i thought the point was to help people,
not make fun of them and patronize them?

i think it's really pathetic when people behave this way.
that is sad.
i had a good laugh though! so thanks for that!
ferris wheel

Sock it to me!

Do you have a favorite pair of socks?

Pictures if you have them, describe if not.

If you don't have a favorite pair of socks, what's one of your other favorite articles of clothing?
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So this may be a long shot. But, I just made my icon, and I was thinking, hey, wouldn't it be awesome if the butterflies were flying around? Does anyone have some free time that would like to make my regular icon have butterflies flying around, with one possibly landing on the guys nose and then going off again? Anyone?
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Will you show me pics of full-coverage shoes and full-coverage shirts (like not shorter than short sleeves) that you consider age appropriate for a 25 year old female for everyday casual wear?

I'm starting to become self conscious in my printed tees and chucks, idk. Are tees and chucks too young for a 25 year old?

eta: nm idc anymore, I can't bring myself to like any of these suggestions other than tees so I guess I'm just going to not care lol

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My Threadless shirts just got here! BUT they did not send me any cool stickers this time. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

Is anyone else not getting LJ comment notifications or is my life just broken?

If you don't like those questions, here is an alternative.

Do you use cheat codes in video games? Does it depend on what the cheat is/what game it is? DO YOU HATE AND LOSE ALL RESPECT FOR PEOPLE WHO DO THIS?

I'm playing through this X-Files game for PS2 (haha kinda lame I know) and I saved when I had like no ammo and no health supplies and I keep dying and I'm debating using the infinite ammo cheat because watching Mulder die over and over makes me so sad. SHOULD I DO IT?

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 you know, TQC, i really don't get this whole hysteria about pedophilia, like "perverted justice" or "to catch a predator".

i try really hard, but can't see anything wrong in sexual relationships with, lets say, 30 yo man and 13 yo girl if she's ready for it.

damn, suppose she'd sucked his cock, so what? what awful's gonna happen, huh? NOTHING.

the sickect, the perverted and the most revolting thing ever for me is this double standards moral politics. being ok with killing, corporations, disproportional distribution of wealth and everything, but making a deal out of simple sexual activity in which people have been engaged since the beginning. 

seriously, do you get  that, TQC?
movie: eraserhead

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How are you spending your Thursday night?

While I was cleaning, I found all my old embroidery floss, so I'm going to go crazy and make tons of friendship bracelets. I'm going to finish cleaning and possibly do cardio. All while watching the Snapped marathon on the Oxygen Network.

And which one of you TQC members stole my remote? I know it was one of you.
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Do you like bowling?

What size shoes do you wear when you go bowling? (Do you get your usual size, up a size, down a size?)

Do you know where I can find size 18 bowling shoes? I think I'm doomed to the land of Special Order through the pro-shop.

it's porn, pretty much

I'm taking a class this quarter called Sexual Cultures: Pornography, Feminism, and Sexual Labor. Part of my grade for the class involves maintaining a blog, but I have no idea what to call it. What sexy clever fun names for a porn blog can you all come up with? Something that has to do with intelligent(?) review/critique of writings about porn as well as the porn itself....
woven heart

Peace Corps

Have you heard of anyone being denied to serve in Peace Corps because of reasons outside of physical limitations or having a criminal background? Just being denied because the Peace Corps has no use for them?

Everyone I know who has applied for the Peace Corps has been able to get a placement, so I was just wondering.


1: What is your favorite source for national and global news?
2: Do ever have a old wives's tale actual work for you?
3: Have you ever been mistaken for the opposite gender?

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What could cause a car with a brand new clutch to not accelerate properly? Even when it is pressed down to the floor, it won't 'go'!
This happens at first start-up for about 15 minutes then goes back to normal.
lulu guinness clutch

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My aunt is making my 20 year old cousin to attend a 6 month cooking program that starts this summer. He is convinced cooking is feminine. She asked me if I could say things that might make him reconsider. What the fuck should I tell him?

(no subject)

Congratulations, you've won one million dollars in the lottery!  However, you have to spend all the money on yourself, you can't put any of it into savings, and you must use all the money within a month. What do you do with your million?

i love pens

Where do you buy your cheap office supplies online? 

I'm looking for a place with good prices and reasonable (or free!) shipping.

Particularly, I'm looking to buy lots of Papermate Profile pens because they're amazing (bold point!).  I've been poking around, but I get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of borderline questionable sites that sell them and charge $9 to ship an $8 box of pens.
Braeakups are the new relationships

I Just LOLed in RL

So I called my friend... And she answered all breathless. I ask her if anything's wrong, she tells me she's having sex.

So TQC! Got any similar stories of calling up people in inappropriate times? Share them please?
Evil Me

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Does it bother you when people make posts in communities (and usually they're stupid/not appropriate) and then at the end say "mods, please delete if this isn't allowed"?

Because it really annoys me.

lift kits!

For those of you who have four wheel drive vehicles:

Have you ever put a lift kit on a vehicle?
How big?
How much did it cost, all in all?

And for those who haven't:

Do you think putting a lift on this truck would be tacky? I've been thinking about it for a little while, and really kind of want to.

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I got an industrial piercing a year ago and I STUPIDLY touched it last week without washing my hands. Now it is extremely red and EXTREMELY sore, which I'm guessing means it did not like getting touched with dirty hands.

Anyway, there is no iodine-free salt at the pharmacy and I don't have time to go downtown to get some today, but if I don't clean this thing soon I think my ear's going to explode. Or fall off. Or something equally terrible. I can get unscented antibacterial from the pharmacy, or I can use some contact lense saline solution. I'm really confused because half of the websites I am finding say no to antibacterial and contact solution, and the other half say they're fine to use. Can anyone with piercings experience help me out? Contact solution, antibacterial, or just plain water until I can get to the store and buy some sea salt?
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Doctor Who | Ponds | Happy Together

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So I am trying to learn new languages, and apparently something really important is to make sure you listen to a lot of that language in order to get familiar with it.

Can you rec me some good foreign language podcasts? (Not for learning a foreign language, but podcasts meant for natives in that language.)

Also links for foreign radio -- news, music, etc, is cool, too. But I would like to have something download-able so I can put it on my ipod to listen to on the go.

* and "foreign languages" to me means anything non-English :) Preferably French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Russian... anything and everything works :)


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Here's the deal.
I got knocked up about 5 years ago.  I had one friend who was one of those crazy freetards.  The whole time I was pregnant she used her arsenal of lingo, moo, crotch dropping, etc.  Well needless to day she wasn't invited to my baby shower.  Later I found out she moved around and became a prostitute to support her heroin addiction.  Low and behold she's now knocked up.  She moved back to our town after her junky loser boyfriend (who is also a convicted child molester) said he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby.  Suddenly she wants to be all buddy buddy with me.  She contacts me to go to her baby shower next month.  Should I be the bigger person knowing she's had a rough past couple of years?  Should I go to the baby shower?  What would you do?

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So in the land of all that is awkward...

the guy I'm dating said that I could sleep over (I live pretty far away) we're going out tomorrow night. Do I ask him if I'm sleeping over? How does one do this while avoiding painful awkwardness?

if you don't care:
What was the last thing that made you laugh?

The girl that I tutor thought only white schools had buses in the South to *avoid traffic problems*. GAH!

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How would you feel if you found out a professor/teacher/T.A. was grading you more leniently because they were attracted to you?
-I would be pissed. I'm surprised that most people wouldn't be, actually.

How should I blow my tax rebate? Aside from hookers and blow.
-I'm thinking of buying one of those Diane+ cameras from UO. Waste of money, I know, but I've been wanting one.

Any interesting plans for this weekend, TQC?

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for seriously like the past 2 months i've had continuous muscle spasms on my head right above my left ear, where my glasses sit. is this bad? i'm going to the doctor on monday.
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letter of recommendation dilemma

I am applying for grad school this coming fall semester, and just I found out that the professor who I feel would write the strongest letter of recommendation for me is leaving on sabbatical at the end of this semester. Is it acceptable for me to ask for one before he leaves (with reasonable notice, of course), or is that too early? Any other ideas? I would really like a letter from him.
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i'm watching a BBC America documentary about women who hate their vaginas and get labiaplasties.

ladies, would you ever get plastic surgery on your vag? what constitutes an "ugly" vag?

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1. Anyone ever use Cash 4 Gold?

i have a gold birthstone ring and the stone has a huge crack down the middle. i'd rather not just throw it away.

2. Anyone live near Grand Forks, ND (or know of someone who lives around here) and is interested in various apartment things? I am moving in 1 1/2 months and am only taking what fits in my car.

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So I had a verruca that I managed to get off with gel after about 6 months. It's now come back with two 'friends'.
My question is this - is there a quick easy way to get rid of them so they don't come back?
ETA: A verruca is an inverted wart. They're found on the bottom of the foot.

ETA: Also, is there a website like modcloth.com for the UK?