April 1st, 2009

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Inspired by this thread on Fark;

Someone wrote the difference between Americans and the British is that if you ask how far a certain place is, a Brit will reply in distance while and an American will reply in time. For example;

Asking an American;
Q: How far is it from Virginia Beach to D.C.?
A: About four hours

Asking a Brit;
Q: How far is it from London to Leeds?
A: A little over 300 kilometers.

My question to you is, do you find this to be true for you? When someone asks the distance between two places do you use actual mileage or amounts of time? And, where are you from, by the way?

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Should I drink this milk?

It is officially 40 minutes past the expiration date. :(

Coffee maker's too loud, so I wanted some chocolate milk. I have an english project to do, and it wouldn't be cool if I was stuck in the bathroom with the runs. Plz halp.

[edit] Well. I went for it and everything seems to be fi-



Catwoman and Harlequin

It's late and I'm not making sense

They say that sometimes men engage in 'dick-measuring contests' (figuratively) to find out who's more manly. Do women ever engage 'vagina-measuring contests (who's got the widest-set vag) to find out who's more feminine?

Serious and non-serious answers welcome. Ambivalent answers can proceed to engage in a 'dick-swallowing contest'
Peggy Blink


Have any non-Jewish members of TQC attended a Passover seder?
How was the experience for you?
Any Jewish TQCers got any advice for me?

My room mate/BFF has graciously invited me to the home of his fabulous parents for this event. I accepted because I truly am interested in this, as well as honored to have been invited. However, looking in to it on Wikipedia, I am seeing this as a "WHERE DO I PUT MY HANDS?" situation - there are a lot of steps and stuff, things I am TOTALLY not familiar with.

All I was told was "THERE WILL BE WINE! LOTS OF WINE!", and that so long as I don't bring ham and a loaf of bread, I won't offend.

TIA, y'all!
I <3 TLV

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I posted this on my lj, and these names are tied! Maybe you can help settle it. I like them equally. One of my tattoos is of a moon, which is what inspired these.

Which would be a better stage name?


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Is there a certain quality someone could have that would make them appear more attractive to you? Other than "good looks." XD

For me, it's a good singing voice - or, just a guy who is willing to sing regardless. :D
Hedgie :P

Allergens on couch...

How would you go about getting potential allergens off a couch?  I've tried vaccuuming it.  Do you think a steam clean would do best?  Or has anyone had any luck with that Febreze Allergen Reducer spray?

I'm trying to think of anything else that might have changed in my routine to cause an allergic reaction, but can't really think of anything else.  I'm going to an allergist next week, so he might also have some suggestions.

For the curious, it's a brand new Ikea couch http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90125722

Any assistance or advice would be very helpful!


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There is a journal name I'd like that is currently taken. This user has only made several entries, and has been inactive since 2005. I've tried out my google-fu but am too tired to make headway. Is there anything I can do to get this account deleted?
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If you call off work because of the weather and it clears up by noon, would you go in to work or just enjoy the day off?

What is in your pockets?

What is your favorite April Fool's Day prank? I need something good for my boss. :)
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Can you please encourage me to not fail this class (English 1102)? The teacher is the most scatterbrained woman I've ever had the displeasure of meeting and I am ready to jump off of a cliff. Every day she tells us a bucketload of assignments, then changes the next meeting to "don't do that, don't do this". She makes up her assignments as she goes. I HATE IT AND AM VERY CLOSE TO FAILING.

For full time college students, do you take spring/fall semesters and take summer off, or some other combination?
I've been doing spring/fall but I am considering starting summer and fucking off this fall, and letting that count as my ~summer~ for insurance purposes.

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I am currently traveling around the US (I am from Australia) and am going to be in Chicago until Sunday. I only know one person here and I was wondering if anyone wanted to go out for a drink?
Or something?

I am staying near N Lincoln Ave if that helps...

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1. What's the best way to fundraise for a co-op cookbook?

So far I'm thinking weekly fundraising cupcakes.

2. What is a reasonable price to pay for a cupcake?

3. What can I go as to a time-travel party? It has to be a time traveller or someone from a particular period in history. Something with colourful hair would be a bonus.

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Breakfast: cereal & banana, taylor ham sandwich (made by me, unfortunately, not from a delicious bagel shop), or eggs & sausage?

Why would a former best friend that I haven't spoken to in 7 years add me on facebook? She didn't send a message with her friend request.
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So, TQC, I'm watching bad court-shows before I leave for work today, but Judge David Young just asked me this question, which I will pass on to you:

If an underage boy fathers a child, should his parents be responsible for child support payments until he comes of age?

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Hallo TQC.

I'm getting over a cold. I feel pretty good except for this TERRIBLE tickle in my throat that makes me cough. Plus I wake up with terrible chest congestion.

So, Doctor TQC, which cold medicine would you recommend for these symptoms? (I have to be fully alert for work at4 so nothing that will make me drowsy, please :D )
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My best friend sent me a text last night and I can’t tell if it was meant for me or not. It said “muliebrity hates me. She’s paying me back for all those times that I said I’d call her back but didn’t. I miss her.”

Of course I don’t hate her (and she’s always over-dramatic anyway). Should I reply or pretend I never got it, since it seems like maybe she meant it for someone else?

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What is a good birthday present for a girl who you are not that close with, but you are attending her birthday party? She's someone who, at this time, is more of an acquaintance than a friend but we have many mutual friends and she and I are getting closer. I just can't think of what would be an appropriate gift for someone I don't know that well. Jewelry seems a bit trite (or something to be given by closer friends), and a T-Shirt seems awkward (plus there's the risk of insulting with too large, or ill-fitting with too small). Hmm.

What do you say, TQC?

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For those of you who have furnished a place before, I need help on pricing cuz I'm going to advertise a few things of mine on the message board for the incoming class of the program I'm in. I will be selling my bed frame, box spring, and mattress (which is still fairly new, cuz I just bought it last year). They're all twin -- what would you ask for this?

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1)what do you think should be done about sexting?

The offenders should be grounded from the phone for six months. The senders of the pics should be told about how Uncle Hank will be wanking off their pictures from the internet.

2)what should be done about the saggy pants problem?

My dad should wear saggy pants, making everyone else not wear them anymore.
Baro Bitch Stare
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What do you think would be the cheapest way to move across the country (Iowa to Texas)?

What is the furthest you've moved ever?

What are you having for lunch?

ETA: I have a Dodge Stratus sedan....do you think I could put a hitch on it and tow a trailer?
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Okay, so according to my previous post, most of you pronounce 'buoy' as boo-ee or similar. A few of you mentioned that you though the 'boy' pronunciation was odd, and vice versa. But it lines up with words like 'buoyant' (boy-int). So then, if you use the 'boo-ee' pronunciation, how do you pronounce buoyancy/buoyant?

What accent do you have? If you could have any accent, what accent would you like to have? Assuming you just woke up one day with it and no one seemed to think it was unusual.
I've got a General Australian/New Zealand mixed sort of accent, but I'd love to have an Irish accent. :)
is a beaut

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i like collecting up pictures so will you show me lots of pictures? (i will too!)

if you have photobucket, how many pictures do you have in it? i've got 454 at the moment.
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Have you seen that Quiznos commercial where the toaster oven (or whatever that thing is) tells the employee to make a Toasty Torpedo and "put it in" it?

What was your reaction when you first saw it?

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I laugh every time I see it.
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Leech therapy

My daughter (7 y.o) has some minor problems such as an attention deficit, insomnia, headache. And my wife decided to take our girl to the hirudotherapy. Our daughter is glad, and my wife claims that it helps. And they brought these full leeches home, they are like pets now. My wife and my daughters are crazy about pet animals including kinds of creepy crawlers (but for me these thick leeches are rather disgusting).
Well, the qtn is
Have you ever tried leech therapy?
Is it popular in your area?
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TQC, my husband just got his first ticket ever from rolling through the stop sign in our neighborhood. At the bottom it says "Fine - $50, Court Costs - $121, Total - $171".

Assuming we don't bother to fight it (it was a clear violation and I've yelled at him about doing it before) and don't go to court, I would assume we only have to mail in a money order for the $50, right?

Have you ever gotten a ticket? What was it for?

This won't raise our insurance rates, will it?
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Purple and green mushrooms :D D:

Does anyone know if a mushroom with a purple top with white dots and green stem exists? Or at least purple top and green stem? (I've googled, but found nothing)

Because I had a tie-dye made today at the Agriculture festival at my college, and one of the designs they could make was a mushroom with those colors, so I picked it because I'm fascinated by mushrooms, and because in that color it looked good with the shirt. So, can anyone tell me if a mushroom like that one actually exists?

Also, how do you feel about people who befriend their professors?

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Okay, is Omegle not the most fucked up thing ever? I've been on for about five minutes. here's how my conversations have started:

1: Do you have a beard?

2: I am prince Abdul Nareem-jabar of Nigeria. (having fun with this one!)

got any wierd stories to tell about omegle convos?
doesn't it make you wonder how the internet has affected our ability to start a conversation?

eta: I can't LJ cut because I fail.
eta: repeatedly

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this is a site where you can chat with total strangers.
Will you log on and see if we can "connect" with a fellow TeeKewCee'r?
typical conversations go like this:

You: keukenhoff
Stranger: kia ora
You: tot ziens
Stranger: yuh?
You: uzbek?
You: tajik?
You: pashtun?

its lulz tastic

I KNOW its been "done"...humor me.
Please to be cutting and pasting humorous interludes.

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I was just kicked out of my awesome comfy chair so three kids could have a showing of some weird ass movie. Apparently this is a school event, however, they kicked out about twenty kids and the event could have easily been placed in another room. Plus, the kids were complaining that it's too bright (it's in a room FULL of windows and has a ton of light, perfect for studying).

I am a little irritated. How would you feel?
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My mom let me borrow her car to do some errands. It's a new car and she's crazy protective of it. So naturally I want to pretend that I fucked it up or something. Would that even be funny? Suggestions, please.

The car is a big Lexus and my mom is schizophrenic. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, it just means that I've been cautious about playing practical jokes on her in the past.

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Ugh. I am sick of all the food in my house. The only things that don't take work are ramen noodles and I am sick to death of ramen. If I have ten dollars to spend at the grocery store, what should I buy? Anything from munchies to meat, so long as it's SUPER simple and fast.

Have you ever had a craving for the elusive "something" but various foods didn't satisfy it? Did it go away on its own or did you find a cure?
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TQC today I discovered that a course I have been taking since September I have not been registered in since January. Worst April Fool's day joke ever, y/y? I just filled out a petition to re-add the course and now I'm writing a letter saying what happened. Have you ever written a letter like this? I'm not sure who to address it to or how I should format it. Tips?
[CUTE] Fairy dust;

High school...

If you could go back to high school and change all of your classes, what would you change? What else would you change about your academic life?

For me, I'd...

- take Italian for three years instead of Spanish.
- take Chorus for only two years and take Speech & Debate in 11th grade instead.
- take Creative Writing, World Religions, and Ceramics instead of taking Piano, SAT/PSSA Prep and Drawing.
- take Environmental Sciences instead of Chemistry. Or take Career Prep (read: lowest difficulty) Chemistry.
- take Keyboarding instead of General FCS.
- take AP World History instead of Honors Government & Economics and back it with another Art class.
- be on the newspaper staff all four years instead of just my last two.
- also get better grades in Math 9th and 12th grade and just generally worked much harder. Especially in 9th grade so I could have gotten to Honors classes quicker.
- Make my GPA around 3.4 instead of 3.0.

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It seems like when there are so MANY options for something, I have trouble knowing where to start.

What are some delicious ways to marinade tofu? What types of flavors do you like to use to marinade tofu?

Cadbury's Crunchie Nuggets


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TQC, my gf just told me that the longass paper I stayed up all night translating isn't due until tommorow.

Keeping in mind we can only IM today, what prank should I pull on her tonight to get back for this?
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1. What's your favorite regional accent? (Not just English but Yorkshire. Or not just American but Bostonian.)

2. What's your regional accent? Is it thick? Can people guess where you are from after you say a few words?

3.After seeing one too many bad vampire movies on my own, I'm looking for some new ones that are actually good for a difference. What would you recommend?

I prefer unusual, dark and scary vampires like Near Dark, Let the Right One in, Fright Night, From Dusk Til Dawn, Subspecies and Nosferatu. I can't stand romantic, emo, vampirism is a metaphor for sexy times movies like Twilight, Bram Stoker's Dracula and The Hunger.

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which song should i sing tonight at karaoke?

def leopard - rock of ages
shania twain - any man of mine
the pointer sisters - i'm so excited
jim croce - bad, bad leroy brown
the weather girls - it's raining men
none of these; you suck
none of these; i have left my suggestion in the comments

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I'm just curious about the average regarding this. Mine seem decent but I don't have anyone IRL that I can campare notes with!

For those of you that work out...what percentage of your body weight do you leg press? Heres a percentage calculator to make things easier.

ETA: DO YOU LIKE ADRIANA LIMA? I feel like I'm the only person on the planet that thinks she's funny looking.
me&missy- green compli.

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I was suppose to attend a benefit tomorrow night with my friend, but now she has to work.
The event is down the street from me, and I already have paid for two tickets. The people putting on the benefit are only getting money from the ticket sales, not the drinks/etc. There will be a lot of people there that I know.

Should I still go? Or should I just go out with my other friends (who didn't want to go to the benefit)?

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Why is my ex-girlfriend so hell bent on making sure I'm not happy with the girl that I'm "seeing"? srs and non

eta: obviously jealousy is an issue. other ideas, plz.

eta2: you guys are all right (except seanx3). i have no idea why i still talk to her, i guess we just had long history. but, it is time now. i need to weed out the people in my life who bring me down and she is one of them. i just received a text from her saying "she isn't going to make you happy" while the girl in question was at my house with her dog. i'm done dealing with my ex and ignoring will take place. thank you guys for "smacking me in the face" with reality.
dianna agron ;;

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I was just eating some fried chicken with my dad, from the local shop that we go to a lot, and I swear it smelt and tasted like CHEESE. Not like it was off [because off chicken just smells revolting], just a distinct air of cheesiness about it. My dad said his chicken smelt and tasted like chicken, and I got him to try some of mine and he said it was fine.

So why did it smell cheesy to me?! TELL ME, DO I HAVE A BRAIN TUMOUR AND IS IT TERMINAL?!
Or maybe one of those weird mouth/nose infection things that makes things smell/taste funny?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Where is my debit card? (that has my hamster on it)
It was in my jacket pocket after I left the store and got in the car, and I've only been home since.

Are you prone to leaving things?

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What persona should I create for Omegle? I'm thinking a French pirate named Claude Pieyarrr with a frog pet.

My mother has declared my new name to be Tootsie Dippindoodle. How silly is that? Edit: She got it from some email someone sent her about "Take the third letter from your first name and find the matching word starting with that letter from this list" and so forth.

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I just had the WORST CHILI EVARR...omg...who puts that much garlic in chili?
Have you ever had food so bad you HAD to complain about it??

I didn't PAY for it....it was in the mess hall. It was free. but it has wrecked my tastebuds FOREVER.

OK...this isnt funny...I'm shitting FIRE now people. Its like a really bad super power.

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Can you tell me why Shakespeare would include the subtle homoeroticism of the Antonio characters in Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night?

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IF you dgaf, are you excited about the new season of the Hills?

What are you eating for dinner?

html fail

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My friend showed me a while back a website that easily aggregates college class schedules, so when planning future semesters they show up neatly and what not. Classopia or something like that it was called, are you familiar with this website?

Edit. Found it, it's Coursetopia.com

Baby, it's you...except not

Your best celebrity crush ends up dating someone who looks JUST like you. You could be twins, except he/she has a slightly better body. Even this person's name is the same, except it's spelled differently. Your crush tells the media that he/she has never been so happy and it's true love. They marry soon after and in all the tabloids, you see pictures of your crush and what looks like you exiting the church in full wedding regalia, enormous smiles on their faces. How do you feel?

Amused. This is one helluva coincidence
Jealous. That should be me!
Indifference. So fucking what?
Aroused. I don't know why, but it's kind of hot thinking of my doppleganger banging my crush. I can live vicariously through them
Sad. My crush shouldn't be with anyone except me:(

The marriage lasts a year, and after that, your twin breaks your crush's heart and ends up winning half his/her fortune in the divorce. Your crush is devastated and announces to the press "I hate my ex SO MUCH! I'll never so much as talk to anyone who reminds me of him/her!!" So, pretty much, any hypothetical chance you might have had with your crush is no longer possible and you wouldn't even get a chance to talk to him/her without your crush calling security on you. How do you feel?

Still amused. It's a coincidence, but now it's full of unnecessary drama
Indifference. Who cares? It isn't like I was going to meet him/her anyway
Angry. My doppleganger is a fucking bitch for doing such a messed up thing. I want to kick my lookalike's ass for breaking my crush's heart
Sad. Boohoo. My crush hates my twin and by default, hates me.

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Okay, I think I am going crazy. No one ever knows what I am talking about, but when I used to get sushi at this place, it would come with, um, long green thin things, like a little salad of it. What is this called?!

(no subject)

How do you feel about witnessing PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) ?

What makes you more uncomfortable?
Over-the-top snogging
'Lovey-dovey' smooches

I'm all for love and all, but my just-dumped best friend wasn't very comfortable watching our friend and his new girlfriend stop every two minutes for a peck.

Random question: How do I turn off e-mail notices for comments? I see boxes below this about allowing/screening comments but those aren't what I want are they?

anontang DA

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TQC, my friend is having iTunes issues. She has a bunch of HD downloads of shows that she does not want. They are incomplete downloads, and we both have tried everything we can think of to get rid of them, because she does not want them to download. However, no matter what we try, we cannot get them to go away. We have thrown the .part files into the recycle bin and they still won't go away. They are not in the library. How can we get them to go away? She is using a PC. Thanks!


I teach junior high English. On Wednesday next week, we're having a Superhero dress up day. What should I dress up as??? Bonus points for something easy and/or something nerdy. Oh, and, please no spandex. :)

Oh yeah, I'm a girl.
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Alright.  I've been unemployed for way too long.  Partially due to health crap popping up and also in part to a completely saturated job market.  Typically, I've been an Administrative Assistant / Executive Assistant (just special words for Secretary, pretty much).  It's time to get a skill and be more marketable.  My father called me this afternoon and told me to think of something I want to do and he's going to put me through the schooling necessary to do it.  (Side note:  Wow, I had no idea my Dad was this awesome.  Ok, a little idea.) 

But now I'm stuck.  I have NO idea what I could possibly look into and I'm brain dead.  We're meeting for dinner in 15 minutes to talk about this further.  Can you give me ideas that don't have years-long degree plans (phd, masters, blah blah blah)?  The only thing I can think of is possibly nursing school, but I don't know if I could get over a slight fear of needles and blood to do it.  

Help?  D: 
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What would you say or do if a coworker came to work with Pink Eye while contagious? I work in a very small office, so if one person is gone, it puts a pretty big strain on everyone else. My coworker didn't want to put us all through that, but I really don't want to catch Pink Eye! I would have much rather had her gone for the day. :(
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How often do you wear underwear, and under what circumstances?

If more than 50% of the time, why do you wear underwear?

Are there any health risks or benefits of wearing underwear vs. not wearing underwear?


anyone in tqc have experience on strattera? my roomie is starting it tomorrow. she was diagnosed with ADD last week. she's also on two antidepressants.

what's your experience with it, if you don't mind me asking? tell me about how it works for you.

ps: how expensive is this stuff? she's got two weeks worth of samples to start with. i'm going to look into discount programs, but... just wondering.

Look a poll everyone!

Poll #1376504 Being born/Living in the country of your choice

If you could be born and live in a certain country in the world, where would that be?

United States of America
United Kingdom

I put Libya because according to the Human Development Index they are the number one African country in the world with regards to development. Maybe I missed a few great countries like New Zeeland but still.

You're on my flist and my eff list

Do you ever just wanna really bang someone on your flist? Just descend on them, and grind your collective goodies together in beautiful-music-together euphoria? Surely it can't just be me and my lonely hormones who feel this hunka-hunka burning love

That fucking does it. I'm hitting the bottle tonight

Hey look everybody, a poll! Part 2

If you could be born and live in a certain country in the world, where would that be? part 2

New Zealand
Costa Rica
Romania (haha nobody is going to check this, it's ok)

See? ILY all

(no subject)

i'm going to new york in a couple weeks, but not really looking to do the typical statue-of-liberty-and-the-met type of touristy trip.

what are some fun [possibly cheap] things you suggest for new york city?

(no subject)


Ok, so like my kitty go up from his nap and then LITERALLY said "BAN....KAI" out loud and then this white glowing aura starting building up around him and he slowly started levitating off the ground and then his eyes glowed yellow and THEN I RAN OUT OF THE ROOM. NOW EVERYTHING IS SHAKING.


(no subject)

Does anyone here have experience with medical billing? I'm slightly in a career rut and am thinking about going back to school to get certified in it. If you have any information for me, will you please share it?

(no subject)

How funny is the following joke on a scale of one to ten?

If I ever commit suicide, here's what I plan to do -- you can use this -- I'm gonna fling myself off the top of a skyscraper, but before I do, I'm gonna stuff my pockets with candy and gum. That way, when I smack into the sidewalk, I'll burst like this big, human pinata. That way, the on-lookers who walk up, they can go, 'Oh man, he really must have been depressed -- oh, Snickers! Alright!'
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(no subject)

1. What are you doing right this second? [aside from staring at the computer]
2. Do you like where you are currently living?
3. Can you tell me the name of this font? If not, do you need a drink right now?
4. When were you born?

(no subject)

I have mixed vodka, regular rum, and 151 together. Is this going to taste disgusting when mixed with coke? Edit: I love 151's taste and have a disgustingly high alcohol tolerance, which is why I mixed them. Am I insane?

Do you play Bejeweled?

(no subject)

i've wanted to be a journalist forever, and i am two years into the journalism school at college.

the history of journalism is nuts....either going extinct or transforming into something completely different.

am i crazy for trying to pursue this career? how do you see the future of journalism?
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So I got home from work tonight and found a note under my door from my apartment manager. It says there have been many complaints about the noise level coming from my apartment. It said there are kids running and loud music blaring at all hours of the night. I do play music, but it's never really loud, and always off by 8, and my daughter is in bed by 8:30. I called the manager and was told the complaint specifically said it was loud rap music. That's one genre I don't listen to, but my neighbor across the hall is constantly playing it LOUDLY. These neighbors also let their kids run up and down the hall like fucking maniacs. The note said if there's any more complaints, I'll be charged $100. For something I'm not even doing.

Dear TQC, what would you do? Would you confront your loud neighbor and tell them to turn it down? Would you go downstairs to the neighbor that complained and discuss it with them? Would you say fuck it and make as much noise as possible since you'll probably be stuck with a fine anyway? Or would you do something else entirely?

Thanks everyone.
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So, I'm trying to get super tan because I have this vacation thing in a week, and I'm naturally very pale but I look good tan. Ok. So I use tanning booths. I usually do 10 minutes. Besides using their lotions, which seem to be out of my budget, how can I get REALLY tan** and stay really tan? (spray tanning is kind of not an option since I tend to break out)

Why the hell do people like being tan?

****spare the speech, I do not a give a fuck
back corset

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I'm watching Jon and Kate plus 8. Do you think they can afford a lot of what they have because of the media attention they got and the money from the show? Do you think that was a reason as to why they did the show?

I'm just curious because I'm pregnant with my first and I'm already having financial woes.
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(no subject)

Does anyone want to talk to me over chat or something to help me cheer up? To cut a long story short, one of my friends upset me today and it seems like almost all of my other friends are overseas/busy/uncontactable right now, and I kind of want someone to talk to.

If you don't want to do that - tell me, how many holes are there in your body? Mine - 22. The, erm, 'regular' holes; and some extras from piercings. I am actually curious to know this; this is not just a, "I'm having life dramas but I'll throw in another question as well so I don't look self-obsessed" post.

Stretch Mark Removal

Has anyone, or do you know of anyone, who have gotten rid of or significantly improved their stretch marks? I'm talkin about the deep red purplish ones.

I'm interested in trying Trilastin - I see a lot of good reviews. I'm also interested in Strevaxl but I cant find any websites with reviews on them (beside the same review prolly just fake written on several websites).

I've always never payed attention to creams and stuff for stretch marks because there have been so many in the past that are just hoaxes, but some new ones out that seem to be different?

I'd be thankful to hear about any product reviews or anything you've tried or know someone who has tried it.