March 31st, 2009

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sry i post so much

what do you do when you just feel like crying, really for no reason but just to feel relieved? why do you think you feel this way?

what do you do when you can't fall asleep? i took melatonin but idk, didn't help much :(

do you drink tap water? if not, what kind of water do you use to make tea/coffee?

why the heck do people leave the water running while they brush their teeth?

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Do you like monograms? Is anything of yours monogrammed?
Today this guy from a culture where monogramming isn't common compared my apparent penchant for monograms to an animal marking its territory [via urination]! I was so insulted!
Has someone insulted you recently? How?

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What new cell phone should I get? I'm using Verizon. This website lists my options.

It must:
1) Have a real web browser. (i.e. no WAP).
2) Be able to run real programs-- able to run free third-party software-- (i.e. NO Qualcomm BREW)such as Java, Windows Mobile, Palm, etc software..
3) Be PDA or PDA-ish.
4) Avoids stupid, artificial restrictions (as many as can be avoided) by Verizon (my provider) on the phone.

5) I'd PREFER a real, physical keyboard as well, but this isn't as big of a requirement.


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what have you done that may not make sense, but is strictly because of the principle of the matter?

(ie. I always change the radio station whenever Chris Brown or Rihanna come on because I can't stand the fact they are using domestic abuse as a publicity stunt.)

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On a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate putting on a freshly washed/dried pair of jeans? D:

10!!! They are always too tight (= UNCOMFORTABLE) for the first couple hours before they stretch out to their "normal" shape. I know a lot of people don't put their jeans in the dryer for expressly this reason but I'd rather they be too tight and then perfect a few hours later than perfect to start and then too baggy a few hours later...
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1. do you have any sort of general opinion about the vietnam war, or US history of that specific time period?
2. do you have any sort of general opinion about the war in iraq and that whole can of worms?
3. *** what do you think you'll be like when you're older? as in retirement age, 65+ older. ***edit: this is unrelated to the first two questions unless you decide to answer otherwise
h/w batman and robin

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I know we have quite a few NaNoWriMoers in the community, so I'm curious: how many TQC folk are participating in Script Frenzy?

I'm the admin for the Screnzy facebook group, and I've been getting my inbox flooded for the last few days with people asking about it. Do you ever get your inbox flooded by people you don't know?

Are there any movies that are based on books that you prefer to the book? (please ignore the extremely awkward phrasing of that question.)

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In Word, how do you make the document wider? Most of my documents are like 7 and a quarter wide, but I have this one that is only 5 inches. And it's annoying. Anyone know how to change this?

I probably should have mentioned I've got a Mac

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TQC, I'm out of bed early because my boyfriend woke up for class and his contacts were making his eyes hurt and he was angry and loud about it.

Should I...

a) Read and try to fall back asleep
b) Stay online and hope LJ gets less boring
c) Watch random things that have been TiVo'd
d) Play PS2 even though the only game I can find is this X-Files game which is kind of boring
e) ????

What song is stuck in your head right now?

Mine is Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse, which just replaced Sexy Can I.

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What foods don't agree with you? Not foods you don't like or foods you're allergic to, but foods you like but that always cause more digestive (or other) problems than they are worth to eat.
Kissing Parts

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How often do you poke through your digital pictures? (Or printed pictures, for that matter.)

Every now and again, mostly cause I go on re-organizing streaks with my computer.

Post a picture you completely forgot you had? When did you take it? What was the event, if there was one?
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Blue Manhattan Group

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Poll #1375586 Watchmen

For those of you who have seen the movie AND read the graphic novel, which casting was the best?

Dr. Manhattan
Nite Owl II
Silk Spectre II

(no subject)

The sound of screaming kids makes me want to kick a baby. What makes you want to kick a baby?

(please don't get on my ass about kicking babies, its not to be taken literally)
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What is your favorite spoof of a popular song? I found the song below earlier today, and even if you don't play Halo, you have to admit it is pretty spot on to RHCP's Snow (Hey-Oh).
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lead me

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i'm teaching a science unit on the human body to second graders in the next few weeks. one of the major parts of my unit is a 2 1/2 ft tall model of the human body (yes, i found my tag board to make it) that i can add organs onto with velcro. i'm psyched about it, but i'm writing my first lesson right now, and... i need a name for him/her/it.

tqc, what would you name my tagboard anatomy buddy?

ps, i'm at a middle socioeconomic level school in louisiana and there are only 3 black students in my class. i'm not averse to making this little guy multicultural.

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TQC, help me find my cell phone please. I hung out with my friend Stephanie when I lost it and it's not with her or in her car. As we were hanging out, we got some pot and it's not at the guy's house. I have been looking all over my house for it and I cannot find it. I have called it but it was on vibrate and now it is off (it had low battery anyway).

James Franco joint

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Anyone have any (recent) experience with concerts at HardRock Live? Specifically Orlando? I am seeing Ben Folds there tomorrow, and I want to bring a camera in. In the past, I've put a disposable camera between my boobs, and I have gotten right in. I want to bring my digital one, but I feel like it would set off the metal detector, and I don't want them to take it away/have to run BACK to my car after waiting in line for general admission standing, you know? Suggestions?

If you don't give a shit, what bands/groups/musicians have you seen live? How about comedian?
I've seen BB King 3 times, MCR twice, Green Day once, Reel Big Fish, John Mayer, and this will be my 2nd Ben Folds show. I' really want to start going to more concerts. I've also seen Jim Gaffigan and Lewis Black.

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When reading a document, which do you think is more important? The letter of the document (what is actually written) or the spirit of the document (what is meant by what is written)? Why?

Does your answer change if the document is the Bible? Why?
How about the Constitution? Why?
odd enthusiasms

shirts and soups!

If you live in a non-USA country (especially France), what sorts of clothing are generally frowned upon?

(My roommate is going to Brest this summer, and she's been told that she can't bring tops that show cleavage. How much is considered too much? She doesn't dress like a dirty ho or anything, but most of her shirts show a little bit of cleavage.)

If you truly do not give two shits about this dilemma, what is your favorite kind of soup?

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Does anyone have some advice on step counters?
You know those things that count how many calories you burn, how many steps/miles you walked or where then around your wrist or arm.
Where is the best place to get them cheap?
Do you like a certain brand?
Some work better than others?

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Why do some people think it's okay to pierce their childs ear(s) but it's totally against them to consider circumcision?
Seeing as both are a form of mutilation and all.

Why do you think some people assume is it okay to mutilate a child for fashion but questionable when it comes to tradition?
Would you pierce your young childs ears? 

I loath it when children have their ears pierced before they can ask and give consent for it!  Mine were pierced as a baby and it caused scar tissue in my ear making it impossible for me to be able to stretch my lobes now without a blowout.

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I have to do a power point on some aspect of Victorian England for my British History class. I'm being really indecisive re: topics.

Any ideas tqc? Unfortunately it has to be somewhat sfw, but something macabre and/or odd would be fun.
Baro Bitch Stare
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itunes question?

Don't hate me, so my sister's ipod freaked out and she seems to have lost a bunch of her downloaded (bought & paid for music off itunes). The music no longer shows up in itunes or in her purchased music folder. Is there a way to get it back without having to pay for it again??

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Dear TQC;

This dress + these boots= awesome times or fashion disaster?

I could steal my sister's red kitten heels to wear with the dress again, but they're too big and give me blisters :(

How would you accessorize that dress? Where would you wear it to? Is it too fancy/not fancy enough/too weird to wear to a semi-formal steakhouse, if the other party is wearing a suit + tie?

How often do you consult the internets (including TQC and Google) for fashion advice?

What are your thoughts on bacne?

ETA: Last query: for a black dress, black stockings or nude stockings?

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your S/O tells you that whilst they were drunk, in a club last night; they made out with a close friend of the same sex. how do you feel?

what was the last song you listened to?

are you having any holidays this year? where? if you are not, where do you want to go?
Hurry up and look back

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ever taken adderall? was it hard to quit? what did you do to quit? any good substitutes that don't have the narcotic negative effects?

I am currently taking it (20 mg. 1x a day for the past 3 years) and want to stop, but it's hard.

btw, I am also getting a drug test for a new job, how long does it take for it to leave your body? isn't it pretty much speed? how long does that take to leave your body so that your drug test is clean?

For $7,500...

Poll #1375736 For $7,500, would you...

...sneak behind your boss next Patty's Day, grab 2 big handfuls of his/her ass and squeeze, and then whisper in their ear "You're not wearing green today"?


...send naked pics to everyone on your cell phone list? For those without cell phones or cell cams, just pretend you have one

89(85.6%) a human foot? It's been cleaned and cooked. You may only use salt and pepper to flavor it


...parachute blindfolded? You get one quick glimpse when you jump, but after that, you'll have to pull the chute blind and land blind. Let's hope you don't end up in a lion's cage or something


...get a 'Sarah Palin for President in '12' tattoo on your lower back? Your tramp stamp will be 6" across and you must have it on your body for at least 6 months. Laser removal of tattoo will be free


...transport 15 cockroaches from one box to another...using only your mouth?

bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

the big BLING

What can I do between now and the end of May to earn $1300? I'm a work-study student (meaning the gov't pays me to work while studying). And that money goes straight to my bills and expenses. I need to raise money to go to school in the summer cause I just found out that I won't be getting financial aid in the summer.

(I know ya'll are into non-srs answers, but srs ones would be greatly appreciated.)
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What is your opinion on committing a serious crime while intoxicated?  Murder, sexual assault, etc.
Do you think alcohol and drugs have the potential to make you commit a serious crime that you would not do while sober?
Should one receive a reduced sentence (ex/ reduced to 5 years from 7 years) if they were found to be extremely intoxicated while committing that serious crime?

We brought this up in my grade 12 Law class and I was extremely interested.  I love this unit. :)

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i'm going to the gym tonight on my way home from work and i forgot my ipod and my book. i dont wanna drive all the way home and then turn around and come all the way back since the gym is so close to my office.

there is a barnes and noble on the way from work to the gym, what book should i buy?

i can't work out unless i have something to read or listen to. and the stupid gym tv's require a walkman. who the hell even owns a walkman anymore?

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For anyone at all familiar with ballroom dance:

Can anyone explain to me, in plain English, the Left-Footers One-Step? I tried looking it up on Google but only got about twenty hits, all of which were dance patterns, which I don't understand. Thanks!
amelie half face

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Dairy consumers: What is your favorite kind of cheese?
Have you (or anyone you know) ever eaten a whole block of cheese*? What kind?

For those of you who do not eat dairy, will you please spam this post with attempts to show us the light?

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How do you spell relief?

wowee! toki wartooth.

(no subject)

 how do you think humans taste/what do you think they taste like? 
that question came up last night when my roomie and i were talking about crazy serial killers.

have you ever used a ouija board? did anything scary happen?

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Ethics Question

Would you consider it unethical so show off pictures of a wedding to someone else, when you haven't finished editing them and they don't really know the person who's in the picture?

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My next computer will be a mac. I would like to get a macbook pro at some point, but I also saw the macbook air.

What do you think:

Is 8 gigs of ram overkill?

Would a bigger hard drive, faster processer and more ram be worth the extra weight?
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Say you find a nice piece of jewelry the back of your jewelry box that was given to you as a gift by a former romantic interest with whom you no longer have any sort of relationship. What do you do with it? Wear it because it's pretty? Leave it in the jewelry box because it has no meaning to you anymore but you don't want to give it away? Sell it because you don't want anything to do with it? Something else?

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If your best friend called you up to inform you that their vagina smelled of hot dog, what would you think?

Should I try to pick up an astronomy major even with difficult courses like calc 3 and quantum physics when I've never taken a physics course or even calc 1, if I'm willing to work as hard as it would take to do well in that major?

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hey tqc... you've just gotten a new job as the person who types in the news ticker at the bottom of the screen on CNN! They'll tell you the gist of the news, you're expected to type in summaries that scroll along the bottom of millions of TVs.

Be honest... are you going to throw in some crazy every once in a while to see if anyone's paying attention?

what would you like to report, when you're sure the boss isn't watching?

April Fools

ok, so I don't usually do April Fools pranks, but I am kinda in the mood to this year. I've gone back 160 entries and I can't find this question, so, What are the best pranks/fools you've seen/done?
What are you going to do this year?
What pranks/fools/jokes have you done in the past?
zooey deschanel

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Inspired by itsme_b's post...

1) Have you had any of your wisdom teeth pulled?
2) Were they impacted/infected/anything?
3) Were you put under anesthesia or just given a local anesthetic?
4) Did it hurt? On a scale of 1-10 how much did it hurt?
5) How long did the procedure take and how long after did it take to heal up?
6) If you don't have insurance, how much did it cost?

I thought I would never have wisdom teeth, but alas one has broken through the gums and has been coming up for about 8 months now. I don't have insurance so I haven't seen a dentist in a while. So I just wanna know how it has gone down for you guys.

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are you stressed the fuck out?

my job recently bumped me up to full time hours, even though they know i'm a full time student and live an hour or so away from school, i have to get to the museum to pick a painting to do a critique on, my family is exploding, and i have no idea how i am going to get to school for the rest of the week because i have less than half a tank of gas, and no money whatsoever.

(no subject)

I know it's shallow, but indulge me plz?

Fill in the blank:

I would never date anyone who (insert physical/personality trait here).

Example: I would never date anyone who has gross teeth.
I would never date anyone who is smelly.
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should i go visit my boyperson who is having an overnight stay at the hospital??

reasons not to go:
- I will have to ask his friend to pick me up which is awkward, because I don't drive
- Visiting hours end in less than two hours
- I will have to ask my mom to babysit which might be annoying if I ask her to babysit again tomorrow
- I plan to go baby him tomorrow anyway....

reasons to go:
- He invited me to
- I'm retarded over him and want him to know that I hella care?



(no subject)

I'm extremely sad because I just tried to make these and some other cookies for my friends birthday and they've both failed incredibly. So the cookies are rock hard and gross and as for the cake balls, I got all the way up to the step where they're in the fridge right now for a few hours.  They just taste grossly sweet.

Should I bother adding the chocolate and giving it to my friend?
What should I give my friend instead? I feel terrible since I was so excited to make them and I didn't really have anything else planned to give him besides for the baked goods.
What is something you are terrible at that you wish you were good at?

My Dog Billy :)

Drug related death

A friend of a friend died recently from a heroin overdose. It's hard for me to offer any sympathy for this. If she had died under other circumstances I'd feel more sorry for this loss. They weren't even that close, but that is only from my view. I've chosen to just listen and keep my thoughts to myself.

How would you handle this situation?

(no subject)

I'm hungry, TQC, so hungry. But the only food I have at my house is Frosted Flakes (no milk) and I only have about $35 in my account to last me to April 16th.

What should I doooo???

Also, do you feel like you're more hungry/ hungry more often when you don't have much food or money?

(no subject)

probably old but what the heck.


This guy basically just married twins.

"Our reporters were just gagging to hear the response to this mouth-watering question “And.... what are the sleeping arrangements Mr Wichai”? to which he replied modestly with a beaming smile “Absolutely no problems! For the first three nights of the week, I will sleep with Ms Thipawan and the next three will be spent with Ms Sirintara. As for every Saturday, the three of us will sleep together”"


bank account confusion

so, in my bank account it says the amount available is 22 dollars. im confused by this because i went and got coffee and gas today, and it should be close to nothing now. this is what it says in the statement:

03/31/09 CHKCARDMEIJER INC #120SOUTH B INUS $1.00-gas
03/31/09 CHKCARDMEIJER INC #120SOUTH B INUS $1.38-coffee

i filled up the tank with about 20 bucks worth of gas though, and that is not on the statement, and aside from the coffee at the same place, i made no transactions.

so, did i just get free gas, or is this some weird tax thing and ill get charged tomorrow?

ETA-oh i see. thats weird that its never happened to me before! and i was all excited for a minute there =[
im french

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My mom has had this lifelong issue with the fact that most high-end, hand-knit sweaters for babies aren't easily washable. So, now she wants to knit nice little baby sweaters and sell them. Somehow. Like, online.

How should my mom sell these baby sweaters?

Is it even a good idea? Should I support this endeavor or tell her to not get her hopes up?
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I've heard of a woman taking her little boy into the women's restroom to use the toilet. If you are male, have you ever been that little boy? If so, has it scarred you for life?
Miroku Turn

(no subject)

Do you ever get bothered by embarrassing shit that happened ages ago? :( It happens often that I'll find myself lying in bed, and my brain will say "HEY DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN YOU THIS HAPPENED" and then I am consumed with embarrassment and I can't handle it.
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(no subject)

Hey dudes,

This may be a tall order, but I'm looking for a list of U.S. cities in order of proximity to Vancouver, Canada that includes the travel time to each city. Anyone have any idea where I could find this sorta thing?

(no subject)

How long have you lived where you live now?
Where do you see yourself living when you are 65?

Do you know of any games that you can rig so that someone always loses? It would be great for a prank tomorrow!

(no subject)

1)what do you think about real person slash?

Keep your sexual fantasies about other people in journals,plz.

2)what sort of apple sauce is the best?

the granny smith flavor.

3)what annoys you?

if people don't stop shouting over some basketball coach...
saint with dagger

pistachio pudding = DDIIIEEEE!!!?????

I haven't eaten pistachios in any form in years... until a few days ago when I ate some pistachio pudding, the day before I heard they were recalling pistachio products. Am I going to die?

And on a slightly more serious note- my mom is going through a lawsuit over problems she had with the peanut butter thing. She couldn't have done anything about it if she hadn't saved her peanut butter jar as proof (Even though they said to throw them away... yeah, why do you think they said that?). Do I need to go dig my pudding box out of the trash?? HALP!

ETA: Have you had pistachios lately?

(no subject)

I'm thinking of becoming a dancer at a local full nude in town. What should I know before going in, what questions should I ask the owner and what should I look out for? I don't want to get myself in a ...sticky...situation.
Jasper glasses
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(no subject)

does anyone know of a site/service like but that is actually still in business? (nothing has worked there for months, maybe years, and i had two accounts there!!).

it doesn't have to be free, just allow full HTML/CSS customization.

and ti would be really awesome if they did not suddenly stop working without notice after you paid them and used their service for years D:

(no subject)

1.) Do you drink?

2.) Do you have to pee a lot when you drink?

3.) Do you get horny when you drink?

4.) Does your typing deteriorate when you drink?

5.) Have you ever noticed your urine changes scent with different foods like coffee or asparagus?

6.) Was that last question too personal?

7.) Are you doing anything for april fools?
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(no subject)

Will you describe to me the underwear you wear during your period?
Do you prefer pads or tampons or ~Diva Cups~ ?


Which degree should I go for?

Human Rights- then law school
Child/Youth/Family Studies- work in an adoption agency
Child/Youth/Family Studies- work in YMCA with teen mommies
Drop out


(no subject)

Are you currently seeking any professional mental help (therapist/psychiatrist/psychologist etc)?
Will you share what for?

Do you believe that such doctors are legitimate?

I am seeing a therapist for various emotional things-self esteem,anger, frustration, and anxiety. And just to help me figure out what triggers these negative reactions in me. I absolutely believe that these doctors are just as legitamet as any sort of physical doctor and can be very helpful.


You're hanging out with your best friend, and you've both got like... briefcases or something for whatever reason. Anyways, you're both walking along with your briefcases, when your friend accidentially drops their briefcase, spilling it's contents on the floor. You notice that it was filled almost entirely with very detailed Furry drawings, signed by them, that they drew.

What would you do? Would you expect this from that person?

I hate these things....

So - I'm applying for a job at RM, and I get to the bit asking why U want to work there.

any ideas what I could put? I'm always lost for words on these things....

Note: They're not asking why I want the job - I have loads if reasons for tha

(no subject)

I'm waiting to get a scan done on my head.
I'm really REALLY scared that I'm not going to get good news back.

Are the scans scary?
This is going to be the longest hour of my life, y/y?

(no subject)

how come it's fine for guys to have hair under their arms? i think they should have to shave. i hate it.