March 30th, 2009

The guys were talking...

Two of my guy friends were talking tonight about what makes another guy a real friend. One said that there are 3 ways to tell.

1) You would trust him to hold onto any or all of your money with no fear.

2) You really have his back in a fight, even if it means getting royally messed up.

3) You would never go near his girlfriend (or an ex he's not over) no matter what.

Do you think this is accurate? Asking too much/too little?


(no subject)

Have you ever watched or downloaded a pirated movie or broadway musical?

If so, did you do it because you didn't want to pay to see it, or because you honestly couldn't go see it (or another reason)?

Did you feel bad about it afterwards?
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(no subject)

It's 3:15am and my husband has a cold. This means he's snoring badly. Should I sleep on the couch, or try and sleep in the bed? Kicking him out of bed isn't an option, since he has to work in the morning so is far more deserving of a comfy bed than I.

For those of you who have fireplaces, how often do you actual utilize your fireplace? And is it gas or woodburning? The only thing I've done is set some candles in there for mood lighting. A woodburning fireplace seems like it'll be too much work.

What flavor of ramen do you like best? Are the 35c packs better than the 18c packs?

Anything exciting happening for you this week?

For the Smokers and the Jews...

1.  So last night when I was doing laundry, I opened the washer and discovered an unopened pack of cigarettes inside.   They'd been in my husband's pocket and I washed them.  They looked fine so I went ahead and ran them through the dryer as well and then put them in his jacket pocket this morning.  TQC, do you think he'll notice?  I used fabric softener and dryer sheets on them so even if they no longer taste good they will be fluffy and not stuck together with static, y/y?  I'm a good wife because I stuck a second, untainted pack of smokes in his glove box so that when he calls me bitching that his cigarettes taste like flowers, I can tell him where the good pack is, right?

2.  Also, how can a banana be un-kosher?  My daughter goes to a Jewish preschool and they are having a luncheon for us today.  They're making lunch in their kosher kitchen and a friend's daughter is allergic to whatever they're serving but they won't allow her to have a banana instead because it can't come from their kitchen and therefore won't be kosher.  Maybe I'm just misunderstanding because we pack the kids'  lunches normally and they can bring anything as long as it's vegetarian and I thought that was because being kosher had to do with meat and dairy products mostly.  I would have always thought that a banana would be kosher unless you wrapped it in bologna and smothered it with cheese.   
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(no subject)

Does it aggravate you when you ask someone where something is and they say, "Well where did you put it?"

If I knew where I put it I wouldn't be asking where it is.

Are there any little things like this that bother you?

(no subject)

I downloaded my first (and only) Amy Winehouse song a few minutes ago. Is the guilt I'm feeling normal?

On a more serious note, my second class today (History of Jazz, the one I was looking forward to *sadface*) got canceled. Should I go to the record store or to Barnes & Noble to browse?

What was the last record (or CD, mp3, whatever) you bought/downloaded?

Also this hairy old creepster just pointed his straw at me - what does this mean?

(no subject)

Out of:

Rosemary's Baby
The Stepford Wives
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Pet Sematary.

Which should I read first? I want to read them all at the same time, but that's just silly.
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(no subject)

Should I watch Amadeus or My Fair Lady?

Do you have any classes off today?

If you don't care:
Have you heard that RPattz has some hygiene problems?  Why are all my news feeds freaking out about this?

Are you smelly today?
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(no subject)

I just checked my tracking number for my Old Navy order, and it's "out for delivery" as of 7:10am. WHEN DO YOU THINK MY CLOTHES WILL GET HERE?

If you don't care about that, what video game are you currently playing? I am currently playing Fallout 3 and it's pretty cool.
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(no subject)

Will you tell us your favorite song off your favorite album from your favorite artist?

(and make sure to tell us the album and artist, duh)

Mine is a three-way tie between "Ize of the World," "Electricyscape," and "Red Light" from the Strokes' First Impressions of Earth album.
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(no subject)

I have a group of friends that I just don't enjoy spending time with anymore. So the few times they've invited me to do something I've just ignored their invitations. Should I continue to not respond to them or should I say something? I just don't feel like I belong in the group anymore.
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(no subject)

I'm looking at possibly buying or renting a house in Dallas, TX.
1. What are some good ways to figure out if a neighborhood is good/bad/shady/dangerous/etc?
2. What criteria would you consider when looking at houses?

I think I remember a website that would show crime rates or occurances on an interactive map, down to the street level, but that was several years ago, and I've since lost the link. Is there something like that now? Linky linky? Pretty please!
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


What do you think it means when someone is with a person, and isn't intimate with them? I was speaking to an acquaintance of mine...and I asked him if he was seeing anyone lately...and that was his answer to me. He didn't want to tell me anything else...which got me does that work? What could the reason be?

Srs and non-srs welcome.
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TQC, does it bother you when someone takes an inside joke the two of you had and apply it to someone else?

One of my best friends and I used to be interested in each other (before I informed him that making a long distance relationship happen when neither of us has time was not on my to do list), and a joke we always had with each other was "Rawr!" for "I love you" based on that whole "rawr is i love you in dinosaur" thing. I just saw the girl he's interested in now leave him a facebook message that said "why yes, rawr is awesome. =)"
I'm not romantically interested in him, as i'm quite happy with my boyfriend, but it just really bothers me that he may have transferred something that was 'ours' to someone new.

(no subject)

I always thought pickles on Subway subs were the grossest idea ever and people who ate subs with pickles on it were disgusting.

Today, I tried pickles on a Subway sub and it was wonderful.

When was the last time you proved yourself wrong?
What are YOUR fav toppings on Subway subs?
KLINGONS in the White House! D:
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(no subject)

Do you have any songs, artists, or albums that you will forevermore associate with a certain person, place, or event? Could you give us some examples?

What's your favorite way to prepare chicken?
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(no subject)

Opinions / knowledge of law or rental property guidelines wanted.

Friend A and Friend B got a place together a year ago. A few months ago they faught and had a falling out. Friend A moved out but left all of her stuff in the house and continued to pay rent (with much hassle from the landlord). Their lease is up at the end of March, so Friend B found another place and is moving out tomorrow. She told Friend A last week that she's moving and that Friend A needs to get her stuff moved out ASAP. Friend A has still not come and taken it.

Friend B called Friend A this morning telling her she needs to get it today because tomorrow there will be moving trucks in front of the house and people coming in and out all day. Friend A told her to fuck off. If Friend B does not have the house emptied and in the same condition it was in when she moved in, she loses her Deposit. Friend B refuses to do this on account of Friend A's laziness, so she threatened to put all of her stuff out on the lawn. Friend A threatened to call the cops on her if she did.

If Friend A did call the cops, could Friend B actually be held responsible? What can Friend B do to get the Deposit back if she can't remove Friend A's stuff from the house?


You're grocery shopping and purchase the usual, but you plan on doing some baking, so you grab a bag of flour. Later, you're ready to start baking and a friend is over, and you're about to open up the flour when you notice a large green X on the side. You hadn't noticed this when you put it in your basket. Shrugging, you open it up and it smells unusual. You have your friend smell it and she/he says with a shocked face "That's cocaine. Holy shit, you have a full bag of cocaine!" You figure that maybe someone was using the grocery truck to transport drugs under the guise of ordinary kitchen staples, marking each bag with an X. Someone must have goofed and now you've got a bag of nose candy on your hands.

What do you do with it? Do you try and sell it yourself? Return it to the store? Hand it over to the police? Flush the 'evidence'? Throw a little coke party?
unnecessary cuteness

after the shower I switch to the faucet and sit

How do you wash your feet?

While on feet, as I don't wanna wait for a few hours to make another post, 2 of the women I'm seeing are insanely ticklish. Especially on the feet, not surprisingly, and given similarities to feet and hands I tried tickling their palms and they about died from shock at how ticklish those are.

What's the weirdest ticklish spot, on anyone, that you know of?
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(no subject)

tqc, i am somewhat less stressed. yay! so i have a new question: what time is tgi friday's generally open until on mondays? i have the number for the place but calling would require leaving the library and risking losing my computer, lol.
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

Why wont my yahoo mail load? I only have 20 min till class and this is really freaking annoying. I want to read my email! It signs in but then the server wont respond to let me into the folders. Is this happening to anyone else?

ALSO: I am full of pain and unhappiness resulting from womanly things. CLASS IS NOW IN 10 MINUTES AND IT GOES TO 3 WHAT SHOULD I DO? Any exercises I can do discretely at my easel that could alleviate cramps?

Girls need to grow up and be more independent.

Am I the only one who is happy being single and doesn't need a boy to cling to 24/7?


Edit: I guess just to clarify here, I'm not against relationships, I'm fine being single. I'm not bitter about, or lonely. I'm just tired of all my single girl friends who complain to me every day about how much they hate being single. And my friends who are in relationships who come crying to me if they can't see their boyfriend for one day, even though they spent the last 3 weeks every day together. That's all really.


Powder 2

Based off of this question

So, you're about to call the police regarding your unintentional foray into Columbian contraband. You have the phone in hand, when coincidentally (like it often does in the movies), the news happens to flash an update about how there was a bust at that particular supermarket, how it was a drug front. Pretty much, customers would come in and select certain packages with a green X on them and know that inside was coke. These packages were always hidden in the very back of the shelf so that the average customer wouldn't accidentally purchase it by mistake, plus it was a brand of flour that was highly overpriced so most people wouldn't touch it anyway. When checking out, the clerk would mark each purchase of drugs with a certain code and that person would be billed up front for the flour, but would later be given a bill for the coke in the mail. The police say that anyone who purchased the green X'd flour from this store was in on the operation and there would be a criminal investigation done with every person who was found engaged in this drug smuggling front, either as supplier or buyer. "In the war on drugs, there are no innocents found on the side of the dealers", the police chief says in outrage. "We will persecute anyone found guilty in this crime to the full measure of the law...and then some. We will make an example of these lowlifes who had the audacity to peddle their evil under the very noses of ordinary citizens."

You think back and yeah, the flour was kind of expensive at the time, but you were in a hurry and had just grabbed the first bag you found. Someone had obviously moved the bag of coke to the front of the shelf and you just happened to pick it up by accident. You check the receipt and there's no unusual codes found, so you assume the clerk missed the green X, too, and you got away with it scot-free. So, again, you have your bag of drugs and there might be a lot of uncomfortable questions directed your way if you turn it over to the police now, and ignorance might be seen as evasion.

What do you do now?

(no subject)

Is there any way to take smoke out of something? 

We got a stroller no less from a couple who smokes. I didn't know they smoked until the stroller came into the house and it smells strongly of it. I just want to throw it out and get a new one despite it being in perfect condition otherwise and the fact that I'm broke. 

My fiance claims that the smokey smell will go away or we could take it out but I'm not convinced. Even if the smell goes away can't harmful toxins linger in the fabrics? 
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oh hai sex questions

Do you deep throat?


Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?


When people say the prefer giving, do you think maybe they just have never received amazing oral sex?

cheesin' for Disney

(no subject)

which of these tv show genres do you prefer?

reality show competition
hour-long drama
reality show documentary
other (list in comments)

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(no subject)


How much did you miss me?

Also, is this as silly as I think it is? Personally I would be MORE worried after seeing that. Man, even the atheists can't make up their minds anymore....
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david tennant, 10

Share share share?

Does anyone have any keys/codes to any games they wanna share? Ie: the ones on MSN games or anything? A hidden objects game? One of those Chocolatier games? I'm BooooReD and broke until Friday!
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(no subject)

I recently dropped out of Illinois State University due to depression, and really miss going to school. I'm going to Moraine Valley Community College right now, and my mother's friend said that with an associates degree, you can go to any public state college for a bachelors program, that they have to accept you now.

Is this true? I'd love to go to University of Illinois, and I had the ACT score, just not the greatest grades cos I slacked off in high school a bit. I'm capable of getting very good grades when I try and I'm trying to get the best education I can.

So is it true that if I get an associates degree, I can go to U of I since it's a public state college and they have to accept me?

(no subject)

What do you think is the youngest acceptable age of a female for a 22 (almost 23) year old male to date?
What's the youngest you've dated? Oldest?
How old are you?
Decaf<s>f</s> or regular?

100% of your RDA of stupid questions

Since we've all been pushed through our mommy's vagina when we were born, every one of us can say we've been inside of a vagina. Because of this logic, none of you women can say you're completely straight, for your default setting would have to be lesbian and at the very least, you're bisexual.

And gay guys, you were in a woman way back when you were born, so your default setting is therefore straight and you've just gotten mixed up over the years.

Does this reclassification of your sexual preference explain anything about your nature?
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(no subject)

when did you start thinking about when you wanted to get married? was it because you were seeing someone or because you were single?

what's the "perfect age" to get married?

what kind of food are you craving right now?
Self cleaning


What brand of laundry detergent and fabric softener do you use? What scent?
Do you always buy the same brand and scent?
If you switch, do you stick with the same brand and just change scents, or do you choose your laundry stuffs based on scent alone?
Do you use liquid fabric softener, dryer sheets or both?

pepper spray seems insufficient

I work nights, and usually walk home since it's only 15 minutes. Walking is easier than biking. I felt pretty safe in my neighborhood (seems like lots of young families around here), especially if it was before midnight. Lately it's been well after midnight, but I tried not to be worried about it...

...until I heard there were three car break ins and one car theft in my neighborhood recently.

If you were me, a smallish gal who looks like she could be 19, would car thefts be enough to persuade you to not walk home anymore, and to pursue your other options?

(no subject)

How can I introduce more positions into the bedroom, preferably letting my SO think it's his idea?

Would you ever let your SO squeeze your spots?

ETA: If you and your SO live separately, how do you split your time between each others houses?
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(no subject)

Hey TQC, I have to write a letter to the curriculum board at my university to see if I can have a class removed from my record. Have you ever had to write a letter like this? What were the circumstances?

If the above does not apply to you, what was the last letter you wrote about, and to who?
Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

LADIES! Collapse )
Apologies for TMI!

I saw a car the other day whose symbol was an upside down V on top of a right-side up V. Like a diamond of sort. What type of car is this?
How productive has your day been?

(no subject)

Has anybody read The House of Leaves? Would you care to explain what the fuck went on to me? I understand the stuff about the house itself, and the stuff with Navy and Karen, but I'm totally lost as to what Zampano had to do with it all, and what happened to Johnny Truant. Were Johnny and Zampano the same person? Was Johnny actually being 'haunted' by the story or was he in fact just descending into psychosis like his mother? Are we supposed to not understand and be left to draw our own conclusions? Wtf happened?

(no subject)

Are University of California Santa Barbara or San Diego Graduate school hard to get into? I am looking to get my Ph. D in Marine Biology and California is at the top of my list for what I want to research. But I was wondering if the schools are hard to get into for Grad schools? I will be graduating with a B. S. Honors, are my chances any better? Are there any things that I should be focusing on like getting my research done early or adding more activities and volunteering to my academic record?

And what is life like in the cities? I know that San Diego is tourist infested, but that it's still a good place, but Santa Barbara is better both academically, but very expensive to live there. Can anyone give me any information from personal experience or people they know about SB and SD and the schools and life there? These are between my two choices for what I want to focus my research on and depending on where I get accepted I'll have to mold my life around the place and prepare for it so as much help as you can give me is very much appreciated. Even if it's just a small amount of info like something you found on while you were on vacation.

:) Thanks!

(no subject)

Hey, TQC, will you show me a picture of what you're doing right now? mine in comments.

ALSO, I'm supposed to find some kind of food to draw for my art class, along with a utensil, container, and a drink. I have no idea what the hell to draw. any ideas?
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terrible last words

(no subject)

Have you ever seen a cab in real life? If you haven't where do you live

this girl on my facebook claims that she has never seen a cab before last weekend when she was in Vegas. Which I don't believe because unless she has never left her apartment...ever... She would have seen probably quite a few around town.

What dumb thing have you heard today? 
Kitty lite
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iphone/att vs. lg envy/vzw

I've been with Verizon forever and am thinking of going to ATT for the iphone. What would you do?

Collapse )

Now for the idgaf fun question: What'd you do for Spring Break if you had one?
I just worked :/

If you didn't have one, what is your favorite school break memory?
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Justin Timberlake Beyonce

(no subject)

UGH! I just mailed my rent check with a 37 cent stamp. As the mail truck was driving away I thought " it still 37 cents?' I googled it and sure enough stamps are now 39 cents. Will I be getting my rent check back tomorrow for insufficient postage? I know I'll be getting it back but I need to drop off my rent check at the property managers office on the first and I'd rather not have two checks out and about in the system.

Edit: They're 42 cents. I usually buy Forever Stamps but I ran out and I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing until it was too late.
Unnatural love

As the day goes by, the questions just don't get any better

In the general scheme of disturbing sexual fetishes, which do you think is lower? Being a furry necrophiliac (only being aroused by dead people in fuzzy outfits) or infantilism bestiality (only getting turned on when you fantasize you're an underage calf who needs to wean off mommy's teats)?

Dead furry banger
Bestiality baby banger
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

Yo Mama's so easy, even a caveman can do her!

1. The kids on my morning day care bus have discovered the subtle humor of... Yo Mama jokes.

What's your favorite Yo Mama joke, TQC? (Clean would be great so I can share it with the kids, but dirty ones will give me a chuckle.)

2. I have a test tomorrow, and I can use a 3x5 notecard for formulas. I know I have a stack of them somewhere in the house. Where the hell are they?

3. How's the weather? We have a nice little thunderstorm here...


Right, my boss is having me find a MUSICAL version of Les Miserables for his voice students. I've seen the '98 version with Liam Neeson, but I don't remember any singing in that. I know there are at least 5 more movie versions of LM; anyone know which are musical versions?
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(no subject)

I fell and dislocated my foot, so now I can't study abroad this term as planned. It's probably too late/difficult to try to take classes at my university, since term is already started and I'm on crutches and stuff. What should I do with my term off? There are like no jobs in my field :( Plus I am temporarily disabled.

Also, how much does my life suck right now? Because of this, I probably have to take a whole extra year of school due to missing a term (and the way my major is set up).
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(no subject)

Do you think that Paula Dean actually eats all of the frightening shit that she cooks?  If she does, how long do you think before she throws a clot of cholesterol the size of Alabama?

Would you ever eat something called "BLT Soup?"

What should I cook for dinner?

(edited because I"m trying to fix my wonky font).

(no subject)

is it true red hair originates from scandinavia?
i know red hair has been found all over the world, but if we look at just europe... where would it be most likely that i got my red hair from when you go really far back?

(no subject)

whats the most random compliment you have ever recieved?

a guy in work told me i reminded him of a sponge because i soak up all the stuff thats going on around me and keep it in until i need it. he said it because i had been helping this girl all day with random little problems. i said i was trying to learn as much as possible because as one of 5 temps with only 2 permenant jobs going i didnt want to lose my job and he replied 'none of us want you to lose your job, and you dont even work in our team'. made me feel awsome :D

(no subject)

College graduates or those about to graduate:

1) Who was your commencement speaker the year you graduated?
2) Who is the commencement speaker this year?
3) If you could have anyone speak at your graduation, who would you pick?

My answers:

1) Jessica Lange
3) John Lithgow, Tina Fey or Christopher Walken (if Walken spoke, I'd want a brass band to play "Walkin' After Midnight" as he takes the stage)

(no subject)

I hit my head pretty hard last night. About 15 minutes after, there was a black spot blocking my vision in my right eye. It went away, and today I've got a headache and am a little sensitive to light.

I probably had a little concussion, y/y?
Should I just take some painkillers and eat soup?
Will you tell me about a head injury you've had?
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(no subject)

1. what is the most embarrassing thing your parent/s did or said in front of someone you were dating when you were in high school or middle school?

2. did/does your high school have franchise pizza available for sale at lunch? what brand was/is it? how often did/do they have it available? how much did/does it cost per slice?

3. do you have ass stretchmarks? if so, does it bother you to do anything involving your naked ass because of them? (like doggystyle, for example)
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(no subject)

At your job, when it comes to getting a raise would you rather:

a. Get a steady raise (4% every year, for example)

b. Have your raise based on your performance (might be more than the steady raise, but also might be less)


(no subject)

Drier or dryer?

According to ~*~the dictionary~*~ (aka,, which is not always reliable) both are fine to use for either definition. Always interesting to see people's preferences though!

(no subject)

If you got into the following colleges (not considering financial aid) which one would you attend and why?

Bryn Mawr (PA)
Mt. Holyoke (MA)
University of Washington (WA)
University of Puget Sound (WA)
Austin College (TX)
Hunter College (NY)
George Washington University (DC)

prom questions

My prom is in May, and I'm about broke. I don't want to spend a lot of money on my dress because that just seems silly. Our theme is "old hollywood" and I don't know what to do. I'm looking at buying a cheap dress and either jazzing it up or just leaving it as is. I don't want to spend more then $40 on a dress or so, because thats just not who I am.

Collapse )

How bad is my idea?
Do you have any tricks to help me get a cheap ass dress?
Would you like to send me your old prom dress? lol
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(no subject)

FUCKING GROSS! My first ex just Facebook friend requested me. I was hoping I would go through life never seeing her absolutely disgusting (everything about her) face.

TQC, what was the last thing that smacked you in the face like a can of bricks?

peanut butter jelly time

Stephanie Meyer's anti-fan club?

I remember a post from forever ago, maybe here or maybe in another group, and it linked to a LJ community whose sole purpose was to snark on Stephanie Meyer and her writing. I cannot for the life of me find it and wondered if someone ANYONE IN THE WORLD REALLY might know what I'm talking about and be able to direct me to it?

(no subject)

If you had to make judgments about my personality* based only on my icons/profile, what conclusion would you draw?

Have you ever made assumptions about a person online only to be completely wrong?
This happens to me a lot because I tend to assume posters are female, which oftentimes they are not (obviously). I also tend to picture everyone around 19-29 years old.

*Y'know, like cheerful, pessimistic, anal-retentive, goofy, dopey, doc...

  • zelio

(no subject)

Well im not entirley sure how im feeling write now. im happy, angry, and sad all @ da same time!

Happy:lifes rly not dat bad and i jus got a new web cam and i have bunch of friends dat love me

Sad: im still not completely over my ex. prolly because shes uber hot and im never gunna get anyone dat hot ever again.

angry: im mad mostely because im lrtting somthing as stupid as an ex girlfriend get to me

if anyone knows what this mulyemotional feeling is called let me know.
also if you know a good way of gettin over this please tell me.

Which Political Science Class Should I Take?

I know next to nothing about politics and want to learn something about it by taking a political science class. Which of the following do you think I should take? And why? The first one sounds more interesting to me, but I feel like I should take an intro just to get an overview. 

American Government: Analyzes constitutional government in America in terms of the theory and practices of democracy. Students investigate issues of individual rights, popular representation, and responsible leadership. No pre-reqs.

Intro to Political Science: Explores the evolution of major political concepts from ancient Greece to the present. Topics include political life in the modern world and the ideas behind democratic and non-democratic forms.

*edit* Nevermind, I'm taking History of Rock & Roll.

is a beaut

(no subject)

have you ever got any fun propaganda in the mail? or maybe someone of a political party/religion/someone generally mental has thrown verbal propaganda at you?

i once got a little bundle of stuff including a dvd that had a weird clay animation of the end of the world (it's good knowledge to have, basically everything's going to go dark and those who ~believe~ will shoot up in beams of light and those who don't sort of got sucked to the ground/melted in a painful looking way. it was quite volcanic and there was lots of wailing and smugness flying about, the animation was terrible but i enjoyed it), an anti-EU leaflet with swastikas dotting every i and some book about the conflict in ireland that was really outdated and irrelevant. apparently my mum signed up for something!

(no subject)

A very convoluted question.

I'm interested in a brownie point tracker, and I'm trying to figure out if it exists, or if I'll need to get someone to make it. Basically, we have a group of 8, and I want to have a way for people to suggest why one person should get/lose a brownie point, and the other 6 people to vote and comment, and if there's enough votes, a brownie point is taken away or given.

Heard of any system similar to this?
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(no subject)

TQC, I need new headphones.

What do you use? Direct me to high quality headphones!

difficulty: no earbuds unless they are so good you'd give up sex with your favorite celebrity for them.

(no subject)

"You will receive it tomorrow, make sure someone is at home,
fedex will require a signature"

I'm probably not going to be at home tomorrow, so what should I do? Can I just leave a note or something?

What was the last thing you ordered online?
movie: eraserhead

running shoe(s) question.

For those of you who work run/walk, what kind of shoe do you have? I'm in desperate need of a new pair. Any recommendations?

& for those of you who live in the Carolinas, I'm going to 'Run for your Life' and 'Charlotte Running Co'. I've never been to the latter, but I used to go to 'Run for your Life' all the time with my dad. Which do you prefer?

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I juts downloaded an audiobook, but it's in 128 parts. I'd ideally like to have it in one big part, but I don't know how to do that.

TQC, do any of you know of a downloadable program for MAC that could do this for me?

having read a lot of erotic, I must say

Is it not a little fucked up that every virginity-losing tale in books and legend has the girl feeling a little pain in the beginning, and then enjoying sex forever (unless she was raped)? This contributes to women having a fucked up idea of sex, no? The whole "lie back and think of England" business, yes? Have ANY of you actually had a wonderful time during your first time being penetrated?

Also, what's the last thing that ruined your day? For me, that fucked up comic anthill shared. That's been ruining my whole weekend and now it's spread into Monday.

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 My club, ONE, at university is trying to plan a mock IDP camp. Has anyone put one of these on before? Do you have any suggestions for me? Would you be interested in this if it was in your community?

ETA: sooo since no one seems to care, what are you doing tomorrow? anything exciting?
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Only you may be able to help me TQC.

I was thinking about this poem today that I read in high school. It was sort of a fairytale retelling by Gretel (Hansel and Gretel, obviously). It took place a few years after the whole witch thing and Gretel was going on about how her father and Hansel have forgotten and moved on but she can't, she's still serious PTSed about it. I know that this is vague, but it's all I remember. Does anyone know what this is?
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For those of you who smoke, do you smoke in front of your parents? If so, when did you start smoking in front of them?
I need more cigarettes, and I ride to work with my mom. I don't want to buy them in front of my mom on the way to work in the morning, but I also don't want to walk across the huuuuge parking lot to the gas station on my lunch break to get them, because I'm goddamn lazy. I'm 22-years-old for chrissakes! D:

Should I just suck it up and smoke these Smarties instead? All the cool kids are doing it.
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I'm tired of desserts

Will you tell me about some vegetables that you like and how you like to prepare them?

I am eating a yam that I roasted a few days ago with salt and pepper. It's nice and soft and sweet. Though I wish I had some purple cabbage to toss with these walnuts and sesame/chili oil and lemon juice.

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Do you talk about your period with your SO?

I was in the car with my sister and she started yelling that periods and past relationships should *never* be discussed.

I always talked about it with my ex, and new guy and I have both talked about our past relationships so...I'm just curious about everyone's opinion.
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I am a college student. An internship I'm working on getting this summer is asking for references. I've got a couple of people from previous work/school experiences who I had plenty of one on one interaction with and who I think would give good recommendations, but I also took a class which may be very relevant to the internship and which I did well in. I met with the proffessor only once outside of class, and he probably doesn't remmeber me. Should I ask him to be a reference anyway?

Cliffs: Is it ok to ask a professor of a previous class pertaining to a potential job to be a reference, even if they may not know you personally? Or is it better to use unrelated job/school contacts who know you well?

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Whenever I'm going on a really long drive in which I won't encounter many bathrooms I wear a skirt just in case I need to pee somewhere on the side of the road. Is this weird? Do you do this?

It was pretty useful when I was driving all around Utah last May.

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God has appointed you the director of the afterlife.

With this position, you get to set the policy for who enters heaven and hell, or if they get reincarnated into another human newborn of your choosing. You can appoint any number of underlings and "supernatural technology" to help enforce this policy.

What would your policy be?
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when i just let the dog out, i saw some tiny animal on the fence that was bigger than the typical florida anoles (lizards) but smaller than a squirrel.
it made a shrill chirping or screeching noise after running away.
what the hell was it?