March 29th, 2009


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I just got in so idk, but are we Stickam-ing right now? Would you join a room if we made one?
EDIT: IT EXISTS. Room thequestionclub. come nowwww. TYVM MOSHI

Who was the last band you saw in concert? How was it?
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Do you believe in the 'if you love someone let them go and if they come back it is meant to be' school of thought?

How do you know if you are really in love?

Does anyone else think Twizzlers taste like strawberry plastic?

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I want pizza.
I also want to watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original).

How well do you think these two things will go together?

What are two things that do not go together well?

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So there's this boy. A friend of a friend, who I decided from day one I was going to capture. Lol. Basically, I like him alot, and I've been laying the flirt on pretty heavily. Last night, at said mutual friend's birthday party. this boy begins texting me, though we were sitting literally across the table from eachother. He asks me to come over after the party, and I accepted, even after he made it clear that he's not looking for a relationship for various reasons. After a long makeout session, he says that mutual friend can't know what happened, and he wanted me to be real quiet leaving because his roommate's close friends with his ex, and he doesn't want "drama." He's been texting me today, but the whole secretive thing seems kinda sketch to me.

So, here's my question.

Do I keep having casual relations with said boy just for the fun of it, knowing that he doesn't want anything more, or should I drop it and look elsewhere for a relationship/ entertainment? He's a darn good kisser if that holds any bearing. Lol. Or something else. Srs and Non-srs answers welcome. :)

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What is something you've accomplished recently?

Oooor, what is something you want to accomplish soon?

I really want to write a short story. I have inspiration and everything. The only problem is actually writing it, and writing it well.

What's your current distraction?

Downloading music off Limewire.


Given the fact that I am lazy and hate vacuuming, should I spend $130 on a roomba that was ORIGINALLY $399?

Also, does anyone have experience returning things to Something about their return policy seems shady to me...


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It is, apparently 2.31am  - and my digital clock satelitte thing has NOT changed but my computer has, is the world not working properly?

Anyway, that is NOT my question.
It's 2.32am and Formula 1 is on at 6 or 7 or thereabouts. I am loving Formula 1 lots and it's the season start!

To stay up or sleep before then???

Ps: and yes I am possibly a little intoxicated, woo for tipsy blogging! Sorry!

Left 4 Dead

Inspired by the comments in this:

Do you play Left 4 Dead?

Tell me a funny/interesting story that happened while you were playing? I'll tell you mine!

The first time I played L4D, I didn't know that the witch was meant to be avoided. I went up to her and gave her a whack with my gun and I was genuinely freaked out when she went apeshit crazy. I died (my friends were playing it for the first time too and didn't save me in time).

If you don't play it, do you find it absurd that so many people are crazy about it?

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What website do you go to when you're bored? Minus TQC, that's the obvious answer!

What should I do to pass the time? ><; Serious and nonsrs answers, whatever. Anyone know any site that involves interesting reading? Such as fmylife, but I've read all those, or something else, I DONT CARE.

edit: I'm in a very nonsrs mood, so nonsrs websites very welcome. But if you wanna share some srs websites for me to look at later, GREAT XD

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I was finally rewarded my financial aid - a pell grant & student loan. It totaled over $4000, but my actual school costs for this semester & next only add up to $2500. What happens to the other $1500?

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I'm taking a trip to the bookstore today (yay!)
any recommendations on what i should get?

I'm looking for something like spiritual enlightenment , or psychology, or a just a great book.
I'm sick of jodi picoult books and i've read all the popular books like milan kundera


Should I go to the hospital?

I'm having severe abdominal cramps, to the point where I think my abdomen will explode. And then there are stabbing pains in my rear... end. THEN I feel like I'm going to literally poop my guts out. I AM on my period and I have two midol in me. I don't know what else to do...

Are YOUR bad periods like this?

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Do you masturbate with the hand you write with?
Does it feel weird to do it with the other hand, or do you like to mix it up?
How often do you masturbate?

Edited because I can't spell for shit, obviously. ._.
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so. my boyfriend was out in the woods a few days ago and took a leak. since he is VERY susceptible and allergic to poison oak, he took a shower right when he got home, scrubbing w/ soap, etc. he was a ok.

last night we had sex. 4 a.m. this morning, he woke me up to say he is 99% sure his balls have poison oak. we walked to the emergency room and he took a few steroids, so he's alright, but here's my question.

Kissing Parts

Ae Fond Kiss, and Then We Sever ...

Is the handwritten letter as form of communication dead?

I was thinking about writing my SO a letter today, and realized that the last time I actually wrote a letter, as opposed to email or texting, was when I was in boot camp in 2000.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? Why did you write instead of email?

If you could write a letter to anyone, who would you write to and what would you say?


Alternatively, how in the hell is TVTropes so effing addicting?

Long time listener, first time caller.

Hi, TQC. My question to you is: if you call 911 from a cell phone, can they trace the call to your location/home? I know it's possible to trace cell phones, but I'm wondering if most 911 operators have that technology. If you do have an answer, please also include a source (if possible), because I'm sick of seanseansean saying his proof for his answer is just because he knows.


Stitch - banging head

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I just had to argue with a customer over the fact that The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is, in fact, a play and not a novel. Then, she was convinced that he must have written it in play format to complement the movie. She was most displeased when I informed her that the movie was based on the play.

So, TQC, what's the last thing that gave YOU a raging headache? :D
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idea was presented to me and I dunno

My love of chocolate knows many extremes but there are a number of things I'm not sure I'd try. The other day a friend asked me if I'd eat bacon if it was covered in chocolate and I wasn't sure.

I love bacon too...but with chocolate...?

Would you eat chocolate covered bacon?
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if your job has something you have at home, but a nicer version, how immoral is it to swap yours from home with the one at work?
let's say it's something small like pens (stick pens at home, gel pens at work) or paper towels (generic white at home, bounty select-a-size with designs at work).
i realize this seems pointless, but it's the little things in life.
at what point is it just stealing, i.e., how many pens/rolls of paper towels can you swap out before you'd feel like you were stealing?
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Someone has offered me a briefcase full of blues for my soul.
A good trade ? y/n?

Ohh look. Chocolate flavored peanut butter in a squeezey tube!!
What niceness has suprised you had recently???
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The Question Club, should I watch a movie, watch an old episode of Grey's Anatomy, or Gilmore Girls?

What of each should I watch? 

Should I watch them before or after I make my caramel sauce?
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Typhoid Mary computer?

I have a Mac. My landlord just told me he had been sent a letter that there was a virus detected on my Internet connection (my computer is the only one that uses this connection) and that I needed to install anti-virus software. I just installed Clam Xav and started scanning all my files. I scanned everything in Downloads, Documents, and Music. The program found no infected files.

Is it possible my computer is a "Tyhpoid Mary" and can transmit viruses to other computers without getting the virus itself? Where else should I scan? I make it a point to store very few files on my computer.

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1. I'm a moderately good looking girl, with not many visible body modifications. How would an octopus tattoo (fairly realistic, probably in colour) on my upper arm/shoulder look to you? Are you male or female? (To clarify: I'm getting what I want on my body, but I'm curious about how people's reactions differ.)

2. Has a "is it/isn't it/what the hell is this?" not-quite-relationship ever fucked you around more than an actual "ok, we won't see other people" relationship? Please share your stories of emotional turmoil.

3. Having not ever smoked weed, I'm curious. Are you more or less honest under the influence of it? Is it like alcohol where you say things you mean but wouldn't normally say, or does it just make you say all kinds of crap? The person in question, if it makes a difference, doesn't smoke often, and had also been drinking.
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I'm creating a mix-cd for my birthday dinner. I need to make sure they are songs that don't interfer with the chatter over dinner but replace any silences.

What are some songs I should definitely include?
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do you use your dog as a rag/vacuum/rinser for food?

i just got some sauce on the coffee table so i called my dog and tapped on it until she realized there was something to lick up. and when i drop food i just let her get it, unless it's chocolate or dairy or really high in calories.

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How do you like to travel? (planned, unplanned, alone, with friends, roadtrip, backpacking, etc etc.)

On a level from 1 to batshit crazy, how dumb is it to leave a stable, well paying job in this economy to jump on a plane to another country where you know no one and don't speak the language? You only have like 3 thousand dollars, and no job lined up. And no return ticket.

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Were you born into a religious family and as you grew realized don't agree/have faith in their beliefs?
Did you denounce your religion? How did your family take it? How do you feel about things now? 

What religion was it? 

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1)How were you fed as a baby?

Breastfed and then fed what everyone else was eating but put in a blender.

2)what ways do you think babies should not be fed?

there should be no soda in bottles. The gas will probably give them gas or something.

eta: what's the oldest piece of clothing you own?

these sweatpants I'm wearing are from 9th grade, so about 10 years old.

Google has been no help

Is their a place online somewhere where I can find out what my 9 digit zip code is ? I know the first 5 but not the +4

Edit:  * head desk* oh I found it. I was just being to lazy to type my whole address in and only did the zip code assuming it knew i only wanted the +4 digits. I'm trying to fill out employment applications. Thanks guys.

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Do you every get a product's marketing tag line stuck in your head? I don't mean its commercial jingle or song, but it's spoken word (and usually factual) tag line. Which one?

For example, my boyfriend just said, "Brb, I wanna go get some Chex Mix." And my brain immediately went 60% LESS FAT THAN POTATO CHIPS!


Has anyone here watched a movie called Teeth?

What did you think of it?

Were you highly disturbed or highly aroused?

What would you do in that situation?

If you don't know/Dont Care, what would you do if you could talk to animals?
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self titled

inspired by the name post(s)...

do you ever give out fake names? why? did you ever get caught in the lie?
i like to lie to strangers at parties that i'll never see again (esp if i'm getting hit on by someone i have no interest in). or give a fake name for my panera bread sandwich. you can be anyone there!

other awesome/fantastic lie stories? were they believed/did you get away with it?

Cadbury Creme Egg

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When was the last time you felt (physical) pain? On Saturday morning when I had my cervical cancer vaccine jab! It hurt but not nearly as much as I thought it would, I was sort of embarrassed that I had panicked so my about it.

What do you do when someone you don't like friends you on MySpace/FaceBook/Twitter/whatever? Do you ignore the request, or accept it and then delete the person off your list a few days later, hoping they don't notice? I ignore the request and hope they get the message.

Does anyone still even use MySpace? I don't.

Sunday Oh Boring Sunday

Have you ever looked at your old house or seen your car on google street view?

    My old house has a wal-greens across the street now, Im glad I dont have to put up with that crap...haha.
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Should I do paid research this summer (includes free housing) or take free summer courses to have a lighter load in the fall semester (does not include free housing)?

What are you doing this summer?

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My boyfriend and I are moving into a great apartment on May 1st. We are on a limited budget so I was curious if anyone could tell me there favorite place (in real life or online) where I can look at different things we will be needing (furniture, decorating, appliances, the basics, etc...) I am just shopping around right now so anything would be great.

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What webcomics do you read regularly? I just came across one called Least I Could Do, and the main character is such a douchebag, I can't enjoy it. I need a good one to  rinse the... taste... out of my.. eyes...? Whatever. Webcomics!
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Why is it when you are waiting for someone to call you, they seem to take their sweet time returning your call?

(Yes, this is actually important, I found out my sister may have cancer and I need my rock right now.)

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TQC, I need your help!

I'm trying to find a site that will give me a route from my house to my school. A WALKING route. I want to start biking to school, but I can't bike on the highway, which is how I usually get to school(on the bus). I'm also in CANADA, not the USA, so US only sites won't work!

I'm STUCK! TQC, what website can help me???

EDIT: Ahhh thanks guys! I tried google maps before but I couldn't figure it out. I've got it now!
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Do you think it's fair if you're lj friends with someone, and all their entries are private so you can't read them, but they can read yours ETA: and never comment? ETA2: And is also an irl friend?

LJ ethics dilemma =\
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1) What's a dumb mistake you keep making over and over again?
Every time I go to print something, I always forget to check whether my printer is actually connected to my laptop. 9 times out of 10, it is not.

2) How many times have you seen your favorite band live?
I just ordered tickets to see The Gaslight Anthem for the fourth time in under a year.

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What was the last movie you watched and what did you think of it?

For me it was Juno and I was really disappointed with it. I was looking forward to seeing it but I just felt so blah afterwards. I found Juno herself so unlikeable that I couldn't really care about her or anything that happened to her.

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Other than through the "treasurys" mechanism by which the government creates debt for itself, what reason do Americans have to endorse tax dollars being used to pay off debt created digitally or with the printing press?

Does it not seem like lunacy to pay taxes for the government to repay intangible and renewable resources?

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have you ever procrastinated so bad only to do the thing very, very last-minute and find it was like, 15 times easier than you had expected and all the stressy procrastinating was extremely stupid of you?
sometimes I hate my study habits.

also, do you knit? show me your creations?
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Can you recommend a mass image resizing program?
I used to use Batch Image Resizer, but got frustrated with only doing 6 at a time (I have 300 pictures to resize, no thanks).

Have you ever heard of the singer Eric Church?
If you're into country music and haven't, you're missing out, please go check him out!

What are the best concerts you've ever been to? Did how close you were to the performer affect that?
The Eagles (10th row), Eric Church (10 ft), Britney Spears (siberia) and Sarah Brightman (25 ft). Sort of, but I was more than a football field away from B and still loved it!

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Do you have any bumper stickers or noticeable/distinguishing things on your car?  What are they?

What is your favorite commercial?

On a scale from 1-10, how much do you like your parents?

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Oh TQC, decide my Monday for me.

The husband gave me the stomach flu...blech. I've been sick since last night, but I'm feeling a bit better now. So far the first food I've had in 24+ hours is staying down.

So...should I go to work tomorrow?

Or should I send the husband up to the nearest Redbox, rent some movies, and spend all day in front of the tv in my jammies?
( movie ) steve3.

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there's a crazy ass thunderstorm here, i love them as long as the internet stays connected, haha. i haven't seen/heard a thunderstorm for like, 6 months.

what's your favorite weather?
Reed Motherfucking Johnson


what are your favorite spices that you use?
Do you use them fresh or dried?
Where do you buy your spices from?
If you buy them online can you tell me whats the best place to do so?

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1)what does your dvd rental style say about you?

My extensive netflixing shows that I like variety and my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

2)what's the last thing someone bought from the store[in your house]?

swiss rolls and fritos and dip. It wasn't me.

3)Do you like or hate [level] grinding in rpgs?

Man, hate, but must see end of Persona 3...

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Anyone going to Coachella this year?

If so, which acts are you going for?

ETA: If NOT, which acts from this year's lineup would you like to see? SINCE NOBODY IS GOING :~( Lineup is in the comments.

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My uncle is getting married in May, and I really do not want to go. I'm thinking I don't have a choice. They're one of those awful couples that doesn't realize this wedding is going to suck for everyone but them. It's ususus all damn day. Anyway, the bride wants everyone in the families to wear something blue, like blue dresses for the women, etc. Even people who aren't actually in the wedding. I've complied on that, whatever. For a really long time I've been planning on dying parts of my hair turquoise. But now I'm hearing from all over that I'm not allowed to dye my hair until AFTER the wedding, because turquoise hair "won't look good in pictures" and it's a "courtesy thing." Um, what pictures? They have left me out of the bridal party or any other role. I don't keep my appearance based on their wishes. Apparently I'm going to "ruin" the pictures.

I say it's my head, I do what the fuck I want with it. But my grandmother bought my dress today and told me no turquoise after she already bought it. I'm pissed. Now I just want to dye it even more. So, TQC, after that novel, what would you do? Bow down to shitheads or keep on keepin' on?

Yes, this is what I think about. Shut up.

What do you think about computers that are self-aware and capable of thinking on their own?

Very cool!
I don't care.
Bad Idea.
This will never happen.

When will they first be created?

In my lifetime.
After I'm dead.

Any other thoughts on this subject?

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How do I make graduation announcements on my computer without photoshop?

I have 5" X 7" cards and Pages on my mac but I have never used it before and it is confusing the hell out of me. Is there an easy basic template somewhere?

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I'm not sure I understand the phrase "they should have sent a poet". Can you explain it? nevermind!

When did you last wash your hair? How dirty would you say it is right now, on a scale of 1 (SUPER CLEAN) to 10 (UTTERLY FOUL).

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What is your favorite way to eat potatoes? (I don't mean like upside down, I mean like how do you prepare them/like them prepared...)

I like well-done fries with chili sauce and cheese, and mashed potatoes with butter, sour cream, milk and cream cheese and lots of garlic and chives. And I looooove sweet potato casserole with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and marshmallows.

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1a. Do you like poetry?

1b. What are some of your favorite poems?

2. What is your opinion of Meghan McCain?

3. Will you name one emotion you are feeling right now?
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What do you do when someone thinks they are so much better than everyone else? In looks, intelligence, fashion sense, humour, experience, etc.
How do you put them in their place?
(p.s. please do not reply with "Ignore them". We have ignored this for far too long.)

Global Warming Presentation

I'm doing a presentation on Global Warming for school but I want to be a little bit more specific. I guess I want a subtopic..

What would you suggest as a subtopic?

I'm thinking something like "Ways to decrease your carbon footprint" or something..

Should I stay or should I go?

Dear TQC, my little sister is getting married in Jamaica next year (April 20, 2010) and would like me to be her matron of honor. She says she understands if this is cost prohibitive, but would love it if I could go. It would probably take me the whole year to possibly save up enough for my husband and I to go and since we have 4 kids and bills to pay, obviously we could use the money other ways.

What would you do TQC? Save and go to Jamaica? (this is my only sister and we're very close and I've never even left the country before so it would be hella exciting). Stay here and use next year's tax return money responsibly? (we do have growing kidlets, several pets, and a house) Halp!
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Have you ever loaned money through a microloan system?

What was your experience?
Did you choose where to loan your money to? What country and what kind of business did you choose?
Did you do a "return with interest" or "no interest" loan?
Did you get your money back?
What company did you use?
Would you do it again? If you did, would you use the same company or a different one?

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1. what's the most traumatic thing that you've been through?
2. would you ever let anyone take personal naked photos (for their own benefit, not professional)?
3. what's one of your favourite words?
4. what's your favourite sex position?

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My sister used to get catalogues in the mail for all sorts of random free things, like posters and what not. Do you know where I could find something like this now?

Also, if you were a waitress would you serve alcohol to an obbbbviously pregnant woman?
28 days later

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I really want a netbook and I have the money. But the problem is that I don't really need one and feel ridiculous even considering the purchase. (I'm just a gadget-lover.)

Should I get it?

What was your last self-indulgent purchase?
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This may be a stupid question, but I'm kind of out of the loop when it comes to such things: Is there such a thing as a cell phone that is also a mp3 players? Something that holds a lot of songs, is small and I can use while jogging and what not?

Also - I have pretty terrible insomnia, have for over 10 years. I quit drinking though and now I can fall asleep just fine, but I wake up around 3 or 4 every morning in a complete PANIC. Like terrified out of my mind, I just wake up that way. It makes me want to get back on the sleeping pills, not because I can't fall asleep, but because I'm so afraid of the "wake up in a panic" thing that happens *every* night now. I'm trying to think of something I can do when I wake up like that to calm myself down but am looking for outside suggestions..? Has anyone ever dealt with anything like this? What do you do?
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What would happen if I put a colour ink cartridge where the black ink is suppose to go? I'm lazy and don't want to ride a bus an hour & a half into town just to get ink, then bus an hour and a half back to campus.

Edit: Updated.

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anyone know if kinkos can take adobe illustrator files?

i'm making a poster for my friend last-minute and she is printing it at kinkos. i have never been to kinkos and their website is pretty useless, ngl.

illustrator's pdf options are not working properly. i never use illustrator :X

edit: i can't call, it's 11pm and i work first thing in the morning

thank you peoples

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Are you sleep deprived?

Do you stay up late even though you consciously know that you have to get up at the crack of dawn for work and then end up moping around all day because you're tired?
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There's a fire in your house.
You are only allowed to take three things, regardless of size (like your big screen TV) or placement (like something stuffed away in the attic, locked away in a safe). What do you take?

Assume your family was more intelligent than you and left immediately.
Your pets are still in there, however.