March 28th, 2009


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1. When you pet your pussy, does it drool? Like, the more you stroke it, the bigger the wet spot gets underneath?

2. When your pussy is super content and just happy to be on your lap, what do you do to wake it up?

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I've asked this before, but it was too long ago to look it up.
What do you use to download music? Limewire gave my computer another virus, so I need something else.

Do you collect anything?
What's your favorite animated movie?
When you have sex, are you completely naked or semi-clothed?
If semi-clothed, what do you still have on?
{wow} sin'dorei pride

job reference email etc

Hey guys, could you look over a reference email for me and give me tips? I'm a little wired and tired atm, so any constructive crit would be great. I really don't know what I'm doing and my brother has gone to sleep. I'm sending one to my current boss, and old professor/boss, a friend, and another professor. Is there anything else i should know?

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Long post is long, but thank you for those who looked.

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Which US president would you rather have sexual relations with and why? What special bedroom talents would you imagine them to possess?

They're alive and kicking, and you HAVE to do one of em. There is a gun to your head. Pick.
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Will you please tell me, in detail, EXACTLY how you prepare a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

What's your favorite type of peanut butter, jelly, and bread to use on your perfect PBJ?

ETA: you guys suck :o Not anymore, now that there are PBJ eaters in my midst! \o/
Mitty box

Delicious sodas

Which is better?

Root Beer
Birch Beer
Cream Soda
I have never had any of these sodas

Which is better?

Mr Pibb
Dr. Pepper
I have never had any of these sodas

Which is better?

Orange soda
Grape soda
Strawberry soda
Pineapple soda
I have never had any of these sodas

Which is better?

RC Cola
I have never had any of these sodas

I didn't realize it was only available in the southeast US.
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1. When you were younger did you do the "Bloody Mary" chant while standing in front of a mirror thing? If so, what happened?

Have you done a different version of this? If so, what was it?

2. Now when you think of "Bloody Mary" do you still think of the dead girl in the mirror or the drink with the same name?

And because I am almost done with "Lolita";

3. What was the last book that made you go WTF not because it was bad but instead because of the WTF content in it?

Seriously, Nabokov, WTF?
cabaret voltaire

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Do you look better when you wear your hair up or down?

Are certain parts of your body more sensitive depending on how they're positioned? Like I've noticed my nipples are way more sensitive when my torso is upright than when I'm lying down.

ETA: Do you revise your entries before you post them?
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What games should I buy for my DS?

I already own Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest V, and Final Fantasy IV. Should I go for more games in this vein, or try for something different?

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My sister and I were taking a free pilates class on Saturdays this month.
Last week I canceled (I gave her several hours notice) because I had twisted my ankle.
She threw a shit fit.

This week, after leaving my date early, to be home for pilates...she canceled on me. Five minutes before we should have left.

Is she trying to get back at me?

Do you have people in your life who do this stuff? Give us some stories!

Clueless About Knitting Needles

I'm a beginning knitter and have only ever knitted scarves before, so I bought a book full of unique projects. However, most of them require circular needles, which I've never used before. I'm not sure what to buy; some of them require 24" circular needles size US 6, 8" circular needles size US 6, and a bunch of other different sizes. Do I need to buy all those different needles, or can I get away with just buying the largest (the 24")?
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Maybe my google skills are just failing me right now and I really hope this doesn't come off as a stupid question, BUT:

I'm going to get my hair cut at a hair dressing school today. Should I tip? How much? I've never gone to a school before, so I'm not sure if the same rules apply?
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Am I only the one here that eats peanut-butter oatmeal? I make quick oats, put some milk in, and brown sugar, then globs of peanut butter (organic doesn't work well because it isn't sweet)
What are some unconventional foods you love?
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 Should I eat and then clean the bathroom or clean the bathroom and then eat?

What are your saturdays usually like?

Do you have any important dates coming up? What are they?

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 Today's my birthday! *dances*

What should I do tonight? I just got over the flu. Should I still go out and drink, or would that result in bad thngs?

If you don't care, where would you dream house be located? 
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What's the largest amount of food you've ever sneaked into a movie?

On my own, I've brought a subway sandwich and chips, and last night, some of my friends brought in a gallon tub of ice cream.
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I'm feeling a little over sensitive about my scar. Have you ever had surgery before? Will you show me a picture of your scar?

Alternatively, another music player question (possibly just to annoy seanseansean ). I'm going to Australia for 6 months to a year. Should I bring my old clunky 30 gig Ipod, or the no name 2 gig music clip I was recently given?

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I have a cold and so am prepping some meals so i can throw them together for my husband without much effort.

I found a marinade recipe for the tilapia I bought, and it says to marinate for 30 minutes.
If my fish is frozen, will it be okay in the marinade until tomorrow evening, or will that hurt the fish somehow?
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Last night while having one of those late night D&Ms with the guy I like we decided we'd go jogging together on days off.

Should I ask him tomorrow at work when he wants our first session together to be?

Also; how do I get him to do the horizontal mamba with me?

dianna agron ;;

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My friend is having a fancy dress party tonight and the theme is "the internet".
I have one friend going as Rick Astley and another going as a walrus with a bucket...
Any ideas?

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i need to find a way to make balloons fall from the ceiling when the door is opened...any ideas? the door opens inward and above the door frame there is about 4-6" of space before the ceiling.

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My friend texted me this morning saying to stop spreading things she didn't say to other people. So far, she won't tell me just what I've supposedly said.

So, TQC, what did I tell other people my friend had said? I MUST KNOW.
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What are you eating right now? If you're not eating anything right now, what was the most recent thing you ate?

I'm eating some enchilladas I made and they're pretty damn good for a first try!

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Do you know of any YouTube clips that show someone speaking English with an accent that isn't a typical American one (either a foreigner speaking English, people from other English-speaking countries, or a strong accent from Chicago, Boston, California, etc)? Either that or people pronouncing English interestingly? I need to transcribe people speaking for my Phonetics class and I've more-or-less exhausted the TV shows I typically watch.

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Hi people. I'm going to see a movie with my sister and brother-in-law today. We can't decide if we wanna see I Love You Man or Monsters vs Aliens. Which do you think we should see and why? Thanks.

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1)what fictional characters do you think would like certain sex acts? tell us the character and the act.

2)what do you think about the north dakota floods?

3)do you love runts?

yes. especially the banana flavored ones. I love fake banana flavor.

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So I cut myself with a bread knife last night. On my pinkie. About 1/3 an inch in length, about 1/5 an inch wide. I lost a chunk of skin. I put 70% rubbing alcohol on it and neosporin. I just took the bandaid off, which really fucking hurt as it was stuck to the wound. What can I do to take care of this wound a little better? Should I put another bandaid on? I'm cautious after the last one hurt.

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hi everyone! every month, i fill five prescriptions. i do them through CVS and they cost $5 a piece. i know that i'm VERYVERY lucky with this, so i'm not necessarily complaining.

i'm in the US, and i'm wondering if there is another pharmacy that i could get my scripts for cheaper? i know in november and december of 2008 walgreen's did a promotion where, if you change from your pharmacy to walgreens' that you get a $30 coupon to be used in the store?

so, do you know of any deals like this? even if they were only $4 a piece, that would help. sadly, these are all prescriptions that i need, so i can't get rid of them.

cross posted a few times.

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1. You live in a blockhouse and find a lottery ticket in the staircase. You win a million dollars. If your next-door neighbour would then tell you about the lottery ticket they lost, understandably they'd be quite desperate because they knew it would've won, would you say anything to them?

2. Does your surname have a meaning as a word (for example, Smith)?

3. Do you go to demonstrations? What was the last cause you marched for, if you ever have?
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if you've worked in a sit down restaurant or TIM HORTONS OOOOH:

what were your shifts usually? when did closing shifts start on weekends?

and for the timmy hos specifically, does everyone have to work weekend mornings?

(lol, mcdonald's is renovating. i used to work there and they'd probably be like "you only want to work saturday and sunday night? well, shit, okay".)

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when was the last time you experienced the sweet smell of justice?

what was the last scary / wtf situation you experienced?

ETA: took out the story cause no one was paying attention to the question.

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When was the last time you spent money on something really worthwhile?

When was the last time you spent money on something totally useless?

Will you tell me something random?
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1. Do you have any epic public vomiting stories?

2. When I go running, I get winded really easy. Like, my body could keep going but my lungs don't want to. I smoke occasionally, but I used to smoke a lot more. Is there anything I can do to increase my lung capacity or something?

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#1 What would you recommend as a PVR/DVR and why?

If I can get a decent deal on a TV-only one, I'd take, but if it costs over $200 I'm thinking I may as well get one that can both record to PC and play on TV. I'd rather not have to get two entirely separate players if I do that.

#2 What are reliable and good 21-30" computer displays for relatively cheap?

I'd probably mostly use it for video playback.

Killing time before I go play stage manager for the evening...

1) Have you ever heard of the band Jukebox the Ghost? If so, what are your thoughts on them?

(They opened for Ben Folds at the show I went to, and ever since I've been listening to them on youtube.)

2) How much can you fit under your skin? (bonus points if you get the reference.)

3) What should I do in the lighting booth to keep myself occupied during intermission tonight? It's a 10-minute intermission, so I don't really have time to run out and talk to people or anything.

4) How can I stop chewing on the inside of my lower lip? I only do it when I'm stressed--like right now, and putting chapstick there is kind of gross (I already tried it).

as always, srs and non-srs are welcome. :) :)
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I am housesitting for my aunt slash watching her teenage daughter (my cousin). and I am having a difficult time keeping her from spending all her time with her boyfriend and STILL being the cool cousin.

so, is the best way to make sure ~nothing happens~ to hide her leg razors/ waxing equipment?
what else can I try?

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My boyfriend is really into hip hop and rap. In an effort to stop groaning every time he puts it on in the car, I am attempting to ease myself into listening to that sort of music. I prefer dance and rock to rap and hip hop. However, I really like Lady Gaga, and I'm a fan of Kevin Rudolf's "Let It Rock" and Kanye West's "Stronger". Can you recommend any music that I might like that would fall under hip hop/rap category?

What is your favourite flavor of tic-tac?

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Lately I've become really sick of people that are so proud to have a "random" or "eclectic" or "weird" taste in music. People think they're just so great and speshul because they've overcome the trappings of liking just a few kinds of music, and it's kind of annoying. So I'm in search of some broad generalizations.

If you had to pick just ONE genre of music, or one band, that you like the most, what would it be?

(P.S. this wasn't brought on by the music post earlier or anything in particular. And I have nothing people having variety; I have broad tastes too. I'm just sick of people being so damn proud of it, seeing as lots of people aren't easily classifiable).

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TQC! Should I go to Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Moab (Arches & Canyonlands) or to Yellowstone and Glacier?

Last year I went to all the national parks in Utah, it was second my time in Bryce Canyon and Moab. My dad and I were both sick though so we really missed out on a lot. I've been to Yellowstone 3 or 4 times but not in a while, and I've never been to Glacier. I'm very indecisive about this.

If we went to Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Moab we would fly into SLC, and if we went to Yellowstone and Glacier we would probably fly into Jackson Hole.
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Why do you often feel nauseated when really you just need to take a shit? I feel sick right now but I know I'll feel better once I poo.

Why do my cats chew on my fingers? (PS the boy who chewed the tulips is totally fine and the tulips are out of his reach.)

Should I wear my shiny oil slick holographic tights and fantomas kitten t shirt or pink mid calf go go boots, torn jeans and strappy stella mccartney top out tonight?
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TQC, I need some tagboard. Or some kind of sturdy material that's easy to cut. I don't want posterboard or cardboard.

Where in sam hill do you find tagboard? I was at school aids today and they used to have some, but they redid their whole paper supply section and I couldn't find anything thicker than construction paper.
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What is your favorite collection of short stories by a single author?

What is your favorite collection of short stories by multiple authors?

What is your favorite anthology (of any kind)?

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my county was issued a tornado warning until 554pm. it is now 621 pm. AM I IN THE CLEAR?
also what the fuck do i do if there is a tornado or it turns to a tornado watch? i am home alone and will be for the rest of the night. I AM FROM NEW JERSEY I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS. earlier i heard a siren outside that could've been from an ambulance, except it never changed pitch, just one long wail. should i charge up my phone and put on a bra and pack a bag in case i have to run? I DONT EVEN HAVE A BASEMENT, my apartment is on the second floor!

have you ever been through a natural disaster? what did you do?
the only "natural disaster i've ever been through was the fucking bizzard of 96 and it's not like we had to evacuate. we just had to put on snowsuits. oh, there was a hurricane once and a bunch of trees fell. but as natural disasters go, totally not that serious.
help me calm down pls.

Okay. Um.

I'm naked. I just showered, and then put the insecticides my doctor gave me across my genitals and other nether regions. It's my first time wearing underwear since "the crabs" and I don't know which to wear. I still feel so dirty.

And I may still be killing crabs in whatever pair I choose to wear, which is kind of embarassing to me.
And I have a huge photoshoot tomorrow, so they should be clean (eg; no risk of re-catching the crabs).

What underwear would you wear for a night on the town if you were me, or would you go commando?

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My sister bought this dress for me to wear in her wedding. I have long, straight, black hair and I'm pretty pale. Can you post a picture, or let me know what kind of makeup you think I should wear with this dress and if I should wear my hair up or down? I'm not used to dressing up, and I want to look good for her wedding.
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Poll #xxxx Zombies
Poll #1373567 Zombies

There is a zombie apocalypse. You will be:

one of the first to be eaten
alive and kicking serious ass
Other answers in comments.

Carnage, loss of bodily fluids, etc aside, it's hard to deny that a zombie apocalypse will be exciting. Y/N?

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Would it be gross to cut up black olives and put them in my tuna for my sandwich?

What do you put on your tuna sandwiches?

What are some strange food combinations (is that spelled wrong? Firefox says it is!) that you enjoy?

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You're driving along a rural road and come upon two bicyclists up ahead going the same direction as you on your side of the road. They make no attempt to move over at all. Do you

A)Run those bastards down
B)Simply go around them (putting yourself completely into the other lane-there is no oncoming traffic
C)Honk to get them to move over and go around them taking up less of the other lane

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One of my friends called me earlier and wanted to get together and let our kids play together. We decided to go bowling. She told me she was going to look something up online about the coupon we have for bowling and call right back. That was 2 hours ago. It's now 7:30.

Is she going to call back or should I not even bother getting ready?

I called, she was eating so we are still going.

What are your plans for the day/night?
Do you have douchey friends?
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i'm buying tickets for a concert (u2). this is the layout of the stadium...what seats do you think would be the best here?

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I'm thinking sections 135-142 and 101-106 would be ideal, right?
Idk, it's just a wierd setup. help!

I'm going with someone old who doesn't want to do the General Admission Floors.
dianna agron ;;

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Tell me, should I get drunk tonight?

My friend is having a party and I won't know a lot of the people there [new Uni friends from various places etc] and I am quite shy so I'd probs rather be drunk. THEN AGAIN, I GET PUKE-Y HANGOVERS! Y/N?!

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It's Earth Hour here and I'm literally in the dark right now... well except for the computer's glare.

Are you going to turn off your lights too when the time comes?

Do you like Earth Hour? Why or why not?

ETA: Wow I didn't know quite a number of people aren't supporting it. I myself wasn't too thrilled with the idea at first but now that the time is here I thought why the heck not and turned off the lights. I just wish people didn't use this Earth Hour thing as a huge marketing ploy to make $$ out of it.
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blackberry and cell phone providers

I think I want a blackberry. I have verizon has my cell provider and I am due to get another phone now since its been 2 years.

I cant quite figure out how much extra its going to cost me a month to have email/web access with my blackberry if I got it.

For those of you who have verizon/blackberry or even just a blackberry.. how much EXTRA a month are you paying for your extras? and what are you getting?
Is it worth it?

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Itunes :(
Is there any other type of program like itunes where i can buy music and download it to my ipod? My itunes has been on the fritz for well over a month. I just spent like an hour trying to fix it and I think i give up.

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What is in your will? Alternatively, what would be in your will?

If you don't want to think about the heavy parts of the will, look around you, pick out a few random items. Who would you leave them to?

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Do any of you have Nike Shox?
Do they feel like perhaps the arch support is on the wrong side?
I just got some (had to order them, so I just tried them on) and it seems to have an arch on the outside of the foot, which is odd.

Also, what is the type of bed where it's not your typical frame, but looks like you've just put your mattress into an open-top box? This is the only type of bedrame my fiance wants and I'm tired of our bedsprings being on the floor.
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I'm not much of a movie person. Actually, I almost never see movies, at home or in a theater.
My friends are throwing a "movie night" for me.

What are your suggestions three decent or good movies (preferably recent, and somewhere I can buy it)?
I don't like romance much. Historical, horror, and comedy are fine, but I especially enjoy historical . Whatever else you think would be good for a non-movie lover, throw it in.

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Is there someone that you hold on to/have very high hopes for/always want to be updated on but that person doesn't give a shit about you?

Is there a quote that motivates you/keeps you going?

Why is Biology so hard? Haha D:

Do you sew? Do you own a sewing machine? Do you buy sewing books? I want to!!

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What is the most ridiculously awesome thing that has recently happened to you? I was being bitchy and told my dad that I wanted a root beer float for dinner, even though we only had vanilla ice cream and he said yes. We then went to the store and got some root beer and came home and watched Clueless.

What is your favorite line from the above mentioned movie?
gasp zooey

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Have you ever made a passive-aggressive, cryptic facebook status?  Have any of your friends?

Will you post an example (or your own or one of your friends')?

If you were to make a passive-aggressive facebook status right now, what would it say?
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it's tricky it's TRICKAYYY it's tricky tricky tricky

which character do you pick when you play SSX?
what's your favourite vampire fiction? (in any medium)

kaori or zoe, and i think true blood may have replaced buffy in my heart :(

hair dresser etiquette question: if you have wavy/curly hair, are hair dressers under some obligation to straighten it and show you how to straighten it? because it's fucking distracting annoying. dear hair dressers: anti-frizz serum, blowdry with a diffuser, you are DONE. quick making a production out of it. xoxo foutu
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1. has this ever happened to you?: you have a long conversation with someone.. only to find out afterward that you had a very visible booger in your nose. :(

2. how awesome is it that this just happened to me... with some guy i kinda sorta like?

3. will you tell me something embarrassing that happened to you?

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Sorry for another question so soon, but it's so slow.

I know a lot of us live at home with our parents.
How do you deal with wanting to follow their rules/ trying to have some kind of an *adult* life?
Do you ask to do things or tell your parents that you're doing them (respectfully)?
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

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This question may get asked a lot...

For you guys who are on antidepressants: What antidepressant are you on? Do you like it? What kind of improvements have you seen, if any?

I tend to gain weight really easily and I'm trying to lose some weight for health related reasons, do you know of any antidepressants where weight gain is NOT a side effect?


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i'm in IT and this is embarrassing. tqc, will you tell me how the hell to use a batch file? i need to use fixdb.bat so that i can upgrade windows. if you help me, i will love love love you.

in other, more important worlds, what is your dream vacation?

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So you wake up in the morning...

...and there are penises grafted to your knees. You can feel them, but can't yet control their arousal.

Your daily schedule is the same as usual. What do you do?

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How do I do my income tax?
I'm a 19 year old college freshman, my only income is work study, and yes I do have to report the income.
I am just clueless. My parents and my friends are no help. I'm completely lost and my time is running out.

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1. What are some items that you stock up on?

2. In what ways are you not environmentally friendly?

3. What are some things about human anatomy that you find incredibly silly?
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i'm looking to purchase a new audiobook via itunes and i need suggestions. i'm interested in humorous memoir type books, and i've already read chelsea handlers books and margaret cho. any recommendations? they don't have to necessarily be comedic memoirs, but i typically only like to read non-fiction and horror. (with the exception of my beloved harry potter)

i am also interested in books involving lgbt issues and things like the universe, nature, science, and animals. :)