March 27th, 2009


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I just called raspburykleenex's salon posing as her mother and told them to remind her to pick up her back's skin cream before she came home.

Have you ever had to remind your best friend who the boss is?

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My sister watches MASH all the time, and sometimes out of laziness I watch as well. Mostly they're mildly interesting but not very funny or moving. But today they had some OLD episodes on and goddamn it was funny. So it got me thinking if I was alone...

Do "newer" episodes of MASH suck the big one? Interpret freely

Yes, to the point where I don't like "newer" MASH episodes
Yes, but I still like the whole show
No, but the older ones are better
No, I like them all
There are no good episodes of MASH; it's a crappy show

For those who answered options 1-3, what makes the new ones worse?

Henry Blake's absence
Trapper's absence
Frank Burn's absence
Radar's absence
Hot Lip's absence (a.k.a. Margaret's sex drive)
Lack of pranks, shenanigans, and capers
More serious shows
Colonel Potter
Something else that I'll explain in the comments

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Have you ever had an ovarian cyst? Can you describe what it feels like?

I think I might have one but I can't really tell if it's an internal pain or if I've been kicked in the abdomen by my dog. lol :\

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can someone talk to me here, or private messages (preferably), or aim or something? i'm quite hysterical. please?

i'm sorry that i didn't respond to regular comments, i appreciate any concern, but a lot of it i just deemed a little too personal & ily all.

Big Love

I just got into Big Love today, I'm on the 4th episode of Season 1.

So, for those of you who watch Big Love:

Who is your favorite wife?

Mine would be Barb - Least favorite is Nikki

(PS: Don't spoil me on anything major, please)
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Okay, first I need to give a little bit of background information:

I'm a closet lesbian. I... uh, like this girl in my class. I don't think she likes me back, though. We're best friends, so it's a little complicated. We hang out a lot, I really, really like her but I don't know how she'd react if I told her. PLUS, my father is really homophobic and if I came out as a lesbian he would kill me. He's like... a dictator in our house. :|

I've had a few close calls, too! One time when I slept over at her house I started... uh, masturbating a little while she was in the shower and I was almost caught. Plus, I took naked pictures of her while she was sleeping and the next morning she started flipping through my phone. Thankfully, she didn't find them.

I'm getting pretty fucked in the head with all of this shit... I don't know what to do? Should I just keep masturbating to her pictures, knowing nothing with ever happen? Or should I kill myself...? Because I really can't live without her. She's my only love.

Please... serious answers only. I'm crying here.

Creepy Zombies

What's a creepier zombie premise?:

-nanobots go out of control and infect peoples' brains, shutting off everything but the brain stem, and even keep the synapses firing after death
-neurogenesis: bringing people back from the dead, but doing so causes the cortex to rot (but how would it spread, I wonder?)
-a virus which blocks serotonin (like in 28 days later)

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How would you characterize someone who goes on AIM just to whine to you about butthurt and that they deleted a comment of yours and banned you from their personal LJ, just because they can't accept they were wrong in an argument?

Do you think that escort services are a glamorous profession that typically makes people rich? Or would you instead tend to trust a veteran that the escort agency takes away enough in fees that you're making less than an average street prostitute?

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What are your favorite maneki neko (good luck cat/beckoning cat) and cute good luck charms in general?

I'm going to be getting some more and want ideas.

Also, would a t-shirt with a hologram of my kitty on it be awesome Y/N?

What do you think of those robot/speaker bunnies that connect to the computer/internet and let people talk to you? Are they worth it? This makes me think it would be cool to mount a live feed cam from kitty, if only he wouldn't mind it.

In the future, we will have high resolution, transmitting micro-cameras that can be discretely mounted on mice. Where will you place your spy mice in the future?
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Last night on the news, I heard a story of a 2 year old girl who was sexually assaulted and violently thrown up against a wall by a 13 year old boy. It killed her.

The little girl was in daycare at the time. The daycare provider needed to take care of some things, so she left her 13 year old son to listen out for the kids for a little bit while they napped. He woke the two year old girl in her sleep to molest and kill her.

The news story went on and on about how he couldn't be tried as an adult and he got a slap on the wrist for it. He's been in therapy and on some sort of probation, I believe. He's now in high school. No one, not even his teachers or peers know that he has killed another human being. Now the parents are trying to change that law.

But they never mention once if anything happened to the daycare provider, the boy's mother. Do you think she should have been held responsible in any way? Perhaps even if it were something as small as child endangerment or neglect?

And what of the boy? Do you think his punishment was too light? Or should he have been tried as an adult? Perhaps some "happy" medium? Is it safe to assume that a 13 year old damn well knows the difference between right and wrong?
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TQC, I just pretty much lost my job and the last two weeks of pay I only have, like, 14 hours in so it's not like I'm looking forward to much. And in this week a ton of my friends have lost their jobs or are probably about to.

Will you please tell me some GOOD work-related news that's going on with you or people you know? I need to know that not everyone is fucked right now. Please.



My mum told me to google the following phrases, but how could I do that to you?
Here is what my mum would like to know:

1. Do potatoes have potassium?

2. Does *Annabelle need them?

Here is what I would like to know:

1. Why are potatoes so gross?

2. What is a generally popular food which you strongly dislike?

*Hello I am Annabelle.

xoxoxo thnx u guise.


What was the last thing your pet did to make you angry/upset?

It's pouring rain outside, and I tried to take the dog out. She hates rain. We live at the top of a 6 story apartment complex, so to avoid the rain as much as possible I went down the covered stair area in the parking garage. On the way we ran into a (cute) boy with a dog and she absolutely went fucking apeshit barking and acting like she had fucking rabies. So embarrassing.. seriously it was awful. So we get to the bottom and I'm walking towards the grass and she just shits in the middle of the parking lot instead. Then ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to go out in the rain to piss. I seriously tried over 30 times to get her to stand out there and she wouldn't do a damn thing but whine.

She's just a dog, I can't yell at her, what does she know about anything. But I'm still extremely annoyed at her.

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I feel stupid asking this. :O

I rarely sell things on Ebay, but I had an extra set of Death Cab for Cutie tickets, so I decided to list them. I didn't think I'd get much because the seats aren't so great, but someone messaged me and offered a good amount if I'd sell them to him right away. Well, one person has bid, so I can't add a buy it now. So how exactly should I go about selling it?

Should I cancel the auction entirely, relist with a buy it now and let him pay that way?
Ask for payment through paypal and then cancel it once I receive it, skipping relisting it?
Can I cancel the person's bid, and then add a buy it now?

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For  prospective, current and past college students :

What  was/is your major in college ?

What was/is  your minor ? How did you choose your minor ? Did it have anything to do with your degree program ?

Have you ever used your degree ?

Collapse )


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I never believed people when they told me about royally fucking up and sending the wrong text message to the wrong person.
Have you ever done this?

I had a full conversation with the ex (who I've been trying to ignore) because I put him in my phone under another friend's name. I also managed to tell him that I found someone who seems "perfect".

Is that a fml moment or actually really cool?
My friends think it's good, I'm just sort of pissed because I didn't want to tell him.

The Most Dramatic Shave of my Life!

We are just hours away from my doctor's appointment to get rid of my crabs!

But now there is other drama. I am booked for a shoot with a HUGE, well-known magazine where they want me to look the part of a sexy drugged out rocker this weekend. It's a huge spread. But how will I pull my pants low to show my pubes? I shaved them off days ago.

They've begun to grow back moderately. I mean, I can pull at them with the tips of my fingers if I try. But I'm freaked. My pubes obviously have that whole "I shaved them" look.

2 days until the big day!
Will my pubes be making a comeback in time for my big spread?

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Does Buckley's actually work, TQC? I took some earlier, and I don't feel any better yet :(

If I try Robitussin next, what are the chances that I'll die from mixing cold meds?

I'm "skipping" work today because I feel like utter crap (I called hours before my shift starts, but because I have no sick days yet it'll still affect my attendance). I also took Sunday and Monday night off because of shitty roads. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being "not terrible", 10 being "SOMEONE FIRE HER ASS") how much of a shitty employee am I?

Does anyone else pronounce robot like "robit"?
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iTunes question

Can two people use the same computer (MacBook) and have two different iTunes set up? My SO's computer is getting pretty old and we pretty much just share mine, but she's also got an iPod she'd like to use.

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Have any of you been in the Peace Corps, or know someone personally who's been in the Peace Corps (I know TQCer soupcan has, and I'm especially curious of her experience since she's in Latin America, but anyone else?)? How was your/their experience? What was the hardest part of it all? What job did you/they have to do and where? How were necessities provided for you, since you're volunteering and not making any money?
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I have an informal meeting with a girl I'd possibly want to date this evening after work for a drink or two. Is jeans and a sweatshirt appropriate? We're going to a tavern.

If you don't care about the question above, what's your scariest date story ever?

*edited for spelling*
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You are going to jog, or bike, or do any other type of cardio-sport and you want to have a playlist. You can only have one album. Which one would you chose?

If you don't want a whole album, would you tell me your 3 favorite songs for doing sports?
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Ok I know I never post here but I am doing all I can think of to find and answer to my question.

So I am right now in the hospital watching my Dad die of cancer.  We only found out a month ago that he had it and now he only has a few days best.

He has been asking for lots of his favorite Polish dishes and so we have all been pitching in and cooking for him.  We have been able to fill all of his requests except one and he's asking for  this one thing more and more over the last few days.  I am  in a desperate search for Fresh Bing Cherries.   We are in NC and they are just not in season and we have been unable to find any anywhere. 

I thought I might could find something like a flower delivery type place might also do fruit baskets but so far I am having no luck.

Is there any chance some one here in a warmer climate might know of a place I could order some from?  I'm willing to pay shipping and such.  I know this is an odd question for here but I'm doing my best to grant my Dad this request. 
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hi all,
i'm working on my first lab report for psychology class and i was wondering if any of you could answer a question for me about the statistics symbology.
The lab is about the Implicit Association Test.
In our data sheet, the professor used the symbols t(19)=3.28 and p<.005
What does this all mean??
any help GREATLY appreciated!!!

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How do you feel about "sexting"?
"Sexting" is the practice of underage women taking nude photographs of themselves and texting it to friends, although the term has been used to describe times were text messages weren't the medium of making the photos more available, but something like a private myspace account was.

Do you think underage women should be charged with either creation, possession or distribution of child pornography for "sexting"? (or all of the above?)

Do you think the recipients should be charged with possession of child pornography?
Does it matter if they were an active participant -- such as accessing a folder on myspace that contained nudes -- or an inactive participant -- such as receiving a text message? What if the creator of the photos misrepresents their age?

Wired blog article describing many past cases
Fox News article describing many past cases
Most recent case, involving a 14yo girl arrested after posting nude photos of herself on Myspace

Did you ever share nude images of yourself before you were 18?
I did, I haven't shared any since I was legal :p

Note: I realize my language is sexist, but apparently no one gives a shit about teenage peen.
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I work for a bookstore and I'm representing the store at an event tonight. I just found out that I'll be on stage with the speaker (Jim Lehrer from PBS News Hour) all night.


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My husband and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary in July and having our overdue honeymoon in Washington, D.C. We want to go somewhere special for dinner, but we're unsure where. We don't care what type of cuisine.

What's a really nice restaurant in D.C. or around D.C. that is nice? If you don't know, do you know where I can possibly look?

If you don't care/don't have an answer:
What color socks are you wearing?
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How do you feel about telling your child (let's say between the ages of 4 and 6, old enough to realize that the dog is gone) that the family dog "went to live on a farm"?

What is the best way to tell a child that a family member/friend has died?
My aunt and uncle told my cousin that grandma "went to stay with God", which raised awkward questions about why she was in a box at the open-casket funeral. :-P
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Do you think it's weird for people to start having kids in their late 40s/early 50s?

How old were your parents when they had you? Do you wish they had been a different age?

My mom was 37 and my dad was 39. I really wish they were younger.
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Is it wrong for a girl in Grade 11 (age 16) to go out with a boy, first year university (age 18)?
Is it wrong for his friends to call him "love deprived" and "looking for a quick summer fuck"?

Would you start a relationship with someone if their friends weren't particularly fond of you?

They are only saying that because they are friends with my sister, and it's the whole "YOU'LL BE GOING WITH HER LIL SIS," kind of deal.

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Sort of inspired by the "talking to your kids about death" post.

Disclaimer: I'm not a parent and don't intend to be one anytime soon, but this is something I think about from time to time.

When/if I have kids I intend to be frank and honest with them when it's appropriate and called for. An issue that always has me conflicted is Santa Claus. It seems wrong to propagate such a stupid lie, especially when they're obviously going to learn the truth at some point, and in a worst-case-scenario that could end up being traumatic. I know personally, when I realized Santa/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny weren't real, I immediately trusted my mom less, and I found out in a pretty reasonable way.

On the other hand, believing in Santa is kind of a normal part of growing up. Plus, I wouldn't want to be the mom whose kid went to school and told everyone they were stupid for believing in Santa (even if you told them not to tell anyone, kids talk and that's that.)

So... what are your thoughts on this? Should kids be allowed to believe in Santa, or are they better off understanding that their parents worked hard to buy them those presents?

Did anybody here grow up being told the truth about Santa? How did that work out for you and your family? Did you disillusion any other kids?

If you grew up believing in it, how did you find out about Santa Claus, and how did you take it?


(note: this article is kind of an interesting take on the whole question)
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Do you expect happy (or mostly happy) endings in books and movies?

Are you disappointed when a book or movie doesn't have a happy ending?

(This question is brought to you by a discussion of French, Irish, and Russian literature on my F-List and the lack of common happy endings. I've also noticed -- completely unscientifically -- that movies here, in America, that don't have a happy neat ending tend not to do well in ticket sales, and I wonder if it's a cultural expectation.)

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Who here is a fan of Raymond E Feist? I've just finished his latest book (Rides a Dread Legion) and omg omg omg I love his work so much.

I have a love/hate relationship with his cliffhanger skills, but damn, I love his stuff. I want to talk about his books with other people but I don't think anyone on my flist likes him. Would you like to talk about his books with me?

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I have my hen's/bachalorette party tomorrow. 

On a scale of 1 to belligerent, how drunk will my friends get me?

For those of you who have had such parties, any embarrassing stories to tell?

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Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Do you generally go to bed/wake up around the same time every night/morning?

If Y, what time do you go to bed? What time do you wake up?

I am, after years of being the opposite, a morning person. I usually go to bed between midnight and 1 and wake up around 8.

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hi everyone!
So I just put a CD into my mac to import it into my iTunes and for some reason iTunes isn't reading it. It's not showing up under " devices " and it's not playing... how do I get the CD back out of my computer drive?
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Hi again! I'm sorry, I should have added this to my last post but I need some ideas. My roommates are slobs and I cannot find a way to get them to clean up after themselves. Both of them are the type of people who have had everything taken care of for them all their lives so they never do dishes, pay bills on time, take out the trash, make sure the recycling is at the curb on the right day, turn the heat down when they leave the house, turn lights off, clean up after their hamsters (that they put out in our hallway at nighttime so that they don't have to listen to them dig all night long... instead the rest of us, namely me, have to suffer), or clean up after people they invite over.
How could I fuck with them in a way that would provoke them to grow the hell up and start cleaning up after themselves TQC??


Guys. I need a good book to read. I'm cool with multi-book stories. And romance ('cause I'm a girl). But NOT Twilight. I'm pro-human and that vampire stuff is just lame.

Help me out?


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How would you deal with this?

My Mum lives with me because she has mobility problems (she can't walk far and walks with a stick/cane) and memory issues. Over the past two years I have noticed that the memory problems are at their worst when she is depressed.

Which is all the time.

She doesn't eat unless I force her to. I'm not here all the time to do this and to be honest I'm fed up having to 'baby' her into eating. When she doesn't eat she complains she's no energy and doesn't feel well so she can't do anything. When I say that's down to her not eating she says she has been when I know she hasn't. She's very depressed, sleeps all day and does nothing but sit and listen to the radio while smoking herself to death. She won't go into the living room to watch tv, she has no friends, she's not trying to do anything to improve her situation.

I've taken her to the doctor and she's now on anti depressants. Also, she's on a waiting list for a daycare centre which will get her mingling with people and getting out and about for a bit.

But I don't know how to deal with this until she gets to daycare. I'm running out of patience and I don't know what I should do.

I hope this makes sense, I'm not too good at explaining myself at the best of times.

Thank you.


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Quick, there's only a few minutes until the bread will be ready!

I'm making Pepperride Farm's Cinnamon raisin bread. Should I put butter on it or peanut butter? Other suggestions?

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For those of you in school, do your professors/teachers get you to submit assignments into plagiarism-detecting websites, such as

For the first time ever, a professor just enrolled me into this TurnItIn thing and I'm a little bit put off.

What are your thoughts on these types of things? Good idea for knocking out cheaters? A little iffy on someone keeping a copy of your work and running it against a database? Totally terrible and working under a presumption of guilt?

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okay so i want to find out if i have huntington's disease because my grandmother had it and so does 2 of my aunts. the thing is if my mom doesnt have it i most defiantly wont but if she does then i have a chance of getting it, and i have no idea if my mom has it or not. i mean i cant tell if she has any of the symptoms either because shes just so crazy already as it is drinking all the time and living on another planet in her head. she wouldnt get tested when all her sisters did, ive been trying to figure out for years if she is getting the symptoms but i just cant tell.
my question is how do i get tested? i dont even know what kind of doctor to go to. does anyone know?
also how much would it cost?

what diseases are at risk of getting that your family has? would you rather know now, or would you just rather wait to see if you ever get the symptoms?

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Do you argue with your TV?


I'm watching Wife Swap and this woman is criticizing the family for doing demolition derby or something. Anyway, she's saying it has no value because in 20 years they won't care. I'm sitting here quietly arguing that good memories with family do in fact have value.

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(Since googling this just tells me that apples cure heartburn, I have to ask)

Does anyone know a reason why eating Red Delicious apples make my chest feel tight? It's happened my whole life and only with Red Delicious, so I don't think it's a medical problem that will cause me to drop dead, but it is momentarily uncomfortable. Is there a chemical or something that does that to people?

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Why is it that whenever I go to a restaurant and ask for root beer, they say "no we don't have that, but we do have Dr. Pepper."

Is root beer synonymous with Dr. Pepper?

What is your favorite beverage?

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is watching a lot of pbs nerdier than watching a lot of discovery channel? how about a lot of sci-fi channel? or is there another, even nerdier channel I haven't thought of yet?

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1)what do you think about perfume?

I hate it.

2)My side hurts. I must have injured it coughing. How can I tell when it should be looked at?

3)what do you think about the mexican drug war?

eta: why will you never succeed in life?

because when commented on typing skills, I say I gained them telling people they are wrong on the internet.
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So my guy friends bought a new shower curtain, and it has a map of the world on it. Now they're obsessed with geography and are trying to come up with a soundtrack to sing in the shower.

TQC, will you help me make a list of songs about cities/countries/etc so I can surprise them with a mix cd/playlist?

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what flavor toothpaste do you favor?

what song would you like to be played at your funeral?

what are your feelings to the last person you romantically kissed?

how many chins do you have?

(no subject)

Do you know (or can you guess) the top two cities in the world in terms of population? Do you know (or can you guess) the population as well?

"Cities" in this case defined by greater areas, not exact city boundaries. No Googling!
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Poll #1373405 Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson are filming a movie in my city

What is your favorite Bill Murray movie?

The Razor's Edge
Ghostbusters (1 or 2)
Groundhog Day
The Royal Tenenbaums
Lost in Translation
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Broken Flowers
What About Bob?
Where the Buffalo Roam
other (will post in comments)

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For those of you in college, are you taking classes this summer?
Should I take all easy classes during the summer or take the harder ones because it is a shorter semester? (They're online classes)

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Is $3,300 for a 10 day trip to Spain (from the US) a good deal?

Includes this stuff:

* Round-trip transatlantic transportation on scheduled airline.
* Airport transfers.
* Accommodations in centrally-located three-star or four-star hotels.
* Services of a specially-trained courier throughout.
* Deluxe motorcoach, with driver, per itinerary.
* All breakfasts, one lunch and six dinners included.

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So I was admitted to George Washington University....but I'm not going to be able to visit it (or any other school I got into) because of finances.

My uncle thinks I should email them and ask if they could help out, financially, in getting me to one of their visitation days.

My aunt and I think it gives a bad impression of me to the college, but my uncle says it can't hurt since I'll never deal with the admissions office again.

What do you guys think?
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Is there a recipe you often make that others find weird/disgusting that you learned from your family?

Mine is macaroni and milk. Basically, just macaroni in warmed milk with butter and salt. It's DELICIOUS and apparently some people have never heard of it in their life. Which brings me to my second question: have you?
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I'm terrified of needles, but I'm getting my cervical cancer vaccine tomorrow morning. It'll be the first immunisation I've had in about ten years, and I'm freaking out because I can't remember exactly how much needles hurt, but my ten-year-old self is saying, "THEY HURT WORSE THAN DEATH".

Are you afraid of needles? Did your last one hurt? How can I stop myself from turning in to a blubbering, teary mess in the doctor's office when I see the needle?


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Say your best friend had a "crush" on someone, and had for years, even going as far as to say they love them. Said best friend had repeatedly asked said someone out, and been rejected about four times.

"Someone" and you decide to go out. Officially.

Would you do it?
Would you feel like a bad friend for doing it?

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When you bake (brownies or cake), do you grease AND flour the baking dish/pan, or just grease it?

What's the last delicious thing you baked?

I baked my 4th batch of brownies in like a week today... to be fair, the first batch didn't work because I'm a dumbass and it was late at night and I put in double the amount of flour. They came out like bricks and were totally gross (but that didn't stop my bf from eating half of the pan overnight... lol).
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A bunch of questions, I'm bored and the best friend is out of town this weekend

What do you think of bromances?
Have you ever been in a bromance?
Is the term bromance accurate for two close male friends or some super lame thing Hollywood made up?
Would you go on Bromance to have one with Brody Jenner?
Would Brody even be famous if his daddy weren't Bruce Jenner?

If you don't care about bromances or the Jenner men, what is your favorite brand of coffee?

What do you think of sporks?