March 26th, 2009

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If a guy is really into football (the UK kind) - both playing and watching - does that make him definitely, absolutely, irrevocably straight? Even if he's questionable in all other aspects (effeminate, no obvious interest in girls, refuses to answer questions about his sexuality)? My friend thinks so; I want other people's opinions.

(Remember, this sport involves sweaty guys running around a field after a ball!)
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1. My neighbor recently lost his home due to the bad economy. He was a good guy and I feel terrible for him.

Do you know anyone personally who has been hit hard by this economy? What happened?

2. There's a car dealership in my city run by man actually named Rusty Cox.

What would make a parent name his/her kid that?

What is the worse real life name that you've heard given to a kid?

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Now that I'm eating my brownies, a question occurred to me:

When does drinking milk taste best?

From the carton
From a regular glass
From a wine glass (am I the only person who does this?)
Other, which I will explain in comments

And now study time!

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What would you do if your biological father's, girlfriends daughter randomly messaged you telling you who she was and that your father was interested in meeting you, always talked about you, etc?

if you did talk to him, would you call him dad? what would you want to talk to him about? Would you tell him a lot about your life or just what he asked?
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I watched a comedy central special a while back and there was this comic who reminded me (in looks) of a cross between Dennis Leary and Gary Busey. Odd, yes, but funny. His set was a bare dilapidated room with just a wooden chair. He talked about a girlfriend he had that would get up and beat on him, calling it a sugar imbalance, and he would cower and hold up a Twix (or maybe a KitKat). He also talked about his mom and her shooting one of her husbands for throwing a turkey at her.

Does anyone know who the fuck this comic is? I really want to add his special to my Netflix, but I don't know his name.
ETA: Thanks, it's Christopher Titus. Fucking hilarious.

If you don't know or care, here's a question for you.

Since April Fools' is fast approaching, will you tell about some pranks you've had pulled on you/pulled on someone else? Best pranks, worst pranks, failed pranks, I don't care.
I just need some ideas for my coworkers :D
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what's your favourite show to watch for a tv marathon?
what accents do you hate?

am having a dr. who marathon rn and i want to punch billie piper for her annoying accent

unrelated: my bf is taking me to see stephen k. amos with his uni friends next week and his old fwb (who was obsessed with him for ages) is gonna be there. would you feel awkward in this situation? would you care that she was there?
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TQC, I slept badly last night, woke up at 1:30 am, was sick several times for unknown reasons, then woke up again at 4:30. It's now 6 am. I have to be up at 8:30. Should I bother going back to sleep? (Also, why the fuck did I throw up?)
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There are plenty of theocracies in both history and fiction.

But what would the world be like if militant atheists were in charge of everything?
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If you were a crayola crayon, what color would you be and why?

I'd be periwinkle. Its just the right shade of purple for cheery and just the right shade of blue for when I'm sad. plus-its fun to say.

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1. On a scale of 1-10, how lame would it be if a person went out to the bars by him/herself on his/her 21st birthday and got plastered?

2. Are you a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper?
I am the lightest sleeper ever, unless I am drugged. It's pretty annoying.

3. Do doggies REALLY give us kisses because they love us so much, or are we just totally delicious?

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Would you/have you ever sold used panties online?

Would you/have you ever been a camgirl (or boy)?

What do you think about girls/guys who do these kinds of things for quick cash?

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So, I'm on day two of quitting smoking (going strong!) and my friend's mother just told me she gained 30 pounds when she quit, and it's common to gain at least ten. Any ideas on why this happens? Or how I can avoid it? (One reason I'm quitting is money issues, so I really can't afford to grow out of my clothes, lol)

Also, what are your biggest vices? I only have weed and massive amounts of coffee now..
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Has anyone thought you were from some place different?

The other day at my work, some guy started arguing with me that I was from Wisconsin because I don't have a Boston accent in my regular, everyday talk (when I get mad, you can hardly understand what I'm saying). He kept egging me for at least five minutes. I finally said "No, seriously, please, I am not from the midwest, nor do I have family and I have NEVER been there, so please stop

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So I am currently working on getting healthy and eating healthier foods. The problem is, the foods that I like are all high in fat. So can you tell me some foods that you like that are low in fat?

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If you were seeing some one, and you felt yourself falling in love with them, and they said they liked you too (but probably not as much as you like them) but were too busy for a relationship at the moment.

Would you wait it out?

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semi-serious questions (oh my!)

I've had had nightmares every night for the past week-or-so.

I've drempt about having to escape from a futuristic confinement and failing, I've had to break into a prison to shave someone and got caught. I've had everyone i love turn against me. I've been chased around by giant insects on alien planets. They're all dark and helpless and very realistic to the point of me not believing that i'm awake when i am, and being convinced that reality is really the dream.

This knocks my whole day down (well, my morning at least) and I'm finding it very difficult to get out of this 'funk' my dreams put me into.

Is there any way I can improve these drems? Can I take something that will help me not dream at all?

I used to take pain pills (cant remember what they were called) that used to give me horrible violent nightmares. These arent as bad, but i stopped taking those pills and suffered in pain simply because I couldnt handle those ones.

Anyone else experience this? Having dreams seemingly take over your life?
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I'm going to Bennigan's for lunch with a coworker. What should I get?

What song are you listening to right now? If you're not listening to anything, what was the last song you had stuck in your head?
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So I finally pushed myself to go through with buying a laptop. I've wanted one since I was 12, and I've had the same desktop for about 7 years.

What was the last thing you weren't sure about buying, but you did it anyway and in the end it was the right decision?

Before my laptop, it was my truck last year. (08 GMC Canyon :D)

What about something you bought that you instantly regretted and couldn't do anything about it?
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I slept though my alarm and missed my 9:30 class AGAIN. And now I have a test in an hour and a half that I am not really prepared for.

What trouble did you last get yourself into (it was your fault)?

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If you were me and had a really shitty rice cooker that always scorched your rice, which rice cooker would you purchase? For the sake of this poll all of these cook rice equally well.

also, if you know how to perfectly cook all kinds of rice on the stove, will you come over and cook it for me any time I want for a one time payment of $100?

Birth stuff

Okay, this is probably a dumb question but: does everyone have an English name? Like for people born in countries who don't use the Latin alphabet -- are they given an "English" name at birth, along with the one in their native language or are they just translated into English phonetically should the need ever arise?

Do you still have your birth certificate?

EDIT: Sorry guys, I should be more clear. I wasn't wondering about being given a common English name like Jane or Billy but rather if the birth certificate would also include the phonetic translation so it can be pronounced in English.

I do not know how it happened.

The first time I caught crabs, I immediately knew where and who I got them from.

This time, I am not so sure. I know you're supposed to tell the people, but there are so many suspects, many of whom I am no longer on good terms with. So that makes it especially embarrassing - even if it happens that I did not catch it from them and they caught it from me!

Here are the prime suspects:

Skanky clothing designer whose place I spent the night at for a week. She was very trashy, and given how I didn't notice her showering often while I was there - and that her hair extensions appeared bad and filthy, with many of the dyed colors fading badly - I doubt she washed her bedding often. She would be the prime suspect.

Skanky clothing designer's even skankier friend. She slept in the same bed for the final 2 days of the week I spent the night, and seemed to almost magically outskank the skanky clothing designer.

Skanky photographer. They had mentioned how good they were at massages during a shoot - not offering one - and I casually replied that I wanted one and proceeded to move their hand up to my...well, nevermind. These "massages" became a regular thing.

My current relationship that I'm already dating outside of making it essentially non-existant although the person doesn't know. Skankiest person ever. That's why the relationship ended...or I want it to end, or something. Ew.

So here's the question:
Do I tell them?

or just one? Who do you think I caught it from?


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1. Have you ever actually LOL'd? Did it get you into trouble?
2. Have ever actually ROFL'd? Did you hurt yourself or any pets that were already there?
3. Have you ever actually LMAO'd? Did you get your ass reattached later or have you learned to adjust to an assless world?

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Will you post a funny/weird missed connection from your local craigslist?

I accidentally saw you peeing from your window - w4m - 21 (South Street)

Sorry! I was just perusing the scenery on my normal route back from school when I looked up and accidentally saw you peeing!

I just thought that I'd let you know to grab some cheap curtains from Ikea (though I didn't mind what I saw)

If you perhaps see this, coffee sometime?

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What philosophical, religious, political, or self-made idea/ideal do you strongly believe in? AND WHY? (the why is really what I am interested in here).

For example:
-the ends justify the means
-we live in a dog eat dog world
-everyone is born equal
-God loves us all
-moral nihilism
-human rights
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This is going to sound like a stupid question, but...

What's the process of finding and going to a doctor, with really short notice, in the US?

I'm an Australian currently traveling by myself in the US (in Washington at the moment) and I've developed a really high fever that comes and goes in 30 minute intervals, shakes, aches and pains, my throat is sore, I can't swallow and my ears are full and making crackling noises. In short, I need medical attention and I can't wait.

I tried Googleing, but I'm not finding anything and with my fever I'm not even really sure I'm looking for the right thing. Any advice you could give me would be great. (Oh, and I got travel insurance, so in theory this whole thing should be covered).

From everything I've heard from locals, you have to book appointments really far in advance, like days or weeks ahead of time (this is REALLY different from Australia, so I'm lost). Am I supposed to go to hospital if I can't get into a doctor?

Secondary question: if you live in the DC area, do you know of a good doctor I could go to?

Thanks TQC, I owe you one.

EDIT: Thanks everyone - Urgent Care Facility/ ER it is. You guys rock.
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I've tried googling obviously but not finding what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a weather notifier in which I can just text, for example, "weather" to some number and get it sent to me automatically? Like, wellsfargo has a feature where you just send "bal" to their number and they send you your balance instantly. It's perfect.

The only mobile weather notifiers I am finding require using your phone's browser to access their mobile site, but I'd really like if somebody knows if there is any instant text notifier that I just can't seem to find?
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what the last thing that made you mad?

for me it was this: this.
for linkaphobes or anyone it's not working for (because some times it says you have to join to read the articles), the Westboro Baptist Church says they're glad that ND is having record flooding because they criminalized the WBC preachings.
i know it's WBC, but i just can't believe anyone could actually believe that.
( movie ) steve3.

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i get really bad anxiety when i think about certain things (mostly school) and right now i can not stop shaking my legs.

does anyone else get bad anxiety and what can i do to calm myself down?

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How am I meant to decide where I want to take a trip when there's almost nowhere in the world I don't want to see?!

Where do you want to visit? Why?

Describe your perfect trip?

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Say a friend’s SO decides that you two are having an affair, even though you aren’t, and tells your friend to never speak to you again. Do you keep in contact with each other, knowing that your friend’s SO would be so hurt by the fact that you were still friends, that it would be just as bad as if you were having an affair? Or do you ditch your friend, even though that would be hurtful to you and, ostensibly, your friend as well?


how come mac and cheese doesn't taste as good as i thought it would? 'cause i'm doing it wrong?

i cooked elbow macaroni till it was dente, drained it. then whisked egg and milk together, left it aside. i then heated up some butter, put in the drained 'roni, added the whisked egg+milk and then added in cheese.
it tasted oily..and so blah. threw it away after a few bites-now i feel unhealthy. :( it's the first time i tasted m&c
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Think of some of the old cartoons that you loved. Was there a particular thing you wanted to happen, but it never did?

Example: I always wanted Helga Pitaki (sp) to get with Arnold but Arnold never liked her back :(

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What are your favorite things to put in a tinfoil wrapped bundle of veggies?

What's your favorite uncommon genre of music? Examples?  I like Nintendocore. metal + 8bit music = awesome
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I'm having problems figuring out an allusion.
I'm hoping that TQC can tell me what a Red Perch is, other than a type of fish. Or, if it is referencing fish, why?

If it helps, she's talking about how she's stopped doing drugs, and the sentence is, "No, we no longer live in a yellow submarine, we live on a Red Perch."
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Would you ask out someone at work you find very attractive, even if you've never spoken/met them before?

If yes, how would you approach them?

Some background: I work at a large company and I've seen him in the cafeteria many times. We always seem to make eye contact, but he's SUPER shy and looks away very quickly. I've never spoken to him, but I've gotten office gossip which has informed me he's very religious (which isn't a bad thing, but I guess he doesn't drink, have sex, etc), so it makes me think that there's no chance of him making a move. I'm just worried it could end very awkwardly.

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I think that due to the potato hate in the previous post, we need some potato love.

How much do you love potatoes?

What is your favorite variety of potato?
What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?
How do you make your mashed potatoes?
What do you like on your baked potatoes?
Colbert Stephen is so fucking adorable

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Poll #1372510 Friends

Who are you most like?


Who would you rather sleep with?


Of the following, which one would you like to push off a cliff?


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1) What was the last song you could not stop listening to?

The Trucks - Zombie

2) Selfish question time! I need to translate some sentences for Danish tonight and I cannot think of anything. I am sick I translating "I want a few apples, please." So tell me TQC, what should I translate? What do you think would be useful?
Big Love


I just signed up for Netflix and I'm overwhelmed. I'm a child of the 80's and I've never seen Back to the Future, Goonies or Ghostbusters, so you can see that my movie resume is fairly short.

What movies would you say that I must add to my queue?
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I just got a letter in the mail from The National Society of Collegiate Students. I never heard of them before. I'm researching them online. Some people say it's a scam and others say it's legit. The envelope has my school's name printed on it. Is there really a good reason to join? They make it sound cool but it's 75 bucks to join and that makes it a bit fishy.

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Can you, personally, spend 12 dollars at  MAC counter?

I was under the impression you'd end up with like a lip brush or something for that little amount of money.

Which do you think is worse: having a crappy parent (but not one that beats you or anything) or being in foster care?
This post is secretly about Nadya Suleman.
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Does anybody know any good German movies?  I'm thinking trippy types, like Pan's Labyrinth or The Fountain or this one in French I saw part of with cool color to emotion stuff.  OR some drama, like Goodbye Lenin.

Do you know any good trippy type movies, like Pan's Labyrinth or The Fountain in English?  Do you know of any good arsty ones?

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For those of you who are a) in college, and b) don't have a job, how much money do you spend a week, on average? i just did the math and figured out that on average I spend about $50 a week. Is that reasonable?

lean cuisine/smart ones (i know, i know)

It's that time of the year when I have to lose about 10-15 pounds to be presentable for summer. I'm too busy to do what I normally do which is cook more and healthier for myself, so I'm probably going to resort to eating light lunches and then Lean Cuisines/Smart Ones for dinner. I'll also be going to the gym 3-4 times a week. But I'm nervous about the frozen meals... does anyone have experience with them? Horror/success stories?

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do you like your job?
do you love your job?
[ETA:]what is your job?

if you could have any job/career right at this very moment, what would you be doing?
[ETA:]what's stopping you?

if you don't have a job, what do you do all day?

will you post your favorite picture of yourself?
i hadn't realized this had just been asked. my bad.


I'm bored.
I'm at work.
I have an hour.
What kind of shenanigans should I engage in??

EDIT-O-MATIC: These are the most awesome shenanigans EVARRR!!! I am afraid I cannot do justice to them all by getting to them all tonight.
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will you post a picture of the hottest sexiest female you've ever seen in your life?

Coffee cups

(no subject)

Do you have any irrational dislikes?

I can't STAND the smell of apple-scented dish soap.

If you're entirely too happy to dislike anything, what's your favorite drink?

I love kamikazes, but only when made by my favorite bartender.

If you're happy and don't drink...get a life.

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What's the last song from the past that you've suddenly listened for the first time in ages and thought THIS IS AMAZING?

I'm currently listening to The Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch, OMG INSANE
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It's well known in the gay community that most gay men support NAMBLA’s quest to decriminalize gay sex between young boys and older men.

ETA: That statement was found in comments to this article.

If the above quote doesn't qualify, what is the stupidest thing you've heard in the past 48 hours?

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do you have a credit card that gives you stuff? or gives anyone stuff, like a charity? how can I get one? or is the whole idea of getting something back for big credit card purchases just a thing of the "pre-crisis" past?
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Hey guys! I have been scrounging around for spare change so I can rent a movie tonight and then I remembered that duh I live on-campus and the school library has an assload of movies for free! WHAT SHOULD I WATCH?

ETA No feel-good movies, plz and thnx!
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I have some (not much) pre-made pizza dough in my fridge. Should I:

a. add sugar to it, stuff it with blueberry marmalade and bake it in "puffs"


b. roll it into breadsticks and dip it in my leftover pizza sauce?

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So California's considering banning (the sale of new) black cars, cuz like, the paint makes your car really hot on sunny days and then you use the A/C and the emissions from the A/C kills kittens and puppies.

Whatcha think about that?


What's your fav color of car?

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For college grads/undergrads:

Have you done an internship/are you doing an internship in your field of study?

Are internships required by your University for graduation?

My English degree doesn't require an internship but they are really pushing for me to do one, and I think it's a bullshit way to get more money out of me/prolong my desired graduation date.

Ear Infection

Is it possible to have an ear infection without the pain?

On Sunday I Had bad pain in my one ear, which later that night switched to the next ear.... The next day the pain was mostly gone but my one ear was all clogged... And its been switching which ear is 'clogged' and I cant hear out of since sunday. This morning I woke up and both of my ears feel like they have pillows over them, I can barely hear.

I'm not feeling any pain (just sometimes very random bursts of stabbing pain that go away quickly and dont come often in my ear(s)). So do I still just wait it out till I can hear? Or does anyone know if you can have an infection without pain?

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I'm one of those annoying people who only go the speed limit, especially in my neighborhood because of little kids.

Today, on my way to pick someone up, I was going the speed limit (25 MPH) but started to slow down cause I saw a dad and little kid playing outside.

Coming home, I was going 20 MPH in my neighborhood and in front of the same house was the dad and son, plus like 4 other members of the family. As soon as they saw me, they all waved their arms and started mouthing "SLOW DOWN!".

I should go like 5 MPH in front of their house from now on, y/y?

TL;DR: How well do you follow speed limits?

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I am really really sick.

Where can I watch Planet Earth online?
What about Survivor Man or shows similar to it?
What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're not feeling well?

(no subject)

1. what's your most visited website (excluding LJ)?

2 What's your most listened to artist?

3. what's your favorite quick-meal (less than 20 minutes prep)?

4. Do you know any home remedies for yeast infections? Someone told my younger sister to soak a tampon in cottage cheese or yogurt, and I'm thinking that's not a good idea.

5. What's your hobby?

6. What's your favorite paint color combo for a bedroom? Photo if available, please.

(no subject)

does lj keep kicking anyone else off? Or is this some kind sign from the fates?

nvm I figured it out hahaha  oooh christ..
now that thats sorted let's move onto more important things;

Can you do any bird calls? 

(no subject)

How do I get my boyfriend to stick his hand down my pants and please my nether regions?

I sucked it up and asked him. He said it was because he didn't know if I would be offended because we have only been dating a couple weeks. I told him it was okay. Thanks for helping me TQC!

(no subject)

Can your iPod break if you use it in the rain? I was listening to mine today on the way to work and it was drizzling, and then I brought it out to change the song and it broke! It won't turn on!

Any advice on how, or if I can fix it?

ALSO, if you had to be a contestant on any exisiting reality show, which one would it be?

(no subject)

How would you describe tights like these? (I want to find a similar pair off ebay)

My stomach really hurts right now...I think it involves eating a shitload of chocolate and then taking a nap. What can I do to make it feel better? What are things you do all the time even though you know they'll be bad for you?

I also eat a LOT before I go to sleep and I always wake up in the morn. feeling like shit.

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This might be a strange question, but have you ever felt depressed AFTER working out? Like a good strenuous work out session?

It has been happening to me for a while now. It really just happens about an hour after I work out, I get really depressed without reason to be depressed.

EDIT: I don't suffer from depression to begin with though. Like, at all.. I'm a pretty happy, balanced person. Yesterday I didn't work out, and I didn't feel depressed once...

(no subject)

1) I love David Sedaris, but have read all of his books. (Augusten Burroughs is okay, but I'm not as into him and want to find something different.) I love Kurt Vonnegut, and I like Chuck Palahniuk but got sick of all of his books being so goddamn alike. I loved Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I like horror/dark comedy/weird stuff in general. WHAT BOOKS SHOULD I CHECK OUT?

2) Sometimes I randomly feel sharp pain, like someone is poking me in the toes with a needle, for no reason. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN DR. TQC?

3) Wearing PJ pants/sweatpants in public: Okay or UNNACEPTABLE?

(I do this all the time, but mostly with sweatpants, and usually only if I'm running out to the store, or just going to class, or something.)
Oh hay thar

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I just got a great new job in my field... The problem is, I am just about ready to back out and stay at my incredibly shitty and mentally draining job with a mental case of a boss because I am terrified to start somewhere new. I am so nervous and scared I am about to die. Is anyone else like this? Do you fear being the new person? How do I get over this by Monday?!

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are Girl Scout cookies all they're cracked up to be? we dont get them in the UK and ive always wondered if they are as awsome as some people think they are.
whats the best Girl Scout cookie?
Flaming Sikozu

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I had three teeth taken out this morning. Should I go to work tomorrow?
Right now I'm still kinda loopy from the sedative and painkillers so I have no idea how I'll feel in the morning.
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I know I'm posting a lot but google isn't helping me.

Would someone please post those pictures where its a pokemon and something thats funny but you have to include the name of the pokemon or it doesn't come out right? I don't even know what I'm talking about ugh. One has charmander and one has richu and they have to do with pants or something.

(no subject)

after years of hard work and months of waiting, i got rejected from duke university today.

what was your latest disappointment?

if not, what is your favorite drink?
i'm currently downing an ice cold root beer float, oh yes : )

(no subject)

What's the cheapest way to make one-shot t-shirts that are durable/long lasting? I just want to make some personal t-shirts where the letters and graphics will stay on for years.
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So, I"ve had a bit to eat and drink tonight, and am currently nursing an excellent aged scotch.  I have googled for this, but I keep getting mixed answers so I'm hoping someone here will have an air-tight response. 

Who said, "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning that's the best they're going to feel all day."?  Was it Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin?

francois lick it

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What India.Arie song/lyrics applies most to you?

I'm not the average girl from a video
Hey, I am not my hair
Brown skin, you know I love your brown skin
I am ready for love
Slow down baby you're going too fast
Get it together
I see God in you
If you were a song you'd be a complicated melody
who the hell is India.Arie and wtf is up with that period?
All of them. It's like she reads my mind and make songs based on my thoughts

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Isn't public transportation supposed to be cheaper than commuting via car?

Between my sister and her husband, their commuter cost is $850(per month) to take public transportation (one hour) ...they just upped it 75%. Does anyone else think this is crazy?

Do you take public transportation?
How much does it cost you per month?

cooking mahi fillet wtf

Help, TQC chefs! Okay, so I have a 5.75 oz mahi fillet that I'd like to either bake or pan-cook. But googling recipes gives me helluva lot of different cooking times - ex. broiling times run from 3 min at one site to 14 on another.

Collapse )

So out of those baking temp/times, what's a good 'average' temp/time?