March 25th, 2009

Jenny Saville

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TQC, my friend has $200AU to spend on the internet, what should he buy? No porn or ~witty t-shirts.

What would YOU buy right now if you had 200 dollars to spend on anything on the internet? This means no boring shit like groceries, just FUN STUPID THINGS!

Edit: Thanksss for the ideas, you guys collectively are like that one friend who you can ask ANYTHING and they always have some kind of (occasionally retarded but mostly fairly useful) opinion. :D


When was the last time you were dissappointed in yourself?

me: now as I should have been finished an essay last week but am trying to write it now and can't even concentrate

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This poll is inspired by watching and listening to parents who are on America's Next Top Model and American Idol

Should a parent...

put all his/her dreams aside, sacrifice everything for the sake of their child?
go for their dream, even if they have to move across the country to pursue it, leaving their child in the car of either the other parent or daycare or something?

And yes, these are the only two options you get.

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I'm getting highlights in my hair tomorrow - what colour(s) should I get? My hair is currently its natural colour with no dye in it. I'm thinking maybe a light cinnamon brown or reddish brown, but I'm not sure. If you can link to a picture of what you think would work, that would be spectacular.

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For Americans:

Do you think people in our country are generally too sensitive about issues like racism/sexism/the disabled?

For everyone:

No one practices what he/she preaches every moment of every day. What would you say your biggest hypocrisy is?

getting to know you...getting to know all about you

edit: "y/n/ms" = "yes/no/maybe so" get it?

Are you a student?


If yes....

high school

Are you married?


Do you have children?


Which is closest to your peonunciation of "wikipedia"?


Have you left the house in the past 24 hours?

northern lights

Yes, I am hungry.

 What's a good working/studying-snack?

End of year exams. I've just been let off to revise night and day for the next four weeks. I will need the night, too. >_>
I like having a bowl of grapes on standby because I can pop one in my mouth and carry on writing. Juice is also sweet enough to give me the illusion of alertness with every sip.

Any ideas?
green addiction

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Okay, so, I work the third shift (overnight) at a 24-hour front desk. The girl who relieves me in the morning is late. Every. Fucking. Day. By anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. She does not call. She does not even apologize. This has caused me a lot of problems b/c I run my own business in addition to my night job, and I schedule most of my appointments in the morning, because, well, I have to sleep sometime. It has literally cost me hundreds of dollars in cancellations and lost clients. I have, on numerous occasions, confronted the offending employee directly to no avail.

I have complained to management. They have done nothing.

Worth going over my manager's head?

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Poll #1371481 Sexually active?

are you.....

sexually active?
just lie there?
no thanks...I have a headache
I'm saving myself...for anybody else

Or does this just mean I have to "try harder?"

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You are sitting in your car, with a bag packed. You have to drive at least 3 hours away from where you live and you have to be back  home in 4 days time. Where are you going?

If you don't have a car or can't drive;pretend you do/can.
A Something Or Other

From whom is said quote?

'Few people will ever do a single brave deed, know true love, or the passions of a great cause.'

~Somewhere I think I know, but neither my mind nor Google will yield an answer to me.

Answer: Ernest Dichter, who it seems also came up with the old Exxon slogan, "Put a tiger in your tank." lol [Source]
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2 questions

Why do people make crazy (rapper gang signs) in pictures when they are drunk and/or being goofy?

I had a guy friend tell me that looks were number 3 on the list of what was important to guys. Is this true?
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I am pregnant and we have agreed on a girl name but not on a boy. I liked brody, fenix, or troy.
I've come up with a list of more to show him:
blaze (as a middle name)

Do you guys have any other male names similar to these? (obv, I like names out of the ordinary)

ETA Who wants to send me the link when this ends up in a snark community? Maybe I'll name the kid whatever you want if you do!

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Poll #1371797 Sexuality Poll

What do you identify as?

Other, which I will explain in comments

When did you become aware of your sexual identity?

I've always known
It didn't occur to me until I was older
Other, which I will explain in comments

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My husband invited a friend from work and his family to come over and eat dinner with us on friday. We went to his house last time and it was really good so I want to make something really good for him and his family. Nothing too super fancy because we both have kids 3 and under so it has to be something they would eat but has to taste really yummy too.

What should I make?

What about dessert?

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If you typed your name into the adress bar, do any websites come up? I just did and its a cooking site :O its awesome.

Anyways, what are you up to TQC?

Do you have any favorite dirty jokes you care to share?

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How long did it take you to get over your "first love"?

What did you do to get over him/her?

My story- I never have really dated all. I just broke up with my first boyfriend of 8 months because he was unfaithful. The first guy I ever trusted to start a relationship with. This was at the begining of the month and i'm still no over itttt :( Help TQC!


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How do you do that thing (if you have a paid account) where you can see what customer groups can see of your journal? Eg. if I wanted to see what my "family" group could see.

What's with 13's make-up on house? How is it done? Why is it done like that? Can you show me a close-ish pic? (No spoilers please, I'm in Australia and we're probably behind).

How do you like eyebrows on others?

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i stayed home from work today to go to a job fair thing. i told them i was going to the dentist, but i was just at the dentist last week. it was all i could think of to say. what kind of dental procedure can i say that i had that i would have to stay home for the whole day for? last week i had a tooth pulled. what about a root canal???
Hell - Picasso Devil

The much loved techie question

So I have this PAL DVD, and I ripped it using Mac the Ripper so I have the Video_ and Audio_TS folders. New Region is set to "all." It plays fine on the machine and when I bring the Video_TS into Toast it sees the video. However, the resulting disc when burned will not play on a DVD player, only my computer. I've done this a zillion times, just not with PAL - wtf am I doing wrong?

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How would you feel if your significant other is in love with who you are but may not necessarily be attracted to you physically (you are not his idea of beauty)?

Would a woman worry about it more than a man?
pizza the hutt

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Poll #1371763 mythical beast riding

which of these mythical beasts would you most like to ride? (on their back, you perv)

falkor the luckdragon (thing from neverending story)
giant ant
double hawk
jabba the hutt
raven the mystical fembeast (form of a man, parts of a lady)
cyborg gorilla
ballet hippo
stay puft marshmallow man
megazord (from power rangers)
something else (name in comments!)

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Dear TQC

Is anyone here planning an overseas trip any time soon?

If so, what is it for? (vacation, buisness, visiting relations etc.)

which country (or countries) are you going to?

and how long do you plan to stay?


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I have been invited to 2 May weddings. Both say "formal attire" on the invitations, but one is in the late afternoon and the other is at night. Should my dress at the night wedding be more formal? Where can I find a "formal" dress? My current plan is to hit up Dillard's and Belk and so on, but they tend to have such a huge divide between juniors and old lady clothes. A coworker said I should get something as fancy as a prom dress, but not as hideous. Is that true? HALPS TQC!


What are your views on what constitutes an infidelity.  Is thinking about another person in that way as bad as actually doing it?
For those who have had feelings for others while married, what was the outcome?
can't touch this

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Do you get migraines? If yes, how often? What do you do to get rid of them?

I used to get them when I was younger and judging from the way I'm feeling right now I'm starting to get them again.

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TQC I have a job interview at 3:30 today. I tend to come off as kind of aggressive and I don't even know how.

I'm being interview by a female (I am also female) and the females who interview me always seem not to like me while the male interviewers do.

How should I act in my interview to seem non-threatening?
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Which of your friends have you known the longest?
How long?
How'd you guys meet?
How old are you?

Me: Sarah, we met when we were like 7 or 8 because she lived just a few houses behind me. I invited her over to see my bunny. I'm 21 now, so it's been like 14 years.
The Receptionist Classic

I can't think of anything

Keep in mind that we're in the final stages of packing to move, so a good chunk of my kitchen toys are packed up.

Here's what I have unpacked/not-yet-packed:
Italian seasoning
Crushed red peppers
Frozen corn, peas, and green beans
About a cup of frozen has browns
Mozzarella cheese
Cans of diced tomatoes
possibly a can of tomato sauce
Tomato soup
Enchilada sauce

I'm going to go to the store in about an hour (need some Ajax or Comet and paper towels), so picking up meat and additional items is possible.

What should I make for dinner tonight?

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What kinds of ads were in your school year books (if any)? What kinds of ads should have been? If you were publishing a year book, what kinds of ads would you want to put in it?

*bonus points for pics
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Do you have a bank account? Have you ever been without one (as an adult)? Which did you prefer?

I've been without a bank account for 3 years, and i'm finally trying to get one again and am finding it deeply frustrating. Operating cash only is very simple.
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This one's for the mama's...

For those of you who have gotten pregnant, what brand of prenatal vitamins did you take, if any?
Did you also take omega-3's or any other ones in addition to your prenatals?

Also, I have so much trouble swallowing my omega-3' there any kind that might go down easier than GNC's 300mg softgels?
never get to get it

Mr. Muggles will eat your soul!

10:03 PM 3/23/09 · I've maintained, literally since the very beginning of the Heroes series, that Mr. Muggles is the most insidious evil of that particular reality. It's just that other shoe that has as yet not been dropped.

I even have a list of reasons:

One of them is very basic but it's possible I could be wrong about it. So, if you'd clarify a particular issue I'm having, is Mr. Muggles the only dog in the series? For that matter, have you seen other pets anywhere in the Heroes universe? Any animals at all?

Little fluffy bastard probably ate them.
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Tonguin' it.

TQC, why is my tongue black?
Is it the plague? Is it from too many cloves? From too much red wine? Is it from last night at the bar when that Shaun White looking kid accidently stuck his finger in my mouth while trying to talk to/hit on me?

What color is your tongue?

How much does your tongue say about you?

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As fun as a barrel of monkeys. On a scale of 1 to 5, how much fun do you think it would be to be trapped in a barrel full of monkeys?


When the cat's away, the mice will play. What sort of things will the mice play?

Old maid
Beer pong
Dungeons and Dragons
Hungry Hungry Hippos
One of those 'I-bet-I-can-light-my-lighter-10-times-in-a-row-or-else-you-cut-off-my-tail' wagers
Truth or dare

Party til the cows come home. Why must the partying stop then?

Cows hate parties and will trample anyone in a party hat
The party was held in the barn, where the cows sleep
The cows will be pissed we drank their vodka and will call the police
When the cows return, it'll change from a party to an orgy
When the cows return, it's time to work again. Put down the drink and help herd them up

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Poll #1371950 Both make the tummy rumble.

Which sounds best for dinner? I can't decide which way to serve the same stuff.

Pan seared, rosemary-rubbed pork loin chops, pasta with parmesan, broccoli and mushrooms with a white wine de-glazing
Casserole: bite sized strips of pan-seared pork, pasta, broccoli, mushrooms and onions baked with a rosemary cream sauce and shredded parmesan
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What's making your day awesome?

I have a list! The ex drama is DONE. I just got a new job and I may get an even better, full-time job at this new cafe that's opening by my house. My car is finally getting fixed on Monday and I just cleaned it out and it smells great! Plus, I have a date on Friday with a really sweet guy. :D

If it's not awesome, what's wrong?

MUST DO's? for you new yorkers here

My cousin and his friends are coming into the city this week and staying for like 4 days. They're all from the west coast and they've never really spent time here so I'm giving them a list of suggested things to do but I'd love some input. If you have any suggestions that aren't on here or think something on here is super lame, will you let me know so I can modify the list? If it helps, they're around 21 yrs old and would prob prefer to stay in Manhattan. Thanks!

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tqc, what do you do when you're stuck at school and have no work to do? fwiw, i have about an hour before my next class.

if you aren't in school etc, can you link me to an awesome recipe for me to try? i do not have allergies or anything like that.

Why does Firefox hate me?

I came home yesterday to Firefox being a pest. Usually, I stay logged into everything or at least have my usernames remembered. Since I came home yesterday, I have to log in to every site. Then, if I close the browser and open it back up, I have to log in to everything again...even when I click "remember me" on each site. My settings accept cookies from all sites and keep them until they expire. It is also set to ask before deleting private data.

I found a couple of suggestions, like renaming my cookies.sqlite folder, but I can't find it or my profile folder. I also don't know how to delete extensions, which was another suggestion.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? It's driving me crazy having to log into 10-ish sites at least 5 times a day!

Job Hunting Season?

What time of the year is the best for job hunting in Northern California?

A. Right now, in March/April time
B. In May, right before students graduate from college/HS, so before they are job hunting for summer
C. In June/July
D. In September

(I am trying to decide the best time to move to Northern California, so if you live there, your thoughts are most helpful.)

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Do you like french onion soup?

Why do I get all phleghmy in my throat after eating no matter what I eat?

For three days, I have been dizzy, nauseated, and felt like there was this huge pressure on my head. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

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Have you ever been told you look like a cartoon character?
What character?
Do you know of anyone who looks like one?
What character?

I've been told numerous times I look like Pocahontas.
My old psychology teacher looked dead on like Dr. Venture from the Venture Bros. but cuter of course.

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Is there any way to find out who created a community?
If so, how?
Someone created a community on LJ for the sole purpose of causing drama in another community.

Thanks :)

If we find out who it is, it will be strictly for LOL purposes. The drama is giving me something to do, but it will be better if we know who did it :D

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Some of my classmates have recently told me that they have been using online services to write their papers for them.  I've heard of this but never considered it as I'm a big baby and afraid of getting caught.  But it's leaving me quite curious...

Am I living in a bubble or is this a common thing?

Have you ever done it? 

What sites have you used?

How did the paper turn out?

Did you get caught?

Dead Like Me Poll

Poll #1372009 Dead Like Me

Who's your favourite main character?


Favourite secondary character?

Delores Herbig - as in her big brown eyes

Which season was better, 1 or 2?


If you've seen the movie, how was it?

It was great!
It was okay, but it could have been better.
It sucked.

*whines about DLM being cancelled*
itw emile

Inspired by a recent question (and my personal situation)

I have an interview at a Salvation Army thrift store tomorrow morning. I've been unemployed since January (when I withdrew from University due to illness) and it's my third interview this month.

I obviously didn't get the last two jobs that I interviewed for (a first for me) and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me. I know the basics and I've had lots of summer jobs but with this economy/so much competition, I need to stand out! The guy at my last interview said he had close to four hundred applicants. :(

How did you get your last job? Do you have any tips for me?

If you don't care to help, what was your best job? Your worst?

Opera HTML Email Colors

Does anybody know how to specify the background, text, and link colors for displaying HTML emails in Opera's M2 client? I have hunted this down for days via Google and I am not having any luck. The browser works just fine, but not HTML emails. I've edited everything I could think of in mime.css, but I must be missing something. The problem is that I want to use black backgrounds, but I keep ending up with black text on a black background. Yes, I can switch to plaintext, but that isn't really the solution I'm looking for. Halp?

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which of the following situations would annoy you, and to what degree?

1) someone intentionally says the name of the scottish play while on stage, the day before opening night, and then knocks over your country's flag.

2) someone improvs a number of their lines when the powerpoint operator uses specific words as cues for the next slide.

3) someone skips one tech rehearsal because their dad fell down the stairs that day and is in the hospital.

4) someone skips two tech rehearsals (out of two) because he has class.

all of these have happened to me this week and i am a little stressed. >: | is this shit common in college theatre?

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I just booked an appointment in a week at a new hair salon. After I hung up, I realized that the guy didn't ask for my name or telephone number. Is this normal?

ETA: That is apparently the standard operating procedure there.

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Alright tqc I fail at life and math.
Please help me.

I am currently maintaining a 67-69% average in my course. I have a test tomorrow worth 25%. Say I continue to average 67-69, what is the minimum I need on this test to pass the course?

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My ex-bf turned up at my work today with his fiance just to "say Hi". I hadn't seen him since we broke up years ago.

What do you think he really wanted to see me for?

When was the last time you bumped into an ex? How did it go?
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My boss and I share a deep passion for music. Today he told me about a concert in August in a town about 4 hours away from us. He told me to check out the artist and let him know what I think. The way he said it almost made it sound like he's inviting me to said concert. Am I reading way too much in to it?

Would you ever go to a concert with your boss?

Edit: This all came about after he went off on me because he's having a bad day. My coworker said he'll try to do something really nice to make up for it. Which is why I'm so confused. Is this how he's making up for it?
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Quick i need some help!

My friend has to write and illistrait a children's book for a class. She decided to do an alphebete book but is having issues finding something that she can illistrait that starts with "Q"

So, what is a word that starts with "q" that little kids would be able to understand.

...Please don't say queen.

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Do you think it is ever beneficial to keep unfaithfullness secret?

ETA: Even if it means the relationship would end?

I'm in conflicting views on this. The argument is if it's a one off and re-affirms the love for the partner, then why do they need to know? But also, if the person loves the partner, surely they would feel guilty? But then, if the relationship ends, that also makes one question the point.