March 24th, 2009



Who here has any ridiculously large novelty items that you feel a strange attachment to?

I have a cup. Its big.

If you don't have any large novelties, then what is the most awesome oversized novelty item that you can think of?

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I think I've asked something similar to this...but hey, screw it.

Did any of you attend Villanova University? What was your major? How'd that go?

Or... does anyone know anything about Villanova as a college? Is it good? Would going there majoring in English/Theater be a good idea? I've read up on a few things and I found that Villanova is very popular for its Business/Law/Engineering, but... not so much English.

Halp. o.o;

Do you have any other college suggestions for me as an English/Theater major? :D In the United States, pls. What are the top ranked colleges for English majors? o.o

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Tomorrow I am flying from the US to the UK. I want to bring a 24 oz can of Bud Lite to the person I am visiting.

If I put it in my checked bag, will the can burst? (I am keeping in my that the bag area of the plane is not pressurized.)

If I put it in my carry on, I am worried that they will ID me (I am 20), but I think it's mildly unlikely.
The other thing about putting it in my carry on is the fact that it is 24oz worth of liquid and airlines are super strict. Will it matter even if it is unopened?

Last question. Can you mail beer?

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my macbook is running kindof slowly, and i would like to fix that. if i was on a pc, i would run disk defrag, but that is not an option. is there a similar/equivalent (ideally free) program for macs?
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Poll #1370900 eyeballs

do you wear glasses or contact lenses?

i should wear something, but i don't, so i'm always blind.
i have perfect(ish) vision without.

if you wear contacts, do you...

take them out every day?
leave them in for weeks at a time.

If that does not excite you, which eye color do you consider to be the sexiest? the ugliest? if you could have any fantasy eye color (gold, purple, etc) - which would it be?

do you prefer when people post their answers to their questions when they write them on TQC, or not?

ETA: how is it that more people are leaving in/taking out their contacts than are actually WEARING them?
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Can't Sleep

I've been a lifelong insomniac. Even before that, probably, because my mom said when she was pregnant with me I would kick like crazy from 11p to morning, and then settle down after that. But by night I'd be rarin' to go. I'd fight sleep every night and shake the bars of my crib until I konked out.

I've taken Ambien and all the OTC sleep meds. Sometimes they work, other times they don't.

My husband can zonk out within 10 minutes of hitting the pillow. Meanwhile I'm up on the 'puter for hours.

Sorry if I'm rambling 'cause HEY MY MIND IS CABBAGE from not sleeping.

So, TQC, how can a girl get some damn sleep around here?
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Does your dream self have a memory?

By which I mean, in your dreams do you remember things from previous dreams? Like, clothes you owned in a previous dream, or a place you visited but that doesn't exist in real life, etc.

Mine does. I find it fascinating and rather wonderful.
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Is anyone else's commenting abilities messed up?

Before, when I wanted to comment on an entry or make a reply to a user, there would be a dropdown box, on the same page.  Now LJ opens a new page to make the comment/reply.  I want my same-page dropdown box back!
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In my nightmares, if I have to kill somebody to protect myself, I always stab them in the eye with a long knife because I think that the eye would be soft and easy to stab through, and would go straight into the brain and kill them...but it doesn't work, so I have to stab the other eye...but that doesn't work either so I eventually go for the temple and then run away uncertain if they are even dead.

Um anyway...

1. Do you have a recurring method of self defense in your dreams? What is it?

2. Have you ever killed anyone in your dreams?

3. When/what was your last nightmare?

4. Would stabbing someone in the eye really be a good idea? Would it be easy to do? Effective?

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So I've missed a LOT of school this year - as in, I've been absent 18 days (and today is the 19th, woohoo...) I just can't stand any of my classes, and I hate it. Buuut.... I still have straight A's in all my classes. Considering I still get good grades, and colleges don't care about attendance (right?), do my absences really matter in the long run? I always make up my work and keep up with the class.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I'm still in high school. I mean, when colleges are choosing who to accept into their college, do they look at your attendance during high school? I'm in sophomore year.

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Would you tell us you first flat tire story, if you have one?  How did it happen?  Who were you with?  How did you handle it?

And I mean car tires, btw.

Also, what's the best kind of potato chip?

I was coming back from an interview at the Cordon Bleu in Hollywood last December when I took a wrong turn trying to get back to the freeway.  I did some maneuvering and ended up near Macarthur Park - where I promptly drove into a major pothole I didn't see until it was too late to avoid it.  The impact was kind of horrible, and my car was listing badly to the right afterwards, so I pulled into a sidestreet - where two cops were busy handcuffing some guy - as soon as I could to check the damage, and yeah: my front right tire was basically pulverised.  I was so tired/stressed out that I went back into the car and cried for a good five minutes because it hadn't occurred to me yet that I was a AAA member and thought I would have to change the tire on my own, which I (stupidly) hadn't learned to do yet, let alone without help.  But then I remembered and called the Auto Club and they sent out a guy pretty quickly and all was well.

Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips!


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I came into work this morning and found a brand new box of disposable gloves in my desk drawer. Considering that I usually come in to find gloves/pens/scissors missing, this was a pretty awesome surprise.

What was the last surprise you experienced or witnessed?

books and blankets

Hello, TQC. Do you like books?

Have you read House of Leaves? I finished it on a plane last night.

The other tab I have open in my firefox browser is Amazon, and I'm looking for some new books as I've devoured all the ones I currently own. Aside from beginning on House again, I'm looking for some other ideas. What say you?

Unrelated: Do you like your bed? It's generally assumed somebody will be more comfortable and sleep better in their own bed, but last night I realized that I truly love my bed. It's not a fancy bed by any means, and it's really not special, but after spending evenings on a nice but unfamiliar bed, I truly appreciate how much I love mine. Are you more comfortable in yours than others, or do you not really care too much?

I enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by tons of blankets and being wrapped up like a taco. In fact, it's the only way I'll sleep. Sheets don't count. I need a proper blanket or I'm not sleeping for a few hours.

Do any of you have weird quirks about beds/sleeping/blankets/whatever?
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Business cards

I have a shoot coming up this Saturday for my choir director. I'm willing to do it for free, but I would like to have some business cards that he can spread around for me. He works for State Farm and probably knows many people.

What do you recommend I put on a business card? I have a link to a site, an email, and maybe a cell phone number. Anything else?

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Hay guise, sorry if this is super dumb... for those of you who use Verizon and who use ring-back tones, how the fuck do you delete a ring-back tone?! I"ve gone into "My RBTs" and then into "Manage," but all that lets me do when I select the song is "set as default" and "play." IDK WHAT TO DO AND I WANT THIS STUPID SONG OFF MY RINGBACK BECAUSE IT MAKES ME SEEM LIKE A 12 YR OLD GIRL. Halp plz? :C

Um. Nvm. I'm a dumbass. =X

What's the fucking weather like where you are?

Everything's nice butter weather!
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1. Feeling kinda crappy - sleepy, sneezy, stuffy, migrainy. Should I go home and sleep or tough it out here at work?

2. I have a little extra money. Should I spend it on frivolities or save it to get my car fixed eventually (cosmetic work)?

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Have you or anyone close to you quit smoking? What helped you get through it? (I'm going to try and quit, I just don't know how I'll do it... I've got nicotine gum..)

also, anyone here attempted a water fast? can you tell me about it? I've been doing some research, and I figure that may be a good run at detoxing for after I quit..

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Do you have a friend or family member you can share all of your TMI with?

I ask because my sister and I share all the TMI in the world and I was telling some one that today and he thought it was weird. IS IT WEIRD??

And to continue the theme... want to share some TMI? ;)

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Can anyone recommend some good New Order songs?   There is a severe lack of New Order in my music library; I have, like, two.

Who's better, Adam Savage or Jamie Hyneman?

If you had to pick the destroyer of your world à la Ghostbusters (and the Stay Puft Marsmallow Man), what would you decide on?

Adam Savage.  I love Jamie and his walrus moustache + very dry sense of humour, but Adam would be so fun to goof around/geek out/blow stuff up with.

I have absolutely no idea, haha.


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I may or may not be getting some sex tonight, TQC. What positions should we try? "Reverse anal"/"Let him stick it up your poopar" is not a valid answer.

What's your favorite colour combination? Mine is purple/green and black/red.

college ejamakashun

For those of you who attended college...

What did you major in? What did you do (for a job) after you graduated? Did you get to use your degree?

For those of you who are currently attending college...

What are you majoring in? What are you planning/hoping to do (for a job) after you graduate?

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Can you cook?
Do you cook?
If you moved to a different country all alone, and this country had all different foods and shops, would you survive?

Whats the best meal you have ever made?

I live on my own so its kinda bad that I cant cook. I can make about 4 different meals and mix them up a bit. I'll get all the nutrition I need from them, and I'm not sick of them. But if I had to cook for someone else I would fail misurably. Also, I dont know how to use seaonings - including salt. I never use salt.

Apparently I CAN cook and I just have a warped deffinition of what 'cooking' actually is...

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1)How are people named in your neck of the woods?

Kids are named whatever fool thing comes into their parent's heads, often influenced by what relatives or friends were named.

2)A typical name in your area?

Michael, Jason, Montavious, DaShaun and of course, the aidens, jaidens, etcs.
Kill Bill - Elle
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I just had a super bad experience at my new doctor and I'm more than peeved. The lab tech RIPPED OFF a part of his glove so he could feel around for a vein..and then never regloved. I'm seriously considering filing a formal complaint. Would you?
How would I go about doing this? I'm thinking the local health board/health department

Are you in pain right now? Want to cry with me?

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I'm trying to upgrade my classical music library, what do you recommend I download?

Or if you don't care,

Has anything exciting or interesting happen to you recently? Do you care to share it with the class?

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What political/civl rights/liberties would you be willing to be imprisoned for, or die for? Why?

If none, then what ideologies/beliefs do you believe in strongly enough to be imprisoned for/die for? Why?

EDIT: What if there is NO guarantee that it will improve the situation? What if it will make NO DIFFERENCE in regaining those rights again? To paraphrase: are you saying that it's better to be dead/in prison than live in a society where those rights (whatever you chose) are lacking?

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Do you have an iPhone? If so, how do you like it?

How do they bill you? Is it a flat rate or do you get billed more if you use the internet more?

I already have an AT&T contract for a normal cell phone. If I get an iPhone, can I just pop my sim card in it and will it work with all the features, or do I have to call AT&T to upgrade my account?

Spiral of Light

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I'm trying to record a podcast for one of my classes but my mic isn't working. Every time I record something all I get is static. I've tried blowing into it, putting it against my laptop's speakers while music plays, even held my phone to the mic while it rings on full volume. Each time I get nothing but static. Why isn't the mic recording anything? The headset is working (I'm listening to music through the headphones) and I'm pretty sure the sound recording program I'm using (Free Sound Recorder 7.3.1) is working fine too. The mic is on, the volume is up all the way, and the volume on the recording program is up all the way. What's wrong with my mic and how can I get it to work?

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Someone at UCSD wrote pi to 800 numbers all the way across the campus in some sort of paint.

in large print numbers. I couldn't figure out what the large numbers were as I followed them across the bridge and all the way to the other side of the school where it actually started at 3.141592653.....

Have you ever seen anything similar to this in any way?
Do you think it was supposed to be funny?
How many people actually do you think understood what it was?

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last week when it was sunny and i went on a picnic with my friends, we saw a dog that kept coming over. it was huge and SO cute, possibly the best dog i've ever seen. i'm not into dog breeds so i don't know what it was and for days i've been trying to find out. seriously, it's driving me crazy. it was gorgeous. can anyone help me? i want to say it looked like THIS but it was ALL brown with no other markings, looked velvet-y and much bigger (although i can't tell from that photo how big that dog is)

1) what are your favourite dogs? pictures?
2) what are you doing today?
3) how do you like your tea?
4) how many people have you had a relationship with? had sex with? & loved?
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my neighbourhood's bus stop shelters have been removed!

will you give me an explanation for this fuckery?

edit: ya nobody's vandalizing the bus shelters or sleeping in them. i live in cookie cutter la la land, lol. the homeless ex-cons and drunk teenagers are about 4km/2 miles away. could very well be a maintenance $$$ issue though.

(no subject)


(where did you get them done? how long did it take? how much did it cost?)

I have a small question mark I did when I first got my tattoo gun a few months back. It's small and cute, but I'm at school with no camera, so NO PIC

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A knifefight breaks out among the late-night show hosts. Who wins?

Conan O'Brian
David Letterman
Jay Leno
Jimmy Fallon
Craig Ferguson
Jimmy Kimmel

A knifefight breaks out among political/comedic tv hosts. Who wins?

Jon Stewart
Bill Maher
Stephen Colbert

A knifefight breaks out between Bill O'Reilly and Anderson Cooper. Who wins?


A knifefight breaks out among presidental campaign losers. Who wins?

John McCain
John Kerry
Bob Dole
Al Gore

A knifefight breaks out in the town of Springfield. Who wins?

Homer Simpson
Chief Wiggum
Moe Sislack
Edna Krabappel
Krusty the Klown
Sideshow Bob
Mayor Quimby
Apu Nahasapasa
Marge Simpson
Wayland Smithers
Groundskeeper Willy
Abe Simpson
Ned Flanders
Mr. Skinner

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I have a Fossil watch that I want to give as a present. Unfortunately it came without a box. Is there somewhere I can buy a watch box or can you think of any other fancy/cute way to display it as a gift?

(no subject)

i moved from new jersey to kentucky in august 2008. my driver's license is still new jersey. i have not changed my address. i rent an apartment and work in kentucky. i am not a student. WHAT DO I USE AS MY STATE OF RESIDENCE TO FILE TAXES? i am using turbo tax, if that matters.
*i have not changed my license and thus my official address because i need to clear up some issues with my license before i can do that, for which i need to be back in jersey. no illegal issues, just stupid ones.

if you don't care, have you ever been to an international/foreign grocery store? what's your favorite thing to purchase? i just went to a little international grocery and got thai tea and brazilian candy. word of advice, avoid the vietnamese "sweet rice candy".

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I'm interested in becoming a high school teacher. I have some questions for those of you in the process of becoming one or those who already are teaching. I want to know about your personal experiences.

How long did it take you to get certified?

How hard was it?

How long did it take you to find a job after becoming certified?

Any extra advice?

Thanks in advance!

I want to share it, but cannot.

So I recently mysteriously re-caught crabs.
My doctor's appointment isn't until Thursday.

In spite of the fact that I've already been in a relationship, I've begun dating someone else (their best friend, no less), and we're already planning many romantic outings for the end of the week. However, I did not catch the crabs from this person - I only noticed it roughly a week ago- and we only barely began getting "hot and heavy" after, although not to the point where either or our clothes came off. But they did feel up my leg for hours on end, even practically reaching in VERY close proximity to my crab-filled pubes before I shaved them off. And of course, jacked me off (sorry if this is TMI).

I don't want to tell them and jeopardize my romance!
But I also do not want to make out with them after getting ridding of crabs, if they caught it from me and I will get it back.
But they may think I'm sleazy and a slut, especially seeing as we met via me dating their best friend who I'm still "allegedly" in a relationship with!

Do I tell them I have crabs or do I not? And what would perhaps be the best way of letting them know?
Donkey Punch

I am a Newb.

First post, woo!

I need your help, TQC!

I work as shop manager at a tattoo parlor here in lovely Charlotte, NC. After checking customers in, filling out paperwork and assisting to jewelry, I often find myself with copious amounts of free time ( I work 10 to 12 hour days) . I've checked out a few communities like this one, too_much_info, wtf_inc and the like but they are getting boring.

What can I do to amuse myself in these long bouts between dealing with idiots that don't know anything about tattoos?

Books, crochet, crafts, games, I just don't know! Television and movies aren't really a good idea because I'm usually interrupted every five minutes or so to answer a question or get the telephone.

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what state* do you live in? do you consider yourself a part of that state, or any state? are you proud of it? why or why not?

* state, province, equivalent division of country

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Do you know anyone who just cannot seem to shut the fuck up for 2 seconds? My coworker gives me a ride home in the evenings. After a long day at work, all I want to do is sit and enjoy the peace and quiet before getting home to my chaotic family, but this woman really cannot be quiet for more than 10 seconds. Trust me, I've timed her. How can I Politely tell her to please be quiet? I don't want to hurt her feelings, but it gets really frustrating having to pretend to be interested in her ramblings. Thanks, all.
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how can i stop staining every white shirt i own? should i just wear bibs over my white shirts? quit wearing white?
it's usually food (red sauce of some kind) or pen.

are you ever excited or pleased when people you don't like get annoyed or overwhelmed?

are there any TV shows you like so much that you won't do anything else when they're on, even if you (can) DVR the show?

if you have an SO, do you like his/her parents? do they like you?
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Do you have that "one-upper" friend/acquaintance/relative?

(You know, the one who always has a story that's more happy/sad/tragic/funny/etc than the one you just told? If you just got dumped, well, they got dumped ... on their birthday ... after the ex ran over their dog ... and they found out they have an incurable disease ... and they broke a nail/their football team lost a game.)

If so, how do you deal with these people? Preferably without burning any bridges.

Unfortunately for me, this person is my mother. If I say I had a long day at work, I get a twenty minute diatribe about how much worse her day is. If my boyfriend does something sweet for me, hers did something that was just OMG SO ROMANTIC AND I MUST TELL YOU ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW. If my kids act like hooligans, it's a twofer - me and my siblings were always MUCH WORSE, and furthermore, she was MUCH BETTER at parenting than me. I'd like to just, I dunno, never talk to her again, but we live in the same town, so this is sort of difficult.
Unnatural love

A dirty waste of time

Not really to be taken seriously, so treat it like any other 4C poll

Which of these are acceptable utterances during phonesex?

"Ugh....ugh...mommy...I just stained my ascot"
"I want to twist your clit into balloon animals with my tongue"
"I'm cumming.....cummmiinnnnnnggg.....GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!"
"Oh, churn my butter hard, baby. Yeah, like that, my little amish love slave"
"My panties are filling with fluid...most of it sex juices"
"Someone's been very naughty and deserves a good spanking."
"Someone's been very naughty and deserves to be beaten halfway to hell with a riding crop"
"Oh, heart will go on. OH YES, it will...oh...yes...yes"
"I'm gonna fill you with my DNA"
(Fargo accent) "Oh, I'm gonna do ya, you betcha. You're going to cream yourself silly, dontyaknow"
"Cock me!!!"
"Take that, WHORE! Ugh ugh! And that's for not going to prom with me!! Ugh ugh. What? No, I'm not drawing from personal experience, why do you ask?" (awkward laugh)
"I just threw up in my shorts a little, thinking about what I'm going to do to you"
"You can't make beefcake without baby batter"
"Open those legs wide, here comes the train. CHOO-CHOO"

(no subject)

can someone give me a r with a macron without an underdot?  ffffff, so frustrating!

in other words a ˉ over an r, or a ṝ without the underdot.

In other questions, smell your hand.  What does it smell like?

(no subject)

When you're feeling violent, what do you do?

Do something active
Beat up the person/break the thing that is making you feel violent
Take out your frustration on someone else
Take out your frustration on something else
Someting else mentioned in a comment
 For those of you who gave something up for Lent, what did you give up?  How is it working for you?

Because I can't make my own decisions...

I'm picking out my classes for next semester, and I've got it all pretty much figured out, but I can't decide which Psych class to take: Abnormal Psych or Social Psych. Both classes sound equally interesting and whichever one I take next semester, I'll end up taking the other some other time. I've mostly decided on Social Psych, but I need a second opinion [or multiple]. Which schedule looks better?
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hate pimentos

(no subject)

I have a ton of chicken I cooked in the slow cooker.  What should I make with it for dinner?  I'd rather not have quesadillas or buffalo chicken wraps, as I've already made them with it.  Bonus points if it's moderately healthy.

(no subject)

I decided to check out this place and I found a listing linking to my correct whitepages entry, but everything else applied to other people with the same/a similar name. Boo fail.

What are your cyberstalking techniques?

Is allowing grocery stores to sell wine a good or bad thing, in a place where this was previously not allowed?

eta: Apparently it wasn't previously allowed in NY but now I'm supposed to write my govermentrepresentativeperson in support of it. I completely don't get it.

(no subject)


i recently got a few goldfish with my roommates. i've never had pet fish before and know next to nothing about caring for them. i feed them once a day, change their water whenever it's needed, and uh, that's about it.

i noticed today that Big Orange's tail/spine is somewhat bent. i don't know if this is new or if i had just never noticed it before. he's also swimming somewhat crookedly. what's wrong with him? also, i've changed the water about three times in the past six hours, but the fish are still swimming near the top (i'm assuming this is because the water doesn't have enough oxygen). usually the water only needs to be changed about once a day and they'll be fine. what do i do?


(no subject)

What's the most random thing you've done just because you felt like it?

Earlier I put on this foundation sample I got from a magazine, purely because I know that it's too orange for me and i'd end up looking silly (:

edit: we all make mistakes sometimes, people.
Kissing Parts

The Book of Face

Is Facebook the greatest enabler of hypocrisy in the world, or what? :D I keep getting "friends" requests from people I know for a fact loathed me when we had IRL interaction. Does that happen to anyone else? XD
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

Say if you work in a competitive business. If you give your two weeks notice to leave, are they allowed to fire you immediately, after you've given your notice, if they find out you are going to work for their competitor?

EDIT: the business is advertising and their concern is that you would steal customers to take with you/obtain a copy of the ~secret~ rates list to share with your new boss. Also, it would be easy for a boss to find out their employee is interviewing with similar company because at least one person from each paper inter-mingles with others in the other papers. Is this all too confusing or what
love and fear

(no subject)

Poll #1371421 Choose!

How many syllables is "caramel?"


How do lesbians deal with the boquet throwing thing?

They both do it - two boquets
They both do it - with the same boquet
Only one does it
Neither does it

(no subject)

If you get married how important is it for you to have the traditional wedding (ie: the church, the bridesmaids, the white dress, the big cake, the centerpiece etc.)
How many of those could you forego?
How did your parents get married?
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Harvard Economics senior lecturer Jeffrey A. Miron, in a CNN commentary, said, It is impossible to reconcile respect for individual liberty with drug prohibition. The U.S. has been at the forefront of this puritanical policy for almost a century, with disastrous consequences at home and abroad.

RON PAUL 2012?

(no subject)

What do you think goes on at Area 51?

my guess is boring shit, like the testing of advanced military weapons along. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!

So here I am, toying with various super cool ideas. I am sick of all the government secrecy bullsh!t and decided that it's time to make a point. Our government is built to be run by the people, for the people. Area 51 will be the first of many places us, the owners, will visit. I am devising a plan to get hundreds of people together, armed with various supplies (camcorders, bolt cutters, rope, etc), and together we are going to walk our way into area 51. We will not be stopped. We will cut, climb, dig our way into the place. If we are shot (and for what? for trespassing on gov't land? lets not forget that WE own the government), it will only cause further uprising. Who's with me!?!

(you gotta admit, it'd be pretty cool)
lol fags

(no subject)

1. Have you tried Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot or other types of hot pot?

2. If yes, did you enjoy the experience?

3. Would you say that you are culinarily adventurous?
YES, I will eat anything. I'm a trash compactor.

4. Did your family cook a variety of foods when you were younger?
Yes. I feel sorry for people who list potato as their favorite vegetable and I cringe at the though of eating a peanut butter sandwich every day or week.
emmett, QAF

(no subject)

Do you ever think about / talk about livejournal in real life ?

Do you think there are more males or females on livejournal ? Why is that ?

I was in Starbucks one day and accidentally ordered the wrong drink and the barista remade it for me and gave me the other one for free. Then he went  to the restaurant next door to get a cup holder even though I said I could have done it. I tipped them because I was like "I don't want to end up being talked about on baristas  or customers_suck 

i have a synthesis paper to write,

so i'm conducting a mini survey via internet.
please answer yes or not to the questions (except for your age of course)

Do you have a tattoo: 


Do you think tattoos enhance a person's appearance: 

Do you think tattoos make a person look worse: 

Would you ever get a tattoo:

Thank you so much!

(no subject)

What is the last word that you taught someone?
If different, what is the last word that you defined for a native English speaker?

Today I explained what "grovel" meant to a foreigner, and the other day a person who does not frequent Starbucks asked me "what is that word you keep saying?" when I was talking about a barista, so I defined it.
Nick motherfucking PEACE fucker!

(no subject)

The light switch in the bathroom in the hall downstairs glows orange when it is turned off -- obviously, so you can find it in the dark.

It has done this, to the best of my knowledge, for the entirety of my 25 years of life, and did so before we moved here. It also only does it at night. It's the most high-tech early-80's device I touch every day.

When will it burn out? More importantly, would it be ill-advised for me to take it apart to see what is making it glow and whether I can steal the timer and/or lighting mechanism for my electronics tinkering project?
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If someone called you trailer trash and your significant other decided to beat them up (even after you told them it wasn't a huge deal) resulting in him giving the guy two black eyes, a broken nose, a messed up jaw, 6 stitches and a mild concussion...what would you think?

As his girlfriend, what would you do or think? Would you be appreciative of him "standing up" for you? Or would you think the opposite?

I'd like the hear men voice their opinion too, would you ever beat up a guy to that extent for calling your girlfriend trailer trash?

ETA: I'm glad you're all on the same page as me haha. If my boyfriend ever got that violent over something relatively minor, when he could have reacted in a much more civilized would shock me and make me wonder about his temper and anger management abilities.

The girlfriend involved does not think this, I'm pretty sure she's flattered and reveling in the fact that he's not going to get in one bit of trouble.
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Women: how much weight do you usually gain when you are on your period? Do you actually look and feel fatter?

Men: Can you tell when a woman is on her period? (strangers, girls you know, whatever)

Meanies >=[

So I was accepted into an esteemed college. Some kids in my grade are having a pissy fit over it because apparently I'm "not smart enough." This isn't true since I don't hang in their circles so they don't know me. Also, I kind of have a life. They don't. What should I say to the next little fucker who questions me?

Is it a smoothie, or a milkshake?

Poll #1371472 Milkshake or Smoothie?

Fat free black cherry frozen yogurt, 4 strawberries, a cup of vanilla soy milk, ice


If you said smoothie, which determined your answer?

Fruit flavored yogurt
Addition of strawberries
Not applicable

If you said milkshake, which determined your answer?

Ice cream-ish stuff (even though it's fro-yo)

If you said smoothie, would it be different if the frozen yogurt was chocolate (if it still had strawberries in it)?


If you said smoothie, would you change your mind if I took out the strawberries?


If you said milkshake, and the yogurt was regular instead of frozen, would you change your answer to smoothie?

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If you were writing something that would require you to use the N word (such as quoting a text that includes it), would you censor the word out?

This is not for homework btw.

ETA: It's for a lengthy lj entry I'm writing about a film I watched critiquing the gender politics of the hip hop industry, and I need to use the N word as an example of derogatory terms men use to refer to one another.