March 23rd, 2009

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What is the best place to go online-shopping for bizarre/exotic/hard-to-get/fancy/foreign/super-localized American food products?

Like weird salts and sugars and rices and spices and stuff. has a bunch of stuff but their site confuses me and kind of turns me off of food.

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I got a belated Christmas card (with gift card inside, woot!) from my friend yesterday. The envelope and card are all in his mother's handwriting. Thoughts?

What's the single best slice of pizza you ever had?
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What have you tried to make scars less visible? Did it work? How well?

I have some bad scratch scars on my legs. They aren't raised bumps, more like pink lines. I was hoping they'd fade and be less noticable, but they don't seem to change. I want to be able to wear shorts without funny looks and questions:(.

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It's 2:18am here. I just started writing a five page paper a little less than 20 minutes ago.
How late should I stay up writing this?

The latest I can wake up tomorrow is I do have a bit of time.

What would you do?

(Not procrastinating is not an option)
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TQC, I have been working on a picture in photoshop for probably five hours now. Maybe more. I only just realized I hadn't saved the image yet. How stupid am I, on a scale of 1-10?

Do you have a song that you hate so much that the second you hear it you have to leave the room or change the radio station (or turn off the radio)?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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I work with my ex-boyfriend. We're on good terms. The other night I got some weird texts from a guy who claimed to be him asking for a booty call. I later figured out it wasn't him, and I sent my ex a facebook message kind of saying, "isn't this messed up? Someone pretended to be you to get a booty call". He never responded to it, and today when I saw him at work, he was completely cold towards me and wouldn't look at me.

Normally we joke around every night, or at least say hi, so this is strange.

My friend said that he probably thought i was trying to stir up drama-- which isn't true in the least bit. I kind of wanted to send him a facebook message like, "what's going on?" but my friend said not to, that that would probably just aggravate the situation.

What should I do? Especially at work.

eta: I know it wasn't my ex, because the person later called me. Also, the text messages got deleted because my phone delete messages when it dies, so I can't show them to him.
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I've been wondering;

Hey, non-American TQCers, does your country have late night informercials or is this an American only phenomenon?

If they do, what do they sell?

If they don't, what do they show at 2:00 in the morning?

Everyone, what was the last food item you tried for the first time?

Did you like it?

How adventurous are you when it comes to food?

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Were you born very close to or after 1989/1990?

If so, have you seen Short Circuit 2, that movie with the robot Johnny 5?

How can anyone not have seen that movie?! Seriously. Help me Rhonda, help, help, me Rhonda (or however they dial it).


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My dog is really sick and I am taking shifts at the vet with my mother. I just emailed my professors quickly to say that I may not be in class (most likely will not, but if he's out in a few hours then I can go), but I may have rambled on too long.
Was this appropriate to send?

"I may not be in class today. I am at the vet with my dog because he is vomitting blood. I will be attempting to get out of here as soon as possible, they're running x-rays now to see if anything is blocked, so I'm not sure how long it will take and what we need to do. I apologize in advance if I am out.
Thank you- over_thefreeway"

ETA: I sent it at 4:15 AM this morning, so I was not in the most literate of moods, hence the spelling of vomiting. None of them are English profs, so it doesn't really matter, lol

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If a landlord writes something to the effect of "Tenant cannot take the landlord to court for any reason" in a lease (which I signed), then changes things on their end... is it actually illegal for me to take them to court? It doesn't seem like it could be legal to say that, but I dunno? I know it was dumb to sign it, but I loved the apartment and have been living here 2 years problem free.. until now.

Oh, and the guy who lives next door to me listens to porn very very loudly all the time. The walls are paper thin and it's creepy (because he moans along and talks to the porn). I know it's not a real person because he rewinds to his favorite parts and listens over and over. I can't have people over in my living room without them hearing his porn. It's like it's in the room with us!

Teal deer: (just the back-story)

The rent I paid included parking and internet. They overpacked the lot and gave away all the guest passes we were told we could use (people didn't give them back, and the landlord didn't bother tracking them down) so my handicapped mother is unable to park in my lot and it's hard to find a space in my neighborhood.

When I first moved in, we could have as many guests as we wanted park without a pass. Now they tow if you don't have a pass. I live in crime-ridden area, and one of the reasons I moved to this apartment is because, as a theatre major, I come home late at night. As a young single woman, is is *not* safe for me to be walking 6 blocks alone at 12 AM to my apartment. For 2 years, I've been able to park in the apartment lot, so this wasn't an issue. Now it is.

Internet was also included. But they just sent around a letter saying our service would be stopped, and "any service we received was merely an accomodation". THEY were the ones advertising "free internet" and "free parking" in their ads.

My rent is really high, but it made sense when 'net and parking were included. (Parking goes for $200-400/mo here, high speed net is $40-60).

Am I stuck? Can I ask for them to lower my rent or at least give me a guest pass for my mom? I'm looking at other apartments, but I haven't found anything yet. :-(
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The sound of my roommate blowing on her oatmeal, her teeth clanking on the spoon, and her scraping the bottom of the plastic bowl make me want to slit her throat.

TQC what noises, especially in the morning, make you want to scream?

If you have a roommate (in your actual room, not a different bedroom) do you talk in the morning?
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i got these questions to answer for homework in my dance class at school. we have to do it every night for ten days. Just curious about what your answers would be?

What have you done to honour yourself today?
What have you done to honour someone else today?
How have you honoured your body today?
How have you honoured your mind today?

or answer them for yesterday, since todays not over

Not so hypothetical question

You go to a store to pick up a few things. One of the items is an electronic something that's in a protective plastic case that the cashier has to remove. Cashier doesn't have that tool, so she leaves to take care of it somewhere else.

When cashier returns with the item, she deactivates it for security purposes and drops it in the bag. You pay, and go on your merry way.

You get home and realize that you were never charged for that item.

Do you say, "Yay! Freebie!!"
Or, do you go back and pay for it?

Would it matter how much the item was? What's your limit for going back?

This happened to me yesterday. I bought a movie and the lady didn't scan it when I checked out. I realized it when I got home and looked at the receipt. I went back and paid for it. It would have eaten at me if I didn't.

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What's your favourite smell?

Favourite sound?

Favourite singer/musician post-1900 and pre-1950?

Freshly baked bread, Indian food, fresh tire/tennis ball (idek)

Cat purring, little kids laughing, turn signals

Django Reinhardt, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald

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I'm going to a "Career Forum" this week. it's not a job fair, it's basically people from this company talking about how to get a career with this specific company.

Has anyone been to anything like this before? Any advice? It's basically networking, right? Can you straight out ask if they are or will be hiring for the specific position you are looking for?

Vending machines.

If there's more than one way to get the same item in a vending machine (e.g., pressing B3, B4, and B5 would all give you chocolate milk), do you make a conscious decision to choose one over the others?

(N.B. I chose B4.)
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I made the mistake of buying a book on raising chickens in your backyard as an impulse buy (to be fair, raising chickens has always been something I've wanted to do, and the book stood out to me because it was about something I'd been idly thinking of doing in a "yeah, someday I'll do that" sort of way).

Then I stumbled upon and looked at pretty pictures of Plymoth Rocks and Wyandottes and read about the Eglu, a small, portable coop that can hold a pair of hens and is pretty damn affordable and easy compared to a lot of the alternatives.

Now, I'm pining for a couple of banty hens to lay me eggs every morning and be cute and charming. :( The problem is, I'm currently living with my mother and have plans to move into an apartment with my boyfriend in June, so unless I talk my mom into keeping the birds (which I am probably going to try to do anyway, I'll just tell her about how their poop makes excellent fertilizer for the garden and how you can move the Eglo around the yard to keep them from tearing up your lawn and how they eat bugs and how homegrown eggs are better for you and how I'll pay for everything and even when I move out I'll come back to take care of them and and oh please please please I want chickens!), chickens are a distant possibility to save for when I have a house and a backyard of my own.

Do you think my cunning plan of begging will work?

Have you ever kept chickens? Got any pointers to share? Favorite breed? Anything like that?

ETA: Ok, so on reading back what I wrote, I realize asking my mom to care for chickens that I want is a shitty thing to do. Consider me properly admonished, and rest assured I will wait till I have a backyard of my own to raise any chickens. I also see that I came off a bit like a space cadet about it, but I really am serious about wanting to have chickens one day, and when I do it won't be a spur of the moment thing and I want to take the best care of them possible. Sorry for the goofy post, I got excited. :)

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Last night I watched a great movie called "Bugsy Malone". Super cute and hilarious.
Have you seen it?

Will you post a picture of something to cheer me up? I'm super stressed about things, and stuff.

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Have you ever lived long-term (6 months or more) in a country whose language you had little (I'm talking high school level or less) to no knowledge of?

If so, what was the experience like? Did you pick up the language fairly quickly?

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I have no idea how it works, but if an insurance company won't pay for nongeneric medications, what do I do? (Was on Budeprion XL and NEED to be on Wellbutrin. Had awful withdrawl and side effects. I rec no one go near it, TBH.)

If you don't care, how is your Monday going?
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I miss Bugs Bunny

There seems to be a decided lack of quality Saturday morning toons. Barely any channels have them anymore, even counting the cable ones...which is funny because when I was a kid and there wasn't cable yet there were a ton more channels that had toons Saturday mornings.

These days I make do with the following: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back to the Sewer, Ben 10: Alien Force, & Batman the Brave & the Bold.

What Saturday morning toons do you watch?
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due to this letter I now read jealous as jee-ll-ow-s

has any retarded online phenominomnom affected your real life ability to think normally?

EDIT (yes, an edit): what was it?
EDIT AGAIN DAMNIT: try this one
or just this:

I hate myself for even being able to say this, but

I caught the crabs again.

I just went to schedule an appointment for the doctor and he's booked until April. However, he has another office - further from me - where I can see him at the end of this week.

I tried shaving them off my pubes and then plucking them out by hand which seemed like it was a success, except that I can still feel them even if I seemingly plucked all of the ones that were visible. Damn microscopic crabs. =(

What should I be doing until the end of this week to insure that I'm as comfortable as possible? Tons of people want to make out with me, and it's been so awkward pushing their hands as far away from my nether regions as possible. It's going to be even more awkward knowing that my nether regions are now prickly and shaved and they're reaching for them expecting a full bush. But my comfort is more important to me than the comfort of others, so helppppp
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Which celebrity would you want to narrate your life? Would you want someone different narrating during particular parts?

I would be cliche and go with Morgan Freeman. If he wasn't available, I'd go with Daniel Craig or Salma Hayek.
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Do you watch "How I Met Your Mother"?

Got a favorite episode? Which?

How about a favorite character? Whom?

If you don't care...

For breakfast...meat wise, do you prefer sausage or bacon? Carb wise, do you preder waffles, pancakes, or french toast?
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Poll #1370577 2 BUY OR NOT 2 BUY

You're buying $60 worth of ___________ (something that you buy a lot of), the salesperson says that if you purchase just $10 more of said thing you'll get a free gift. Do you buy $10 more of said merchandise?

tick, tock, tick, tock.

ETA: What are you doing besides browsing TQC? Uploading pictures.
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My professor was taking attendance at the end of class today and was standing right in front of my desk. I raised my had when he called my name and he said "big Joan, beautiful Joan". That's kind of weird, right?

Was he calling me fat? Did he just throw in the "beautiful" to make me feel better about being called "big"?

Should I be flattered, annoyed, or creeped out?

Edit: I'm just under 5'9" and fat.

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Hey TQC!

I kinda want Chinese food for dinner, as I will have to cook for myself tonight and I'm getting over being sick. I'm having a moral dilemma though because I just got paid on the 20th and I don't want all my money to disappear on me before I get paid again on the 5th. TQC, will you convince me to get Chinese food? What would you get?

Also, my bf gave me one of his rowing team sweatshirts, should I give him something in return? I was thinking about making him a CD or cookies.

What was the last movie you saw and hated?
me - with gun
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Let's say you have a medical problem you think is incurable. Nothing deadly, just inconvenient and painful. A doctor says he can fix you and he does, and you're very happy about it and the two of you are fairly friendly and everything.

Later you find out that he doesn't give a flying shit about you and only cured you to make himself look good and get more business. He didn't outright say this but from his actions and a few things he's said in the past, it's pretty clear.

Would you be a little hurt? Or would you not care much, since you got your cure? And why?

Would it change your answer if you worked for the doctor and, job-wise, he screwed you over pretty badly and was very cold to you all of a sudden?
Square Of Life.

2 of them.

One.   What the hell is up with T-Pain and all is wacky hats?  I wonder how many he has.

Two.  When was the last time you did a defrag to your hard drive? 
                  If you dont know what it is, do not ask.  Windows Vista defrag = lame.
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You're about to be operated on for something minor but invasive, like an appendix or something. You're on the operating table, being anesthesized, and you're fading off. You can hear one doctor talk to the other doctor. They don't think you can hear them. What would be the WORST thing to hear as you're losing consciousness?

"Are you sure the appendix is on the right? I remember it being on the left. Ok, let's flip a coin to decide where we cut"
"My...God...she looks just like Edith. I miss her so much, Stan. So much. Say, would you mind terribly if I asked you to step outside for 5 so I can spend some quality alone time with her? She won't know what happened when she wakes up"
"My...God...she looks just like Edith. THAT BITCH! Took me for everything I had! Look, Stan, I'm a professional. I'm not going to take it out on the patient just cause she looks like....ARRGH!"
"Fuck, Stan. We can't both be drunk. Who's gonna cut the patient open?"
"I'm gonna lose the house unless I can come up with 50k. Hey, what if we just take this patient's liver and sell it on the black market and split it 50/50. We can say the patient died through the procedure and we'll be in the clear. Wanna?"
"Make sure to remind me not to sew the scalpel up inside the patient this time. After the last 4 surgeries, I'm down to my last knife"
"Hehe. Is the acid kicking in? Mines is. The patient looks like really good apple pie and I have the knife. Isn't that trippy?"
"Georgia, I'm sorry I went back to the wife. That's no reason to take it out on the patient. Malpractice suit? Oh, really mature for an anesthisologist"
"The Parkinson's is back, Stan. My hand just can't stop shaking. I think I can still do the operation, but best get the extra-thick gauze ready just in case"
"Don't feel bad, Stan. It's just bad luck your last 8 patients died on the operating table. Bad luck. I have a really good feeling about this one though"
"This one's kind of cute. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Ok, get the camera"
"What do you mean there's no plasma? How can the hospital be out? Well, crap, now what? Hmm. I think maybe we can pull off this operation anyway if we're fast enough. There shouldn't be too much bleeding"
"Is this the one who loses the left leg or the appendix removal? This chart isn't telling me anything. Maybe we're supposed to remove the leg and the appendix"
"I got such a hangover. If I even smell blood, I'm probably gonna puke, Stan. Just FYI. Make sure I don't ralph in the incision"
"I get the appendix and the liver mixed up. The appendix is the big one, yes? I thought so. Wouldn't we look bad if we accidentally removed that tiny liver"
Baro Bitch Stare
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Okay so I was just filling out a rental application..and it had some weird questions like "Height", "weight", "eye color", "hair color".

What do they need that kind of information for?
Have you ever been asked those type of questions on a rental application?

How much does a rental application usually run you?

And last, for those who don't rent or don't care, favorite brand of frozen pizzas?
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weight loss!

Have you ever lost a lot of weight(20+lbs)?
How did you do it?
Did you keep a food journal?

I'm trying to lose 65lbs by the end of the summer, but I'm feeling kind of discouraged about it:(.
EDIT: Someone posted a link to a girls flikr. She had lost about 100lbs over the course of a year, taking a picture of her progress. Does anyone still have this link?
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Bandit Driving

Those with More Skill Than Me

My roommate and I are looking for a third person to help share in the costs. We've been looking for months with no luck so we decided to put up posters around town. I have no skills in this area whatsoever, so what does one say?

Info about the place:
3 Bedroom house
Enclosed Front Porch
Open Back Porch
Decent sized backyard
$200/Month + Utilities
Wireless Internet
Fully Furnished Bedroom (with the option of removal if the person has their own)

We don't care about gender or age, but are two girls in our mid 20's and do have small sized parties about once a month.

My writing skills are that of an 8th grader. How would you word this flyer? (It's going to be one of the ones with the pull tabs with our phone numbers.
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How old were you when you first started living on your own? College counts if we're talking living off-campus here. Not dorm life.

What were your greatest difficulties in living on your own?

I have an opportunity to rent a house in my college town over the summer and get a job instead of going home. I have aaaaall sorts of questions about it, ha ha...

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Will you please compliment yourself in this post?

example; Tonya, you've really budgeted well this month. Good job with that. Also you kicked ass  in hide & go seek earlier today, that last hiding place was pure genius.

Cell Phones

I'd like to get a new phone, but I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to buy it from the carrier. How does it work if someone gives me a phone or I buy one from Craigslist? I've heard things about switching SIM cards and such, but I would have no idea how to do that.

Is this illegal?
Do you have to tell your carrier that you have a new phone?
Will this void my ability to use the "new every 2" credit since I have a phone that I didn't buy from the carrier?
I've heard things about switching SIM cards and such, but I would have no idea how to do that.

You wanted questions, I've got your questions...

dream houses

Want to describe your dream house to me? You get bonus points for ~inspiration~ photos.

Mine is a bright one-level yellow house in the south of France about 40 mins from the coast, with a view of the hills.  White curtains, fresh flowers everywhere, broken-in comfy looking furniture. An entire room would be devoted to books (floor to ceiling bookcases, comfy couches, fireplace). Walking distance to a smallish village with an outstanding bakery.

edit: Ok, my real dream house would also include a water slide that goes straight from a pool on my roof to a lagoon down below.  But I feel that might spoil the aesthetics :(

Inspired by my at-home bikini waxing kit...

Do you ever actually bother to do a patch test and wait 24 hours like so many products say you should?
Do you have any horror stories that could have been avoided had you just done a patch test like you're supposed to?
Has a patch test ever saved your ass?

I am not planning on doing a patch test before I attack my nether regions with wax. Patch tests are for suckers! Here's hoping I don't do irreversible damage to my delicate areas.
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Have you ever bought something just because you had a coupon for it? What was it?

Have you ever realized after purchasing that you forgot to use your coupon? What was it and how much did you accidentally spend?

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I am kind of a lot in love with Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" and the instrumental style/chamber-pop style they use in the song. What are some other songs that use a similar style worth listening to?

"Cat's In The Cradle" - Better when done by Harry Chapin or remade by Ugly Kid Joe? (For once, I actually go with the remake)
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1. Do you know someone who doesn't have a filter? ETA: Meaning someone who says things without thinking beforehand. They tend to say extremely inappropriate/gross/stupid/annoying things and make people uncomfortable.
2. What kind of things does this person say?
3. Is this person aware of this? Do they care?
4. They're annoying as hell, y/y?

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I attempted to dye my dark hair red over the weekend. To say the least it turned out horrible. Can I just color over it with black dye again? My hair is pretty healthy I hardly color it.
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What is your reaction when your crush breaks up with someone?

This time, mine is the girl is a damn fool and I'm so sad for him. I expected to be more like 'he's single. I'm single, let's fix this' but I'm not.

WTF is wrong with me TQC?

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If you saw someone with something stuck to them / their clothes tag hanging out / their hair sticking up, etc. would you tell them?
Even if you didn't know them?

Would you want someone to tell you? Or would you rather be blissfully unaware?

My friends find it hilarious to put food wrappers in each others' hoods, thus I felt inspired to ask.
Hope everyone's having a good day (:
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Poll #1370671 names of meals

which of these names for meals sounds most appealing to you?

fourth meal
something else

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books: ramona
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hair question

TQC, please help me. I like my hair a lot but I've been growing it for about two and a half years and I NEED A CHANGE! So tomorrow I'm getting the chop. Do you have any styling suggestions for me? I'm thinking just above the shoulders but I really have NO IDEA. What do you think? Tell me if you think I'll look absolutely awful.

Collapse )

Thank you very much!

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So im a playstation girl, have had a ps2 for the last few years.. but now theres no new games.

Im thinking of buying an xbox 360, but i'm confused about a few things.
Why does it come with memory (20gb,60gb etc..) and whats the whole thing with the internet?

Any info would be great ;)

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ok so there is this girl that i don't know that well that has terminal cancer and her asshole boyfriend broke up with her over it. because her ex boyfriend is an asshole he never really let her make any friends and made her play house with him

since I'm like the only person that she knows she wants to hang out with me all the time and its i don't know what to do because i cant handle her 24/7, but, she's like, dying and doesn't know anyone so i feel really bad and obligated to hang out with her

what should i do?

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Do you eat with your mouth open? Do you make lots of disgusting squishy smacking noises when you do so?

If your answer was yes, are you aware that you do it? Why don't you do something about it?
Fonz: eeeyyyhhhh

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I am making spaghetti. My grandma once taught me that you know the noodles are done when they will stick to a wall, instead of bounce when you throw them at it.

have you ever heard this?
how do you know when your noodles are done?
do you want some?
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What time would you naturally go to bed, and get up, if you didn't have to be up by a specific time for school/work/whatever?

How many hours do you need to sleep in order to function?

(ETA: I think the night owls of the world need to start a global revolution against school and work starting so early in the day...)

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

I'm a huge superficial douche for excluding guys with bald spots from my dating pool. (Assuming I had a dating pool, which I do not)

Generally, peoples perception of attractiveness is based on how attractive they perceive themselves to be.
Example: If I think of myself as a 5 I will generally find people I consider to be 5s+ attractive.

Sorry for the clunky wording. The phrasing I thought of on the way home flew outta my head.

Feel free to elaborate on your answers.

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How important is/was your professor for your successful completion of a course/class? Could you motivate yourself no matter what or did you depend on interesting professors? Do you think people need professors to push them?

I ask this because a friend and I discussed this this morning at 6:50, waiting for our first morning lecture. She said that she went to her clases because she had to and because it would help her to successfully complete her course. She added that her professor was an absolutely neutral factor in her education. I said I went to my lectures because I really wanted to, because I wanted to learn something new and actually have fun. Then my second reason was to help me pass the course. I greatly depend on my professors. Is it wrong and should I reevaluate my movites?

I admit I may be dependant on my surroundings far too much to keep me going. I told my friend that if I thought my lectures were boring, I would feel horrible all day and could never, ever get up at 4:50 as I have to every day just for the sole purpose of going somewhere o pass my classes. I felt miserable all the time in high school because my professors were not motivational. they were actually tiring.

It can also be bad when I have a really boring professor. I can't make myself study no matter what.

What do you think of the importance of professors in general and my case specifically? How was it for you?

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Have you ever re-dyed your hair with a box color a couple days later? Did you hair become super super dry? i put olive oil on my hair and wrapped a bag around it,  I am praying it will be ok!
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Are you obsessed with and/or love any nationalities/ethnicities?

I'm obsessed with Russians.

ETA: I'm not talking about sexually but if you are that's fine too!
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(no subject)

what's your height?
do you consider yourself tall, short, average?
how tall is your significant other? (if you don't have one, how about your crush? if you don't have one of those either, how about your favorite celebrity?)

(no subject)

I'm trying to lose some weight and in addition to eating better I actually want to really exercise this time. My friend suggested that exercise videos really helped her so I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any specific type of exercise video that really worked for them. Nothing Stripper Hip Hop Aerobics please.

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i just spent a ton of money i don't have on plane tickets to visit my boyfriend across the country. i took a week off from work which i can't afford to spend the week with him. he bought a ticket to see a show one of the days i'm there. he refuses to sell the tickets / not go. am i being selfish / inconsiderate / terrible for being really pissed off that he refuses to ditch plans and spend time with me instead for the small amount of time i'm there solely to see him?

EDIT FOR ~*TRU FACTZ: he bought the tickets after he told me the dates i was coming were okay. i can't buy a ticket to the show because it's sold out. this is basically one of three weeks out of the entire year that we can visit each other due to scheduling, so it's not like i get to see him often / can go whenever i want to.

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What old shows do you love to still watch repeatedly on TV? (By old, I mean any show that no longer has new episodes.)

What movie(s) could you watch over and over again and never get sick of them?

What is your name on Twitter?

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while looking for good lotions for my dry hands on google, I got a bunch of stuff about sleeping with white cotton gloves on so that your lotion can sink into your skin more/better. Is it just me or does that seem completely bogus? I mean why isn't it just as good to just put the lotion on and wait until it's good and soaked in before you touch stuff/go to bed?
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The crus or the crura is the name for the "section of the leg between the knee and foot". Is there a name for the section of the leg between the knee and the pelvis? I'm already aware of "thigh". :>

Edit: I'm looking for words that would apply to humans. To be more specific, I'm looking for a term that would be the same as intercrural, but, y'know, between the thighs.

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Today I went to the doctor's after being sick for...a few too many days. I found out I have strep and an ear infection. I also have a midterm tomorrow at 1. I really just want to be lazy until tomorrow morning, but I feel like I should study tonight. So, watch TV for the next hour and go to bed or study for an hour and go to bed?

Why do my cats like playing inside of paper grocery bags?

What makes your bad days better?
I moved closer to home after living 6 hours away for 2 1/2 years, so my mom was close enough to do the whole "taking care of her sick daughter" thing. She's a pretty amazing lady.


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Do any of you get anxiety attacks?
I've always read that they came with this sense of impending doom or a feeling that you're going to die.
Does anyone have panic attacks that are nothing like that?
Will you describe what happens?

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Will you tell me about the last time you accidentally injured yourself?

This morning, I stumbled out of bed to turn off my alarm, and for some reason, there was a razor on the floor,  I stepped on it, the protector came off the razor, and I sliced the end of my toe open.  D:   Not the best way to start off the day.

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Does it irk anyone else how on the intro to Jon & Kate Plus 8 Kate says, "It may be a crazy life, but it's ARE life" (pronunciation-wise, at least) instead of OUR life? I mean, I know she's saying "our" but how much it sounds like "are" really gets to me, even though it's such a silly little thing! Haha.

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Having lost my Blackberry, should I take this as a sign and just terminate my expensive service, and get a cheap pay-as-you-go phone instead? Judging by my normal usage, I'd end up paying about....$15 a month that way.

I don't have any furniture other than a bed and desk, but I'm moving into a much bigger place next week. What's the most important piece of furniture I should buy right away?

Are there any inconsequential life decisions you can't be bothered to make yourself? Would you like TQC to make them for you?
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TQC, will you tell me of your pawn shop experiences? Good, bad, hilarious, anything.

Stories you have heard from others are fine too. I am very curious about pawn shops today for some reasons.
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Who would you rather be?

(The) Batman
King Kong

Who would you rather be? (Assume that none of these will turn into anyone else. For instance, if you choose Clark Kent you don't get to turn into Superman.)

Clark Kent
Peter Parker
Bruce Wayne
...King Kong?

Who would you rather be?

Lois Lane
Mary Jane Watson
Ann Darrow

"none of the above" is not an option.

tell me about you

What is something that gives you butterflies and that hot-cold feeling everytime you do/see/hear it? plus or minus a picture of it
sex in public places

Do you exercise? What type?
yes, just recently got into yoga, and I love it!