March 22nd, 2009

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My sister and I are both in college and instead of being at dorms we are staying in a house for a week. I wanted to cook a meal or two instead of having to stay at school to get caf food.
What do you suggest for me to cook?
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For those who play wow:

1. Who are your favorite characters that you frequently play? Gender/Race/Class/Lvl?
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What time is it where you are? Should you be doing something other than being online checking out TQC? Why aren't you doing that?

Ladies: Do you make an effort to buy bras and panties that match?

Those that like ladies: Do you care one way or the other if a girl is wearing matching bra and panties?

Do you have a song stuck in your head? What is it?
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Ladies: Do you ever get really bad food cravings when you're on your period?

Usually, if I cave anything at all, it's chocolate, but today I REALLY want bacon. I don't even really like bacon, but I really fuckin' want some right now.
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Do you think it would be a bad idea to wear my Chacos when I'm traveling around Europe this summer? I'm worried they look too casual and such but I'm having a hard time finding a good breathable walking shoe that is more fancy and appropriate.

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How many ticky boxes do you want to tick?


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People who smoke pot are totally the same as those that buy guns to kill people, right?

in other words:

Do you agree with me that my Aunt is an idiot for thinking this?


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pb&j or mac and cheese?

When was the last time you felt really good about yourself? What was the situation?

My ex left me a comment on myspace while I was out on a date with someone far more amazing. !!

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1. who was your worst teacher in your educational career? what made them so bad?

mclaughlin - middle school history teacher. he was anti-everything and had a holier than thou attitude. i got kicked out of class one day for saying that gays had rights too. my mom pulled me out of his class and i ended up having history class with the school librarian instead.

2. what's really annoying you right now?

my equine science instructor promised that he would have our grades posted and the new assignment up last friday. it's been over a week and my grades aren't posted and there's no new assignment up. he never gets shit done when he says he's going to. i know he's busy and teaches quite a few classes but he does this all the time and seriously, don't tell us we have a new assignment until after you've posted it. the assignment's supposed to be due on the 27th and i really wanted to get it done over spring break so i didn't have to worry about it this coming week.  

3. do you have a vanity plate on your vehicle? if you don't, what would yours say?

the vanity plate on my truck says gitrdn - yep... git er done. my mom's says icmoose. my old one was cwgrlup and hers used to be mjruns. we kind of have a fascination with vanity plates, i guess. lol

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Tonight I made pasta with gorgonzola and bleu cheese. It was delicious, but I've washed my hands like ten times and can't get the smell off. Lotion isn't covering it either, what should I do?

Have you ever gotten your sleep schedule totally backwards?
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Who are the weirdest celebrities you've ever been attracted to? (By weird, I mean unlike your normal pattern of attraction, or just attractions that would be considered strange by mainstream society)
Everyone I've ever liked is considered weird by mainstream society except probably Helena Bonham Carter & Kate Winslet


What's a strange movie for a kid to grow up watching that you enjoyed when you were a kid?
9 to 5, Big Business, the First Wives Club, and a taping of the Broadway musical Into the Woods. I was a strange child.


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Does anybody remember a children's story show where the narrator would constantly change his position in the chair? (be sitting upside down, sideways etc)?

They also may have been dressed like a hare, but it's been a long time and I am very tired so I could be wrong on that part.

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So I'm talking to this new guy and every time he says "I have to tell you something" or "do me a favor" I'm CONVINCED that he's going to say something really mean to me.

Why the hell am I doing this?
Do you know anyone who actually does this? (as in ..."Hey, do me a favor, don't talk to me anymore")
Am I reading too much FML?

Will you tell me the last really nice thing someone said to you?
Nathankitty whut?

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Am I the only person on earth who has never used the Shift key to make capital letters, ever? I just push the capslock button every time. I didn't know that wasn't how you're supposed to do it until a few months ago. How the hell did the rest of the universe pick this up and not me?

EDIT: What's the stupidest thing you've ever failed a class/assignment for?

My art teacher in high school failed me because she refused to believe I hadn't made up narwhals. @_@ Who fails an art student for being creative? And what teacher requires a 17-YEAR-OLD to do research to prove that they aren't making up imaginary animals???

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Do you have something old, that needs to be replaced , but you can't find a suitable replacement for it??

like this old back pack I use. Its ratty, but all the new stuff is just inferior
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Dr. TQC, I needs your help.

I've thrown up quite a few times in the past two weeks and been nauseous everyday. I've had really bad headaches right behind my eyes and a very small appetite. I'm also sleeping a lot more.

Besides being pregnant (which is a big NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL), what could be causing this?
I'm going to the doctor on Thursday but what do you think?

ETA: What's the fucking plural of 'hiatus'? Hiatuses? Hiati?
Hiatuses it is.
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middle names! (OR i can't think of one for my kid, so what do you think?)

Poll #1369821 middle names

middle names?


do you like your middle name?

don't care
don't have one

if you don't have one, do you wish you did?

don't care
i have a middle name
<input ... > 
ETA: for those of you who think middle names ARE necessary, why?
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Is there anything in your pantry or fridge that has been in there awhile? Why hasn't it been eaten?

How do you get new music? CD's? Buy from iTunes? Download illegally? What programs do you use to download them?

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My roommate is watching some makeover show and these people are freaking out and crying over the smallest things.

How attached are you to your current appearance? Why or why not?

If someone wanted to change something about your physical appearance, what would be the one thing you would refuse to change?
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I'm currently looking at colleges located in Houston, Texas & Denver, Colorado. I've never been to either one of these places, and I'm planning a road trip to go check them out.

Can anybody tell me what these places are like? Weather? People?
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Those of you who have READ Angela's Ashes: it is sad and depressing, yes?
Those of you who have SEEN Angela's Ashes: it is still pretty sad and depressing, yes?

Where do you go to get your fix of sad and depressing? Favorite stories/books/something?

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would you rather have extreme diarrhea or extreme constipation?

is your kitchen usually fully stocked or totally empty?

mine always seems to be empty. right now we have a few things but i can't MAKE anything out of them.

Custom Poster - Flight of the Conchords follow-up question

Hey. So, I asked a question a while ago about where to buy the New Zealand posters Murray has in his office in the TV show, Flight of the Conchords. I got some pretty helpful answers, which led me to try to create a custom one on So, I've made some headway, but now I'm stuck because I've ran into some trouble. I was hoping that I could maybe get some more advice out of you all. My question is kind of detailed so it's under the cut...

Collapse )

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1)tell me about the last time you were really really sick. Please?

2)do you like travel books better if everyone has a good time or a terrible time?


3)should I feel mad that I went to class ill, and my teacher only hypnotized my classmate?
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Nerd stuff?

So I have a sony mp3 player and used to use this Sonic..Roxio..something to transfer my mp3's on and off of it. But then I got a new hard drive and don't have the program any more and don't what to do. A friend installed it for me years ago so I have no idea if it's free or where to get it..I looked online but I'm not recognizing any of the programs I'm finding on the roxio site. Anyway - any idea what I can do to get music on and off my player? That's free..?

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Do you know of a website at which you can input a recipe and the number of servings it supposedly yields (or the number of servings you got out of that recipe), and it will tell you the nutrition info for each serving?

Does that make any sense? lol...

Also, breakfast: Post Selects Blueberry Morning, Post Selects Pecan Crunch, or Kashi Cinnamon Harvest w/ banana? OR another delicious brownie?

ETA: Sorry there's only one post between my last post and this one... I thought there would have been more entries in a half hour, lol =X

Lyric memes....

Can we STOP with the lyric meme's???

'cause if its after 1995 I don't know it.

And if its about a boat...a M*F* BOAT...I don't know it.
Or a GaGa whatever.


Please STOP.

EDIT: Did you know Kurt Cobain killed himself? I just found out. Tragic.

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So, TQC, today is my first day of quitting smoking. I'm quitting for health and social reasons, but also because next month cigarettes will be over $6 a pack! I generally smoke A LOT, up to a pack a day... but if there are days where I can't smoke for hours and hours at a time, I rarely ever start to crave a cigarette... but no matter what, when I get in my car I have the urge to smoke. Driving and smoking go hand in hand for me, and I can't not drive my car while I'm quitting!

So what are some things I can do to keep my hands and stuff busy and distracted while still being a safe driver?
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I'm going back to school today (2 hour drive), and someone asked me if I can drive her back with me. I really don't want to because a) i enjoy the solitude and b) she's sort of a dick. she's paying me for gas so I can't use that as an excuse. How should I tell her I don't want to drive her without sounding like a huge asshole?

also: is there an lj icon randomizer i could use?

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I'm going on a work trip and I get something like $60 a day to spend on myself, and since all our meals are covered I basically have nothing to spend this on. The hotel has a bar with "cheap drinks". I have no idea if this means only beer (because it's accommodating students), but if they happen to serve mixed drinks I'd like to try some new ones.

What would you suggest I try? My usual drink is gin and some kind of flavored soda, if that gives you a guideline as to what I like. I haven't ventured much farther than that because I hate spending so much money on one drink, but now I can go crazy!

cant decide..

im starting to get a pretty fucking bad case of the blues(lasting more than 2 weeks now) and getting worse. No improvement so far.
I know its not full-blown depression yet having suffered from it for many years but this is a really important year for me academically lots of very important exams etc etc etc!!

anyway i cant decide if i should go to my doc and/or psych about going back on prozac asap?

I have only been on prozac once before(for a year) and havent been back on it since (almost 3 years) now so if anyone is a frequent on again off again user would you recommend going on it early or waiting and seeing if my situation improves or turns even more to shit???

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Don't you think it's time that TQC used community tags so that we can mock other people's stoopidididty? The stupid / weekend-posting ratio is killing me. I would point out certain posts as examples but I don't want to embarrass any specific poster. You know who you are.

What tags would you suggest?
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Purely hypothetical:

If you could get paid the same amount somehow, would you rather work 40 hrs a week or be a college student with a full courseload?

Edit: Would the answer change if you had to maintain a B average in all your classes and you couldn't just take the easy ones?

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TQC, my mom bought my sister tickets to see the Jonas Brothers. I am invited. Should I:

A. Learn the lyrics to all their songs and sing along like all the screaming little girls there
B. Go, but not know anything about them and make fun of them
C. Not go and fall asleep at 8:30

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So I had to uninstall/reinstall itunes last night because the universe hates me. I lost about 400 songs in the process and all my playlists.

The only way to fight off the rage and depression that this has bought about is to make new and improved lists (I reaaalllyyy like playlists).

Would you please come up with an awesome playlist title and recommend a song you'd put in in?

Titles that have been lost to the fates included things like; I'm drinking beer in the shower, is this a sugar rush?, dance naked! and other ridiculously stupid shit.
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i'm running a bath but i just realised have no bubble bath or shower gel of any kind. will shampoo work?

are you generally a calm or excitable person? i want to become more calm but my nature is too hyper for life.

(no subject)

Has anyone ever used an in-home pull-up bar (specifically the Door Gym or those like it)? Is it indeed as effective as an at-gym pull-up bar? Is it accessible for people who are very short? What was your experience? Any other suggestions for getting sweet guns at home? I already have hand weights from 3lbs-15lbs.

If you do not care about pullups and exercise, what's your favorite candy bar?
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random drunk guy

Will you post a missed connection off of CL in your town (or a close town to you)?

Mine: Random Drunk Guy by Point Defiance
At about 2 AM this morning you and your friends were making some serious noise outside my apartment, I opened the door and there you were. You asked if I was home alone. I lied, I just didn't know what to say. Email me if you still wanna drink some beers and hook up.

(Wow, what a catch!)

let's play pretend

imagine this plz, TQC.

you've been dating your SO for a year. you have a no present rule. on your anniversary, your SO brings you a gift of perfume. you never wear perfume. your SO looks at you expectantly.

how do you react?

also, your SO's mother happened to give you a bottle of the same perfume for your birthday a few months ago (something your SO didn't realise), so now you have two unused bottles of this stuff.

does this change your reaction?
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Hey TQC, will you recommend me some good non-english music? Preferably rock, but I'll take anything so long as it's interesting (and not jpop/jrock/kpop/krock because I have plenty of all of that already).

I've been really into El Sueño de Morfeo for a while, and discovered the awesome Finnish band Happoradio last night. Anybody stylistically similar to either of these would be pretty awesome.

How about guitarists? Anyone you particularly like or have been into lately? (Joe Satriani has been a favorite of mine for years.)

If you're not up for that, what music have you been really into lately? Have you ever ended up liking a genre of music you'd always thought you hate? (Opera, for me. Despised it as a kid and converted into a lover after seeing Turandot on stage.)

While we're on the topic of music, is American Idol any good this season? I was obsessed last year, but this time around I haven't been able to muster the time or care.
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does it take a certain person to like manga, or should i get into it? it looks so pretty on the shelves (:

should i go to spring fling, new york, or vermont on march 28th?

hows your day going?
who do you love?

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Do you make up your bed in the morning, or leave it unmade? Why?
Make it up, but don't always put all the pillows on.

Does your bed have decorative pillows and shit, or is it just the pillows you sleep on?
Decorative pillows, that don't usually get put on tbh

Do you have any coffee table books? What's your most recent purchase?
I friggin' love them, omg, and I just bought this one. After waiting a week, it went down to 12.98!!!

Have you seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall?
Yes, one of my favorite movies

How do you feel about Russell Brand?
I am on the fence...I can't decide if he's too much or hilarious.
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I bought a package of pre-made Trader Joe's wheat pizza dough on Feb 16th and promptly forgot about it and it's been sealed in its plastic bag in the refrigerator ever since. I've now opened it and it doesn't really smell bad but there's like a small amount of greasy brown liquid inside the bag and I'm guessing it's probably gone bad, but there is no expiration/"use by" date anywhere on the bag and I don't want to throw it away if there's a chance it's still okay / I really want pizza.


ETA: There are no egg or dairy ingredients in the dough! It contains: unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, filtered water, canola olive oil blend, sea and fresh yeast.


Who is your favorite author? Or name a few favorites if you can't pick just one.

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For the ladies of TQC:

Its probably about a week and a half before my period and I'm having the worst cramps. Sigh. Usually I get them during my period and only a little before.

1. Do you have bad cramps?
2. Do you get worse ones before or during your period?
3. Besides three Ibuprofen, what will help me feel better? (Chocolate is already on its way in the form or a Cadbury Creme Egg.)

(no subject)

Will you tell me your roommate/housemate/dorm horror stories?

My favorite roommate is moving out and I'm terrified that I'm going to get another horrible roommate; like the one that stole $4000, the one that made her cat watch her have sex, the one that moved her brother and her boyfriend in w/o telling us, the one that moved out w/o telling us, or the other one I have now that throws three-day-long parties with her underage friends and I have to find somewhere to go until they clear out because she always 'forgets' to tell us.
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(no subject)

What would you do if your husband/wife/SO got pregnant/got someone else pregnant outside of your relationship?

In this hypothetical scenario, the person who's pregnant is definitely having the baby.

ETA: I have a very good friend whose father cheated on his mother and got the woman pregnant. The woman had the baby and my friend's mother stayed married to my friend's dad. The kid and my friend are both around 25 years of age now and hang out with my friend's dad all the time (go to soccer games, play basketball etc). My friend has some questionable views on fidelity (hence why he is just my friend). Do you think his family history is a big reason for this? This may be a dumb question but I'm curious about other people's opinions.

(no subject)

Will you make suggestions for my next tattoo?

I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2004 and got a small, simple angel on the inside of my left wrist to honor my baby. I had a miscarriage in October of last year and want something to honor that baby. Part of me wants to get an angel on my right wrist, but I'm not sure... if I have another pregnancy loss, I'll have run out of wrists... I don't want to wrap around or anything. Maybe another angel on my left wrist, under the first one... I'm thinking my wrist will start to look like the cell walls of an imprisoned serial killer. Maybe something else altogether?

I'm trying to get suggestions from everyone. Please help, tqc?

ETA: thanks for your condolences!
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What's your earliest memory? How old were you at the time?
Mine was being breastfed by my mother in our loungeroom. I don't know how old I was, but presumably I was quite young.

Have you ever 'forgotten' a period of time? Like not just forgotten to get milk from the shops or anything, but lost a period of time that you have no recollection of? Why/how? Did you ever find out what you missed?*
Aside from portions of random nights being erased due to extreme drunkeness; the biggest period of time I can think of was when I got a concussion in primary school. I don't remember how it happened (I think it had to do with me playing on a big concrete clown in our schoolyard), I don't remember who I told about it, and I don't remember my parents coming to get me and taking me to the hospital, where I spent the night. I do remember, however, that the clown was removed shortly after this happened.

*This entire question is very awkwardly phrased, sorry.


(no subject)

I'm trying to take some songs and a podcast and overlap them in GarageBand.

Does anyone know how to do this?

It's a running podcast where you add your own music by overlapping the podcast over the music.
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I just got an iphone, anyone one else here have one?

Does singing Katy Perry's Hot and Cold make a man gay? I dunno because I was singing it at work while it was on the radio, and I am a guy. I need to know TQC! Non-srs answers only plz.

(no subject)

Do you get bothered by out-of-towners moving into your city? I'm moving from Philly to Austin in about six months and both cities seem to be cranky towards newcomers.

What's bothering you today?

(no subject)

What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?

What are your favorite euphamisms? Or if you don't have favorites, which ones do you use the most? How old are you and where are you from?
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Where can I find the Global per capita average of water usage?

YES THIS IS MY HOMEWORK but I've been looking it up everywhere for the past 45 minutes. You're my last hope TQC :(

I think i found something I can use or at least twist to work for this paper. THANK YOU.
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I volunteered to bake about 5 dozen cookies to be donated to a shelter. What nutless cookies should I bake (recipes please! :D)?

Guys, how much attention do you pay to a girls' panties when you're messing around?
Girls, how much attention do you pay to panties when purchasing them?
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The best friend just got out of a 6 year relationship. How to I let him know I'm there for him without it being too much?

ETA: Sorry about the post about my former co-worker---that was meant for my regular journal.
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Ugh terrible question.

I don't really know if this is the best place to ask this but maybe someone knows.

My friend told me about something she saw on the news about two guys who got all fucked up on some drug and then beat a girl almost to death and forced her to dig her own grave. Does anyone know if this is even real? Or where I could read about it for myself? I don't want to believe it but I'm having nightmares tonight either way, so I might as well know the truth.

If you don't know, what was the last thing you heard/found out that scared the shit out of you?

(no subject)

While I don't eat horribly I can also use some improvement in my diet so I'm looking to get some nutrition quickly, easily, and most importantly tastily. I find regular Cheerios too bland but was looking at either Multi Grain or Crunch Cheerios. If you've tried either of them, what do you think?

(no subject)

So I just got nixed from conservatism for being too logical for melvin_udall . Or possibly it was just because I'm a liberal.  *shrug*

How many of you've gotten entangled with melvin? Did he ban you?

Or if you have no idea what I'm talking about/if you don't give a crap, have you ever been banhammered from a community for an exceedingly stupid reason?  What was it?

(no subject)

When you make the V-sign, or peace sign- do you do it with your palm facing away from you and your fingernails towards you, or do you do it with your palm facing towards you and your fingernails pointing away from you?

(no subject)

Do you forgive and forget, or do you hold grudges?

If the latter, against whom is the biggest one you are currently holding? Why?

I hold grudges, omfg do I hold grudges. I don't think I could "forgive and forget" if I wanted to.

Two of my former roommates/close friends. They're conniving, lying backstabbers and in a nutshell they made my last year at my former university pretty much miserable.

I made some mac n' cheese a little while ago with milk that had apparently gone bad (I didn't realize this until after I'd eaten some of it), and now my head hurts and I feel like I'm gonna puke. Am I going to die? y/n

(no subject)

1:  Are there any movies that you're too afraid to watch at night?

2:  Are there any movies that you're too afraid to watch ever, regardless of the time of day? 

3:  When you have gas but you don't have Gas-X, Beano or whatever, what do you do?

4:  When you're making out with someone and someone else walks into the room, do you continue to make out in front of them or will you stop and wait until they leave?
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Isn't it kind of rude for a friend to expect to be able to use your Blockbuster pass (the one where you exchange movies unlimitedly) because they "don't want to pay for movies" for their party?

When was the last time you were off-put by something?
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(no subject)

I was trying to do a nice thing and rake the side yard while my husband is at work. I found my feet covered in ants (I noticed this because I realized my feet felt like George Washington once held them in a jar of acid... at a party). I ran away from where I was standing, throwing my shoes aside. I calmed down for a minute and went inside to wash my feet in cold water (shoes too!). As a precaution, since I was too terrified to notice the type of ants, I took 2 Benadryl. Now I feel super loopy and weird and have had to retype like every third word at least four times each.

AM I :

A) turning into a real life Antagone?


B) fucking dying?

If you chose A, what should I steal from ... TOWN... first?

If you chose B, would you say something nice at my TQC funeral?

PS - Since it'll be brought up again, I take Benadryl almost daily to help me sleep and it never makes me feel super drunk.

(no subject)

What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own (excluding rings--I already have a nice one & I'm not really looking to get answers about engagement/wedding rings here)?

Will you tell me where you got it/what the story behind it is, if there is one?

Also, what is your favorite drink from a mix?

Mine would have to be those faux apple cider packets. I'm drinking one right now :)

ETA: Okay, awesome ring stories are totally allowed now. There's some good ones being posted & I realize I probably shouldn't have made that stipulation.

(no subject)

1. how was this week for you, what did you achieve?
2. what films have you seen that you found moving?
3. do you know anyone who's had an abortion? how do you feel towards them?
4. flirting: how do you / do you do it?
5. you have £5 ($10) to spend on sweets/chocolate only, right now. what do you choose? why?
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 What's one event that changed who you are, for better or worse?  It could be a relationship, a summer, meeting someone, losing someone -- anything.  Talk about one bad and one good, if you have.

I wasn't going to mention mine because I didn't want to be depressing, but CLEARLY TQC is not a place for happy people.  :p

My last significant relationship.  We were always best friends, but we got closer because she started to come to me more about her boyfriend problems.  Basically, he beat the shit out of her emotionally and called her fat.  She came to me, and we rekindled whatever romantic feelings we had for each other, and she cheated on him with me.  Months later, they broke up, and we were moving in together in college.  I was like, SWEET, now we'll be together!  Only we weren't.  About a month later, she found someone else, and I got more and more depressed, sought counseling, tried to kill myself, and then just dropped out of the college altogether because I'd realized that, for the last two years, I was only going there because of her; I hated the college and everyone in there.

So...yeah.  :)


(no subject)

dear tqc travel agents - i'm flying to vegas in late july. I heard on the radio that it was cheap as HELL to buy airline tickets right now, but when I searched prices I didn't find anything terribly amazing, especially to vegas which is normally cheap (I've seen buy-one-get-one-free specials, crazy hotel packages, etc.) Should I just wait for a while? Am I searching too far in advance? How far in advance do you buy airplane tickets?

(no subject)

TQC, a guy I work with came up to me today and said "When you have a minute, I have something to ask you".
So, naturally, I avoided him for the rest of the shift. What was he going to ask me?

serious/non-serious answers welcome, have some fun :)
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(no subject)

My boyfriend is lazy and picky and lives in student accommodation, and literally lives on cereal and chocolate. I asked if he'd eat things I made, and the answer was a very emphatic yes, but he's offered no suggestion about what he would eat beyond casseroles. Also, he got mugged on the weekend and is a slight cripple at the moment so I volunteered to do his grocery shopping, and his list is "Bread, cereal, milk, chocolate, nibbles". I want to buy him some stuff he will eat but also has slightly more nutritional content than what he eats now, my mothering instincts are going crazy.

So guys, if you are a student and feed yourself, or have a friend/significant other/whatever who does, what the shit am I meant to feed this motherfucker?
Recipes, tricks for making him eat even marginally more healthy stuff, ANYTHING would be super appreciated.

He doesn't like instant noodles or seafood, and flatly refuses to cook anything beyond heating it up or microwaving. Probably won't eat vegetables just as is. Not much of a fruit fan. He's useless. I was thinking maybe just making huge amounts of pasta and sauce and freezing it, but that gets boring pretty fast. Also nothing too complex recipe-wise please, I suck pretty hardcore in the kitchen, but I am very enthusiastic.

Alternatively, have you ever been mugged? Did you get robbed or beaten up or both? Was it traumatizing or just shitty? I've never even been threateningly approached by  a stranger, let alone attacked. I must look either intimidating or really, really poor.


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If you're going on a trip - do you make a packing list? Does it depend on what kind of trip you're going on (camping, vacation, business, etc.)?

I rodeo every weekend and I have three seperate packing lists - my suitcase, the horse trailer, the truck. It's the same list every weekend and I keep it in a plastic sleeve and use dry-erase markers on it.

How far in advance do you pack?

My mom's making fun of me because I packed my clothes for this coming weekend's rodeo already. My logic is that we're leaving Thursday evening after classes and I have practice til ten on Monday and Wednesday and class til nine-thirty on Tuesday. I don't really want to stress about packing my clothes during the week.

I have to pull another all-nighter tonight (I pulled one last night...) - my roommate doesn't have a vehicle and I have to pick him up from work at 230 am. Unfortunately, I have class at 8 am tomorrow morning and I know I'll oversleep if I try to nap now or even after I pick him up. What should I do to keep myself awake all night/morning??

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Can I see a picture of your favorite pair? 

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Are you smart?

Let's say you were driving around one day and happened to see a close friend's mother/brother/father/sister driving on the same road. You end up behind them and notice they're driving rather erratically and weaving all over the road. You tell your friend and they kind of laugh it off.

Bring it up again or let it go?

Who's the hottest guy alive?

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I am planning on going to South America in May/June. I went to a travel agent Friday and she was going to muddle through my preferred itinerary to try and figure out the best flights for me (I am new to all this...)

My problem is that I have a 10% discount voucher for a tour company I want to go with, and would like to book date NOW as it expires today.

Is it a totally bad idea to book a tour before I've even got flights?? The travel agent looked dubious the whole time I was with her on Friday because it's peak season etc and it is quite close to my departure date.

Should I book, and use the discount? Or wait, and pay full price? Suggestions?


So would you say that necrophilia is kind of ok as long as the family of the deceased doesn't find out? I mean... it's just a vessel, the soul is gone and all, amirite?
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Let's say you get into a big argument with a friend. The friend is pretty mad at you, but makes you a cake for your birthday. You open the box, and the cake says "FUCK YOU" in big letters. What do you do with the cake?
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Tomorrow, I am doing a sponsored jailbreak. That is, I have no more than £10 I can spend on anything, and I have to get as far as I can from the University of Leeds, being sponsored per mile, in aid of Amnesty International. It stands to be exciting. If I can stay somewhere without paying, I can then still be in the game for another day, whereas I'll be over the £10 as soon as I have to pay for accommodation otherwise.

So therefore, are there any members anywhere in the fine country of Wales, or anywhere vaguely nearby, that can help me out by giving me a floor/couch on which to stay?

There are several lj users that have met me irl that can vouch for me being really a really rather nice person, including the wonderful japeningrish, who advised me to check here.

And what this means if someone can do this for me, is that I can keep going further and raising more money for Amnesty International, who I'm supporting!

Also, a few days on you'll see the whole thing posted on adayinmylife, so if you watch that community, that will be me. :)

Much love, TQC!