March 21st, 2009

hate pimentos

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I have apparently fallen prey to the infamous "LJ OMG THAT'S NOT MY ICON" glitch.  It still looks like the Pittsburgh Penguins logo to you guys, right?

What do you like better- beer, wine, liquor, soda, tea or coffee?
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I've probably left something obvious out, idc

Which of the following do you routinely remove hair from?

pubic area
upper legs
lower legs
other, in comments
none of the above

Which of the following methods of hair removal do you routinely use?

other, in comments
none of the above

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TQC: I've been crying for about a half hour solid and I have a migraine.
I have no plans for tonight, and I'm miserable about the state of my life (I lost 75% of my friends, I lost my boyfriend, and I'm fucking up royally in school)... What should I do?

Srs or non-srs.

Edit: I love you guys.
dianna agron ;;

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What is your favourite guilty pleasure movie? One you know you shouldn't really like but do anyway...
Is your top favourite movie OF ALL TIME really embarrassing?! And if so, do you lie if someone asks what your favourite film is?
If not, what is your favourite movie of all time?

lol i was watching the karate kid [which is my favourite movie ever even though logic tells me it is LAME] and i was thinking about how i'd probs lie if someone asked me what my favourite film was :(

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How do you learn?

If you don't know, think about whether you prefer the textbook (ie visual) or the lecture (auditory), or do you learn by doing?

How has it affected the way you do your work and life in general?
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What can be a funny name for a king in medieval Europe?
I'm still working on that super shitty story.

...and while we're at it...a funny name for a dragon? The ones I'm coming up with suck.

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I want to get daith piercing. How can I psyche myself up to actually get it done? (I'm really scared it's going to be super painful. I've had a Monroe piercing before, but I keep putting this one off.)
Do you get high? How often?
Do you get drunk? How often?
Do you have any homework for the weekend?

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clean and sober 1yr nearly two months! so that's awesome.

but! i have just started nursing at uni. i've never had trouble with talking to patients before (i've been a dental nurse for eight years) so i'm not nervous about that part of the job. but i'm SO shy around new people, and everybody in my classes are new people. they've started to group and stuff... i spoke, made a joke in one of my tutes, and i think my tutor was shocked that i wasn't a deaf mute.

my question is, how do i swallow my fear and get involved? i know that sounds like a magic potion that i want you to give me, but i'm willing to work hard to make new friends. obviously not in places where drugs and alcohol are involved.
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This friend who is staying in my room for the weekend has not arrived here yet is on campus but is not in my dorm sleeping right now and it's 3 am. Where could he be? Should I text him?

An awesome song is playing right now. Will you tell me an awesome song you like?
wowee! toki wartooth.

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 tqc, i stage dove for the first time tonight! it was totally awesome!!
(ps if anyone is interested i saw the ghost inside, all shall perish, terror, winds of plague, and emmure.. AHHH IT WAS KICKASS!!!)
i'm sorry for all the exclamation points i'm just really stoked on tonight :X

what was the last totally awesome new thing you did??
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How do you fee about pooping in public restrooms?

Is your mom or dad on Facebook/MySpace? If so, how do you feel about this?

Have you ever cut off contact with a parent? Why (if you want to share) and are you still not on good terms?
he is a tyrants! swisgaar!

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hey nightowls, do you listen to coast to coast am?
i do whenever i can and i think it's really interesting. the paranormal/supernatural/etc really are intriguing. i miss art bell though!

out of charles manson, ed gein and ted bundy, who would you marry, fuck and kill?

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Are you guys awake enough for a U.S. politics discussion? If so, answer me this. How are you feeling about the Republican party? Do you think it's possible for them to attract new voters without offending their base?

ETA: Lame political discussions in TQC is lame.

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I was sick last night - headachey and throwing up - and this morning I feel a little better, but I'm sort of fatigued and my head feels kinda... sore? As if I might get a proper headache later on?

I work in a coffeeshop/bakery, and I have a shift that starts at ten today. Considering I was throwing up last night and I don't feel a hundred percent today either, do you think it alright to call in sick even if I am technically well enough to go? (If I call in early enough they won't have much problem finding replacement, I think).
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I have a really bad headache. I took an 800mg ibuprofen before coming to work today, but it still hurts.

Is my head going to explode?

Am I going to die?
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just a bill
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Guys, what should I have/do for breakfast? If I walk just over half a mile each way to McDonalds does it cancel out some/any of the bad stuff that's in a McGriddle?
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How stupid is it to want to bring my hamster with me to the canyon today?
The canyon being this pretty woodsy/nature-y area near the river some ways out of town. I'd just bring her whole cage and then maybe think about getting her out. Problem is I'm bringing my dog no matter what.
(guiz. i's not bein srs)

What are you going to go in the next hour or so?
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I'm trying to put together a playlist with good workout music. Any suggestions?

How long is too long to work out when you're just getting started for the first time ever? I went almost an hour last night. It damn near killed me at the time, but I'm feeling better today than I have in a LONG time.

Completely unrelated to working out. How do you survive a dreaded family dinner with people you don't really care about, but you don't hate enough to say "Screw you, there's no way in hell I'm coming"?

Thanks, everyone.
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A) I think I may be in danger of failing my Family Violence class. I almost never show up, which means I don't do the homework (since it's assigned in class). I don't show up because I am not challenged in the least by this class.
The professor simply spends an hour each Tuesday and Thursday lecturing straight out of the textbook, which is a rather easy read. There is little room for discussion or movies or guest speakers. I find that on the days I show up, I feel like I wasted an hour of my time because all she does is lecture from the book. I can read the book on my own time and get the same information out of it.

TL;DR: My Family Violence class is so easy that I think I may be failing it (because I never show up/do the homework, because being in the class feels like a waste of my time.)

How do I explain this to my professor? I don't want to go up to her office and be like "O hay, you fail as a professor because this class isn't hard enough!"...And it is much, much too late to drop the class (the semester is half over)!

B) What books are on your "To Read" list? I just realized how many I've bought recently and haven't had time to read!

My list:

The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand
Idiot's Guide to Journalism
Midnight Rambler - James Swain
The Jungle - Upton Sinclair
two "real life crime" books, one about CSI techniques and one about serial killers
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I recently lost a sibling and I am having a hard time dealing with the whole situation. I was wondering if anyone knew of any online grief groups or maybe even ones that meet in real life across the country? Also, any tips on how you chose to deal with things that may have helped you in a situation like this would be appreciated. Thanks for any help.

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1)Should wine be sold in grocery stores?

2)have you ever gone to a passion play


3)I'm drained from being ill so long. any tips?

eta: does your library have a best sellers section?

Yes, we have the popular library. read all you want for free if you can finish the book in 7 days.


Our Kirby vacuum "broke". The transmission plate fell off.
So instead of getting it fixed, Mrs. H buys a BRAND NEW VACUUM (until she gets the Kirby to the shop)because she thought that would be cheaper.
WTF? Is she right? Is she just off her gourd?? WTFFF?

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Will you tell me about a GREAT night out you've had with your friends?

Last night my friends left me in the park because the cops showed up. I was hiding because I was "it" so they just cheesed it. THANKS GUYS.
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 tqc, i was up until 8am and woke up at 11am for tl;dr reasons. i probably slept a solid 2 hours or so. 
i have a 10 page paper to write by monday and i have 4 pages done. 
i work at 5. 
i'm tired as SHIT.. but should i just stay awake and suck it up and work on my paper till i have to work and then sleep/nap after? or should i say fuck it and take a nap, wake up in time to eat lunch and go to work, and work on it later??

if you don't really care, what are you looking forward to today?

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Wedding dress?

Married ladies of TQC, what did you do with your wedding dress after you got married?

Mine has been hanging in a bag in a closet at my mother-in-law's house since the day after the wedding. She's remodeling, so now I've got it hanging in my closet.

What should I do with it?

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Today is my FIL's birthday, and I totally forgot. We live with them, and I need to at least print him off a card...Does anyone know any FREE card printing web sites? 
Found one!

Also, my LJ comments haven't been being emailed to me for at least a week...what's going on? 

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Have you had problems with your pet adjusting to an SO? Not necessarily that the pet didn't like the SO but was jealous because the pet didn't get as much attention. How did you deal with that?

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I was munching a piece of toast and examining the loaf it came from because I'm hungover and half asleep and - yeah, idk.  BUT I noticed belatedly that the bottom of the loaf was all mouldy.  This means I'm gonna die a cringing horrible death y/y?
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I haven't eaten anything but pie yet today, and have nothing to fix. This pie is like literally the best apple pie ever. Should I just keep eating pie or get myself to the grocery store?
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a "what would you do" sort of question

I am going through a big dilemma here. I lost my job yesterday, which I am okay with, partly because I hated what I saw there, and partly because 3 hours later I was rehired elsewhere.

The thing is, I was building up this list of things I saw done at my former place of work (mistreatment / abuse of animals and senility in their treatment) and some of the things I saw were awful. I want people to KNOW they should not bring their pets there if they care one bit about their well-being, but I do not want my words to be construed as slanderous simply because I was fired (I had every intention of quitting this coming Wednesday, in which it wouldn't really be misconceived as slanderous since I wouldn't have a "grudge"). I don't know whether to keep my mouth shut until things cool down (since I'm applying for unemployment benefits) or if I should try reporting the incidents to the veterinary board, humane society, and/or animal care & control. I have no proof, just what I saw with my own eyes and the sadness and sickness I felt at what I saw.

It's eating a hole in me because I want something done about it but I just don't know what to do.

What would you do in this situation?

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Next weekend I'm going to a Strippers & Hustlers Ball at a heavy metal lapdancing club.

How do we get to and from the club without getting harrased?
And could you recommend an online shop for the outfit?
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1. In your opinion, what is the best way to reheat pizza?

My mom puts it in the frying pan with a lid of it. I put it in the toaster oven.

2. Should I have left over homemade pizza or pirogies for lunch?

they're brothers!

I have two dogs, and one of them seems to have some weird behavioral thing. He's the sweetest dog, big but wouldn't hurt a fly, but I don't think he's... socialized properly. Somewhere along the line he just permanently attached himself to our other dog, and all he really pays attention to is him. Buster (the normal one) is fine, but Tyson (the big goof), only has eyes for Buster. When we're playing with him, he sort of acts like he doesn't know what we're trying to do. I'll try to play tug of war with him, and he won't even take the rope in his mouth. BUT if I play with Buster, he runs up and tries to get in the middle. I've tried sort of play fighting with him, and he'll just stand there, then run off to play fight with the other dog. If someone knocks on the door, Tyson looks at Buster and waits for him to react, then follows suit.

I've started to jokingly say "Tyson doesn't have an idea in his head that Buster didn't have first."

What is up with my dog? We've had him since he was a baby, so I don't get why he's so uppity!

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Whens the last time you thought to yourself "WHY DID I JUST DO THAT?!"

I bought 44 dollar flip flops last night. Wtf Amanda.
ETA: I know why I did it. But still..I can't get over the price tag. Very few flip flop companies cater to people with ridiculous high arches y'all.
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I get to register for classes next week, and I am insanely excited (as usual)! I can't stop looking through the course catalog... and everything looks so awesome that I have no clue what to take, ha. I've traditionally hated history and geography and stuff like that, but I keep finding history classes that look amazing. A lot of them are also Honors classes and they fulfill certain requirements for my graduation, so I really see no reason to shy away from them.  I currently have 10 classes as possible choices, adding up to 32 credit hours. I can only take 17. D: 

If  you are a student, which classes are you going to take next semester?
How do you decide which classes you take? (Assuming that all of your choices fulfill the requirements you need them to fulfill)
Which of the following would you take as a "fun" class: American Sign Language, Amish History, Medieval Literature, Geography of Africa, or Acting I? 



what are some of your favorite books?


Summer Sisters by Judy Blume
Say Goodnight Gracie by Julie Reece Deaver
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
(almost) anything by Nicolas Sparks
And Jennifer Weiners' books.

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TQC, tell me how to live my life.

I'm freaking bored out of my brain.  My fiance is on his bucks shindig, and my friends are either with him or already busy.  I don't normally have a hard time coming up with things to do, but today I'm stumped.  It's a sunny day outside, about 26C, and I don't want it to go to waste, damnit!  I live in Sydney, Australia for those who care about that sort of thing.

Tell me what I should do?

ETA : I'm fully prepared to go on adventures and report back to tqc_updates.

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Will you tell me about your first time having peen-in-vag sex?

Mine was short and unpleasant. I was sixteen and didn't expect it to happen, and didn't really want it to happen. I remember just wanting it to be over. :(

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BROWNIES: edge piece or middle piece?

MASHED POTATOES: light and fluffy or rich and creamy?

Are you multitasking right now? What else are you doing?

EDGE PIECE OMG. Specifically the corner piece.

Rich and creamy!! I like adding sour cream or cream cheese to mine. Om nom nom.

I am also watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, he is in Indonesia this episode.

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When you gain weight on Wii Fit, why doesn't it have an "I'M ON MY PERIOD AND BLOATED, THAT'S WHY I WEIGH 3.7 POUNDS MORE, GODDAMNIT!" option?

Do you follow any YouTube celebrities?

What should I do to kill an hour?
Star, Star of Life, Life

What would you do?

One of my good friends posted on her LJ last night that her husband said some really nasty stuff to her yesterday. She has been battling depression for a while now, and apparently it has made him really resent her, and he finds her "repulsive" now... They just got married 6 months ago and he decided to tell her this yesterday. Today is their 7 year anniversary. She mentioned something in her post about wanted to kill herself or run away...

I replied to her post last night, sent her two texts today and called her, all unanswered. I'm really worried about her, and hoping that she is coping okay. If you were in my position, what would you do?


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i'm doing a drawing that requires lots of inspiration and references from beautiful nature (any type.. landscapes, animals, trees, whatever..) and am stuck in new york city. will you pleasepleaseplease post any/all of your favorite pictures of nature? or links to websites with good pictures? thank you so much!:)
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 how much can you hear through your walls?
i live in a dorm and last night i realized i could hear some guy that the girl next to me had over snoring. and i walked past another girl's room the other day and i heard her having sex D: which makes me nervous about who's heard me have sex here D: 
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1 - Ever hear of the term like-hacking? Its awesome.

2- If you own a linksys router, have is crapped out on you many times like me?   ( Why is there no good technical support!)
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I'm working on a converting measurement worksheet, and one of the problems is "5 d =        h". What do d and h stand for?

That was sadly obvious...

So another question: I'm going to Washington D.C. over Easter. What should I go see?

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If Chuck Norris dressed up in a bear suit and wrestled an actual bear, who would win?

What's your opinion on old people?

Would you eat a person if your survival depended on it?

When do you think stealing candy from a baby is okay?

What's the most attractive part of the female body?

What's the most atractive part of the male body?

What's your favorite pick up line?
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animal crossing: wild world peeps: do you do wifi stuff? which do you do more of, ds to ds or long distance wifi?

how do you go about finding people to play with over long distance wifi?

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Ladies of TQC (or men too, if you are so inclined): Have you ever had Issues judging the distance from your butt to the toilet seat when wearing high heels?

I was walking around the house in a new set of pumps and had to pee, and was kind of surprised that it took me longer to get to the seat than usual and nearly fell over because I suck :x
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What instrument makes the prettiest sounds?

Does your name happen to be mentioned in any songs? What lyrics?

I love piano music.
My name is in an Afroman song called White Girlz. It's something along the lines of "my third white girl, her name was Brooke, buck naked in the back of the Hustler book" haha.

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I have roughly 15 minutes to decide whether I want to bid on the bed below the cut.

Collapse )

Should I put a bid in for it? It's only £10 right now.

ETA: If someone decides to end up having a bidding war with me, what do you think should be my maximum bet?

I won it for £40!!! Woo!

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My Mum is going to leave my Step-Dad because she isn't happy and hasn't been for a long time.
I just want her to be happy and stop getting abuse of his family and being treated bad off him.

The only thing is i dont know wether i would see my step dad if and when they split.

Has anyone else been in this situation before?
What happened?
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did you see the movie australia? how'd you like it?

why do you need a college education and 3 years experience to make $3 over min wage building ads for the local paper? the liquor store pays the same amount.

got any other examples of low-skill job ads you found ridic?


i wanted to like it but i think the script was a major fail. too many plotlines and dull characters.

i have no bloody idea.
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1)what do you want done to your body after you die?

2)what do you think about using someone's body as compost?

3)people who collect things in series, do you ever have gaps in your collection you must fill?

Yes, Ouran 8, Crimson Hero 6.

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Good evening Darlings!

My husband and I are very much into watching t.v. series right now. Our favorites include The Sopranos, Dexter, Weeds and I like Six Feet Under.

We are waiting on new Weeds and Dexter and in the meantime:
TQC, will you please recommend a t.v. series for the husband and I to watch?

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I have erythema nodosum.
It's only supposed to last about a month. I've had mine for almost two.
Should I risk ridiculous doctor bills that no one in my family could pay and get more tests done (I've already had eight vials of blood drawn, a stool culture, a throat culture & 3 x rays done. All of my results came back normal, so my doctor sent me home with steroids and anti-biotics)

Should I just suck it up and stop being a baby?
The problem is, my legs are wrapped (like my doctor said to do..and I look like I should be running off to fight in WWII) and they still hurt. I can't really take any NSAIDS because I took too many before I got my broken molar pulled.




On an unrelated note,

What's your favourite cereal?

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I've been waffling over this one for a few weeks now.

I signed up to go on a weekend cabin trip which is WAY overpriced because the price of the trip EXCLUDING accommodation, transportation and food is around $100 for beer alone, and there is no way I'll even be able to drink 10% of that amount. Plus it's a three day/two night trip and I am almost positive that all the people on the trip are going to ignore me almost the entire time because that's what they always do when I go to parties. Hell, they would hardly talk to me when I threw a birthday party for myself.

The deadline for signing up for the trip was March 15 but I'm pretty sure there would still be time to cancel it. I hate always being the only one that everyone else ignores*. But at the same time this is probably the last time I see any of them.

Should I try to get my money back and GTFO of there or just endure the weekend I already paid for?

*it's a language issue, partially, but I still feel like an idiot kind of following everyone around trying to get someone to actually look at me, and doing this for six hours or something every time
[ love ] my wedding day

A question for people with Sleep Number beds.

I want to get a Sleep Number bed for myself and my husband, since he prefers a much firmer mattress than I do.

I'm worried about what sounded like two big air bubbles that formed the two sides of the mattress when I went to the store and did the demo.

My question is: How well does it hold up to lots of frenzied post-deployment fucking lovemaking?

Thanks. :)


My boyfriend needs new T-shirts.

What are your favorite websites for finding T-shirts? Any sites with good shipping offers? He just found a great shirt for $7, they wanted $8 to ship it.

I just get clothes from clearance racks or thrift shops. He's not appreciating my advice. Today I found really soft, nice $4 pajama pants at Target.

This site has helped me save money at Target.
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less "i'm an idiot for not going to class" this time, promise.

1) Ever since my roommate and I have moved into this house, we've been sick more often than normal. He's had an ear infection and two colds, and I've had two colds plus lots of random stomachaches...all since September. Our house is trying to kill us, y/n?

Does the mold on the kitchen ceiling have something to do with it? The ceiling leaked last fall, and then winter came too quickly for the landlord and his brother to tear the roof off and fix it. It's not quite nice enough yet for them to fix it, either.

2) What are my upstairs neighbors doing? It sounds like someone let a bunch of elephants loose!

3) I want to call my ex and see if he will come over and keep me company until my roomie comes home. His friends came over today, so I would be incredibly obnoxious by calling, y/n?

4) When you were little, what was something you wanted to be when you grew up? Are you still pursuing that dream?

I wanted to be a jockey for race horses, but I don't know much about horses. And at this point in my life I am too tall and weigh too much to be one. :(

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What is the maximum number of job tasks I should write on my resume?

You know, like:

Burger King Assistant Manager
- firing people
- making up weekly schedules
- answering phone calls
- yelling at people to mop the floor


I cannot come up with an adequate description of my job and I can't narrow it down to just a few things that I do, and I have a feeling that writing "whatever other people asked me to" would not go over so well.

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This a dumb question, but:


Did Jeff Buckley do a Middle Eastern cover of "Ring of Fire"? I'm debating with my boyfriend about Adam Lambert's performance and because Randy Jackson said it was Jeff Buckley, he thinks it's so - but I can't imagine Jeff Buckley singing that crap.


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Have you been to any concerts that were really disappointing? Who was playing?
Ever been to any concerts that sucked so bad that you walked out?

ETA: Opening bands not included! Because they usually suck! Headliners, plz :D

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TQC, I am really tired, and my options are:

1. Go to bed now, at 9pm, which means I will likely wake up SUPER early tomorrow.
2. Watch Failure To Launch(which is on TV) right now, go to bed at 11.
3. Stay up until midnight as usual.

Which one should I do?

What weighs 9 pounds?

I'm looking at buying a laptop, but it weighs 9 pounds. What is something that's typically around the house that weighs 9 pounds? I want to see what it would be like carrying it around, but I don't have a scale nor any idea exactly how 9 pounds feels.

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1:  Is it a given that if it's soap, it's antibacterial?

2:  Does the same go for body wash?

I bought some Pure & Natural hand soap but it doesn't say anywhere on the bottle that it's antibacterial.  I also bought the body wash but I ran out of that (went with another brand this time) so I don't have anything to compare the ingredients to.  I've never thought about body wash being antibacterial but since I bought hand soap from the same brand I bought body wash in, I'm just curious.
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TQC, I am doing my bestie best to not sob my eyes out. I feel like shit, and I just keep wanting to cry.

Should I A.) Stay up all night online looking at old LJ entries and bawling my head off, B.) Take some shots of vodka and pass out in a blissful tipsy haze, or C.) Play endless WoW.


ETA: Cranberry juice + vodka is SO GROSS EW.
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tl;dr backstory:
My brother just called me asking if our mother made it safely. I, obviously confused, was like hurrablugahuh? because she wasn't due home until tomorrow. Neither of us can get a hold of her and she was initially driving home at night in blizzard conditions (from Mammoth Lakes, CA to where she and I live).

SO! What was your last cryptic phone call?
Anyone you're worried about right now?

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I'm trying to remember the name of a film.
I think Charles Heston or someone like him is in it. Something major happened and loads of people died and become zombiies. In the film he's in this apartment and when it gets dark all the zombies wait outside his house at night.

I think it begins with an a?

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How do you post a picture from photobucket without it being huge (full sized)? I do not want to resize all my freakin' photos and i know there's a way to post it so that it's smaller until clicked (then you get the full sized version).

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there's definitely a weed grow op in the house across the street. do you think it would be a bad choice to knock on their door & ask if they need help? i could potentially make MAD BANK.
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I really want to ~discover new perfumes~ because I've been wearing the same for two/three years. Is it in bad taste to go to the department store and smell, like, everything? I want to!

Why does sneezing with a septum retainer have to be so fucking difficult?

How are you tonight? Are you wearing pants?
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

Wedding attire

So I recently bought this dress and I was thinking about wearing it to my cousin's wedding.

I'm a little worried that it's not formal enough. What do you think? I mean it's a simple black dress but the material looks like it could be used in a t-shirt. What kind of accessories would you dress it up with?
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What is one tiny little thing that is so negligible that it should be insignificant to you, but still pisses you off to no fucking end?

When I close at work, we file receipts, deposit slip, etc in a folder. It takes all of three seconds to nicely stack all the papers together, neatly, at the corner, and staple. SO WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO BLOODY DOES IT?

Do you ever let your alarm go off for your school/work time, on days when you don't actually have to be up, just to enjoy the extra sleep? My mum's coworker was talking about how that makes her "appreciate" the extra sleep, like it tells her body that this could be the time you have to get up, but you don't have to!

Um, no. That idea is absolutely ludicrous to me.

Britney, Christina or _____?
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I hate horror movies.
It's not that the necessarily make me scared, but I dislike all the destruction and evilness involved in them.

What's your take on horror movies?

Whats your favourite horror movie?

What movie has scared you the most? Why?

Most disturbing movie you've seen? Why?


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I'm going to go see The Tragically Hip live in August, TQC! I've wanted to see them in concert pretty much forever.

Edit: Also a buddy and I might be going on a roadtrip to Drumheller to go here at the beginning of April. We're gonna nerd it up with the dromaeosaurids.

What event that's not happening for a while are you excited for? "A while" is defined in this case as a few weeks to several months.
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One of my friends is really self-involved and (particularly in recent times) has tended to talk only about herself when we go out. Given, she's been having some boy issues, but even when I listen to her talk for hours about this guy if I change the topic to something that's happening in my life, she'll listen for five minutes then go right back to talking about her. I'm beginning to kind of feel like she's just using me as the 'go-to' person who will listen to all her dramas without complaining. Half the time she seems more interested in talking about her life than listening to anything I have to say about mine.

It's really starting to irritate me. How do I bring this up with her? What's a nice way to say, "Please stop being so self-involved and listen to me for once"? Despite her selfishness I do think she's a sweet girl (she's fun, she's really funny, and when she does find the time to listen to me she gives good advice), so I don't want to lose her friendship; but I feel like she'll lose mine if she continues on this way.

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if i went to the mall to turn in applications, and i had a folder with me holding all the applications, and i went in each store with said folder and handed them the application, is that going to make them look at the folder and think "oh shes applying everywhere she must not want to work for us so lets not call her" and/or generally make me look bad, or will they care? if they would care, i should just take a buddy with me to hold the applications for me?

ETA-would a universal outfit for all the stores in the mall be jeans(are skinny jeans ok), a nice top, and heels?