March 20th, 2009

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Is it just me or did there used to be something in the rules about how people asking homework questions get snarked? Because there isn't now and I feel like there was! Am I just crazy TQC or did the rules change?

And if you don't give a you ever tried a neti pot? I got one today and I'm excited!

ETA: I just tried my new neti pot and it was awesome! All the pressure in my head left through my ears and I can breathe out of both nostrils now!

i'm socially inept sometimes. answer if you feel nice.

I'm a girl. and there's this guy.

He's one of the regulars at the restaurant i work at, and is a regular at the bar next door. that's where I met him (i stopped for drinks with a coworker who knew him), and for a few months afterwards I'd stop in every once in awhile after a shift. He'd always put my drink on his tab, insisting on it when i started to dig around for my wallet. Free drinks is nice, and he was convincing with the "I pay for lots of my friends! it's totally fine!" line. He knew i was fresh out of college and not so wealthy with the restaurant job, and he's making enough to go out most nights of the week, not struggling to make ends meet.

After awhile I felt like he was developing a thing for me, and i wasn't into him that way. I met him at the bar one night after work and asked him to stop inviting me to lunch, not to give me anything anymore (he had tried to give me a gift card he "wasn't going to use"), and to stop offering to drive me home (i took the bus).

He's been really great about things ever since. He still comes in to the restaurant and always likes to talk to me (I work in an open kitchen), happy to monopolize my time.

lately he's been trying to get my coworkers/bosses and me in particular to come have drinks at the bar after work. Now that I live nearby and don't have the "must catch a bus" excuse, I've been telling him that I don't have money for it (I really don't), and that I feel bad letting him pay for me (I really do) even though I don't drink much.

He says that everyone puts their drinks on his tab, and he doesn't care (the owners charge him less and sometimes don't make him pay up). He wants me to come by tomorrow, since tomorrow's some sort of last hurrah (all the bartenders got fired).

I want to go (he's amusing enough that it'd be nice to get out of the house for while to listen to him chatter). But I still don't have money, and I don't want to start building up any obligation to him. I reeeeally don't want him to think I've changed my mind about dating him (because I haven't). But I feel like "stop giving me stuff" includes "i can't accept free drinks from you", so would changing my mind about drinks on him = changing my mind about going out with him?

The questions:
if I go tomorrow and let him buy me a drink or two, would I be sending "maybe I DO like you like that" signals, or would that depend on the conversation?

Is it acceptable to let someone pay for your drinks when you've turned down their advances?

if I do go, should I bring a change of clothes? my restaurant stuff always smells like the deep fryer (not very pleasant) and it takes too long to go home and change.
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How do I tell my friend he is an extremely annoying and demanding attention whore and make him understand we do not live to serve him?

ETA: Can you reassure me if someone is not in one of my custom friends groups and I use a friend filter in an entry, that person cannot see a post I made that doesn't include that person in the group?

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Maybe this is a dumb question, but whatever.
If I get my dog neutered, will he sort of become a different person?
Like, will it change him in behavior, personality, activeness?

guys who else watches the real world???

1 did you watch last night's episode?

2 which brooklyn castmate(s) do you find most annoying & why?

3 what's the deal with chet? [eta: bewildering post from his blog (scroll up)]

4 which season(s)/castmate(s) do you most remember from when you were younger?

5 if you could choose a location other than fucking cancun, where would they film next?

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When was the last time you dressed up in costume, other than for Halloween?  What did you dress up as, and why?

Do you have any particular desire to dress up as someone/something specific in the future? If so, who/what is it?

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TQC, i am having a hard night. I can't sleep, and I want to watch Frida., however does not load very quickly, and just sucks.

Do you know where I can watch Frida online for free, without it taking forever?
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Astrology Poll

Out of curiousity and lifelong interest in astrology...

What sign of the Zodiac are you?

Cusp (comment with which signs)

What sign of the Zodiac is your significant other?

Cusp (comment with which signs)

What sign of the Zodiac is your best friend?

Cusp (comment with which signs)

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I woke up with burning, disgusting heartburn at 4AM. I drank some milk and it got better. Now it's BACK. I took some Pepto and drank some more milk. Why does it hurt so bad still??! What should I do?

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To zee ladies and tramps,

Does anyone actually feel any difference with the 'ribbed for her pleasure' condoms? Or with textured vibrators/etc?

For those on birth control that skip their periods regularly, how do you feel confident you're staying not-pregnant?

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So, in relation to my driver's licence post, I found a loophole that allows me to keep my licence and only get away with a one day suspension (thank you, connections!) on it.

So, I feel like I owe someone something for this.

What should be my act of karmic thanks, TQC?
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Okay, you're in prison. You have to serve 10 years. Within the 1st year you are forced into a gang, and your new gang is involved in smuggling drugs into the prison. Now, even though you are trying to keep your head down as much as possible, you still know whats going on. You know who the drug mules are and you know whos dealing. You even know which guards are dirty. 

So when you've reached the one year mark,  you haven't caused or been a part of any problems. Because of you're good behaviour you're short listed to go to a better prison, with a rehilbilation program. Good behaviour there could shave years off your sentence.  But there's a catch. The warden knows you have information about the drug trade. He tells you if you don't give names you will spend the next 9 years in 'the hole', which 23 hours of solitude, in a depressingly tiny cell. You lose phone calls and visitation, too.  

But if you give names, there is going to be a target on your head for the rest of your life. You know the gang won't let that go, theres a long list of people that they've had killed for much less then that.

What do you do?
Do you give names?

ETA; The prison transfer is your 'protection'. But that goes away after you get out, obv.

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my hometown has had a really huge problem with a deer overpopulation for the past several years. they're wandering onto the highways, causing accidents, ruining backyards, etc. the town's plan is to lure the deer into one area of the woods and have experts shoot and kill them with arrows....

personally, i don't think this is the best plan, but unfortunately, i don't have a say in it. honestly, do you think this is the best plan? if not, what do you think would be better?
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TQC, why did my professor tell us that there wouldn't be any penalties for handing in this paper up to a week late? It's making it really hard to get motivated to finish it today.

(just for clarification: we won't get any comments on the paper if we hand it in next week, but we won't have any marks deducted either. And my marks have been consistently really high in this class, so I feel like I don't even need the comments)

Will you motivate me to finish it on time?
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TQC, how did you do when you moved out of your parents house for the first time? Were you organized before that?

I am looking at moving out and I was struck with the crippling fear that I might be so lazy I won't be able to function.

My school sucks. I am so mad at them. Will you tell me why your school sucks? Or, alternately, will you tell me why your school ROXX and is better than all the other schools?

Edit: I did not ask how old you were, TQC, but I am interested to know! Please continue to tell me.

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i recently started smoking cigarettes again. mostly cause i dont have a consistent pot dealer and i need my buzz.... i know its stupid as fuck to smoke but its so good.

will you tell me how dumb i am?

do you smoke? what do you smoke?

will you sell me some weed?
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This is completely a 'your own opinion' kind of question, but I had an interesting discussion about it. Where I live, minimum wage is $8.40. Servers make $8.40/hour+tips, just for a frame of reference in what people are paid. I'm looking at both server & administrative assistant jobs, and I came across one that's pretty interesting, but alas, I'm not qualified. It was a "Receptionist/Secretarial" position. It required a bachelor's (of science, not art) in business, and offered $10/hour.
Am I outrageously presumptuous for thinking that, if you're going to require a specific four year degree (and require, within that degree, that it be a BS rather than a BA) you ought to offer more than $1.50 over minimum wage? And more than what a server is likely to make?

A gentleman's club is precisely what I suspect it is, isn't it?

What's the prettiest thing about springtime where you live?
The cherry blossoms are blooming here, which makes my life so happy

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Any of you ladies ever get a bra fitting at Victoria's Secret? Or just in general, anywhere? What was your experience?

I need to retire my ill-fitting bras and wanted to try the new VS BioFit bras. I've heard horror stories about VS fittings though, maybe I'm better off just grabbing a pile and trying them all on like jeans or something.

There's a Soma Boutique by the mall, but their bras aren't really what I'm looking for look wise. If I get fitted at a different store will I be able to use that size in other brands?

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Okay, you guys.

My period JUST came. hour before I was planning to have sex, and the day before this guy I like will be sleeping over. Talk about worst timing possible.

My question is, is there any way I can stop it at least by tomorrow night? I'm not currently on the pill, but I have some left from when I was taking them. I don't know if that would work or if it would just mess me up, though...

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If your SO hits you once, do you immediately leave or are you willing to give them a second chance at the relationship, especially if they say they will seek help or whatever.

I find myself vacillatiing on this because I feel like the first time a guy hits me would be the last because I'll teach him what it means to hit me. But at the same time, suppose he really never does it again?
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This is potentially a lame question but I'm freaking out. How long does it take a letter to get from Toronto to Halifax? I know it's about two weeks, but does anyone have a more specific answer? I had it sent by courier... courier's faster, right?? I tried googling and... oh wait, it says three or four days. Is that right?? I sent a transcript from my current uni to my potentially future uni TWO WEEKS ago and if that's right... I'M GOING CRAZY.
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OKAY I HAVE A WEIRD QUESTION. Do you guys know what movement of Mozart's Requiem was in Watchmen? I used to have an MP3 of it, and I was in love with it, but I don't have it anymore. This part was also in the movie Nuremberg, during the execution scene.

MYSTERY SOLVED. New question: What's your favorite classical piece?
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for the jobless : (

Places with online job applications?

Places I know of: F.Y.E., Borders, CVS, Panera Bread (tho it only seems to be for places that post jobs, and mostly for manager positions, not in my area), i'm sure there's more I can't think of at the moment...

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I just got a haircut and it is SUPER high.
Do you think it will settle at some point in the day?
Do you have any tricks for getting this shit to calm down?

Does your stylist tend to over-style your hair when you get it cut?
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TQC, my dorm room is haunted and I cannot find my student ID.
Where did my ghost hide it?
(Alternatively, where did I put it last night while changing into my pajamas?)

If you don't give a fuck, what is the last thing that you lost?

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What's your favorite chemical reaction?

Also, for those of you who use an OS other than Windows at home, but still have to work with Windows at work or school or whatever, do you get frustrated/annoyed with Windows from time to time as compared to your OS?

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Whats the last thing that made you so mad you could punch an old lady?

We've been without hot water/gas since fucking Monday because the goddang gas people won't get out here and identify where the fuck the outdoor leak is. Oh oops..they won't get to us until NEXT FUCKING WEEK now. We can't cook either.
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One of the girls that I work with is off right now because she has cancer.  She is undergoing treatment, and we have raised a bunch of money for her through donations, draws, etc. 

We are going to send her the cheque as well as a card that is signed by everyone.  We are going to write a note inside the card, but don't know what to say! 

What should we write in the card?

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What is the guy saying in the beginning of Missy Eliott's Get ur freak on? I think it's spanish but I'm not sure. I googled but it's not in the lyrics.
Collapse )

Also, what's up with those cleaning product commercials where the mom/family are animals instead of people? I've seen ants, kangaroos, frogs, etc.. Have you seen these commercials and what is their purpose?
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So I got this job at this tutoring center in this rough part of town. It's REALLY temporary. I'm interviewing with a company I really want to work for next week so I'm hoping to get that and bail on this. The owner had me come in for an interview and then in for a training. We spoke after my "training" and she asked me if I would be able to come in to work on Friday (today) if she needed me. I told her yes. The tutoring center opens at 3:30 and it's now almost 1:30. Do you think she's going to call? Also, she didn't have me fill out tax forms yet, is that weird?

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My three year old nephew was trying to get out of taking a nap so he was bribing me with kisses. I snapped a picture with my webcam and I think it's adorable. One of my friends thinks it's weird that I let him kiss me on the mouth. He's three and he's my nephew! I don't find this weird at all, but apparently in her family they don't do that. I want to know what the masses think so it's poll time:

Letting my 3 year old nephew give me smooches is...

Cute and/or not out of the ordinary
Gross and/or weird

ETA: Collapse )
Obey me

I'll try to keep this brief

Have you ever felt an overwheming, evil, insidious, all encompassing, pervasive, depression that completely and totally destroyed your will to live and sapped all your strength, while at the same time taking away any and all interest you had in all the things that usually make you happy, fundamentally altering your perception of life in general and making you seriously doubt reality as you perceived it prior to it busting through your skull, tearing up your soul to make room for itself, and laying eggs somewhere around your colon...which made you just feel even a bit worse if that was at all possible?
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my mom just called from the grocery store wondering what i'd like to eat when i come home for spring break. made my mouth water in excitement! nothin' like momma's home cookin, slash just food that i have at home. i am an omnivore living in a vegan house at school, so i am craving SO MUCH.

if you live away from home, what food do you look forward to the most when you get home?
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1) Favorite curling iron? I plan on buying one next week and would like some recommendations.

2) What do you think of people who post their mugshots on their facebook/myspaces and brag about it? And their friends keep talking about how cool they are for getting arrested.

edit: Question two isn't about me. I found some of my old middle school/high school friends on facebook a few nights ago and this is what I found.

Friday night

My husband and I are in a rut. Our evenings are pretty much spent watching movies or playing video games. Together, yes, and the conversation is always great, but I want to do something OUT of the house. He doesn't want to go to the movies. Sure, we could get coffee, but that takes like, half an hour. We live in Austin, for goodness sake, and we can never think of anything to do. We are not intersted in SXSW and he hates bars.

What can we do this Friday evening this is fun and not super expensive?

What do you do when you go out for a night on the town?

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It's your birthday and all your family and friends gather together to help celebrate it. They insist that they get to do something to you the exact number of times as your new age. You get to decide what. Your loved ones will do ________ a number of times equal to your age?

Hit you on the arm
Give you hickeys
Toss you up and down on one of those firemen rescue/trampoline-thingies
Throw drinks in your face
Spank you
Give you love bites
Throw pies in your face
Apply temporary tattoos
Force you to take shots
Make you watch that Mallcop movie (in a row)
Stick money in your underwear (in pennies)
Force you to eat slices of cheesecake
Force you to do pushups
Make you do lines of blow
Give you lapdances (you can choose who among your family and friends does it)
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does it bother you when you see a couple in which one person is really attractive and the other looks like a troll?

do you ever look at a really ugly person and think about how awkward they must look during sex?

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My 8 year old sister has aquired my old iPod mini and has asked me to put some songs on it for her.

Grabbing this as the perfect oppurtunity to start grooming her music tastes into the sort of young person who scours The Hype Machine for cutting edge un-signed indie acts, what sort of music should I put on it?

She likes things like Kate Nash, Ladyhawke and Florence And The Machine already, any other tips on the direction I can go with this?

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Should I..

Go to the gym today? Con: I'll have to drive thirty miles one way to get there. Pro: I won't have to do it tomorrow.

Or go to the gym tomorrow? Pro: I'll already be by the gym tomorrow. Con: Everyone and their mama is at the gym on Saturdays. Specifically, every caterwauling child and their mom. I hate the Y.
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1. I just got a Sony Vaio (in Cosmopolitan Pink! :]), and everyone has asked about the price, which I've been fairly frank about, and their general reactions have been "wow that's cheap!". I got it from Best Buy, the notoriously uncheap store. Have Vaios dropped in price, recently? If so, why? I'm not a laptop person. I only bought it because it did what I wanted and was pink.

2. What is your favorite kind of energy drink?
Rockstar Juiced, the purple can.

3. What is your favorite perfume? What is your favorite cologne?
I like Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton; I like the Abercrombie cologne they spritz all over the store.

4. What sort of decorations are on your bedroom walls?
I have an Audrey Hepburn 8x10 and poster, the same of Marilyn Monroe, a Britney poster, 8x10, and 30 pg rasterbation. Need MOAR.

5. What is an acceptable time frame of writing thank you notes?

Help Wanted - Manhattan

1. Are you convenient to Manhattan (New York City, NY USA)?
2. Are you available Friday   SATURDAY night, April 25, 2009?
3. Would you like to make some money that night?
4. Are you mostly harmless?
5. How do you feel about squiring an eleven year old boy around town while his parents are at a wedding? You would pick an event or activity, we would pay for tickets plus other expenses plus your fee, and at some point one of you would get tired of doing whatever it is and you would bring him back to our hotel room and hang out with him until we got finished with all the wedding stuff.

Level of difficulty: No hookers, no blow. The hotel has a dress code requiring business casual or dressier. The boy looks more like 14 or 15 years old, but acts more like 8 or 9 years old. We can't afford ransom or even bail.



Yoiks!  It's a SATURDAY night, not Friday.  Saturday April 25th.
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If you knew there was a chance that you wouldn't have a job in December because of changes to your workplace, how far in advance would you start looking for a new job?

Would your answer change if there would be other job opportunities within the company between now and then?
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A Facebook application quiz question

Earlier I attempted to take the "What nationality quiz?" on Facebook. A message popped up saying something along the lines of, "To do this application, we need you to log your information in." It also mentioned something about security and I think DDS (No idea what that is). Has anyone else had this pop up either in the "What nationality quiz?" or other application for Facebook? Does anyone know what it means?

I didn't log my information in, just clicked cancel on the pop up.
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If I was to call the cops on my neighbor for noise issues, and possibly animal control, would the cops/animal control tell them who reported them? Would they need to talk to me/have me sign anything?

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so i'm browsing okcupid for girls who like girls and 75% of the results are bi chicks and must be skipped over. of the remaining few that are gay, the majority are obese or look like gay men. the 2 or 3 attractive (imo) ones are like into kinky shit and porn.

throughout my life i've only dated pure gheys out of fear that a bi girl would eventually leave and settle down with a man cause it's the "easier" path. also, a lot of the bisexual girls that i know are only into sexual things with girls and not relationships.

however, i'm finding that the percentage of good-looking femme lesbians is very slim. this means that i might have to broaden my horizons to include bisexuals. i'm not into transpeople or anything remotely masculine at ALL.

so, i guess my question is for the bisexual females of tqc.. do you plan on ultimately being with a guy at the end of the day, or are you open to whatever life brings?

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What funny things have you overheard people saying this week?

2 days ago in one of my classes, I overheard this kid from Puerto Rico talking about what it's like there.
He then says "I think I might be related to Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. Because it seems like everyone from Puerto Rico are cousins."
Why did I think this was funny? Becasue Alex Rodriguez is from the Dominican Republic.

TQC (tmi queefing club)

Poll #1369083 Question for the ladies

You're having sex and your lover is hitting you at an angle that feels good but it's pushing a lot of air in. You queef. At first, it's embarrassing, but your lover laughs and doesn't stop. You queef a few more times and you both laugh and keep at it. A minute later, you realize you have to fart. Do you let it out, assuming that it'll be mistaken as a queef?

Yes. It'll be in-disguise fart. It'll totally ninja out
No. My lover may detect an odor. I hold it in
I don't care what my lover thinks it is. I'm letting it rrrip

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Are there any random lines from TV shows or movies that pop into your head when you do certain things?

For instance, every time I'm not wearing any clothes in my house other than in the bathroom, this bit from Friends pops into my head "I'm in my kitchen...naked! I'm holding an orange- and I'm naked!"
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My roommate constantly eats with her mouth open and makes that annoying smacking noise while doing it. Is there a polite way to ask her to stop? I've tried before and she eats normal for half the meal then goes right back to the smacking.

What noises annoy you?


How was your week?

Did you buy anything fun recently?

Which one would you say fits you best?

a: Feet planted firmly on the earth.
b: Living in the clouds.
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I got into a debate about this the other day with a friend...

Do you think it would make any difference if I exercised frequently BUT still continued to eat the foods I wanted (ie. cheeseburgers, chips, chocolate)?

I'm thinking it wouldn't work out so great. Thoughts?
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I am alone in my school's radio station. It's kind of dark, and empty, and on the top floor of our campus center so it's pretty remote. I keep seeing things move out of the corner of my eye, and I hear weird rustling noises like there are people moving around in the main office but there's no one here but me.

The radio station is haunted, y/y??
What kind of ghost do you think it is?
Do you think it's attracted to the crappy music that's on right now, the free concert tickets, or the huge collection of old vinyl and CDs?

Would you like to tell some scary stories?

Oh and if you were a ghost, who or what would you haunt?
What kind of music would you request that a radio station play?
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Awhile ago I had a co-worker asked me questions about my husband. I told her that he's Welsh (she gave me a confused look) so I just told her that he's from England. Immediately out of her mouth she asked 'How do you talk to him?'. I stared at her for a while and said that he spoke English. She was embarrassed and made a quick escape.

Well, yesterday I have a new co-worker that sits next to me. We were talking about our family, etc and I mentioned that we were going to England/Wales again. She asked me why, I explained again that my husband was Welsh (blank look) and she said 'but how do you communicate with him?'

The next time this happens to me should I say pictures and sign language or something completely different?

Birthday Dilemma

My birthday is in 10 days.

I have NO (zero) money.

I don't want to celebrate my birthday in any expensive way, obviously because I can't afford to.

1. What are some suggestions?

Also, my family keeps badgering me about what I want for my birthday and I don't really know.
I reaaaally want a G1 (the phone with T-mobile) but it equates back to money, since I can't afford to add internet to my plan, so I'm not going to ask for that, and I probably won't ever get it.

What should I ask for my birthday? They wont stop asking me.

EDIT: pictures would be fantastic
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TQC, I need your fashion advice. My mother does not know how to dress herself and will NOT take my advice.  She's short and stocky (5'3, around 170 lbs and curveless) and because of her shape she finds all shirts/blouses to be horribly unflattering. She has a small chest, and no waist which only causes more problems for her when shopping for shirts. What kinds of tops would you recommend for a woman built like this?  i have my own thoughts but would like to hear other's opinions.
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If the U.S. government created a stimulus package to put thousands of dollars in the hands of U.S. citizens where more goes to those with the least and ignores people making more than 250,000 dollars a year, do you think it would make prices rise so much they'd have to put $500 notes into circulation?

(no subject)

What is something that your parents (or other adult family members) have said in public that completely embarrassed you for them?

for example:
* When we were visiting The House on the Rock, my Mom started to freak out because she thought it was too big and you can't get out... Out of no where she just yelled "GOD, IT SMELLS LIKE OLD PEOPLE" right while a large tour group of senior citizens were walking by.
because we couldn't get out until the end of the house--we kept running into them. it was horrible.

* I was driving through a parking lot with my parents and there was a family of little people. My mom actually started yelling "THERE'S A WHOLE FAMILY OF MIDGETS... DO YOU SEE THEM? ERIC (my little brother), LOOK, LOOK AT THEM. DO YOU THINK THAT'S THE FAMILY FROM THAT ONE SHOW?" My Brother's window was open-- so I'm sure they heard. It was horrible.

(BTW my Mom is really not an insensitive person--she just says things without thinking sometimes...)


Hey!! I'm going to Chicago then Florida this weekend, Since I'm ipod-less now I want to download or find some movies to watch... Anything that's fun, old, new, just plain entertaining! What should I download?

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TQC, should I take a shower and go to sleep early? Or should I make delicious brownies?

I have a class at 8am tomorrow (need to be up by 7 at the **latest lol) and it's almost 10pm now, but the brownies won't take too long... IDK WHAT TO DO GUYS

okay, I've decided that I'm gonna make the brownies. Now my new question is, should I add some peppermint extract in with the batter, or would it be gross? I'm using the Joy of Cooking recipe here.

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how can you tell if a guy is just a looky-loo or if he's likewise doing the flirty eye thing people are so fond of?

dog owners:

does your dog like to chew their chewies, like bones, rawhide, etc. on you? my beagle is currently chewing something and using my feet as a plate.
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Guys I'm fucking retarded. I'm trying to bread and bake this fish and..and...there's scales on it. HOW DO I GET RID OF THE SCALES?
I hate preparing fish :(
I might just refreeze it :(


How's your night?