March 19th, 2009

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CSI Fans?

I'm still trying to find this guy. I'm trying to find the ep of CSI he was in - I've looked through an ep list but I totally failed at finding it. IIRC, he's the therapist in this ep. In the episode, several teenagers are killed during a pill party in a rich girl's house. Rich girl steals her murdered sister's money from her parent's safe during the party and isn't killed. Rich girl had made a deal with her therapist's receptionist so that they would share the money. Does anyone know which episode this is???

[Edit: I FOUND THE GUY!!!! He's Rick Hoffman. Wtf why isn't he listed in the Lie to Me cast? He was definitely in that episode. Oh well.]

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what are your thoughts on dating your friend's ex?
what about if the friend is in a serious relationship and happy?
are there any circumstances where this is okay?

who did irish car bombs on st patty's day?

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i'm in need of a few new books. so far i've been recommended darkly dreaming sexter dexter and house of leaves.

what's the best/craziest/most fucked up/interesting or just plain beautiful book you've read?

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Where the fuck did my 4 year old nephew learn the song "Just Dance"?
(I swear to God, I wouldn't ever listen to it with him around)
Will my sister kill me for him singing the song?
(but I admit that I seem like a likely culprit, I do listen to pop and he has been spending a lot of time with me since his baby brother was born)

Did your aunts and uncles teach/give you things your parents wouldn't when you were growing up?

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What are some bad band names from this recent slew of horrible bad names?

Ex: Does It Offend You, Yeah?

What if they were double-billed with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's? Can you think of any other pairings of bands that just shouldn't ever go together on the same marquee?
Reed Motherfucking Johnson

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I offered to make dinner for a sick friend and her family tomorrow without really thinking about it. I get off at 5 and it needs to be there at 7. I will need to go to the grocery store too.
What would you make?
is there anything i shouldn't make for a family with two small children?
What is your favorite meal when you are sick?
Is that the same thing as when you were a child?

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Inspired by a broken Spanglish conversation with my grandmother;

1. Are you one of those people who can understand English through the heaviest of accents or are you one of those people who turn to others and go, "What did he just say? Was that even English?"

2. Do you have friends and family members for whom English is not their first language?
a. What is their first language?

3. What accent is the hardest to understand English in?

And for those who don't care;

4. What the devil is going on on LOST?
a. Did Sawyer drink the Dharma Kool-Aid?

Famous Connections

Are you related to anyone in the bizz? (Even really low like D-List)

Are any of your friends?

I have nothing really. Richard Hatch bought a house down the street after he won Survivor, I don't think he has it anymore though because of the whole tax fraud thing.


The series finale of Battlestar Galactica is coming up this week.

Collapse )

So, are they going to finally find a planet to live on, or are they all fucked and going to die in the cold vacuum of space?

And if you don't know/don't care about the series- which ending sounds more entertaining?
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I'm having the dreaded icon switch problem. I see a blue guy and it's supposed to be a goofy face in a dunce cap.

Can one of you who see the dunce cap copy it and save it for me? I want to delete and re-upload but I lost my original. (edit: i cleared my cache, but it didn't fix it for me like it had before)

Have you had the icon switch problem? Which icon was stolen and what was it replaced with?
A girl on my flist had one of her and her baby replaced by a scary looking hairy fat man, lolol.
what?, pete: uh

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what was your last injury?

i got four papercuts today, an exacto knife stuck in my finger, and i just tripped on my internet modem and my toe is bleeding. i also have a scrape on my knee that appeared out of nowhere today, and a huge bruise on my other knee from jumping and falling into mud on sunday haha. 

im french

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1. Would you rather:

a. Suffer serious seizures that will age your brain 1-6 years per seizure. You'll always be at risk for having a seizure, anywhere you go?
b. Take medication that will slow your thought process, render you impotent and make you feel kind of like a zombie all the time?

2. Do you know anyone with epilepsy?

edit: You don't know the frequency of your seizures. You've had 3 without meds, and your brain aged about 10 years in those two weeks.

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Is anyone on medication for anxiety? I have really bad anxiety, and now that I'm back on insurance, I need to get some medicine to help calm it. I get so anxious in the car with other people driving, like we're going to have a wreck or something, and I also get really anxious when it's late at someone else's house because I'm scared of something bad happening, like a kidnapper or something.
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TQC, what time did you go to bed last night? What time did you have to get up?

I went to bed around 1:30am. Got up at 5:30am.

Why do I keep staying up so late when I know I have work the next morning? It's getting very irritating. :(
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So last night, I had some people over for some drinking. We got pretty drunk and ended up staying awake til...about 3 in the morning. One person stayed over. I am a ridiculously early riser and woke up at 6:30 and cleaned. What is the earliest acceptable time that I can wake up the person who stayed over and drive him home without being unreasonable?

I live in a 4-plex. The day I moved in, the upstairs neighbors moved out. I just found out the across the hall lady is moving out. This leaves me and a retired cop. I'm really quiet, even when I have people over. Why are all my neighbors moving out?

My mom is doing P90X. She's way way way into it, and found an online community about it. She got really excited about that, so I pointed her towards the lj one. Is directing my fifty-two year old mother to lj strange?

Since these are both somewhat involved questions, I feel the need to throw in an easy one. What are your plans for today?

What kind of drunk are you?

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Does anyone in tqc use Weight Watchers? Do you like it? What are the meetings like? What does it cost? Any funny stories about them? Any cautionary tales of woe?

I'm more interested in going to the meetings, online only would be a terrible choice for me since if there's no one I'm answering too, I'll slack off.
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Top o' the mornin' to ye, TQC.

What are you dreading today?

I have three exams today and I don't feel fully confident about any of them. The good news is, it'll all be over by 3:15 this afternoon....


I just checked my Hotmail and got a "notice" I would be deleted in 2 weeks if I didn't respond with my acct name, password etc.
How "phishy " do you think this is??
Or is it totally legit?

Thanks. The Hotmail staff.

EDIT-O-MATIC: If my e-mail account gets deleted...will I die?

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1)I fear that I won't be able to speak today. suggestions? really, I'm losing my voice.

2)do small children make you uncomfortable?


3)do you like items made of recycled things? such as bags made out of plastic bags?

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I've basically been wait-listed for a counselor job at a camp this summer. I worked there last year and this year they recruited me back. Only thing is it took me about a month to re-apply. I had to choose between this and something else I was obligated to do during the summer. I didn't want to apply and then possibly look bad by flaking out (bad move? Should I have just applied right away?)

When I didn't hear from them in a few days, I e-mailed them and they told me they pretty much have everyone, but they also said to please give them time because they're trying to fit me in. I don't know what to make of this. I don't know whether to think I blew my chance completely or I have the job and I just need to wait.

One one hand, I wasn't rejected outright - if they didn't want me and there was no way of me getting hired because they are full staff, they'd say it, wouldn't they? 
On the other hand, Friday will make a week since I applied - it's taking a while and I think with every passing day it looks bleaker and bleaker. I also don't understand how they can fit an extra employee to an already full staff. They have to have a financial limit for how many people they can hire, right?

I'm going to e-mail them again in a few days - I don't want to annoy them by e-mailing them back too soon when they asked me to patient.

What do you think my chances are here?

(P.S - I posted this to another LJ question/advice community last night and all I got back was a bunch of sarcasm. I know you guys aren't psychic, but I'm getting nervous and I just want people's thoughts/guesses)

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1. Why is my 20 month old daughter being so sweet this morning?

2. Should I stop being lazy and go clean up my living room?

3. What should I do for my hubby tonight? It's our anniversary but we are pretty broke and our car needs fixed so we can't really go anywhere. I already plan to make him a steak dinner for tonight but what else can I do for him that would be nice without having a car or money? Other than sex...he's already getting that :)

srs and non srs answers welcome
raise hell | Antoine & René [400 Blows]

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1. Do you think Megan Fox is attractive?
She has horrible tattoos and exudes a bit of trashiness, but I'm infatuated with her. I am so embarrassed to admit this.

2. What is the proper way to respond to a job offer letter?
I've already accepted the job through phone and email, but the letter and stamped envelope just arrived. Do I need to mail back a personal job acceptance letter or just sign the letter that I just received?

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Help me out here.

I'm going to rip the hard drive from two borked laptops I own. Obviously I know how to do this, but what do I do with them? I'd like to just have some spare external hard drives, but what are my options for casing them?

Hurrdurr computers are hard.


I am having a rare craving for burgers so we're having them tonight. I want it to be fantastic, mouthwatering and with lots of delicious melty cheese.

TQC, what is your favorite decadent burger recipe? Or what are your favorite fixings?

And sorry to the veggies out there, I intend to use beef.

ETA: I formally apologize for jump-starting anyone's appetites due to the replies in this post.
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Why is half my paycheck missing? GRRRRR.

My best friend is helping me through a tough time in my life and told me to write letters, rants and raves and then destroy them. We realized setting them on fire isn't exactly, um, LEGAL here, so what are some better ideas?

How did I get lucky enough to end up with such a great friend? (Seriously, this person has been my rock --this is not a very good time in my life and I'm overwhelmed with his support and love)

How do you say thank you to someone who has gone above and beyond like this?

If you don't really care, what is something good I can make for lunch? Or should I go get pizza or something? If I get pizza, what kind should I get?
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1.) For those who watched the HBO special "You're Welcome, America. A Final Night with George W. Bush," how funny did you think that it was?

2.) (side question) What is the name of the LJ community where you can find out song titles/artists for tunes that you've heard? (I want to find out the name of the song that appeared during the Condoleezza/George bit?)
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My husband has a man-date tonight, so I'm going to take advantage of being home alone. I plan on doing the whole bubble bath thing, but I want to pick up some wine to enjoy.

I'm usually a merlot kind of gal, but I think I want something lighter, maybe fruitier? Other than Arbor Mist, what sort of wine would you recommend?

Or should I just buy really cheap champagne and pick up some strawberries?

Or should I say fuck it and relive jr. high with a couple of bottles of Boone's?
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How do you de-stress around crunch time?

I started blowing off classes this time around. Proooobably a bad idea. Ideally I just stop thinking about exams altogether and continue as usual, because getting worked up about it just leads to poor performance. Usually this works really well for me but this semester has been nerve-wracking!

What are you listening to currently?

Nina Simone.

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I would like to pick up a book on patient's rights. Specifically, I want it to address psychiatric patient rights, including involuntary commitment. I need it to be for lay people, not lawyers (which seems to be mostly what Amazon has).

I have a copy of "How To Get Out of The Hospital Alive" but it doesn't have any information on specifically mental heath hospitalization.

Does anyone know of a good title on this subject? Where can I get it? Thanks.

Story time

What story do you find yourself repeating over and over again? Either because someone says, "Hey, tell Bob about that time...." or because it comes up in conversation ("what happened to your arm?")

TMI ;)

do cigarettes make you have to poop?

I can go hours without having to poop, or even thinking about it at all.. but it seems like the very second I light a cigarette, THERE IT IS. every time, without fail. it happens to my husband, too.

does this happen to you, or are we just weirdos with nicotine-activated bowels?

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The gas company is coming in an hour to check out my house, since we've been smelling really weird things in our house lately that are all the signed of something in our gas line.
My house will be okay, right? It won't blow up soon, right?

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Has anyone tried the Acai Berry Power 500 weight loss pills? Did they work? What were the side effects?
I ordered a free sample of them but I'm not sure if I want to try them now...

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What proportion of your friendlist have you met IRL?

Not including people you knew IRL before being LJ friends.

7 of 18 - I do favour adding fellow Australians though, so that helps.

Do Canadians sometimes say "Mum" instead of "Mom"?

I'm reading a Canadian book and the author is using "mum". Not sure if it's an edition edited just for Australian/UK audiences, though.

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There was a story on the news last night about a woman that was laid off in October. She's on food stamps currently.

Somehow it was discovered that she owns a $300,000 house, drives a fairly new mercedes and has $80,000 in the bank in her savings.

Some folks are flipping out saying she's abusing the system and can obviously afford to buy her own food at this point.

Others are saying that since food stamp need is determined by current income and she doesn't have any that she's completely entitled to the assistance.

What side do you take, TQC?

ETA - Here are a couple of short links about it:

shoes, bah.

Have you ever had to order shoes because your feet size was so out of range the store doesn't stock that size?

I just did for the first time. My fiance regularly has to do this as he's a size 14, but I only wear a size 10. I didn't think that was so big that stores wouldn't carry it. :(

Are my feet huge and terrible, TQC?

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You just bought a new car and you're happy and proud of it. It's beautiful. You pick your best friend up, and within 10 seconds, he/she throws up over the dashboard. Turns out, your friend is allergic to 'new car smell'. The vomit leaks into the air vent, and the smell of it saturates the car (he/she had fish for lunch). It's gross and you have to drive with the windows open. Your friend is sorry and offers to make it up to you. What would you demand as compensation?

Nothing. These things happen. It's unfortuante but I don't hold this against my friend
Pay for the detailing when I bring the car in to get washed
Buy me lunch and we'll call it a day
New car
Sexual favors
You get to throw up on your friend's hair
You get to sleep with their SO
Absolutely nothing will suffice. The friendship is ruined
Pay for the replacement or cleaning of the vents when I bring it to the dealership

You've been dating your SO for over a year,and while the sex is fine, it's getting a little predictable. Then, one day, your SO brings home a wig and asks you to wear it the next time you have sex, to spice things up. You do, and your SO bangs you passionately. It's like the first time you guys did it. You got at it 3 times that night and it's like your SO can't get enough. After you've finished using the bathroom afterwards, you look in the mirror, and something dawns on you. The wig looks just like your best friend's hair. The color, the cut. It's a perfect match. You think about how your SO has been acting when you were wearing the wig and you suspect that he/she has a big thing for your friend. What do you do?

Nothing. The sex is great again. I don't rock the boat
I angrily confront my SO about the wig and the similarity. A fight will ensue
This may be the perfect opportunity to have a threesome with my friend. I'll wear the wig and it'll be like we're twins! My SO will be so happy
Two can play this game. I have my SO wear the wig of my big crush

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what do you think about onions?

i've hated onions up until recently, since my roommates always cook with them and mix em into stir frys and such. i've now learned to enjoy their taste, but not by choice.

also, i heard that back in ye olde days before people swore on bibles in court, they swore on onions. apparently they were/are sacred.

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Have you ever been obsessed with something? What, and why?

eta: I'm obsessed with nutrition. Which is weird, because I'm a junk food addict. I just find it interesting that food can be just as involved as complex medicine..

(no subject)

What questions should I ask a potential grad school program? Specifically, a combined MS/PhD program in Communication Disorders/Speech-Language Pathology. There are some questions here from the Speech Pathology LJ community, but I worry I might be missing something.

(no subject)

Hi guys-

last night I got a small splinter in the heel of my foot. It hurts to put full weight on that foot now. I tried to get it out but couldn't- then I went to sleep. I've forgotten a few times today (getting out of bed right after waking up, etc) and stepped on it and it hurts like a bitch and also has driven the tiny splinter further into my foot.

just a bill

(no subject)

So I got a letter from the state, in response to my employment application that my education is either insufficient or not clearly stated in the application. The qualification is that I need a major in an appropriate behavioral science and that at least 30 credit hours must be in human services or human development.

Do classes on corrections count as human services?
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Which class sounds worse: Anatomy & Physiology or General Biology?
Note: I suck at science.

General Biology Class Description: An introductory course in Biology with main emphasis on cell structure and function. Topics include gene structure and inheritance, study of plants and fungi, evolution, and ecology. Extensive discussion of concerns facing humanity today including quality of nutrition, environmental pollution, genetic engineering, inheritable diseases, and birth defects. This course must be taken in conjunction with BIO 121. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.

Anatomy & Physiolgy Class Description: An Integrated study of the structure and function of the human body including atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and organs. The skeletal, muscular, nervous, and sensory are studied Laboratory experience is correlated with classroom lecture. This course must be taken in conjunction with BIO 141. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.


So let's say you have Job A. Now, you like Job A and your co-workers, but the salary is not what you had in mind. You've been at Job A for a year. Let's say Job B comes along. Job B is offered to you. A 50% salary increase, excellent benefits, and a shorter commute. But they want you to start this Monday. If you can't start then, they will offer it to someone else. Problem is, it's usually customary to give two weeks notice when quitting Job A. What's the best way to go about telling Job A you're leaving essentially tomorrow?

Let's say you're out with some friends at a bar. You're a bit tipsy, but not drunk. Another friend is a bit tipsy, but not drunk. You hook up. You two go home together, sleep together. The next day, this friend asks for a relationship. You say no, because you just ended a relationship a month ago, but would be open to casual dating for now. This friend screams that they trusted you by sleeping with you, that they feel like they were used. They say things like "Sex means we should be in a relationship." Is this friend crazy, or are you an asshole?

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Will you reccomend some music for me?

I dislike classic rock, pop, and whatever you'd classify bands like Slipknot as.

Will you reccomend some books for me?

I generally dislike science fiction, and I really enjoy political science, historical, biographies, and fiction.

(no subject)

1. Do you think colonoscopies really save lives or is it just another bullshit test (no pun intended) designed to line doctors' wallets?

2. What do you do to break out of a writers' or artists' block?

3. What's for dinner?

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I ordered some medicine online and a few days later, got an e-mail explaining that the company was unable to process credit cards for the time being and requested I send a money order. I didn't because I'm lazy and forgetful. Then I got another e-mail like a week later saying my stuff was shipped (With a tracking number), but my credit card hasn't been billed and I never sent money.

Wtf? Did they just ship me stuff free or something?

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I think the guys fixing my tub are weirded out by my music. 
Should I change it for their sake or just keep listening to it?

How soon after having a baby is safe to start doin the deed? I got stitches and I don't want them ripped up but I'm totally down for getting it on at this point. Baby is 6 days old.
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Would you ever, under any circumstance, accept a bribe?

eta: Like idk if you witnessed a murder or something and the murderer offered you one million dollars to keep your mouth shut.

Orrr maybe you are a football coach and the parent of the shittiest player on the team offers you money to get their kid off the bench.


What do you think of unicorns?
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(no subject)

I feel miserable today, so here are some questions.

What's made you feel miserable lately?
What do you do to cheer yourself up?

Also, an unrelated question:

What is the scariest/weirdest/most disturbing book you've ever read?

(no subject)

Are you selective about your underwear in terms of style and look or do you just buy what's cheap or comfortable?

Where do you get most of your underwear/lingerie? What kinds of things do you gravitate towards?

pics plz.

(no subject)

anyone have any good april fools day ideas? i work in a music shop and one of my co workers teaches guitar lessons in his studio there. what could i do to his studio that would make for a clever april fools day prank? he has a bunch of his own guitars in his studio and its decorated with posters and pics. ideas?

Ongoing job drama...

To recap: Fired from office job 2 weeks ago. Last week I found out check bounced (but got it cleared up)

Yesterday I accepted a part-time bookkeeping job for a construction company. It's 2 days a week starting out, $10/hr.

I also scored a job at Wal-Mart, part-time, $7.95/hr.

However....yesterday afternoon old boss calls and sets up a meeting with me, him, and TS (associate attorney). He wants to offer me my job back, part-time. When I left I was making $8.50/hr.

So...what should I do? I've got 3 part-time jobs, but can only handle 2.

I'm definitely not giving up the bookkeeping gig.
ETA: The 2nd job would only be worked until I go full-time with the bookkeeping job.

Would you work at Wal-Mart or the job that fucked you twice in less than 2 weeks? TS is prepared to do what she has to in order to bring me back (including paying me in cash). I can probably score a raise from it...but at the same time I want to punch my other ex-boss in the face.
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Have you ever read Prospero's Daughter? (Adaptation of The Tempest set in a leper colony island near Trinidad, in the 1960s.) If so, what did you think?

Do you ever feel beaten on the head by civil rights blather? Specifically, "OMG never forget that there were slaves in this country and we whiteys should all feel reeeeeally guilty! SLAVERY IS SO BAD, RIGHT??? Also, we liberal-arts people have a duty to pound this knowledge into your heads! Let's see how many books we can connect back to ENSLAVEMENT OF THE NOBLE SAVAGE BY THE MEAN OLD EUROPEANS!!!!!!"

If that question was too slanted for you... how do you feel about emphasizing the issue so heavily in a liberal-arts education?

Don't get me wrong, I know it's important... but it's unnecessary to have to go through the same thing in all my lit and history classes. I kind of get the point by now. If they were saying anything different, I might change my mind, but they're all equally inept at bringing anything fresh into the discussion.

(no subject)

What do you think of unions?
For example I believe in unions but I work in a place with a union and as a result all of the people moan and whine and go to the union rep over the dumbest shit.
Also, what do you think about UNICORNS?

(no subject)

Oh hai it's me again

This is an odd question but- do you think doctors/therapist type people have the right to decline a appointment cancelation?

Basically, I called my therapist yesterday afternoon and canceled our appointment for tonight (so more than 24 hours notice.) She then called me and left me a message about an hour ago (our appointment is at 7:30) saying that she feels like it's extremely important that we talk (for tl;dr reasons, I don't disagree there is shit to discuss) and that's it's "critical" that I be there. She then goes on to say that she expects me there, and would I please call her if I wish to cancel.

Now, my take on this is that if I do call right now and cancel, it will be like I was only canceling 2 hours before the appointment, in which case she'd be within her rights to charge for the appointment. I haven't spoken to her yet but I'm wondering if I'm completely wrong in thinking that, should I in fact keep the cancellation, she shouldn't charge me.


(also lol this is one of those situations that's specific enough it always makes me wonder if the person in question reads lj too- like is this chick sitting in her office and refreshing tqc like I am)
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I'm trying to apply for jobs via craigslist, and 99% of the time I respond to an ad, I get an email with an external link where I have to put my information and resume to "expedite the hiring process"...

this seems scam-like to me, and I am hesitant to do it..

Does anyone have any experience with this? was it a scam?

(no subject)

Can you give me reasons why it isn't a good idea to tell someone they can fuck themselves to their face?

Have you ever had a day with a big up and a huge down?

When was the last time someone got pissed at you and wouldn't explain it? Did they eventually tell you? Did you ever patch up the friendship or did you count your losses and bail?
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(no subject)

TQC, why do people delete their posts even though they know full well it's against the rules?
Do you think these people even read the rules or not?
Surveys for homework are srs bsns

Also, TQC, if the world was colored with one kind of artistic medium (fingerpaint, color pencils, pencil, etc) what would you pick and why?
Bunny Yoink

Feed the bunny. FEED IT, BITCHES.

I have a plotbunny about a "date a celebrity" show (Shut up and don't judge), and I need names for the girls.

Will you give me the name of girls you know/knew that are/were:

- A stark-raving bee-yotch,

- As phony as a three-dollar bill,

- Sweet enough, but as smart as a box of hair,

- Seemed to use her va-jay-jay to make all her life decisions,

- Would actually go on a "date a celebrity" show


(no subject)


If not, how messy is your room/living space on a scale from 1-10? 1 being everything is neat and tidy and clean, 10 being you can't even walk without stepping on stuff, you avoid asking people in, etc. Bonus points if you post pictures!

Mine is a 10, and I refuse to show it to the internet :\ HELP

(no subject)

Should a guy masturbate while having a girlfriend who he sees often? Y/N? Why/why not?

How much masturbation do consider 'too much'?


Also, a guy friend says he only masturbates to get rid of morning wood, not because he wants to... is he lying? Y/N?
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Someone stole my brother's debit card information and spent most of what he had in savings on Ticketmaster tickets (he's only 20 and works at Mammoth Mountain Resort during the ski/snowboard season because he loves it but only makes 10 dollars an hour). Wells Fargo (surprise) isn't reimbursing him unless he proves to them that it's a crime, meaning he has to file a claim with the local sheriffs. This is after he reported his card as stolen AND THEY DIDN'T FREEZE THE ACCOUNT.
Is there ANYTHING I can do to cheer him up? I feel really badly :(
How enraged would you be in this situation?

What's something you do that's healthy when you're really stressed out?

(no subject)

my friend is trying to remember a test she took online where it gives you a group of colors and you pick your favorite. As the test goes on it will give you fewer and fewer colors but it's harder because they are your favorites. At the end it tells you about your personality. Does anybody know what test this is?

(no subject)

Which of these should I read next?

Candide by Voltaire
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
The book to the musical Gypsy
The book to the musical Into the Woods

Also- what is your favorite book?
SVU wtf?

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My husband said he'd clean the cat boxes before he went to work today, so I took my son to the inlaws and then went to MY job. I just got home and husband did NOT clean the cat boxes, so the cats pooped and peed all over the house.

I should rub my husband's face in it when he gets home, y/y?
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Sooo, my boyfriend got pissed at me online today and smashed his keyboard. Yeah, he broke it. He can't turn it off caps, and his G button no longer writes Gs.

Anyone have a clue how to fix it?
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Am I the only person who really dislikes typing in Microsoft Word?

I prefer to write in Notepad or something and then just copy and paste into a Word Document when I'm finished. Mostly because I feel that I pay too much attention to length and amount of pages I wrote, when I'm typing in Word rather than focusing on content.


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why isn't my macbook showing letters?

for example, i just typed example and i can't see the x! but a space is made whenever i type it.. there are lots of other things not showing up too.. but they are right now while i'm typing.. D:

what's your favorite kind of lollipop? i'm eating a lifesavers lollipop right now and it's delicious!! OH MY GOSH MY CAPITAL Ys AND EXCLAMATION POINTS ARENT SHOWING UP :O

edit i think this problem is just happening on livejournal for me... -_- foolishness
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What should I watch?


Metropolis (animated)

Let the Right One In


ETA: Well, at least I know it won't be Metropolis! I'll have to flip a coin to break this tie, methinks.
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I had a very successful first date last night. He was really really blatantly flirty with me and I responded well(the only thing is I was tipsy and nervous, and he was showing all he signs he wanted to kiss and I sort of ignored them all). I really feel like he's going to call me within the next three days, but if he doesn't, when is it appropriate for the lady to take action and call the man after a first date?
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A [drinking] glass just broke in my mouth while I was drinking. This is dangerous, Y/N?

It's not like I even had my teeth on it or anything, just my lips. I'm guessing it already had a break or something that wasn't visible yet and maybe pressing it against the fridge thing to get the water in, made it about to crack. Needless to say, my lip is now bleeding.

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In the 'intimate scene' in Watchmen, involving Laurie and John (Dr Manhattan) is it true that as he leaves the bedroom he put it one way...standing to attention?
I didn't notice in the film but some people say this is true!
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Ladies of TQC, are any of you taking or have you taken Lybrel for birth control? What has your experience with it been?

For everyone else:

What excuses do you use when you get an injury (cuts and bruises included) doing something stupid or in some way you'd feel stupid explaining? (For example, I have a decent size gash on my hand from a cat bite. I know I'm going to be asked about it tomorrow, and feel kind of stupid saying 'my cat ate my hand'.)

Do you like hot sauce? Have you ever made your own? Care to share your recipe or technique?
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Why does all of my shit have to hit the fan at once?

Does yours do this?

What's the weirdest gift you ever given or received?

Today i gave my friend a glass head, cookies, and an enema kit for his birthday. He's... kind of an odd guy.

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Is it inappropriate for me to laugh when my SO sends me over aim, "i dont want to loose you"?

Also, what is the last frustration you've had today? Please, complain to me! I'd love to hear other people's problems.

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I am trying to remember the name of a movie! It's a kid's movie, cartoon, and it takes place in India. It really reminds me of The Emperor's New Groove and that Eldorado movie. All I remember are these two scenes: 1) A girl is in the tub with a back scratcher and is possibly being spied on? 2) They're on roofs and the big gold ball things on top of the roofs are falling and they're trying to catch them. Idk! Do you guys remember?!