March 18th, 2009

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Inspired by harmnotourqueen 's question, have you ever bought cigarettes online? From where? Stories/how was the process? Cigarettes are supposed to be like $7/pack soon...and I don't even live in a big city. So I'm hoping to find a reliable website to purchase them from instead.
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My husband just revealed the fact that he thinks my ire at the pope's anti-condom stance for a region torn apart by overpopulation and AIDS is totally uncalled for. When I mentioned that it upsets me because it's such a huge humanitarian issue, his response was:

"Humanitarian issues are reserved for humans...not chimpanzees running around in the jungle."

Should I shoot him, y/y? >:(

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It's March 18. Patty's Day is over. What unusual results of debauchery do you have to share with the class? What did you do last night?

Cleaned up vomit
Helped move/hide a body
Got laid
I didn't get laid, but my tale involves a hooker
Played one of those games where 'I chop off your finger before you chop of mine'. Games of chance
An ER visit, and either a transfusion or a stomach pumping
Streaking, or showing off my junk to strangers
One glory hole
I chatted
Just some tv
Phineas and Ferb

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Hi, TQC! I have the Mister Rogers song stuck in my head. What was the last old-ish (as in older than five years) kiddie theme song you couldn't get out of yours? I could get some stuck in yours if you want!
Reed Motherfucking Johnson

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it's a little past 1:30 and i just got drawn into a Lifetime movie that won't be over until 3. Should i stay up and watch it or go lay down and toss and turn until i fall asleep?

What is your favorite lifetime movie?

mine is the one where the lady makes her child sick so he has to repeatedly go to the hospital just so she gets attention. She even put poop in his iv.

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My computer is having ~*issues*~. It's been picking up viruses lately at least once a week. I've switched to using Firefox, installed 5 different security programs, I don't click random links or open E-Mails with attachments, and hell, the skeeziest website I ever visit is IMDB, which is not often. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but apparently it's SOMETHING. My problem is I really need this computer to be secure for work. So.

Any suggestions on how to stop getting adware and trojans and where I might be getting them?

But really, should I consider investing in a Macbook and leaving the PC as a strictly work-only machine? My job pays pretty well. I can technically afford it within a month or two, probably less if I really scrimp. Does anyone have experience with macbooks and can you help reassure me that it won't suck as hard as the mac I owned once, which liked to randomly turn the screen yellow-tinted monochrome, couldn't run more than 2 programs at once, and killed itself less than a year after I bought it?
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For those of you who are, or have ever been, in some form of romantic relationship:
a)At what point did you know that you wanted to be in a relationship with that person?
b)How did you know?
c)Did things end well?

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In November I bought a new wool pea coat. A few days later gin & tonic and beer were spilled all over it. I put it away and wore a different coat all winter. I just took it out and it still smells pretty bad.

Do you think it's too late to get it dry cleaned?

I'm afraid the smell will never go away.
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No food seems to be satisfying, but I'm dead hungry. And if I'm not dead hungry then I'm nauseous and want to cry and/or sleep. Am I dying?
(no really, has this mysterious sickness happened to anyone else? four weeks of this shit, woop woop!)

What do you do when life is dull and grey?

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Help me doctor LJ!

Does anyone know how long it takes for melatonin suppliments to get worked out of your blood?

I took a 1 mg tablet about an hour ago to help sleep, but for the first time, it induced severe nightmares that start whenever I close my eyes. @____@ I am kind of bordering on a panic attack. How fun right? Any suggestions?

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Someone hands you a free plane ticket to a place in the world that you've always wanted to go.  The catch is, you must leave tonight, and you can't take anything with you.  Do you go?

What are you hiding from your significant other right now?

What's the biggest mistake you've ever made?

Is there anyone in TQC you have a crush on?  Who is it?  Be brave.

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I am so torn that I am turning to you for help!

I have found my (used) dream car at an amazing price with amazingly low miles and a grrrreat warranty on it.

The problem is that it's $42 a month over the budget I wanted to keep for a car payment.

It's a 2008 Audi A4 2.0t btw.

I could probably haggle some, but it's not going to be for that big a drop.

TQC, should I still go for the car or walk away?

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After a girl presented something to my class wearing heels yesterday, my male professor's (in a class of all girls) critique went:
"Not to be sexist, but your heels are incredibly distracting. Students will find those distracting. Women don't realize that you can't be clomping around the classroom."
(We did not find her distracting at all, honestly)

...Is this as sexist as it seemed at the time?
Is this something we can report him for?
(It's one of his many "I'm not sexist...BUT" comments)
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If you wanted to anonymously send something horrible and disgusting to an someone in the mail, what would you send?

My best friend's jerk of a dad recently sent her a letter telling her he'd cut her out of his will because she'd been a bad daughter, etc etc. This is really the LEAST of what he's done. He's a Baptist of the crazy persuasion and super-controlling and if I could, I'd light a bag of dog crap on fire on his porch. Buuuuut he lives very far away, so I'm thinking about mailing him something awful. Suggestions, TQC!

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What are movies you prefer to watch by yourself?

Off the top of my head, Chocolat, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dan in Real Life, and Garden State.  I don't mind watching them with other people, but I guess I like having the time to be alone with my thoughts when it comes to these movies in particular.

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I wonder . . .

Does ANYONE but native Californians use the phrases:

California Stop : A rolling stop through a stop sign with a cop nearby

California Firefly : the glowing ash of a ciggarette butt as it gets flicked away, usually at high speeds on the freeway.

I was just wondering if there was anyone else that said stuff like that but us.

and if you couldn't GIVE a. . .

Wut is ur fave band? OMG!
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Do the stories about Natasha Richardson being brain dead make you think of all the times you've whacked your head on something or been whacked on the head by something, never sought any medical treatment whatsoever, and turned out just fine?

For $3,000...

...would you drive an old white van and park in front of a grade school when it's letting out? The van has CANDY written on the side by a Sharpie, and has 2 bumper stickers: I brake for little girls and Honk if you like 'em young. When you park, you'll step out of the van and dangle hard candies and wave at the little kids in front of their parents. The whole time, you'll be blaring Oingo Boingo's 'Little girls' on the tape deck and enduring the dirty looks and vehemence by the parents. If approached, ignore all remarks and just ask if they're looking for a babysitter, that you'll do it for free if the kid's cute enough.

You just have to stay there for 10 minutes and you can wear a disguise if you want.
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A while ago the light in the hallway turned itself on in the middle of the night. Ever since my dog has been following me upstairs when I got to bed and sleeping in the hall. Sometimes he follows me up when I go to take a shower too. The is obviously a sign that my house is haunted, y/n?

How lame would it be if I went on a picnic alone today? What should I bring?

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Canadian Auto Workers have seized a Chrysler parts plant in Windsor, Ontario.

They have welded the doors shut from the inside. The plant is closing and Chrysler wants the parts/tooling inside.

Who do you think will win?
Which side do you support? Why?
Do you think situations like this will become more common with the economic decline?



So I'm going to be singing a solo for my school choir tomorrow. It's really making me a nervous wreck so I'm here to ask...

If you have ever sang a solo, how did you deal with it/get though it without fainting?


If you haven't ever sang a solo in front of several hundred people, tell me how you would deal with it if you were ever in this situation. That is, if you would even do it.

Thank you for answering.

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In other news...

I kinda asked some dude to send me pictures of his penis thinking he wouldn't actually do it, but since then he's sent me a pic of his dick about every 5 hours. I'm being overwhelmed by cock.

What's a good way to ask him to stop that hopefully won't hurt his feelings too much?

I can't send pictures to him.

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uhm, how do you get your SO to leave your house/apartment/room without seeming being rude? especially when it's the weekend and you can't use the 'well, i have a big day at work tomorrow [yawn] i should call it a night' thing.

Collapse )

chan marshall


will you look at your contact list for your mobile /cell phone, and locate someone you havent talked to in a while..

and ring them and report back? c'mon we can all be scared together.

or text them or something at least cmon dont be scared!
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Does anyone else have an issue with war games (Call of Duty, etc)?  I'm not talking about fictional war but games based of of WWI, WWII and the like.  I'm not even sure how to explain why I find them to be so uncomfortable.  I guess it's because I find it wrong that they are making entertainment out of real life human suffering.  War movies also strike a wrong cord with me for these reasons...and the propaganda associated with them.  I don't know, does anyone else feel the same way? Whenever I bring it up with my friends, they always don't seem to understand why I have a problem.
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Why is this woman next to me wearing men's cologne? I can even place the scent (that shitty Abercrombie and Fitch smell that permeates throughout the mall or shopping center you're at, with a hint of Armani Code like she sprayed it over the other; no I'm not kidding)

How's your life?

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TQC, I have a dilemma!

I have 2 jobs. 1 is at Wal-Mart, part-time. The 2nd is as a bookkeeper for a construction company, starting out part-time, only 2 days a week.

I don't start either until next week.

Should I say to hell with the Wal-Mart job? I was contemplating working it until the bookkeeping thing turns into a full time job...but then again the bookkeeping thing pays $2.05/hr more than Wal-Mart.

What should I do to celebrate the new bookkeeping job?

My awesome father-in-law has offered to buy me a new camera, but I have to keep it around the $200 range. I was looking last night at Sam's Club and found 2 that I like..if you had to choose between a Kodak EasyShare or a Nikon, which would you pick?

Job Help/Question

Ok, so I went for a job interview on Monday, and it went really well. The woman said she just had to call and check my refrences, do a write up on it for HR, and then they'd be able to hire me. I emailed her thanking for her time and for the interview, etc. etc. as soon as I got home. She still hasn't called me refrences yet, and I'm kinda getting nervous...I REALLY want this job. SO while TODAY, I think it's too soon to call...when would be ok to call and follow up? Or it wouldn't be? I'm thinking Monday, but maybe that's too long? Maybe Friday? HELP! I really, really, NEED and WANT this job. :(

Forgive me being so clueless, but I haven't worked in a long time, and this is really important to me.
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A friend of mine went voluntarily to a psychiatric station and is now staying there a couple of days. I want to visit her tomorrow morning. What should I bring her?

Serious and non serious answers are welcomed =) Please consider that I'd like her to feel a bit better and supported.

EDIT: She just wrote and is leaving the ward in a couple of hours... she only needs to go to the hospital daily (maybe to get some meds?). So... TQC,

If your bf/gf was to visit you today to drink some coffee, what would you ask them to bring you?
I asked my bf for some oreo cookies =) They don't have them often in Germany so I like him bringing them to me when he visits this special supermarket.


Anyone know the website where you can go and click on the food you have on hand, and it gives you ideas for recipes?

I have been googling for half an hour. I am the fail. :(
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Have you ever been somewhere and someone there was, by your definition, so amazingly attractive that your brain briefly turned off/malfunctioned/went on strike or something like that?
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Be all you can be.....

Not only is this a line in a High School Musical song, but it is also a line associated with the Army.

My question is: Is Disney trying to send subliminal messages to kids to join the Army?

If you don't care you have no clue what I'm talking about--what's for lunch?
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what were you doing/where were you the last time you said to yourself "i love my life" ?

for me, it was friday. i was laying in a hammock on the beach in key west sipping absinthe.
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TQC, when was the last time you were drunk? What was the last really stupid injury you inflicted on yourself because you were drunk?

I was really drunk last night, I fell and this morning I woke up to a scrape on the side of my face..
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1. What was the first fail of your day so far?
2. For college students, which meal generally has the best selection of food? ETA: In dining halls
3. What's the latest you've ever been to a class?
4. My throat is sore. Am I dying?

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I have a job interview in a few hours. The way they do it there, is they do 'group interviews'.

Have you ever been to a job interview with a group? I've never encountered one of these, nor have I heard of 'group interview' until this one. What exactly do they do with a group?

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How good are you at suspension of disbelief?

Like, when I watch a movie/TV show I don't think of sets, costumes, actors, special effects (unless they're really bad), etc, I just see it as the story playing out. I do however have a lot of trouble letting little plot holes go. I went to see The Last House on the Left remake last night and kept finding myself thinking "What are these people going to tell the cops?" I wonder this a lot when watching horror/action movies.

Which leads me to my second question. I heard a story about a man who was robbed at knifepoint by three men. He was carrying a gun and fatally shot the first man, and then the second. The first was considered to be self-defense, but the jury pretty much let the other murder go, essentially because the guy deserved it. (I can't back this up with a news story, so if anyone else has a similar example that'd be great.)

In a morally ambiguous situation like this, what should the law do? Is it okay to murder someone just because they were doing something wrong, or in the case of Last House on the Left, torture and brutally kill people who tortured and brutally killed someone else?

looking for a movie title..

I'm fuzzy on details, but the best info I can give are these..

The movie is about a magician.
He was banished from his town at some point in his movie. Or he was in hiding, one of those.
He had a secret clone machine. He used this machine during his magic acts, cloning himself and then killing and drowning the clone during his act.
There was a scene with many "cloned" top hats. And I think one cloned black cat.

Any ideas?

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what can you do once you've mixed business with your social life and now you hate your coworker but feel obligated to continue hanging out outside of work to maintain civility?

Poll #1367668 random stuff

cheez-it or cheese nip

cheese nip

what should i have for dinner?

thai food
sweet tomatoes (salad/soup/pasta buffet)
make something at home

cookies, cake, or candy?


mall or movies?


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For those with plus accounts...

Are your ads screwing up your journal?

I ask because I logged in today and the ads are vertical instead of horizontal. I then go into the customization area and my ad options are clicked on horizontal so I know this is nothing I did. The ads are screwing up my shit so bad I had to click vertical on the options just so everything would look halfway decent!

Here is an example screenshot of what I'm seeing while in the customization area...
I am having to scroll 5 miles just to get to the text of the page.

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i work in an admin. building on my college campus, and am one of the few students there, most of the employees are middle age women. Here's something odd i've been observing for over the past months i've been here:

The majority of these ladies are on weight watchers or some fad diet of the week, and at least once every two weeks they have a staff party of sorts at lunch/break time for random occasions (birthdays, retirements, holidays, etc.).

At these fiestas, they always have the MOST unhealthy, fattening and caloric foods, which leads to ALL of them talking ALL DAY about how guilty they are for eating it due to their respective diet plans. what do they keep doing this though? it seems so contradictory. do they secretly all love this food and feel like it's okay if they announce how guily they are and how many points each thing is?

so odd. thoughts?

ED: did i mention i work at the school HEALTH CENTER? jeebus.

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Is it weird to call/text your ex-boyfriend three days after YOU broke up with HIM to ask how he is doing?

He doesn't go to my school, we don't work together, so we have to call to see each other and check up.

ETA: When I broke up with him, I told him I'd call him in a few days or a week. I am not trying to kick him when he is down, I just actually really care about him. I broke up with him because I felt like our relationship and level of commitment (serious) was too hard for how different we are, the different lives we live (he is 10 years older than me, I am in college about to graduate, etc.) We agreed to remain friends and still see each other... I would just like to talk to him that is all. (I do miss him a little bit).

inspired by a book I'm reading

Aside from common viral and bacterial infections, have you ever had a parasitic infection? What kind? How did you realise you had one? What did you have to do to treat it?

Do parasites freak you out? Do you think you could read a book about them and not get super paranoid?

Driving your ex nuts

While digging around your room, you find the key to your ex's place. You forgot you had it, and he/she never asked for it back so evidently they forgot you had it too. What will you do with it? Let's say your ex is at work all day

Return it in person
Return it in the mail
Take some stuff. Just a few things I like
Take a lot of stuff. Fill up the car with things
Tape the key to a rock and throw it through his/her window
Save up a week's worth of my pet's poop, and dump all of it in the toilet. Don't flush. Let your ex find the toilet and try and make sense of what's going on
Rearrange the house/apartment. Drastically. Completely move all the furniture from one room to another
Rearrange the house/apartment, but in a subtle way so that it's not easily noticed. Keep doing this every day; making small adjustments. They'll think they're going nuts
Put an ad in Craig's List about wanting to give everything away and first come first serve. Take whatever. Then, unlock their front door
Let in 10 homeless people and invite them to use the beds, couches and showers
Just for maximum WTFness, paint their front door a bright pink color
Have the locks changed by a locksmith
Fill each table in the place with dirty cups and dishes, like a large feast was prepared and a lot of people showed up. Let your ex wonder what happened
Draw some chalk outlines on the floor. Like, 3-4 of them. Splatter some ketchup around them
Pack all their clothes in their suitcases, as if they were going to travel somewhere. Obviously, they're not. They'll always wonder who did it and why
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Inspired by the previous post. Do you think, during a murder trial, the victim's accomplishments/status in life should impact the weight of defendant's sentence? Before you answer, think honestly about what difference the following variables would make in your decision: if the victim was a 35-year-old mother of three, would you impose a harsher sentence than if the victim was a homeless alcoholic with no family?

I ask because most people will claim that it doesn't make any difference, one human life is worth as much as the next.  But the reality is that statistically (and I don't have any studies to back this up, so for the sake of argument, let's just assume this is true) the vast majority of people are influenced by the status of the victim.   Does this bother you?  


Asian art

Are there any interesting asian art periods (or specific artists?) I have to write a term paper and the teacher was very, very vague on acceptablet topics. Also, I have a HUGE PROBLEM thinking about what to write it on. ALmost all the art looks to same to me, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of artists or sets of work that... really stand out and won't make the average person snooze.

Any tips?
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Hey TQC!

So, how do you deal with problems with friends? For example, if they're doing something you really really don't like, or they have some weird personality defect, do you just pretend like it's not happening, or do you confront them about it in some fashion? How honest do you try to be with your friends?

I used to be pretty passive-aggressive and never told my friends when they were getting on my nerves. This always resulted in huge explosions of drama. Nowadays I'm upfront about everything and tell it to 'em straight, and it's still resulting in huge explosions of drama.
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"Good men are hard to find".

Do you think this is true? Is it really hard to an SO that's "good"? Ignoring finding someone you're compatible with, do you think it actually is difficult to find a good person?

Decide my life!

I have been thinking about getting a part time job for a while because my hours at my full time job have been cut, not a lot, but about 4 hours. What sort of job should i apply for?

Have you ever volunteered anywhere? Where? What was it like for you?
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I want to help my bf to stop picking his nails and someone on the interwebs suggested a fundraiser. 

Do you think this would really be possible?

If so, would you donate to the cause?

If a fundraiser isn't a good enough (or funny enough) idea for you, what do you suggest to get him to stop?

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Justin Timberlake Beyonce

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I don't have tickets :( but I'm super excited that he is literally 5 minutes from my house. On a scale of 1 to 10 how cool is that?

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So, let's pretend that you're in Jr. High/High School (12-18 years old)
Which assignment/presentation would you prefer to do for your English class?

--Design an infomercial
(Picking something significant from the story and explaining it's importance while trying to sell it..think Holden Caufield's hat)
--Do a news report on a particular event from the story
--Do an audition for a reality show of your choice as a particular character

Did you ever have any really good assignment ideas in school?

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Note: I already asked this in VaginaPagina, but didn't get much of a response. Boyfriend suggested I come to you guys for advice.

The non-teal-deer version: Period was supposed to come this week. Period hasn't come yet. Recent family tragedy (mom dying) may have affected my ovulation cycle.  Sexytimes could not have been the culprit of lack of period as there was no peen in vadge action. Where is my period, TQC? And does parsley tea really taste as horrid as I hear? 

Edit: Thanks for the sympathy, guys, seriously.

lol internet popularity contest

Which TQC (or random LJ) member would you most like to...

-bring home to your parents
-add as an LJ friend
-roll up in a carpet and shove off a cliff
-sacrifice to Gary Busey


Ok this post was a failboat. New topic.

What do you think about SciFi Channel changing their name to SyFy to be edgy and cool?
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I got a gift card from a store I do not like.

Is there anyway I can "switch" this online for a gift card for another store?

I thought there was a website for this, but I may be crazy.
movie: eraserhead

dear tqc

I have to leave to take a math test in about an hour. But, the problem is. My professor sucks and half the stuff on the homework (which is done on the internets) wasn't my the book* and she didn't teach us. I am so awful at math it's not even funny. We're not allowed to use calculators because they're ~evil, apparently. I always have a calculator with me. It's called MY PHONE.

Anyways, should I skip it? I know I'll fail because I did on the last test. Which was on my birthday. :(

*Remind me to never buy a used math book again. There are pages missing! Wtf. Should I complain to the bookstore?

Thank you for all your kind words. I went to the class and probably failed miserably, but hey. Gave me something to do for a few hours.

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I was sitting in Business Law today working on a paper when I hear some heavy breathing coming from the guy who sits across from me.  I look up to find his eyes trained on my chest and his face a bit red.  His hands were under the table.  Now, either he was hardcore texting or wanking in class.

So tell me TQC, what would you have done in this situation?

(no subject)

Would you subject your friend to worldwide humility in the form of this?

Alternatively, what have you done/would you do to humiliate your friend in order to get them some romantic attention?

(no subject)

Have you ever been to a counselor that was at some sort of religious association?

I just went to one at the local Baptist association and the guy was very nice but some of the stuff he said was 'interersting'
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Guten Abend, TQC; wie geht's?

If you took a language in high school, could you please tell me which one/ones?

Did you love it or hate it?

How comfortable do you feel with said language now? Did you keep it up in college?

I took 2 years of German in school and I'm on my second semester in college. (I'm in the third class though because I tested out of the first.) I absolutely love the language and while I'm not spectacularly confident in speaking it, I think I could make do if I had to. I just wish more of my friends had taken German instead of Spanish.
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How do you think girls look with short hair?

Like Natalie Portman slightly after she shaved her head, short?

Have any of you ever rocked really short/buzzed hair?

Can I please see?

(no subject)

I need to go on "a diet" (whatever) soon. What are some foods that will actually keep me full for a few hours?

I find that if I eat healthy/lower calorie foods my stomach starts hurting from hunger after a few hours even though I eat regular meals. For example, if I eat a bowl of bran cereal in the morning I'm hungry just a few hours later. And if I try to quell it with a small but dense snack (nuts and dried fruit or just a piece or two of fruit) that doesn't work. Is there anything that can sustain me that's low in calories or do I just have to wait until my stomach shrinks to stop being hungry?

Also I'm a vegetarian.
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Hey guys. I have a dilemma.

My boyfriend's mum has loaned me one of her favourite books to read, and about five chapters in I'm at a point where I absolutely can't continue. Or I could, but I hate returning other people's things all crusted in my vomit.

Now my boyfriend and I have been together for about a year, and I get along really well with his mum. I'd feel bad about lying to her about enjoying her favourite Jilly Cooper title. (I'd feel worse if she lent me the 400 other books she has by the same author.) But on the other hand, I don't want her to get the wrong idea if I tell her I really didn't get into the story. See, I'm kind of a nerd and she knows that, and I'm worried it'll look like I think I'm too smart for what she reads. The last fiction thing I read and enjoyed was Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami. I don't think I'm too smart for it, it's just that glorified, epic romance novels written for bored housewives aren't really my thing. I find it exhausting trying to keep up with who slept with whom and the reasons why so-and-so left her husband for a jockey. This is the phrase that made me put down the book:

With his blond hair even whiter in the moonlight, and his long pale kindly face, Julian looked like the ghost of Abraham Lincoln who'd had a premonition he was about to be assassinated.

Anyway, I don't want to offend any fans of Ms. Cooper's (unfortunately massive) body of work. It's just not my thing. So, has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do? Should I lie and risk being quizzed on the plot, or worse being given more to read? Or should I just come clean and tell her that I didn't like it? It's just that I don't really want to fall out of favour with his mum, because she helps me out all the time and we see each other a lot... It's so much easier when your in-laws like you.

I did ask my boyfriend, and he said he didn't give a shit. Helpful.
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I know this is stupid to ask this on live journal but I want to change my display name for myspace. I dont want anything like depressing but something cute. Here's a little about myself, My name is Tiffany, I am sensitive caring and emotional and I love rock music. Someone  help me think of one please?
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what's the best store bought BBQ sauce? i'm making some BBQ chicken tonight and have nothing to make my own sauce with.

what are you having for dinner tonight?

eta: what should i serve with the chicken? i'm thinking some corn and salt potatoes...
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I have a dog (a two year old terrier/miniature pinscher mix), and she loathes getting baths. In the past, I've had to bathe her with a towel on the floor and with a cup of water because she hates getting into the tub so much. We don't know why she hates water so much, but it's pretty much always been a struggle to wash her. We've tried nearly everything we could think of (bribing with treats, throwing a towel over her, leading her into the bathroom with a leash on), but she snaps and snarls at us now if we try that. Is there anything that we can do to make her not freak out so much about water? And what's a good way to lure her in for a bath?
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Last month my hair stylist canceled my appointment and I wasn't able to reschedule.
I made an appointment today but now I'm thinking of canceling.
Do you think they'll be pissed since I technically canceled twice?

What's more important for a date: fresh hair cut or new pants?

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I may have asked this before but I can't find the replies so I'm gonna ask it again!

My friends and I are looking to take a Chinatown bus from Richmond, Va to NYC in April for my birthday.
Have you ever taken one and how was your experience? What bus line do you recommend? Is $60 round-trip the cheapest I'm going to find?

What's for dinner?
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TQC, I want to rename my dog. I mean, I know I can just go and delete him. But, I thought it would be good to start off fresh.

My dog loves to eat, bark, poop and ~~*cuddle*~~ with me while we both watch TV. His name is Clover (Rover was just too typical).
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Have you ever played Animal Crossing on the Wii? If so, how old are you?

There's a news report going around about the game right now. A policeman has stated that there's no reason for an adult to play the game, and any adult who does is obviously doing it because they're a pedophile. This game uses Wii Speak, which is their version of voice chat. A lot of kids do play, so this cop thinks adults only play because they're sick, twisted bastards.

I'll be 27 in a few weeks, and play with my boyfriend and our daughter. It's actually a lot of fun, and we're definitely not sick and twisted bastards.
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emmett, QAF


Do you have a good recipe for those meatball people serve with toothpicks at things like office Christmas parties ?

If not, what is the worst show on TV right now ?

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Playing video games is ...

A little of both

When I say beneficial/detrimental, I'm not thinking of anything in particular. Could be health wise, social wise, etc. I had a discussion about this last night, so D:

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How do I go about making a simple, maybe 2-3 page website? Is there some kind of software that makes dinky websites? I have a mac and a pc.

The last time I made a website was using html on Geocities in like 1994, so assume I know nothing. :)

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Do you know anyone who believes they always know more than you?
What about someone who always has to tell a better story than one that someone else is telling?
Do you use butter? Or some kind of mysterious spread (like delicious, delicious earth balance)?

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What would you think about someone wanting to ban Twilight from public middle school libraries?

Do you think it sends a bad message?

How do you feel about book banning?

I'm actually curious because the person I know suggesting this is very anti-censorship (or so I thought!)
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will you show me a photo of the inside of your fridge?

if not, will you help me identify this bug i found?!? you may remember from before, but i got a better camera and the pictures are MUCH better.

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I'm going to be getting a new tattoo soon. I want a Celtic Cross with the Gaelic word for Music wrapped around it. My question is, would you ever have a word