March 17th, 2009

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What's your boss like? Do you like him/her? Why/why not?

I see a friend of mine about once a month. Whenever we get together we usually do the same old dinner/drinks thing, which is nice but it's getting to be a bit stale. We don't really have any friends in common so it's just he and I hanging out. What kind of fun stuff can we do so we don't get sick of having dinner every time we see each other?

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So I recently found out, for all birth-control pill users out there, the week when you stop taking a pill, it is NOT a normal period. Instead, it is hormonal withdrawal bleeding. Because you stop taking the hormone in the pills, the uterine lining weakens enough for it to bleed!


What is the last thing that really squicked you out/was disgusting/was "ewww"-inducing?

Or, if you don't know...

What is the last thing that made you feel some strong emotion? What emotion was it?

EDIT: On a -totally- random subject change, is it possible for a drug (or mixture of drugs), that upon injecting it into your veins, will cause your heart to tear?
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I'm supposed to write an approximately 500 word blog comparing two films filmed by the Dardenne brothers. Problem is that one of the films is less than 3 minutes, so there's no way I'll be able to write anywhere near 500 words comparing them. I could use a lot of filler, but the professor will notice and mark me down. Do you think she'll mind terribly if I write, say, 300 words about it instead?

ETA: I can do 500. Or maybe 497 if we're being conservative.

Why are you still awake, TQC?

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The radius of a car tire is 18 inches. It revolves at a rate of 673 revolutions per minute. How many MPH is the car going?

Electrical wire is being wound around a drum with a diameter of 3 meters. How much line would be wound around the drum if it is rotated 302.2 degrees?

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Big Love

It’ll get you druuunk

Hypothetically, if you were up at 2am and you noticed some police across the street from your house giving someone a DUI check would you spy?

What if you realized you knew the person? Would you call their SO and tell them what you’re watching? What if you had previously witnessed this person physically abuse their SO who just happens to be your friend? This is all hypothetical of course.

When was the last time you saw someone getting just what they deserve?
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 I was flipping through the movies available On Demand and came across something that said, "Rent/On Broadway." It was a live performance of the Broadway play. So of course I had to watch it. :) I've seen the play in person twice, and listened to the soundtrack countless times. There's one line that still to this day makes no sense. It's during the song Contact. The character Maureen says, "I think I missed. Don't get pissed." 

Can anybody tell me what the hell she's talking about? That is the only line from the whole play that I don't get, and it's been almost 10 years since the first time I've seen it. I'd appreciate any help you guys can give. Thank you! 

For those of you who know nothing about the play RENT, why am I still up at 2:30 in the morning when I have to get up at 5:30? What are some good ways to get to sleep and feel at least somewhat rested tomorrow?
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Omg what the fuck. My account balance yesterday was 49 dollars and I bought twenty dollars of gas, five dollars of lunch. IT'S SAYING MY BALANCE IS 105. WTF IS GOING ON?
I should add that it has all of my purchases from the last two days on there and that the balance was from yesterday ending (so just two hours ago)

Can you not sleep either?

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1.Do you ever have settings/places that occur frequently in your dreams?

I seem to have a lot of dreams which take place in hotels.

2.Would you like to post a scene from a movie you recently saw (or not recently, whatever...) which you particularly liked?

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OK, so it's just after 4am and I can't sleep. This is when I start thinking up scenarios. Take this one for example:

You're in Times Square in New York City. It's filled with people on a nice sunny day. All of a sudden, a man appears and he's got a bomb on his chest. He threatens to blow everyone up. You're the one closest to him and somehow manage to knock him over the head. In the process of this, he dies.

Would you be going to hell for that, even though you probably saved countless lives? It doesn't matter what religion we're talking about, but I'm Jewish so I would like to know at least how it would be in Judaism.

And yes, I know I'm weird.
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I just found out that if you Yahoo! Image search "long haired hamster" most of the results on pages 2, 3, and 4, are of my hamster/pictures I have taken.
Page 3 has all but one of my images.
THIS IS REALLY FUCKING CREEPY. How many times do you think people Yahoo! Image search "long haired hamster" in a day?

Last thing to really confuse/scare/shock/weird-out you?

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1. I have Guns n Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine" stuck in my head. I don't know why. But it's there.

What song do you currently have stuck in your head?

What was the last song to get stuck in your head?

2. The Sci-Fi channel will be changing their name to "SyFy".

Interesting idea or Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

EDIT: Sorry in advance if this give you my earworm.
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I've been up for 15 hours, should I continue to stay up and keep sketching stuff until I'm done or should I sleep?

Should I stay up or sleep?

Stay up

< /excuse to make a poll >
text - something to say

good morning, TQC!!

Soooo I just woke up from a dream that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson had come over for a visit, but that my attention was distracted from acquiring the autographs of my gorgeous guests when a velociraptor escaped from the local zoo and ended up in my house. I ended up trapping it, despite my government-prof-turned-velociraptor-expert's warnings that it was extremely dangerous... but by the time I was done, Duchovny and Anderson were gone.

Had any crazy dreams lately, TQC?

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Are there any Web-based text editing programs that allow you to use formatting that you can easily export to or copy and paste into Word? i.e. not Google Documents because I can't do line indentations and things like that.
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so, tqc. i made my boyfriend breakfast this morning- bacon and egg sandwiches and hash browns.

should i tell him that his piece of bread had a big piece of mould on it which i picked off before serving it to him?

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Poll #1366794 SEX ADVICE

Who gives the best SEX advice???

Dr Drew
Dr Ruth
Sue Johanson
Monty Python

NOT to be confused with ALMOST the same poll I posted yesterday.


OH NO TQC, infectious zombie disease has spread throughout the world and WE ARE THE ONLY (non-zombified) SURVIVORS. In the ENTIRE WORLD. OMG.

Do you off yourself now, or do you try to put up a fight and ~SURVIVE~?

Personally, I wouldn't in a zillion years be able to handle trying to survive that... I am REALLY bad under pressure. I'd kill myself quick and easy.

would you go to the sizzler with josh freese?

Poll #1367000 which do you prefer?

Richard Hell:

Neon Boys/Television

Jack Grisham

Gentleman Jack
The Joykiller

Johnny Thunders:

New York Dolls

Henry Rollis

Black Flag
Henry Rollins Band
his spoken word

Joe Escalante

The Vandals
Sweet and Tender Hooligans
His Last of the Famous International Morning shows on the now defunct Indie 103.1

Lee Ving

I prefer his acting.

Glenn Danzig

The Misfits

Stiv Bators

The Dead Boys
The Wanderers
Lords of the New Church

Pat Smear

The Germs
The Adolescents
The Foo Fighters

Josh Freese

The Vandals
A Perfect Circle
solo stuff
BOOKS merlin

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I myself go nuts over accents, especially the british accents. Which country has your favorite accent? And why?

(I just adore the british accent because, it just sounds so polite and classy and just, cultural I guess)
Got Rat

Zombie dreams

80% of the time I dream of zombies.
Their speed and deadliness varies from dream to dream though. Sometimes they're easy to kill and I don't feel threatened when I hit them out of the way, other times I'm being chased and they're impossible to kill.

What does this mean???

---The best zombie dream I had was when the man from the old Helmans Mayonaise TV adverts was at the front of a crowd of zombies cornering me. He was just about to bite my neck and suddenyly snapped out of it and said, "No! Not without a lovely dollop of Helmans Mayonaise!" and turned away lol

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My co-worker made me cake on my birthday. Her birthday is tomorrow and I feel really guilty because I can't bake (seriously, I try over and over and it's impossible. I also try to make food that doesn't require baking but I fail at that, too). So, what should I get her or do for her?
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I know the ideal weight for a pug is about 13 - 19 lbs, but does anyone here know about how much a pug would weigh at 3 months old when it's still a puppy??

I've tried google, etc, and can't come up with anything, so I'm hoping someone here knows from experience.

Blue Manhattan Group

Mostly rhetorical but let's see what you do with it

After a night of drinking, you wake up to find yourself in a small room on a bed. Next to you on the right on the bed is Dwayne Johnson, asleep. You're both fully clothed so nothing happened. It's a strange room; very small, with a hole in the middle of the wall on your left. As you're getting your bearings, suddenly, an erect penis inserts itself through the hole. know where you are. You're in a frikkin' glory hole. You look over and Dwayne's big body is blocking the door out and there's little room to maneuver in here, and the boner is protruding uncomfortably in the other direction.

Q: What do you do when you're stuck between a Rock and a hard place?

I want to be trustworthy

My ex-boyfriend told me his "deepest, darkest secret" last night after I promised that he could trust me and that I would never tell ANYONE. I am a little weirded out by it, and it's killing me not telling anyone. I feel like, to an extent, it IS my secret to tell, because it has to do with a sexual act he did with someone else while he was dating me. However, I don't REALLY consider it "cheating" and I'm not really mad about it. I feel like I need to get it out of my system, but I don't want to break that promise.

TQCers- What do I do? Do I tell someone about it (best friend, stepmom)? Or do I keep the secret?

ETA: Thank you so much for your advice, I really appreciate it. I'm sorry for being a tease and making you all curious, but I think the best thing to do will be to write it down in my journal or post it anonymously somewhere. I can't tell, I would feel like shit.
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Job that pays the bills and pays, an average standard of living, and pays for a holiday once a year if you budget correctly?

Or job that pays over £1,000,000 per/anum plus bonuses where you get 4 months holiday, but know the business practices are unethical (eg. empovrish/dangerous/kills people unethical)?

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She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky

Anyone else think that we should stab  mekkio  in leg with a stick?
Anyone want to stab me with a stick now?

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How do wookies keep their fur clean?

They lick themselves all over like cats
Han Solo has to brush them out daily
They don't. Their hair is full of twigs, dirt and insects
They stand in front of a wind tunnel
Some space age, futuristic device that cleans hair/fur through sonic vibrations. No one uses water in the future
They have pet Ewoks lick them clean. It's kind of an erotic foreplay thing
Self cleaning

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Have any of you ever dealt with the Arizona DMV? I've been on hold with them for 45 minutes now, and the other day it was just over 2 hours before they were able to get to my call. Just wondering if this was normal.

Are there any products that you've seen on an infomercial that you really want to try? Which ones?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

Wookie-related question #2

1. A Wookie champion and a Klingon champion face off. Both are armed with the same kind of battle axe.

Who wins?

2. A Borg ship attempts to take over the Death Star. The planet-destroying ion beam thing is out of commission (it's in the shop). A ship full of Borg vs. a planet full of stormtroopers. Vader is not on board.

Who wins?

I guess this is homework help.

I have to write a paper about the "history of diversity" at my college.

I've talked to oh, about a million staff members and a million more students.

My professor, however, is very weird and has yet to tell us what these papers should entail (the whole class is writing papers on the same subject, kinda pointless).

If you were my teacher, what the hell would you want to know about the history of diversity at this school? I have a shitload of information, I just don't know wtf this man wants from me so I need your help guessing!!!

P.S. The whole class has already asked him, btw. He just told us to write about whatever we "saw fit".

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I had a dream this morning. First, I was on Rock of Love and Bret really liked me a lot (I could tell) and we were doing some challenge thing where we had to be wrapped in blankets, but wearing bikinis. I had to share mine with some other girl and I just looked at her and said, "Too bad you're wearing so much clothing" and she undid her top and I started suckling her breasts and making out with her. Then later I was alone with Bret and he was on top of me getting ready to do it and I just pushed him off and was like, "You have had too much plastic surgery and it's creeping me out, sorry." Then later I was at a female friend's house and she was giving me a blow job (I'm a female, btw) and I was paying her for it. She was saving up to buy a video game and needed the extra cash.

What does it all mean, TQC?


I'm going to make an art project for my mom to hang in her office to keep her going... she's had a lot of really bad luck lately and isn't doing well coping.

Can you please give me your most inspirational quotes?

What helps you get through a string of really bad luck?

and finally,

What are some good board/card games to play with two players?
derek smalls

srs and non srs

yesterday i got a check in the mail and the envelope was ripped open! it was obviously a check because in the little plastic window it said "pay to the order of:" and then my name and address.

was someone tampering with my mail?!
would it even make sense to try to steal someone else's check? i mean, don't banks usually ask for id before they just cash a check?
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Tulips are my favorite flower. Last night, my mom bought me some and we put some in my room. Almost immediately, they started to droop and they were leaning over the vase within the hour. Before she went to bed, my mom took them out and put them on the kitchen table instead of my room. This morning, they're sitting up completely straight.

I love tulips. Do tulips not like me?

Horde or Alliance?

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Has anyone been in a relationship with someone they met from a dating website (, eHarmony.. not myspace)? How did it turn out?

I know this has been asked a billion times before but I'm in a very confusing time in my life right now and I want to know if true love is worth $29.99 AND ALL I WANT IS VALIDATION THAT I'M NOT A LOSER.

I'm sorry for yelling.

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i am stuck under a huge pile of photo analysis to do for my photography coursework, what can i do between breaks to make me feel relatively cheerful?

and - will you comment with a question that everyone else can answer? yayay...

The Long Pinky Fingernails...

What's your impression of people who have long pinky fingernails compared to the rest being a lot shorter?
I happen to have one as a reminder of how long and beautiful I want the rest of my nails to be - but I think a lot of people secretly think I'm a crack addict! haha
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Who was the last person you had a really good chat with and what was your conversation about? I went to my film instructor's office hours this morning and talked about Fellini's 8 1/2. I love hearing other people geek out about stuff they love. :3

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 For those of you who live in or have been to NYC: I'm going to be in Manhattan all of next week and I'm looking for some interesting places to go or things to do that aren't touristy and obvious (such as Times Square, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, etcetc.). Any suggestions?

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I have to ask my local council for a replacement bin.

Mine pretty much just vanished, one day it was there, one day it was gone. But how do I explain that to the council without it sounding ridiculous?

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Hey TQC!

Someone posted a car question eailer so I am going to do the same.

My fiance got into a car accident Sunday. He swerved to miss a deer (it also startled him), his tire got caught on the curb of the road, he spun out a few times, then flipped his car (a few times) into a field, which was quite a distance from the road.
He walked about with a bruise and scratch, that was it! LUCKY!

My question:
Its a little easier if I try and get a new car, and he takes my corolla. I have great credit, and he not so much. Even though we will now pay off the car (brand new scion xD, thank God for gap insurance), it won't make his credit sky rocket.

So would you get the new car, or wait for the insurance to pay off the car and let my fiance get a new car, but to only have a few hundred for a down payment?
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Is there anything better in your mind than cooking in your pjs with your lover or a loved one?

I don't think so, but I might be biased.....let me know what you're thinking about that.

Also. does anyone else (besides myself) love the smell of sharpies?
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Have you ever had a job as a cashier?  How was it?  

I just got a job at Wal-Mart as a cashier and I am so so scared.  I have issues being around lots of people so I know this is going to be hard and frightening.

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when you were younger (elementary school age), how did you imagine yourself looking when you were 20?

i envisioned myself as a sophisticated, super old woman who lived in the big city.

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Declaring that "life must always be protected", a senior Vatican cleric has defended the Catholic Church's decision to excommunicate the mother and doctors of a nine-year-old rape victim who had a life-saving abortion in Brazil.

Cardinal Giovanni Batista Re, who heads the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, told reporters that although the girl fell pregnant after apparently being abused by her stepfather, her twins had, "the right to live, and could not be eliminated".

In an interview with the Italian newspaper, La Stampa, the cardinal added: "It is a sad case but the real problem is that the twins conceived were two innocent persons. Life must always be protected."

Who's most at fault in this situation?

The mother. It's so wrong to abort the fetuses, regardless of the circumstances of their conception
The Church. C'mon, she's a 9-year old rape victim! You can't show a little mercy? Her life was being threatened
The 9-year old girl. She was probably asking for it, walking around in those Hello Kitty pajamas
The doctors. I'm sure they could have found another way to save both the mother and the fetuses. They just went with the easy way out
The stepfather. Banging his 6-year old stepdaughter and molesting his handicapped teenage sister. He likes them helpless and weaker than him. Let's hope his cellmates feel the same way about him
No one's at fault. It's just an unfortunate event
They're all at fault in some way.
Brazil. Just cause
Reed Motherfucking Johnson

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Okay so I have this group that meets every other tuesday at my house. Attendance is very low and sporatic which is cool that it's at my house since i just have to wait for people to show up.
BUT tonight we're suppose to be going out to eat. I sent a text to everyone yesterday reminding them and asked them to let me know whether they were coming or not. only ONE person has responded and they are not coming.
So, TQC should i..
1. send another text demanding they tell me whats going on?
2. Should i really drive across town to the place since no one has said they are coming?

if you said yes to 1. what exactly should i say?

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Guise, I have a class at 3:30 this afternoon, for which I would have to leave by 3, and an exam in another class at 5. I haven't really studied a whole lot for this exam, and my 3:30 class is a big lecture with no attendance policy. Should I go to my 3:30 or stay home and study?

How often did you skip class in high school? If you're in college (or if you went to college at some point), how often do/did you skip in college?

I didn't skip AT ALL, EVER in high school because my district had this thing called PowerSchool, which was basically the teachers' grade books online for parents to see... they could see every test/quiz/paper/assignment that was due and our grades for everything, in addition to our attendance in each class. My mom would probably have had me shot if I'd ever skipped. :( lol but it's okay because I've definitely made up for that in college so far... I skip at least one or two classes a week.)
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So how many drunk posts will we have by tonight?

Will you tell me some fun drunk stories? You could be the drunk in the story, or a friend, relative, coworker, that grabby homeless guy on the train... just make it good. ;)

(no subject)

For those of you who saw Watchmen...

Collapse )

For those of you who did not see Watchmen, who is your favorite Hero OR Villain from a comic book, tv show, movie, book, video game, anything else you can think of. And why?
cheesin&#39; for Disney

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have you sent nudes to someone you are just friends with?
would you only do it for a trade of their nudes?

why are so many people anti-sending nudes? especially if your face isn't in them.
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Do you think Michael Phelps deserved anything more than a small slap on the wrist for smoking pot?

He's a kid. He took a drug that the majority of the 1st world population has tried (or will try) at some point in their life with almost zero repercussions yet since he is in the public spotlight his life is turned upside down because of it. Sure, he's supposed to be professional and a role model and all that, but cmon, he smoked a bit of pot at a quiet gathering with a couple of mates... what is the big deal?

Do you think it got taken too far?

On a side note... if i was phelps i would be hunting down whoever took those photos.

Un-fun Questions...

Do people still wear all black to funerals? Is that something that actually happens or does that only happens on tv?

Is it important to dress 'up' or dress 'smart' for a funeral?

Anyone have any thoughts/resources/prayers/etc. to help someone in grief? I've never lost someone close to me, and this has hit me hard.... though we haven't spoken in a few years, my childhood BFF for 16 years from the day we were born died last week (suicide) and it's got me really messed up.


Say what?

You write text babelfish, translate you into another language, translate you whereas of return that into another language and English, therefore can us test d' to estimate, that you did write?


(Will you type some text into babelfish, translate into another language, translate that into another language and then that back into English so we can try to guess what you typed?)

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A tattoo shop just opened up at a mall near me. They've been piercing for a while but this is brand new. If you were looking to get a tattoo, would the fact that a shop is located in a mall deter you from checking them out/considering taking your business there?

(I'm definitely going to wander in there and check out the portfolios and such, but I have this prejudice that it's going to be crappy just because of the location.)

Also: have you seen the movie Blindness? Thoughts?

just curious

tampon users: do you wear a tampon if you think you're about to start your period or do you wait until you've already started?

eta: just asking cause I'm going out with my notboyfriend and his friends tonight and I feel suddenly periodatey so I'm afraid if I don't wear one I might start it in front of the boys but if I wear one then yuck, dry tampon. I could just wear a panty liner but meh, my jeans are tight, and that feels weird. lol. nm, crisis averted.

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I was mugged about two weeks ago, for the 3rd time in 2 years, this is the first time I bothered reporting it because they took my entire wallet. Anyway the cops have just contacted me for a statement. Can I tell them not to worry about it or do I have to follow through at this point? 

Have you ever been mugged?

If you were to  mug someone, how would you choose your 'target'?
DW - Doctor Me


When you make corned beef, or when your mom/wife/grandma/whoever cooks for you makes it, is beer added to the water to add flavor?
If not, have you ever had it prepared this way?
Which way do you prefer?

Growing up, my Irish grandma or my mom always added beer to the recipe, usually Guinness, but my sister never does. I prefer it with the beer. It just adds a little something special. Which is weird, cause I usually hate the taste of beer, but corned beef and beer just tastes right, I guess.
Kill Bill - Elle

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Does anybody bank with Wells Fargo?
How many of you have gotten screwed over by them?
Am I the only one that calls them Wells Fuckyou?

Your bank? Do you enjoy their ~services~? Any problems?
Would you recommend them?

(no subject)

1 - Are you drinking more than 2 alchohlic drinks by 11 PM tonight??    

2 . Do you ever use the stalker feature, People you may know, on facebook or myspace?
        Yes, and I see my ex's and people I knew in school with kids that are ugly as sin.

3. As junk mail, do you ever get address labels with your name and address on them? 
     I keep getting organzations sending me these and when I send out letters I used them.

4.- When was last time you wrote a physically check for something more than a 100 Dollar value.
       This has to be over 4 months for me because all big purchases go on my debit.

Happy Green Day.  
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Poll #1367186 90s dance music

Real McCoy or La Bouche?

Real McCoy
La Bouche
some other 90s dance music (in comments!)
no 90s dance music
ALSO: Is the name Elijah too Bibley to be the name of a kid raised without religion?

Is it more satisfying to bite or peel string cheese?
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Why did a guy message me on asking my name? Especially considering it's right on my profile. Does he not realize is not for inadequate flirting (if that is what this is)?

Should I reply and tell him to learn how to read?
is a beaut

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i need to take up an exercising activity. i used to dance lots and now i don't do anything so help me decide what to do guys!

i could cycle, which would be the most enjoyable but is kind of difficult because i live in a very built up area and i might die trying to get to richmond park to cycle my head off even though it's only a mile or so away.

i could swim, which would be the easiest option and i'm probably most likely to stick at it because it isn't weather permitting. it's the most expensive however and i don't enjoy it that much although i'm fairly good at it.

i could run, which would probably be the best work out but i'm rubbish at it and it doesn't sound fun.


what do you do to stay fit and stuff? why do you choose to do the form of exercise you do?

Do you like me? Y or N

Do you have a "crush" on anyone in TQC, whether it be for their personality or just because they're a hottie?

Where should I get dinner tonight? I have no food at home and am way too lazy to go grocery shopping and cook for myself. We have all the usual fast food places.

(no subject)

apparently i got banned from commenting in another community i'm in. i emailed one mod march 6, another one on march 14, then pmed the three other mods march 16. at what point should i assume none of them are going to get back to me? if they're not going to, i'm going to make a post in the community and ask who i should talk to, since i'm not banned from posting.


I'm a 16 year old sophomore in high school. Is it too late for me to raise my grades/do more extracurriculars for college?
On that note, if you had bad grades in the first year or two of high school,but raise them up for junior and senior year, would that make an impact on whether or not colleges will accept you?

One random question about New York City:Is the Bronx a part of Manhattan or not?


no one's ever stayed past labor day!

Have any of you ever read Shirley Jackson's short story The Summer People? I read it a long time ago, and I recently listened to it on a podcast, and besides being scared shitless, I was fascinated.

What exactly do you think happened?? No, this isn't homework, I haven't done homework in like a century.

If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, how about this. I have an idea for a story that is sort of the anti-Twilight. Basically, a vampire and a human girl become friends, and travel around the world together for a few years and then he kills her and drinks her blood, because come on, he's a vampire. Good idea, y/n?

Keep Calm and Drink Hot Chocolate

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I have two finals tomorrow, which I'll be done with by 9-10 am.

After that, I've got a few hours (+5) to kill before I have to go house sit. I want to go see a movie. Watchmen to be more specific. However, I've heard (and read) a lot of bad reviews for the movie, and I really don't want to spend $20 and be disappointed.

So, if you've seen the movie, is it worth watching? If not, could you recommend another movie to me?

EDIT: I'm not talking about $20 for the ticket, I meant the total price of going. $9 for ticket, $11+ for refreshments. *chuckles*

taxes, oh god

I'm filing my 1040NR return and it keeps telling me to look at page 17 and page 18, etc... the form only has five pages! What is going on and why are taxes so confusing? :(

NEW QUESTION: Do you do your own taxes or pay someone? How much does it usually cost?
Unnatural love

A Very Merry UnSober You

Where on the Patty's Day curve will you be?

Blind stinking sober
A sip or two. Just a taste of alcohol but in no way will I be close to being affected
Slightly buzzed. I'm aware of it but I'm still practically sober for the most part
Buzzed. No longer sober
Tipsy. Feeling good and giggly
Near-drunk. I'm on drunk's doorstep and ready to ring the bell
Drunk. Ok. You got me. (hic)
Very drunk. Equilibrium, where art thou?
Blitzed/wasted. Captain Morgan and his sugar cane cohorts are pillaging my brain cells. OH THE HUMANITY
Black-out drunk. (insert obliterated memory here)
"Where am I? The hospital? They had to pump my stomach? What?"

(no subject)

So, like, my parents gave me $1000 last xmas, and I mean, that's not a lot of money. What do they expect me to do with that when I can make triple that dancing on a pole? Are your parents as stingy with money as mine are? Cuz, like, I'd rather them just buy me cheap shit than outright give me money. That is so rude.