March 16th, 2009


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It's midnight. I still haven't finished all of my homework. I have to be up at 7:25am.

What should I do?

Go to bed now; fuck homework
Go to bed now; wake up at the asscrack of dawn and finish homework
Finish homework now, go to bed late
Stay on TQC 'cause you're fucked either way
Other, which I will post in the comments
beatles kid

I know I'm up too late when I see an old lady doing a sex show...

I have never heard of this before tonight. My husband and I had our TV on after watching some shows, just I guess as background noise. At midnight a show started called "Sex Talk" and we are seriously getting a huge laugh out of this. Has anyone else seen it before? Are we the only people who feel it's so creepy that a lady in her 60's/70's is giving sex advice and knowledge over cable (or at all)!?

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1. What was the last thing (or things) you got in the mail?

title for my car
card from my mom w/ $25 check inside & a comic she cut out from the paper,
a coupon from a nearby pizza place for bogo
a piece of junk mail from AT&T
credit card statement from old navy

2. Can you show me fashion blogs/sites/online stores/etc to get me excited for summer?

3. If you have twitter, can I add you (and vice versa)?

My twitter name is: poisonousxkiss
(stupid name came from my stupid myspace name when i was 16).

4. If you are graduating this spring (from college, highschool, whatever) what are your plans for after graduation?

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1. Inspired by Groove Armada's "Superstylin" music video where a pair of aliens beam down to Earth and find everyday things fascinating.

Aliens have landed. You are chosen as a representative of Earth. As one, you are told to pick one thing extraordinary and one thing ordinary to show the aliens as an example of the best things this planet and its people have to offer. What do you choose?

2. What's something you would love wear but don't think you can pull off the look?

3. Have you ever played double dutch?

In the game, where you always the jumper or the rope turner?

(I could never get the jumping right but I was a perfect rope turner.)
splat cupcake

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So It dawned on me today that I could be a model for the art department. And of the nude varity.
Im not sure I have the guts...but if I find I do, I still have a boyfriend. Should this veto the idea? Obviously Ill talk to my so about it but I was wondering the outsiders perspective

creatives names.

 I love the idea of naming your "possessions" , such as your car, computer, ipod, etc.
With that being said, I have a turquoise nano & a laptop (HP) that I'd love to name.
Just for some background, I love literature, films, the color turquoise, animal print, all genres of music (except for country), and I am a 20 year old college student.
Any ideas?
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Armrat judges you

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What are you more inclined to do with your monkey?

Spank my monkey
Touch my monkey
Kick the monkey off my back
Lock it in a barrel with other monkeys and have fun with it
Monkey, wrench. Monkeywrench! ie, bludgeoning it with a heavy metal tool
Shock my monkey (toaster, fork)
Another monkey phrase 4C didn't think of at 2AM
Monkeys are for losers. I'm into apes
Reed Motherfucking Johnson

Help me sleep!

I can't sleep! I think my internal clock is messed up because i haven't been asleep before 4am for the last two weeks or so.
Do any of you have this problem?
What do you do to get yourself to sleep?
What do you do to keep yourself awake the next day?
Do you wear pjs?
If so, what type?

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Q: What inanimate objects do you own have you named? what are they and what are their names?

(most awkwardly phrased question ever.)

My car. It's a brown honda accord. It's name is "Brown Squirrel".
My laptop is an old white ibook and it's just "Baby".
I have a huge body pillow sized alligator named Patty.
My teddy bear from build-a-bear is named P.J. (Paul Jude)

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Have you ever been in that really obnoxious state of inspiration where you really really WANT to do something creative like write or draw or whatever, but you're too tired or bored or lazy or uninspired to be able to actually do anything, and if you decide to just pick up a pencil/keyboard/whatever and GO FOR IT, you can't produce anything but crap because you have no solid ideas and your mind keeps wandering off to effing Pluto?

Have you ever found any good way to deal with it? Either by inspiring yourself or removing the drive to create something?

2. I have a really, really heavy workload at work right now. I also have a take-home midterm due Wednesday, which I've barely started. It shouldn't really take TOO long, but I NEED time to focus on it while I'm awake and energetic and not so drained by work that I can't think. Is there a good way to explain this to my boss that won't make me look like a slacker for begging out of work I don't have time to do and no one else CAN do?

3. How do you relax when both home and work are overloading you and you feel like you're spiraling towards burnout?

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TQC, I just woke up from a creepy dream and have a test and a quiz to take tomorrow. Tell me something/show me something that makes me giggle so I can go back to sleep, please? I can't use sound right now because the roomie's asleep, so no videos.

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I have a large (golfball sized) lump on the right side of my face, right on my jawbone just below my ear. my mom said it could possibly be that my ear didn't drain properly (I've been really sick for the past week) and thus fluid has built up.

is this a possibility? srs answers pls; I'm kinda freaked out.

when is the last time you had an unexplained condition/illness? what did you do about it?
Hair Red


Does anyone know where I can buy an emergency roadside kit? Can I buy one at wal-mart or anything?
I was looking up online, but it was just kits that were sold online and I kind of need one soon.
i say, old bean

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what was something you could have been found doing just about everyday as a kid?

for example, I was always rollerblading and my brother was always playing basketball or other sports.
Kill Bill - Elle

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I got a parking ticket at my (community) college and just received an e-mail from the campus notifying me of late payment (lol). How did they tie the vehicle to me? It's under my mother's name and I've never registered my vehicle with the campus (why the hell would I?). I'm officially creeped out.

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What constitutes a music snob?

Are you one?

Also, some guy just walked into Starbucks wearing a stark white polo shirt with a popped collar, loud plaid shorts, and a matching plaid hat.  Would you automatically consider this guy a douchebag like I did?
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There is this online comic it's just a white background and it's weirdly drawn people in just black outlines, no colours. There's this one where the guy has his hands in the air (I think) and says something about Adjectives and Nouns and I remember it being the funniest thing ever but I can't remember it :(

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
Can you post the picture?


thanks, eefvangerven (L)

Can you post pics or links to your favourite web comics?
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You go to a shoe store and find a pair of shoes that you are interested in. The display happens to be in your size so you try it on and it fits well. You ask the salesperson to bring you a pair of shoes so you can purchase them. When you look in the box, the bottoms are covered in dirt and hair and the previously white soles are literally covered in filth. You wonder if perhaps these were returned because they are that dirty on the bottom. Do you ask for a new pair or do you accept that you will be walking on them anyway so it doesn't matter if the bottoms are dirty?
Kill Bill - Elle

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I'm stuck in my library researching for..oh..another hour and a half before class starts. I feel like I am going to hurl/I have never been more nauseous in my life. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Plz 2 be keeping me entertained

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lol wtf do i do with my tampons?

i'm in an office DOWNTOWN (shit plumbing) and i have my own bathroom (like a boss) because the only other people who come in here have penises. there's no garbage can in my washroom



Have you ever been in a situation where the other person literally/metaphorically spoke a different language? What happened? If you haven't experienced that first-hand, have you at least seen it happen?
logan lynn

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I'm considering taking a week long class this summer. It's everyday from 10am to 5 pm. To get there on time I would have to be up by 6am. Since it's in August it will probably be very hot and humid.

Would you ever take a class like that? What if it was a class you really wanted to take?

EDIT: I will not be receiving any credit for it =[
J&A - Skeletons

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On Thursday, a friend brought me their laptop and a 12 pack of beer, and said the computer was running really slow and could I see what I see?

The damn thing won't even turn on. It makes those good noises when I press the power button, the cd/dvd drive does it's thing and then.... nothing. Not a peep. Black screen, faint crunchy noises. Is fucked, no?

More importantly, what do I do about the beer?

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We might be getting a puppy, TQC!

It's supposed to be a Jack Russell Terrier x something else (a chihuahua maybe? Something that made me go "lolwut" when my mom first told me), and it's ~5 months old and female.

WHAT SHOULD WE NAME THE PUPPY? I want to suggest Misha or Olya, but I don't think my mom will go for it :(

And: your pet(s) names(s) are _______?

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TQC, I woke up to find the water in my building is currently off. I have to take a giant shit.

I have a roommate so I don't want to leave poop in the toilet.

I could drive somewhere, but I have not showered, brushed my teeth, or anything (no water duh!)

I'm also very hungry, but I'm scared if I eat the need to shit will become too unbearable.

I called the office and they think it might be on in about an hour, but that's what they always say and it usually takes a few hours.

What should I do? What would you do?
saint with dagger

free stuff in the mail

I've been having fun sending and receiving stuff in the mail lately. Free stuff. I got some Google GMail stickers when they were doing their free sticker campaign (over now). I signed up for Paperback Swap and have already ordered my first book, and have four wrapped and ready to go to the post office. I've got a fifth I'm sending to someone else. I've signed up for PostCrossing, and have should have some postcards on the way. There's also CD and DVD swap. What else can I get for free in the mail, TQC??
dead zone johnny & sarah

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I have to give a 25 minute presentation at 3 pm this afternoon. I can't seem to stretch it longer than 15 minutes at this point and if I add anything else it will just be unnecessary information and rambling. The presentation makes up 50% of my entire grade for this class. How much do you think the time difference is going to affect my grade? (The teacher doesn't have a watch so it's up to us to time ourselves).

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 Tomorrow is my friend Katie's 25th birthday. I've already given her a gift but I don't want to show up empty handed to her party. So I've decided to write a special birthday poem in her card. And by 'I', I mean you.

TQC, will you write my friend a special birthday poem, please?
Will you at least come up with an interesting line for it?


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Who gives the best SEX advice???

Dr Drew
Dr Ruth
Sue Johanson
Scarlett Johanson
your Mom
Your Dad

Looks like DAD ain't gettin no LOVE....if ya know what I mean.

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Why can't I just like either cry or get over it? I'm on that "kinda feel like you're gunna cry but not quite enough that you do cry" edge. Have you ever been there?

What makes you feel better when you're down?

Can I get some humorous GIFs or JPEGS? I need a pick me up.

What is your absolute favorite chip? Could be tortilla or potato or whatever else.

What is your favorite candy bar?

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i'm going to dye my hair tonight.

what color should i dye a chunk of my bangs (i have medium brown hair)?

natural color (specify in comments)
other (specify in comments)

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Dear TQC,

There's an opportunity for me to work overseas (in Canada) from 4-12 months. I can either pay for all the costs by myself up front or get finance (which is what I'll need to do).
I have told them I'm interested in going in May, but because this'll be the first time I've ever left Australia I'm nervous about actually sitting down and doing all the paperwork, including visa & passport applications. I haven't spoken to any of my friends/family about this, and I'll be going alone.

Should I just put on my big girl panties and do this, as it'll be an amazing opportunity?

Have you ever gotten a job overseas?

Would you like to work in other countries?


ok so i have been with my boyfriend ever since xmas, and i love him!
and here is the problem; im a very happy person, and he is usually pissed off, sad, or mad! and latley we have been going at it for awhile but the question is:

would you stay with someone who is constantly pissed off and in a bad mood(even though you love them alot) and your arent sure that it would work out? would you just end it now, or later?

or it would also help if you could give me advice to! :)

I know this is a dumb question, but...

How the mother effin' hell am I supposed to read the London Underground map?

Just to give you an idea of what I'm used to, here is the train map (the underground only has two lines) of the city I currently live in:

So the London one looks like utter chaos to me...seriously, how am I supposed to sort it out? I know I can plug in my destinations online but if I don't have access to the Internet how am I supposed to decipher the damned thing? Unless I want to spend several hours trying to find where I am and where I want to go, because I have absolutely no frame of reference.

Any strategies?

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I've never had allergies before, but since moving to AZ from CA I have developed sinus problems and coughing on a whim when it's dry, the wind kicks up, I am around dust, I don't properly chew nuts, etc.

I don't want to take something that will make drowsy so do any of you recommend any type of allergy medications that work without making you too sleepy? what do you all like taking?


Does it bother anybody else how one week they're putting out a commercial saying something or other is the best movie in America...and then the next week they do it with a different film that's not necessarily better than the previous one?
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do the d.a.n.c.e.

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Which do you prefer?
- Kid A "Morning Bell" or Amnesiac "Morning Bell"
- crunchy Cheetos or puffy Cheetos
- crushed ice or ice cubes
- pulp or no pulp in orange juice
- movie theater popcorn or microwave popcorn
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

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So I applied to a job on craigslist and literally got called for an interview within 5 minutes of emailing them. I REALLY want this job. The woman asked me if I wanted a confirmation email sent to my email address and I said yes. The email basically said that it was a pleasure talking to me, she is looking forward to the interview, the address of the establishment and a link to their website.

Question: Do I write back and say "Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to meeting you." blah blah blah as a confirmation that I got her confirmation email or do I just leave it alone and not write back?


EDIT TO ADD: Is this ok?

Dear Kate,

Thank you so much. I'm so excited to have been given the opportunity to possibly be involved with such a fantastic organization. I look forward to meeting with you on Wednesday.


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I'm thinking about starting some kind of international courtesan service. Do you have some recommendations for our advertising subsidiary? What about expanding our venture capital?

What vocational services would you expect this sort of establishment?

I'd like some volunteers, too... mayhap we'll need assistance with the "etiquette" that's required--some of our newer members are untrained.

Is anyone here a Geisha?

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TQC, should I bake peanut butter cookies or brownies?

For those of you who have a dishwasher (as in the machine, not a person) in your house/apartment/whatever you live in, how often do you run it? How many people live in your household?

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Poll #1366630 Would you rather...?

...have people think that you were ___

A really easy slut

...spend a week in ______

Saudi Arabia. Middle of a city during the summer. You'll have to comply with the laws
Greenland. In their most northern town during the winter. You'll be staying in a shack, using a generator for warmth
63(64.3%) _____

20 chocolate-covered cockroaches
1 chocolate-covered giant weta

..would you rather..._____

Punch an old lady in the face
Get punched by an old man in the face

...sit next to _____ on a 6-hour flight

Rush Limbaugh
Donald Trump

...get to third base with _____

Your best friend
Your best friend's SO (or ex,if they're single)
Miroku Turn

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Dear Dallas TQCers,

pcthirtyone and I will be in Dallas for A-Kon (nerrrrrrds) the last weekend of May. Who wants to hang out with us?

If you don't care, do you like pineapple soda? I do.

What kind of lotion do you guys use? I really like the Gold Bond Ultimate Healing stuff.
My Point?


So the husband and I are going to Memphis, Tennessee the 2nd week of April for a concert.

We're leaving So. IL. around 6:00 am and we'll get to Memphis about 9:30-10:00 am. The concert isn't until 7:30 pm.

So...what should we do between 10:00 am and oh...5-6 pm? We're also staying overnight, so we'll have the next day to do stuff too.
Sunny Sunflowers

questions, questions, questions

a) Should I be concerned that when I washed my clothes earlier they were pretty dry when I took them out of the WASHER?

b) Anyone else find it cute that my boyfriend started saying pi 3.1415... when my voicemail asked to leave a number?

c) Has anyone ever been a date to a wedding before, and if so what was your experience like?  I was asked for this summer and not excited since I've never been a plus one to a wedding before.

d) Anyone have good ideas for what I should do on my day off tomorrow besides sleeping in?

Thanks bunches :)

EDIT:  I meant washer, not dryer!
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I'm leaving on an impromptu trip to Alexandria, VA tomorrow. If you're familiar with the area, what are some places I need to check out? Good restaurants, inexpensive activities, even dog friendly things to do because I'm bringing my dog along. I'm sure I'll be venturing into DC as well.
Georgie - Smiles

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If you had to have a theme wedding, what would your theme be?

If you could live in any country in the world (pretend that your family could live there too if you wanted, or whoever else you wouldn't like to leave behind) where would you live?

What job would you love to be doing but know you likely never will? (whether because you're not good enough at it, or you're unqualified, or it's unrealistic, whatever)

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I'm just wondering how the payment works with iphone applications. If I download an iphone application, how does the payment work? I've got a credit card.

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So I had a dream last night that koffie_addict and freakshownia and I were running a hostel in Amsterdam. But I already posted about that.
I also had a dream that when my daughters (18 &12 )and I were in Amsterdam. They went by train to Newschwanstein Castle and then by air back to Amsterdam while I went to Maastricht.
This sounds like a do-able plan, right? I mean I'm not too crazy about going to this crazy dude's castle.

Menstruation poll!

What type of flow do you prefer? (assuming the total amount of flow is the same)

lighter flow over a longer time
heavier flow over a shorter time
I don't give a rat's ass

Guys might as well just pick the third option.

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I have bluetooth on my laptop (built in, not an adaptor) and on my phone. I can send from the laptop to phone easily but when I try it phone to laptop it doesn't work and says 'failed to send'

I checked and it says the phone is connected.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

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Why do people take up stupid causes?
It seems to me it just makes them unhappy and does absolutely no good.
I know a girl that is adamently against wearing green on St Patrick's Day because we should be wearing blue (wiki article)

Do you know anyone with a stupid cause or anything like this?

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What's the last movie you saw that you thought was going to totally blow but ended up surprising you in a good way?

Dan in Real Life, which was much sweeter and wittier and well-written than I had expected The previews did it absolutely no justice. 
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Poll #1366677 ticky!

When do you like to have sex?

In the morning, right after waking up, so you get off the right side of the bed.
In the morning, a quickie before leaving for work/school to get your day started off right
At work, because its more fun than actually working.
In the afternoon, on your lunch break.
In the afternoon, after coming home from work/school. Best way to relax.
In the evening, after a drink or two with dinner. You get naughty when the sun goes down.
In the evening, right before passing out for the night.
Any time, all the time, please!

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I need help remembering a movie.

It was released somewhere between 1986-1992.
It was a war film, set in either WWI or WWII.
More specifically, set in some European country.
The film opened with an air raid siren going off.

That's all I remember :(

What was that one?

I'm baaackkk!

With important(?) life questions.

How do I tell my parents I'm moving in with my boyfriend (like next weekend)? It's generally an awkward thing to bring up with them, so I was going to write an e-mail but felt that was shitty so I didn't send it. Ideas? Cake?

Collapse )
brand new, blood in my veins

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why do i keep craving steak and onions?

this is like my 3rd steak in the last 24 hours. i have never been a steak fan before, but now i am like, a mad woman if i don't get my steak.

plz halp. srs answers plz.
dont  wanna

Things you say when your drunk

When someone drinks too much do you think that............... (assuming person is your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife and in bad mood already)

A) People tend to say how they really feel? (they just let things out without thinking)

B) People say things they don't mean at all and they just get angry and say stupid things?

Any comments and your own "stories"  would really be appreciated!
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how do you stop worrying too much? i worry about the dumbest shit all the time and i'm starting to annoy myself.

if you don't know/care: what do you do when you're hungry but nothing looks appetizing? i'm going grocery shopping on wednesday if no one else does before then, so going to the store to buy food isn't really an option.

ah, herro!

Is your belly button an innie or an outie?

If you stick your finger in your belly button, does it gross you out?

Do you clean your belly button?

Do you say "belly button" or "navel"?

eta: forgot a question mark. the things you may have done!

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I got a new phone last night, (well, its second hand) and it doesn't have the stylus for it. Most of the time I can work it fine without it but till the new one arrives from ebay what could I use?

(no subject)

[18:33:11] *** subtlesphinx has joined the chat.
[18:33:14] *** subtlesphinx has left the chat.


Dumb, Y/N?


What are some good books for learning to draw, especially drawing figures and simple stuff?

EDIT: Like, I don't even know figure/gesture drawing and plotting. I just want to have a good point to practice, rather than scribbling randomly.

I don't want to learn to draw well, not even crappy, just crappy enough. It should be enough to convey the concepts and ideas I have in my head so that people can easily understand what's going on, even if it's not good.


If an independent seller shipped an item within the U.S. on March 2nd, is it reasonable to have it arrive later than today (the 16th)?

Everything else I ordered at the same time arrived within the first week.

I used this shipping option: "Standard U.S.: 4 to 14 business days after shipping (may take up to 21 business days)"

The "21 business days" thing seems just like a liability statement, especially when the slowest shipping option at places like UPS (UPS ground specifically) averages only 5 business days.

In their email, they did tell me when they shipped it, but didn't tell me the tracking number even though I asked for it. Innocent oversight or something fishy y/n? They have a near 100% rating, but most people rating her say that it arrived quickly.

(no subject)

If a wedding invitation doesn't specifically give you the option to bring a guest on the RSVP card, is it safe to assume that you can't bring a guest? I'm assuming yes, but this is my first formal wedding invite.

EDIT OK, I feel so utterly stupid, but the RSVP card says M__________. Does that mean I need to write Miss/Ms. or whatever?

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What would you name this dog, TQC?

Collapse )

I decided she wasn't a "Misha", but rather a "Chloe." Mom picked "Trixie", dad picked "Stella", and I didn't find out what my brother and sister picked before I left for work.

We're going to pick 1 out of the 5 names out of a hat. This is a dumb way to name a dog, y/n?

(no subject)

What is the name for someone who has 16 kids all at once? Vaginally?

Please come up with names for 9-20, creativity is worth extra points.

What are those numerical names called, anyway? Are they latin based?
donk... donk... donk...

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I'm reading a book that takes place in late 1600s Europe. One of the main characters is kidnapped by the royal Inquisitor-type people, put in a device that is described, but not named, kicked around a bit, and dumped by the side of the road with the device still attached to him.

We're told it starts with a basic band of cast iron around his neck, like a chain gang manacle without the chain. There are four bars attached to the outside of the band, at right angles to each other. Each bar is about a foot and a half long, so the whole thing is just over three feet (one meter) around. At the end of each bar is a double hook, kind of like a mirrored J. The inquisitor guy pushes the protagonist around, tips his wooden chair around so the hooks get stuck in it, spins this massive thing around on his neck, and generally fucks his shit up.

I've been fumbling around on Google but I can't figure out what it is. What is this thing? Did it exist before this book?

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Do you like analyzing songs? If so, will you tell us your interpretation of a song, or your favorite analysis someone else has applied to a song?

Edit: I'm kind of obsessed with analyzing everything.

I just want to say that I like the song "You're So Vain" because it's actually about the singer being vain, not the person who's being sung about. I mean she's paying attention to this guy so closely she knows every single thing he's up to in his life, and then she expects him to care so much that she's written a stupid song about him? That's vanity! I R so clever.

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If you're on the phone and you feel like you have to use the facilities, do you tell whoever you're talking to that you'll call them back or do you continue the conversation as if you were anywhere other than the bathroom?

Does it matter who you're talking to? Whether the bathroom is private or public?