March 15th, 2009

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My little 13 1/2 pound pooch, Chiquita Banana, is really fucked up at the moment.

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Super short story: Dog hurt leg. E-Vet treated as superficial, charged a total of $247.02. Actually incredibly serious, took a $1,663 surgery to fix. Cast from surgery falls off next day (Sunday). A second e-vet visit where the doc/practice owner waives a $90 office visit fee as a client gesture, charges me $72.00 dollars for a splint which is to be evaluated in two weeks by vet surgeon. Find out almost two weeks later (12 days) that bandage was too tight and pooch has major ulcerations on her leg. Had to have surgery to remove the bandage. Cost another $450 dollars.

I have contacted the e-vet and am waiting on a call from the practice owner to discuss my options--so here is my question:

1. What kind of recompse should I demand?
2. Do you feel that it's clear cut where the error occurred?
3. Do you feel my anger here!?

(For the record, I have copies of all the medical notes on my pet, with info on "superficial" wound and "two week" splint. I also have a statement issued by the surgeon that the bandage is what caused the damage.)

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Do you ever actually expect to win stuff at penny socials?

We had something similar at a fundraiser I went to (a dollar a ticket, you put your tickets in the baskets, etc) and I really thought I'd win something! There were only about 100 people there and 10 baskets. pfft!

The more I ignore this one dude, the more he calls/texts me. WTF?

Kill Bill - Elle

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Have any of you bought Old Navy jeans? Are they thick denim? Are they well made? I'm really scared. REALLY SCARED.
How's your late night/early morning going?

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I just finished The Secret History of Moscow by Ekaterina Sedia and was left underwhelmed. A serious washing of "meh" has come over me which is always a disappointment.

What was the last book that you read in its entirety that left you "meh"?

What was the last book that made you have a physical reaction be it; laughing until you cried, cringing in disgust or wanting to throw it across the room in fury?
Unnatural love

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1. When there's a lot of crack showing, do you prefer to get on your knees...and fill up that crack with eager, awaiting caulk?

2. Sometimes, do you find that there's just more caulk than your poor crack can possibly take?

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You're on the phone with someone who enjoys talking to you and considers you more than a friend. They initiate this conversation. After a while, you know this person is getting sleepy/tired, because this has happened before.

In general, when you're on the phone with someone and you ask them constantly to say something when silent or to reply, how irritated do you get and how fast?

This person says they were "thinking" and it's so obnoxious that I get this irritated over something like that because his "best friends" would just be like, "Oh, okay."

If I did this to him, he'd hang up on me, instantly. The thing with that, I'd always call him back, because that's just how I am.

During this conversation, I had to stay on the phone, for at least 5 minutes at the time, begging him to say something or saying things myself about it and then having to hang up and call back, and he still said he was "thinking." Why can't he just tell me he wants to go to sleep if that's the case?

Am I reacting normally or do I need to calm down?
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Because I just got shut down for asking $8 per hour and $10 after 11pm (for a job thats half way across town and I would either have to bus to or take a cab)...

What do you think is a reasonable price, per hour, for an occasional babysitter?

How about one that is almost (in another two months) a graduated early childhood educator with a criminal background check, a lot of experience with children, and has their cpr (c class) certificate?

For those of you who don't care/don't know - What was the last song you listened to?
What was the last movie you watched?
Quinn Twin

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Ok, I sold a vintage toy on ebay for roughly $300, after shipping. Paypal put a hold on the payment since it was a large amount. Today I saw it had been delivered and sent an email asking how things went and he said my package job was not adequate and the toy was broken at the middle and he wanted $45 back. Now, since he also said the package was crushed, I doubt any extra padding would have prevented this.

I also want to stress I offered insurance and said in my listing it was recommended for such an expensive and rare item. The buyer opted not to get the $4.60 insurance. So I really want to be like, "hey, next time you'll get insurance, huh, buddy? Oh, and HELL NO YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY MONEY BACK!" but since the conditions of a payment hold state it will hold for 21 days or until the item is confirmed delivered AND the buyer leaves positive feedback, I am also wary to telling him to stop being an ass. I tried to call paypal but they aren't open right now.


Job Hunting

Well, TQC, I'm graduating from college in almost exactly two months, majoring in health planning/administration and health education/promotion(not really a double major...there's only a 5 class difference between the two).  I'm sure you know what this means....I need to find a job!  Should I start applying right now, or wait about a month, so its closer to when I'll be graduating?  Due to a trip I'm taking right after I graduate, I really couldn't start any job until May 27 or after.  Also, after you apply to a job and you have an interview, how long does it usually take before they make their decision?  I know every job is different, but some ballpark figures would be nice.  I really don't know what I'm up against and I'm starting to feel I'm going to regret my decision not to go straight to grad school. 

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The words "I wouldn't say you're skinny" came out of my boyfriends mouth today. I should kill him y/y?

For context: I was having a "OMFG I LOOK HIDEOUS" night. His intentions were "You look fine."

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I was going through my junk e-mail when I realized that a good 90% of it are scams. (Mostly Nigerian scams.)

How much of your junk and regular e-mail are scams?

What does the last piece of your scam-mail say? (Could you copy and paste it, so we can see how many of us are getting identical letters?)

Who was it from?

Do you know of anyone who has fallen for one of the scams? What happened?

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so i'm back to the velvet underground

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1. Did you buy Kelly Clarkson's new CD? No, someone pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition for me.
2. Are you going to? See above.
3. Did you download the leak? Of course, I'm not a masochist.
4. If so, what'd you think? [insert fanboy screaming]
5. How long have you been awake? About three hours.
6. What was the last CD you purchased? (Ones purchased for you don't count.) A few at once...some Tina Turner, some Britney, the Wall-E soundtrack...
7. What was the last DVD you purchased? (Ones purchased for you don't count.) State Fair: 60th Anniversary Edition
8. Did you buy the Pinocchio: 70th Anniversary Edition DVD yet? No, someone's sending it to me in the mail.
9. Are you going to? See above.
10. What was the last thing you ate? Pizza rolls!
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In about 30 minutes I'm leaving to take a 7-hour class here called "How To Use Your Digital SLR". For some reason I am really worrying about it. How can I stop worrying?

You don't think I'll be the only one there who really doesn't know what the fuck they're doing, right?

Do you think it will be mostly old people and me? Or mostly younger people? Or an even assortment?
Kill Bill - Elle

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I just stared at this for five minutes moaning going "ohhhhhhhhh" in amazement before my eyes started to water. When was the last time you realized you needed to lay off the drugs should probably sleep?


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1)what can you not say in front of your mom?
any curse words, douchebag.

2)your relationship with sibs?

oldest- look up to, mostly get along
middle- find annoying.

3)why are you bummed?

nonb/f in hospital.
Smooth Criminal

LJ Archive

I'm trying to archive my LJ but can't get ljarchive or ljdump to work. Google doesn't bring any other programs up but I'm hoping the almighty TQC knows otherwise. Are there any are archiving programs I can dowload?
max oop

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What do you think of people who love horror films?

I went and saw The Last House on the Left on opening day. I told my bf it was a beautiful flick and he thought I was sick. Do I need therapy? lol.

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TQC I have missed you!

What has changed about you since January?
--I have a new car, pink hair, and the most ridiculous/thrilling/depressing man drama since I realised boys are fun.

Also, I am going to church today (first time in 2 years).  Am I going to laugh and hate it as much as I used to, or do you think God will come inside of me and make me a believer once again?

What would make your life easier/better?
If that raggedy garbage hole would just let him have his daughter I could have a real boyfriend!  Lol.

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Is it essential to weigh yourself before you start a weight loss venture?

My sister says that I have to.
I don't want to start off depressed. haha
(I'm thinking I can just weigh myself a month from now and start from there...y/n?)

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I'm stuck.

My co-worker is getting married, and her shower is next Saturday. However she and her SO have been together for 11 years, and have a full working household here in Canada.

What would be an acceptable price range for a gift? $50? $100?

Any thoughts on what to get? I like practical gifts, and one of her friends suggested...getting her lingerie. So not on my list. But I don't know if a gift certificate would be an acceptable thing either! Halp TQC!

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what do you eat on a typical day?

breakfast - yogurt & fruit
lunch - microwaveable healthy choice soup
dinner - whatever is on the table at home. usually rice & side dishes.

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On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with the way you look? Do you want to change anything? What?

Generally, 8-8.5. I wouldn't necessarily be averse to losing a little weight, but if I don't, whatevs, I'm still cute. :)

(lol html fail, opps)

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So my periods were pretty regular when I was on the pill. I'm not on the pill this month because I was going to get my IUD but didn't, and I'm two weeks late and counting. Has this ever happened to you?

Is it ever going to come?
Why do I keep thinking I'm pregnant when I didn't even have sex?

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I tend not to keep much in the way of food in my apartment. I can't/won't and therefore don't cook. Yeah, I has teh dumb.

NEway, I was hungry and ate a small cupful of cocktail sauce left over from Friday night's doggie bag.

What condiments do you like to eat all by themselves?

moar kelly clarkson

did you see kelly clarkson on SNL last night?

if so, what size do you think she is?

my friend, who is like a 6/8 thinks they are they same size. i posited that she is closer to a 14/16. what say you TQC?

does kelly clarkson weigh the same, more or less than you?
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What image comes to mind when you read the term "All-American boy/girl"?

Edit: After reading the inital comments, is it correct to assume that an "all-American" person is always white? At least, is that what is implied by this term? Do you have any examples of someone is not white that would fit this term?

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dear tqc, will you fill my inbox with replies while i am gone?

also, will you post a picture of your significant other so we can see who has the hottest lover everrr?
july 21

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My friend and I were supposed to hang out today, but we decided it last night and never finalized any plans. We know he was supposed to come over to my house, but we never talked about a time. I just called his house right now, his mom picked up and said that he went out and won't be back until 3 or 4.... Now, I'm thinking he either ditched me or he's on his way here now... But this is annoying as fuck.

Where do you think he went?? :S

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TQC, help me decide what to get my friend for his birthday!!
He likes movie/book collectible memorabilia kind of stuff. He likes TDK, Watchmen, The Office, Phantom of the Opera.. many things. I'm not sure where to start. any ideas?

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TQC, I have math homework and an anthropology exam tomorrow. Can you please give me words of encouragement/scenarios of what will happen if i do/do not finish my homework and study? srs/non srs!
I like birds.

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When you carry a purse or tote or some other sort of bag that only requires one arm, do you usually carry it on your left or your right arm?

ETA: And is that your dominant or non-dominant arm?

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What are your best cleaning/organising tips and advice?

What are your most listened to albums that you currently have on your mp3 player?

Do you listen to your mp3 player while crossing roads?
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i have to go tidy my car. well i dont have to but its a pigsty and really needs done. what can i do to make it more fun?

also, i nearly crashed into the wall at the top of my driveway....

lost in translation

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Do you think I could shampoo my carpets without making a giant production of moving my furniture?  I was thinking I could shampoo around it, wait for that to dry, and then move the furniture just slightly so that I could get under it, rather than transferring everything to different rooms by myself. Confirm/deny pls.
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I've been thinking about getting some hair extensions professionally done at my local hair dresser. I've had a quote for glue in extensions, which supposebly last approx 3-4 months, depending on how much you take care of your hair and then I had a quote for clip extensions which are applied professionally and last approx 2-3 months, before you need to attend the hairdresser again to have them re-applied, as they grow away from the scalp. If you have had hair extensions before - what would you recommend?

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TQC, I just found out I'm going to have my tonsils out later this year. I'm 20.

For those who have had the surgery, especially those who had it in your teens or twenties:

What was the recovery like?
How bad was the pain?
What sort of things were you able to eat/drink in the days after?

Do you have any other tips about recovery?

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I am looking for a salsa that I can put in burritos and tacos and things like that, but I really don't like a lot of chunks.   I would like something with a smoother consistency, almost more of a sauce than a salsa.

Anyone have any good recommendations?

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Answer if you have one, put n/a if you can't think of an answer that you're really enthusiastic about.

Who is your favorite male stand-up comedian?
Who is your favorite female stand-up comedian?

Who is your favorite male comedic actor?
Who is your favorite female comedic actor?

Who is your favorite male musician?
Who is your favorite female musician?

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Its currently 15:30 on Sunday. I work from 18:00 to 23:00, then get up at 7:00 monday morning, often feeling reeeally tired.
Should I have a nap now, at the risk of not sleeping tonight, or should I just stay up so I go straight to sleep when I get back from work?
Is there any way I can stop myself from feeling so tired on a monday after a night at work?

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I had a job interview last week and I failed and couldn't get it. I am so devastated.  I really really wanted to work there and now I have no confidence whatsoever. What should I do to make myself feel better and get over it and move on??

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My town has a Planned Parenthood nearby. It seems like whenever I go there for my birth control pills I run into someone and have an awkward conversation. Does anyone else have awkward conversations when they're at their free clinic or Planned Parenthood?

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My little sister is a senior in high school and is taking AP English.  She has to write a paper on the same book I did back then.  She just asked me, "would you be mad if i just turne dyour paper in with some revisions?"

My jaw dropped.  Is she kidding?  Would you be mad?
Should I lecture her?

Did/do you have an honor code at your high school?  What about at college?  Will you describe it?

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have you ever been to humboldt county, CA?

if so, what do you have to say about it?

if not, what did you dress up as last time you had to wear a costume?
-i went to a 'music reference' party a little bit ago and dressed up as weezer's "the sweater song"

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Which of you are doing/have a Microbiology major?

If you have one, what are you doing with it?

If you continued studying, what are you working with?

I'm in my first year of Industrial Microbiology because I wanted to continue Medicine. But, now I'm all pumped up with Ecology and studying Protists, and I'd like to do something with that, but I'm really not sure what to do. On the other hand, I don't want to work with the government(it doesn't pay). Do you have any suggestions for me?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

do my homework TQC

My assignment is to turn my French paper where we had to write an original fairytale (In French obviously) into a book. I'm doing a softcover book, aka just putting a book cover over my pages, and I'm already rocking the fonts and pictures. But it still looks ridiculously boring, and creativity and effort is a big part of my grade. What ~creativity am I missing, TQC?


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 I need some advise. Over the past couple years, I've pretty much turned into a recluse. I'm insanely shy in real life, so it's very hard for me to talk to people, even online.  I'm trying to break out of that but I feel like I'm failing miserably.  My boyfriend keeps trying to get me to put Wii Speak to use, but I just don't know what to say. I would love to be able to strike up a conversation and keep it going. So what do you guys suggest? Thanks, everyone. 
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I need help, guys. Does anyone remember a video where these guys went out and asked pro-lifers if women getting abortions should be charged with murder if abortion ever became illegal? Links please. :(

Found! Thanks. XD

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TQC, why does it smell like Nacho Cheesier Doritos in my house? Should I eat real food (since it's about dinnertime anyway) or go buy a giant bag of Doritos?

Does anyone have that Gmail layout that supposedly changes to reflect the weather in your area? Does it actually ever get it right? I think mine has been accurate about twice, and it's kind of ugly, so I'm changing it.

What's your favorite board game? Do you like Apples to Apples? What's the most hilarious match you've ever seen/come up with while playing?

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I have looked online in many different places, and I was hoping to confirm the translation of a few words from English to French.

sin - péché (right?)
lust - ??
I sin - ??
sinner - ??

I cannot get in contact with my French teacher. =(

Anybody good at French?
Or have any online suggestions?

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What were your favorite and least favorite books that you had to read in high school?

My favorites were The Great Gatsby and Brave New World. My senior year English curriculum was ENTIRELY PLAYS, and I HATE reading plays, so everything we read, haha. Mostly Shakespeare (dear god, Shakespeare makes me feel so stabby).

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This is really stupid but I'm curious about what you would do.
My mom has a facebook and left me a message that said
"Post the photo's"

Would you correct your mom?
If you would, how would you do it?

if you don't give a shit (and I don't blame you)

what did you do today?

--I went a wine tasting. My mom wants to see the pictures of her drunk ass dancing.

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What are you doing?

If you have an iPod, how old is it?
Mine's from Jan 2006, is it going to die soon?

I agreed to cook for my boy next weekend because he's always cooking. I have ideas, but any thought what I should cook?
Bonus points if it involves no mushrooms or grilling.

Wtf does tl;dr mean??

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Has this ever happened to you? For some reason on almost every page I visit, the text goes like this. Does anyone know how to fix this???

And on the flip side, since you can see in the link, I'm looking to buy a Captain's bed. Preferably an inexpensive one. Anyone have an idea of where I can get one? The more storage space the better.

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Should I get these shoes? This is just a pic I found online. They will be $27. I don't own any black pumps (only some black t straps and black oxfords) and I feel they would be a nice investment, especially since I stand at 4'9. It's just that I'm extremely broke.

What items are you currently lusting after?

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For the TQCers that dye their hair, do you ever get called by that color? This sounds weird, but whenever some creeper who doesn't know my name tries to get my attention, 95% of the time they will shout out "HEY RED!"

Do you have any other characteristics or whatever that people do this with? For some reason I can't imagine a "Hey eyebrow ring!"

What should you be working on now?
-My biology lab paper. :/

Do you use What stations do you have if so?
-Some stations I have are M.I.A., Stardust (generally old big band songs), Run-D.M.C., Modest Mouse, and Punjabi MC. Quickmix is the best!

Which is better?

Poll #1365761 Which do you prefer, Twilight Zone or Darkside?

Twilight Zone or Tales from The Darkside?

The Twilight Zone
Tales from the Darkside
Never seen either of them
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TQC Fatties- Where do you do your online shopping? All of the "plus size" clothing websites I've come across have some ugly ass stuff.

For everyone- If you live alone/are home alone, do you close the door when you go to the bathroom?
Phineas and Ferb

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How often do you find yourself coming up with questions about whatever you're doing for TQC? Like... if you're playing a game/taking a shower/reading/whatever do you find yourself unconsciously (or consciously) thinking of questions related to that activity to post?

When you eat chocolate or candy that has a foil wrapper, what do you do with the wrapper? Throw it out? Ball it up? Make a statue out of it?

If you're the type to come up with characters a lot (for roleplay, writing, comics, whatever), what is the most common 'type' of character you seem to write? ('Type' can mean anything in this context, from gender to sexuality to personality to their neuroses, whatever.)
[Merlin] - Gwen

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How many of you knew before you graduated high school, with 100% certainty, what you wanted to major in?

My dad thinks it's "ridiculous" that I don't really know what I want to do with my life yet. I'm a junior in HS. Validate me plz.

Will you share your most recent "fuck my life" moment?

validate me plz, tqc

My dad commented that my uncle was greedy for taking A CAN OF COKE because my brother didn't want it and offered it to him. I said that if we didn't want it, of course we'll give it to somebody else! My dad proceeded to flip out and said that he should shut up and said that I 'talked back to him for everything'. WTF? Is my dad petty or what?
I'm not going to apologise, man.
ETA: He told my mom I should 'eat shit' for siding with someone else? WTF? IS THIS SIDING WITH SOMEONE ELSE?

Have you had any incidents like that with your 'rents?

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I want someone to talk to. I'm kinda down in the dumps and I would like someone to joke around with. You don't need to know my crap right now. I won't talk about it if you don't want me to, but I'd like someone to chat with.
Will you chat with me?

If not, what is your favorite flavor of Goldfish crackers?

PS. my AIM name is KingLegolasG
text - something to say

La la la good evening!

Whatcha doin' tonight, TQC?

I'm going to see Watchmen again with a guy friend who is NOT caught up in all my recent friend-drama. Looking forward to that breath of fresh air sooooo much.

Oh, and what SHOULD you be doing tonight, TQC?

...I really should watch Shadows of the Forgotten Ancestors for my film class and finish reading Beloved and also read a bunch for my government class, because omfg midterms!!!

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i have pretty much zero experience when it comes to body shaping underwear and i'm looking for a waist cincher... can anyone point me in the direction of an inexpensive one that does a decent job... the problem i'm having is that i'm not a big girl i'm just not very "hourglassy" and most of the items i find on google are either:

a) only available in large sizes
b) are expensive
c) are fetish wear

and just for fun a somewhat related question

i think i might go to my first anime convention in may and i'm dressing up as
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Will you ask me questions that I can answer in an upcoming vlog?

If you were kidnapped and the killers asked you to pick a song to play as they were torturing/killing you, which song would you pick and why? I think I would pick "Stop Me" by Mark Ronson.
Arrested Development

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Alright, I need to get some work done, and the work isn't so much difficult as it is lonely. I need reccomendations for free stuff I can listen to online. I don't quite know what I'm looking for, but I basically just want someone to talk to me for a few hours (the longer the better) about anything interesting, like maybe a podcast or audiobook or something.

So! Do you have any reccomendations for podcasts/audiobooks/somethingelse that you've enjoyed listening to?

P.S. More than two hours of talk radio is boring :/
Mitty box

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Gas grill or charcoal grill?
Favorite thing to grill?
What goes on your perfect shishkabob? Metal spears or wooden spears?
Favorite kind of steak?
How do I know if my gas grill tank is empty? I don't think it has an indicator. We've grilled out 4 or 5 times on it.

I really wish it wasn't raining. I want to grill.

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Last night I got in a car accident that was not my fault. So now I'm working on finding a body shop and my mom is telling me incorrectly that I need to wait for my insurance agent, among other wrong information. Also saying that getting an estimate will take half a day. She's never been in an accident or used a body shop. So when I protested, she said "Don't yell at me, it's not my fault YOU got in a car accident."

Is she being dumb? Would you like to validate me?
Would you like to share your bummer story too? Or will you tell me something funny to cheer me up?

P.S. The only reason I'm involving her is because she's my employer.

Im cheap, yes.

WHAT is the cheapest thing I could put on plain pasta?

Lately ,I have done Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing, Italian dressing, and Parmesan cheese.

Thank you TQC.
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Have you ever had to get through a language barrier with friends? How did you do it?

Everyone I know speaks fluent English, but when I'm in a social situation they all ignore me because they're talking to each other and it's very difficult for me to keep up with the conversation. After studying Danish for three years I gave up because it's pointless to try to learn a language that everyone makes fun of me for attempting to speak the second I open my mouth and tell me how bad I am at it. Then when I try to speak it with them they switch to English after five minutes and then switch to completely ignoring me five minutes later.

I sit at parties for hours and can't converse with people and I don't know if it's worth trying anymore. I get ten minutes of conversation out of an entire night of partying.

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Does anyone remember a movie where there is an older man with an accent who has a young guy come over and one thing leads to another, blah blah blah, bondage and BAM! Poop on a glass table?
I think this is only a small part of the whole movie, but this is all I remember. TQC, HALP!
If you don't know, what are you having for dinner?
what are you drinking?
Hair Red


I watched The Strangers today, kind of freaky movie.

Has anyone had any experiences kind of like the plot of Strangers? Just freaky stuff in general, where someone fucks with you, and you're almost positive you were going to die?

the future.

What are some easy ways a college student can earn money without having the time to take a job?

Should I go to graduate school up North to try something new or stay in the South where it's warm?


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Today I was taking a walk around my neighborhood, and there was a couch in the middle of the street. People had to drive around it. What was the last funny thing you saw, but had no one to share it with?