March 14th, 2009

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Can anyone point me to a website, preferably .org, that compiles what Obama has done since he's been in office? A news site, even. I'm trying to be more politically aware and my city's newspapers are a little chaotic.
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I have three more hours of work, which movie should I watch?

Fools Gold
National Treasure 2

The library had sparse picking today.

What was the last move you watched? (be it on dvd, downloaded, or at the theater)


Why delete your comments?

Do you find it annoying when you come upon a thread that has deleted comments?


im sorry people if this goes behind a cut feel free to bitch but what the fucking hell is this bug??? i dont think its a roach and if its anything else i think im fine with it but if its a roach that means infestation and roaches are my worst fear and theyre going to be everywhere and oh god.



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How do you feel about parental affection? i.e. Having your dad kiss your head before bed, hugs from parents, etc etc.

Am I the only one who has an involuntary tensing-up freak-out reaction whenever my dad tries to do this?
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You all are too quiet tonight! God time is creeping by...

so my movie idea failed, no movies for me because I don't want to watch any of those movies.

So when you're job searching how to do you go about it?

Do you use websites like monster or careerbuilder?

Do you think taking the time to sort through craigslist ads is worth it?

I'm doing everything ass backwards....I decided on where to live and got an apartment before I got a job there. How much money would you save to move from Iowa to Texas? Do you think $2000 would be enough?

If you live in Texas (Austin spefically), I might need help moving in May, wanna help me?

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does anyone use stumbleupon?

i am on the search for a website i favorited on stumbleupon but for some reason whenever i try to look at anything involving just my account, the page won't come up. i can't look at my favorites or my profile or anything. WHY?!
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Ugh. I feel really uneasy, can't get back to sleep, am really nauseous, and just went from shivering to hotter than snot.
How are you at this moment?
What was the last thing to irk your taters?
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it's late and I feel silly

1. So many questions of "what would you do if there was a zombie attack?" have been asked here. What I want to know is something closer to home;

What would you do if there was an outbreak of a plague, like the one during the Middle Ages?

How would you keep yourself alive and well?

2. So many aliens and monsters attack New York, London and Tokyo. If you were a monster, which city would be the first one to feel your wrath? Why?

3. What's your favorite obscure movie? (It doesn't have to be indie. Simply not well known.) What's it about?
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What is the best hangover cure you know?


What would you like to be surprised with after a night of heavy drinking?

...anyone have exciting plans for spring break?
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plz help, tqc.

i cannot stop spending money. whether its on soymilk, or craft supplies, or books. i just spend spend spend.
i am fine when i go to stores, but its the online shopping that kills me.

what can i do to stop myself?
bear in mind i still actually need to buy things, just not as much as i do.
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TQC would you like to play a guessing game? I just mass deleted photographs from my memory card, saving only those I REALLY LIKED. I started with 3,467. How many do you think are left?

What have you eaten in the last six hours?

protein before or after exercise?

 So, I'm trying to build a little more muscle by working out.  I know, obviously, that protein is good for gaining muscle.  But, my question is, should I eat protein before or after working out?  If I should eat it before, do I need to wait a certain amount of time before exercising; if so, how long?  Thanks!

p.s. my protein would usually come from Odwalla Superprotein drink or some kind of low calorie bar.

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Poll #1365382 I think I nailed this poll.

What do you use to trim your toenails?

Toenail/fingernail clippers
Something on a keychain
I am a caveman who never trims my toenails.
Something else (which you had better mention in comments)

Who does the trimming?

Significant other
Professional nail trimmer

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I love watching Nigella on the Food Network. i wish she could come live with me and cook for me.

1.) Do you like Nigella? If so, WHY is she only on once a week? :*(

2.) What's for breakfast?
3.) Has anyone tried a supplement by Nu Naturals called Calm Mind? Its supposed to increase alpha waves/well being and help anxiety.

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Where is the best place to get a bra fitting done?

I've been to 2 different Victoria's Secrets and I got 2 WAY different answers.

One place told me I was a 38 D
The other place told me 36 B

38 D, the band is too large and falls down my torso and there is a lot of room in the cup.
38 B gives me quadboob.

I usually wear a 36 C/D depending on how much coverage the bra has.

And I know I should wear what's comfortable for me but it seems like my size changes a lot depending on the style.

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There's this guy in my english class who I have talked to occasionally over the year and we were partners for the essay peer review twice.
We don't always sit beside each other and there's not an amazing connection, nonetheless I find him cute and he seems like a good guy.
How do I make something happen before the end of the year?
Would you do anything or would you just let it go?
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My mother irrationally hates my boyfriend. Seriously, she has NO reason to dislike this guy - he's good to me, awesome with my kids, and we're all happy together. We went through a rough patch last year and broke up for awhile, but came out of it much closer than we had been, and are now committed to making it work permanently. She's still under the impression that we're still just friends, mostly because I don't want her to rain on my parade. How do I tell her we're back together? Srs/non-srs answers welcome.

ETA: I'm 28, he's 29, so it's not one of those teenage "BUT WE'RE IN TRU LUUUUUV, MOM!" kind of things.

Son of ETA: We broke up because we both kind of freaked out when I found out I was pregnant (my third child's name should probably be Vodka & Fruit Juice); we just needed time to sort things out on our own. And while I can appreciate her being annoyed FOR me, the fact that we've learned from the mistake and worked through it doesn't seem to mean anything to her, which is sort of annoying.

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1. Yesterday my sister gave me (read: I want to steal) a great idea for a new club at my university: a Mix Tape Club. All interested members would fill out a survey of stuff they like and stuff they absolutely cannot stand, where anything else is fair game, and every week/meeting/whenever everyone would pick a random person (and they would get a copy of their survey) to make a mix tape/CD (far more likely) for. I was thinking about having Playlist Theme Days, where your mix would ideally incorporate songs along a certain theme (aka Woe Is Me, Sunshine Songs, Sexytiem Songs, etc).

So tell me, TQC, would you join this club? Do you have any other suggestions?!

2. For those of you who sleep with (as in ZzZzZzZ) on a regular basis, how many of you are there? What size bed do you sleep in? Is it too big, too small, or just right?

I sleep with my bf and our puppy in a full. It would be just right but puppy is a total bed hog, so it's a little too small.
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Open your mouth and say 'Ahhhh'

Marvin Gaye sang about sexual healing. What ills could sexual healing fix/resolve?

Gunshot wound
Loss of self worth
High cholesterol
Ingrown toenail
High stress
Common cold
Menstral cramps

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Do they make nail trimmers like Peticure for hoo-mans (i.e. those things that have a sander type spinning thing)?


When making a clay figure, what is the largest you can make it, without visible holes, without having it explode in the kiln? Is there some other kind of clay that isn't fired which would be more suitable? Strong = good.

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yay airplane questions! this one is potentially really stupid.

sooo with southwest you are allowed 1 carry on bag and 1 personal item. a purse can be one of them... but does it matter what size the purse is? mine is like, almost the size of the bag i'm using as my carry on.

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Did you know that you can receive wireless amber alerts on your cell phone?

EDIT: It is FREE. The wireless carriers give it away for free.

FYI, Amber Alerts are the national system in the U.S. to alert the public and law enforcement when a minor has been abducted. Do YOUR countries have that? I DON'T THINK SO!

You sign up with the area codes that you want to receive alerts about and you get them. There are about 200-250 amber alerts nationally, each year.

I promise that signing up will make you 1,000 experience points. I get 1,000,000 experience points for posting this shit all over.

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The chain on the stopper thing in my toilet tank broke. I improvised and used a paper clip. How long do you think it'll last? Will it get rusty?

Edit: The whole chain didn't break. end connecting to the rubber thing slipped or broke. I couldn't get it back on because there's a shelf thing blocking the top of the toilet so I couldn't really see what was going on. And I just said, fuck it! and put the paper clip through the hole. Argh.

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TQC I have never needed your help more than I do now.

Wtf is this windows live family safety shit I accidentally installed on my computer?! I HATE IT. It is so confusing oh god it seems to block every single website except for the family safety website because apparently nothing on the internet is safe ever. Fuccckkkk that. How do I uninstall it?! It's un-uninstallable! And so very, very annoying.

If you live in a world of lollipops and rainbows where family safety doesn't exist:
If you could shout anything to the entire world right now, what would it be?


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Does anyone know the name of the that song (i know how vague this is but i am desperate..) and it's like ...about love..for eternity or something..and the girl has a highish voice and it's a really really good Dance song with a good techno beat..i think it may be a remix of the original song whatever it really reminds me of the remix of Heaven by DJ's quite similar to that song..

thanks heaps.

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I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and my fiancé, me, and friends are looking for something to do tonight. We're all 21+ and know that ATL is celebrating St. Patty's tonight, so..


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I'm heading up to the drug store in about 10 minutes because I'm having a blackhead problem.

1) Have you had any luck with any specific blackhead treatment stuffz?
2) Do you usually say "drug store" or "pharmacy"?
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Washington DC

at the end of May, DH and I are going to the DC area for a wedding, and are planning on making it into a mini-vacation. We're looking for cheap/free things to do/see. We've seen the traditional 8th grade field trip memorials and landmarks. any suggestions for the poor and bad googler?
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Cell Phone Ringtones

I just got a Pantech C610 and it has a lot more capabilities than my old phone (which I've had for running on five years and it wasn't top of the market then, either).

The Pantech C610 come pre-programmed with a series of disco-ish ringtones that aren't terribly appealing to me. I had a TARDIS ringtone on my old phone (and holding that much information pretty much kept me from adding anything more to the phone other than updating my address book), however the website where I got it is now defunct.

I'd love to have another, more appealing ringtone (music I actually like or nature sounds or something that doesn't sound like Patrick Bateman would dance to it). However, I am immensely wary of the "free ringtone" websites (I feel like there must be catch I'm missing) and I don't want to pay for a song I already own. Is there a way around this?
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statistics because i'm curious

1- How old are you?
2- What is your gender?
3- What is your sexual orientation?
4- Are you sexually active?
5- What is your race/nationality?
6- Where do you live?

7- On a scale of 1 to 10, how hairy would you say you are (prior to hair removal methods)? (10=hairiest)
8- Which body parts do you shave (legs, crotchal region, arms, stomach, armpits, face, feet, toes, knuckles, chest, nipples, eyebrows, back, etc...) (if any)?
9- Which body parts do you tweeze (if any)?
10- Which body parts do you trim (if any)?
11- Which body parts do you leave alone completely and why?
12- How much time per week do you spend on body hair maintanence?

13- How important is body hair removal in the context of your life?


Lately I've been kind of obsessed with internet shopping. I gave myself a budget of $100 to spend on I got all the stuff I NEED, and I'm only at $50!

What else should I buy??
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Yesterday my friends and I took a long walk in the woods by our school. We spent most of that time off the path because it's more fun. We found a long abandoned camping area. There was a small two person tent that was partially collapsed and soaked from melting snow, a table set up covered in empty, broken, and/or semi full bottles of alcohol and mixers. Next to the table was an empty, abandoned bag. The tent had a mattress in it and two pairs of pants. There was a pair or two of pants frozen into the snow by the fire pit. By a tree there were...two pairs of pants. On a tree there was a plastic bag hanging down that was filled with dirty socks, and also had a lighter in there that was quite rusted.

So TQC, what happened here? What's the deal? Why would squatters, college, or high school students partying in the woods leave so many pairs of pants as well as a tent, bag, and mattress?

ETA: While the table was COVERED in bottles most of them were empty. Some were semi-full but it's hard to know how much alcohol was in them originally, this was obviously an old spot and most of the semi-full bottles were left open so it looked like a mix of rain water and alcohol.

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Is there a way on AIM to appear invisible to just a few buddies without blocking them? I want them on my buddy list in the future, but I want to appear offline to them right now. It's a weird situation.

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I washed some new jeans (well, they weren't new, but I guess I never wore them before) with a white sweatshirt. D'oh!

How do I get the dye out of the sweatshirt? Will drying it set the stain?? Crap. Should I just pretend it's part of the style?

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I'm having a spur of the moment BBQ tomorrow.

What should I ask people to bring? There'll be about 10-15 people here so I can't spring for that much food on my own. I'm kind of a control freak when it comes to food though so I'm having trouble thinking of stuff. Force me to step outside my bubble tqc.

What should I make? The grills a charcoal grill if that influences your answer.
So far I've got pie and tea on the list.

Eta: I've been up to my eyeballs in hamburgers all week so I'm trying to stay away from those
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Last night as I was getting off the train, I handed a really pretty girl a note saying, 'You are gorgeous!'. (I did not leave my number though, as I had a sudden fit of insecurity).

Is this creepy? The note-handing, I mean, not the sudden insecurity.

If you were handed a note like that by someone, would you be flattered or freaked out?

Neatfreaks of TQC, I beg for your help!

I'm moving into a room in about a month that's considerably smaller then I'm used to. I'm trying to figure out ways to save space, and I'm at a bit of a loss. Beyond keeping my HUGE book and DVD collection in the living room, I'm out of ideas.

What are some ways you save space in bedrooms?

Has anyone here every used a Loft Bed or a bed with drawers?

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Fifteen hour flight with one layover and you arrive in the AM (but drinks costs $7 ea.) -OR- Twenty hour flight with 2 layovers (one in Amsterdam) arrives in the afternoon but the drinks are free and there is a possibility of an upgrade???????


The 'it's-5pm-and-I'm-drunk' post

1. Can I see your tits?
2. Are your tits perky? Do your tits enjoy being petted? Or do they not like strangers?
3. Do you share your tits with only a select few, or to whoever expresses an interest in tits in general?
4. Do your tits like to be kissed? Have you ever rubbed your tits in someone's face before?
5. Have you ever stroked someone else's tits before? Sober or drunk?

You look... interesting today, TQC.

1. What's the last compliment you received?

2. Would you like more compliments?

I think I should compliment people more, because it is very little effort on my part and makes them feel good, but it also might seem weird. 3. What kind of daily/weekly quota of compliments should I have?

4. Whats the last compliment you gave or received that was misinterpreted?

5. I have lots of veggies: what should I make for dinner?

EDIT: 6. How do you feel if people (not friends) call you "darling" or "sweetie" etc. ? Usually it really bugs me, but there's one chick at my co-op that does it & I nearly swoon when she does because she's just so damn gorgeous. 7. Am I a horrible and possibly sexist hypocrite?

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So I have been sick with a sinus infection for almost a week (on antibiotics since Tuesday) and I'm going out tonight. The whole going out thing is probably a dumb idea but I hate being cooped up in the house. For the most part I feel fine except for being a little tired/weak. Do you think this is something an energy drink can fix or will it just basically cause me to be wide awake and not affect my semi-weakness?

Oh, and has anyone else been sick a shitload this season? I'm on my at least third sickness since November.

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I'm compiling a list of angry chick songs. So far, I have:

"Before He Cheats" - Carrie Underwood
"You Oughta Know" - Alanis Morissette
"Caught Out There" - Kelis

Could you please add to my pathetic list?
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What's something you've always wanted to be/try, but can't for reasons outside of your control? (Not like, I want to be a neurosurgeon, but I'm not smart enough. Like, I want to be a champion guitar hero player, but I only have one arm)

Some vain part of me always wanted to be a pin up girl or model, but no one wants a 5' model! =(

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You hear talk about age differences sometimes making attraction or relationships seem a little awkward.
What are your thoughts on HEIGHT difference? Do you have a preferred height difference between you and your prospective SO?

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Seeing as how I'm all caught up on bills and am debt free, I decided to treat myself with my tax return money being spent on unnecessary luxuries.

Lately I've been obsessed with the sweet scent of coconut.

I bought a 3 pack of Yankee Candle Coconut Bay air fresheners for my car.
The large size candle of the same scent.

Victoria's Secret Coconut Craze body mist lotion.

What other fun smelly coconut things can I purchase!?

links, plz.

I've been on TQC for a while now, and have been wondering, has there ever been an explosion of wank/snark so epic, and so filled with banhammer casualties that people thought TQC would end?

Were you part of this epic battle? If yes, what role did you play?

If you don't know/care, then what is your favorite animal?

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I'm going to be on my first plane ride in June!
It's a domestic flight but I'm excited and nervous all the same.
I'll be 24 by then.
  1. So TQCers, how old were you when you went on your first plane ride?
  2. How old are you now?
  3. Was your first plane ride a domestic or international flight?
  4. What was the airline called?
  5. Where did it depart from and where was it heading to?
  6. Were you nervous?
  7. Was the experience more exciting or more boring than you expected?
  8. Did your body feel anything unusual (nausea, ear-ringing etc)?
  9. Since then, how many plane rides have you been on?
  10. Have you travelled first class before?
  11. Is it worth the money or did you get a free upgrade?
  12. Any unusual experiences on the plane?
Edited to add: What should I take note of/watch out for on my first plane ride?

Bonus: Are you afraid of heights?


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If you were at a bar and your friend was talking to a guy who referred to her as a "fat bitch", would you get pissed and say something or grab her arm and just walk away?

Collapse )

What is your favorite Blizzard flavor from Dairy Queen?

Should my dad buy me a Blackberry Bold for my birthday next week or should I just take the cash? TBH, I think smartphones are a huge waste of money and do not see the point in having internet on my phone.
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TQC, make my decisions for me. I have some reading to do for homework, but nothing too pressing. I also have some cleaning to do by Sunday afternoon/late afternoon-ish. My friend invited me to a night of debauchery in Los Angeles (an hour and a half drive - I have 3/4s a tank of gas) which sounds really fucking good right now and I'd be staying overnight. I have 120 in my bank account and have to buy pants, but I will be turning in my recycling soon (which nets ~20 dollars, so what I'd likely spend on gas or food). The only niggling factor is that I don't have a job (money isn't replaceable) and I need to focus on that but it is Saturday evening. If you were me would you:

Go to LA and spend on a budget only, bringing your books with you?
Stay home, clean like your mother asked you (it will get done anyway), and finish your homework?

Do you make

good decisions?
or bad ones?

How many times have you sworn in the last hour?


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What's the longest amount of time you've ever slacked/set things aside and were still able to catch up?
More specifically: was there ever an extended period of time when you had to miss/skip class - and were you able to catch up?

I'm behind practically 3 weeks in two of my classes, I'm wondering if it's reasonable to think they're salvageable.

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When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist. When they locked up the social democrats
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat. When they came for the trade unionists
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist. When they came for the Jews
I remained silent;
I was not a Jew. When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out

Will you speak out ?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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To those of you with SO's who do not live with each other, how many times per week do you see each other? How many days per week does one spend the night at the other's house?

To those who do live with their SO's, just answer for before you moved in.

ETA: Do both of you have equal forms of transportation, or do only one of you have a car? Does one person come to see the other more frequently? Why?

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Will you post photos of foods you dislike?
Will you also rate them on a scale of 1-10 how much you dislike them? (1 being you love it, 10 being you can't even smell or look at it you hate it that much).
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Kafka The Trial

Writing an extremely convoluted essay on Kafka's The Trial. Supposed to figure out the metaphors of the Court and the Law as the embodiment of the problems which Kafka saw with modern society, i.e. a bureaucratic, technological, industrialized society. For Kafka, this modern world had many inherent problems both for the individual and society in its entirety. I have grappled with the metaphors, and so far I am at a loss as to what they might represent symbolically. I thought that perhaps the Court was symbolic of the bureaucratic society, but I'm not so sure. And I have utterly no ideas as to what the Law would symbolize. Can anyone help me?
In addition, I am struggling with the nature of Josef K's guilt and its very implications on the verdict and his ultimate execution.
If anyone is a Kafka scholar or has dealt with this topic in the past, please, I implore you, share your wisdom!
Thank you!
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it's the morning and you walk into your friendly local coffee shop. what do you get to drink? do you get anything to eat?

i live for morning cafe au laits and blueberry muffins from the coffee place by campus.
im french

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1. Do you like the smell of cedar?

2. I LOVE cedar and would like to smell like it as much as possible. Korres USED to make a cedar vanilla body wash/body lotion combo that I used to death, but they discontinued it. Now I don't know how to smell like cedar! How can I smell like cedar?

3. What would you like to smell like?
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1. Have any of you stretched your lobes, and then let them go back to normal? How big were they? Pictures? I had 8/10g in high school, and let them go back to normal, and today I bought 10g plugs and they went right back in, but you couldn't tell I had stretched lobes before. I want to go a bit bigger just for shits and giggles, but I don't want to reach a point of no return and have saggy lobes for the rest of my life.

2. When you text, do you use t9 or do you just press the key as many times as it takes to get that letter?

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TQC, help me make my dinner decisions.

Should I spend $10 and get Thai food tonight while I study for finals, or should I suck it up and eat whatever snack foods are lying around?  I spent more money than usual at the bar last night so I'm a little wary, but I guess I could charge it so I don't feel like I'm spending OMGALLATONCE.

ETA: ok ok, I'm going, brb!  :D

What's your favorite Thai dish?

If you don't care and you don't like Thai, what's for dinner?
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Should me and my mom order a pizza or go out to dinner?

Things to consider:
We're already in our pjs
It's rainy and cold out


We are child free for the night
there are lots of good restaurants around
This is so ridiculous.

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Relationships and Depression!

Collapse )

And for everyone else:
Are you the type of person who always orders the same thing at a restaurant, or do you make an honest effort to branch out? What is one dish that you will always order, no matter what, because you just love it that much?

For me, it's straight up gyros. Give them to me. Accompanied by fries with mayo.

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"You're really tall"...followed by a couple minutes of silence, climaxing with "and your face is cute."

Backhanded compliment, poor choice for a compliment, y/n?

EDITED 4 LULZ: He said "I think I fell in like with you before on here." bwahahahaha

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I'm trying to remember the name of a REALLY AMAZING outlet mall that I visited last time I was in New York. it was either in New York State or not too far into New Jersey.

I remember that everything was in individual stores on a colour coded map, as opposed to a mall format. It was REALLY fancy and the stores looked kind of like beach houses/cabanas. I remember there being: Coach, Betsey Johnson, Saks 5th Avenue, Izod, Dooney and Bourke.

It was NOT Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall.

Does anyone know what place this was??? I've been wracking my brain and CANNOT figure it out.
big alligator?

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Dr. TQC! My tonsils and the back of my tongue hurt. My tonsils are definitely bigger than normal, and I have a pretty shitty headache. I've had this happen a few times before and it always goes away within a week. However tomorrow I'm taking a 7 hour photography class and then going to see AC Newman. I will be leaving my house around 7 am and won't be back until 3 or 4 am.

How can I make tomorrow less miserable? What should I do?!

I would really like to just stay home but then I'd be out $350-ish.

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Here's a question: Why do people have to be so mean and hurtful? Think about compassion and try to act kindly. Your actions have far greater impact than you would think. I don't feel as if acting out your own aggression and unfounded hostility towards others is a sign of a nice person. In fact, I believe it may be a sign of someone with poor social skills.

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TQC, I bought an awesome new pair of high heels today. When I tried them on in the lushly carpeted store, they were perfect. But now that I've walked around my house in them a little, I've realized that they have practically no tread! I'm slipping and sliding around like I'm walking on ice.

How can I fix my shoes so that I won't kill myself?

And what tricky retail store ploys have you experienced?
jesus riding falcor
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Who wants to take my shower for me, put on my pants for me, act like me, and go deposit my money into my checking for me? I'll pay you with ..a blowjob and a 170 dollar gift card to Walmart.

What was the last thing you REALLY didn't want to do?

....have you ever?

............Silly as fuck tonight. I have been on youtube arguing with a stupid person all night. They posted 1 bad comment on my video and I said a bad comment back to them......well I think its 15 back-to-back comments now and she is still going.

Have you ever had someone come to your website, talk shit...... and have a really shitty argument online?  

I know it sounds lame, but for the love of fun, I keep arguing with this chick and she and it is....REALLY humoring me.

(she is like other dickheads on the internet and can NOT  post a picture of here self, while calling me ugly...haha)

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How should I kill time between 5 pm & 10:30 pm tomorrow in NYC? I will be alone, and I would prefer to stay in Manhattan so I don't get lost.

I'm in the city fairly often and there really isn't anything I want to do. I don't want to buy too much stuff because then I will just have to hold it all night and I'll already be stuck with my handbag and camera bag.

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tqc, where do you live? what country or state or town do you live in? what is it like? your place of residence? is it rural, suburban or a city? do you think it's cultured ? do you like it?